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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Xylina looks around at the clearing of trees around her. A blood red moon shines in the sky against the black sky. The ground seems moist with light mist radiating from it and the ground itself is a sickly dark purple color. The trees, although fully leafed, look as if they have never been alive and just looking at all of this causes Xylina to become scared,
"W-where am I...?" The then notices her human form and the dusk amulet lightly radiating as it sits on her chest, "I-I'm changed...?" She then looks up with a frightened expression, "Vecransyh! Drake! Someone! Anyone..." Xylina begins walking forward and freezes as she sees a figure start to emerge from the grove of trees, "Who's there?!" Xylina readies a shadow ball but as the figure walks out of the shadows of the trees into the red light of the clearing Xylina looks upon the face of Vecransyh. A large chunk of his left arm is gone and the bone and tissue is clearly visible. The rest of his body is in no better shape as his clothes are in tatters along with his skin. Pieces of bone are exposed as he walks slowly towards her,
"X-Xylina... H-help... me..." Vecransyh collapses as Xylina rushes over to him leaning over her dying lover. She turns him over and gets a better look at his face. The bone under his left eye is visible and bleeding badly. Xylina begins to weep when she comes to the realization that Vecransyh will die in only a few minutes from blood loss and his many wounds,
"W-who did this...?" Vecransyh looks up at her weakly but a different voice answers,
"I did." Xylina looks to a figure floating through the trees into the clearing. When the light hits the figure Xylina sees a large male Mismagius wielding a blood-stained sword in his left hand,
"Father...?" The Mismagius sheathes the sword into a sheath on his back and looks upon Xylina with murderous eyes,
"So. I don't see you for five years and you betray your teachings and fall in love with a human. For shame, Mismagius." Xylina stands up, tears streaming down her face,
"My name is Xylina..." The ghost smirks,
"I dare say the name suits you child but regardless of that. Your clouded judgment will soon be lifted by the death of your so-called love. You'll thank me in time." Xylina falls to her knees in front of her father sobbing,
"I can never forgive you for what you've done father... you took away the first man to show me any actual compassion in my life..." The ghost lets out a short laugh as he floats over to Vecransyh's dying body removing his sword from its sheath again and holding it in his left hand,
"You forget about your parents and your upbringing Xylina." Xylina shakes her head as she turns back towards Vecransyh still sobbing. After a moment she stands and wipes her tears,
"You were a terrible father!" The ghost looks darkly at her,
"Hold your tongue whelp. I taught you the teachings of our ancestors no matter how you resisted." The ghost lets out an evil cackle, "I also told you of the consequences." With that final word he tips his sword down and drives it through Vecransyh's chest with a sickening splatter noise prompting a weak scream from him before he completely ceases movement, "It also seems that you have been put under a human spell to become a human yourself. Do not worry though. Now that he has died you will soon be back to your old, quiet self." Xylina stares in horror at the blade pierced through her love and drops to her hands and knees clenching her fists as she screams,
"Oh please. Pokemon and humans are incompatible as lovers. These are the teachings of our clan and the defiance of those teachings results in death. But, I am not without mercy. Come back to the clan and we will do our best to cleanse you of the evil that has filled your mind." There is a silence from Xylina as her father resheathes his sword and looks upon her. A few minutes of silence besides the sound of Xylina pass before Xylina stands wiping her tears from her face. She takes a deep breath and clenches her fists as she looks upon her father with nothing but hatred in her eyes,
"The teachings along with your vile disgusting excuse for a life need to end." The ghost blinks and looks shocked by what his daughter has said,
"What did you say to me you little wretch?!" Xylina, still slightly intimidated by her father stands strong,
"You heard me you bastard. You took everything from me. My entire reason to live and also... the father of my child." The ghost laughs,
"Oh please. The chances of human/Pokemon cross-mating being a success are astronomical." Xylina glares at her father with murderous intent,
"You've been wrong about everything you've said to me since I was born so how could you be right this time?" The ghost starts to feel a little uneasy by the sturdy defiance from his daughter,
"So you really are carrying his child? Once again; the penalty is death. Shame I have to do this..." The ghost smirks as he draws his sword again but he blinks when he sees Xylina has vanished without a trace, "Where are you wretch?!" The ghost freezes when he feels a sharp pain in his back and front and looks down to see his own bloody sword sticking out of his chest with his heart pierced on the end,
"I will be returning to the clan but you will not be. I will personally put an end to the teachings of old and destroy any who defy me. That is my life goal now that I have nothing. I will destroy evil that corrupts equality between humans and Pokemon. Burn in hell father." Xylina pulls the sword out of her father as he goes limp on the end of it. She removes the sheath from his corpse and returns the sword to it before strapping it to her own back. She walks over to the corpse of her lover and kneels by his side weeping lightly. She runs her hand from his forehead over his eyes to cease his soulless gaze and kisses him lightly on his in-tact cheek, "Goodbye... my love..." Xylina then stands and walks forward into the grove of trees disappearing into the darkness.

