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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 12

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

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-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 12

Sarah's mother, Angela, was the first to call out to them. "Sarah?" She asked from across the room. Both Sarah and Thomas looked up just in time to see them getting and moving over to greet them.

"Oh, Thomas!" Vivian stated seeing them walk in.

"What are you all doing here?" Sarah asked as she looked them over, all fairly dressed up. "And what's with the fancy clothing."

"Oh, one of the sister companies to Silph Co. invited myself and Angela us out here to look over a few things, and we called out Vivian and Andrew to help us look some things over. We did such a good job once the four of us were here that the CEO of the company has decided to treat us to dinner." Sarah's father, Joseph stated looking at them.

"Please, come join us." Vivian smiled still unsure what to think recalling what Andrew's father had told her, she had to find out for herself.

"Dressed up like you are, I'm guessing it's a fancy restaurant." Sarah stated. "We don't have any good clothing for it."

"Hmmm, I think we can spare something for the both of you." Andrew smiled. "Besides, it'd be good to actually sit down for once."

"But I'd rather not intrude if your boss was the one who invited you to dinner." Thomas stated.

Andrew laughed a bit. "Relax, its like Joseph said. We are being treated to dinner, Mr. Galtic won't be joining us, he said he had other plans, but still wished for us to have a good time for our help."

Sarah smiled and nodded as Joseph pulled out a room key for the Sigil's room and Andrew passed his onto Thomas so that the two of them could get something suitable to wear. Sarah smiled and asked them to go ahead and get their table. They were expecting to have to wait a few minutes anyway and while their parents were getting them a table, that left time for Sarah and Thomas to get a room themselves, which Andrew readily paid for, and get themselves a shower.

Both Sarah and Thomas got their borrowed clothing and then went to their room to get their showers.


Their showers went quick, but Thomas was worried and big time, which in turn only caused Sarah and Rebecca to worry a bit as well.

"Thomas, what's up?" Sarah asked as she finished with her hair, finally dried and now being braided back. She was nearly completely dressed now and aside from a coat and shoes, she was ready to go. Thomas on the other hand, although mostly dressed, was far from ready. He rubbed off the mirror with a towel and looked over his eyes. Nearly a quarter of his eyes were solid red now and his pupils had began to flatten up some, not to mention just how light sensitive he was.

"Talk about lousy timing." He sighed. This earned a confused look from Sarah as she looked at him. "I left on sort of bad terms last time I showed up at the estate." Thomas explained.

"Bad terms?" Sarah asked.

"You remember how Eric is. Andrew's father, not your friend." Thomas added that second part seeing that she was even more confused by the name he gave her. "Well, I let slip that me and Rebecca had more then his tolerated master and servant relationship. I defended her from his insults, but that didn't do much good."

"What happened?" Sarah took a seat on the bed putting on her shoes.

"Rebecca and I had just come to realize our feelings for each other, and accepted them at the time. When I defended Rebecca though, Eric let his mind run wild, assuming all sorts of things. He provoked me by striking at Rebecca and I turned on him. Radara stopped me before anything serious could happen, but..." Thomas sighed. "Andrew thankfully had already approved of my relationship, but when Eric turned and told Vivian his story about everything I was 'supposedly' doing with Rebecca. Well, Andrew passed on the message that Vivian would rather not see me for a while."

"I'm sorry Thomas." She said looking at him suddenly understanding his worry. "But can't you use this opportunity to try and fix things with her?"

"I wish it was that simple, but I've got more problems that then right now. Talk about lousy timing." He rubbed his eyes again, even the one bathroom light was a bit hard on him right now.

"Bad timing?" Sarah asked.

He looked at her, showing her just how much they had changed. "I'm nearly blind right now, I can see what's right in front of me and what's in the corner of my eyes, but I've got a pair of large blurred circles in my field of vision right now." He stated. "Where my eyes are changing colors, I'm blind. Normally, I can just shift between my normal eyes and my true eyes, but it takes about a minute, during that minute though I'm blind. Of course, a minute of blindness isn't that bad. When they change for the first time though, things are different. I'll be blind like this for another day or two and this light sensitivity doesn't help at all."

