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Goddess of fire and sap by chronocelebi



The goddess of fire and sap

It was a humid and hot afternoon amidst a sparse forest, where the sunlight brightly illuminated the floor yet the trees still provided a radius of shade around. The Pokemon that lived were busy with their day to day activities either foraging for food high on the trees or low on the tall grass, a few Pokemon were busy training their skills on the various trees and rocks or they are letting the heat caress their bodies like a blanket and just lazed around wherever was appropriate for them to rest. It was an unremarkable day for the denizens in general but for a certain Pokemon it will be an ordinary and an extraordinary day.

Resting on a tall branch and letting his paws dangle from the sides a very special Quilava let the afternoon calmness and heat envelop him in a thick stupor. He would be considered special by anyone that saw him for instead of the normal dark fur that most Quilavas had, this particular one had dark red fur covering his body, considered by many to be a rare shiny Pokemon, as the normal créme fur on his belly and paws. The bright red circles where flames would sprout on command instead release the little ember every so often as the male squirmed softly and tried to get a better position asleep on the branch as well as to prevent any insects from hiding inside his fur. This Quilava was also much bigger than the norm, a normal Quilava would be about up to chest length to him when standing up straight, and very powerful as the thick warm fur covered underneath powerful musculature, he was definetly a great example of Quilava specimen to behold and also very desirable by many.

After a while of relaxing in the shade of the trees he is attacked by a need in his belly, audibly complaining its condition with a soft growl. He stretched his limbs gingerly and with a great big leap he fell towards the grassy ground, landing on all four paws gracefully. Sniffing around for any nearby plants he could consume he was out and about to eat. It didn't take him long to be able to find a suitable meal for his appetite as a large plant with aromatic long leaves and swollen blue berries bending the branches softly with their weight. Reaching up to pat at them with a paw almost cutely he knocks a couple of berries with a swipe and slowly munches on them, taking the berry completely in his mouth then biting off a piece and letting the rest drop to the ground before picking up the rest and engulfing it. The berry was very tasty with sweet, tart and a bit of bitter but ultimately very filling and satisfying for the Pokemon in taste and in his belly. After eating a couple of berries he burped a bit and began to clean off the berry juice on his muzzle with his paw like a feline, enjoying the taste of berries and his own skin and fur in combination as well.

With that the Quilava yawned and burped accidentally, blushing a bit at the sudden gas expulsion, and began to lie on the grass feeling the slight winds blowing through the forest. It was quite a while and the sun already began to cast long shadows on the trees when he thought he felt something approach him and stalk him, like instinct giving him an extra sense to notice what is wrong. He leapt up and began to slowly circle around the area, trying to notice what could be wrong and what was out of place. Flaring up he tried to attune his senses to a sharp point, seeing a few Pokemon around but none actually paying any mind to him, his muscled rippled softly in anxiety, awaiting someone to make a move. With ears perking up he hears the sudden rustling of leaves above him and quickly looked up but couldn't react in time for a long dark figure on top of him and suddenly pinning him to the ground with a thud. He quickly fared up stronger and began to lift himself from the ground carrying the stalker on his back when he heard familiar giggling from the creature and he just slumped and gave a grimace
"Ooh it is you Maple, why must you always do this?" The Quilava below said with a sigh, slumping further to the ground

"Ooh Germ if I know you can't take it then I won't leap on top of you... besides I think this is a special way to say hello" She said as she stood up on top of him
"But it hurts" He whined softly and tried to shake off the creature on top of him. Maple fell to the side and stood up on all fours; she was also a Quilava but with the usual dark fur and while she was also taller than the average Quilava as well she could only stand up to necks length to Germ and wasn't as muscular as he. But what she had that set them apart from all other Quilavas was that on her chest were two maple leaf imprints gleaming in the sun.
"So what did you want to do now?" Said Germ in a gruff tone, pawing at her
"What, can't I say hello to my favorite boy?" She said in a mock hurt tone as she went over to nuzzle his cheek softly, he softened up to her and also returned the nuzzle and gave her a lick as well. She pounced on him again but this time he was able to stand his ground and take control of the situation. The very long bodies of the Quilavas squirming around trying to get the better of one another but eventually Germ is able to pin Maple to the ground, growling triumphantly and scrubbing her cheek down.
"Ooh strong manly Quilly, please be gentle" She said in a soft voice, her eyes lidded
"Heh, nope because you aren't gentle on me when you get on top" He snickers as he playfully bites the snout of the female Quilava as he keeps her on the pinned. After a while of keeping her down he finally lets her stand up as she kept on nuzzling her and she returned the amorous advances.

