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The Breeder's Den by poiu


Story Notes:

This is a pure lemon, even more so than the usual stuff I write -- and that's saying something :P If you're looking for something with substance, you should probably go read one of the many other fine stories on this site. If you're just looking for a bit of perversion, though, read on and I hope you enjoy.As always, Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

The Breeder's Den



Man, it had been a hectic day. Being traded was always a disorienting experience of course -- leaving one trainer, getting to know another -- but this was the first time Lucky had ever belonged to a breeder, and that just made it all the more confusing. His new master had seemed nice enough when she'd said hello...but that was before he had been tied up, gagged, blindfolded, stuffed with earplugs and dragged off to some unknown room. And that didn't even take into account all the bizarre equipment he'd been hooked up to--


--not that he had really minded, at least not initially. The first time had actually been quite enjoyable. The second, even. It was almost exciting to have it forced upon him like that, one right after another, completely outside his control.


He'd even been coaxed willingly into a third, though by the end it had begun to feel like his body was being sucked inside-out. By number four he was so sensitive it hurt. And by the time he'd passed six or seven -- well, that was more than he'd ever done in a whole day, never mind an hour. That didn't stop the machine, though.


The Ampharos gasped for breath, hips jerking desperately as another bolt of electricity laced through his groin and another blast of seed shot from the tip of his member. The male bucked in place as the plastic collection device that was clamped around his cock increased its suction, continuing to rhythmically suck and stroke the male's ramhood as it slurped up every last drop of his spunk.

Lucky squirmed in agonizing discomfort for several more seconds, whining loudly around the gag in his muzzle, before the device finally began to ease up, giving up its frantic overstimulation in favor of a slower, steadier hum. The Ampharos could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he slumped back exhaustedly, groaning loudly as he tried to gather his thoughts. That was ejaculation number...Arceus only knew. The ram had lost count, but it had to be in the double-digits by this point, judging by the leaden ache that permeated his groin. Lucky let out a whimper. That had to be the last orgasm for now, right?

But the machine would not be satisfied. The male let out another yelp as the milking tube suddenly sparked back to life, giving off a strong shock to his intimates. Dimly the Ampharos gave thanks for his type-resistance, but that was hardly any consolation when even the lightest stimulation of his ramhood was enough to make his whole body twitch, straining to get away from the awful, wonderful stroking of his shaft...

The male moaned feebly, his hips thrusting of their own accord despite his best efforts to resist. He tried to distract himself with other thoughts, something else to focus his energy on -- but what else was there? He couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't taste. All he could smell anymore was his own musk, and all he could feel was...oh Arceus. Lucky felt himself slip another notch as the suction increased, the silky walls of the milking device contracting rhythmically around his pride. Oh Arceus! It was too much -- far, far too much -- but it was so hard to think of anything else, and so easy to let the world shrink down until it was just the heavy suction between his legs.

The little Ampharos shook in place, a whine escaping his muzzle as the machine demanded another creamy load from his abused length. How could he possibly give any more? Dimly Lucky wondered if it was possible to sprain a testicle from overuse--

--but then suddenly, out of the darkness and isolation, there was a hand on his thigh. The overstimulated male would have jumped out of his skin, if it weren't for the restraints, but as it was he just let out a muffled cry of surprise, jerking instinctively in his bonds. It was a long moment before the Ampharos could force himself to be still again, waiting tensely as the unknown stranger gave his leg a friendly squeeze.

Lucky let out a quiet whimper as those fingers meandered their way up his inner thigh, ruffling his short fur along the way until arriving at the intersection of his legs. He trembled as the tip of a fingernail ran across his ballsac, tracing the outline of each testicle where they had drawn up tightly against his body. Fingers wrapped around one of the ram's orbs, gently tugging it back down into its sac and earning a loud groan from the male. Lucky couldn't help but twitch in place as his nut was poked and prodded for a moment, while the collection tube continued its relentless stimulation just inches above. He quivered in place, praying that whoever was examining him would see how exhausted he was and let him go.

Unfortunately, his mystery examiner seemed to have something else in mind, for just as quickly as it had come, the hand was gone. The Ampharos let out a cry of frustration as he was left alone again, with nothing to focus on but the tube sucking hungrily at his shaft. No! They couldn't just leave him like this! Desperately the ram fought against his restraints, trying to free himself, moaning into his gag as he begged for a moment's rest.

But then there was the hand again! The electric-type yelped in surprise as the unknown touch reappeared, this time giving a pat to the top of his head. Lucky shivered as soft fingers took hold of his ears, giving a gentle tug and pulling out his earplugs.

