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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 22

Ch. 22

Slowly righting myself so that I was standing upright, I turned and looked over my shoulder and could see that the Geodude was unconscious. 'Thank goodness for that potion that Lady Suicune suggested I take. Otherwise I wouldn't have had the strength to pull that last move off.' I thought as I released the held breath that I didn't realize I was holding. Lady Suicune eventually pushed the unconscious Geodude out of her way and quickly ran over to me.

'Are you alright Genii?' She asked me as she looked up at me with a worried look in her eyes.

I gave her a weak smile, dropped to my knees, then pulled her into a hug. 'I'm alright Lady Suicune. That Geodude was just a little stronger than I thought. Though I do have to admit that that potion that you suggested I take definitely helped after that battle with the Onix.'

"It's not possible. Nobody could have defeated the gym leaders Geodude. Especially one that was left in reserve for experienced challengers." The boy said as he pulled out the Geodude's ball and looked down at it. He pointed the ball at the thing and then recalled it, only to look down at it again.

'I guess that explains why that Geodude was so difficult to defeat. Not to mention how it knew and use that Rollout along that wall.' I thought as I let go of Lady Suicune and sat down on my backside. 'I'm glad that that is finally over. Now all that remains is to contact the gym leader and tell him about all this and collect my/our winnings.' I thought aloud so that everybody could hear.

The boy's face went into a state of shock as he looked over at me then down at the ball. "Now wait a minute," He said as he quickly ran over and skidded to a stop on his knees right in front of us. "No need to be so hasty. The gym leader doesn't need to know that I borrowed one of his Pokemon and fought you with it." He said as he held up both his arms and showed us how shaky they were.

'What are you talking about. Of course he needs to know. I'm not going to lie to him about this when I see him. I'm a Gallade, I can't lie, it's not in my nature.' I told him as I gave Lady Suicune a sly smirk and a wink as I turned to look at her so that the boy couldn't see this.

"Aw, come on. Be reasonable. Look," He said as she looked down at his pockets, fished around with something within then pulled out several cards that indicated the he'd won quite a few battles from previous trainers that had come to this gym. "I'll pay you, triple the normal winnings for you to keep this between us.' He said as he held out the three of the cards.

'Something is not right here Genii.' Lady Suicune said as she looked down at the cards that the boy was holding and then over to me. 'There is something more to this boy's story than him borrowing one of the Gym leaders advanced Pokemon.'

'I couldn't agree more. I think I'll have a peak inside his head to see what else he's hiding.' I thought to her on a private telepathic band. As the boy just froze up for a moment with his hands still held out to me, I peaked inside his head for anything else that he was lying about. It seemed that the truth wasn't that hard to find, as he hoped that I wouldn't know about the gym leader and how this boy knew him. After poking around for a bit, I couldn't help but start to laugh.

"WHAT!? What's so funny?" The boy asked as his hands slowly lowered and gave me a confused look.

'Nothing really.' I thought as I reached out and took the three cards. 'Though I will take these as my earnings.' I said as I looked at each and saw the number of their worth on the back. The cards looked much like your average credit card, but had a strange bar on the back that when held up to a light a certain way, they showed a holographic number indicating how much was on the card.

"So...we have a deal?" The boy asked as I got to my feet and brushed off my legs.

'Now where's that gym leader. If that Geodude was one of his, I can't wait to see how strong he is. Care to take us the rest of the way there?' I asked the boy, completely ignoring his question.

"Um...sure. There really isn't anybody else to challenge you, since this is the first gym. But remember our deal." He said as he too got up and motioned for us to follow him. "This way." It took us five minutes or so to finally reach the stairs that led up to the platform of the Gym leader. "Well, here you go. I'll just..., hay what's going on here? Put me down!" The boy yelled.

At the last possible moment, before the boy could escape and try and get away with his little thievery, I used my psychic abilities and lifted him off the ground. 'Now why would I do that? You have done something wrong and you need to face the consequences of your actions.' I said to him as I bowed like a butler and motioned for Lady Suicune to step forward. 'After you my lady.'

'Your to kind.' She said with a smile then started up the stairs with us in tow. I don't know if she was walking like she was putting on a show for me, but the way that she too each step with a sauntering sway to her hips...I shuddered a bit then followed up after her.

Once we reached the top of the stairs, I looked back and could see almost all the maze as well as a girl still sitting at the edge of a catwalk looking through the glass top, as if looking for something. 'Looking for me Suzy?' I sent to her as she quickly looked towards us and a startled look appeared on her face.

