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Lazuli Island: The Shimmering Paradise by Pokegirl


Story Notes:

WARNING: This series dwells (or will dwell) in kinks and dark fantisies or fetishes, such as young child, incest, rape, beastiality (of course), and other such pleasures. Unlike the "My Pokemon" series, this is more of lust than love, though some may make its way here. NOTE: Some of the requests from "My Pokemon" may appear here, but no requests will be accepted for this series. Sorry.FURTHER NOTE: Each chapter will be dealing with a different character's POV, or so the plan is currently. You may also see some characters from previous chapters or other stories on or visiting the island, but that's up in the air for now.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, and is applicable for all consecutive chapters that follow.

Chapter 2

"This is it." I whispered, the words just over the sound of the wind and the waves, into Karen's ear, feeling her body press back against mine as the Aqua Mariner rocked beneath our feet, gradually slowing upon its approach to its intended destination.

Karen's head lifted, her hair brushing over my neck as the wind whipped it, the hair tie she'd used to bind it long since lost over the railing's edge...

With my help, of course.

"Where?" she asked, her voice breathless with anticipation. I smiled, though she couldn't see it, the black silk sash around her eyes guaranteeing it.

"To where the wild ones live..." I answered, sliding one hand down to her stomach, pressing her closer to me as I rocked my hips against hers, using the free one to unwrap her blindfold.

I knew the moment she gleamed what I meant, her soft gasp the very noise I'd been hoping for. Nuzzling her neck, I smiled against her skin, looking towards our destination. It lay just North of Lazuli Island, one of four smaller islands surrounding our paradise. Prism Point, our private island where we had a clear view of Drifting Towards Bliss's arrival with new guests to the island and Dusk's Steady Return, taking guests back to their home. Aqua Mariner was also stationed at port beside them, to be used for tours around the island and for our own, personal use. It was the perfect vantage point for most of the activities of the island, and also where we could retreat for our own leisure.

Dewgong Lagoon was larger than our Prism Point, but held a mountain cropping, likely broken from Mt. Obsidian's base some time long ago. It was uninhabitable, in terms of housing, the small mountain on it taking up a large part of the island while the rest held the lagoon, leaving little room for development. Not that we had ever planned to build anything there... it was a favored spot for many varieties of Water Pokémon and we had no wish to disturb them. With the cloak around the island, it was well sheltered and a special privilege only a few of our guests would ever visit...

Mainly due to an agreement with a lovely Anthro Dewgong who resided over the island.

The smallest of the four was simply referred to as L.L. Isle on the maps, as Karen insisted on accuracy though I felt it would have been far more prudent to refrain from marking it. She had been adamant about it though, claiming it would just make people curious when they saw it from the Safari Zone (Zone 1: Grovyle Grove or Zone 6: Slowpoke Shallows, to be specific, as she would want me to be) and noticed it not on a map. At least marked, she claimed, they would be least likely to wonder over it. Besides, she'd remarked, were we just going to get more Psychics to hide it when the tour went by on Aqua Mariner? I grudgingly conceded but had final say in the name, L.L meaning "Little Lab," as Karen often called it. It was where most of our experiments were performed...

Just as the last little island was where they were to be released.

"The Untamed Territory..." she turned in my arms, her marble eyes gleaming like the sea around us. "Really, Zane?"

I didn't answer, pulling away instead, leaving her to follow after me as one of the crew moved the ramp we'd brought over the edge, fastening it to the boat. There was no dock here, no man-made anything... save for a select number of individuals who lived here.

"Master Diamond said to give you two hours," the crewman spoke, finishing up with making sure the ramp would hold. Standing, he smiled, not realizing it had been myself to call and set up the arrangements. "If you need us to come back sooner, you got the red flare, right? If you want to stay for an hour more, use the blue." He paused a moment. "You got both, right?"

I wanted to lift my head and sneer at him for daring to question me before realizing that, for the moment, I was merely Zane, "employee" of Master Diamond, who was doing him a favor by accompanying Karen on this wild island, checking for "potential development," which would never occur.

"Yup, right here," I answered instead, patting my jacket, the inner left pocket holding said items while the right pocket held something... other.

Taking Karen's hand, I led her down the ramp, trying to keep my excitement cloaked though her smile directed my way showed me I'd failed to hide it from her. Sliding my hand from hers to her waist, I pulled her against my side, feeling the odd urge to have her close after seeing that smile.

As soon as my foot touched the sand, I couldn't help but let a grin grow along my face. Unlike Lazuli Island, which we'd crafted and designed our resort on, this island was still untouched and, if possible, seemed to have grown wilder in contrast to the tamed island of ours.

"Untouched by humans," I mumbled quietly, still caught up in this moment.

"Till now," Karen countered, pulling away from me to face me, her smiling face looking so much like when I'd first met her, six years ago.

Remembering the conditions I'd found her in, I stopped the memory from forming, least she pick up on my displeasure. I didn't want to spoil this moment. Instead, to distract her, I reached into my right pocket, pulling out a small vial. The amber contents swirled at the motion, gleaming gold and bronze at the same time, the thick liquid slowly settling to a rich copper hue.

Lifting my eyes from it, I could only smile. Karen's eyes were fixated on the bottle, her lips parted gently, her eyes already diluting with the knowledge of what it was... and what would come to be.

"Ph?" she asked, though she had no reason to.

I gave a small nod of my head, walking forward, still carrying the bottle in my hand.

"What kind is it?" I could hear her following behind me, her smaller legs having to take larger strides to keep up with me as we entered the forest. "What number?"

"Patience," was the only answer I gave.

Ph was an experiment she'd been working on before I'd met her but only perfected after she'd... left her previous employer to work for me. A much more satisfactory arrangement, and not just for myself. I allowed her freedom her old employer had not and, as such, her creativity blossomed. For example, instead of the basic Ph, or Pheromone, concoction she'd originally started with (Ph#1) which sent out a general message of "Hey! Interesting smell! Come see!" that she'd originally produced and had been told to cease work on, she'd expanded it once in my fold. She'd continued from Ph#1, going up through Ph#5 (Mmmm... good.) then further onward to Ph#10 (HOLY SHIT! I'M GOING TO FUCK THAT!!). Each, obviously, had different results based on the chemicals used, though she stopped at 10, worried what might occur to the human wearing them if she made them any more potent. Ongoing research had allowed her to go from a general mix to pinpointing exactly what different types of Pokémon liked. Using that information, combinations of Berries, chemicals, and the original ten formulas, she had finished with a total of 170 varieties plus the original ten. Just recently, she'd even started to differentiate Phs for Male or Female preferences.

One of which was in my hand.

"Makes you wonder who will be the most daring..." she remarked, the smile on her face deepening. "To claim the prize."

"Prizes, my dear." I chuckled a little, producing another vial from my pocket after handing her the first. "I can't let you have all the fun, can I?"

Originally, I had thought to take one of the female attractant Phs with me, leaving Karen with the males while I used the serum to seek out the now lonely members of the opposite sex. But... I wasn't feeling in the mood for that now, not today, as I had many females back at the island that would come at a moments notice, Karen included.

Besides, I'd have to hunt down the females once they investigated the scent, proving my worth to them as a male. In this case, my job would be much easier and, in the long run, maybe more enjoyable.

After all, I was Zane today... not Master Diamond. Zane didn't have females at his beck and call, other than Karen, perhaps.

"Lets go." My voice held a hint of command to it, wanting to pick up the pace before the boat came back.

The deeper we went into the forest, the less could be seen from outside observers. One of Lazuli Island's hidden pleasures was for those of same interest as ours, to finally satisfy themselves, be it with an actual Pokémon or a Pokemorph. But, as mentioned before, it was hidden. The Pokemorph staff knew of it, whether they participated or not, it was their choice, and the Pokémon we housed on the island knew, though nearly all participated in some manner or another. The humans, however, were fewer in number. Those we could trust to keep the secret, either because of their own fear of being found out or their lusts to keep going, knew. Slimmer still were the number who knew out of trust, out of loyalty to us, and out of a desire for our dream to grow. However, the number increased gradually as those guided by lust or fear soon came to realize the dream of the island. Still, we kept the secret well guarded and those guests who would join our dream, mingle with it, dance inside it, would be selected with great care... though they themselves might not know it.

"There should be a lot of interesting species here." I continued. "Maybe even some morphs will come out to play."

I watched her examine the Ph vial, smiling when I noticed the small frown in her brow as she likely saw I'd removed the label. She gave me a glance and gave a smile I recognized, one where she was calling me a "bastard" in her head while grumbling because she wasn't getting what she wanted to sate her curiosity yet was equally happy with the thrill. It was an odd sort of smile, where one side of her lip would lift up while the other remained pinched in a wry sort of way. So far as I know, Karen's the only one to have mastered this particular look.

"Yes, Master," she replied, her voice already husky, though she hadn't even removed the stopper from the vial. Through her shirt, I could already see her nipples peaking and vaguely I wondered if her own natural allure alone might attract some ferals or morphs.

As we neared the tree line, I grabbed her by her hips, suddenly pushing her into a tree, grinding myself against her backside with a deep, almost dark sounding chuckle. Whispering into her ear, I moved a hand around her to roughly fondle her right breast.

"I love when you call me that..."

There was no reason for her to; we were both equals in our project, both of equal desire to have our dreams fulfilled. Yet, instinctually, she submitted to me. It never ceased to make me swell with pleasure, wanting to claim her and mark her as mine, as she so clearly saw herself to be. With a sigh, I lightly bit her ear; making sure to be careful of the four studs she had in it, each a varying color, as were the four on her opposite ear.

"Just a teaser," I whispered, fingers squeezing that hard nub of hers. "Of what's going to happen..." She whimpered quietly as I pressed my semi-erect self against her soft, round ass and thrust lightly against her, feeling her body respond instantly to mine. " us."

Chuckling again, I stepped back, continuing to walk despite the obviously plea she was sending with her eyes. Both of us were going to be panting by the time we reached some semblance of a clearing, something that would work for what we needed, I was going to make sure of it. Already, the thought of some foreign male claiming her and placing his seed in her had me aching, even more than the idea of some male trying and claiming me. With a deep smile, I took off my jacket then my shirt, tossing the shirt on a bush nearby. Following the shirt came my belt, wrapped around a tree almost carelessly. The articles would serve as a path for us to follow back... as well as help to get everything unnecessary out of the way.

"Come, pet... I'm sure the really big ones are deeper in."

"Big ones? How big do you think they are?" The hopefulness in her voice made me smile. Glancing over my shoulder, I could just make out her unbuttoning her shirt, leaving it rest on a bush, her black bra making her skin look even paler.

"Big enough..." My stride slowed as I waited for her to slide out of her pants, her matching thong making my lips curl slowly. "I advised the servants at our island to prepare our quarters for an extended stay. I don't expect us to be leaving our beds for at least a day or two to recover."

When she walked along side me, I couldn't resist the urge to reach and pull her thong up, watching it tuck so neatly inside the crevice of ass that it all but vanished. She laughed and pulled away, pushing lightly at my shoulder. I didn't let her get away. Sliding my hand around her midsection, I was able to pull her back against me.

Nipping lightly at her neck, some of her hair getting in the way, I took a look at the area and decided it would do well enough. It was a smaller clearing than I would have liked, but a river ran nearby. The water source would be an attraction to any Pokémon and even those with a weaker sense of smell should be able to sense us once they got close enough.

Content with the location, I turned her in my arms, taking in her flushed face, how her eyes were brighter, almost blue glass instead of her typical gray-blue marble. As she looked up at me, her lips slowly parted, a question forming on them that I didn't feel like hearing.

My right hand moved to bury itself in her hair, grabbing a fistful of it as I pulled her closer to me with my left, the vial of Ph still in my left hand as I pressed her body flat to mine, the silk of her bra so smooth against my chest as I claimed her lips with a hard kiss. Her arms moved around me, her embrace welcome as her right hand dug its nails into my back, the left holding the vial and clinging tight against me, her kisses almost of equal fervor to my own.

