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Super Effective 5 by mnementh


Super Effective 5

Super Effective - Part 5 (Male Charizard, Male Salamence / Female Vaporeon, Female
Bayleef, Female Ninetales)

By Mnementh
Continuing my successful series, we find Charizard and his new friends living in his den together. Charizard was never a solitary Pokemon, he has several friends, including a Salamence. Salamence shows up one day wanting to hang out but gets much more than he bargained for. Let the fun begin ;)

It has been three days now since Charizard had rescued his new friends from their abusive trainer. He invited them to come live with him in his den for as long as they needed since they had no other place to go. His den was more than spacious enough, it had room so that 10 Charizards could freely move around without bothering each other. They had just finished eating some meat they had taken from a shop in a nearby town, which Charizard had been kind enough to roast for them.

"Mmmmmm" Ninetales said, "I haven't eaten anything this good since long before I had been captured."

"Yeah, you're quite a good cook, Charizard" Vaporeon chuckled.

"I sure am, aren't I?" All four of them laughed together while finishing up the last bits of the meal.

Suddenly, they all heard a loud voice call out, "Yo man! Something smells good in here, you better have saved some for me!" the unidentified voice said. After a few seconds, a Salamence could be seen entering Charizard's den. The three females all stood there, gaping up at him. He was absolutely gorgeous, most of his body was a nice turquoise color with a wide stripe of red scales running from his neck to his chest as well as on the bottom of his tail from the tip to his stomach, which itself was a paler turquoise. Two eloquent wings stretched out from his shoulder blades, the same red color as the stripes on his neck and tail. He walked on all fours rather close to the ground, so he didn't seem very tall. But even that close to the ground he still stood about five feet tall.

"Hey, what's up?" Charizard said, going over and lightly punching the Salamence. "No, we didn't save you any of our lunch, go get your own."

"We?" Salamence asked, looking confused. Suddenly he looked at the trio of female Pokemon who had been watching the exchange the whole time. "Oooh, look at the lovely ladies" he said, flashing them a toothy grin. "I hope I'm not intruding on any post-lunch activities you might've had planned, hehe."

"Shut up" Charizard growled. "Let me introduce you guys. I rescued the three of them of from their abusive trainer a few days ago. Vaporeon, Bayleef, and Ninetales, this is my best friend, Salamence. We hang out a lot together and usually battle each other for training. Don't mind his rude entrance, he does that all the time even though I've told him not to."

"Oh give me a break, it's not like you've got a door or anything. Anyway, how are you all doing?"

"Hi, I'm doing good" Vaporeon replied.

"Hey, how're you doing?" Ninetales asked.

"'re gorgeous" was all Bayleef could say. All the others noticed that she was already starting to get wet, excited by the appearance of the Salamence. The smell of her nectar quickly began raising the sexual tension in the room.

"You're very cute yourself" Salamence responded, taking a deep breath. He groaned as her scent assaulted his senses, urging him to forget what he was doing and let his instincts take over. He could feel himself slowly getting aroused, the tip of his blue cock beginning to peek out of its sheath. Bayleef squealed in delight and quickly ran over to Salamence so that she could tend to his emerging prick. She knelt down beside him, lifting up his hind leg so that she could reach her goal. Bayleef stuck her head under him and began using her tongue to tease his rod farther out of the sheath. He let out a deep growl of pleasure as her tongue expertly coaxed his cock out until it was fully erect, a throbbing, eight inch piece of meat, matching the turquoise color of his chest, with a thin red line running from the base all the way up to the tip. Bayleef grabbed his cock with her vines and moved it to a position where she could easily begin to deep throat it. "Oh yeah" Salamence moaned as his rod was buried inside her mouth. He wasn't going to let her have all the fun, though. He turned his long neck so that his mouth was right next to her pussy. He snaked his tongue through her lips, causing her to shudder and grab his rod a little too tight. They both then continued to suck each other off.

At first, the other three Pokemon just stared wide eyed at what was going on. But then they quickly began to suffer from the side effects of watching two Pokemon going at it. Charizard's prick was fully aroused and he was gently pawing himself off as he watched. Vaporeon and Ninetales were both a mess, their juices dripping out of them as they watched. Both of them were also trying to desperately do themselves, shoving claws and tongues as far as they could get them to go in their pussy. Forgetting himself for the moment, Charizard snuck up behind Vaporeon and began to gently scratch her clit with one of his claws, causing her to jump in surprise. She quickly gave into the pleasure, however, bucking her hips, trying to get something inside of her lips. Charizard obliged, shoving one of his fingers deep inside of her, scratching at her walls with his claw, earning a deep groan of pleasure from her, her thick tail lightly thrashing against Charizard's chest.