The sky began to turn just a hint of orange on the edge as they walked together and enjoyed each other's warm company, feeling the fur of the other as they rubbed amorously and licked their cheeks and bellies in a very playful manner. As they keep walking they come across a huge maple tree, the green and unique leaves of the tree swaying softly in the wind as the sweet smell filled the air around it
"Ooh I do love this tree, Germ" Maple swooned softly as she went up to the tree and began to slowly scratch at the bark with a claw
"Awww, you want this now Maple... I am kinda tired" Germ squirmed a bit as he took his distance towards her. Maple slowly began to scratch the bark of the tree off with a claw, peeling it slowly off the rough wood until she got to the tender pulp underneath and from that hole and sap began to ooze out of the tree. Licking her lips softly and moving her muzzle up to the bark and suckle the sap off the tree, moaning with each lick but obvious that it was just an exaggeration. Sucking and suckling the tree off a decent amount of sap she turns toward Germ and looks at him with a gleam in her eye as the maple leaves on her chest began to glow faintly as she took steps towards the male Quilava. Germ panicked a bit and began to backpedal at the same rate she was advancing, seeing the leaves on her chest glow made him uneasy.
"Maple... " Was al that Germ could say before she began to bound towards him in a great leap, the male turned around quickly and trotted away from the excited female. She kept on hot on his trail for a bit, seeing the male's ass bound around and flexing as he runs away from her. He panted and groaned, not wanting to be caught by the female but it seemed as if fate didn't want that to happen as he tripped over a rock and then a root causing him to tumble and fall on his back and skid on the grass a bit. He had enough time to look a the female in midair about to land on him and he closed his eyes. Seeing her chance she concentrates the energy she has obtained from the maple sap and wills it towards the leaves and the leaves releasing the energy on the specified part of her body. Soon growing in a short clip Maple has two big breasts on her chest, covered by the same maple leaves she always had.

The desperate male could only look in horror as the falling female strikes true to the most sensitive spot of them all, his crotch, the male is helpless as the plush and large breasts engulf the crotch in its entirety. He tried to struggle and squirm but it only made his condition worse as the breasts bumped, grinded and pressed down upon the jewels of the male
"No fair, with these things you are cheating" Germ said in a huff, trying to release himself from the breast pin but the more he tries to fight it the more he doesn't want to be let go.
"You are bigger and stronger, it is only fair I get these to even the odds and try to break your indifference to females" She smiled at him, pressing down and feeling the testes press up against her breast which she was more than happy to push back. Feeling such soft plush breasts on his crotch it wasn't long before his resistance was shattered and his sheath bulged with arousal, the female grinning triumphantly as the male stirred under her.
"Just relax and let me take you on a ride that you should go on more often" Maple smiled as she shifted her breasts around so that his sheath and the tip of his member could be fit snug between her cleavage, squishing the maleness and battering it between the breasts over and over. Germ could only moan and squirm in protest and pleasure as he felt that with each slip in resistance that his member began to grow harder and firmer in between the cleavage of the female feeling that the female is overpowering him with very soft mammaries.

And with that both Germ and Maple began in a journey of pleasure, mutually shared by both but most of the effort made by Germ, Maple was happy enough to have him tit fucking her right now, she could feel the heat of his maleness in between her breasts grow as did the arousal of the male. Their heads and backs began to slowly flare up and their tempo began to slowly increase in rhythm with the male thrusting up and the female pushing down, feeling their heats combine and mingle in the air and soon being dispersed in all directions by the air. The male could slowly feel his penis slowly pumping and releasing drops of pre into the cleavage of the female.

"Ooh I think you left something yummy in here" Said Maple as she pushes her head through the cleavage and licks the pre left by the male, finding the taste spicy and musky. Germ could only moan and squirm softly as the weight and pleasure he derived from the boobs kept him pinned down onto the ground. With time the air around them was being to be warped and heavy with the exertion, sex and embers from the pair of Quilavas mating on the ground. Germ could feel his lower body beginning to contract softly and he base of his member beginning to build up the seed that will soon be released with the incoming climax but his will tried to hold back the incoming release. Germ was panting and groaning, reduced to a whimpering and needy male that only wanted some breasts and Maple kept on licking and bouncing on top of the male feeling empowered and turned on and happy that she was able to give pleasure to the male.