"What in the world? Are you finished with all the challengers already? Darn it, I though that I would have seen you battle some more." She said in a disappointed tone and started walking along the catwalk. The strange thing about the catwalk was it always stayed the same distance above the area it was over, most likely for the purpose of someone who wanted to keep an eye on the goings on of either the maze or that gym leaders battle area. Though when it came to the gym leaders area, the distance doubled.

I didn't pay Suzy any more mind as I stepped off the stairs and onto the massive battle field. The field before me looked much like a normal Pokemon battle field, only there seemed to be jagged boulders sticking out of the ground in random places. 'Definitely a field fit for a rock type gym.' I thought as I started to look around for the gym leader. 'HELLO?! IS THERE ANYBODY HERE?!' I mentally yelled out.

"Aw, damn it. That hurts!" Someone yelled from the far side of the field. A man dressed in a hikers outfit stepped out from behind a bolder on the far side and placed his right hand against the rock to steady himself, as his left was pressed up to his head. "Would somebody please explain why a psychic type is mentally yelling at me?" He said in a pained tone as he closed his left eye and winced.

'Please forgive me. My name is Genii and I'm here to talk with you.' I sent in a much calmer and down toned mental voice. I reached behind me, grabbed the boy that I'd mentally levitated over to me, then threw him onto the field. 'I believe that this young boy has something he wishes to discuss with you.'

The gym leader walked around a few more boulders and looked down at the boy who was now laid out on the ground. "Johnny? What are you doing up here little bro. Your supposed to stay down in the maze and challenge any who come into this gym with your Onix."

"I was," Johnny said as he got up and brushed some of the battle fields dust off his cloths. "Until this Gallade decided to grab me and drag me up here." He finished brushing himself off then turned to me. 'I know that you can hear me Gallade. So you'd better keep your mouth shut about me borrowing my big brothers Geodude, otherwise I'll have to tell him about our little deal.' He said with a smirk.

'Deal? I never made a deal with you. I specifically said that I'd be taking those credits for the win. I never agreed to, 'keep my mouth shut'. You just thought I did.' I sent to him on a private link. This got Johnny's eyes to go wide as he realized his mistake. 'Gym leader...'

"Tony. The names Tony." He stepped forward and offered out his hand to which I shook.

'Nice to meet you Tony. My name's Genii and allow me to introduce, Lady Suicune.' I said with a bow as I took a half step back and Lady Suicune to stepped forward. 'I believe that we have a slight problem.' I said to him after he smiled to Lady Suicune and she returned to my side where she lay down.

"Alright then. What might this problem be exactly and how might I help solve it?" He asked.

'The problem is with your younger brother over there who is trying to sneak off.' I said as I pointed towards Johnny who was almost all the way around a rock. Tony looked at me for a moment then quickly ran over and collected his younger brother. Carrying him as if a piece of luggage under his right arm.

"And what is it that he has done this time?" He asked as I could see Johnny start to squirm in his older brother grip.

"He's lying. Don't believe him. Whatever he says is a lie." He stared rambling on and on until Tony had had enough and clapped a hand over his mouth.

"That'll be enough of that. You know as well as I that Gallade's are incapable of lying." Tony gave his brother a sneer then looked back up to me. "I hope that it isn't serious." Tony said as he looked down at his brother. "Because if it is, he's in for a world of wedgies when we get home tonight."

Not knowing what he was referring to, as I grew up without an older brother, I gave Lady Suicune a confused look to which she just shrugged back. Once our brief exchange was over I looked over to Johnny and saw that he had both his hands on the back of his pants and his face was scrunched up. 'I don't really know if you would conceder this a big problem, but he took one of your experienced Geodude's and pitted it against me in a battle.' I said to him as I watched his eyebrows go up.

"That is a problem, though not as big as it can be." He paused for a moment then whispered something down to Johnny which made his face scrunch up even more and grab the back of his pants even tighter. "Let me ask you something, Genii...was it?" I nodded. "Would you conceder yourself a well traveled Gallade?" I shook my head. "And is this the first time you've ever taken on a gym?" Nod. "Excuse for a second." He said as I could see the anger that was just under the surface, just waiting to explode.

Tony turned around and walked behind a set of rocks at the middle of the field. There was a long pause and an awkward silence for a few moments before the sound of elastic being stretched to it's limit which was closely followed by a long drawn out yell.

Lady Suicune placed a paw on my leg and I looked down at her. 'What is going on Genii. Why is someone yelling, and why are you wincing?'
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