The isolation of his own heated panting was instantly joined by the lustful moans of at least several other 'mon. He wasn't alone, then! Lucky whimpered once more around his gag, ears straining for some clue as to who else was there. He thought he could hear at least several other species of Pokemon, but they all seemed too far gone in grunts and squeals to say anything intelligible, so it was difficult to be sure. The Ampharos tried to listen for a hint as to any particular species:

"Swelloooooow!" came a cry from somewhere to his right, followed by several seconds of squawking before the voice faded from hearing again. A few seconds later, some kind of canine howl came from the opposite direction -- an Arcanine, maybe? Both sounded male, at any rate. In fact, Lucky realized, pretty much all the noises he could hear sounded male in origin -- various growls and groans, all sounding strained and over-worked. The Ampharos shivered. What the hell kind of--

"Hello there, pet."

Lucky jumped for the third time in as many minutes, unprepared for the voice by his ear, so close that he could feel the warm gust of breath against his face. It was a female voice -- human. The same voice that had last spoken to him before the earplugs were put in. Kasey.

"You seem to be settling in nicely," his new owner continued. "You're pretty productive for a new guy. I'll bet you could use a break, though, huh?"

The Ampharos gave a short groan around his gag, nodding as much as his restraints would allow.

The breeder chuckled. "I thought so. Well, let's see what I can do about that..."

Lucky lay there for another moment, ears straining to listen as his trainer took a few steps away. There were a few quiet beeps, and then...oh thank Arceus. The male let out a long sigh of relief as the milking device around his shaft began to slow down, the suction gradually decreasing until it came to a complete stop. Another second and the breeder removed the tube from his member, as well. Lucky let out a short gasp at the sudden exposure, shivering at the cool, fresh air that played across his spent length.

"How's that?" asked the voice. "Better?"

The male mumbled his approval. Much better. Now if she would just leave him alone to rest...

Another chuckle. "Good. Well then, since you're new here, why don't you take a look around your new home, eh? Get accustomed to the place."

Lucky's ears lay flat against his head as he shrunk back from Kasey's voice, but there was nothing to indicate that she either noticed or cared. Instead there was more movement, and a brief rustling at the back of his head, and then -- then the blindfold was gone, too! Lucky blinked a few times, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the light. Wherever he was, it was bigger than he'd realized -- maybe some kind of barn? -- but before he investigated his surroundings any further, the male looked down at his groin. What he saw made him whimper.

There, in all its pink, swollen glory, lay his ramhood. The abused length hung there heavily, still engorged even though the milking device had been removed, the shaft thick and puffy from the constant suction. It looked and felt like a slab of meat. The Ampharos tried to reach down to examine himself before remembering that his arms were still tied, his body firmly secured to his seat. Instead he craned his neck as much as possible, trying to look past his cock to the twin spheres that hung below it. From this angle, it was hard to tell if they'd shrunk -- and if so, how much. There was proof of his ordeal elsewhere, though. His eyes drifted over to the milking device on his right, the inside of the tube still coated with his latest blast of sperm.

What caught Lucky's attention even more than the milking device, though, was what lay beyond it. Apparently he wasn't the only one being pushed to his limits, for just a few feet away there stood a Stantler, shackled in place, trembling violently as the collection tube beneath his belly worked its magic. His muzzle was contorted, his eyes squinted shut, but that did little to protect him from the stimulation. The Ampharos watched for a moment as the deer fought to stay upright, his legs shaking beneath him as he was forced towards another knee-buckling orgasm.

Lucky forced himself to look away, trying to give back the Stantler what little privacy he could, but when his gaze swung left he was faced with an even more pitiful sight. A Hypno lay in the seat beside him, this one tied down on his back, his eyes wide open. In contrast to the Stantler, this male seemed almost comatose, his mouth hanging slackly open as the plastic tube between his legs hummed happily along. Occasionally the device would give off a quick shock and one of his legs would jerk in response, but otherwise he lay still, his stone pendulum dangling limply from his outstretched fingers as his balls were sucked dry.

Lucky tried to watch the Hypno's chest for a moment to make sure he was even breathing, but that train of thought was soon interrupted by another lustful bellow further off to the side. The bound Ampharos couldn't turn his head far enough for a clear look, but from the corner of his eye Lucky could make out the form and color of what looked like a Swampert, writhing in place as another torrent of spunk was sucked away to the storage tanks.

Oh Arceus, the storage tanks. Lucky felt his heart skip a beat. He hadn't noticed them right away, but now it was impossible to ignore the rows upon rows of bottles up against the wall, each filled with a milky fluid of a different tint. Some were already quite full, while others were still in the process of being filled. As Lucky watched he could see the Swampert's latest contribution dribbling thickly into its container, the male's genetic gift stowed away for safekeeping.

Not that that meant he got any rest -- almost before the male's seed had finished draining, Lucky could hear him let out another ragged moan. The Ampharos watched the massive male twist in place, his hips bucking as the milker sent a nasty shock through his groin to begin the next round of stimulation. For a moment Lucky wondered why the Swampert seemed to be in so much pain, given his species' natural resistance to electricity...but then he noticed the Grass Knot coiled tightly around the Swampert's testicles and retracted his question.

