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Winter's Edge is Everywhere. by d_sandberry


The Cave

What were the odds she'd be found? Considering how she'd blindly and fortuitously stumbled upon her latest haven from the whirling snowstorm, it seemed perfectly possible her mother might pass her over altogether, especially with visibility during the storm as low as it was, now. She recalled other evenings spent locked down some place or another while the wind howled around the both of them, intimidating but mostly irrelevant to their bodies, the both of them nearly as much a product of the cold as the freezing air surrounding them was. They were aware of it, of course, in much the same way any other kind of creature was aware of a warm breeze on a summer day: they simply weren't bothered by it, beyond the loud noise it brought, and the depravity of their valuable senses. That was why Shtiya had sought shelter once she'd lost track of her mother, chasing after, of all things, what appeared to be a brown squiggle bobbing left and right in the wind. Some Pokémon, most likely, or so the adventurous young Glaceon had wagered. Shtiya didn't communicate her intentions to her mother as she took after after the figure, assuming the older Glaceon would of noticed and followed. How wrong she'd been.

As she lay splayed out on the snow dusted cavern floor as far back into the cave as she felt she needed to dig herself, she reflected on life to keep her thoughts as positive as possible, away from hunger and the burning instinct to dash back off into the white oblivion in vain.

Shtiya was born and raised on the tundra all her life, and as a result she was as familiar with the kinds of fish that swam the surrounding frigid waters as she was the land bound predator and prey Pokémon with whom her species shared their frozen piece of the world. She'd evolved within the second year of her life, as was not unusual: it didn't take much in the way of battle experience for an Eevee to adapt to an environment this extreme in that permanent, effective way their species was notorious for. As an Eevee, timidity and fear, along with a fierce reliance on her mother for all things from food to a means of staying warm throughout snow storms or particularly cold evenings dominated her being: she was little more than a clinging, whimpering pup scared off her own (admittedly very rare) shadow. Evolution had affected her in ways she'd never dreamed possible, and the world changed in her eyes to reflect that. No longer was it a painful, sprawling, everwhite place of torment from which she would need sheltering: it was an endless adventure; dangerous, yes, but so much more than just that. Breaking her first Pidgey's neck and consuming meat she'd taken for herself was an experience that never failed to bring a smile to her face, much as it had done even in the bleak loneliness of her temporary exile in the cavern. Temporary because, as past experience told her, she would find a means to reunite with her mother again.

That is, she realized, unless fate had decided beforehand to curse her yet again. She cursed Articuno inwardly as three vague silhouettes bobbed up and down just outside the cavern: that vague outline of the sun that provided a slither of light during the day had retired for the evening to live with the sea of white outside with a black and blue backdrop overhead, obscuring the visual she would of enjoyed having to little more than three blurs. Still, she could smell the visitors, and none carried the scent of a female Glaceon.

One after another they crept into the cave, each and every step the bipedal intruders took as careful as the previous, a fact that made her fear for her safety immediately. Instinct told her anyone creeping was either being careful or hunting, and she couldn't rule it their picking up her scent in the slightest. The Glaceon pursed her lips and laid as still as the frozen statues she'd seen a Froslass make from careless prey foolish enough to wander into her territory. Not even when one of the dark Pokémon, apparently oblivious to her presence, began skulking off in some random direction away from her did she begin to relax.

A claw, cold enough that even she registered the chill with a degree of discomfort, touched the back of her neck, and the world felt like it had stopped. She was all instinct and reaction as she spun and charged a sphere of ocean-blue in her mouth, a wave of light of the same color stretching forth from her gaping jaws to engulf her would-be assailant. He'd scarcely time to cry out as ice encased his body, from the tips of his red, feather-like ears down to the flat, clawed feet. The fourth one must have been there longer than the rest had been: she hadn't seen any or even smelled any sign of his presence. But it didn't matter, any more, for his packmates were surely aware of hers, now.

Or maybe they had always been, for their attack was so efficient Shtiya couldn't help but believe it was their plan all along. Well before she'd time to strike anything resembling a defense, three male Weavile's three-fingered claws formed a cage around her neck, the sting of the chill emanating from each of them pressed painfully into her neck. She gasped at the sensation, one she'd thought she'd never have to feel again, just as one of them began to speak.


