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The Twilight Army by darkmoonlight08


Chapter 8 - The End... Or Is It?

Chapter Eight: The End... Or Is It?
Back inside, the Umbreon stood on the main 'stage' rock. Looking around, she smiled in content of victory. From behind her, a clatter of large, clawed paws hitting the rock could be heard. Turning, she saw the large Houndoom grinning stupidly at her.
"How yau'll doin' Moony?" He asked, winking gently. She giggled at him, as Dreamwave came to stand at her side.
"Rukario... Glace... Nightwish... Squeeshy..." She whispered, and the Umbreon pulled her into a canid hug.
"Titan?" She asked, looking around.
"Told him to go?" The Mew's purple eyes looked up at the smiling Umbreon, and welled with tears. The feline Pokemon buried her head in her friends shoulder, and sobbed. Then, from behind them, another clatter of feet sounded. A huge bird stood and looked down at them, as Houndoom's grin grew. He embraced Pidgeot tightly, as she wrapped her wings around him and actually blocked him from the others view.
"Wonder what they're doing in there then, hmm?" Dreamwave muttered, causing Moonlight to roll into fits of giggles.

The remnants of the army started on the journey home, led by Houndoom and Pidgeot, but Moonlight hung back on the battle field. The bodies of Pokemon, both light and dark, had already been buried by those fit enough. Little mounds of dirt now protruded, though determining who was where was impossible. The black canine looked around as Dreamwave flew to her side, and sighed.
"Will we see him again?" The Mew asked softly, but Moonlight only shrugged.
"One day, maybe... We should get home..." Moonlight sighed, and started to walk forwards.
"... W...We?" Stammered Dreamwave, following in the air.
"Of course, we, me and you. Silly." And the two chuckled. As they left the fields of despair, Moonlight turned back. Looking out across the landscape, she tipped her head back, and let a long, slow, mournful howl escape her muzzle. The noise echoed musically through the air, as the moon sat in the sky; watching and waiting...
Chapter End Notes:Well, thats the end. I hope you enjoyed it, please review if you have the time. =
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