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Round 3 Part 1

Vecransyh turns over in his bed and puts his arms around Xylina kissing her softly as she wakes up. He smiles lightly running his hand through her long purple hair as he smiles, the sun making the room bright, "Good morning love." Vecransyh says as he looks into the beautiful golden eyes seeing Xylina blush as she smiles softly kissing him back,
"Good morning." Xylina pokes his chest with a small grin, "You know what tonight is?" Vecransyh shrugs his shoulders as he looks at her,
"I can't put my finger on it." Xylina giggles. The days had been flying by with the tournament and so she simply kissed him passionately running her ghostly hand across his bed-head,
"Tonight is another full moon." Vecransyh watches as a sly grin spreads across the ghost's face and he sits up in bed looking down at her,
"Well then I'm sure there's a nice little activity we can do tonight to celebrate our coming this far in the tournament." Vecransyh says as he gets out of the bed and puts his pants on shirt on strapping on his belt and slinging his bag over his shoulder. Xylina hops out of the bed and giggles as she puts her arms around his neck riding on his back. She nuzzles her face into his hair as he walks over to the door and opens it walking down the hallway till the two of them reach Yakira's door. Vecransyh knocks a few times and waits for a minute before the door opens revealing the sleepy looking Froslass,
"Yeah?" She says rubbing her eyes trying to wake up.
"We're heading to the stadium. Are the kids up yet?" Yakira turns to look back into the room at the baby Snorunt and Mismagius sleeping in the bed,
"Nope, they should be up soon. I'll head on over when they wake up..." Yakira turns back to Vecransyh raising her eyebrow at the boy, "When are we going to name her?" Vecransyh scratches his head as he looks at her,
"I've been thinking about names but none of them really seem to fit her. Give me to the end of the day and I'll have one okay?" Yakira smiles,
"Take your time. I'll be thinking too so focus on your battle today." Vecransyh nods as he starts walking again,
"Thanks Yakira. I'll see ya at the stadium!"

The crowd roars in applause as Vecransyh walks out onto the field arriving in his trainer's square after a few moments Xylina leaving his back as he stops walking. Vecransyh looks around the field empty of his challenger and looks over at Xylina after a moment, "So umm... it's time for the match. Where's..." He says before he's glomped to the ground by Jinx,
"Vecy!!! Yay we get to battle for real!!" Xylina falls to the ground laughing as Vecransyh stands up pushing the girl off of him disconnecting her arms from around his neck. Vecransyh raises an eyebrow as he looks at the girl in front of him putting a finger on her forehead to keep her away,
"So, I'm fighting you?" Jinx simply grins as Vecransyh takes his finger off of her forehead,
"Yeah! And you can't use Yakira this time so I'm gonna win for sure!" By this time Xylina had recovered and she dusts herself off smiling,
"So you know each other?" Xylina smiles as she watches Vecransyh roll his eyes putting a hand to his face,
"Kinda. Me and Yakira met her when we went to go get Wondertomb. It was on our way back." Jinx turns and skips merrily across the field before she reaches her trainer square and Jinx turns around smiling darkly as she takes a pokeball from her belt clicking the button to make it bigger. Xylina looks back to Vecransyh with a serious look,
"How strong is she?"
"Well she has some pretty strong-looking ones. She won't be a pushover that's for sure. Glad I brought my top three or I might not even have a chance." Vecransyh says as he spins a pokeball on his finger flicking it up in the air so that when it comes back down it's enlarged, "Xylina, she has a Charizard, a Dragonite and a Ninetails. I'm thinking we Perish song her if we get the chance." Xylina nods and waits patiently next to him as the battle starts and both Vecransyh and Jinx throw their pokeballs towards the field as the announcer's voice booms over the field,
"WELCOME ALL TO THE FIRST MATCH OF THE THIRD ROUND!!! THIS MATCH IS BETWEEN VECRANSYH AND JINX EVE DE LUNAS! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!" In two brief flashes of light Vecransyh's Gengar is standing across from a very mean-looking Electivire. Vecransyh's eyes narrow as he looks across at the Pokemon he wasn't expecting. Jinx notices this and giggles,
"Oh come on Vecy. You didn't think I only had those three did you? Hee hee, Electivire! Go get him!" Electivire roars mightily and goes into a battle pose, her entire body radiating electricity. Suddenly she lunges sending out a pulse of electricity as she runs but Gengar counters throwing a Shadow Ball making a large hole in the pulse and he leaps through it before it reforms slamming head-first into Electivire knocking the wind out of her and making her hit the ground hard.
