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Lazuli Island: The Shimmering Paradise by Pokegirl


Story Notes:

WARNING: This series dwells (or will dwell) in kinks and dark fantisies or fetishes, such as young child, incest, rape, beastiality (of course), and other such pleasures. Unlike the "My Pokemon" series, this is more of lust than love, though some may make its way here. NOTE: Some of the requests from "My Pokemon" may appear here, but no requests will be accepted for this series. Sorry.FURTHER NOTE: Each chapter will be dealing with a different character's POV, or so the plan is currently. You may also see some characters from previous chapters or other stories on or visiting the island, but that's up in the air for now.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, and is applicable for all consecutive chapters that follow.

Chapter 4

[This is going to be a bad one, Mahina.]

Having heard the Flaaffy's predictions so often, repeated in the same soft yet troubled tone, I couldn't find myself having much faith in them. Perhaps, if her prediction of the blizzard last month had come true (regardless of the fact we were in a semi-tropical area) or the one where a tidal wave was coming over the horizon on the eclipse (instead of the plumbing failing), I would have believed her now. As it was, those were only two examples that came to mind, the others either the complete opposite of what she expected or only a one-one hundredth of how bad she worried about it.

[It'll be fine, Helen,] I replied, moving my tail closer to the lens I was cleaning, focusing on a dim glow so I could examine my work.

Close to the weight of six Snorlax, this lens represented not only my job, but my life and the lives of the other two Pokemon that lived here besides Helen and myself. Selected by our Master Diamond, we four were the keepers of Ampharos Tower, though only I, myself, was an Ampharos. The stone structure, risen so high that it could be seen from any part of the island, housed the Fresnel lens to shine mine (and the others') light as far as twenty miles from the shore, warning both boats and Pokemon of the dangerous rocks that lay in wait under the often calm but dark waters.

The Tower was designed based on something Master Diamond had once scene in his travels, a castle, he called it. It was formidable, I can say that much. Thick pieces of stone made up our Tower, smaller ones forming the building attached to it. So far, it had proven itself in against strong winds and rain, not a single stone giving way and falling, not a single drop of water coming in. The building, not quite a house, though it was our home, had two floors to it. The upper had our bedrooms, one for each of us, and the downstairs a common area where we could eat, meet, and often entertain the guests that would visit our lighthouse.

Working together, we kept the lens clean, polished the brass workings that allowed it to operate, checked on the counterweight that was used to spin the lens, wound the clockwork mechanism every two hours and twenty minutes during the night, and did other various tasks that had to be performed to make sure we were always prepared.

Because we knew what our failure could mean for others.

[But... Mahina...]

Moving my tail out of the way, I brought my rag up to wipe a spot that looked to have a smudge. [Just keep working on the windows, make sure they're clean.] I tried to keep my voice soothing rather than exasperated. [It's all we can do.]

Helen's long drawn breath felt like it sucked most of the air out of the room before she released it with a bleet.

[Aren't you even going to look at the clouds?]

I gave a glance away from the lens, towards the glass windows surrounding it, before turning back to my work.

[You didn't even look!] I heard the slap of her rag as it hit the floor, thrown in a brief bit of anger.

[Whether I look or not doesn't matter.] I finished the spot I'd been working on before moving my tail back towards the lens, shining the dim glow once more. [What matters is making sure everything is working when it hits.]

I heard a sigh before she picked up her rag, dipping it into her bucket and wringing it out to work on cleaning the glass. Letting my shoulders dip, I shifted to a more relaxed position, certain the matter had been dropped.

[It's getting really dark...]

[Helen!] Her name came out as a sharp crack of thunder before I cleared my throat and said more calmly. [Would you to get Siraj or Ziv to clean while you work on the counterweight?] It would get her away from the windows and away from me before I gave in to the urge to push her off the Tower.

Hmm... it must be getting close to time for me to release some electricity...

There was a sullen silence before she gave a muted response. [I can do it...] Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her frowning at me, her tail light bobbing and flashing irritably before she turned back to her task. [I'm just saying...]

Not finding any obvious smears, I craned my neck up higher to check the top before lowering my head to gaze at the bottom. So far as I could tell, there were no smudges or cracks to be concerned with.

[Whose on the first shift tonight?] I asked suddenly, not particularly caring if I interrupted her or not.

Between the four of us, we worked out a rotation of three and a half hour shifts. Siraj, the only non-Electric type, worked either the second or third shift (as the Umbreon manipulated moonlight to work the lens, he also got New Moon nights off but worked longer shifts on Full Moon nights to make up for it) whereas the rest of us worked whatever was left. Ziv, I know, preferred the last shift... but some nights the Raichu was willing to work the first shift to be able to leave sooner. Out of all of us, Ziv was the one most likely to be outside Ampharos Tower, traveling in Fucsite Forest for whatever reasons. So long as he didn't stray far and did his work, it wasn't a huge bother.

[I think you are,] Helen answered, her voice distant as she tried to recall the information. [Siraj is after you, then myself, then Ziv.]

I gave a nod, grabbing my own bucket after putting my rag inside it.

[I'm going to dump this and do a radio check.] Moving from the center, glancing out of habit at the lens to make sure it really wasn't spinning, I crossed the circle course it typically traveled (while in motion) and moved passed the Flaaffy. [Make sure you get the windows finished.]

She gave a "yes, Mom," sort of bleet, continuing to scrub, while I took a moment to look through the window.

Light skies led to clouds as dark as Siraj's fur, clouds that held a presence like Darkrai... not that I'd ever met him. It was... a stiffening of spine, a bristling of fur, an understanding that what was coming was to be highly unpleasant. Still, it was far enough to the West that it might not reach us or only looked to be bad from here...

But I made no habit of telling myself lies.

[Hurry, Helen.] I gave one last glance at the sky before heading down the steps.

