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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Last Day

"I've wondered something master." Vecransyh looks up to the Lucario on top of his throne,
"And what is that Asia?" Asia hops down from the throne and leans against the side of the throne looking out into the horizon,
"It feels like the final battle is almost upon us... what is the plan?" Vecransyh merely laughs darkly as he folds his hands,
"It is likely that their numbers will be thinned by the few scouting parties I still have in the forests near the tower. And besides... you'll be down there as well my dear." Asia grins and looks at him,
"Finally I'll get to kill someone." Vecransyh lays his hand on her head as he smiles,
"Weed out the strongest first. Or whoever you deem as a bigger target for you." Asia walks forward until she stands on the edge of the pillar,
"I'm sure I can think of a few."

Exos sits on the edge of his and Luna's bed with his eyes closed looking at the floor. Luna is hugging him around his chest from behind as she lightly nuzzles him, "Stratos please tell me what's wrong... you're usually so cheery, especially around me." Exos steadily opens his eyes as he lets out a deep sigh,
"Mewtwo... he... returned all of my memories to me." Luna releases him and sits next to him on the bed,
"So? You just remembered a lot of things you already knew... right?" Exos shakes his head as he looks down,
"My real memories... Luna." Luna gives him an odd look,
"Stratos...?" Exos looks at her,
"That's my brother's name. I am Exos." Luna moves away from him, standing up as tears form in her eyes,
"Please... stop joking..." Exos looks down, his eyes closing again,
"I'm sorry Luna..." Luna leans back against the wall, sliding down it until she's sitting on the ground, her eyes wide as tears run down her cheeks,
"You... look so much like him..." Exos nods, his eyes staying closed,
"I believed I was him... but... I'm just not." Luna closes her eyes, wiping them with her paw before she stands and looks at him,
"So many things have happened... first you are him... then you're not him... just..." She takes a few steps over towards him and sits down next to him, "Just hold me... let me dream..." The two put their arms around each other and Luna closes her eyes, holding him close as she softly nuzzles his neck.

Drake throws up his arms to block a solid kick from his Blaziken as the two train, trading blows as they growl trying to strike the other. Jinx and Latias stand next to each other off to the side as they both watch Drake and Latias nudges the girl as she smiles, "Number one fan eh?" Jinx blushes lightly as she scratches her head,
"Erm... yeah, I guess I was his original fan-girl; but not the psycho, clothes-ripping kind, the kind that trained hard believing that one day they could take them on in a battle and win." Latias purrs,
"I'm sure you'd be making a bet with him if that battle ever were to happen." Jinx looks up to her and winks,
"Oh definitely. Then I'd get to taste the sweetness of victory~" Latias smiles and puts her arm around Jinx's waist,
"Sounds to me like that bet would be of a sensual nature Jinxi." Jinx blushes a bit deeper as she looks towards Drake,
"Not that he'd ever agree..." Latias smiles softly as she looks towards the girl next to her,
"Actually I think he might. And since you've admired him for so long how can I say no?" Jinx gives her a shocked expression,
"Wha... seriously?!" Latias nods with a giggle,
"Love is a universal good after all." Drake slams a hard punch into Blaziken's gut before throwing a kick up into his chin and the Fire Pokemon topples backwards defeated. Drake takes a few breathes, wiping his brow with the bottom of his shirt and catches his hat as Latias tosses it to him,
"Finally I beat you!" Drake walks over to the bird Pokemon and takes his hand into his own helping him up and laughs as Blaziken sways a bit, "You okay?" Blaziken nods with a happy caw and the two shake hands before Blaziken wanders off down one of the hallways. Latias looks over to Jinx, tilting her head slightly,
"So how do you plan to do it?" Jinx smiles and leans back against the wall,
"Three-some?" Latias blinks as she blushes a bit,
"I suppose that would get things done."

Crudon kicks his feet as he sits on his bed, Metagross lying down on the other side of the room apparently sleeping. He sighs to himself and lays down looking up to the ceiling, "These days are passing by too fast... Once Jack announced the date that the mission was going to be done it's like time has been going faster..." He looks over to Metagross, "I'm a little worried... you'll protect me right Metagross?" The eyes of the Steel Pokemon shift towards the boy and it nods to him, "Thanks... I just don't know what I'll be able to do on the battlefield."
"Would you like to change that?" Crudon jumps and looks towards the doorway, the form of Riketz meeting his gaze, "The trainers themselves are mostly worthless on the battlefield without their Pokemon and even with them they're only a burden on their minds. Come with me if you'd like to be useful." Crudon nods and hops off of his bed looking back to Metagross,
"I'll be back later Metagross." He then follows Riketz out the door and down one of the longer hallways.

