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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 16

Ch. 16

"Is she going to be alright nurse Joy?" I asked as I placed the Heal Ball on the table, only to see that the nurse was in shock once again at being addressed by a Pokemon for the second time in probably her life.

-----(A few moments before.)-----

The look on Trisha's face as I, not only acknowledged her gender but also given her a proper name, was practically priceless. Add on to the fact that I just told her that the Pokeball that I used on her was registered to me...well, you get the picture. She was so beat up and shocked that she didn't have the strength to fight against the capture. Once the capture had been completed with the sound of the ping, I quickly stood up and walked into the center.

-----(Back to the present)-----

"Is she going to be alright?!" I asked again as the nurse finally shook her head and came back from her momentary pause from reality.

The nurse looked down at the ball, back up at me, then back down at the ball. It seemed that finally she was getting the idea and got back to her old self. "Y...yes of course." She picked up the ball and quickly turned around. "I'll just have to place your Pokemon here, in the rejuvenation chamber, and it should be all healed up in no time." She said as I watched her place the pink ball into some kind of chamber, then saw her flip a switch that made the ball glow with a pulsing white light. "This could take a few minutes, so why not visit our café and get yourself something to eat."

'Now that is an excellent idea. Come on Genii, lets get something to eat. I am starving over here.' Suicune said as she gently nudged me with her horn and pushed me towards the smell of food.

"Alright already. I'll get us some food." I said to her as I took a few steps ahead of her and then looked back over my shoulder at the nurse. "Just give me a shout when she's all patched up Nurse Joy." I said as Suicune began to push me again with her horn.

As we entered the café, I looked around and saw that many of the trainers and other people that had watched my fight with Suzy were sitting around many of the tables, eating whatever fancied their tastes. Not one of the trainers had out a single Pokemon beside them, except for one or two, who's Pokemon were small enough to either sit on their shoulders, or lay in their laps.

We hadn't even made two steps into the room (Or four for Suicune), when everybody stopped in the middle of what they were doing and turned to look at us. It was one of those awkward moments when you are waiting for a pin to drop, or a baby in the background to cry. "Ummmmm...ya. Just gunna grab a bite to eat, then go back up to our room. Yep, food, then bed." I said in a nervous tone as I made my way over to the vending machine and purchased a few cans of Pokemon chow, as well as a large thing of Ramen, with a few bottles of something to drink from another machine. Once I'd grabbed our dinners, I slowly turned and headed slowly for the door, but didn't make it as the sound of all the chairs in the room being pushed back and the sound of a stampede right after. "SHIT! RUN SUICUNE!" I yelled as I quickly made a mad dash out of the café.

'Right behind you Genii.' Suicune said in just as fearful tone as myself.

As we entered the main lobby of the center, the nurse was holding up a Heal Ball and shouting something, but due to the noise of the stamped, we couldn't hear what she was saying. Not daring to slow down, I quickly used my psychic abilities to grab the ball in her hand and quickly throw it towards me. I caught the ball out of the air, and transferred it to my belt. "THANKS A LOT NURSE JOY!" I yelled. 'Come on Suicune. Once we make it to our room, we'll be safe.' I told her psychically as I clipped the ball to my belt.

She barked something, but I still couldn't hear anything over the noise of our pursuers. So delving into her mind, I listened in to her thoughts. 'No we won't. Our door is locked remember. Once we stop to unlock it, all of our pursuers will be on us like a Snorlax at an all you can eat buffet.'

Realizing that she was right as well as the fact that our door was coming up, I knew that we were in trouble. 'If I had more time, I could reach beyond the door and unlock it from the opposite side, but that would take to much time. Got to think up something quick.' Just then a funny grin spread across my face as I looked over my shoulder. "Watch your step." I warned, but it was mostly ignored by our pursuers.