While the Tower had no elevator (Mistress Pearl saying it would do little use should the power go out and we get stuck), they had seen to our comfort in other ways while preparing it. One story below the lens, a room was erected to see to our modest comforts. A small bathroom, a mock kitchen, and a fridge allowed us easy access to our basic needs as well as provided us housing for our most commonly used tools, such as the CB radio. Granted, a radio was also located in our adjacent building, but running down several flights of stairs to get to it would have us as deflated as a depressed Drifblim.

This way, much nicer.

Dumping the dirty water in the sink, careful to wash the rag out twice before setting it on top of the faucet to dry, I swung my tail around to make the tip glow before relaxing my thoughts, the tip dimming. Walking towards the radio, I kept lighting my tail on and off, making sure I'd be warmed up for my shift.

Not that I needed it much.

One of the reasons Master Diamond had provided me this task was to help the... problem I had. It was common, among the majority of us Electrics, that we would generate quantities of electricity that our bodies couldn't handle. Trying to contain it could result in various symptoms, such as growing overly irritated by the mis-predictions of certain Flaaffy's (who proclaimed it would be sunny all day only to have torrential rains) to increased levels of aggression or even illness. Items could be held, helping to regulate the flow of electricity in our bodies as well as allowing us to store it for later use (in the case of Magnets) or release it quicker, which coincidently increases the power of our attacks (such as the Zap Plates).

In my case, I was of a rare few who items had no effects on, for better or for worse (outside those of Potions, I should say, which are a herbal and/or nanite based remedy). Hidden Machines, Technical Machines, Magnets, Zap Plates, Soothe Bells, and so on... none of them did for me what they did for other Pokemon. Mistress Pearl theorized it had something to do with the energy surrounding my body, that the levels of electricity I produced neutralized the effects of items, but it was still something she was examining on what she called a "sub-atomic level" that had "electrons" or something... In the meantime, Master Diamond had elected me for the position of one of the four keepers of the Tower. Because, without releasing continual energy or having an item to help focus it through, the energy build up would make me spark as quickly as a static shock but with far more power.

Boosting myself up on the chair, I reached to take hold of the microphone, frowning a little to myself.

I did appreciate the task Master had assigned me, and that Mistress was looking into what caused my condition, but it was disappointing to know that I couldn't participate in some of the other areas of the Island. The heat of battle and... the heat in other areas of my life, caused my energy shield to flux, going from passive to active, striking whatever was in range. So, while the others on their off hours could go... appreciate some of the other aspects of the Island, I remained here, in my Tower.

It was safer that way.

Pressing the button on the side of the radio, there was brief crackle as it sputtered on. Holding down the button on the side of the microphone, the static calmed before I spoke.

[This is Mihina at AT. 10-32. Over.]

Releasing the button, static swept back on like a blizzard till someone else spoke.

"Mihina," the crisp female voice returned. "This is Mya at Main. Radio check successful, 10-2, over."

Mya? Ah! Yes! The Glaceon morph who worked with both Master and Mistress at the main resort, she'd stopped in once or twice before to make sure everything was running well at our Tower. Good, she could hear me fine. Now, on to business.

[Checking in before my shift, Mya. 10-18. 10-13. Over.]

"10-6, Mihina. Over."

Slipping off the chair, knowing it would take Mya a few minutes to check on new orders for us and the weather conditions, I made for the fridge for some Mago Berry juice. Opening the door, I was pleased to find one left, though I had to remind myself to bring more up the next time or to use the dumbwaiter. Pulling the straw off, tapping the end on the counter to make the plastic wrapping break but hopefully not damage the straw, I stuck it through the foil and took a sip, the sweetness hitting my tongue like a Blastoise's Water Cannon attack.

Giggling to myself, taking another sip, a cut off crackle made my laughter cut short as Mya's voice came back on.

"10-17. For all those at AT and other locations." While her voice didn't rise, there was a sharpness to it that made my breath still to listen. "Severe weather coming from the West. High winds, possible hail. Please be advised, storm projected to hit in-"

A loud boom of thunder that actually made the floor shake from under me cut off the rest of what she'd been about to say.

Racing to the table, I fumbled for the mike. [10-4! Over and out!]

I wasn't sure if the message got through but I didn't have time to worry over it. Abandoning my juice, I rushed back up stairs, almost tripping and hitting my knee. The lights along the wall hummed and went dim before going back to full power and fluttering again. While the Island mainly used solar power and wind power to generate electricity, Electric Pokemon could also be called from time to time (save for us four) to help fill in when needed. Right now, it was hard to say what was causing the lights to surge, perhaps the lightning was so intense it was interfering or it had struck an underground wire... all I knew was I had to get to the top of the tower.

Helen's voice wailed above the sound of the rain I could hear against the wall, one of the doors far on the ground level slamming. After that, the sound of my breathing and heartbeat blocked any other sound from entering my ears.

Clearing the last step, I found Helen in the center of the tower. She'd started the lens spinning by releasing the counterweight but her light wasn't steady. It wavered as badly as the lights I'd seen along the stairs and didn't have the strength needed to penetrate the obsidian sky.

A sudden boom followed by a rattling of glass made her shriek and cover her head, as if expecting the whole room to shatter, before her light went out. Willing my own on, I watched the lens spin, reflecting my shine back at me. There was no way to jump or cross this time, the reflective mirror spun exactly every fifteen seconds. That left only one other way.

Running towards the right side of the tower, I grabbed the metal ring and lifted, pulling up the wooden cover on the floor to reveal stairs below. A quick job down the stairs, through the hallway, and up the second set of stairs probably only took a minute but it was more time than I liked.