Bayleef now had Salamence's rod all the way in her mouth. Her head was moving quickly up and down his shaft, massaging it with her lips while her tongue played with the tip. The leaf on her head was lightly scratching his stomach as she moved, making him shudder at the sensation it caused. Meanwhile, his tongue was immersed deep inside her pussy, eagerly trying to lap up as much of her nectar as he could. He flicked his tongue all around against her walls inside, pausing every once in a while to push and give pressure to certain spots, trying to find the spot that would give her the most pleasure of all.

Ninetales was quite annoyed at being ignored. She ran over to where Charizard was still fingering Vaporeon. His cock was still throbbing freely in the air, she wouldn't allow that to be ignored either. She positioned her back to him and began caressing his cock with all of her tails. Much to the dismay of Vaporeon, Charizard stopped fucking her with his finger and just arched his back and groaned out loud as he allowed himself to enjoy the pleasure Ninetales was giving to him. Her tails completely enveloped his rod, some of them thrashing against it, others lightly tickling it as she gently wagged them back and forth. Suddenly, they heard Bayleef scream as she came, showering Salamence's face with her sweet juices. His tongue was still deep inside of her, flicking against her walls as she convulsed. His mouth was well placed so that he easily swallowed most of what she let out. She had released his cock once she felt her orgasm coming, and it was throbbing violently now, shooting out thick streams of pre. Once Bayleef was in control of her body again, she walked straight in front Salamence and spread her legs a little, her winking pussy staring him in the face, still dripping her wonderful nectar. He quickly took the hint, mounting her from behind and easily buried his glistening rod into her well lubricated cunt. He then began fucking her at a moderate pace, the sound of flesh banging against flesh echoed throughout the room.

Charizard wanted his cock buried in someone also. He stopped Ninetales' treatment and laid down on his back, his prick pointing straight up in the air. He grabbed her and positioned her cunt over his face, and began to greedily eat her out, hoping that Vaporeon would take care of his rod. Vaporeon didn't hesitate, she had had enough of the teasing and wanted to be filled up properly. With her back to his face, she straddled Charizard and positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance. The searing rod heated her up instantly as she gradually slid it inside of her. He let out a deep sigh of pleasure into Ninetales pussy as he felt his rod being squeezed by Vaporeon's tight walls. Ninetales shuddered as his sigh vibrated throughout her body. Vaporeon now had his entire length inside of her, groaning in pain from how stretched out she was. Her tail was twitching uncontrollably against his chest and against Ninetales' back as she slowly rode his member up and down, rubbing her paw against her clit as she went.

Meanwhile, Salamence had greatly sped up his fucking of Bayleef. He had gradually driven her forward until she had fallen on her knees, lowering her pussy into the perfect height for his member. He was barely moving his hindquarters, but the small thrusts he did make were more than enough to move entire length out of her and then slam it back inside. His pre began shooting inside of her more frequently now, making her insides silky smooth. But there was still a perfect amount of pressure from her walls, gently resisting his entry into her and then gently pulling on him to keep him inside when he withdrew. He began a constant growl as he felt his orgasm coming. Bayleef could feel the vibrations from his body as he growled since their two bodies were in very close contact with each other. She wasn't going to be able to take much more of this, his rod gliding into her and stimulating every inch of her insides that he could reach. Bayleef moaned as her own orgasm neared, bucking her hips in time with Salamence's thrusts, trying to get his rod to go deeper. Suddenly, she screamed as her body was overtaken by ripples of intense pleasure, her walls convulsing and her nectar was flowing freely. Overwhelmed by the sudden pressure of her contracting pussy, Salamence came as well. He let out a mighty roar that echoed loudly throughout the den as he began shooting his load into her, still fucking her lightly. His wings were completely stretched out as his cum mixed with her juices, filling her up inside. Her contracting walls grabbed at his cock as he shot his seed, forcing him to empty everything he had into her. When he finally stopped cumming, Salamence just lightly laid down on top of Bayleef, letting their members stay together for as long as it took his rod to retract. They passionately kissed each other as they laid there, just enjoying the feeling of each other's body.

