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Hot Spring Solo by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

Late at night, I'm talking to a friend about stuff, and I struck up the inspiration to write this short solo scene, if only for his pleasure. :P Did it in about 10 minutes, and I'm satisfied.

Hot Spring Solo


Pokemon Lemon Short
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I felt like writing this one night while talking to a friend of mine. Don't know why I did. But yeah. It just all flowed out as I was writing it, finished in about 10 minutes. Maybe now I'll be able to write a full fiction. :P

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Male solo. 18 years old, or whatever, and uh... Stuff. Yeah...

Latios groans a bit, flopping his hands and his chin down onto the short of the hot spring. He pants lightly, his face lit with blush, his body under the water. He was bathing, rubbing himself down with his paws, and his mind drifted away to the thought of a certain Latias. Sadly, this Latios has a bit of a hyped-up sex drive. His hips idly push against the shore, and he groans a bit again, forcing himself to step out of the water. His ribbed red cock bobs a bit as he steps out, still rapidly sliding out of his body. "Ohh man..."

He walks out onto shore, his steps awkward, and slightly fumbling. He eventually makes a turn around and backs right into a tree, left paw reflexively reaching up and grabbing a short branch there. He quickly slides down the tree and onto his rump, that branch snapping as he goes down. His paws drop down to ground, and he pants, his head to the tree, before it bends forward to look down. He can see his 9 inches of ribbed maleness sitting on his stomach with a light pulse. He blinks once slowly, his mind flashing with that Latias image he got. "Aahhh..."

The image plays back at him in nearly broken images of the Latias in a variety of alluring poses, maybe even fingering herself. He groans, and shakes his head out of the fantasy, looking to see his cock pulsing so hard that it's bobbing up and down. His voice, caught in a lustful pant, chimes out with, "God I'm so hot...."

His face deepens in redness as he hears himself say that, and then reaches his right paw up to his cock, hovering around the head. He grabs his cock at about the 2nd inch and squeezes, letting out a loud groan and a shudder as it immediately drools out onto his belly. "Sh...Shit..."

His eyes flutter from the pleasure spike, before he focuses back on his maleness, sliding his paw down to the hilt and then back up in one pawing motion, moaning as it causes a squirt. He tenses up lightly and does it again, picking up on a rhythm of hand movements, at a semi-slow speed. He puts his head back against the tree, eyes closed a bit, his voice rumbling with his moan. "So good..."

His precum oozes out over his cock and pawing hand, but before he gets any faster, he notes something: His left hand. Lifting his head back up and opening his eyes, he brings that hand up, to see it's still grasping the tree branch that had broken off. He notices the branch, as well: The non-broken end was surprisingly blunt and even, the branch itself an even size. He gasps and moans, his eyelids sinking as he gets an idea. "Mmm..."

The masturbating paw slowing to a stop, he slides the tree branch through his left paw so it grasps close to the broken end of it. He then watches his paw as he positions the branch down his body and over his tailhole. After a momentary pause, his shoves the appendage inside of himself, bumping his prostate quickly. He groans loudly, immediately squeezing his cock when his prostate is hit, causing a squirt of precum to come out with enough velocity to hit the featherscales on his chest. "...aaah....!!"

He bumps his head back to the tree and pants fast, chest rising up and down quickly as so much pleasure numbs his veins. After enough time, he weakly turns his face to watch, as he lifts the branch up some, and then drops it back in, whimpering to the pleasure. He does it again, and then again, his paw squeezing on his own cock as it squirts and oozes his liquid. "Gods..."

He soon has his eyes closed as he concentrates, pushing the branch into himself and fiddling with it a bit, so he can get it pressed up against a good part of his prostate. Once it is, he uses that paw to hold it in place, and starts to go at his cock with the paw already holding it, moving much swifter now. He presses his forehead against the tree, panting and whimpering loudly, pre getting squirted onto his belly and chest again. "Ohhh.... GOOOD!!"

His tailhole squeezes on and off randomly on the tree branch, causing his prostate to squeeze it and give him a spike of pleasure. His paw pistons like mad up and down his 9 inches of dragon cock, and all this is quickly too much for him. He cries out into the air as his hot cum starts to flow out of his balls and shower his body, thick strings of the seed splattering against his neck as high as his chin, and shooting in a bit of a fan-array over the featherscales covering his chest. His voice lets out a constant high-pitched groan while the cum covers his body, and boy does it: A trait of dragons being their plentiful orgasms. But it does have to end, ending with a few drips and a little spurt. "oooooohh...."

His pawing hand gets slower, and slower, before it comes to a stop roughly at the middle of his cock. It then lets go, and drops onto the ground at his side. He sits still and pants heavily for a moment, chest rising up and down, before he snaps back to life long enough to slide the tree branch out of his hole. That arm flops down to the ground at his side, letting go of the branch and having it roll away from him. Now he lies still, weak, and covered with his own seed. His head rests against the tree, eyes closed, and lungs fighting for air. Soon though, his eyes open slightly, glazed over enough to make the wilderness blurry. But the clear still image of the Latias appears through his mind's eye. He smirks. Latias... Look what do you do to me...

He chuckles a bit, and closes his eyes again, for now uncaring of his mess, glad he could get that out of his system for today. Maybe when he can breath again, he'll take another bath in the hot spring.


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~ Scy
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