He pulled the word out as if it were a profound observation to state her species, and eyed the statue of their companion as if he doubted any such thing were possible.

"Dangerous. She's...."

A second Weavile spoke, this one with a tear in his left ear, and a lean, almost starved look about him. The omega, maybe, if Weavile organized themselves in such a way, a theory supported by the look of fury on the first speaker's face as he oriented on the second, the emaciated Weavile flinching under the first's gaze, his mouth hanging open before he could finish what he started to say. The original speaker brought his free claw up as if he meant to strike the upstart, but merely slashed downward through the air. Still, the gesture served its purpose, and the second speaker averted his gaze, focused solely on keeping the Glaceon in place.

"I...." Shtiya's voice began, only to break before it had even truly started as the claw of what she assumed was the leader, the first of them to speak and quite clearly the largest of the three unfrozen dark types pressed into her neck. Tears flowed down her cheeks as her eyes shined like a jewel polished by some lonely, excessive collector. "I thought Weavile.... Traveled in pairs...."

With his free claw, the leader slashed at the air, sharp eyes baring down on his subordinates with an intensity that made them mind his signing without question. They removed their own claws and scurried to their frozen companion, examining the female's work the way a thief did a particularly stubborn lock.

"Food's been scarce. It's Winter, now. The Pidgey, our prime prey... have gone south. We can compromise, when the cause is great...." every word was chosen and spoken so carefully, as if the act of speaking was one that consumed valuable energy. He shook his head than, glanced at the frozen Weavile, and continued.

"Glaceon. Maybe... maybe you...."

The water works increased in intensity, as if he'd condemned her to death on the spot. In response, the male shook his head again, popping his lips once.

"No. No, Glaceon. You're no good. Not for eating, anyway...."

"Than... What do you want from me? I.... It was an accident... what I did to your friend...."

The leader sheathed his claws, so that only his thin fingers remained around the Glaceon's neck. With the paw on her neck he brought it up to her cheek, rubbing against it gently, slowly, shaking his head once more. Shtiya stiffened as she gasped, but didn't dare move much, herself.

"Glaceon. You say that...." he motioned towards the iceblock, a few chips removed, but much work still remained.... "Was an accident. Tell me.... What is your idea... of a proper apology?" she flinched as his right claw, fast as an Ekans, came to rest on her throat. This time, however, things took a turn towards what she'd initially feared, as the gray digits began to roam, coursing from neck down to her chest, very slowly, eliciting a quiet whimper from the Glaceon.

"Not that!" she cried out, provoking a look of curiosity in the Weavile, tapping at the side of his black jaw with a single claw. "Than... this cave. We need a place to stay. This is acceptable, too...." he hadn't stopped his journey down the profile of the Glaceon, even as he offered an alternative. It was only when she tried to step away that he halted his right claw, his expression cool and indifferent as it had been, save for during the omega's interruption.

"Or... maybe you'd like a chance. A chance to defend yourself." the claws on his right paw emerged again, the paw positioned in such a way that, as they did, they pierced Shtiya's blue fur, trickling blood down his claws. "I assure you... that would serve us, too. We've been bored of recent. Horribly bored...."

"Defend myself..." she almost sobbed, "Against you three? Hardly fair. You Weavile.... Can't fight one-on-one like... like respectable Pokémon. Damn cowards...." between sobs her voice grew firmer, as if she were summoning faux courage in the face of her captor.

If nothing else, she managed to fluster him, his foot claw digging in the thin blanket of snow that had gathered on the cavern floor. "Fair, huh? That's how you want it. A battle? One-on-one?" he called her bluff, and a smile split across his stern face as he caught fear in her eyes, fear she'd tried and failed to hide. He motioned for the omega again, and the thin Weavile was there, inches from the Glaceon, claws extended and ready.

"You and him. If he fells you... you're ours. Ours to do with as we please. And if you win...." he looked her in the eye, and even she didn't appear to believe such a thing was possible. While underfed, the omega did not at all seem incompetent, his claws raised in anticipation of what was to come. Their leader stepped away from the two of them and had a seat against the back wall, much as the third Weavile had done once he'd discerned what was about to happen. The cavern was adequately sized for the battle that was to occur, no matter how short it might of been.