Germ soon could feel his nethers build up in anticipation and his lower body squeezing to hold off the incoming release but it was too much for the male to hold off for long, the combined heat and pressure in his loins quickly dissolved whatever semblance of resistance was left. Germ's mind was cast in a white haze as his loins finally relaxed and with that his members finally let loose his creamy and heat tempered seed. Most of his spunk went to coat Maple's breasts in a white cascade while some streaks go ahead to strike on Maple's face, she has to shut one eye as the cream slides over her eye and cheek and even a few streaks arc over the Quilavas and end up splattered over the chest of the male.

After the ordeal was over Germ was cast in a strong state of relaxation, all that he could see was cast in a bright white daze and all that he could feel was his own warmth and his loins softly aching after the release, he was alost in the feeling of the afterglow, feeling numb to all. After a while his vision began to focus and lose the white glow and he started to regain feeling in his entire body, the first thing that he could see was red at all directions but after a while his vision focused more to see the maple leaf shape and the cream colored fur surrounding them.

"Maple... what are you up to now?" Said Germ as he could now feel his entire body pinned by the weight of the female and her warm breasts up on his face
"Ooh I just wanted to... take advantage of the moment, seize the opportunity" Said Maple as she pushed forward and covered Germ's face in plush breast. After a while of teasing and pushing Germ could feel his body recovering form the previous ordeal and even his sheath and orbs tingle in arousal although he was starting to feel like he was only a boy toy for the female Quilava. Maple smiled softly as she softly bounced on him, not only her breasts but her entire body jiggled with movement in quite an alluring way. She moved forward and parted her breasts to lick the snout of the entrapped male, giving him a coy smile as she wiggled on top of him and made sure her breasts pressed on either side of his face.

Germ was feeling turned on and at the same time embarrassed as the female really had him under her control as his sheath and testes began to tingle in arousal. The male tried hard to fight back the influence of the female but even with minimal effort from Maple's part he was powerless to stop her advances as he felt blood collect to his member, it beginning to slowly grow and stiffen inside the furry sheath and soon the tip of his member peeking out. As the maleness traveled up in arousal it bumped between the nether lips of Maple, splitting them a bit as his member grew and grew.

"I can feel you are ready for another go, that is good because so am I" Said Maple softly as she pushed down on her hips, causing the member to sink in between the vaginal lips more and even the tip of the member finding itself poking the tail hole of the female. She kept on teasing him in this way of rubbing his member with her nether lips as she kept pushing down on his face with her breasts. Germ was utterly helpless, now at the complete mercy of the fiery female as all he could see was the plump breasts and all he could smell was her flesh, fur and traces of his own seed, all he could feel was the female on top of him.
Maple moved on top of the male and pinned his arms down with hers as she gyrated her hips so that the member tip now pointed at her vagina directly and by lowering her hips she was able to accept the heated member inside her being. The male could only suck in air and flare up a bit as he felt the warm, moist and tight folds of her sex wrap around his penis trying to squirm in vain but soon letting the feelings get the better of him as he let his tongue out in pleasure licking the sides of the boob in doing so as he pumped his hips high in pleasure and wanted to at least get back at the female by trying to rock her world. His head began to flare up in pleasure as would his back hadn't his back be on the floor. They both rocked each other with the male pumping up to the female in a rhythmic motion with his hips as she pushed down in the same motion causing them to dance in unison in their throes of passion. Both fire types hugged one another and gripped themselves hard as the squishy sounds of a vagina being impaled by a member were being drowned out by the sounds of their panting and soft moaning of each other. Germ had his vision obscured by the breasts and could only see during time when the female moved down so he could see the faces that she made during the ordeal. Seeing those breasts jiggle made Germ latch onto one of the maple leaves with his mouth and began to softly suckle on the breasts where the nipples are covered by the leaves, he tasted sweet maple on those leaves as well as the other tastes that made Maple unique in her own way.