Before long, Riketz stands before Kazamaru and Crudon. He looks at them both as he smirks, "I suppose you're wondering why Scarlet isn't here as well?" The two nod before Riketz laughs and folds his arms, "Because, being the daughter of Sabrina, her ESP abilities are significant making her all but useless in the fight against ghosts. She has been training with Bane as of late to unlock more of her powers." Riketz lets his arms fall back to his sides, "You two, however, are useless as you are now. Choose your weapons." Kazamaru smirks as he looks at the Zangoose,
"How about hammers?" Riketz raises an eyebrow and his eyes flash, two hammers appearing in Kazamaru's hands. Kazamaru flips one and smiles, "Feels good." Riketz nods,
"Jack has a very large store of weapons here. Those hammers are made from Rhyperior plates while the edges are spiked with Aggron spikes. I'm a bit surprised you're able to lift them with such ease."
"When I was training with my father I took it upon myself to train my own body as well." Riketz nods,
"I see I see." He looks at Crudon, "And what weapon will you be using?"
"Gloves." Riketz gives him an odd look,
"Why gloves? Weight is no object with them but the sheer amount of protection they offer is nothing."
"I could say the same thing about your claws." Riketz pauses for a moment before nodding and red and dark blue gloves form over Crudon's hands, "Wow these are awesome!" Crudon punches the air a few times as he grins. Riketz nods slightly,
"Those gloves are made from the infusion of a Shuckle's shell and a Rampardos' head-plate. Although normal weapons cannot harm ghosts, these weapons you have received magnify your own strength tenfold and carry within them the strength of the types they are created with. Kazamaru; you have Rock and Steel types. Crudon; you have Rock. The bug type would also be embedded within the gloves but it was removed when they were created with thought to fighting ghosts." Riketz's claws are released from his paws as he grins, "I'll be dumbing down my speed given that you're both human. One hit before you're done training."

Naomi lies on her bed, looking up at the ceiling as she sings softly to herself, her hand in the air as her fingers trace along the outlines of the rocks above her. She hears a light sound as her door opens and she looks up, a light smile appearing on the female Latios' face as she sees Drake's Blaziken, "Hey there." She watches as he walks over to the bed and falls onto his back, looking up at the ceiling with a sigh. Naomi giggles as she lies next to him, the two only a foot apart, "That a fact?" She sits up a moment later and lays her hands on his chest, her fingers glowing a light blue as she applies Recover to his bruises, "Well it looks like Dad beat you finally. You both train so often that it was bound to happen eventually." Blaziken only rolls his eyes before shaking his head and speaks, his voice it fairly neutral with a touch of deepness,
"It's just an odd feeling; a trainer being stronger then one of their Pokemon." As Naomi finishes with his bruises she lies down on his chest, her hand sliding up through the feathers as she lies her head against his neck,
"Oh come on. He's the son of Riley after-all: the King of Steel. And the Lucario blood in his veins is the reason for his power." She nuzzles him lightly and feels as his head turns and the two kiss softly, Naomi purring as her hands caress his feathers,
"You have a point there Naomi~" She smiles and nuzzles into his neck, enjoying the feeling of his warmth against her own body,
"You'll beat him next time Blazey, you just have to keep your spirits up~"

A few hours pass before everyone is called back into Jack's office. Kazamaru and Crudon look a bit winded but both were successful at striking Riketz. The Zangoose is also in the room, leaning against the wall off to the side. Jack sits in his chair, looking at each of them individually before he speaks, "As you all must know, tomorrow is the day where we march to Sinnoh. I have sent word to the Space Center and my contacts there have already begun to travel here. My Dusknoir is with them so I don't much fear for their safety in reaching this place. We will be leaving at Noon and so I felt it necessary to tell you all that I want you to get your affairs in order. Any of you very well could die tomorrow so you should spend as much time as you can with those you care for. If you have anything you'd like to tell the other before tomorrow comes then do so. Leave no regrets in your heart." He nods to them all and after a few more minutes he dismisses them, leaning back in his chair as he cracks his back, "Something you wanted to ask me?" Exos walks forward and nods to Jack,
"Do you have any information regarding any of the people who aren't here? Like Onym and Tara; the other Legendaries?" Jack smiles lightly,
"Onym and Tara are the ones who have been occupying the Space Center for these two and a half years with Deoxys, Exos. As for the other legendaries... most of the ones who are still alive have gone into hiding. They are in places were no-one can reach them and if that is their choice then there's nothing any of us can do about that but we do have the strength to defeat Vecransyh now but if we had more then it would be that much better." Exos nods and looks down to his paw,
"I'm ready to fight... after I had my memories restored it was like my emotional bonds to everyone shattered... I had lost the identity I thought I had all because I couldn't handle not knowing."
"I can tell you want to ask me something."
"What will happen when Celebi brings those victorious back in time and this future is erased? What will happen to us? To all of those who weren't killed in this battle?" Jack shakes his head, leaning forward and he lays his hands on his desk,
"That is what we fight for; for this future to be erased. I don't know what will happen, I don't think that anyone does but as long as it happens then all will be as it should be." Exos shakes his head as he looks down,
"So all of the memories that anyone has formed of this future... will be gone. It'll be like none of this ever existed or even happened." Jack nods,
"Yes. This future has happened, there is no changing that but making so that it doesn't happen again is what we are trying to obtain." Exos opens the door behind him and nods as he closes it behind himself.