The omega intended to kill any sense of anticipation by ending it quickly, slashing wildly almost immediately after his leader was clear, a sharp contrast from the measured movements they'd all displayed earlier. Shtiya tried dodging, but one of the attacks clipped her in the side, anyway, tearing open a wound and sending her tumbling, a sharp cry of pain mingling into more sobbing as tears flowed down her cheeks. He moved to stand over her, laughing to himself at his conquest, a look of satisfaction so great Shtiya wasn't almost ashamed to wipe it off his face.

But that she did. She leaped up, apparently completely uninhibited by her newest wound, and her forehead slammed into the Weavile's chest, a rib or two audibly cracking, his laughter lodging itself in his throat like he'd tried and failed swallow a chicken bone. He was bowled over backwards and clutched at his chest as the Glaceon moved in, leaping into the air and coming down with her tail alight with a harsh silver glow. All assembled, especially the omega, stared in sheer, unadulterated disbelief as the Weavile screeched, blood and spittle flying from his mouth as the attack nearly crushed his stomach irrereperably, the center of his body very nearly folding into itself from the force. His eyes rolled backward into his head and he lay still, most likely not dead, but certainly not in any condition to continue fighting.

Shtiya, on the other hand, eyed the alpha with the satisfaction previously possessed by the Weavile's subordinate, cracking her neck and tossing her head and lengthy, dainty looking 'ear-hairs'. The whimpering, frightened little Glaceon facade had all but died in place of the young Pokémon's confident demeanor, the demeanor she'd nursed and perfected with training on the harsh tundra since she'd evolved.

"Mother was right," she mused aloud, playfully, mockingly, as the alpha stared on in a mix of fury and utter disbelief, "Fake Tears is easily my most potent attack. It certainly led you boys on and for that I must apologize. I really, truly must." she giggled a high-pitched, annoying giggle. "But did you really, truly think, after freezing your friend solid in a single attack, that was I truly some weak, defenseless little snow flower for you to pluck and fuck about with?" she cantered in a circle like a Ponyta on race day, her tail swishing back and forth behind her. "If you'd like... if it would make your balls feel any larger than they truly are, you boys can take me on together. Though, if that's your course of action, I can't say I can assure your frozen fellow's safety. That is, without one of you to protect him." again her tail glowed silver, and she oriented on the frozen Weavile. "I haven't given my Iron Tail a go on an entire frozen Pokémon, but I'd be more than willing to try."

She didn't wait for an answer. Leaping into the air again, she came down hard enough that the third Weavile, the one nearest the statue, cried out in pain as he tried to intercept the attack with his right claw. More bone crunched, and if she'd guessed correctly Shtiya figured she might of broken his wrist, at least. She didn't stop there, using the time the reeling Pokémon was stunned to spin on her way down and smash his face in, too. He was a bit quicker than his fellow, however, crouching fast enough that it didn't end, there. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed their leader hadn't moved in too attack, and silently she was thankful. Still, she didn't waste time launching another one of her own, another beam of ice gathering in her mouth as the Weavile rushed forward, a piece of frozen shrapnel held in his left claw. He was there and about to stab her in her side before the Ice Beam had finished gathering, except all he hit was fur hard enough to crush stone when he plunged the now shattering Ice Shard into her side. Letting off on her Ice Beam feint she threw herself sideways into the surprised Weavile, her spiny, frozen fur sufficient to aid her in bringing the slightly larger Pokémon to the ground, the weight of her effort bringing the length of each spine that much deeper into her foe's unprotected body. He started to scream but it turned into a wet sounding gurgle when she brought her mouth to his throat, her already sharp canines brought to a length a vampire would envy when she froze them over, piercing the Weavile's throat in an instant and tearing, a small river of red pooling down both their chins.

She rose and let her fur return to the typical soft hairs it was usually composed off, shook herself as if she'd just taken a bath, and gave a casual glance in the direction of the leader, the only Weavile to still be conscious in the cavern. He didn't seem particularly perturbed at the death of one of his subordinates as much as he was annoyed he'd been beaten at all, his expression suggestive that maintaining his composure was not an especially easy task at that point.