As time passed the tempo of their mating increased and the juices of their respective sex made their crotches wet and heavy. The air beginning to wrap and grow heavy around the increasing heat and scents from the love making Quilavas, miniscule amounts of steam rising from their bodies as the heat begins to evaporate all moisture produced by them and around them. The female Quilava moaned softly as her breasts bounced on the male's head and face and was being suckled by the male as well, she felt her well lubricated walls pried apart constantly by the masculine rod of the male, feeling it throb softly inside her folds. They both grunted and moan feeling the other on and inside of them as the passion sped up their moments, heated their bodies to high levels and put their minds in a daze; the feelings of the satisfaction of love making was the only thing in their mind as they did their act of loving. Germ kept on suckling on the leaf of Maple and he thought he actually was able to suck a drop of syrup from those breasts.

The male Quilava could soon feel the root of his member building up pressure and collecting another batch of seed from his testes to be ready to fire again but this time inside the female instead of on her, he tried to resist like before but the feeling of her entire hot body on top of his, not to mention her breasts on his face and the feel of her silky folds on his member was doing more to weaken his resolve. The female was also feeling pressure in her own loins as well as her walls pressed down hard on the vibrating member, feeling like her walls about to clamp down and try to squeeze the maleness for all it was worth. They moaned loudly now, even Germ through Maple's breasts also made an audible whine as the passionate pleasure began to reach its highest peak.

And when they did reach their peak they both groaned out loud and clenched their bodies hard as they felt their loins release their essences on each other; as Maple could feel her walls clamping down hard on the member as she felt her vagina flooding with the cream of the male and mixing with the lubricants of the female to create a heat tempered mixture of their sex juices. They both kept their furious speed even as they climaxed letting some of the juices from the inside spilling out as they kept up the frenzy of thrusts. It seemed that the climax even fueled their fires as on their heads and the back of Maple they flared red, white and a bit of blue whipping around in the inferno.

Their plateau culminated after a couple of minutes of feeling the other squirting their offering of sexuality to one another, they both panted hard, their bodies quite smelly and sticky in dried up exertion, pheromones and residue and they felt very tired after humping for such a long time but they were in a state of unawareness except for one another. Germ smiled softly and lapped Maple's breast over the leaf as she smiled back and cooed in satisfaction. The penis of the male soon deflated as blood rushed out of the member and with it some of the stoppered seed spilled out of her and covered the crotch of the male. They squirmed a bit and panted softly on each other until Maple rolled off Germ and onto the side of her lover, they just stared at each other and smiled and licked their noses. Without a word they moved up and suckled on their muzzles, tasting the other in a loving embrace. But soon they both closed their eyes and snuggled one another, especially with Germ 's head resting on her huge breasts they soon slumbered, unaware of the time passed as love knows no particular moment.

It was the middle of a moon and star filled night, a different cast of Pokemon filled the forest as the scenery changed to a very shadowy area. Germ was the first to wake up on Maple's now flat chest and looked at her calm and sleeping form tenderly, giving her a small lick on her cheek and waking her up slowly in the process.

"Germ... heh, what a time we had" Said Maple as she slowly got up and shook her fur, feeling the cool night but not affecting her adversely
"You caught me again, used your special powers and trapped me in your embrace to do what you will... you are such a creature" Said Germ softly as he stood up on all fours and stretched his long body.
"I wouldn't do it at all if you didn't like it" Said Maple as she stuck her tongue out and shook her body at him
"Nyah, I really like you lots Maple" Said Germ as she went over her and placed his head over hers in a sign of affection
"Awww, I love you too Germ. Besides the fact that I like to be able to play with you I also like you because you are a good kid" Said Maple as she leaned on him and flared up in affection.
"Well dear I believe that I must be going to do some of my own stuff, I'll see you around" Said Germ as he began to trot off but always looking back to see her
"Heh, next time I will get you again and drain you for every drop" Said Maple as she smiled and in a bright flare for showing off she ran off into the night, leaving a trail of embers in the night. Germ just shrugged and went off to where the maple tree was and stared at it for a while. Taking a sniff where Maple before scraped off the bark he broke off a small piece of hardened sap and ate it, suckling on it until it dissolved in his mouth.
"Heh, I can see why she likes this stuff" Said Germ as she walked past the tree and began his midnight hunt.
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