Gengar leaps back throwing Shadow Balls down at her, the dark spheres rocketing towards the downed Pokemon but she rolls out of the way getting back to her feet using her tails and she glares at Gengar Thunderpunches forming in both of her hands. She lunges forward spinning to the left as she takes a Shadow Ball to her right shoulder to lessen the impact. She rapidly closes in on Gengar who continues slamming her with Shadow Balls.
Closer and closer she gets as Gengar backtracks keeping some distance but eventually Electivire gets within feet of him and throws her fists forward taking one final Shadow Ball to the stomach as she slams her attacks into the ghost Pokemon. Gengar leaps backwards looking heavily weakened by the attack and watches as Electivire falls forward losing consciousness as she hits the ground with a thud, "That didn't defeat him? Huh, that's the first time she hasn't gotten a one-hit knockout." Gengar turns and he and Vecransyh meet eyes and both nod in unison. Jinx spins her pokeball on her finger, "Well, You got lucky." She releases her Dragonite and the female dragon roars powerfully suddenly rushing Gengar.
Gengar leaps back evading claws and the occasional tail swipe before both he and Dragonite are shrouded in darkness and Gengar's shroud flies into Dragonite while Gengar falls down unconscious. Vecransyh returns him with a smile as he switches to his next pokeball,
"Curse worked." Xylina nods and watches as Dusknoir is sent to the field. Scanning his opponent for a moment he tilts his head to the side a bit letting a Dragon Pulse fly past him. Holding out his hand waves begin radiating and Dragonite's eyes become heavy as she fights to stay awake. Dusknoir returns his hand to his side and closes his cycloptic eye as Dragonite falls asleep. Dusknoir pulses and suddenly Dragonite begins to wail as her sleep becomes invaded by horrible nightmares. Dusknoir makes what looks like a smirk watching Dragonite writhing and Jinx calling to her to wake up and he forms Shadow Balls in both of his hands throwing them slamming Dragonite over and over again making the explosions of dark energy chain off of each other making the pulses of energy larger until Dragonite finally stops writhing and lays unconscious, her nightmares ceasing. Dusknoir begins to laugh darkly as he returns to his pokeball as Jinx releases her Charizard to the field. Xylina floats out and looks up at the massive dragon,
"How did you get so big?" Jinx shrugs as she places Dragonite's pokeball back on her belt,
"She's just always been that big." Charizard takes a deep breath noticeably forming flames in her mouth and Xylina flies upwards cringing as the flames burn her body as she tries to escape them. Xylina quickly reaches the top of her climb and holds her arms out straight before she begins spinning rapidly into a dive downwards at Charizard launching shadow balls. Charizard counters with an intense burst of flames that dissipates the dark energy and Xylina flies to the side taking a deep breath and letting out a ghostly wail letting Perish Song be set upon herself and Charizard. Now directly in front of Charizard she flinches as she sees the massive dragon look straight at her, intensely burning flames forming in her mouth. Xylina throws her arms up over her face as the flames engulf her and she slams into the ground smoking from the burns covering her body.
Vecransyh calls out to her seeing Charizard pulse falling unconscious from the Perish Song and she begins falling forward. Everything seems to slow down as Vecransyh fumbles with his belt realizing he had forgotten her pokeball. Seeing no other option he rushes forward onto the field watching the collapsing dragon. His heart begins pounding in his chest and when he gets within distance he leaps forward over Xylina's unconscious body as Charizard hits the ground.