"Glaceon." he deadpanned, his expression no longer a wistful, quiet smirk as much as it was unfocused scowl.
"Weavile." she made her way towards him like a cat would towards something of vague interest, padding over blood, the chest of a corpse and the neck of the wheezing, catatonic loser without breaking step. Then she stopped an inch in front of the leader, who didn't so much as flinch, sitting on her haunches, like she was waiting for his first move.

"Well?" Shtiya waited. She waited for him to do something other than stare like all that had happened was some tiny, minor inconvenience. Then she waited for him to acknowledge her at all, which he did not.

And as he stood, like such an acknowledgment was finally to come, she leaped, her claws coming down on his back with all her weight, digging into black fur and flesh until her claws were as red as her teeth were, Shtiya's hind legs and the strength of the Weavile's the only thing supporting her. Were it not for the events that had transpired, someone might mistake it for some awkward looking, canid lover's embrace. The Weavile did not yet respond, taking what amounted to an attack like it hadn't meant a thing to him, his expression the same, his gaze never leaving the Glaceon's, if to do so were to die.

"Weavile." Shtiya moved her head so as to whisper into his right, feathery ear. "Do you want to know something?"

He did not respond.

"In a tiny way, I was hoping you boys would of put up a better fight. Entertained me, a little, y'know. Help me burn off some of this energy I've been storing. As it stands, I'm disappointed."
Again she adjusted her head, this time so that she could look the other stoic Ice type dead in the eye, his expression still unchanging, despite the warm plasma running unchecked down his back to pool almost soundlessly on the ground behind him.

"But I'm going to give you a chance. That is, If you weren't all talk and wimpy foreplay, earlier. A chance to redeem yourself." she rubbed her nose against the Dark type's neck, an Eskimo kiss that evolved into light nibbling, the canines inches from piercing flesh. "Well, Weavile? Or are all you good for is a girl that groveling before you?"

His expression didn't change. He said nothing. And yet he took the offer with an eagerness that set the young Glaceon blushing, his right claw grasping Shtiya's chin hard and bringing it up to stare into his narrowed, amber eyes, his left claw flying up to support her back in a way that each digit paid back in full what she'd done to his. She gasped at first, but if it caused her further discomfort she didn't show it any more than the male did, leaning into a kiss that was as much an assault as any of their movements prior had been, invading his maw with her tongue, instinct and the pain from her back mingling to make her into all the more of a violent beast then she already was. The Weavile followed suit when he let her into his mouth, each Pokémon nibbling on one another's tongues as much as they suckled on them, their eyes locked on one another's, both their expressions silently furious, their passion closer to that experienced between two rivals than two lovers.

Shtiya felt her hind legs awkwardly shift as the Weavile's left claw came down to once again explore her belly, the two outer claws retracted but the center digit sharp and erect as he was beginning to become, rising and circling up and down the length of the other Ice type midsection with a level of care that contrasted the wild manner in which the female was assaulting his tongue and mouth, the blade of middle claw still colder for reasons she couldn't fathom than his other digits. The pain from her back and the pleasure from her mouth and stomach mingled to heighten her arousal all the more, provoking a sigh into her would be assailant's maw. Than she broke the kiss off, a tiny trail of spittle mixed with blood connecting their mouths as she scooted up with her hind legs, enough that her tail could brush against the male's crotch and his still emerging manhood, the furry tail slapping and buffeting the member at random, anything it could do to come in contact with the red flesh. It was his turn to coo in pleasure than, his left claw letting off on the pressure from her back to grasp the tail end and raise it with two fingers whilst the third sharpened claw ran dexterous circles around her pucker, centimeters from drawing blood.

She couldn't help but smirk at his latest attempt to take control of the situation, no matter how good it felt to be teased on her rear end, batting at his claw with a frost covered tail, bruising it a little, maybe, but nothing bad enough that he couldn't still use it. She tut-tutted and shook her head just before nibbling on one of his ears, her tail coming to grasp his now fully erect penis with a firmness that made him let out a gasp, the blood engorging the organ warmer than she'd expected it to be.