Pushing open the identical wood door on the inside of the lens' spinning path, I rushed toward the center where Helen still remained, shaking. Lifting my tail high, I forced all my earlier exasperations into it, concentrating on making it shine. The lens caught my light instantly, throwing it out into the night, piercing the surrounding area. Turning to shake Helen, I was just in time to see a dark shape crash into the nearest window, throwing shards of glass so that it pinged against the lens as it spun.

Sweeping Helen out of the way, wrapping myself around her while keeping my tail up and lit, I curled my head down, feeling fragments striking against my back. Thankfully, none of them held the sting of a cut and I was able to lift my head a few moments after the echo of the crash faded from my ears.

Keeping my grip tight around Helen, I curved my neck back to examine what had hit the Tower.

It... looked like a Pokemon of some kind.

Its hide was a dark blue that gleamed when the light struck it, its form somewhere between some of the prehistoric Pokemon I've seen and an aquatic type. As its tail lashed, scattering more glass against the floor, I caught sight of a finned tip and wondered how a sea creature could have possibly reached the tip of the tower. However, as it raised its head, positioning its arms out so as to lift its fallen form up, I found I had many more questions than just that.

It had no hands, merely white hooks that it pushed against the floor to gain leverage. What I thought to be arms originally were more of flippers or wings, made of the same coating that stretched across its whole form. A fin jutted from its back, torn, while the creature turned its attention towards us, its mouth opening to display a startling array of teeth. The cry it gave hurt my ears, like a Persian whose tailed been yanked.

Helen's startled bleet and trembles made me hold her tighter but didn't cause me to look away.

It gave a shake of its body, starting at its hips and swinging out its tail at the same time its chest and neck swayed. It flinched back as the light spun and smacked it in the face, illuminating the yellow star on its muzzle, before turning its head and lifting a wing to avoid the ray.

...its wing was torn.

[Helen. Stay here.]

[Wh-?] She looked up at me and realized my intention. [No! Mihina!]

[Helen... you need to keep the Tower lit.] I turned my head to give her a smile and a light pat on her shoulder. [You can do it.]

[But, Mihina!] Her paws dug into my arms, trying to keep me still. [He's dangerous!]

[He's hurt, Helen. He needs help.] Frowning, seeing her tail was still sputtering in and out, I moved my tail tip to touch hers, giving her enough of a jolt that she let go with a startled "bah!" and her light remained steady. [Take my shift, I'm going to go help him out.]

She whined my name after me as I went through the wooden door again, coming out on the other side to find the Pokemon staring right at me, his golden eyes tiny and narrowed as a hissing growl rolled from his body.

He was... larger, up close.

Lifting my hands, I moved a step closer, stopping as I noticed him tucking his wings in and lowering his head while his back arched.

[Come on... we need to fix you up.] I glanced at the oddly shaped horns on its head, similar to pontoons I'd seen on airplanes. I lifted my right paw to point at his torn wing, unable to smell any copper due to the scent of rain and hail which was still pouring in. [Your arm. I can fix it.]

The growl reverberated deeper before its head tilted, glancing at its flipper before moving it and giving a sharp hiss.

[If we go downstairs,] I moved my arm towards the stairway. [We can get that treated.]

Its tail lashed, its lips curling back to show more teeth before its eyes darted back towards Helen.

[She's got to stay here.] I took the opportunity to move forward slowly, mindful of the glass shards still sparkling along the floor. [I'll go with you and help you.] Its eyes flicked back towards me, body growing stiffer but making no sign of attacking or retreating.

Pausing, I waited, not wanting to have him thinking he was backed into a corner, so to speak. I did want to treat him but we needed to get him out of here, his large form was blocking part of the light as it swung by.

Finally, it turned its head, walking towards the steps. I followed behind him, trying to give a wide berth since I wasn't sure how close he wanted me to him. He stopped at the foot of the stairs, hesitating, putting one foot down before pulling it up then putting it down again.

[It's okay,] I encouraged, moving closer. Seeing his skin jump, I resisted the urge to rest a hand on his shoulder and instead slipped past him to step on the first wooden step. [See?] I bounced a little to show its strength. [If it can hold me, it can hold you!]

Moving down to the next step, and the further one past that, I turned to see if he was following.

His neck was craned into the stairwell, his head just above mine, as he attempted to peer around the turn. His right flipper, the one that appeared to be injured, hung from his side while the left one's hook scraped against the stonewall for support. His nostrils flared as he breathed in, a low growl following.

[It's fine.] When he turned to look at me, I moved another step. [Come on.]

He finally moved a foot forward, resting it solidly on the step before moving the next one after him.

[Very good!] His jerk and startled half-shriek made me lower my voice again. [Sorry... you're doing really well.] I motioned him onward, moving as I did so. [Just like that.]

He grew more confident with each step, apparently realizing the stairs weren't going to give way or the walls were going to collapse. He still didn't give up supporting himself with his arm and I soon found out why as we reached the room.

The moment he tried to take a step without the wall for support, he stumbled, just barely catching himself. When he shook his head, it seemed to make things worse, because he clutched at it with his arms, the claws dangerously close to cutting his own scalp.

[Here.] Moving closer to him, I positioned myself on his left side, my side to his with my right arm around part of his back. He was taller by almost two heads, but we didn't have much further to go and I was fairly strong in my own right. [Lean on me. Just a little more. By the table.]

I gestured absently in the direction before lowering my head and tensing my shoulders, bracing to help him move. However, when his added weight failed to press down on me, I turned my head to find us closer than a Luvdisc's kiss. We were so close, I could feel my breath wash against his skin like a wave against the shore, before pulling back to stroke my own cheeks.

A random crackle of electricity from my tail made me turn away first, trying to ignore the electrical heat I felt buzzing through my body.

[The table,] I repeated weakly, this time tugging a little to guide him.