Ending the kiss as abruptly as I'd started it, I twisted my head to the right, pulling her hair out of the way, sinking my teeth into her neck, biting down hard enough that she would bruise and she would bare my mark. I would allow her to fuck and be fucked, to pleasure herself with whatever beasts came upon her, but she is and will be mine before all of them. I had taken her. Not fairly, for there were no rules in this sort of thing, but I had taken her nonetheless. I had taken her from the job she just barely tolerated, taken her from her life of wishful thinking, taken her from the male she'd thought she'd loved. I had taken her.

And no one... no one, would take her from me.

The metallic flavor in my mouth brought me to my senses, the frantic flutter of her heart and her heaving chest only hastening it. Swallowing, I traced my tongue along the fang marks I'd left in her neck, trying to calm my own possessive nature. I did not want to scare those on the island with my mixed scent, nor depart so carelessly with the only secret that Karen, her Pokémon, and mine knew.

Rubbing my nose lightly against her skin, I felt her hand unclench from my back, having dug in harder while I'd bitten her, though I'd not comprehended it at the time. She ran it soothingly over me, stroking my back as I'd seen her do with Kara and Mia when they had night scares, crying and frantic, in need of their mother. Hugging her closer to me, I measured the wisdom in sharing her with those of this island. For a very brief second, I considered leaving, taking her with me back, using the flare to summon the boat... but when I looked at her, her concerned eyes and troubled smile prevented me from going through with it. There was nothing to be apprehensive about, anyway...

Even if she wanted to go, I would never let her leave.

Lightly chuckling, hoping to distract her, I moved my right hand from her hair to her neck, watching her flinch but not move away from the touch. "Sorry, pet... Too excited, I guess."

Her laugh eased the tension in my chest. "You've bitten me harder than that before, Zane." She waved a hand and winked playfully. "Don't worry about it." The worry eased from her face the same way a rain cloud gradually departs. "So..." she brought her hand around, holding the vial in it. "What Ph Breeds did you pick?"

"That would be telling." Beeping her lightly on the nose with my index finger, I hid a smile as her expression turned sour. "You'll find out when they come running... and I'll say that much, they will come running."

Lightly kissing the wound I'd inflicted, I smiled at the jump in her pulse. While she was distracted by the kisses on her neck, I worked on getting her bra off, one had slipping the hooks off while the other held the vial and ran the glass bottle down her spine. I could feel her hips pressing against mine, my own responding almost of their own violation.

She let me slide her bra off and drop it, a nearby sapling struggling with the burden of such weight. Clasping the vial with my pinky and ring fingers, holding it to my palm, I used the remaining fingers to pluck at the back of her thong, riding it deeper into her ass, creating a torturously tight thing that was lodged much farther up than it should be.

"I wonder if we should leave it like that..." I chuckled, dragging my cock over the material that was wedged between her petals, a prelude to the frustration she would suffer if I decided to leave them on, just to watch the beasts try and mate her over and over, not understanding why they couldn't find her sweet little hole.

But that wouldn't be fair, would it? After all, this was to be a treat for both of us...

Her loud moans distracted me from my thoughts, her body moving closer to mine. "Don't do that," she whispered, resting her head on my shoulder, rubbing her cheek against my skin while softly planting kisses along my collarbone. "I want to play too... Daddy..."

I could feel my cock jump at the title. It wasn't a new one, Kara and Mia used it whenever I was with them... Karen too, in their presence, but this time, this way, had a different meaning to it. The way her hands splayed against my sides, how her lips curled into a smile, the playful tease of her words as she slowly spoke against my neck in a hushed whisper,

"Please, Daddy... let me play..." I felt her teeth lightly dig into my neck, not nearly as hard as I myself had bit her, just a soft scrape. " I want you to see your pretty little slut getting fucked by all those big, strong Pokemon..."

Women are clever, clever beasts. We men might be strong, adept hunters, and crafty in our own ways... but a woman will find what makes you tick, gets your blood heated, direct you down the path she wants while making you think it's your own idea...

Or be too tempted by your own desires to care if it's not.

"Yeah," I chuckled again, moving my head to lick that spot behind her ear that always made her call out for me. "Daddy wants to see that too, girl."

She'd worn my favorite thong today, or rather, my favorite type. It was tied at her side with ribbons, two quick pulls, and it was lying on the forest floor with my boxers soon joining them. Figuring now would be the best time to use the Ph before we lost sight of our reason for coming here, I unstopped my vial.

The scent, even to human noses, causes a prickling of awareness within the back of ones mind. Something feral. Something wild. A response, perhaps, to the sheer potency of the Ph. With one hand, I grabbed her hair, twisting her around, making her rest her back against my chest while I poured the Ph along her chest. It was a thick, syrupy oil causing her skin to shine wherever it touched. Reaching around her, I clutched her tight against me while smearing the oil along her chest, kissing the nape of her neck, tainting us both with the scent. When the vial was completely empty, it was cast to the ground like our discarded clothes, left forgotten while I focused completely on her tits, her stomach, and especially her sex, already wet from my attention.

Kissing and nipping along her shoulders and neck, I could feel her press her ass back against me, her hips wiggling as my fingers roughly rubbed her pussy. Spreading it and closing it, I felt the mix of the Ph and her own juices between my fingers before parting her again and sliding my middle finger inside her, wiggling it while she gasped and pressed back against me, her body so eagerly begging for my cock.

"Now, now, baby girl... Didn't you tell Daddy you wanted him to see those nice, big Pokemon fucking you like a slut?" Even while saying that, I continued to slide my finger in and out of her warm cunt, swirling it for good measure. It paid off, when she did speak, her voice was breathless, pleasing me. She might be getting fucked by whatever beasts roamed this island... but she was panting for me.

"Yah...yes, Daddy..." I could feel the motion of her swallowing as I kissed her neck.

"Then why haven't you hurried and put that Ph on your Daddy yet so he can watch?" Pulling my finger out, I rubbed the mix of juice and Ph on her inner thigh, knowing she enjoyed the slick feeling.

"Sorry, Daddy," she replied, her tone so remorseful I was unable to discern if it was part of the act or if she was just upset that I stopped fingering her.

Turning in my arms, her lower lips had a pout to them, making them seem redder and larger than normal. Twisting the cork out of her vial, I watched as she dutifully poured it into her own hands, rubbing them, heating the liquid before rubbing it against my chest. It was still faintly chilled, surprising me that she hadn't cried out when I first poured it onto her. Her hands heated it as they continued to spread along the top of my chest down to my abs, back up again, then down to my thighs. Sliding from my thighs, she went to my sides, reaching around to squeeze my ass with a silly little grin on her face and a giggle I don't think she realized she'd uttered.

She was... so relaxed. It had been far too long since I'd seen her this unguarded. Too many little things to be taken care of with the island, too many thoughts that clouded her eyes during our joinings. It seemed with the hiring of Kyle and our trip here, she was beginning to lighten up again, worry less...

Not that she was that distressed to begin with... it was just... disturbingly noticeable, at least to myself.

I liked her better like this.

Groaning, I felt her hands finally rest over my cock, spreading a good deal of the Ph along it, her smile infectious as I smiled back. I felt her thumb along the underside of my cock, teasing the foreskin, stroking the veins under it, making the head of my cock leak pre. Her thumb then moved to smear that pre with the Ph, gliding along the tip of my cock head while my shaft pulsed, far to eager to thrust up, making her laugh and let go, much to my displeasure. However, her hands moving back to my chest, gliding up to my shoulders and squeezing as she lifted herself up on her tiptoes to kiss, me alleviated this.

Giving a pleased yet subtle moan, I could almost feel the heat lighting up behind my eyes. The rumble from my throat could not be suppressed, the quiet growl only making her coo softly in response, her head tilting to the side in simple yet tantalizing submission. Fingers working the oil from my hands to her backside, I moved them over the small over back down to her ass, digging my fingers between her cheeks to tickle that tight little pucker.

After all, that too would be used.

My cock slid underneath her lips, a simple push back and in was all that was needed to sheath me inside of her. Her petals folded around my tip as I humped against her, letting her sexual juices drool against my wet, hard shaft. As much fun as I was having, there was a purpose to this. A male who smelled me would think I'd already mated her, my cock covered in pheromones and her sex. It would be enough to send any Pokemon's blood boiling with the need to be the better male, supercharging their sex drive, making whatever semen we could collect from this little experiment all the sweeter.

"Mmmuhh!" Karen finally protested, pressing herself closer to him, her nipples running against his chest. "Please, Daddy! Fuck me... I need it!"

She moved to kiss me...

And the next thing I knew, I was on the ground.


The Nidoking had been lured to the area by two unfamiliar scents as well as strange "leaves" that were strewn in HIS trees. He'd picked one up, sniffed it, then discarded it, the human pants landing in a heap in the dirt. Shuffling forward, he began growling and grumbling to himself, slowly working himself into a rage as to who would be intruding into HIS area... when the scents suddenly appeared to change. Instead of being unfamiliar and alien, they became something he recognized.

Two Queens in heat!

His rage subsided almost instantly, the idea of two lusty Queens to sate far more interesting than odd "leaves" and weird smells. After all, one must have his priorities!

Rumbling lowly in his throat, the vibrations traveling along the ground, typically used as a call to others of their kind, translated only through the pads of their feet, he wasn't too surprised not to get an answer. Queens could be lofty things, needing to be taken down a peg, and this wasn't likely an exception to that rule.

Traveling through the brush and trees (literally more through it than around it), he didn't notice that the trail from the two odd scents went the same way. It was, therefore, a complete surprise to find two... Not-Queens where two Queens ought to have been. Growling lowly in the back of his throat, he sniffed the air again. They smelled like Queens, but surely didn't look like Queens or even the half-Queens on the island. Cocking his head, he tried to consider the matter but was unable to give it much thought. The scent was making him ache to drive a Queen into the ground, even a Not-Queen would suffice, surely...

And that's when he noticed that one of the Not-Queens was Not-Even-Female, much less a Queen. The growl that erupted from his throat was more of a sharp bark sound, his breaking through the brush going unnoticed by the two till he flung he/she/it to the ground, roaring at the thing, enraged it would dare impersonate a Queen. If not for the damn scent, the Nidoking might have killed the creature, but his cock was already starting to slip from his slit, his own scent mingling with the spice of female lust in the air.

If the creature wanted to be a Queen so badly... perhaps he would treat it as such.

A growl began in his throat as his nose flared, his mouth opening to let the sound slowly roll out, taking a step forward towards the Not-Queen he'd flung, hardly phased when it tried to move on all fours and crawl. The Nidoking was fairly certain he could catch up to the creature should it bolt, though it made him sneer that it would even try. Another step forward and the ground shook, his foot all but slamming into the ground as he roared, the trees leaves shaking as though afraid (at least in his own mind).

The Nidoking could feel his cock slipping out further, enticed by the sight of the creature on all fours, even if it was trying to get away. A few quick stomps and he had the being by the shoulder, holding it still with his claws, digging them into the flesh. It was a light grip, had the creature actually been a Queen, her skin would have protected her. But, as this was Not-Queen, he could smell the metallic hint of blood in the air, mingling with the female musk.

It was such a small thing, smaller than the Half-Queens, his body practically covering it as his dick rested on the creature's hindquarters. Bending his head down, rumbling a warning should the Not-Queen move, his warm breath washing over it as he placed his muzzle right by its neck, inhaling deeply. The scent of female musk was strong there, causing the Nidoking's body to thrust forward, not entering yet, though tempted. His cock pressed harder against the creature's ass, wet pre leaking to spill along its back, the Nidoking slowly opening his mouth to breathe even heavier along the creature's skin, opening his mouth and squeezing, though with a lighter pressure than he would have otherwise used, having learned to use a lighter pressure on its "toy" less it kill the thing before the Nidoking got its satisfaction.

And he WOULD get his satisfaction.