Done with massaging her stomach, he brought that claw down to grope the inside of her blue thigh, rapping each finger against the cool flesh for a moment before he grabbed as much as the leg as he could and pulled the Glaceon close enough to him that their chests met one another, their hearts beating in tandem as he penetrated her with his middle claw, the other two fingers rubbing the flesh just outside. Good as it felt Shtiya didn't falter with her work on the Weavile's now drooling penis, enough so that again he made a move to try and remove the offending body part so that he could focus altogether on his own work. She responded by humping her hips like a male would have against the claw, back and forth, her erratic rhythm picked up by the tail the worked his member in turn, the fuzzy extremity tightening that much harder around his flesh. When he too started to hump against the artificial vagina she'd wrapped around him, she pulled the tail away, and, silent though they were, he knew to remove his now soaked claw from her folds, too. Both his claws came to grasp onto her rear as he brought his member to tease the entrance of her moist clit, the pointed, mostly slender organ dipping and retreating before it took the full plunge. Shtiya cut the teasing short when she all but leaped her way into impaling herself on his member, just as capable in the awkward position of humping against the male as he was her, something she'd never experienced before with the other four legged Pokémon she'd been with. Still, the drooling member within her was that familiar warmer-than-she that she'd expected, her body grasping it firmly as she forced herself against it again and again, pleasure and instinct consuming her mind as she called out, her voice devoured by the roar of the wind still audible from the storm outside.

She felt a stray claw invade her anus in the midst of it, and, while surpising, the sensation was far from unwelcome, her tail entwining around the dark arm that was attached the claw. Through it all, the two never took their eyes off one another, as if the consequences of doing so were so dire as to be unspeakable. Not even when her body was hit hard by the coming of her orgasm, juices draining out from around the thrusting Weavile's penis to slide down her thighs, a howl of ecstasy wrenche from her mouth.

As it slowed she felt the grip on her ass by the Weavile's claws tighten, as if he foresaw a moment of weakness. She reacted sooner, breaking eye contact only to lower her head and bowl him over on his back, the floor cushioned by the snow, her lower half still hard at work on the member lodged in her folds. Now, however, she was in a position to do so much more about it, humping against the crotch of the other ice type in almost a she rolled her body forward, the way a Luxray had taken her her first time, the whole of her body contributing to the motion. The Weavile was surprised at first, but any signs of protest were hushed at the newfound manner in which she continued to pleasure him, his body screaming pain and pleasure as he lay on his back in the bloodied snow. Shtiya went to work like she was mad with her own claws free, rubbing against his sides and exploring his chest, leaving little dotted souvenirs behind every other second, each one provoking a grunt of mingling pain and arousal from her partner. With her tail end still wrapped around the arm that was fingering her rear end, she brushed and batted at the juice glazed balls of the Weavile, ready for what they were carrying to finally let itself loose.

It did, indeed, warmth like she couldn't believe from so cold a creature setting about a blush deeper than any she'd experienced prior that evening, the Weavile's cat-like eyes closing as he silently enjoyed his own climax, his mouth agape, his body limp.

Shtiya's was not. Not in the slightest. She worked herself towards a second orgasm that coincided with the ending of his first, shaking herself as it happened, than pulling herself off the Weavile halfway, letting the remnants course down to glaze his lower half in more of her juice. She padded forward just close enough so that their eyes could meet again, only to discover the steely eyed Weavile's expression had softened, if only a little. She lowered her head to resume their kiss, and ice gathered on her teeth again in an instant. He had time to uselessly raise his claws as she ate his throat, the vehemence of the act tenfold to what his subordinate from earlier had suffered. There was no sound of protest, which made her a little sad, most likely because he died a good ten minutes before she'd finished.

Shtiya rose from her work with a wide, dramatic yawn, torn flesh and gore still clinging to her maw. With an careless, lazy turn of her head she eyed the sole Weavile who she knew could ever let word of this incident get out, his faint, hallow sounding wheezing all she needed to guide her to his prone body.
Chapter End Notes:Everything copyright Nintendo except the general idea of the scenario, which is copyright Pathwarden
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