Jinx's eyes to wide seeing Vecransyh disappear from view under her Charizard and she bolts onto the field. She kneels down getting a look at where Vecransyh is. And blinks as she looks at him, "Geez I thought you got crushed!" Vecransyh is on his hands and knees, his arms shaking wildly against the weight of the dragon and he flashes an angry look at Jinx,
"Return this thing to its pokeball or I will be!!" Jinx leaps back to her feet and fumbles with the pokeball before she holds it out and the Charizard disappears into it. Vecransyh breathes heavily for a moment before he stands up holding Xylina in his arms. Vecransyh looks up at the crowd as they all burst into a massive applause echoing throughout the stadium. Vecransyh can't help but chuckle as he looks back to Jinx, "Looks like I've got a new thing to be remembered for." Jinx joins her hands behind her waist as she looks at him,
"I'm sorry. I couldn't see where she was." Vecransyh shakes his head,
"It's fine. Don't worry about it. I've got to get her to a Pokemon center though so I'll see you later!" With that Vecransyh make a mad dash from the stadium and Jinx looks up into the stands her eyes locking on Drake and Latias before she giggles to herself and walks out of the stadium. Latias and Drake, both seeing this give each-other confused looks before they shrug and the announcer's voice is heard throughout the stadium,

"Well who could have predicted this?" Kazamaru hears his girlfriend laugh from across the field and he looks up at her with an odd look,
"What?! We're going to be fighting each other and you're cool about it?!" Scarlet giggles spinning a pokeball on her finger,
"Oh come on. Not like I'm going to leave you if you beat me! Just think of this as just another battle." She smiles softly, "Of course you won't see any letup from me. So... ready?" Kazamaru grins and takes a pokeball into his hand,
"Hehe, I guess you're right. I'll fight my hardest too!!" The two of them throw their pokeballs as the announcer speaks booming over the crowd,
"AND NOW BEGINS THE SECOND BATTLE OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT BETWEEN KAZAMARU AND SCARLET!! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!" Kazamaru's Aggron rises from his ball in a flash of light meeting Scarlet's Gallade on the other side of the field. The two Pokemon smirk and rush each other each one slamming the other with powerful blows. Gallade ducks under a swinging arm and slams his fist into Aggron's gut before comboing with multiple kicks and even more punches. Aggron recoils from the attacks and suddenly spins slamming his tail into Gallade's side and knocking him to the ground before slamming a Metal Burst into his back for an instant knock-out.

Koga punches the large, oval table that all of the kings and queens sit at looking enraged as he stands up and glares at Lance at the head of the table,
"What are you talking about?!" Misty leans back in her chair folding her arms,
"Koga calm down and let Lance finish." Lance nods to acknowledge her and continues talking,
"It is as I said before. The battle to decide the fate of the world has been foreseen. Giratina will reveal himself at the worst of times and, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to aid the ones who will have to fight him." Winona looks at him oddly,
"But why? What is preventing us from aiding them?" Lance sighs,
"It seems you have all forgotten that there are rules that none of us are exempt from. The fact that no other King of Queen can interfere with the battle one must overcome to join us. Giratina himself is the final test of Vecransyh's strength." The other Kings and Queens begin arguing amongst themselves before a figure floats from the shadows and sits in one of the vacant chairs silencing all of them,
"Lance... What exactly is preventing us from entering the distortion world? Crowe made it and severely crippled Giratina. We all know that it happened. And another question, none of our tests included the potential ending of the world why must this one?" Lance is silent for a moment as he gathers his thoughts,
"It is simply how destiny has played its hand. You bestowed your own brand of power upon him by giving him that sword. As for what exactly prevents us from going to the distortion world, we lose our abilities while in that place leaving us as easy prey for Giratina. The reason Crowe was so easily able to overpower Giratina is because his abilities are not from his Kingship but from his body itself. It's... complicated... I wish I could explain it clearer then that." Darkrai simply nods and says nothing. A relatively elderly man speaks up next, he wears black glasses that fit neatly over his eyes and he wears a boater with red trim on it,
"And what of Armageddon? That abomination has been on our mind for some time now but what are we going to do about it?"
"It's true that Armageddon could potentially be the end but it has been foreseen that it is going to fall rather easily with only three of us fighting it but which three I shall allow you to decide amongst yourselves. I would naturally choose the three strongest of us but with the absence of two of them we are left with Riley as the first choice." Riley nods and tips his hat down as he reclines while the rest of the Kings and Queens begin discussing who should go.