Karen hadn't had much time to react to the Nidoking's assault on Zane. For, in the bushes, had lain a much more subtle creature than the King, its blades gleaming in the darkness of the forest, its body just as susceptible to the universal scents as the Nidoking.

He had used the shock to his advantage, not wanting to give the female time to try and help her mate. With a blur of impressive speed, he was behind her, claws reaching up beneath her arms and folding on either side of her neck. He pulled back, the dull blades making sure she followed his unspoken command to be still as his maw opened and released a quiet, popping growl in her ear.

Karen gave a tiny quiver, those cool blades contrasting the warmth of the breath against her ear. Her body quickly grew lax at the pressure, her head lowering slightly as she exposed her neck to him, wanting to show her submission to the male. From what little details she could make from her captor, she assumed it to be a Scyther, those bladed arms too unique for just any Pokemon. She eased out a slow sigh of relief as she felt the blades relax slightly, his quiet trill a clear sign of his pleasure, either with her or her submission to him. As long as he didn't cut anything vital, she didn't care which it was.

The Scyther rubbed his beak against her shoulder and neck before pushing her against a tree, his insectoid wings clicking and buzzing as his hard outer shell rubbed against her back, the spot ideal for viewing the hapless male and the frustrated King. Already, at the tip of his abdomen, a thick, rounded tendril slid out. Droplets splattered on fallen leaves below, not so much precum as it was lubricant. Easily, the Scyther could smell her need mixed in with the pheromones, his powerful sense of smell already determining the best place to impregnate this little female.

Using the imagery to prime him, the Scyther slid his claws from her neck to the tree, wrapping around it, pinning her between himself and the tree. "Climbing" on top of her, body light yet still imposing as that entrail left from the tip of his rump, slapping and sliding around her ass like a hot, wet, living thing, curling and winding till it found the heat of her cunt.

With the rough bark scraping against her skin, Karen whimpered quietly, enjoying the feel of his smooth, hard shell, a stark contrast to Zane's skin or the fur of her pets. She let the bark rake over her breasts, needing the stimulus of something touching her tits as she felt that odd appendage of his rubbing against her ass. It felt more like a tongue than a cock, with the way it squirmed, impossibly flexible compared to those she'd been with before. Cooing quietly to him, not using words, just sounds, she tried to convey how badly she needed him to fuck her, rape her, possibly leave her with child... or at least the seeds to make one later, though she wouldn't go that far to explain it to him.

What would a Scyther morph look like anyway?

She didn't have much time to focus on that thought, the Scyther's tendril having found what it was looking for, spreading her petals with ease. While the male reveled in her submission, she received no gentle touch as it drove home, his cock instantly doubling in length as more of it shot from his body as though it was coiled to strike within him. His claws dug into the tree with enough force to have sliced deep into her skin, her body lacking the armor needed to protect her. By watching the Nidoking, though, he had realized how fragile these creatures could be...

And how much they made for excellent fucks!

His tendril twisted as he pounded it into her, its disgusting slime drooling out the corners of her cunt as it made her insides loosen, battering her cervix as he grunted into her ear, preparing her fertile bowl for a good, proper seeding. She was wetter than the other females he'd bred before, his own slime and her juices streaming easily down her legs, adding to the spice and musk in the air as she gave a shout, her body tensing tightly around him. With an eager, popping trill, he drove himself further inside her, as deep as possible before stilling, though the large bulb of his backside started to shake and shudder. Something large pressed against her pussy, like the knot of a dog, only more giving. It slipped inside of her, crawling through the tendril, whose end was planted right inside her cervix.

Hazy, still panting from her climax, Karen's eyes widened as she realized what was going on. He was seeding her with his own eggs! Her eggs? She was confounded momentarily by the term of gender, her mind running slower as it savored the bliss of afterglow, reluctant to leave it for such a trivial matter. She could feel each egg slowly moving from the Scyther's body to hers, squeezing past her opening and into her body, each egg followed by what felt to be a gush of hot fluid, like warm milk or runny cum. The eggs filled her womb, making her stomach swell with just how full he (she?) was making her.

Very pleased, getting more from this trip then just the sperm she'd been hoping to collect, she twisted a little to try and nuzzle the Scyther under its jaw line, her hand reaching to touch the other side of its face as she encouraged it to keep going, to fill her with as many eggs as it wanted.

Licking her fingers with its tongue, the Scyther continued his business, his ego pleasantly stroked by her acceptance but uncaring in regards to whether she'd wanted this or not. Her scent, after all, had advertised this as being what she wanted. He was only fulfilling it.

As he continued to pump his eggs inside her, the hot mess within her slowly becoming thick and sticky, making sure the eggs wouldn't be going anywhere till they were ready to, he turned his attention back to her companion, waiting till her body would be too full to handle any more of his broad.


The Nidoking, unlike the Scyther, was having far more trouble with his Not-Queen. It had obediently lifted its ass for him as his fangs had sank into its neck, holding it still, its soft yet not quite feminine moans enough to make the King thrust forward, uncaring if the Not-Queen was ready. He felt that tight pucker give way, the tip of his dick just barely sliding in... but that's as far as it went. His pleased groans were giving way to frustrated growls, he tried again and again, this Not-Queen so tight, he was having trouble fitting his mighty self inside it!

He opened his maw to let the creature's neck out, hissing with a seething Rage. Surely it was this Not-Queen's fault! Advertising itself in such a way to be bred then denying any male that would come and claim it!

His claws dug tighter in the Not-Queen's shoulders, his tail lashing and hitting a tree, a loud crack echoing as it snapped, the King roaring in frustration.

[Hee-hee-hee, what's the problem, Kingie?]

The Nidoking lifted his head, nostrils flaring again as he looked for who was speaking. It didn't take long for him to fixate on the one spot of white mixed in the green of the treetops.

[Maybe I can be of help, yah? Oh, come on, Kingie! I'll make that hole so slick and wet, you'll pop right in! Doesn't that sound nice? Five, maybe ten minutes! Let me get that toy of yours all warmed up! Won't cost you a thing, promise!]

The Nidoking was torn between the desire to fight off the male or putting the male to good use so that he could fuck the Not-Queen. Weighing the options of attack vs. compromise, the other male took the opportunity to continue talking, hoping to persuade his case.

[While I warm it up and get it slick for you, I bet you can get it to do some worship on your "Mini-King," if you know what I mean!] There was some laughter at the idea of the Nidoking's cock being anything but "mini." [What do you have to lose? That slut won't bear eggs anyway, so there's no need to be so stingy, yah?]

Exhaling with a low but accepting growl, the Nidoking shuffled his shoulders, easing off the Not-Queen. The other male took that as a go-ahead and hopped down from the tree, showing himself to be a Pokeboy of the Mankey variety. Humanoid looking in most things, the white fur coating his body yet sparing his chest and face, the tail that emerged from his spine, and the formation of his feet (more Mankey than human for grabbing branches and limbs), were the only things that really separated him from the race of the Not-Queen.

[Ah, thanks, Kingie! I'll do a good job for you!] the Mankey-anthro smiled, licking his lips, showing a gleam of fangs as he approached, going slow least the Nidoking change its mind.

Still holding the Not-Queen by the shoulder, ensuring it wouldn't move, the Nidoking decided to try the Mankey's idea. With a look of scorn, he coolly ordered the fake Queen to take care of his shaft, smacking the Not-Queen's face with it, leaving a coat of pre and a gradually forming bruise, as the Nidoking was in no mood to be gentle.

Seeing no aggression directed at him, the Mankey grew emboldened, a small mix of a smile and a sneer on his face as he went from two legs to four, scampering forward to inspect the male with the female scent wafting off him. The Mankey had seen more beings like this, though from a distance or from behind the clear shell that had separated him when he'd been littler...

Shaking his head, forgoing the memory for now, he made a chuckling, "oohing" sound as he moved closer, licking his lips and lightly placing his hand on the creature's ass. It wasn't as furry as his own hide, though there was a thin spread of dark hairs. Sliding his hand along the right ass cheek, he gave it a light slap, opening his mouth with a loud laugh at the sound.

Putting his left hand on the other ass cheek, grinning, he ran his fingers along the ass and thigh before giving it another slap. Chuckling, he started moving both hands to pry that wonderful ass apart, exposing the tiny pucker the Nidoking had such trouble getting inside.

Meanwhile, the Nidoking had slid his clawed hand from the Not-Queen's shoulder to the creature's head, grumbling, his rage soothing as he felt the creature's tongue running over his shaft, lapping at the top of its head. Forcefully, he shoved the creature's head closer, growling a demand for the Not-King to lick more, service him better.

Watching over the male's ass, still chuckling to himself at the lovely treat he'd be enjoying, the Mankey leaned forward, running his tongue along the being's ass crack. Swirling his tongue around his pucker, the Mankey sighed happily at the scent and flavor before thrusting his tongue into the male's ass. Claws digging into the creature's flesh, he lapped greedily, moving his tail to coil around the creature's right leg, holding him still as he pulled back a moment to pant. Already, the Mankey could feel his cock sliding out of its sheath, steadily growing harder as he went back to teasing and playing with the male's asshole.

It was at that same time the female, the one the male had come with, let out a shout with her own climax.

[Sounds like your female is having a good time...] he chuckled, moving a finger to slide the saliva around the male's ass crack. [Wonder if you cry like a bitch in heat too...] Slowly, the Mankey twisted his finger, sliding into the male's ass, one knuckle at a time.

Glancing at the Nidoking, who was busy thrusting his dick at the male's face, enjoying himself as the creature lapped at the large cock with his tongue. [What dah ya think, Kingie?]

The Nidoking snorted, calmed down enough to respond with low, vibrating growls. [Cry or scream, doesn't matter to me.]

Giving a lower growl, feeling the tongue dart into his cum-hole, licking the insides, the Nidoking's tail swayed, pleased with the treatment. The Mankey noticed and grinned, curling his finger in and out of the male's hole, tickling the insides as he moved his tail from the male's leg to the male's hanging, obviously painfully hard dick.

[It's good at it, then? Worshipping you, Kingie?] The Mankey gave another hooting laugh. [Seems it enjoys it...]

The Nidoking sneered. [Just shut up and get the Not-Queen ready, Mankey... or I'll be fucking your ass instead.]

Shrugging his shoulders, the Mankey eased another finger inside, both fingers wiggling like Ekans in this dark, tiny hole of theirs. The male whimpered like a female, his ass flexing around the Mankey's fingers. With a smile, he moved his tail to wrap around the male's shaft, tightening it, flexing it around the member and tugging, pre slowly coating his fur as he cooed,

[That's a good slut... drip your juices, show us how much you want this...]

Removing his fingers, the Mankey placed his hands on the creature's hips, claws digging in again as his cock, hard and ready, positioned itself outside his teased pucker hole. Chortling a little, he pushed to gain access, still teasing with his tail, the tip of his cock pushing in with a "pop."

[Come on then, slut!] he hooted, slapping the male's ass sharply with his paw, dragging his nails across the flesh. [Let me hear you call out! I want your bitch over there to know who the REAL males are around here!]

The Nidoking grumbled, about to chastise the Mankey... but the idea of hearing his pathetic, Non-queen cries, the humiliation he would suffer from being fucked by two males while his bitch was left for whatever male that wanted to claim her made the King feel smug. Just like how the Not-Queen's hands were resting on his thighs, his mouth doing everything to please him while still not being quite good enough.

[Hurry up your teasing, Mankey! I want to fuck this Not-Queen into the ground!] the Nidoking snapped, the sudden sucking of that tiny mouth on his cock making him jerk and want to thrust... which he just held back on. He had to, otherwise his toy would be severely injured.

And that fact was making him increasingly pissy.

[Ooooh, looks like time's up, slut,] the Mankey giggled, thrusting inside with one clean movement of his hips, his tail flexing tighter around the creature's shaft as his hands held the being still, pulling out and thrusting again, oohing happily at the tightness. [You'll love this, Kingie! It's better than some of the Mankey bitches I've fucked! Definitely tighter than any Queen you'll do!]

