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Silence is Romance by jewelwriter


Mute in Silence is Romance

Dear Readers,
This story is focused for adults and is meant to be a source of entertainment. If you aren't old enough to read this sort of stuff, please visit to enjoy something more clean and friendly for you and your kind. As always, Pokémon doesn't belong to me, even if the character ideas came from me. Thank you and please enjoy this story.

With best wishes and smiles for all,
Jewelwriter Eli Moonstar

P.S.: This story is a full featured story about anthropomorphic Pokémon mixed in with feral Pokémon that are among the cast in this story.


Silence is Romance

Quick question before we start: be honest with me, how many of you people honestly like stories where the hero doesn't talk and everyone else can talk? I'll poke a hole in some of your alibis, since if you ever picked up a great role-playing game (I'm looking at you, Chrono Trigger fans), then you have enjoyed playing and knowing the story of the silent hero. And usually you'll find a lead talking a lot, but here's a change up. Here's my story... well as much as I can remember.

I'm a Smeargle, a Pokémon that does artwork. It's kind of ironic that I'm given the talent of art but lost my voice. I never had one since I was THAT little. I was almost missed if I didn't cry or wail or something. I lived in an orphanage for most of my life where I was probably missed over a lot if I didn't at least have the ability to wail. Though I never did get a word out things were quite fun.

I was with this Espeon fem who was a lot like a mom to me. She had a daughter when I used to be with my 'mom' - an Eevee that was always playing around with all kinds of outdoor toys. Her hair always did get me to laugh, star ended ponytails and her crown did a cone point for the top like she was mimicking a Nidoran.

Growing up, she didn't let me forget I was the 'younger' brother (even when we were the same age, but she's two months ahead so she's older by default). NOT by a long shot. She always went into small jokes at times, though when guys picked on me she came by to support me when I needed it.

Good times and yet things change. We had new lives as we left each other's life after we grew to a certain age in life. You know that age.

Anyhow, for me, I mostly am - of course - an artist and I should have told you earlier: the name's Mute. Yea, go on ahead and go into how it's more of a Mr. Mime name. I had that happen and I personally took it a lot better than others predicted that I would.

I went around discovering inspiration and it wasn't easy, especially since I wanted to get a new work of art done, but also get ready for the date that I had set up by the dating service I picked to try out. Yea, it was a blind date, so I didn't know what to expect or anything like that.


OK! That my date can understand. Besides, heroes that do good things get it paid back in kind. (For some reason I imagine myself as the artist knight, riding upon my young Ponyta mount and charging to save the damsel - hopefully the princess - that might be thankful enough to, well, get lanced by the lance of the knight. Hey, a Pokémon can dream right?) I made it as I found an Arcanine trying to push a Leafeon that was looking a bit uneasy. I couldn't blame her for the unease she had; it was probably from her grass based type fear.

Type Fear: Noun, Defined as fearing another Pokémon based on a Pokémon's disadvantage or disadvantages. Example: The Vaporeon is fearful of going into the greenhouse due to the grass-type workers inside.

I rushed into the moment - literally - and held my breath before turning into a joke of Sonic the Sandslash by going with Extreme Speed and into a High Jump Kick... a nasty combo to send someone flying, but it worked well as the attack sent her flying while keeping the Leafeon safe.

"What the fuck?" the hound barked out while recovering from the painful footprint I left on the face to have him snorting out some flame in anger. I know with my specialized problem I went for the more visual disrespecting jester: the 'pluck you' salute in an X formation while sticking out my tongue. "Oh, you think you're cute like that, you mutt? I'll turn you to ash!" the Arcanine growled out while going into a Flamethrower. Using a bit of focus, he made an orb of water to thrust into the flame, the hiss of embers screaming in defeat as each inch of the flame column was defeated to soon reach the muzzle of the Pokémon attacking him. The loud yelp of the flame going out and hitting him was enough to chill him before going into a very intense pose. Leg bent while my other was straight, paws to my chest till I clutched him in my grasp. Street Fighter fans would know this, but in Pokémon it's called Close Combat. By the time it ended, the Arcanine was black eyed and banged up all over.

Taking the moment, I got the Leafeon fem and took off quick by using Quick Attack. "WHOA! Who are you?" she asked while trying to keep running with me.

When we were clear I got out my pencil and paper, writing up before she saw what I wrote = I'm Mute. Your name is...? =

"Gene. So you're my mystery date. Thanks for the rescue," said the Leafeon, Gene, with a VERY large smile, giving me a kiss for saving her. I had to grin from it, but then I realized something, writing it down quick.