"Looks like it's two on one now Kaza!" Kazamaru grins as he returns Aggron to his pokeball and takes out his second looking across the field at Dane, Scarlet's final Pokemon,
"You're right Scarlet! Dane's looking pretty shaken so this might be it for you!" Kazamaru's Tyranitar roars mightily as he rises from his pokeball slamming a fist down into the ground making a powerful earthquake. Dane leaps into the air and spins launching psychic blades at Tyranitar who shrugs off the hits and roars again with darkness forming in his fangs. Like lightning the darkness releases and electrocutes Dane Knocking him to the ground unconscious. Kaza grins as he returns Tyranitar as Scarlet returns Dane to his pokeball,
"Well that's it Kaza." She smiles as Kaza places the pokeball back on his belt,
"Looks like it." The two walk together and share a quick kiss causing a roar of applause from the crowd and as they leave the announcer's voice is heard from over the intercom,

The crowd roars in applause as Neo walks across the field not accompanied by anyone. He stops in his trainer square looking across at the one he's facing,
"I know what you do to your Pokemon." His voice is rather dark compared to how he usually sounds and the boy across from his smiles as he looks into the angry eyes of the Umbreon. His black hair covers one of his blue eyes in an emover and is done up in a ponytail in the back. His light grey blazer is trimmed in blue with matching grey pants that have the same trim. He wears a black belt with three pokeballs on it,
"Whatever do you mean? It seems you have me confused with someone else Mr. Neo." Neo's expression doesn't change as he glares at the boy,
"I've spoken to your two friends Seth. You abuse your Pokemon so how about this. You stop playing dumb and I take you out of this tournament." Seth grins as he raises a finger and waves it,
"Looks like you know a bit more about me then a lot of people do. Something you might not know though..." He takes a pokeball from his belt and enlarges it, "If your Pokemon fear you and become stronger in an attempt to impress you they become incredible fighters. You can try to knock me out of this tournament Neo but you're going to have a hard time of it." The announcer's voice echoes throughout the stadium,
"WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE THIRD MATCH OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!! THIS MATCH IS BETWEEN NEO EON AND SETH! WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!" A flash of light from Seth's pokeball and a vicious-looking Scyther with blades that shine in the light as it cries out. Neo holds his arm out to the side and a black portal appears a moment later,
"Meet my son Drako." A purple, anthro Rayquaza walks out of the portal and his hands pulse over revealing his silver-clawed three fingered hands. He growls as he glares at the Scyther that simply returns his glare with his own.
All at once the battle starts as the Scyther flashes forward slamming his scythe into Drako's claws as he catches the attack and grabs the blade in his claws letting his blood coat them as he spins the Pokemon over his head slamming him into the ground and blasting a Hyper Beam into his face knocking him out immediately. Drako stands back up from his leaning over position and flexes his hand as the Scyther disappears back into his ball,
"He cut me. Those are some sharp blades he's got." Seth chuckles as he swaps for the second ball,
"He sharpened them till they were tender and bleeding so I'm not surprised." Drako's eyes narrow as he growls,
"You're sick! You're the kind of person who shouldn't even have Pokemon!"
"Your words are meaningless to me. What I do to my Pokemon is of no concern to you." The second pokeball flashes revealing a Dusknoir that cracks his knuckles as they pulse with dark energy. He rushes forward thrusting his palms towards Drako who dodges all the hits with little difficult before Dusknoir's mouth suddenly opens. Drako throws his arms up to protect himself and is engulfed in a Dark Pulse attack and multiple attacks from the Dusknoir's palms.
He spins suddenly slamming the Dusknoir with his tail smashing it and sending him flying across the field. Drako runs forward roaring as he forms massive shadow balls in them. Dusknoir recoils from the hit and spins around facing Drako again forming dual shadow balls in his hands. All four shadow balls smash together causing a massive explosion that covers nearly half the field. Neo takes a step back as a shockwave blasts past him and Seth is knocked back hitting the ground hard and he sits up fixing his hair as he stands back up looking at the field as the explosion's dust cloud begins to settle.