The creature spoke, the Mankey's brows frowning in concentration. The words... he didn't know how he knew them, but he did. Again, the creature repeated himself, pushing back onto the Mankey's cock.

"It feels... it feels good! H-h-harder! Go harder! Please!"

Rather than contemplate the memories of clear shells, the blurred images, and the muffled words, the Mankey focused more on the moment.

[Ooooh! Hear that, Kingie? Definitely a much more willing cunt than those Mankey whores I've fucked!] The Mankey grunted, accommodating by picking up his pace and thrusting harder, deeper into the male's ass. [Shame it isn't a REAL cunt... still...] he continued with a sharp laugh, rotating his hips to make his dick twirl inside that tight hole. [A slut is a slut is a slut! And this is one fine ass slut you got here, Kingie!]

The Nidoking groaned with agreement, grabbing a deeper fistful of hair, his hips plunging forward in slow, eager thrusts against the Not Queen's body, pre leaking not only into its mouth, but also against its face and chin when the King's thrusts became too strong. Rather than become annoyed, the Nidoking laughed, his great shoulders shaking.

[You're right, Mankey. If this were a REAL Queen instead of some fake, I'd keep her in my harem... fuck her whether willing or not till I got some eggs out of her, hell...] the Nidoking grumbled, a wide, almost sick smile on his face. [Probably fuck her with eggs in her too... and after she gave birth, with all those new eggs still slick from her juices, I'd fuck that hole again...] The Nidoking's eyes closed as he savored the fantasy, nostrils flaring as if searching for the scent of new life amongst the musk of sex and lust in the air. [So wide and gaping, still pulsing from having squeezed so many eggs through...] His thrusts became harder as the fantasy became more solid within his mind. Snappish, the King's eyes opened, a flare of red along the edges. His claws yanked the Not-Queen's hair, a sneer on his face, as if he wanted to inflict some amount of pain as a release for his own frustrations. [Hurry up, Mankey!]

[Ah, ah, ah, Kingie! You want to be able to fuck the fake, right? I'm almost done spreading its ass for you...] the Mankey all but cooed. [Why don't you watch this fake's mate while I finish?] He lifted his head to the direction of the female, his lips curling into a grin that showed off his fangs. [It looks like she's enjoying herself...]


The Scyther had left some time ago, pulling its tendril back inside its body while leaving those eggs stuck within her. Without a word, it pulled its blades from the trunk and leapt, one of its legs pushing against her back, forcing her to the ground while it vanished into the branches of the tree, the leaves making no sound. It hadn't hurt so much, just left her surprised.

No, what hurt was the sudden sharp pain that hit her thighs just following that.

When she'd turned to look, she'd felt a weight rest along her back, restricting her movements, even as the pain in her thighs slowly faded. She felt the individual strokes of fur, warm, yet with a hint of a prick to it. She tried to turn her head to see what Pokemon it was, but she'd left her neck exposed on the side and the creature instantly had her shoulder and neck in its jaws.

[Finally...] its low voice growled, the moist mist of its breath reaching her nose. [I couldn't wait for that bug to leave...] Its jaw closed a little more and she'd cried out in pain, having felt the skin tear. [Raise your ass, bitch,] he snarled, his hips thrusting against hers. She could feel the heat from his cock searching, seeking, for her entrance. [You're having MY pups, not that disgusting thing's ugly brood!]

With a quiet whimper of submission, she'd obeyed, having hoped he'd release his grip enough that she could catch sight of him.

It was marginal, but she was able to turn enough to see the telltale markings of gold and blue fur, leading her to believe (with the comment about pups) that it was a Manectric who had grabbed her.

She gave an earnest whimper as she felt the claws digging against her back and sides, the mingling mix of blood, cum, and Ph swirling together in an erotic mix of spices and flavors. Still sore from the bark of the tree and finding it more difficult to move now with her swollen belly, she tried her best to accommodate the male, spreading her legs open for him, gasping softly as she felt some of her cum and the Scyther's slime dripping from her cunt.

"Please," she begged, leaning forward a little more so her breasts were almost touching the ground, trying to balance herself with the added weight. "Pup me... knot me... fuck me..."

She had no shame as she wiggled her ass to try and entice the male, feeling his cock brush against her thighs. She was hopeful that the samples she got from this mating would be useful for her research later, as well as learning if what the Manectric implied was true, that by fucking her, she'd end up having a batch of his pups. Either way, the results would be interesting!

The canine understood her words but was more familiar with the tone; the lust, heat, and submission that emulated from them. That Scyther wasn't compatible, not by a long shot. It had only been seeking to deposit its eggs while the Manectric longed to put some real pups in her.

[Yeah, just like that, bitch,] he growled, starting to hump against her backside blindly, leaning over her back, his bristly fur scratching against her skin. His ruby red cock poked and stabbed at her outer walls, slipping against the Scyther's "seed" in an attempt to give her a proper rutting. [Rrff... you really want it...]

His cock finally sunk into her drooling cunt, his eyes going wide. She called out softly as his claws dug in harder, his whole body weight suddenly slamming into her and almost knocking her off balance. [Oh! Yes! Ar...rrrf! Hot bitch! Tight biiiitch! Made to fuck!]

What followed was a string of unintelligible mutterings, growls, and nips as his fur danced with sparks, a stray one from time to time cracking against her skin with a painful "pop!" His hot cock was already swelling inside her, growing hotter as it grew longer, wider.

"Yes," she moaned, leaning forward to rest on her elbows, keeping her ass high for the eager male. Her breasts slid against leaves and twigs, but the harshness only encouraged her longing. "I need it, please!"

She was panting, truly panting. Her tongue lolled out, her hot breath sounding loud as her moans increased, her ass pushing back into the Manectric, begging him to knot her. To increase her own pleasure, to drive herself even more crazy, she reached a hand to a breast, kneading it and tugging at her nipple, her cries growing louder as she did so. When she felt a wetness coming from it, she thought it to be the oil from before... but when she gave it a hazy look, it wasn't the same coloring, more clear and... milky.

Wait... Milky?

Perhaps the Scyther's cum also had reacted with her body to ensure whatever cubs she had could be tended for properly...

[Your body was made for breeding, bitch...] the Manectric cooed, his cock becoming too large to fuck quickly, pulling against her inner walls with each movement. [Just like that male over there sounds like he was made to be fucked.] He began to sacrifice speed for sheer power, ramming that scorching-hot poker deep inside her pussy, his knot slowly spreading her wide. [He smells like you, you know. A bitch in heat. Hear him?] The canine gave a haughty laugh. [That little slut can't get enough of being treated like a female!]

His knot, lodged comfortably in her cunt, began to test the tie, starting to forcibly pull her body back and forth as he sped himself towards his climax. His mouth came down and nipped her neck again, a small jolt shooting through his fangs and causing a controlled surge through her muscles, making them all tighten as he showed off the control he had over her body.

[Mmmm! Rrrr, sounds like you need a new alpha,] he continued through his teeth, still gripping around her neck. [That male of yours has turned into a whore just like you!]

"He is quite a whore, isn't he?" she smiled fondly in Zane's direction, not a trace of malice in her voice. She watched as the Nidoking and Mankey played with him, practically causing her partner to beg. "But that's why... we're so perfect for each other, don't you see?" It was becoming increasingly harder to speak, her words broken by pants and moans. "After all, who else would let me get fucked... by... soo... many... won-der-fu-fuhl males!"

With that, she cried out loudly, climaxing again, whimpering as her body shook, aching for the Manetric's seed. He pumped her faster, giving short barks of laughter.

[Ah! So that's why you two... rff!! Then I'll send you back to him, mmm, with a body full of real male seed!]

With a howl, his white-hot cum erupted from his tip, spraying inside her womb and coating the Scyther's eggs. His knot kept even the smallest drop from leaving, swelling to the size of a baseball as it lodged itself inside her pussy, forcing her already worn body to climax again.


It was difficult to focus. I could hear Karen's muffled cries and moans, but I couldn't see much of her from the angle I was at. I didn't dare look away from servicing my King, less he take offence and decide to go from lust to rage. My cock was aching, the strokes from the Mankey's tail not nearly enough to get me off. It seemed that I wasn't the only one frustrated, however. I could feel the tension in my King's body, sense how badly he wanted to thrust in my mouth. He was too large for such a thing, and he knew it, but the desire was still there.

The Mankey pushed in again, his heavy sack thumping against my own, making me whimper slightly as I tried to take more of the King's cock, wanting to appease him. His head was too big to easily fit, so I tried making up for it by using my tongue and sliding it along his slit.

[Such a lovely slut, you have...] the Mankey moaned, fucking my ass harder. [Wonder what she thinks of you now, now that you're getting your own hole fucked?] I could hear the grin in his voice. [Wonder if she'd like to join with a different male. After all,] he hooted, [you're almost as much of a bitch as she is!]

With a few hard, well-placed thrusts, the Mankey's laugh went to a loud screech as he called out his claim on me and my little cunt hole. I feel his cock flexing, the base bulging as warm seed shot into my defiled rectum, drenching my prostate. It was so wet and thick within me, I nearly came on the Mankey's tail. I was glad I didn't though, the pleasure distracted my body, keeping me from remembering how badly I should be hurting about now. The moan I gave was almost feminine as I felt that hot dick pop out of me, shooting ropes of cum over my spread hole, making sure I'd be nice and wet for my King.

[Ohhh, you'll like this, Kingie...] he panted, a light "ooh" echoing his words. [It's a good fuck!]

On the inside, I was smiling, the words that white-haired beast said having a warming effect on my body.

The Mankey chuckled, apparently pleased by the sounds I'd made as I came. I shook as I felt his finger playing along my ass crack, spreading his cum as he slipped his fingers in and out of my hole again, meeting no resistance.

[Think he's ready for you, Kingie. Well,] the Mankey's voice held a bit of a wicked flare. [as ready as anyone his size can be!]

The Mankey's tail slid off my cock but gave one more, almost loving squeeze before letting go. He moved to trade places with the Nidoking, the King shuffling back to have another go at my (hopefully) looser ass. While the Nidoking was positioning himself, putting his clawed hands on my ass cheeks, almost similar to what the Mankey had done, the Mankey himself came around to my front, crouching eye level with me, giving his Mankey sort of laugh while his cock was still semihard, jutting against his fur.

[Oie, how about doing a guy a favor?] he asks with a wide grin, sliding his fingers into my hair, lightly ruffling it. [After all, I did you a good turn by warming your sweet little ass up, right?] He plopped shamelessly on the ground, spreading his legs out to grant me full access to his shaft, cum still slowly pooling out of it. [Figure the least you can do is clean up!]

While his words sounded as though I had a choice, his tail had moved up to coil around my neck like a collar and leash combination, giving a quick tug, pulling my head gently yet forcibly next to his cock.

[After all, I did fuck that nasty little "pussy" of yours,] the Mankey continued, cooing a tad as he continued to apply pressure to my neck while still stroking my hair, the action surprisingly tender. [You should show some gratitude before Kingie there makes you so loose you won't be able to feel the next one who comes to fuck you.]

My vision was spinning, suddenly feeling that thick, bruising cock slap against my ass again while my head was being forced into its 'proper' place. I followed the Mankey's instructions, agreeing that he had done me a favor and deserved something more in return.

My head was right over that beating tip, just about to start cleaning, when the Nidoking thrust in. I let out a low grunt at first, the tip being only slightly wider than the Mankey's, before giving the morph a few licks, each one with a louder and louder groan. I couldn't help but wince as that huge cock pushed past the depth of the other male, letting out a more audible, helpless shout as it drove even deeper. My cock was bouncing as the King mercilessly stretched me, a burning pain surrounding the entrance of my hole. My hot breaths washed over the Mankey's cock, having to steady myself before I could even think of swirling my tongue.

When I was finally able to, I found that the taste was tart. However, it was my pacifier now, my moaning screams vibrating for the monkey's sick pleasure as I slid my mouth up and down, my lips scooping up that cum and my tongue pulling it down my gullet.