With a grunt, he consented and I finally felt his weight pressing against me. Ignoring the feel of his rougher skin against my fur, I put my attention towards not tripping. As we moved, I listed to the sounds coming from the radio, having completely forgotten to turn it off. Stray spatters of words seemed to mingle in and out of the static, but nothing I could really identify. Once I got him taken care of, I'd try patching a call to main and see if we could get a nurse out here.

[This is good.] Squatting, I helped ease him down. He was looking at me again, in a way that had me turning away to busy myself. [Let me grab the first aid kit and some blankets.]

[You're not afraid.]

The clear tone made me jump and spin, my tail whipping around to confront the speaker only to find the Pokemon laughing at me, his long, red throat constricting and expanding as the sound exited.

[You can talk.] I hadn't been sure... I mean, every Pokemon can "talk" in terms of growls, body language, and scents... but typically those that can speak beyond their Type have either had some interaction with humans (leading to contact with species outside their normal environment) or a social enough manner that they're going to talk and not EAT the other Pokemon.

...given his looks, it was hard to say which of the two categories he fell under.

He gave a non-committal grunt.

[You could have said something earlier.] I tried to keep from grumbling but wasn't sure how I'd managed. All my encouragement seemed stupid now that I knew he could understand me.

Digging under the sink for clean cloths and the first aid kit, I stopped when I heard him answer in a soft tone akin to a Bedew being bruised.

[I've found most of what I say doesn't matter.]

Pulling my head out of the cupboard, I found him lying in a half circle, his injured wing to the outside as his head curled inward, having almost muffled his voice. Not quite sure how to respond to his words, or if I was even meant to hear them, I grabbed the kit and put some clean cloths on top of it, carrying it over to him.

[Can I see your wing? I think that's the worst of it.]

His head moved just enough so that he could look at me while still keeping it against his body, his right arm lifting and reaching closer till it stopped before me.

Placing the kit down, I put the cloth on the floor and popped the clasps open, lifting the lid. Glancing at what we had, I opted for the Super Potion, thinking it was the best choice. Bottle in hand, I used my left paw to touch along the edge of his arm, guiding his wing to where I needed it to be.

The backside looked fine, the skin undamaged. The front, however, had large gash I'd first noticed.

[This will sting, try to hold still...] I muttered, more focused on checking for glass shards in the wound than his acknowledgment. Not seeing any, I opted to give a spritz along the top, working my way down.

His body tensed once but he didn't give any sound of pain or discomfort, for which I was grateful. Chansey I am not, and the only thing that was keeping me in this room instead of heaving from the very real slit in his wing was the knowledge that I was the only one who could help him.

Working on breathing through my mouth to avoid the overly rich copper tint that scented the air, I gave one last spray, content to let the nanites work while I checked for other injures before going back to it.

A few minor tears remained on his right flipper, the Super Potion stitching them up with little trouble. Along his back and neck had one long but shallow cut. His left wing was undamaged, though his tail fin had a scratch along the right side that was short but deep. I sprayed the injury and bandaged it, certain it would heal better that way once the nanites were able to get it to clot quicker.

Coming back to his wing, I gave one more spray before deciding the best way to tend it would be using gauze and tape, since no bandage would be able to wrap comfortably around his wing.

Now... that left the head.

The same flash of electric heat danced through me, making my tail sparkle before I fought it back.

[I'm going to check your head now... okay?]

His gaze lifted to meet mine, buzzing muffling my hearing from anything he might have said, though I tried to focus past it. All that seemed to do, however, was make my heartbeat hop around in my ears like a Ludicolo salsa dancing, which was equally distracting.

Hoping I hadn't missed him saying anything important, I examined the top of his head, checking for signs of injury.

Surprisingly, I found no traces of glass or cuts.

[I guess everything else just got torn on the way through...] I mused, setting the bottle down.

Moving my hands to feel along his skull, I marveled at the texture even while I was checking for bumps my eyes couldn't see. His skin was like the stones of the Tower, but finer, so that my fur caught if I tried to run my hands the other way. My companions and I all had fur... what type was he, to have skin like this? He flew, I was certain (that being the only logical way he could have crashed into the Tower), but looked as though Water would be more of a home than the sky. Yet with skin akin to that of rocks, would a Ground or Rock type fit?

I shook my head, laughing to myself.

That couldn't be! How on earth could such a thing fly, if he was Rock?

His quiet groan startled me, causing me to pull my hands away as my tail sparked in embarrassment, having forgotten what I was doing in the midst of feeling his skin.

[Don't... stop...] He craned his neck forward, bumping his head lightly against my chest till I put my hands back on his skull. [Niiiice.]

His drawn out sigh of the word made me smile.

[Alright,] I agreed, moving back to touch along his head.

His tail gave a light thump against the floor, a low rumble coming from his throat, like thunder from a distant storm. Tracing the flat part of his skull, I moved my hands down along his cheeks to feel along the bottom of his jaw. The skin was looser there, not quite as rough as the top of his head had been. In fact, it was almost soft.

[Do you have any mates?]

The question startled me from my exploration. [Why would you want to know that?] I tried to keep calm, not wanting to have to go into why I didn't, but I was afraid with as close as he was, he could pick up the frantic breath I'd drawn upon hearing his question.

He turned his head so he could look up at me, lips curled, showing the same gleaming teeth I'd seen once before. [So I know how many I have to fight to make you mine.]

[Fight?] Like a whirlpool suddenly flowing in reverse, there was a moment before I picked out another important word. [Yours?!]

I started to back away but his arm had already wrapped around my back, his flipper pulling me towards him as his head nuzzled my chest.

[Yes...] His head gave a slight nod against my fur. [For one such as you, I would fight.]

[That's a little far!] I protested, trying to fight the sparks I could feel my tail longing to give off in response. [You can't just... claim me!]