Drako is standing, slumped over on one of his hands as an unconscious Dusknoir lies in front of him. Drako is breathing heavily and looks up when Dusknoir returns to his pokeball, "So, you've beaten Scyther and Dusknoir. I'll be sure to step up their training. Anyway..." he looks at his final pokeball, "You're looking fairly worn down Drako. My starter should finish you off." Seth's final pokeball opens and a giant blue Alligator roars to the sky slamming his claws into the ground and Drako groans looking at the behemoth,
"GRAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Feraligator lunges at him smashing him in the side with his massive claws while Drako puts up his arms to lessen the damage from the attack. He's sent flying across the field onto his back. Neo calls out to him clenching his fists,
"Drako! You can stop if you need to! I've got Terra and Aqua left!" Drako stands up and spits some blood to the side as he rolls his neck glaring at his final opponent,
"Nah I've got this!" Drako runs forward ducking a swinging claw and slamming his fist into Feraligator gut before pulsing electricity through him, "Hehe, got him." Feraligator's only response to this is another swing and Drako's head taking the full force of the blow sending him into the other arm which sends him flying across the field once again hitting the ground with a thud.
Drako sits up and holds a hand to his head and blinks a few times watching as he sees a massive blue object charging at him. He looks back over to Neo looking a bit woozy, "Tell me again why this tournament bans recovery attacks?" Neo rolls his eyes,
"You could just shift to Deoxys and heal that way." Drako stands up and chuckles swaying a bit,
"But that wouldn't be fair!" He looks back to Feraligator as his eyes focus a bit more and he blasts a Hyper Beam into the Behemoth knocking him onto his back, "Besides I'm almost done here I just need a few more minutes!"
"You look like you were in a bar fight Drako." Drako grins as he stumbles and blasts the charging Feraligator away from himself again,
"I think it might just be the minor concussion."
"Look out!" Drako looks back towards Feraligator to see a blue arm coming at him,
"Aw..." He takes the hit and flies across the field landing near Neo, "Did anyone get the license-plate number of that truck?" Neo sighs,
"Drako I'm pulling you from the fight. For Arceus sake man you're speaking nonsense!" Drako shakes his head and stands up steadying himself,
"Not yet I'm almost done!" Drako runs towards the charging Feraligator and dodges the swinging arms grinning as he looks into the Pokemon's angry face, "Boom time!" A huge explosion covers the field as Drako knocks himself out taking Feraligator with him. The field is clear a few minutes later and Seth returns Feraligator to his ball and puts it back on his belt as he flicks his hair,
"Whatever, back to training." Without another word he leaves the arena and Neo walks onto the field picking up Drako and hoisting him onto his shoulder waving into the stands at everyone as he left the arena followed by a roar from the crowd and the announcer's voice,

"How is she Nurse?" Vecransyh stands in front of one of the Pokemon center's nurses with a concerned look and looks relieved when he sees her smile,
"She'll be out in a few minutes. She was a bit burned and bruised up but it was nothing serious. She would have been seriously injured if you hadn't got to her before that Charizard did." Vecransyh lets out a sigh of relief as he smiles up at her,
"Thanks for everything Nurse." The nurse smiles sweetly and returns to the back room returning with Xylina's pokeball after a few more minutes,
"Here she is. She's back to her old self but you should keep her in her pokeball till you get back to the hotel." Vecransyh nods and puts her pokeball on his belt waving as he walks out.
After returning to the hotel Vecransyh stops by Yakira's and the babies room and knocks till she answers,
"Hmm? Oh, hi." She smiles as she looks into his eyes, "You've decided on a name. I can see it in your eyes." She pulled him into a passionate kiss as they both spoke at the same time,
After walking down the hallway to his and Xylina's room Vecransyh opens the door and sits on the bed releasing Xylina from her ball and watching as the moonlight transforms her into her human form. Her eyes are closed and she takes a deep breath running her hands slowly down her body as she opens them looking over at him,
"Hi there love~" Her hands go to her hat and she takes it off smiling as she casts it to the side followed by her cloak, "You saved me from mortal danger again. You know what that makes me want to do to you~"
"I have an idea of what it might be." Vecransyh lays down next to her and kissed her softly running his hand through her hair as she giggled running her hand down his chest,
"I thought you might~"
Chapter End Notes:sorry for the wait guys. looking back on this chapter I still suck at being descriptive in battles... that's just how I write them so blah. 5 more chapters of battles and then it's time for the finale
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