'Normally during this time, I would help assist Thomas by making him aware of what he cannot see.' Radara stated as they walked out of the bathroom. 'In this case however, your parents are going to a place known as The Cloyster. Due to the no pokemon rule in place there, I will be unable to assist him.'

"Oh...I see." Sarah looked over at him quickly starting to understand how things were stacking up on him.

"Just how am I going to explain any of this?" Thomas shook his head. "I may be getting stronger with my own psychic abilities, but I can't influence others like Radara can for at least another sixteen weeks, when my brain becomes fully active." His head dropped. "Extended evolution really bites at times." Rebecca walked in just in time to hear this

"Extended evolution?" Sarah looked at him rather confused as she put her earrings in, Rebecca giving him a similar look.

"I don't evolve like other pokemon, but rather, my evolution takes places over the course of 11 years, I thought I explained that." He said looking at her. "The reason it takes so long is that is sort of like our rite of passage. A secondary effect to it is that we learn to control our vast sum of abilities as we get them, so we don't hurt ourselves or others by mistake from inexperience." Sarah nodded looking at him.

'I would suggest that you get some colored contact lenses on your way over there.' Radara stated.

"Where?" He asked looking at Radara.

'There was a small costume store that we passed a few stores down from the hotel.' Radara stated. 'I believe that it may help you some if you wear them and merely claim you've started to develop a migraine over the course of the day. That would account for your light sensitivity as well as partially excuse you from small mistakes during dinner caused by your blindness.'

Thomas smiled and patted her head lightly. "I wasn't kidding when she was far wiser then I am." Thomas stated. "She's always looking out for me."

'You are wise in your own ways, but you still get too caught up in other things to notice the obvious at times.' Radara replied. 'It never hurts to look around and prepare for the unexpected.'

Thomas nodded at her words, so very true. He sat on the bed and put his boots on. "The night is yours then Radara, just try not to be seen too much."

'If I decide to head out, I shall walk the beach, it will be close to still keep a partial eye on you.' Radara stated.

'Are we ready to go now?' Rebecca asked once Thomas put his shoes on.

"Rebecca, I told you can't come." Thomas stated.

'But why not?' Rebecca asked, her ears dropping.

"Because The Cloyster has a no pokemon rule in place." Thomas replied. "The owners even go so far as to frown on trainers, even refusing some entry."

'But I could always come in my pokeball right?' she asked. 'I promise to even return myself once we get there.'

Thomas smiled a bit at her eagerness, but shook his head. "As much as I would love to have you join us, I can't risk you being seen by Vivian. Even downstairs, I could feel her uncertainty." Thomas stated. "Please, just stay here."

'But you gave Radara the night to herself and let her run free.' Rebecca stated.

"I don't have to worry about poachers with Radara, she can handle herself. Even on the off chance that someone does get her, I know for a fact that I can find her." He stated. "If something were to happen to you however..."

Rebecca went to say something, but Radara spoke first. 'Rebecca, please. I know you want to go with him, but he has enough on his mind right now, more then you realize. It's hard enough for him to see them now knowing what he has to do soon enough. He wants to at least try to settle as much as he can with the Falston's before he has to leave them.'

'Leave them?' Rebecca asked.

Thomas's head dropped again as he sighed. "I told you outside that I'd quit aging soon enough and that people tend to notice after some time." Thomas paused. "I'm going to have to leave them in some way, either by faking my death, or just abandoning them all together, or something else." He said.

Sarah looked at him as he once again sat back. "Thomas..."

"Its rough either way, but if I stay at this point, the knights may get the idea that I'm not just using them as a safe harbor. They've already been contacted once about me and I'm not even sure how that went." Thomas stated as Rebecca took a spot next to him and leaned up on him.

'At least you have me with you. I won't leave you.' Rebecca stated.

"Thanks." He scratched lightly on her neck and she leaned into him a bit more. "I've got to go now though, just promise me you'll stay here." He stated. "This may be my last chance to try and fix things with them and I'd rather they remembered me in a good way." Thomas stated.

Rebecca looked a bit torn, but nodded. 'I'll stay here.' She said softly.

"Thanks you. I promise I'll make it up to you." He said as Sarah moved to the door.

"Come on, we're already late." She informed him. He nodded and got up walking out the door with her.

"Thomas, are you sure your alright?" She asked as they got into the elevator.