Vecransyh stands on a beach with his arm around Xylina watching as the sun sets. The air is slightly warm with a slight feeling of moisture coming from the sea. He looks over to her and smiles as she begins to change into her human form. She turns to him and smiles lightly before looking down and letting out a soft sigh,
"What's wrong?" She begins to weep lightly,
"I... I just... Vec...ransyh..." Vecransyh gets a worried expression on his face as he looks at her,
"Xylina...? Are you okay?" Xylina shakes her head,
"It's just... I don't... I don't know..." Vecransyh smiles lightly,
"Come on, you can tell me."
"I don't know... if I love you anymore..." Vecransyh's expression goes to one of shock as he looks at Xylina softly crying. A tear slides down Vecransyh's cheek as he tilts his head slightly as he looks at Xylina,
"W-why...?" Xylina shakes her head,
"I don't know... I guess I was just fooling myself into thinking I could be happy." Vecransyh begins to lightly cry,
"But I thought you WERE happy!"
"I just can't remember... why I fell in love with you... I'm sorry but I'm leaving..." Xylina turns and starts to walk away before Vecransyh grabs her hand,
"Stop this! You told me you fell in love with me the night we met! You have to remember!!" Xylina shakes her head without looking at him,
"No... I don't think I ever loved you..." Vecransyh lets go of her hand as she pulls away and runs down the beach disappearing from view. Vecransyh collapses to his knees, his mind shattered from loss as he looks in the direction Xylina went with a glazed look in his eyes. A dark figure cackles as he floats behind Vecransyh,
"Hehe, well I suppose I'm one for two now. On to the others..." With that the figure disappears in a dark portal.

Unbeknownst to the figure Xylina has continued through the forest determined to find the end. Suddenly she bursts out of the trees onto a sandy beach,
"Great... now where am..." Xylina looks forward to see a figure on its knees in the distance looking away from her. Xylina begins walking towards the figure and Vecransyh comes into view. She looks ahead in disbelief as she approaches him, "V-Vecransyh...?" Vecransyh doesn't move,
"Have you come to hurt me further...?" Xylina walks around him and kneels in front of Vecransyh. Upon looking into his eyes she sees his eyes glazed over and shakes him,
"Hey! Wake up Vec!" The glazed expression lightens a little,
"You already said you never loved me... what more can you take away...?" Xylina tilts her head,
"What are you talking about?! I just watched you die a few miles back from where I came!! I've never felt a deeper sorrow in all my life!! Vecransyh..." She embraces him tightly, "I do love you! I love you more then life itself!"
"But you said..."
"I never said that I didn't love you!" The glazed look vanishes and Vecransyh blinks as he looks into Xylina's tearful eyes,
"So... you do love me?" Xylina answers him with a passionate kiss that lasts for a few moments before Xylina moves her lips away from his slowly,
"Of course I do..." A few moments later Vecransyh has regained himself and the two have stood up on the sandy beach, "Do you know where we are?" Vecransyh shakes his head,
"The next full moon isn't for a few weeks so I don't think we're in the real world right now... when did you get a sword?" Xylina smiles,
"Another time. Right now we need to find out if the others are here too." Vecransyh nods with a serious expression,
"Right!" The two of them start heading down the beach and after a moment of walking Vecransyh reaches over and takes Xylina's hand in his.