= First moment on a date and we are already kissing. A little fast, aren't we? =

She laughed it up as her paw hits her leg. "You're so silly. That was for saving me. The first date kiss is usually at the end of the date." She saw me write something and then show it to her.

= Well we kind of met in odd conditions, so we could let it go, right? = I wrote, looking to her as she nodded, taking my paw after I put the writing tools up.

"Yep, but now we got to make up for not meeting on time. Come on!" she said while yanking me round, having me gasp while running with her in trying to keep up with her running.

The two of us found a fountain with a number of stone Buizel using Water Gun over the creature in the middle, a stone Azumarill, which was quite a sight to see, but then again, if your into tasteful nudity, then this works. I admired the artwork and how it was so functional, yet worried on how it'll endure water going at the body of the middle statue while I could bet what was on her mind.

"This is quite beautiful. You know, I heard this was the statue of the daughter of the legendary Mew, Harmonia which was born an Azurill and grew up very well in a normal family, but her beauty was enough to even pull suitors from royal families to her paw," she said. I was writing a bit in response while the art kept my eye entertained, I just hope I didn't write all over the place like I did as a kid.

= She might be the daughter of the gods, but then again, a rare beauty is what most call the diamond in the rough and I bet you might be one of them. = Ok, go ahead and laugh. I thought it would work on paper, but reading it make it kind of watered down, doesn't it?

She, of course, had a chuckle at my expense - as predicted - but smiled to me too. "You know, that's real sweet of you."

= Thank you. = It took me a moment before I had an idea due to how I noted the moon in the sky. It should be light enough to try and show her something really cool. Quickly writing I tapped her a bit. = How about we go somewhere else? I know a place if you let me lead the way. = It was probably going to be romantic, but I bet that it would work. I mean, I know 'Lakeside views of the night sky' is a perfect way to draw a gal to a mon. (Well at least as far as I found in the romance novel I read. Considering I can't talk, it helps if I find things to inspire a love painting, so I think it came in handy this time around.)

"Sure, lead on, oh colorful date," she joked while following me. It took me a while as I looked on with care and found it within about 10 minutes with me using Extreme Speed. (Though she had to hold onto me and that might have slowed me a little between using that move and looking around.)

The two of us stopped as I finally found it. I had to chuckle at how she felt about the place and it had such a view of the crescent moon (left side) over the lake had to be quite an experience for her to enjoy as we sat down and counted some stars.

Of course that wasn't easy as we both got into a game of who got the pencil that I had to win (for clear reason of course) and tickled her to let it go, then looked at her with a smirk. "Oh don't worry. I wouldn't try to take that away. I mean that's like voice stealing, isn't it?"

I gave her a nod as we got back to where she had a grin before tackling me to the ground. My eyes looked to her and I did get my pencil, then wrote the famous letters I knew for the unbelievable.

= WTAF? =

"Well I thought it over while we were looking for this place. And well-" she didn't finish that line yet but reached down and-!

"-I think that kiss wasn't that good of a reward. But here's a better one."

I felt her fondling me down there and holding me prisoner by the paint cans. Though I will admit it felt REALLY good when she did that, which helped draw out the - pardon the pun - creation paintbrush. I quickly felt her working me like I was a toy, and let a clear out smile that looked like she waited for it for years. I would ask her why at this point, but she then took a breath, then me to her mouth!

OH! Yea her mouth was good. The tongue was a total tease as she treated my shaft like a lollipop. Oh the feeling of her taste tool going to detail all over had me rolling my head back with a groan. The pencil in my paw went crazy as I tried to think of the words to write: "More", "Faster", "You're doing great." All of that getting messed up as I let go, holding onto her head, getting her to go from slurping me off.

If anyone can remember a naughty picture featuring two Jolteons and a Clefairy, then this probably could be joked about as the starting part of that class: the oral exam. Go on and groan about that joke, but then again I was the one moaning about it as her mouth went up and down. Up, down, up, down, up, down (and no, I know there's no such trick to get bigger - after all, I'm not the Super Breloom Brothers), as she held onto my ball bag and gave it some gropes. It was a grand feeling.

Man, does pleasure always feel this good? I almost couldn't restrain myself. It was like lava boiling deep within me, and with how she was sucking me, it couldn't be withheld any longer as I had a blowout from it, moaning from the joy that she gave me while I felt her hilt her face to the bulge that was at the end of my dick. I probably got a bit more under it, but no way she'd get beyond that with her muzzle. It took time to recover from that - after all, that kind of oral work can steal oxygen from the lungs. Now it would be rude of me to forget her, so I managed to write something in text form. = On your back, legs open. = It was simple enough. I took in the view before tasting her with my tongue.