[Why not?] His mouth grazed against my jaw, eliciting a soft gasp from myself. [You accepted me into your territory, you tended my wounds, and your body keeps asking me to take it.] His breath came out in a hiss, his tail now curling against the back of my legs. [I'm only answering it...]

[I can't leave here!] I threw out, pressing my hands against his chest and pushing... or I thought I was pushing. I didn't seem to be going very far... [I have to... run the Tower.]

[My territory is not far.] He continued unperturbed, now rubbing the other side of my cheek.

[I'm... I'm a kept Pokemon, not feral!]

His laughter, like a Sharpedo crunching bones, shook his chest so much my own body rippled. [I could tell that, little light.] The dry humor in his voice was so apparent a Slowpoke could have recognized it. [Though I'm sure many of us feral Pokemon live in such a nicely structured home.]

Frantic now, I gave one last push against him before shouting:

[I can't control myself!]

The words were wrenched from a part of my heart, cutting it on the way out like the glass that so easily slit his wing. His body stilled, as I was certain it would, and I closed my eyes, feeling them water, waiting for him to pull away.

[Control yourself?] I felt his head turn, as if contemplating the words. [How...?]

[My energy field.] Even as I spoke, embarrassment at having to explain it so simply made it crackle, extending not from my tail this time, but along my left leg up to my right shoulder in what felt to be a tiny lightning bolt. [It... I can't control it.]

Still keeping my eyes shut, I felt his breath against my neck before something wet slipped against my fur. Jerking back, I had nowhere to go. His flipper still held me to him, his tongue continuing to lap against my neck. I opened my eyes to find him smiling, a half a grin that mainly showed his back fangs.

[S-stop.] I moved to cup his face, intending to push him away. [You need to-]

My words ended in a cry, his head suddenly lunging to grip my neck between his teeth. For a very brief but vivid moment, I saw myself with half my neck gone, lying limp on the floor as my blood spread around me. However, while difficult to breathe, his teeth didn't puncture. His grip tightened once before relaxing, his mouth pulling away to lick my tender skin.

[Your storm won't hurt me.] He spoke slowly, the words caressing my neck and sending a heated tremble down my body. [Let it loose, little light. Let me feel what you've contained.]

I opened my mouth to speak, to say something, but I forgot what it was the moment his muzzle moved to graze mine. Sparks glittered in my field of vision, starting at my cheeks before fading downward in a small shower.

His body shifted, his hold easing enough that I thought he might be letting me go but he looped his other wing around me instead, sheltering me inside both of them. The scent of copper still lingered from his wounds, but the ocean's flavor was stronger on his skin and mixed with the storm air he'd flown in on. Without thinking, I found myself moving my nose closer to his throat, seeking his own scent way from the blood.

He made a pleased sound, a mixture of a Dratini's croon and a Spheal's bark. Craning his head down, he twisted his neck to the side to give me the access I'd been seeking. The rumble moved along his throat again, his body still as I leaned up on my toes.

There was a flicker of pain that made me move back, turning my head away from him as I lifted my left leg. Somehow, I must have cut my foot on a piece of glass, for a slit met my sight along my inner foot. It probably had gone unnoticed as it had due to its similarities to a paper cut; thin, harmless, but painful. Of course, now that I'd noticed it, the cut had started to throb insistently.

[I should... fix it...] I mumbled, pulling against his wings, expecting them to part and allow me to get a Potion.

[Allow me.]

Not certain how he'd use a Potion with his claws, I was about to decline when his head butted against my chest enough to make me lose my footing. Stumbling back, I would have fallen over if not for his flippers holding me. As it was, he cradled me in them like a hammock seat, my feet no longer on the ground. Confused as to how this was going to help, I didn't get a chance to ask as I saw his head bending down.

Realization hit as a blaze of light and I pulled my feet up and away just before his tongue could reach the cut. Two sparks crackled from my right, striking his wing. I flinched, certain they'd burned him, but there was no sign of damage. As he made another go at licking my foot, I twisted it away again.

[You don't know where they've been!] I tried pulling away but there was no leverage for me to push against.

He paused long enough to give me an odd look. [They've been on you, haven't they?]

I took too long to answer, his tongue tip grazing the cut. Cringing from the expected sting, I was surprised to find there wasn't any. Another swipe of his tongue made my eyes half close, the action actually relieving the small bit of throbbing. My foot still twitched from the slight tickle but he didn't seem to find it distracting. If anything, it made him start licking my wound even more, alternating between short little laps and longer caresses.

Relaxing against his wings, I found myself watching his dark pink tongue stroking my foot. From the cut, it deviated to the underside of my foot, making me want to protest but the muscles of his tongue pressed against my foot in such a way that I could only lift my head back and sigh. When he put my foot in his mouth, his teeth scraping lightly against my skin, I didn't even think to say anything.

His tongue must have dexterity that made up for his lack of hands because the way it circled the tip of my foot and pressed against the skin made me feel like a cloud drifting above the beach. He used the roof of his mouth to give him the added strength he needed, acting as a wall of sort that he could brace my foot against while pressing his tongue against sore spots I didn't even realize I had.

Walking up and down the Tower stairs, maybe?

When his mouth pulled away, the chill of the air grazed my foot, making my limpid body stir. Too comfortable to lift my head, I only tilted it enough to try and see what he was doing now.

He was... looking at me.

The static heat along my skin made twist in his embrace, needing to give off some form of my Electricity before I blew like a bulb. My tail was glowing, I could feel it, but it wasn't releasing enough. The orb on my head felt like it was melting my skin, the sparks along my vision increasing in intensity as they popped like silent fireworks. Lifting my tail, I grazed it along his inner thigh, a weak bleat like I'd not given since my days as a Mareep coming from my mouth.