Drake lies on the ground looking off into space with an expression of pure horror as a few tears fall down his face. Having just witnessed the death of Latias and all of his Pokemon and friends in every single way imaginable over and over again his mind becomes more and more unstable as he lies in the black abyss. The dark figure floats near him with a dark grin on his face,
"Now that was fun. Bringing to life one's darkest fears is such a joy and his was just too easy! Only two more now..." The figure then disappears in a flash of dark energy.
Xylina and Vecransyh have found their way into a dark city and walk through it slowly looking into each ally hoping to find one of their comrades. They both stop when they come to a street and see a black portal in front of them. Xylina raises an eyebrow,
"You think we should go that way?" Vecransyh nods,
"There might be someone in there." The two of them walk forward and disappear into the black abyss. They look around at the pitch blackness of the area they had just walked into as they walk forward, "Wow... so do you have any thoughts to where we are yet?" Xylina is about to say something but freezes when he sees the corpses of Arcanine, Swampert, Latias, Ren, Roze, a second Xylina and Vecransyh, Kaza and Stratos littering the ground along with Drake seeming unharmed near them not moving. Xylina rushes over to Drake as Vecransyh walks over to Arcanine, "Poor guy..." He moves his hand towards the tiger and his hand fazes through him, "What the...?" Xylina turns back to Vecransyh,
"He's alive but in a weak mental state." Vecransyh walks over to her and kneels by Drake looking into his distant eyes,
"None of them are real besides Drake. They don't exist. I tried to touch Arcanine and my hand fazed through him." Xylina thinks for a moment,
"So it seems each of us have experienced what we fear the most... it's like... we're trapped in nightmares." Xylina turns Drake over and turns his head so he looks up at her, "Hey Drake! We're okay you're having a nightmare! Wake up!"
"Looks like he's pretty messed up..." Drake then blinks suddenly,
"'re alive...?" Vecransyh smiles,
"None of what you saw was real. All of us are alive." Vecransyh motions to the various disemboweled corpses, "This isn't real." Drake tries to sit up but falls back dizzy,
"Then... then what's going on?" After a few minutes of explaining Drake has regained some of his strength and is standing supported by Vecransyh, "I see. But why can't we wake up from this nightmare?" Xylina shakes her head,
"I don't know. It's like we were all joined together in one big nightmare where we all suffer from what we fear the most... I overcame my nightmare though and setoff into this world where I found Vecransyh. Then we found you. Now we need to find Latias and Kazamaru so we can all find the one responsible for doing this to us." Drake nods as he moves away from Vecransyh standing on his own,
"Then let's go. If we can get to anyone before they suffer too much then we may be able to catch the one responsible for this." With that the three head through another portal at the other side of the abyssal space.

Kazamaru kneels on the ground across from a figure on the other side of a battle arena. All of his Pokemon lie unconscious before him. Across from him is a dark-looking Aggron that lets out a high pitched roar,
"You're a failure as a trainer. Anything raised by you should be killed." Kaza looks up to see the giant Aggron begin walking toward his unprotected Pokemon,
"W-what are you doing?!" The figure smiles darkly as his Aggron raises his massive foot above Kaza's Aggron's head,
"I forbid you to be a trainer any longer you pitiful excuse for a son." Kazamaru watches in horror as the Aggron brings his foot down and his Aggron's head is crushed exploding out in a sea of blood and head organs. Kaza is frozen as he watches the Aggron walk to his other Pokemon and repeat the process killing them brutally one by one. Kaza brings his hands up and looks at his blood-covered hands before he falls forward onto the blood-stained ground passed out. The black figure floats behind him looking happy with the reaction,
"Not as good as the others but it will suffice." The figure disappears just as the doors to the arena burst open revealing Vecransyh, Xylina and Drake. The three look away at the horrid sight in front of them and regain themselves before walking towards the collapsed Kazamaru. They lean him against a wall and wait for a few minutes before he slowly begins to wake up,
"G-guys...?" Vecransyh smiles as he sees his friend wake up,
"Hey Kaza." Kazamaru suddenly bursts into tears and curls up putting his face to his knees,
"My Pokemon are all dead!!!!" Vecransyh frowns a little as he shakes his head,
"Your Pokemon are fine. You're in a nightmare right now like the rest of us." Kaza looks up at him,
"Then... they're all...?" Drake nods with a slight smile,
"They're all fine. We need to get going though so we can find Latias." Kaza stands up along with the other three,
"Alright. Let's head out!"