Riketz sits cross-legged on his bed as he meditates, his paws are lying as his sides as he breathes slowly, "What exactly are you doing?" Ceri pops up from in front of his bed and tilts her head as she hops onto it sitting cross-legged like him,
"Just a little bored. Why do you meditate all the time instead of talking and making friends?" Riketz opens his eyes staring at the Lucarion, who is staring at him with a curious look,
"This future means nothing so there is no point to conversing at all if it doesn't amount to anything." Ceri leans back, propped up on her paws as she rolls her eyes,
"Jeez you're defensive. If it doesn't matter then why not open up? Talk to me Fluffy." Riketz gives her a rather irritated look,
"I thought I made my point about that nickname when I threw you off of Neo's roof." Ceri simply shrugs,
"But why do you care if it means nothing?" Riketz lets out a slight laugh as he stares at the girl,
"So why are you here instead of being with your family?" Ceri lies down on her stomach, propped up on her paws as she kicks her feet slightly,
"We're all still walking to Sinnoh, we'll be together then. I just thought you could use some company..." Riketz closes his eyes with an uninterested look and unsheathes his claws, picking dirt and such from them with the claws on his other paw,
"I've been alone for around four-hundred years. The need for company isn't existent in my mind." Riketz flinches as he opens his eyes to find her paw on his cheek and gives her an odd look, "Ceri..?"
"You've been alone for too long Riketz... I feel the sadness and I see the pain in your eyes. Past the anger, past the intimidation... you're simply afraid to let down your guard for anyone..." Ceri's paw falls back to her side as she looks at the Zangoose,
"Tell me about her." Riketz's gaze shifts away from her and to the floor before his eyes simply close,
"My past is none of your business."
"All I've gathered so far is that she died four-hundred years ago and the hurt was so deep because of your immortality that you completely closed yourself off from the outside world." Riketz's eyes widen as she throws her arms around him and holds him in a tight embrace, "I'm right aren't I..?" Riketz's eyes stay wide as he stares at nothing. A hug...? Physical contact...? Set aside the single strikes of his students he hadn't had contact with another being in such a long time. His claws sheathed themselves as his arms rose, wrapping around the Lucarion's torso, "You're so strong but you don't have to work so hard to keep people out..." After a few minutes of silence she releases him, moving about a foot away as the two look at one another. Riketz sighs momentarily before a soft yet genuine smile appears on his face,
"Get comfortable. The tale of my life is a long one."

Gengar lies on his bed looking up at the ceiling, his and Dusknoir's words running through his head as he simply stares, "This feeling... it's like betrayal really is the right road to follow..."
"You really should keep your thoughts to yourself Gengar." Gengar sits up as Dusknoir floats into his room, "You never know who could be listening." Gengar nods to his friend,
"Yeah... I'm just glad it was you." Dusknoir turns and closes the door, "So then what are your thoughts on it?" Gengar watches as Dusknoir turns back towards him,
"Possibly make up a fake report about a legend and me and you leave, join up with the others and then come back here with them." Dusknoir nods,
"Yes... but you forget that the lord isn't easily tricked. And besides that little girl can detect if someone is telling a false truth." Gengar pauses for a moment as he thinks things through,
"So we should simply leave?" Dusknoir shakes his head,
"No, I propose that we wait until the resistance shows up. At that moment they will be swarmed by many ghosts. That will be our chance to aid them because we will be sent out onto the battlefield. Vecransyh won't be able to do anything whilst we get them to the tower." Gengar grins slightly as he nods to the reaper Pokemon,
"Yes. So until then we wait and do nothing?" Dusknoir shakes his head,
"We wait but we won't do nothing." Dusknoir gets a dark smile on his face, "Have you noticed a decline in the number of ghosts within Sinnoh?" Gengar thinks for a moment before nodding, "It's partially because whenever I am sent out in a scouting party they will... meet with an accident." Gengar smirks,
"I always wondered what happened when you were banned from leading scouting parties." Dusknoir simply nods,
"I have been working on this for a long time Gengar. I would simply take them out and we would enter a black spot. They would all be killed whilst I 'barely escaped with my life'. I'd rough myself up a little and return without them. Thirty or so deaths each time I went out... but a few parties fell to me alone. I had to stay in top form after-all." Dusknoir pauses for a moment, "Gengar... there will come a time where we will be against Banette and it may have to be you who strikes her down." Gengar nods slowly as he thinks about this possibility,
"It's true Dusknoir. I may have to kill her but when she sees that we've turned sides there's a chance that she may join us." Dusknoir closes his eye,
"And if not?" Gengar looks down,
"I'm not completely sure I could do it to be honest..." Dusknoir re-opens his eye,
"I'll do it if it leads to that." Gengar nods,
"Then it's settled. I'll eliminate the scouting party that I'm leaving with tonight." Dusknoir holds up his hand,
"Only attack if you're sure that none of them can get away. It is incredibly difficult to eliminate the entirety of them so I recommend a black spot. Have something else kill them so that Vecransyh won't become aware of us should one return."

Jack leans back in his chair, his hands folded as he looks up at the ceiling, "Hmm... It's quiet. I suppose everyone went to bed since it is midnight..." He stands, turning towards the back wall and picks up each pokeball on the shelf before securing them to a belt on the wall near his scythe, "Tomorrow... we are either victorious or we all fall into oblivion."
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