The Nidoking growled, continuing to penetrate deeper, causing a mix of such intense pain and pleasure I could feel my eyes watering as the Mankey continued stroking my hair. When he started pulling back, I thought he might have given up and wasn't sure if I should weep in earnest for relief... or disappointment. The sharp thrust he did after came as a complete shock, likely the only thing saving me from having my ass torn apart was the Mankey's cum, still warm and almost gel-like within me. The Nidoking took his pleasure from my body, uncaring of my limits as he continued to push his way inside, finally reaching the point where my body would no longer accept him.

[You're right,] the Nidoking admitted to the Mankey. [This Not-Queen is tight... but it's still TOO tight to accept all of me,] he growled, disappointed.

[Heh! At least it's willing, right?] the Mankey chortled thrusting lightly upward with his hips as his cock began to swell again. [Bet you could fuck this slut all day and it'd still be begging for more.]

The Nidoking nodded his head in agreement, working on holding up my body as he took his slow pleasure in pushing his thick cock inside, licking his chops as he gradually built up the pace, grunting as sweat began to bead on his brow from keeping himself restrained. Gradually, however, the pleasure began to take over reason and he started to let himself go, his thrusts growing stronger and more forceful as he panted, his tongue hanging out, body leaning over my smaller one.

[Good boy,] the Mankey crooned, apparently enjoying the show as well as the feel of my mouth on his cock. As he stroked my hair kindly, he chortled a little. [Bet you love the feel of old Kingie there, don't you?] The Mankey began thrusting a little, enjoying the King's pleased grunts, remembering how tight that hole had been. [That nice, fat cock rubbing you raw inside? Oh... just you wait till he cums! I'd be surprised if it didn't make your stomach as swollen as your mate's!] Again, he gave a pleased, hooting laugh. [Two sluts with swollen bellies... heh! Doesn't that sound nice?]

When I nodded my head, still sucking on his cock, strangely aroused by his words, the Mankey hooted again. Wincing as the King pushed further in, the Mankey seemed to like the soft whine I gave, his hand tightening on the back of my head, pulling me closer to take more of his cock in my mouth. Feeling my own hard cock smacking against my belly with the force of the King's thrusts, I wished that I could beg for the Mankey's touch again... but with my mouth and throat so full of his cock, all that came out were garbled phrases as the Mankey forced my head up and down. Soon, I just focused on sucking that cock instead of my own aching need, the Mankey's grip relaxing as I started doing my job right.

When a sudden, deep thrust from the Nidoking almost toppled me over, the beast gave a high pitched roar as he finally found satisfaction my too-tight hole, his seed pouring from his cock like water from a faucet, my stomach slowly swelling just as the Mankey had predicted... though not nearly as much as Karen's. With the Nidoking's cock blocking the exit, the cum remained inside my ass, only a few spurts managing to squeeze past to streak down my thighs. The remainder pooled within, making my body ache with a fullness that was both pleasing and painful.

The Mankey, after that, didn't take long to follow. With a muted, content grunt, his warm seed flooded spilled in my mouth, down my throat, the male keeping my head steady to force me to swallow... or choke on the rest. The Mankey seemed pleased to watch me, his eyes fixed on my throat as it flexed around his shaft. As his cock began to soften, I found it easier to breathe. Licking it, cleaning it, the Mankey grinned as he gradually released his tight hold on my head to start stroking it instead.

[Good slut,] the Mankey praised, giving a contented sigh. [I could get used to this...]


After the Manectric's cum had filled her womb, Karen was allowed a few minutes of reprieve, the canine's thick knot preventing him from leaving or fucking at the moment. She used the time to relax, her climax keeping her warm and hazy as she listened to the sounds of Zane being fucked. Eventually, when she could string together words without too much difficulty, she smiled and flexed her inner muscles to get a wonderful feel of the cock still filling her.

"If you ever want to go to the mainland, to fuck more humans, let me know," she finally spoke, her voice still a little breathless. It was a shame she hadn't gotten a chance to offer the Scyther, seeing many wonderful possibilities for her research, but she had hopes of finding him/her again. When Karen did, she thought the offer of allowing it to spread its eggs to many hosts would entice it... as well as add another addition of a "special" room to the hotel (such as Mia and Cara's).

The Manectric didn't seem to hear her at first but when his cock jumped inside her at the mention of the mainland, she couldn't help but smile. She thought he was going to say something, agree, perhaps, when a deeper, stronger sounding growl came from the other side of the trees. Even while knotted to her, the Manectric responded with a snarl of his own, a flash of bright-orange fur peeking from behind the shadows. As it moved forward, the shape of a massive anthro was outlined. Long, thick fur, orange striped with black, its muscles rolled with every bipedal step, making waves of flesh beneath the sea of fur.

[The mainland?] The Pokeboy Arcanine inquired, approaching with loud, thudding steps, no longer bothering to quiet himself once his presence had been announced. It was easy to see the way his eyes moved over her body, how each drop of sweat, each scratch mark, and even her swollen belly were taken into account. Rather than feeling flattered, if she were a canine, she'd have her hackles raised at the superior look in his eyes.

[Hey!] the Manectric barked. [Hey! I found her first! She's mine!]

[Oh, shut up,] the Arcanine snarled, the electric wolf's tail folding downward though his face was still defiant. The larger canine continued. [I found her the second she stepped foot onto this island with that... other bitch.] He nodded to Zane. [...but if she's such a weak bitch to let something like that be her alpha, she isn't worthy of my pups.] He drew in a breath. [Although...]

He knelt, lowering his hand to cup Karen's chin, lifting her gaze to his feral one. Even as he spoke, the only thing she could wonder at was how such deep, brown eyes could be so cold, the flecks of gold in them more like frozen Amber than warm tendrils of fire.

[You do smell... wonderful.] He drew in another breath, closing his eyes a moment to savor the scent before opening them again. [Whatever you two did to change your scents almost had me.] The sneer came back, his hand letting go of her, as if she was a piece of Miltank dung. [Pathetic bitch.] His growl was deep again. [It takes more than tricks to win my pups inside of you.]

The electric wolfed huffed something, almost like [Good, then...] but the Arcanine didn't depart. He stood higher on his knees, bringing his groin closer to her face. Even while he spoke to her, called her pathetic and looked at her so coldly, his body was responding. While she hoped it was to her, it was likely more the Ph or the scene of the Manectric knotting her... or even the Nidoking and Mankey dominating Zane. Still, it put a smug smile on her face to know that, while the Arcanine considered himself so lofty, he was no better than she.

His sex was massive, a pulsing, throbbing thing still in its swollen sheath, with two huge balls, whitish-yellow fur covering the black skin. Slowly, his cock peeked out of his sheath, its scent strong enough that she could catch its individual fragrance amongst the others in the air. His hand moved back to her chin, guiding her, but instead of pushing her to that drooling tip, he brought her head to his nuts, forcing her nose into his sack, marking his scent on her as pre slid against her forehead.

[If your kind is as good a bitch as that male would be... mmm... perhaps you will not be a waste of my time after all.] He twisted her head this way and that, making her rub her face against his sack. It was grating to be treated in such a way, when she would have so willingly done so without his direction, but she could admit that was also a turn on... a little, anyway. [I'm not going to pup you, bitch... but you're going to beg for it all the same.] He smirked. [Just try and change my mind.]

The Manectric almost said something but stopped, shuddering at the sight of Karen's face buried in the other male's sex. While he wanted to protect "his bitch" he knew his place. He'd run across the Arcanine once or twice and it had been enough. He wasn't eager to fight the male, especially not over a piece of tail that wasn't his kind... as nice of a fuck as she was.

[And please,] the Arcanine continued, [tell me more of this "mainland." I've seen it from a distance and if you're an example of what awaits me... then I may be persuaded to join you.]

Karen held her tongue, feeling herself bristling at the comment that she was inferior to other bitches and that her alpha, or rather Zane, was weak. Even so, it was hard to keep the hiss out of her voice as she spoke, wishing she could show the male just how high he rated on the larger scale of things. After all... big pup on a small island should have chance to know big he'd really be on the mainland.

Once Aden kicked his ass, he'd learn the lesson well.

"If I'm weaker than others, at least I make up for it by being willing," she finally said, the words so sweet she had to grit her teeth while saying them.

[You are willing,] the Arcanine conceded, his hand loosened on her chin, allowing her more free reign in regards to his sack. Feeling more relaxed with this little bit of control, she smiled at how soft his fur was for a wild Pokemon. Burying her nose in his sack and rubbing it against one of his balls, she smiled before carefully working out a way to show that her "alpha" was strong and that she herself was a worthy bitch.

"The mainland," she began slowly, still continuing to rub her face along his nuts and getting more pre on her face, "is one that myself and my alpha, as you call him, own." She paused, uncertain if the meaning would be clear. "It's our territory, as far as humans recognize. The Pokemon on the island also recognize it as such." She didn't add that this island was as well, figuring one or both of the males would dispute it.

She left them to digest that fact while taking a moment to pleasure the Arcanine. In spite of the fur on his sack, she began to lick it, following the flow of the fur, almost purring to herself at the taste of his musk as she took one of his balls in her mouth and suckled on it before letting it slip out, continuing to speak less they lose interest in the mainland.

"There are several humans who have no alphas, mates, or unsatisfied by the ones they do have. Some want to dominate," at this she kissed the anthro's sack, smiling. "Some want to be dominated," she gestured towards Zane.

Adjusting herself a little, she lifted her head to lick the pre off his cock and sheath, only using the tip of her tongue to do so. She smiled as she heard the unmistakable sounds of the Manectric whining, though the Arcanine seemed less affected.

"We have several..." she wanted to use the word "facilities" but figured it might be too advanced. "Areas designed for the sole purpose of those who want to fuck or be fucked. Some are private," at this, she thought again of the "special" room in the hotel, "some aren't." She almost laughed, as the last part included almost every part of the island that WASN'T a hotel room. "The largest area is about fifteen or twenty times bigger than this island. It has different sections to it, designed for different elemental types comforts including..." she gave a teasing pause, putting her mouth over the head of the Arcanine's shaft, sucking and flicking her tongue against the tip before pulling it out. "A volcano area..." she put her mouth back over his cock, taking more of him in before pulling it out again, "and a meadow," her head went back down, this time only grazing the top of his cock with her tongue. "A marsh... and a lot of other areas."

The Arcanine waited till he felt her sucking on his cock again to speak, growling softly as he glanced at the Manectric. The male had a contemplative look on his face and, while feeling the male to be inferior, the Arcanine had to admit a disappointingly large amount of curiosity as to what he was thinking.

[It's... interesting,] he trailed off, hoping the other male would feel the need to say something... as a lesser pack member surely would.

Nuzzling the female's neck, the Manectric didn't fail the Arcanine's expectations. [Nn... sounds nice...] His drool ran across the female's skin, his cock still spurting more cum into her blocked-off belly, her womb forced to take every drop. [More bitches... like this one... ahh, and they'll come to us?]

At her nod, the Arcanine grinned.

[Where the only competition we have... are these weak little flesh things? That could end up like that bitch over there?] He laughed, a deep barking sound. [I like it.]

Grabbing her hair and forcing her down on his shaft, the tip touched the back of her throat even before all of his cock was out of his sheath! Kissing the rubbery collar, which stunk of his musk, tasting it along her lips and the back of her throat, she almost gagged before reminding herself to relax and breathe. She had more to tell, but they seemed interested enough in what she'd already stated that she decided to leave it at that... though, if the Arcanine kept calling them weak and ever did go to the mainland, she'd be teaching him a lesson in humility... hopefully with Zane's aid.

They weren't the alphas of the island for nothing.

The Arcanine, completely oblivious to her train of thought, continued to force-feed her his dick. His throat was popping in a vicious growl and, as he looked her over again, she could tell by the sudden glint in his eye that he was more affected by the Ph then he'd thought.

[Turn,] he said to the Manectric, who cocked his head a moment before realizing what the bigger male was asking.