He said nothing, just smiled up at me before lifting his head, his jaw following my leg till he stopped between my thighs. My bleat came out a little more frantic, the touch of his breath making heat lance through my body and a crackle sound in my ears.

[I don't know where this has been either,] he said, his tongue flicking towards me, causing me to arch into the touch before it even happened. When the feel of wetness didn't meet, I bit my lip and gave a disappointed wheeze. [Perhaps I shouldn't...?]

Hiccuping bleats took over my words, my body twisting on its own, wanting that touch that he kept pulling just outside my reach.

[Ahh... well, if you insist...]

His tongue pressed against my slit, heat engulfing it. My hips bucked towards him as he pulled his tongue back in, suddenly sending it to part my petals and plunge within. The tip was easy enough but the rest was so thick it seemed to spread me apart, forcing me to accept him. After so long of being empty, I could hardly complain, not when his tongue wiggled like a Shellos and swirled like a Dewgong.

Even when his tongue pulled back into his mouth, his breath kept me from growing chilled, pressed so closely against my pussy I worried he might suffocate. When his tongue pushed back in, that thought floated to the side like a loose water buoy. My tail continued pressing against his thigh, stroking along his leg, while his tongue pushed deeper inside me, widening me so much it was nearly as uncomfortable as it was pleasurable. His tongue slid out again, moving into his mouth before tracing his lips.

My mind grappled for the words, eventually working my own tongue around the sounds. [Please... more?] Without warning, the warm length returned, slowly swiping its way up my petals. A jolt ran up my belly as he hit a spot along the top of my sex, a spot that had little sparks dancing in my vision and along my fur. I pushed against his muzzle, paws grabbing at his pod-like horns to try and pull him in. My tail brushed against something that wasn't his thigh; gasping, I felt the length harden against my fur. He pulled his head back despite my best efforts, and the tickle of electricity that hummed so close against my skin but didn't actually touch me was the only thing I could blame my next actions for.

I Tackled him.

A move I hadn't used since I was all but a babe and I used it on him. There wasn't much force behind it, I couldn't get a running start with his wings still behind me and my feet off the ground but with all the energy hovering around me, I was able to launch myself off his wings and into his chest. He hadn't been prepared for that and his feet skidded, slipping with my unexpected weight, causing him to topple.

He hit the floor with a grunt, his legs kicking once in an effort to right himself, his tail making several rapid lashes before calming. Lifting his head, a growl curled on one side of his face, though his eyes held amusement along with frustration.

At least... they did till they noticed a benefit to our new position.

His cock lay between my thighs, pressing against my pussy while the tip grazed my stomach. As he shifted his hips, liquid from the tip smeared across my fur, making a hungry hiss come from him as he moved once more.

[You like that?] I asked, moving a hand to touch the tip of his shaft. It was long, tapered at the end but wide at the base, similar in shape to a Roselia's thorn - albeit far longer and with a curve to it that made sparks run along my spine just thinking of where I'd like it to be going. [And this...?] Taking some of the pre dripping from his tip, I moved my paw to my mouth and gave a lick.

[Never...] His words came out so thick amongst his growls that I almost had trouble understanding him. [Have I missed the hands I had in my youth more than I do now.]

[Oh?] I kept the word light while moving my head down along the length of his dick, not allowing a single hair to touch it though the electricity might have. [Is that so?]

As I felt him lift a wing, presumably to try and twist himself up, I gave up my teasing and let my tongue touch the base of his shaft for one small lick. His movements stopped and I did it again, a taste like salt and cloves spreading along my tongue as I worked one solid stroke along the full length of his shaft, making sure to catch the bit of pre on the tip. His stomach muscles tightened under me, his cock flexing and bumping my chin as I looked back at him, his golden eyes so dark they could have been bronze.

[Let me see...] I gave him another lick to his tip, repaying him for the earlier teasing. [I think you'd be looking to do... this?] My paws wrapped around his cock as best as they could, squeezing it, feeling the slight slickness as I moved up and down along it. He groaned throatily, leaning back on the floor. One of his wings grazed my shoulder, gently but firmly pulling me closer. I obliged, parting my muzzle and slowly, carefully, taking the thin head of his shaft into my maw.

I'd never really done this before, and I certainly didn't want to do anything to annoy him. Another inch slipped in and I closed my mouth around it as best I could, trying to give it a little suckle without biting him. I almost panicked as he shifted, only to realize that he was trying to fit more of himself into my maw, a deeper groan coming from his throat. I giggled to myself, moving my head up and down along his shaft, sucking and using my tongue to press against the length. He certainly seemed to enjoy it, his tail and hind legs twitching in time with my movements. I was giving him pleasure, and for some reason my own muscles were contracting... I wanted more.

I gave him one last, long lick, noting how his pre was now all but dripping out of him. I got in a few laps before looking back up at him, making sure he was watching me.

[Would you do this, too, if you still had your hands?]

Keeping my eyes on his face, I moved my paws down to my pussy, parting my petals as the current raced up and down my back, one or two small bolts jumping from me and hitting the floor.

[Yes.] His tail swung, almost toppling the chair at the table. [And so much more.]

Liking his answer, I pressed my slit against his cock, rubbing my slick entrance against his dick. The pulses from his shaft seemed to match the electric energy that floated around me like a haze, popping and sizzling as I moved my body up to the peak of his member. I wasn't sure how much I could take but I got the feeling I was about to find out.

The thin tip touched just outside my walls, his body moving to push in as I pulled away, enjoying this change in power. It was short lived, however, as with a short roar he moved his wings around me and pulled me down, easily spearing me on his cock. My feet pushed against the ground, lifting my body up before his wings forced me back down, the claws grazing my shoulders. His head was at my neck, his teeth digging against my skin as his hips pushed up, driving his cock in.