"I've been better, I'll put it that way." He replied. The sudden impact of what he had to do later on was sinking in more then ever. With everything that had happened, he had nearly forgotten about. He walked a little slowly trying to think things over as he made a quick stop into the shop Radara had pointed out, getting himself a pair of blue contact lenses. He didn't exactly like them, they weren't an exact match to his original eye color, but he knew that they were close enough. What really made it bad though was how much they irritated his already sensitive eyes, but he'd have to put up with it for a bit.

From there, it was a quick walk over to The Cloister. The large building was designed after what it had been named after, with a small number of shellder outdoor patios, the entire place was pretty busy, waiters and waitresses moving all around taking orders and making sure everything was good. Andrew was waiting by the door and noticed them calling them over. "Ah, you both look nice." He smiled. "Come on, we've got drinks ordered for both of you already, the others are waiting us."

Thomas and Sarah followed him to the table, the only seats left were a pair between Vivian and Angela, both of them seemingly very eager to have them take their seats. "Oh Thomas, Sarah, you both look so wonderful." Angela smiled and waited for them. Thomas could feel something going on there and looking over Vivian and Angela, he quickly knew what it was.

Thomas took his seat next to Vivian and Sarah next to Angela. Just like Andrew had said, both of them had drinks waiting for them, Thomas a nice strong brewed tea grown on the island and Sarah a sprite. "It's been so long since I've seen you." Angela smiled. "How is everything going?" Angela asked Thomas. "And Sarah, you look so wonderful yourself."

Thomas mentally sighed, this was going to be a long dinner. "I've been fine, just lots of traveling as usual." He responded. A quick glance over at Joseph and he could something very different from him. He could tell just by the look alone, that he hated seeing Thomas with his daughter, and the way that Sarah was always acting around him didn't help. He couldn't help but feel that this long dinner just got a lot longer.

"Thanks." Sarah smiled and sipped her drink as the waiter came up and passed out menus before walking back off. "I'm so glad to see you again." Vivian stated as she already knew what she wanted to order, never even picking up her menu. "Both of you." She looked at Thomas and Sarah.

"How goes the journey you two?" Andrew asked.

"Things are well enough, that lady who called you asking my father had a few things of his that she gave me." Thomas stated.

"Oh?" Vivian asked. "Like what?"

"Odds and ends, a music box, some gems my father collected." Thomas replied looking over Sarah's mind to get a feel of the menu since he couldn't really read it. "Enough for me to at least learn something about my father." Thomas finally found something that he would like, the rest of them figuring out their orders as well and just in time for the waiter to come back.

"Oh, that must be nice. Do you know what kind of man he was?" Angela asked.

"A collector of sorts I think." Thomas stated thinking that perhaps that may not be such a long dinner.

"And what about you Sarah, what have you been up too?" Joseph asked.

"Oh, I got Thomas to join me at a festival on Mount Moon." Sarah cheerfully said. "It was so fun."

"That sounds nice." Vivian stated, suddenly quiet cheerful herself. "I've been to the blue moon festival with Andrew once, it was where we decided to get married."

Andrew nodded. "I recall that festival, I still have that scar from when I tripped and fell back, nearly dropped the ring." He laughed a bit. "Did you two have fun?" He asked.

"Oh yea, it was fun." Sarah smiled. Angela smiled just as much herself, but Joseph seemed a bit irritated by this.

"I bet your enjoyed it, do they still have that flower booth?" Angela asked. "They said that the Mount Moon tulip was a very special flower, it a meant only to be given to your lover."

"Yea, they had it." Sarah responded.

"Did Thomas buy you any?" Angela asked in a very hopeful tone. Thomas could see Joseph biting his lip a bit now at Angela's last comment.

Sarah blushed a bit, but shook her head. "No, we kinda left early."

"Why'd you leave the festival early?" Vivian asked, both her and Angela a bit disappointed by Sarah's response.

"Things got a little too rough for me." Thomas stated. "Too many people, too much noise, it just didn't right up there."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Joseph said, with his own smile now.

"That's right, you never liked large crowds." Angela said softly. "But Sarah's still with you, so you two must have had some good times traveling with other again." She quickly cheered back up at that thought.

Sarah nodded her head. "Yea, it's been really fun, a bit rough, but fun."