Yummy. Tasty. Delicious. Those words, yea, that was what I wrote down when eating her plant based body. She might have once been an evolutionary melting pot, but she was now a part of nature at the peak of fruition; a ripe and tempting fruit that wanted to be harvest, plucked, and sown into for a spiritual meal that couldn't be forgotten. I kept enjoying her clear honey that flowed from her.

Her murmurs turned into moans and grew louder by the moment, and yet I didn't stop for her. I could hear what was happening with her voice alone as she lost all her control and drenched my face with her rich tasting treat. It was probably the fact that candy is one of a young mon's favorite things to devour that had me hooked. Add the fact it was from her and it was easy to explain the revived erection throbbing and pulsing deep below. If her pheromone laced treat was the reason I felt like I didn't want to release a drop, then I'd be sure to deliver it to her without a problem.

Picking her up, I made sure her legs were caught in my arms as I grew ready for it, prodding for that hole that I just gave joy to. It took me a bit since I didn't want to let her go, but it was worth it when I did find it, twitching and needy. Her cunny drooling in want, so much fun it'd feel when I pushed in, not fast, but to enjoy every inch that I got enveloped into. I loved how close we were then and yet it was just the start as the thrusting began.

It was like a wet hug, a very warm and pleasingly deep hug for a guy to fully enjoy. The feeling of escaping was a chill that could be compared to a miniature winter. It got me wanting to go in deep again. YEA, that was the feeling as my hips moved to make her happy, feeling her want to keep me in while I gyrated and thrusted, going faster with each moment passing by.

Moaning out was probably the most of anything that I could say while I felt my mind losing the usual thoughts that would probably be how a normal male explained how they expressed such feelings. My notepad and pencil, my only voice, was silent whilst my manhood kept invading my very vocal lover, causing her to wail out with joy.

My body felt a lack air as the fun kept going, holding onto her legs as my eardrums threatened to become like my voice while plunging into her again and again. My member kept her sexual lips fed well with my canine meat while feeling every inch of her cunt drawing me in like she was using Giga Drain (and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she knew it with the fact she was a Leafeon) each time I slammed and thrust up into her. Damn, her walls were getting tighter by the minute.

It's hard to explain how a moment is before you feel that moment. That single moment in all this fun that scrambles your mind of all but that moment. The rush of blood pulsing and rushing though you as the only thing keeping you from hilting into the female to indulge in all she can offer is nature's natural cork given to my kind as an insurance policy to give females every ounce of possible potential DNA variant that is created to try and find a home.

It was too late to turn back; too late to run while I became firmly bound by flesh within flesh before my mind reached the gates of utopian joy. No amount of measurement could speak of that feeling: no height, no depth, not a gallon or even gram could be placed upon this. It just...exists, but then it is after encountering it that you start to feel the heavy experience of sex come upon one's body. The first feeling to note would be the fugitives of the loins escaping to make hideouts for one in my lover. The next would be my body wanting to shut down, though it's quite a cure for headaches if one has one (in my opinion). Finally, odd warm feelings run though the body. That kind of feeling you can't keep back while coming down from the high, and it didn't take too long to fall into its embrace and blackout...or is it...whiteout?


I woke up a bit later, dry, tipsy, and yet proud and joyful. ?! Where was the Leafeon? I wanted to thank her for the wonderful night. ? My pad had something on it. Picking it up I had to feel more relieved in knowing she cared to tell me what she did when she got up. I'm glad I did save it since I was shocked on that note. Here.

Dear Mute,
Or should I say bro. Yep. I didn't want to spoil it, but I found it cute to talk about what we did, not as siblings, but as people. I'm glad you and I had done what we did. I will be honest with you that I dreamt of that moment ever since we were little, and you were always making me smile with those silly drawings and how you were always able to show how you cared even with no pencil. I still got the puppet with the paper shield and sword you made for me back in grade school. Good times. OH! If you're curious, I did play with some items before we met. I knew you wouldn't be one of those jerks that, well, you probably know. But anyhow, I'm getting cleaned up at the lake near by. Hope you get up soon - Little Bro. ;p


My jaw hit the floor when I read that. It was something that hit me on the head. Gene was really Gemini. That little sneak knew it was me and didn't tell me! Well I'll get her for that! I snuck to the lake as I crept up on her before she gave me a wail while we splashed silly all that day before we did part ways. Though, well, it did lead to more, but that's all I'll tell you. Now pardon me, I got an art class for my little monsters. Bye.
Chapter End Notes:*Rubs her head* About the note up top...I copied and pasted that from another story of mine. Sorry. * :p
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