The first rock-hard and lust-heated inches were thin enough to slide in with ease, yet what followed quickly started to test my limits. I gasped, bleeted, and gave a few choice oaths as my walls stretched beyond what I'd thought them capable of. He drove deep, his base forcing me to spread my legs wider to accommodate him as my tail lifted to grant him more room, throwing off enough power that the lights above us flared brighter in response.

[Nngh... w-wait...] I begged, trying to convey the increasing discomfort I was feeling as he continued to push me further down. I wasn't sure how much I could stretch without tearing... yet with each passing moment, each pulse of blood through his cock, I wanted it all. [J-just a moment...]

The pressure let up, only to be replaced by a growing tension in my loins. It was like I could feel his cock almost growing inside me, yearning to reach further into my depths. My arms reached to rest on his shoulders and around the back of his neck, holding tight to his form while his wings enclosed me. He wrapped around me while I wrapped around him...the thought would have been amusing if I weren't panting like a... well, like anyone in heat.

Waiting was no longer an option.

He seemed to read my intentions, for no sooner did I spread my legs further than he pressed on my shoulders again. I twitched and shuddered as I felt that thin tip reaching deeper than I thought possible, warm flashes blossoming in my womb as my body called to his. My hips were rocking of their own accord, my mind no longer in control of the show, content to sit back and be drowned by waves of passion and sparks. The sudden emptiness as he pulled back out left me longing.

So when he gave a sudden upward thrust, I bleeted in surprise.

[Don't stop...] I managed to murmur into his ear.

He replied with another nip along my neck, another thrust into me. By Arceus... I had only met this male less than an hour or two ago -did I even get his name?- and he was already putting the efforts of my past sexual experimentation to shame. My paws moved to grab his shoulders, giving me more power to bounce up and down on his shaft. Hanging on for the ride simply wasn't doing it for me anymore. A soft groan rumbled through the larger male's throat, apparently enjoying this just as much as I was.

[W-why, little light...] he grunted, pausing, a surge running through me as I realized just how much of an effect I was having on him. [What foolish males overlooked one such as you?]

The question brought my conscious mind back to the forefront. [The kind that don't like being electrocuted when they t-touch me.] A somber note penetrated the sea of need, a pang of loneliness, but it didn't last long as I realized that he wasn't discomforted in the least by the arcs playing between us even as we spoke. I felt along his skin again, thinking back (as best as I could manage) to my earlier guess. Perhaps he was of the Rock or Ground after all? That had to be it. There was no fear of pain from my charge, because there was no way my energy could hurt him. A male who could touch me, be with me, and not be zapped...

I thought I had wanted him before. Now, every bit of me burned for him.

I moaned heatedly, all but slamming my hips down onto his. Any discomfort from being stretched was meaningless now, I wanted all of him in me and I made sure he knew this. Burying my muzzle into his neck, giving a small nip with my teeth, he hesitated a moment (perhaps from surprise), before grunting and raising his hips up against mine, trying to help me achieve my lewd goal.

I could feel the last inch working into me, my body just barely resisting that little bit of width, which drove me even crazier. I'd never felt this kind of raw passion for any male. Sparks flew off me as I bottomed out, once, barely managing to stuff his length inside me. I could feel my muscles protesting, and I didn't care. Our hips grazed again, and again after that, each of my bounces growing wilder as I got closer. Both of us were breathing harder now, the heat growing between us as our bodies met, parting only to return even tighter together. I shuddered atop him, feeling him grow more and more animate until a roar and sudden motion broke through the haze.

He had all but thrown me off of him, and before I could get my bearings his claws were at my waist, turning me and dragging me against him. I could feel the warm, smooth, hard skin of his belly rubbing along my back, hot breath against my ear and cheek, my arms and legs scrabbling to support myself as his bulk covered my form. A blind, rough thrust of his hips had his shaft sliding between my legs and along my belly, our combined juices making my furred belly slick as he tried to hump into me. I hiked my tail as high as I could get it, trying to make the job as easy as possible for him. More of his weight pressed down on my back, my legs could barely support me thanks to my limits being pushed, and the hard wood floor was fairly uncomfortable on my knees... but oh, did this feel more than right! He was about to mount me, breed me, make me his, and I wanted nothing else.

Then, he found the spot, wasting no time in thrusting almost his entire long shaft back into me.

I almost screamed. He didn't even stop, already pulling back and slamming into me almost knocking me off my already precarious balance. My legs could barely support me thanks to stretching myself, and now, with him pounding into me, my arms felt almost the same. Despite the weight on my back I managed to stay up, pressing back into him with a wanton need. I moved with his next thrust, some part of me managing to time it so the impact of his hips didn't threaten to topple me. Still, each slam felt like it was going to knock the wind out of me. Thunder from the storm rumbled and shook the room as sparks of my own lightning flashed, and I could hear the rain beating against the outside of the tower in time with the frantic beating of my own heart.

And I loved it. All this power...

He was far from done, though, and his next push forced me to drop to my elbows. His weight leaned against my back, more to keep me from moving than to push me down. One of his claws grabbed onto my shoulder and pulled me backwards, forcing me into him, his grunting, rumbling sounds echoing next to my head and against my back. My loins were on fire. Sparks were shooting up my spine - both figuratively and literally. I wanted him, and I was getting him, and no amount of pleasure I had felt before even compared to this.

[T-take... me...] I whined, trying to raise my tail even more, wanting to feel as much of him in me as I could. [Breed me! Fuck me with everything you have!] Each thrust had me bleeting loudly, needily, letting him know in more than words how much I wanted him. He sped up, humping shallower with each passing moment, his panting growing more and more ragged. [TAKE ME!!]