Vaporeon had her head arched back, moaning loudly as she bounced up and down Charizard's burning hot cock. He started bucking his hips to meet her part way up in the air, wanting her to go faster. His tongue was still buried deep inside of Ninetales, and by the amount of juices flowing out of her and down his face, Charizard could tell that she was close. She started to groan as well, pushing her crotch hard onto his face so that he had a little trouble breathing at first. He let out a low, rumbling growl into Ninetales as he began to feel his pre shooting into Vaporeon. Ninetales squeezed her hips together, trying to fight back the pleasuring vibrations rocking her cunt. But his unrelenting tongue was the end of her. Ninetales came violently, unable to resist the pleasure Charizard's thick tongue had been administering. Screaming, she thrashed on his face, showering her juices onto his snout while he choked on her spicy fluids that gushed down his throat. He quickly recovered though, and expertly swallowed the rest of her cum, enjoying the spicy but not unpleasant taste. Finally, Ninetales stopped cumming and just collapsed onto Charizard's shoulders, exhausted by the wave of pleasure that had just hit her. Vaporeon had slowed down her fucking slightly, very slowing moving up and down his entire length. He noticed this and began bucking his hips violently into her, letting her know that his attention was now totally on pleasuring himself now. She obliged him, bouncing her hips up and down much faster than before, trying to get him to cum before his rod became too hot for her to handle. Had she not been a water type, Vaporeon would've been feeling discomfort for a long time now cause Charizard had been distracted by Ninetales and had not controlled how hot he let his cock get. It was literally boiling hot, steam could be seen, as his member withdrew, from any of her juices that landed on it and evaporated on contact. The heat was driving her crazy with pleasure, she was slamming her ass hard onto his crotch as she rode him, creating more wonderful sex noises. Her pussy was becoming very relaxed from the heat, allowing his cock to penetrate her now without the tight resistance from before. They were slamming into each other hard and fast, both of them fighting hard to outlast the other. It was Charizard who gave in first, thrashing his tail and his wings as he roared loudly, shooting his boiling seed into Vaporeon's aching pussy. The burning hot cum was too much for her to handle, and she quickly came also as her insides were assaulted by the scorching hot liquid. She screamed as she came, her convulsing walls massaging his cock as she continued to gently fuck him. Tears started streaming down her face as pleasure turned quickly to pain, his un-ending seed starting to burn her insides. After what seemed like an eternity to Vaporeon, Charizard finally shot his lost bit of cum into her and then relaxed, his cock already beginning to pull itself out of her as it retracted. She jumped up off of him, giving him a shower of juices on his stomach and crotch now. The pain gradually ebbed away, and soon she just curled up on the floor, panting. Charizard gently lifted up Ninetales, who had somehow managed to stay on him while he was thrashing, and moved her onto the floor where she could rest.

"So, Salamence, what do you think of my new friends?" Charizard asked, panting. He didn't get a response, as Salamence and Bayleef were still engrossed within each other's mouth. "Fine, I'll go get cleaned up then."

"No, no, I'm sorry" Salamence responded, disengaging from Bayleef for the moment. "You are one lucky s.o.b, is all I can say." And then he went back to kissing Bayleef, their tongues playing with each other once again.


After a few hours, once everyone had cleaned up and taken a quick nap, Salamence got up to leave joined by Bayleef.

"Well, it's been good meeting you all. I'm sure I'll see ya'll again, unless Charizard here is crazy and lets you get away."

"It was good meeting you, Salamence" Vaporeon replied.

"Hey Bayleef, where are you going?" Ninetales asked.

Bayleef looked sad, all of the sudden but then quickly recovered her composure. "Do you believe in love at first sight? As soon as Salamence walked into the den I was totally blinded by love. I wanted our bodies to be close to each other, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. We had woken up a little before you guys did and discussed our future. Salamence and I are gonna become mates for life! I'm gonna go back and live with him now, so we can enjoy each other's company everyday. I'm going to be sad leaving you guys now, but I want you to know that the three of us will always be best friends for life!" With that, Bayleef began to lightly sob.

Tears forming in her eyes, Vaporeon went over and nuzzled Bayleef affectionately. "I'm truly sorry to see you go, but I'm sure your life with Salamence will be full of happiness. Do take care, don't forget us!" Then Vaporeon began to cry also.

Ninetales couldn't say anything, she was too choked up. She just went over and nuzzled Bayleef as well.

"Don't you guys worry, we'll come to visit Charizard and you two often, I swear. Wow, who would've thought I be able to settle down with someone? Come on honey, let's go back to my place." Salamence said.

Bayleef nodded, and took one more look at her friends. She ran to Charizard and began nuzzling him suddenly. "Thank you sooo much for freeing us, I owe my new life with Salamence to you" she choked. Then the two of them left Charizard's den and went on their way to Salamence's place.

Crying uncontrollably, both Vaporeon and Ninetales ran to Charizard and buried their faces into him, wetting him with their tears.

"Aww, come on now. You guys should be happy for her. She's just found true love with someone and they are both willing to spend the rest of their lives together with each other. I'm sure we'll be seeing them regularly, it'll be like she never left." And with that, Charizard hugged the two females close to his chest and decided to just let them stay there until their grief passed away.

That was my first attempt of writing an orgy, I think it came out ok. Sorry about the sad ending. Don't worry, we will see Bayleef again, and Salamence ;)

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