"Rough?" Joseph asked a bit annoyed.

"Team Rocket gave us a bit of trouble." Thomas quickly stated. "Of course, they weren't much of a problem, just persistant."

"Ah, and just what did Team rocket want with you two?" Joseph looked at him expecting a proper answer.

"The same thing they always want, any pokemon they can get their hands on." Thomas stated. "They thought a pair of trainers walking out in the woods must have been an easy mark, but, we proved them wrong."

Joseph looked at him for a few as if judging him, but then leaned back and nodded. "Very well."

"Come on, let's not talk about our troubles." Angela said. "I'm sure Thomas could easily protect Sarah, you worry too much." She looked at her husband. "Thomas is a nice responceable young man, he'd make any girl a wonderful husband. Isn't that right Vivian?" Sarah blushed deeply at how her mother had said that, obviously hinting about what girl Thomas would be a perfect husband to.

"Yes, Thomas is a very good boy, any girl would be lucky to have him." Vivian smiled looking at Sarah as she said that. Thomas just sighed, he was right, the two of them were definitely trying to set him up with Sarah.

Andrew sighed a bit himself, of course Thomas was the only one to notice. "So, aside from Mount Moon, what all have you two been up to?" Vivian asked.

"Not much, just a lot of traveling." Sarah said, her blush still there, but fading.

"What brought you two out here though?" Angela asked.

"Oh, I heard that Articuno was sighted again, I was kinda hoping to catch to glance." Thomas stated. "They say she makes a round through the isles every once in a while."

Angela looked at him. "She? I always heard that all three of the legendary birds were males."

Thomas cursed mentally. "Really?" He asked. "I heard rumors that Articuno was the only female of the pack?" he quickly said.

"Hmmm, I guess its possible, no one has ever really gotten close to them." Vivian said thinking about it.

"Well, I hope you see her." Angela smiled. "Just make sure that Sarah doesn't get hurt while your trying to find Articuno."

"She's the one who choose to come with me." Thomas said. "But yes, I will look after her."

Both Angela and Vivian lit up again while Joseph bit his lip again. Once again, Thomas felt that he was in for a rough time. Thankfully, their food had come at last. For the most part, everyone had ordered some kind of shrimp or lobster, Angela merely getting a large salad however. Thankfully for Thomas, the talking had slowed a bit, everyone seemed a bit more interested in their meals right now.

"So, any ideas when you plan to make a trip back home?" Joseph asked Sarah.

She looked up. "I'll try to come back home sometime soon." She replied. "But I'd like to travel with Thomas for a while, its been so long since we've had a chance to travel with each other."

"I'd at least like you home for your mother's birthday next month." Joseph stated.

"I will, I promise." Sarah smiled.

"I'm glad to hear that." Josehp nodded looking around and asking for another light beer as the waiter passed.

"Honey, lighten up some." Angela said. "She's a grown lady know, she doesn't have to keep checking in anymore and Thomas already said that he'd look after her."

"I just asked her to make sure she was home for you birthday." Joseph countered.

"And we both know why you asked her." Angela said. "As much as I even hate to admit it myself, Sarah is not the little girl she once was and she can make her own choices. If she wants to stay with Thomas, the she can stay with Thomas. They make a great couple."

Sarah blushed even harder now while Joseph clentched his teeth. "I don't care if you like him, but I think he's unreliable." He bluntly stated.

"Father?" Sarah looked at him a bit annoyed, but rather more confused.

"You shouldn't be around him, you should marry someone like Nelsin." Jopesh stated. "I've put up with your traveling, I thought that you'd just settle down one day and give up that cooridinater obsession. I won't have you marry some traveling fool, he doesn't even make an effort to get somewhere in life. All he does is travel and make just enough to keep traveling around."

"Joseph." Angela stated firmly looking at him. "How dare you insult Thomas, he's an excellent boy."

Thomas sighed a bit. "Look, sir." He stated. "Your daughter choose to travel with me, I didn't hit on her, make any passes, I didn't offer her anything."

"You just keep quiet, this doesn't involve you!" Joseph snapped.

"Is your husband always like this?" Thomas looked over to Angela.

"No, he's normally not." Angela stated. "Joseph, what's gotten into you?" She demanded.