Just as I turned back forward, I heard somebody yell, then a big crash to the floor, followed my many other yells. Once we got to our door, I quickly pulled out my keys for the room and unlocked the door. Suicune looked back the way we'd come and couldn't help but laugh. All our pursuers were all laying on top of one another in a big Dog Pile. "Come on Suicune, before they get up and try to get you." She quickly turned and jumped through the open door as I quickly shut it behind her with a thud.

"Dang, that was close." I said as I locked the door and slowly turned to place my back against it, then slide down it so that I was sitting on the floor.

'What in the world happened out there Genii? One minute we are buying some dinner, the next all those people are chasing us, then the next they are all laying on the floor in a large heap.' She said as she walked over to me and lay down in front of me, which she caught her breath from our recent mad dash to the safety of our room.

"I don't really know myself, though I doubt I really want to find out." I said as I started taking deep breaths to get my wind back. Once I got my wind back, I stood up and looked out through the peep-hole and saw that there were several people trying to look in through it. "As far as when all those people tripped, I used my psychic abilities to put up a barrier near their feet to stop them all from ganging up on us while we got into our room."

I slowly turned around and saw that Suicune had a mischievous look on her face, then nodded. 'Alright then. What is going on out there right now?' To which I couldn't help but laugh.

"Lets just say that, we are going to have quite a few people following us around for our stay here." It would seem that Suicune didn't exactly get the joke, so I just shrugged and walked over to the bedside lamps in turn and turned them on. "As for right now though, I think I need a shower to wash off all this dust and grime from when I fought with Suzy." I told her as I moved off to the bathroom and started the shower.

'Who is Suzy?' Suicune asked as she followed me into the bathroom.

"Hmm? Oh her. She was a kid that I went to school with." I told her as I adjusted the water's spray and temperature to be just right. "When I was still a Ralts, she got some kind of sick humor out of trying to capture me with a stuffed Pokeball. Needless to say, I still think I've got a permanent lump there on the back of my head." I tuned and sat down on the edge of the tub and faced her. "Back then, I was still getting used to the whole idea of me being a Pokemon and didn't know what would happen if someone were to use a Pokeball on me."

Suicune nodded. 'I think I see your point. I was also afraid of being captured by trainers when I was younger as well.'

I gave her a knowing nod. "The only problem with that was, I didn't want to be captured and especially by someone like her. She was a spoiled little girl and got practically she wanted just because she demanded it." I slowly lowered my head and shook it. "Though, now that I look back on the whole incident, I guess I would have to thank her."

Suicune cocked her head to the side and had a confused look on her muzzle. 'Now you are really confusing me. One moment you are angry with her, now you say that you want to thank her. Which is it?'

I just chuckled. "I still don't like her, but if it wasn't for her, I don't think that I'd ever have awakened my mental abilities." I said as I tapped the side of my head with my hand. With that, I told her about the time that she had Rupert attack me and how that had led up to me awakening my powers to defend myself. "Crazy isn't it." To which she nodded.

With nothing much left to do, the two of us took a nice and long calming shower together, helping each other to reach places that we normally couldn't, then went back into the room much more relaxed and feeling a whole lot better. Just as we entered the room, both our stomachs let out a long growl and we both laughed at that. So, sitting down at the table I pulled out what I'd held onto once we began to run from the café and started to eat, but Suicune just looked over at me. 'I do not mean to be mean, but are you not forgetting someone?'

I thought for a few moments until I finally realized who she was talking about and just laughed. "You know, your completely right. After this whole fiasco today, I totally forgot about her." So, pulling off her ball I aimed it right next to me and hit the release button. "Come on out, Trisha." And just like that, she materialized out of the white light, sitting right next to me.

She looked around the room for quite some time, until she realized that there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, so she looked up at me and gave me a long look. 'Okay. What is going on here? Is there something that you need?' She asked as if she'd just been awoken from a good dream and wanted nothing more than to go back to it.

"Before anything else." I said as I took a can of some Pokemon chow, filled a bowl with it, squeezed some Oran Berry juice on top of it, then placed it in front of her. "Why don't you eat something. I bet, after a good hard battle, that you must be pretty hungry."