Latias stares at the dark figure as it floats in front of her. She stands on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the figure cascaded against the red moon behind him. Latias has witnessed him killing everyone, disemboweling them with his claws and other various methods of murder. He lets out an evil cackle as he sees her expression,
"Well my dear. How would you like me to end your life for you?" Latias says nothing but nods slightly, "Well that's to bad because I would much rather watch you suffer after seeing the death of your closest friends and lover." Latias begins to slowly walk forward past him to the cliff as the figure grins darkly. Suddenly a sword flies past his head and he turns to see the other four running towards him,
"Bah, should have finished you after you broke my nightmare girl." Drake runs past the ghostly figure and embraces Latias from behind,
"I don't know what you saw but we're alive! We're all alive!" Latias stops walking,
"D-Drake...?" She turns her head expecting a trick but looks into Drake's eyes and knows it's him, "Drake!!" She turns and embraces him tightly. Suddenly the two jump back towards the others to avoid a pulse of dark energy that the figure blasts at them,
"So. Now you plan to overcome me in my own world?" The ghost lets out an evil cackle, "You are all powerless to stop me and will be part of my nightmare for the rest of your lives!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" Drake looks angrily at the ghost,
"Darkrai you sick bastard!!" Darkrai grins,
"Nightmares are the only thing that I'm good at so naturally I like to enjoy myself." Kaza growls angrily,
"It's not a nightmare if we know we're dreaming!" Darkrai holds up his arm and Stratos dangles from it,
"But what about him?" Everyone gasps when they see the Lucario dangling unconscious over the cliff edge, "I can still savor a victory if I simply drop him. Now I want you all to beg for me to return him to you before I send him to his death." All five of them clench their fists and Vecransyh yells,
"What did we ever do to you?!" Darkrai lets out a dark cackle,
"Anyone who sleeps is my prey..." Suddenly the five hear a voice behind them,
"DARKRAI!!!!!" Neo walks through the center of the group looking at Darkrai with furious eyes under his hood,
"N-Neo?! What are you doing here?!"
"THAT IS NOT OF YOUR CONCERN NOW RELEASE THEM ALL INCLUDING THE INFANT!!!!!" Darkrai stares at Neo with a hint of fear before smiling,
"Release them? Who shall I release first?!" Darkrai releases his grip on Stratos' arm and he falls down towards the sharp rocks of the cliff, "How about him?!" Latias screams,
"NOOOO!!!!" Neo glares at Darkrai then dives off the cliff to intercept the falling Lucario,
"He should have chosen his words more carefully. But now that he is gone you are to be..." Suddenly there is an explosion behind Darkrai and he falls forward leaving a floating Neo with Stratos under his arm,
"Don't worry. You'll wake up in a few moments. See you guys later." The world then fades away into blackness as all six, including Stratos, fall out of the nightmare and back into their beds where they all jolt awake and sit up at the same time. Vecransyh and Xylina look at each other and around the room before sighing and embracing each other. Shortly afterwards, the group meet up outside their rooms. Kaza scratches his head,
"So... we all had the same dream right?" Xylina nods,
"We were all in the same dream... I'm just glad Neo stepped in when he did." Kaza looks around,
"So... where is he...?" Latias smiles lightly,
"He said 'see you guys later' before we woke up so I guess we'll meet up with him again eventually." After a few moments Xylina blinks and looks down at her normal form,
"Aww... I was really starting to enjoy being in my human form..." Vecransyh turns to her and smiles lying a hand on her cheek,
"You're beautiful no matter what you look like." Xylina turns a bright red and embraces him tightly,
"Love you Vecy!!!" The other three smile at the show of affection and after a while the group falls back to sleep waiting for the next day where they will start their Sinnoh gym challenge.
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