"That rotten boy is his problem." A new voice stated from behind them. "I guess he didn't tell you about Thomas then?" Everyone looked over to see Eric Falston standing there. "Sorry I'm late, but if your still inviting that mess of a child, I'll just be going. I was under the impression that we were going to have a proper dinner."

"What's he talking about? Thomas is a fine young man." Angela stated.

"That boy is in love with his pokemon, they've no doubt been a tent for years." Eric stated with disgust, now everyone was looking over at them.

"You let your imagination run wild." Thomas stood up. "She saved my life, do you really think I'd just let you insult her."

"That's the sign of a good beast." Eric stated. "They are suppose to protect their masters even if it costs them an arm and a leg."

"Its asses like you two." Thomas pointed to Eric and Jospeh. "That give the higher social classes a bad name." He stated. "Your so set in your pathetic ways in a forever changing world that I'm surpirsed you can even see your own hands in front your face."

"You insufferable child, why didn't you beat this brat more." Eric demanded. Thomas could also sense Vivian was thinking that Eric was telling the truth again.

"That's it. I came here to try and have a peaceful talk with my parents, but I can see that it was hopeless. Andrew, I'll contact you later. Angela, you have a nice day. The rest of you can go jump into a river, perferably one filled with sharpedos." Thomas got up and left leaving Sarah looking at her father and Eric with an agitated look.

"You know what, I'm with Thomas." Sarah pulled out her phone and set it on the table. "You can keep this, I'll just get a new one. When he apologies, I'll come back. I'll check my e-mail often to watch for it." She said getting up and walking after Thomas.

"Look what've you done."Angela screamed out and slapped Eric. "You keep telling lies and now look at what's happened. My own husband shooed my daughter away and you've probably wrecked your own family because of your own pride."

Thomas couldn't help but smile at hearing what was going on behind as they left, a large scale argument breaking out as several waiters walked over to try and stop the fight. Just as he reached the door though, he ducked over behind a large plant.

"Thoams?" Sarah asked standing with him.

"He's a knight." Thomas pointed to a man that just walked in, recognising a distictive scar on the man's cheek. Even with his partial blindess, the unique shape of the scar was unmistakeable, the burned flesh in the shape of an miniture hourglass.

"I'm looking for the Sigil's. I was told they had a reservation here." The man stated to a waiter. "I'm sorry, but unless you have a reservation yourself, I can't let you in."

"You will let me in, this is a matter of a kidnapping, their daughter has been taken and I must speak to them about it." The knight stated.

The waiter scoffed. "Oh yes, very funny, but no. There duaghter is safe and sound, The Sigil's paid extra to extend their reservation for their daughter."

"What?" The knight asked. "Where is she?" He demanded.

"Sir, you will leave the premisis at once." The waiter stated.

"Your going to tell me where that girl is." The knight coutnered slamming a fist onto the table.

"Sir, you will leave or I'm calling the police." The waiter coutnered as the the arugement between the Sigil's and the Falston's got louder. The knight quickly pushed the waiter down and ran over to the argument. Thomas quickly grabbed Sarah and quickly pulled her back down the hotel alerting Radara about the trouble.

"Thomas, what are the knights doing here?" Sarah asked as they ran back to the hotel. "And what did they mean I was kidnapped."

"They think I've brainwashed you remember." Thomas reminded her as they entered the hotel. "Radara should have most of our things backed up by now, change clothing fast and grab your bag."

It was a quick ride up the elevator and then walk to their rooms. 'Am I to assume that things went rather badly?' Radara asked as they walked in.

"Yes, badly indeed." Thomas stated as he quickly wrote up a note for andrew hiding it in the pocket of the pants her borrowed as he got dressed in his own clothing

'And the knights were already tracking down the Sigil's, they must have information about us.' Radara used her psyhic abilities to lift up their bags and belts and with their pokeballs on them as they finished getting dressed.

"Thomas, where are we going at this hour?" Sarah asked.