He roared, sinking his teeth into my neck deep enough to break skin, although I couldn't feel any pain. A few primitive thrusts later, he buried his thick, steel-hard length in my needful pussy. I wondered for a moment why he stopped... and then got my answer as a hot, sticky torrent shot out of him and into me, coating my walls and womb with his seed. I screamed, tension snapping in me with a cascade of heated bliss. A different sort of wave broke outside of me, a timely burst of thunder rolled, all my pent-up electrical energy burst out of me like an overload. A thousand arcs played along my fur, down to the floor, between us, shattering the lights above us, and quickly filling the air with an ozone scent that oddly seemed to add to the current mixture of aromas from our mating.

Somehow, through all of this, I managed to clench my stretched and overtaxed inner muscles around him to coax out more of his gift. He readily obliged, pumping more and more into me until I could feel it spilling out past his thick base, the fluids running along my tailbase, my belly, my thighs, his thighs... I kept moaning, loudly, not caring who heard unless it was him. The power kept releasing just like his seed, stray bolts overflowing and raking the walls, the ceiling, and the table upon which the radio sat. One of my arms flew up to his head, holding it against me as I tried to push back and keep as much of his thick spunk in me as possible.

Stars danced in front of my eyes, and a faint voice called my name somewhere above me. I looked up, shaking my head to clear my vision and see who was running down the stairs. Helen must have heard the screams even in the tower, as she came running in to see what was the matter... only to yelp and turn a shade of red I hadn't thought possible. She stared for a moment, gaping, as if disbelieving what she was seeing, then stammered some apology and stumbled backwards out of the room. In a clearer state of mind I would have wondered who was on the lens with her gone, but even if Ziv hadn't jumped on, a minute's break hopefully wouldn't have killed anyone.

Not that I cared right now.

The larger male atop me grabbed my attention back, pulling me with him as he rolled onto his back. Somehow, between the two of us, my body was turned around to cuddle belly-to-belly with him whilst still keeping him buried inside of me. I shuddered a bit, feeling the last trickles of his seed dripping into me to replace what was still leaking out. It was all I could do to catch my breath while he did the same, though he did lick at the teeth marks on my neck with that same warm, soothing tongue. Both the gesture and his marking felt good, damn good, and if I could have purred right now I would have put every stuck-up Persian to shame.

[Ohh...] I finally managed. [That... that was... oh, where have you been before today?]

A rumbling chuckle answered my query. [I had a mind to ask you the same question, little light. Though,] he murmured, the air of amusement growing. [Not so little now, are we?]

Confused, I glanced around the room. And was almost shocked out of my afterglow. The walls, floors, and ceilings all had scorch lines tracing across their surfaces. The side of the table facing us was blackened, and the radio was a shattered mess. I was surprised that there wasn't a fire given the amount of damage in the room. His golden eyes met mine as I looked back at him.

[I did all this?]

[Yes, my light.] He gave me a teasing nudge with one of his wings. [It felt quite nice, actually. Tickled.]

It was my turn to chuckle, wrapping my arms around him in a tight embrace. If the ache that was still masked by the lingering tingles of pleasure was anything to tell, I wouldn't be walking right for at least a few days. Hell, I doubted I could even make it up the stairs without assistance, which meant Helen and the others might have to cover the rest of the night. I wondered how, exactly, I would explain this to them. Or explain the damage to the cleaning crew. Or convince Master to let him at least visit often enough, if not stay...

Inwardly, I shrugged. I'd cross those bridges when they came. For now, I had a much more pressing issue weighing on my mind.

[By the way...] I said, a slow flush of heat rising to my cheeks. He grinned toothily, as if knowing what I was about to ask. [What's your name?]


The reports were coming in now from the various instruments in and around the tower, each showing a nearly off-the-charts spike in electrical activity. The burst easily dwarfed the tempest roaring outside. Someone who didn't know what they were seeing would have guessed an EMP had gone off over the island.

The two figures watching the displays, however, knew exactly what they were seeing.

"So, she finally found a release," the female figure said. Her hand rested on her stomach, thumb grazing over the taunt skin. As large as she was, they'd be lucky if the "laying" happened after the opening of the resort instead of before. "She certainly seems happy with him, if that display was anything to judge."

"Indeed," Zane murmured, a soft growl entering his voice, not as pleased as he might have otherwise been.

Karen glanced up from the white-noise squares that used to be the cameras in the tower's recreation room. "Given the strength of that discharge, I'm surprised she's been coping for this long. He'll act like a lightning rod for her excess energy, not to mention offer her companionship that few males could survive. I'd argue that his presence is an improvement."

"He's a fairly powerful feral." One of his hands shifted to her belly, pulling her closer to him so that her back rested against his chest as his growl deepened. "He mentioned his territory wasn't far off. He could start feeling possessive of his new claim. Excess energy or no, Mihina is very important to us. I'd like to know his intentions towards her, and us." She leaned into him, considering his words for a moment before replying.

"He seems reasonable," she offered, lightly running her hands through his hair, eliciting a pleased grunt from him. "I'm sure that a suitable arrangement can be met for their... mutual needs without impacting her duties in the lighthouse. And I'm confident that the promise of a continued relationship with her will be more than enough incentive for him to behave." She gave a smile and gently kissed his forehead. "Who knows? Perhaps he will have other strengths to contribute to our goals as well."

Standing together, his arms still curled protectively around her as he herded her towards bed. With a smile hidden from him, she allowed him to lead her, conscious of how his hand still held her stomach and the care with which he provided her. Absently, Karen's thoughts turned to the possibility of an additional residence for Mihina and her new lover. Comfort was always an issue, to be sure, but another problem was edging in above that one. As his nails grazed the thin gown that divided his claws from her skin, his mouth placing a mix of kisses and small bites along her neck, she laughed quietly to herself before turning in her Master's arms and moving her arms around his lower back.

They would need insulation. Lots and lots of insulation.
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