[Huh? Oh... Ohhhhh!] His canine jowls curled in a feral smile as he folded one of his back legs over Karen's back, standing ass to ass with his knot still plugging her tight.

Pleased, the Arcanine tugged her hair, lifting her off his cock and slapping it against her face with a pleased growl, pre spurting along her cheek and splashing against her ear. Stepping over her, his massive body straddled her backside and his thick slab of pulsing dog meat slowly positioned itself against her backdoor.

Sliding up and down a few times, trying to find that second hole, the Arcanine smiled as she gave an expecting whimper, her head turned to look back at him. When he felt his tapered tip flick over that tight star, he guided it through, letting it rest just inside her pucker while reaching for her hips. His claws were much longer and sharper than the Manectric's, even the lightest touch of them enough to leave a red mark. With the other animal's knot already buried in her, the Pokeboy was counting on a tight ride. Pushing in with a bit of force, his precum was the only saving grace she had as it forced her body to comply with its invasion... or tear in the process.

She whimpered again, this time loud and unintentional. It burned, as he pushed in, but gradually the burning faded. Feeling both male's inside her was starting to warm her up again, her mouth opening in a pant, adjusting to the new girth being thrust into her. What's more, his huge, HUGE knot was pushing against her ass, spreading her butt cheeks apart. There was no way that thing was going to fit in -no way!- but the canine didn't seem to mind. He was just moving back and forth, growling softly to himself as his hands worked their way over her sides, intentionally leaving red trails.

[Heh, you're really tight, bitch... even without this other male.] He smiled to himself, dragging his claws back to use the tender flesh of her ass to sink his dagger-like fingertips into for support... or his own sick pleasure.

Really, it could be both.

The Manectric was enjoying himself too, other than having to feel those massive balls rubbing up and down his back. The Arcanine's cock put just enough pressure on the female's inner walls so that the electric type could feel it rubbing his own flesh through the thin barrier. Soon, he was growling with pleasure right along side the Pokeboy, his own claws digging into the ground.

Karen moaned as she listened to them, her body rocking as the Arcanine's thrusts picked up speed. She really wanted to feel the male cum inside her, but she wasn't going to beg for cum after he degraded Zane! She could tell from how hard he was pushing, he was trying to knot her, but really... he was too large! There was no way he could possibly fit! But... even as she was thinking that, she could feel her body becoming more susceptible to it, her asshole starting to give as it was stretched beyond its normal limits.

[Mmm, so, do you still think of that worthless human as your alpha?] the Arcanine growled, his claws digging deeper into her ass, making her cry out. [Hmm? After having two canine's fucking you, I bet you're having doubts.]

"No," she replied, a bit breathless but clear in her answer. For a moment, the Arcanine felt elation till she continued. "He will always be my alpha."

Snarling, his claws twisted on her outer thighs, making her gasp sharply as drops of blood trickled from the wounds.

[Why?] he snarled in frustration, pounding harder into her. [What makes him so special, bitch?] His knot bounced against her ass, trying to force its way inside her. [How can someone like him be superior to me?!]

He was nearing orgasm but wanted an answer. The concept of a weak alpha enraged and eluded him... likely because he had no clue of what Zane was capable of. Then again, did she? All she knew was that when the males decided to challenge Zane's authority they would spend one day in a room with him... and he would lead them out on a leash.

The Mightyena anthro he'd given to her as a gift was proof enough of that. The thought made her smile. He wasn't there to fuck her, no, he was there when she wanted to put a strap on and show her more dominate side, to here him yip like a bitch in heat when she fucked him and beg for more. All those death threats to Zane and claims about taking her from him for his own pups had been replaced by total submission, treating her like a queen and doing whatever she commanded of him. It was a real power trip and always put her in a good mood. He'd probably be waiting at the door for her to get home, greeting her like an anxious puppy... after she got the samples for her research, she'd probably have him clean her up. A nice soothing bubble bath... getting rubbed down by her favorite fluffy red towel... a massage...

Followed by a tongue bath, of course.

Her own thoughts distracting her, she apparently didn't answer fast enough for the Arcanine. A slap to her ass brought her attention back quickly.

[I asked you a question, bitch,] he growled, another slap following to the same spot.

With a muffled cry, she hastily sought for words. "He... he understands me," she finally answered, almost subdued. "He knows... I... I need this." She pressed back against the Arcanine, seeming to withdraw a little inside as she asked in a quiet voice. "If I was your bitch, would you truly accept me as this? Knowing that, while I'm loyal to you... I need something more? I need other males and females? I need to have more than just you and your seed? That I need to be humiliated at times and dominate at others?" She turned her head a little to look back at the Arcanine, wondering if it was even something he could understand. "He... is happy with me... for who I am. And he is the SAME as me, at the same time." Getting a little bit of her fire back, she managed a growl at the male. "We are stronger than you suspect."

The Arcanine doubted that, but that cute little attempt she made at dominance suddenly made his cock start tingling from his core. He folded over her body, fucking her harder while secretly hoping to hear that little growl again. Whether she could actually handle his knot became a moot point because he needed it to be inside her. With his arms wrapped around her, he could feel her breathing, hear how her heart was racing. Head resting atop hers, he finally caught wind of her true scent, her hair not containing any traces of that delicious smell they'd coated themselves with. It would sicken him later, but at this moment in time, he found it better than the false scent.

With a hard shove, he actually pushed the other male out. A loud pop and the knot slipped out of Karen's cunt, leaving a torrent of dog and bug sperm pooling between her legs. It was just what the Arcanine needed though, to get her ass loose enough to have that thicker knot push inside her. With a howl of need, he filled her ass with his molten seed, his body's temperature rising to nearly searing temperatures, causing Karen's body to climax a third time, despite how hot his body felt against hers and how the sweat was rolling from her back down her sides. She fought to keep conscious from this last one, not wanting the Arcanine to call her weak, though her body shook and the only thing keeping her from toppling on her rounded belly was the male's arms around her.

The Manectric, his cock dangling in the wind, soon becoming irritated by even the slightest breeze, walked to her front, standing up on his hind legs like he'd seen the other male and placing one of his forepaws against the back of her head.

[I saw that Mankey seed in your mate's mouth...] he grinned, tongue lolling out. [Is your tongue as good as his? I wonder...]

Half dazed, it took Karen a few minutes to process what the Manectric was saying. When she did, she smiled, replying in his tongue, [That's up to you to decide, isn't it?] before leaning closer and licking the head of his shaft, regaining a little energy as she tasted herself, the Scyther, and the Manectric all on the canine's cock.

With a pleased moan, considering she still had that haughty yet satisfying Arcanine in her ass, she took the head of his dripping cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it while sucking, milking him from any remaining cum. She was lucky too, the lightening wolf still had quite a bit left, a weak spurt occasionally coating her tongue as she cleaned him. She could make out the taste of her own cum, as well as a strange, earthy flavor she figured to be the Scyther's. Those two combined with the canine musk and flavor on her tongue mixed to create a truly marvelous cocktail.

The blue beast pushed harder against her lips, making her take more of him as he considered what had been said so far. He, like the Arcanine, had been interested in the larger piece of land, the mainland, though he'd had no clue how to get there. While they could glance at it from the island they were currently on, the currents were too treacherous for any but perhaps a Water or Flying to get across. That, and who knew exactly what lurked in the darker parts of the ocean? No, far better to be on land and know what's under your paws then to be pulled under! However... if these two bitches could get him over there...

His tail wagged a little at the thought. After all, if there were more opportunities like this, he would be fairly content. Never had he felt more like an alpha as he did now, thinking but not voicing his pleasure at how the bigger, tougher male had been forced to take the female's ass, not getting a chance to impregnate her. Smirking to himself, he panted a little, wondering what other females might be at the island and if they'd all be as skilled as this bitch.

The Arcanine, meanwhile, tested his tie, pulling back. Unfortunately, his knot had actually grown while being buried inside the female and didn't want to come up, even as he kept trying, ignoring the soft whimpers of the female and way her ass seemed to squeeze tighter around him, enticing him to stay.

[Your Alpha,] the Manectric finally spoke, pulling his cock away to allow Karen a chance to answer. [Does he always let other males have you like this? Are there other females for him to fuck? The mainland...] his ears laid back. [It sounds... confusing.]

[It does,] the Arcanine grumbled, his hand unconsciously stroking her back, the rough pads of his paws making a vain attempt to be gentle as they touched her. [But if there are others like these two... nice, willing bitches with bodies made for a good fuck... seems worth the change.]

Karen's lips were red and swollen, tender to the touch of her tongue. She had to catch her breath, let her throat moisten before answering the Manectric's questions. "He... lets me choose, sometimes, which mates I want." Her mind tried to find a way to translate the chain of command to the Pokemon, that when it came to who was in charge, that both were of the same rank. It was hard to think and eventually she gave up trying to perfect it and decided just to say what she was thinking as it came to her.

"We are equal," she started. "I'm the female alpha and he's the male. We decide together how to rule our territory, to make sure that our... pack," she decided that word would register best with the Pokemon, rather than "staff." "Is well taken care of. We have rules that need to be followed, few but non-negotiable." Feeling the hands of the Arcanine pressing harder against her skin, she hastened to elaborate. "The rules are designed to ensure safety, for Pokemon and humans alike. Also, in order for us to provide so many... willing fucks, we also need to make sure the rules are enforced." The touch gentled again and she relaxed. Nothing seemed more dangerous right now than to piss of the Pokeboy currently knotted with her.

[It sounds nice,] the Manectric growled, licking his chops as his cock slowly sank back into his sheathe.

The Arcanine, finally feeling his knot softening, gave a gentle tug, her anal ring hugging him one last time before relenting and releasing him, almost tearing at his bulk. He kept the rest inside of her, waiting to have it retreat on its own. [I shall go too... but if I do not find a worthy female to carry my pups, I'll return here.] He growled softly, sneering at her. [I won't allow a worthless bitch to hold my seed.]

Karen didn't rise to his bait, only smiled knowingly. The Arcanine seemed to have let his Legendary moniker go to his head... a few sessions with Zane would get rid of it. Then again, so long as he didn't get cocky enough to try and become "alpha" of Lazuli Island, there really shouldn't be any trouble. However, knowing the canine type, it would just be a matter of time before he tried.

And she would enjoy that day very much.


The Nidoking, after having slouched over my body for some time, breathing heavily against my neck, seemed to have recovered. As he pulled himself out of my ass, I could only give a weak cry, almost cumming as his prick jumped back over my prostate, the wet pre sticking to my belly. Feeling the cum that had been filling me pour out in a white waterfall, sloshing on the ground and on my legs, I felt used and wonderful at the same time. I thought the Nidoking was done with me, ready to go traipsing back into the woods but apparently, that wasn't the case. He was still standing near, not making to leave.

When I turned my head to look at him, I felt a warm splash along my back. The Mankey gave an indignant shriek, the scent of urine suddenly heavy in the air as the Nidoking released his full bladder on my body. I thought for sure the Mankey would push me away, but he kept still save for his tail. It loosened its grip around my neck and moved to protect the scratch marks on my shoulders from the warm spray.

[Oie! Kingie! Can't you give a pal some warning before you do that?!]

The Nidoking only snorted, apparently unconcerned. [Whatever false scent the Not-Queen has, this is far stronger... it'll show everyone on the island just how low he is.]

Once it seemed that all the Nidoking's baser instincts had been sated, the large beast lumbered off. He gave no indication of where he was going or if he'd return, and honestly I didn't care. The only thing I could think of just then was how inviting the river looked. His urine hadn't washed away the pheromones, given they were similar to an oil (since Karen had taken into account the likelihood of liquids being... introduced to the sample while on the host) and the mixed scent was a tad overwhelming.

[Bah,] the Mankey grumbled after the Nidoking was gone. [Dumb lummox, soaking my tail...] Said appendage moved to curl around my wrist, no cuts or marks there. [Come on, you stink and I want to be clean. Besides,] the Mankey chortled, [I like the scent you had before better.]

"You and me both," I muttered.