"We're heading to that small island right off the coast of Kamquat Island. Its adandoned and boutiful in berries." Thomas stated. "Its also halfway to Ice Island." He stated as he put his gear on and walked out the door only to duck back in. "Radara, time for a bit of tricky, this knight is not wearing his head gear." He stated. Radara looked up and nodded, then was gone in a flash. Thomas went back to the door and just barly opened it as the man looked at the door numbers as he walked by. Radara was right behind him walking behind him as he moved. He was holding a sheet of paper in his hands. Thomas closed the door just as the man walked up and passed them. He then heard the pounding in of the door belonging to room right next to thiers. Thomas pulled Sara out and made a quick run down the hallway with Radara right behind them. Radara stayed up in the hallway though until the doors finally closed, then she teleported into the elevator with them. "Is it just me, or are the knights getting too smart for their own good?" Thomas asked.

'They are definitely well informed, but it is puzzling.' Radara stated.

"If they had this much information, why didn't they track us down sooner?" Thomas stated as they reached the bottom floor. He quickly made his way up the front desk. "Excuse me sir, you've got a guy on the third floor breaking into rooms." He said leaving the man asking for someone to check out third floor.

The group quickly made their way to the docks while there was still light out. From there, they found the place that raised and sold lapras for use for travel between the islands. After a bit of talk, Thomas got fed up with trying to negotiate a price to just outright buy one and handed the man in charge of the place a pair of gold rings. Once again, Radara's influence in addition to the man's own greed got them a very promising lapras, which Thomas then gave to Sarah.

"Look, I've got enough pokemon as it is, I normally only try to keep Radara, Juno, and sometimes one other." He told her before she had a chance to argue. "Just take it." He said.

She still looked at him a bit concerned about how he just gave it to her after trading two gold rings for it. "Now off we go." Thomas said as Sarah called out here new pokemon. The lapras seemed a bit eager to get on the way and prove her worth, but Radara managed to calm her down and allow for a steady ride to their requested destination. Thomas finally gave a sigh of relief that they had just narrowly escaped the knights again, but everything else was sinking in.

"I guess there goes my chances for making things right with Vivian." He said.

"Thomas, it's not your fault." Sarah leaned next to him and patted his shoulder. "Who knew my father could be so mean. I knew he didn't exactly approve of my own travels, but I always thought that he respected you."

"I thought so too, but Eric's story may have done more harm then I thought." He stated. "What is it with people named Eric."

She looked at him a bit annoyed now thinking of her friend Eric. "And what's wrong with everyone with that name?" She asked.

"For some odd reason, people named Eric that I meet up tend to ... well let's just say things rarely end well." Thomas explained.

"Really?" Sarah asked.

"Eric Van'Helberg, 1425. A simple party turned into a bar fight when he stepped up drunk and started hitting on Gali. She refused, he slapped her, I stepped in and by the end of the night, I had three knives in my back." He said. "Eric Barrowstien, 1673. I finally lose the knights after they find me for the first time, and he sells me out. Eric Gelborn, 1721, and Eric Boggs, 1796, both do the same. Eric Anderson, 1765. I'm looking to purchase some food, when he walks up into the market place and starts demanding his usual 'tribute' from everyone, including me, only he wanted Juno's pelt as his fee and things got out of hand real fast that time." Thomas stated. "Trust me, me and people named Eric do not get along."

"Oh..." Sarah looked at him understanding a bit. "Surely there must have other people with the same name who don't get along with you."

"No, its just Eric. When you live as long as I do, your bound to come across many people who share the same name, but those with the name of Eric for reason always seem to have a problem with me in some way." He said. "I'm sure if I thought about, I may find another name or two, but Eric is the one that just pops up on its own." He sighed.

She looked at him. "Well, what about my friend Eric?" She asked trying to disprove his theory.

Thomas looked at her and turned away for a second. "Well, our short time together traveling wasn't exactly perfect." Thomas stated.

"Hmm?" Sarah asked giving him a confused look.

"He kinda confronted me about you being his girl and how I was trying to take her." He replied softly and slowly. "That was on the way to mount moon. I said you were his if you wanted him and we were just friends."

Shara looks at him with a hurt look as it seems to cheer up Rebecca abit hearing this " Gee thanks Thomas your all heart." She says sarcastically.

Thomas looks at her puzzled " Sarah he was being a bit possessive of you I didn't want to start something with him knowing my track record with the men called Eric."

Rebecca pokes at her a bit 'He seems like a good catch he must really want to protect you.' She giggles a bit seeing Sarah blush a bit at this.
Chapter End Notes:Sorry for the long wait, finally got past my writer's block
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