Trisha just looked down at the bowl, over to Suicune to see that she too was eating the same concoction that she was given, then slowly took a bite. After a few mouth-fulls, she quickly dug into her dinner and happily finished off every bite. After she had finished her meal she looked up at me, gave me a happy smile, and proceeded to lick her lips at the same time. 'That was really good. My old master only got me that bland flavored Pokemon chow for me. Thank you...wait a moment. I never really got your name.'

Suicune chuckled at that, but returned to her meal before anything else. "My name's Genii. Genii the Gallade." I said as I knelt down and offered up my right hand down to her. She didn't get the gesture at first, but eventually did and shook my hand with her left forepaw and was further shocked to see me lean over and give it a gentle kiss to the back of her paw. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance from here and now on Trisha."

'Um..." I could see that a deep crimson blush slowly spread across her face as she also hadn't been expecting this, but nodded anyways. 'L...likewise, Genii.' She stuttered as she took her paw back and placed it on the ground with a long look at it.

An hour later found me at a desk in the room, writing down my daily activities for my father, with the desk lamp light being the only light on the room. Raising my arms above my head, I stretched and let out a long yawn, 'Almost done. Just got to finish up with a few more notes then I can join those two.' I thought to myself as I looked over my shoulder at the bed. Both Suicune and Trisha were fast asleep on the end of the bed and both seemed to sparkle in the low light from the thorough brushing that I'd given to them after they'd both been cleaned up. A small smirk slowly crept across my face as I saw the contented look upon both their faces and turned back to the letter.

Dear Dad;

As promised, here is the letter that you requested of my progress of my life here in the outside world (Chuckle). Today, was probably the first real encounter on how people are going to treat me, and I have to say that it was not fun. I have to say that their over enthusiasm in meeting me, is only going to be a slight problem. Both Suicune and I were chased to our room in the Pokemon center after I had a battle with Suzy.

Ya, dad. That's right. She's out here as well, and just as stuck up as the first time we met. Though the good news with the encounter with her has left me with her abandoned Absol. It turns out that Suzy thought she a Male Absol, so that brought no end to 'her' humiliation at being called by a guys name. Now Trisha (That's her name now) is a new member of my team and very happy to finally be addressed with a proper name.

I still haven't decided on what I'm going to be in the future though. I plan on trying each career in turn and see which fits my tastes best, before I settle on my true career. That's right dad, I plan on taking on all the different types of Pokemon carriers that are out there. So, who knows, I just might become a Pokemon Scientist like you (Chuckle). Hmm. That might not be a bad idea after all. I could probably invent something that would allow 'regular humans' to be able to understand Pokemon speech.

Any-who. I've got to get off to bed. I've decided to get in some actual training tomorrow with Trisha to see what she is capable of and maybe take on a gym in a few days.
Until the next letter,


I placed the letter inside and envelope that was marked Air Mail and turned it over to address it to my dads house. There was a picture of a Pidgy on the front of the envelope to specify that this letter would tell whoever was delivering it that I didn't mind the letter taking some time to deliver and no special conditions were needed in making this delivery (As with each air mail, there was a different picture of the Pokemon needed to make the delivery. A Wingull for overseas deliveries, a Crobat for deliveries by night, a Pidgeot for speed, etc...).

Dropping the letter down a shoot at the end of the room, I watched it slide down the clear shoot to the awaiting Bird Catcher Pokemon trainer that would attach it to the proper Pokemon leg and send it along it's way.

I yawned once more and finally turned out the light. 'That is enough for one day. I think I'll turn in for the night and get ready for the training in the morning. Mew only knows how long or hard that is going to be.' Slipping into bed was a little difficult at first, until Suicune stood up from the bottom of the bed and lay down along side me. I smiled to myself as I draped an arm over her and gave her a quick hug.

"Goodnight Suicune."

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