With a pat on the head, the Mankey urged me to rise, his tail tight around my wrist as if worried I'd run. When it became apparent that I was having trouble standing, he slid an arm under mine and easily lifted me to my feet, letting me lean on him as we walked to the river.

At the river's edge, the Mankey stopped me, moving forward and crouching low. I could just make out his nostrils flaring, his eyes scanning the water. His body was tense, though his tail remained a firm but gentle grip on my wrist. After several minutes without moving, he cocked his head, mumbling.

[The river looks clear, I can see the rocks at the bottom and no hiding spots... it's deeper than I'd like, but it should be safe.]

The Mankey took the first step into the water. Along the bank, the water was shallow before leading in to a depth that looked as if it would reach my chest. As he walked further in, his tail pulled me forward and I followed, closing my eyes to savor the chill of the river.

[The mainland, huh?] The Mankey asked, uncoiling his tail from around my wrist. It pulled away slowly, as if reluctant to leave me.

Watching him soak his tail in the water, rubbing it with his hands to cleanse it, I nodded. He seemed to be calming from the effects of the Ph yet when our eyes met, there was still a flare of heat that made the river suddenly feel warm.

"I own the piece of land south of here." He seemed fairly intelligent. Perhaps he wouldn't fully understand what I was going to tell him but I was certain he'd get the general idea. Scooping the water in my hands, I splashed it against my chest before slipping further in to get the urine off my back. "On it, Pokemon and morphs interact with humans. Everyone comes for a good time... though the definition of such is different for each person... or Pokemon."

Submerging completely, I allowed myself a few moments to relax before surfacing. The scent of the Nidoking was almost completely gone, though the Ph still clung against my skin. It was fainter than before, but still noticeable.

"I came here to find some promising... talent." I allowed myself to smile, getting a better look at him as he watched me, letting him know from my look and tone just what I meant. "And to give up control for a while."

[Really?] The word came out slow, as if the Mankey was considering his words. To him, it must seem crazy, to want to give up control, to give up power. With the world he lived in, that could mean pain or death. Why, then, would I do such a thing? And as a human, how could I stop them, if I really wanted?

Though he didn't voice the questions, it was easy to tell that was what he was thinking. While I found him to be considerably more intelligent then the Nidoking, who only lived in the now and didn't consider the future, the Mankey still lacked certain things, such as the ability to hide his thoughts from his face.

Perhaps if I grew to trust him enough, he'd learn the answers. At this time, I was only comfortable with Karen and our Pokemon knowing, not the others. Maybe one day I wouldn't feel the need to conceal my heritage, I wouldn't have to worry over my parents and my mother and father would be able to display their relationship as openly as anyone else. For now, I would keep silent and continue working on changing the world into my ideal.

For their sake, others, and mine.

[It is... appealing,] the Mankey conceded, appearing to believe me for the moment. That, and he was distracted by the sight of something on the shoreline.

Following his gaze, I smiled when I saw Karen was currently entertaining. The males knotted to her looked as though they would do well in the Safari area or perhaps one of the specialized rooms. After all, canines were always a popular choice...

I heard the Mankey swear and looked back at him, watching as his hands reached for his shaft, giving the limp member a few hard tugs.

[Whatever scent you have... it's...] He shook his head, trailing off.

"Amazing, isn't it?" I started to smile as I noticed his cock gradually hardening again. "You should see some of the other things Karen's created."

His tail reached for me but jerked back quickly. Confused as to why, I suddenly realized that something was behind me. Tensing, hurrying to turn, I found myself caught by a pair of blue arms hugging me from behind.

[Shame...] The voice was soft, each word drawn out as if a breathy sigh. Those hands moved from my belly to my chest, stroking the skin as if looking for something. [I wanted to see... where that flavor in the water was coming from.] Droplets of cool water sprinkled down on my shoulders as I felt the creature shake their head. [But it's not a female...] Those fingers circled around my nipples before giving a pinch that made me jump. [Though... males are equally fun, I suppose.]

The giggle given, as well as the two cool but very full mounds pressing against my back, were a very sure sign the anthro was female. As her lips pressed against my neck, trailing down my shoulder, her small fangs scratching gently over my skin, I was able to catch sight of her tail curling around my legs.

A Vaporeon Pokegirl. No wonder she'd appeared from out of nowhere.

While the Mankey growled, clearly irritated that the Vaporeon had me, he wasn't making a move to attack. I wasn't sure if it was because she hadn't shown any signs of aggression... Ah, that is to a say, physical aggression....

You know, perhaps "hostility" would be a better word.

I wasn't sure if it was because she hadn't shown any signs of hostility or because he didn't want to harm me, but at the moment the Mankey's eyes were trained on me while his fur bristled.

[It's no fair for the males to have all the fun...] Her hands were once again moving over my chest, as if seeking for a pair of breasts similar to her own, not seeming to think the Mankey was a threat. [You advertised falsely too... not nice, not nice at all! I was hoping for a Miltank or Persian female in heat...] Her chest heaved as she took in a deep breath, her breasts pushing more firmly against my back. [Soooo nice!]

The Mankey's growling ceased at that statement, momentarily caught up in the idea of the Vaporeon with one of the two females, as was myself.

"I should apologize, then, shouldn't I?" Reaching back, I stroked behind her "ear" fin, a pleasure spot to most Pokemon. Her skin had a moist chill that made me smile, wondering over the possibility that her pussy might be the same. "However could I make it up to you?"

[Well...] the Vaporeon trailed off, her fingers still gliding along my chest. [That scent of yours has made me... quite wet, really.] She gave a husky chuckle, pressing herself harder against my back. [Perhaps you and your... friend,] she glanced casually at the Mankey. [Could assist me?]

The Mankey tossed his head, seeming a little annoyed. Likely, he'd come out of his stupor and wasn't too thrilled with the idea of "sharing." Surprisingly, the Vaporeon seemed to sense this and moved away from me, practically gliding as she walked up towards the Mankey. I couldn't help but stifle a laugh at the poor fellow, he didn't seem to know what to make of her approach, backing up a step as if worried she was going to strike him.

Which is likely why he almost toppled over when she pressed herself against him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his head down to allow her better access to kiss him. He was stunned for only a moment before his arms wrapped around her, pulling her tighter to him and kissed her back.

[Watching you fuck him on shore was... spectacular.] Her words seemed to soothe his temper as she kept kissing along his cheek and jaw. [I've never seen a male do that to another male before... Perhaps...] she paused to pull away a little. [Perhaps you would do that again... while he plays with me?]

It was fun, watching the Vaporeon so skillfully maneuvering the male. If I could get the both of them to return with us to the Lazuli, I would consider this trip beyond anything I'd hoped for.

When it seemed as though the Mankey might have refused, the Vaporeon moved her hand down between them. Based on the Mankey's expression, it seemed as though she was stroking his cock. After a few moments of that, she brought her hand up and licked her fingers, one at a time, watching him as she did so.

The Mankey, obviously, didn't put up any resistance after that.

[Would you like her ass, cunt, or mouth?]

When he glanced at me, I was a little amused. Already, he was deferring to me... even though he'd been the one to dominate me.

"Her cunt." Letting my gaze drift over her form, I could feel myself hardening as the Vaporeon lifted her tail, exposing both her pussy lips and her tight little pucker. "It'll be a while before I'm tight enough for you, but this wet little vixen's ass should be plenty fresh."

The Mankey nodded, seeming to agree with my choices.

"With no one at her mouth, we should be able to hear all this bitch has to say... or scream." The tremble of her body as she turned her head to look at me made me more than ready to fuck her. Moving closer, I placed my hands on her ass, squeezing it apart then together and apart again while she held tight to the Mankey. "Sounds like fun, doesn't it?"

[Yes...] The longing in her voice was almost painful. [I want that.]

The Mankey shifted a little, not answering right away. He met my gaze dead on, a little bit of a snarl forming though he didn't make a sound. It seemed that the Ph must have worn off a little, because the look in his eyes said he wanted to challenge me. Thankfully, the moment was short, though not quite imagined, and he gave a grunt and a nod.

Without another word, we moved to the shore. Typically, a wild Vaporeon wouldn't leave the water, having a better chance at survival within it. Again, I wondered what this anthro would be like without their human side... would she still have gotten out with us like this? Or would she have even bothered to show herself?

Maybe Karen would know...

When we were out of the water, I reached for her, pulling her against me. Grabbing the back of her neck with my hand, I felt her grow limp in response. Laughing to myself, starting to feel in control again, I leaned in to bite her neck, hard enough that a bruise would form. While she cried out, her tail lashed, but she didn't push to get away.

Remaining close to where Karen was, just in case she needed me, I led the Vaporeon and Mankey to a grassy spot, one that should be kinder to my back than the Nidoking had been. Lying down, I pulled the Water type on top of me, her knees landing by my hips, her pussy so close to my cock that one good flex would have us touching.

"Put it in, dear." I could feel a growl forming along my words and tried to steady them. "And remember to keep your tail high for our friend."

[Yes...] Her reply was almost a pant. Pressing herself close, I could feel the cool liquid dripping from her pussy lips and coating my cock. I slipped by her entrance a few times till finally I grew frustrated and grabbed her hips, forcing her down on me.

Her pleased cry almost distracted me from the unusual feel of her insides. It felt like there were tons of bumps within her, wiggling and moving. Vaguely, a passage from a book came to mind, discussing how the bumps were used to keep hold of the male's cock when she climaxed, ensuring no cum would be wasted in the ocean... but the feel of them squirming and pulling me deeper in made me forget the rest of it. They would make fucking her difficult... but definitely not impossible.

A smile over her shoulder and a lifted tail brought the Mankey closer, his hands moving around to squeeze her breasts before going to her ass cheeks, his hands on mine, using mine to pull her ass apart and give him easier access to her tail hole.

"Damn..." She was true to her type, so wet her feminine nectar drooled out around my cock. As I thought, it was cool, though not quite as much as the river.

I was ready to start fucking her in earnest, but the Mankey hadn't entered her yet. Frustrated, when her tail swung within reach, I pulled my hands out of the Mankey's grasp and grabbed her tailfin, pulling her towards me. The fall forced her to land on my chest while driving my cock deeper within her, so deep that I could finally feel her warmth. Her squeal was loud, her ass lifting higher as if to pull away. Keeping one hand on her tail, the other moved to her lower back, forcing her still despite her squirming.

It seemed the Mankey could hold out no longer than that. He used his fingers to spread some of her excess fluid to her tail hole, stroking her pucker and making sure it was moist before placing his cock at her back entry. I could feel when he started pushing in, her pussy growing tighter as he invaded her ass, his hands now on her hips as he continued to force his way in.

"Definitely a keeper," I said, though mainly to myself.

With the Mankey within her, I didn't bother to hold myself back any longer. Bouncing my hips up and down, plowing my cock into her soft, blue folds, I let my nails run along her back, dig into her tail. With the Mankey inside her, the pressure against my own cock was making this bitch all the more enjoyable to fuck.

"Mm, I think... if this slut makes us cum, we should reward her, don't you?"

The Mankey grunted, not really paying attention as far as I could tell. He was too intent on driving his cock into her to care about my words... but the Vaporeon was looking up at me, her mouth open in a pant.

"I think... if she makes us cum, we should have my pet suck the cum out of her."

The Pokegirl whimpered, her nails digging lightly into my chest. Smiling, I stroked her lower back. "You like the idea of that, huh?"

A particularly hard thrust had her moaning in agreement.

"And once she gets you nice and clean... if you decide you want to stay with us, I'm sure I can work out some more fun. Our island needs strong females like you..." I paused, letting my words sink in as my body lay motionless. The Vaporeon struggled to push herself down on my cock while I held her still, amused by her efforts. "Especially with a body as nice as yours..." Watching her get flustered, feeling the Mankey still pushing into her while I remained immobile, I continued. "Both of you would be welcome, of course... what do you say, interested?"

[Please...] Her soft begging making me smile. [Please fuck me...]