That was hardly the last of the males, either -- there was a whole other row a few yards in front of him, with some flaming fire-types and what appeared to be a Snorlax -- but before Lucky could go looking for any other 'mon in distress, he was startled to feel something grab hold of his own member. His gaze snapped forward again to find his new trainer crouched down between his legs, giving his ramhood an experimental squeeze. The little electric-type gave off a groan at the stimulation -- her touch was gentle, but it was still almost painful on his overworked length.

Kasey grinned up at him, reaching up to brush her long brown hair away from her eyes. "Just checking you out. We don't want to break anything on your first day, after all."

A whine escaped from the back of Lucky's throat. "Mmph!" He raised his hips, trying to get away from her torturous fingers -- only to cry out as she gave his cock a much harsher squeeze.

"Uh uh!" His trainer clicked her tongue disapprovingly. "Y'know, if you're not going to be cooperative, I can make this a whole lot less pleasant."

The Ampharos whined again, but this time it was much quieter, his ears flattening against his head in submission. Reluctantly he willed himself to lie still and let her do whatever it was she was doing.

"That's better. I know this can be a little rough, but hey, being a stud can't be all fun, right? You've gotta make some sacrifices." She let his thick ramhood drop to rest on his belly, then turned her attentions lower. "Ooh, and I just love you external males." She bent down, taking the ram's ballsac in her fingers once more. "It's so much easier to monitor your production levels when you've got these big ol' things hanging around." She smirked. "Fun to watch 'em swell up, too."

The Ampharos whimpered, trying not to shiver as his new owner played with his overworked orbs. Didn't she understand how much they ached? Already it felt like he'd been on the wrong end of someone's Stomp attack. As she gave one nut a gentle squeeze, Lucky whined urgently, hoping she would get the idea.

Kasey chuckled. "I know, they're sensitive, but don't worry, you'll get used to it." She gave the Ampharos a friendly pat on the thigh. "We just gotta toughen you up. As long as you're here, you're gonna be producing a lot of baby batter, you little stud, so you'd better learn to stop complaining about it. Speaking of which, it's probably about time we get you back on the line, huh?"

Lucky couldn't help but gasp as his trainer casually wrapped her fingers around his ramhood once more, giving the swollen length a few quick strokes. Oh please, not again...he squirmed at the unwanted touch, whining loudly as the female played with his oversensitive member. The Ampharos squinted his eyes shut, shaking his head as much as his restraints would allow.

"Not in the mood, huh? Well, lucky for you I've got some motivation right here." She fished around for a moment, drawing a damp cloth from her belt. "You should enjoy this -- it's fresh from the female pens."

Still, Lucky refused to open his eyes to find out what the object was -- at least until it was shoved up into his face. Despite his unwillingness, the male couldn't help but take a sniff once it was pressed up against his muzzle -- and as soon as he had, he regretted it. Oh Arceus, that was...that was a female Ampharos in heat, and in a far stronger heat than he had ever experienced before. Lucky inhaled again and felt his arousal spike, some stirring of life making itself known in his groin. No, no, no! His length was already rubbed raw, his seed spent -- he had nothing left to give!

Kasey watched with a smile as the male's limp member began to twitch to life, rising once more to stand up proudly from his crotch. "I thought that might do the trick," she commented. "Good boy."

The male opened his eyes again just in time to see the plastic tube being slid down his cock once more, the tight walls hugging his ramhood. Despite himself, the male thrust his hips up instinctively, imagining himself sliding into the sex of a needy female, pounding at her slit until sparks flew. But no -- it wasn't real! The Ampharos let out another ragged groan of frustration, starting to shake again as mind battled instinct. His body demanded that he start humping the air, his balls wringing themselves out for a few more drops of spunk, even as his shaft screamed at its mistreatment--

Suddenly the light was gone, as well -- the breeder was putting his blindfold back on, tying it behind his head. The thought of being alone again with machine was enough to make the poor male break down. The electric-type let out the most desperate cry he could muster, blubbering something unintelligible around his gag.

But the trainer would not be swayed. "Relax," she whispered in his ear. "I know the first day is hard, but hang in there -- it's just a few more hours."

Hours? The Ampharos began to exclaim something in response, but before he could get more than a few words out the milking machine whirred back to life, picking up right where it had left off. Lucky let out something akin to a squeal as a strong shock raced through his groin, his member suddenly stroked and massaged by a hundred invisible hands. The electric-type trembled in place, hips jerking involuntarily, his eyelids fluttering at the sensory overload.

"Mmph! Mmmmph!"

For a moment Lucky could hear his own cries joining the painful, orgasmic groans of those around him -- but then the earplugs were replaced as well, leaving him alone in the dark silence. After a few more seconds, the wet cloth was back, wrapped around his muzzle, flooding his nostrils with that intoxicating feminine scent. It was too much. Despite all logic, there was nothing to do but thrust...and thrust...


"That's it," said the breeder, grinning. "Good boy."

But Lucky was beyond listening. The Ampharos just gave a throaty moan, eyes rolling back into his head as he surrendered another sticky load to the collection tube...

Chapter End Notes:

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