Laughing, struck at how very much she reminded me of Karen, I conceded to her request. Giving a sudden, violent shove into her tight cunt, I smiled as her eyes rolled back into her skull.

"Shall I take that as a yes, then?"

A soft cry was the only answer she gave as I started plunging in and out of her, loosening my grip to let her start moving again. Instantly, her hips began pushing down on mine, her tempo fast and irregular. The Mankey laughed at her, hooting as he slapped her ass.

[It sounds like a nice setup... I'll go.] He gave a lopsided grin that made him look almost boyish. [Provided I get another stab at your ass.]

The Vaporeon's ear fins gave two quick flaps when the Mankey's hand came down, her tongue hanging from her mouth as she kept working on fucking me, desperate for my cum or desperate to cum, either way, it was fucking amazing.

A few fast grinds from the Vaporeon and suddenly her tunnel tightened, her pleasure juices flooding downward, the small bumps within her expanding and clenching around my cock in a way that forced me to cum. From the sound of it, her ass must have tightened too, because the Mankey suddenly shouted and leaned against her, looking tired but content as I felt his cum dripping onto my balls.

Rubbing her back and slowly releasing her tail, I smiled to myself, letting my hips lift a little, trying to push my seed deeper into her. Just as I thought, her bumps gripped me tight, allowing for very little wiggle room.

She would make for an excellent addition to our Island.

A rustle made me turn my head. Lifting my head a little, I smiled when Karen kneeled beside me. I squinted a moment, thinking her belly looked oddly swollen still, as if she were pregnant, and wondered just how much cum she'd had pushed inside of her.

"Hey, Daddy." She gave me a wink, continuing our play from earlier.

"Heh... hey, baby."

Her hand moved to touch my head, her fingers lightly combing out my hair.

"Hey... Daddy?"


She shifted a little, smiling as she glanced behind her. The Manectric I'd seen earlier and the Pokeboy Arcanine were beside her.

"These two want to go with us... can they come?"

Yes, I wanted to say. Anything for you, my pet. In a thousand other scenarios, I would have said those words. In this one, with the swell of molten hot feelings coiling around in me, seeking a way out through those words... I could not. I couldn't let her know just how deep my desire for her ran... I couldn't let the others know... It was just for myself to know.

And that was enough.

"That depends." Rather than fire, my voice sounded clipped and cold. Instead of being afraid, Karen only continued to play with my hair, watching me with a smile. Again, the heat swelled within me and again I forced it to cool.

"On what, Daddy?"

Out of the corner of my vision, I noticed the Vaporeon's head move and recalled my earlier words.

"Well... my new friend her is very, very dirty." I watched Karen nod her head, her hand pulling away. I was able to turn my head and place a kiss on her wrist before it went out of reach and the faint blush on her cheeks pleased me. "This wonderful female is full of your favorite treat... so, if you drink her dry, I'll let you bring your males with you."

I felt the Mankey pulling out of the Vaporeon, the poor fellow stumbling as he got himself free. He'd probably never cum so much in a single sitting, the unfortunate male. We'd have to get him acclimated to it. I'd start training this week, to get him up to speed. The Vaporeon, much to my displeasure, began to pull away. Her tunnel was still trying to grip me tightly, unwilling to let me go. While the Mankey sat down, she continued to try and worked her way free.

"Wait!" I finally hissed, grabbing her hips.

When she turned her head, ear fins laid back and seeming as if she might attack, Karen reached to touch her shoulder, whispering something I couldn't make out. The Vaporeon's ear fins flicked a moment and the snarl slowly left her face.

"Good girl," Karen praised, smiling as her finger traced a circle on the Vaporeon's shoulder. "It's alright... I'll take care of you... Daddy's friend is my friend. Just relax..."

Her voice was so soothing I could feel myself finally relaxing, though it wasn't directed at me. I would have to remember that display of aggression and make sure it didn't become a problem in the future. Likely, she was still horny and needy... but I would not have her attacking anyone on the island because of it!

"Good. See? It's okay..."

Karen's hand moved to run along the Vaporeon's back, her tail lifting the closer Karen got to it. I could feel the Vaporeon's bumps start moving again, wiggling along my cock, stirring up her juice and my seed. The Vaporeon's cheeks were growing purple as her desperation mounted, soft squeaks coming from her as my pet began to kneel at the Vaporeon's ass, touching her thighs and moving to feel where the Vaporeon and I were joined.

"Ah... that's really hot, Daddy... seeing the both of you like that."

"It is, is it?"


The tone of her voice made me close my eyes, briefly wishing I was inside her instead of the Vaporeon. The feeling only lasted till I felt her tongue licking where the Pokemorph and I joined, the heat from Karen's tongue warming the cool juices. Finally, feeling more at ease and certain she wouldn't attack, I moved my mouth towards the Pokemorph's breasts, licking around the nub of her nipple, trying to pull it out of hiding with a steady stream of licks and suction, with an occasional nip or two.

Karen's teasing around my cock and the Vaporeon's pussy didn't last as long as I would have liked, though the Vaporeon was thrilled (as was evident by her flapping ear fins and her continual glances behind her shoulder to watch the other female). Karen had moved to pry open the Vaporeon's ass and was currently, so far as I could tell, licking the Mankey's cum from around the Vaporeon's pucker.

[Heh, you're missing a good show,] the Mankey teased, watching Karen but too exhausted to be sporting another hard on.

"So fill me in why don't you?"

He laughed at me, probably enjoying the sharpness of my words as it expressed my frustration.

[Well... your mate, she's slipping her tongue into the Vap-whore-on's ass.] He chuckled to himself, clearly finding his joke amusing. [Looks like she's lapping out the cum...] The Mankey groaned. [Y-yeah... that's what she's doing.]

A whine came from my right, the Manectric watching, his tail wagging, body tensed as if he wanted to jump in and fuck her again. The Arcanine Anthro was looking more aloof, his head turned away but his eyes focused on her. The subtle flare of his nostrils and the almost inaudible growl he gave was enough to show the interest he was so keen on denying.

Which made me want to reject him passage to the island on the spot.

Struggling to keep myself under control, I reminded myself that there would be plenty of other females on the island. His interest in Karen would wane -had better damn wane!- or else there were other methods I could use to dissuade it.

After all, money wasn't the only reason I was alpha of Lazuli.

A strangled cry from the Vaporeon brought my attention back to the nipple in my mouth, giving it a hard suck. Her hips bucked against mine and I could hear Karen's muffled moans as she ate out the Vaporeon's ass.

"Now, now, baby... don't forget the other spot you need to clean."

"I didn't, Daddy," she retorted, almost snottily. It made me laugh. The way she sounded was almost a perfect mimic of a disgruntled teen.

I could feel her hair against my legs as her head moved lower, licking again at my cock and the Vaporeon's pussy. My cock, willing or not, was already getting hard again. While the Vaporeon's bumps felt good, it was Karen's mouth that really breathed new life into my dick.

"How's it taste, girl?" My voice sounded ragged to my ears. I should care about that, but I found it was one of the last things on my mind.

When her head moved to look around the Vaporeon, the sight of her mouth coated with cum made my hips thrust.

"It's... very good, Daddy," she answered, sounding happy.

"Good girl."

Why was it, even inside this beautiful Pokegirl, the only spot I wanted to be was inside Karen? Fucking that sweet mouth of hers, shoving myself into her tight ass and even tighter pussy? Was it the look she gave me, of lust and innocence? Fuck... how the hell could someone so thoroughly fucked still have that glimmer of naiveté to her? Especially when she was so fucking smart?

How could she trust me so completely after what I'd done to her?

The guilt was waylaid as Karen apparently hit a sweet spot with the Vaporeon. Later, the Mankey would recall how Karen finger fucked the Pokegirl while eating her out, but for the moment I was only glad to be done. After cumming this last time, I could feel my abs aching and my cock was quietly protesting. With the Vaporeon slumped over me, breathing heavily against my neck, I lightly stroked her back, watching as Karen smiled to herself, one hand on her swollen belly and the other being licked clean of any cum.

[So... now what?] The words came from the Arcanine. He glanced at me before turning away, again seeming uninterested while fixated on Karen. [I assume we're through here.]

Everything about him; the way he spoke, the way he held himself, the way he disregarded me; all of it reeked of disrespect. While I wanted to break him of that then and there, I decided it would be in my best interests to wait. Karen had seen something in the cocky male. I would discuss with her what it was before taking any actions.

"Now?" I considered the options while enjoying the rubber feel of the Vaporeon's skin. "We'll have you Teleported to the island and examined. Passing the inspections, we'll work on finding you a position or territory to maintain after," there was a sharp inflection on the word after, mainly aimed at the Arcanine, "going over the island rules."

[Why don't we go over the rules now?] The Arcanine brought his attention back to me, locking eyes and curling his lip to show off his fangs. [That way, it'll save me the trip back.]

I let a low, deep growl creep forth, making the Pokemon, both anthro and feral, react. The Mankey seemed more perplexed then anything, while the Vaporeon only wiggled against me, turning her neck to the side in submission. The Manectric's ears lowered and his tail sagged a little while the Arcanine male stepped forward, growling back in return.

Lightly pushing the Vaporeon, urging her to pull herself off of me, I kept my focus trained on the Arcanine.

"You could just stay here and not bother at all," I countered, feeling the telling itch around my shoulder blades. After many years of practice and training with Sigmund, I liked to think I had complete control over myself.

Situations like this always reminded me how little control I truly had.

The Vaporeon finally worked herself free and I was able to stand, holding myself high and continuing to meet the Arcanine's gaze. He was a head taller and his muscles were more prominent, but regardless, if he pushed the matter he would lose. Whether by my hand or my shadow's, if he decided to fight, he would be broken.

My gums were starting to itch, my tongue running over my teeth, expecting to feel the telltale prick already. My skin was beginning to feel taunt and my body was aching, as if my bones and muscles wanted to expand outside the barrier of protective flesh. I was certain, based on how warm I was beginning to feel and that familiar tickling feeling around my eyes, I was starting to "shimmer." It was a... displeasing term but accurate, according to Karen. I've never been close enough to a mirror or reflective surface to see it but I could tell it's coming. When the brown coloring of my eyes slowly started losing the battle to contain the crisp blue ring along my pupil, the blue would lash outward like lightening, consuming the brown. It made my eyes, "shimmer" blue till either I was calmed or the entire brown would vanish save for a thin line around my iris.

As would most of my humanity.

My teeth were starting to feel too big for my mouth, I could feel my lips curling, trying to show off the newly transformed fangs where my human teeth had been. My hands clenched reflexively at the pain coming from my body, the bones within starting to shift. Already, my senses were becoming sharper. My ears were picking up on the heartbeats of those in the clearing, my nose detecting the scents of sex, fear, and aggression.

Before I could step forward, before I could attack, Karen was suddenly in front of me. I knew she was trying to block me from view, but at the moment, all I could think of was battling the Arcanine. His scent on her body wasn't helping calm me, rather, the opposite.

I wanted to kill him.


Despite my snarl, warning her away, she moved closer. Her hands reached for my face and I felt the urge to snap... but didn't.

"I'm here." Her hands cupped my cheeks, her fingers behind my ear and jaw. "I'm yours."

The gesture made me pause, my eyelids closing once then opening, then closing again as she continued lightly rubbing my skin. Slowly, the scent of the woods surrounding us, the river, and the Poketypes faded. The sound of the birds, the river, and heartbeats quieted. My range of senses, which had expanded so significantly, suddenly honed in one thing.

My mate.

I became aware of the others when the snap of twig caught my attention. Pulling her tight to me, I growled over her shoulder, not allowing her gentle administrations to soothe me or my beast any longer. While she had prevented me from changing, she hadn't fully calmed my anger at the cocky Arcanine.

"The rules..." My voice was deep and low, practically a rumble from my throat. "Are very simple. So simple, I'm willing to share one with you right now before you make your choice."

All four Poketypes stared at me, silent, listening.

"You follow them... or you better be damn sure you can kill me."
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