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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


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My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Leon: Rebirth of a Hero


"Get him!" a male voice was heard, echoing in the vast darkness.

"He's moving too fast!" a female voice answered.

"Wait... Look out, Elys!"

"No! Freya!" the anguished scream was heard from the first voice.

"I'm fine... Focus!"

"This is it!" a louder voice was heard. "I've got him! Ready? Let's finish him!"

Suddenly, everything went blank, dissolving away in a bright flash. After that, nothing but darkness was left again. This went on for a while before one of the voices from before was heard again.

"They fought for their ideals..."

"They?" the answer came from the darkness itself. "Who?"

"Unlike you, he knew how to deny what was wrong... He didn't just sit by with his doubts, letting others do harm to innocents."

"What was... wrong?" the answer came again. "But... I've been told... I'm no one to choose or know what's wrong."

"Have you no will or reason of your own?... If that's the case... I urge you to think it over. My command to you is... Wake up! Wake up and try to reason for yourself: What IS wrong?!"

"Wait! What? Wait, no... AHHHH!"

A Pichu woke up with a gasp in the early morning. He took a moment to catch his breath before trying to remember what had just happened. It took him a while before he finally remembered: He was having a dream. And not just any common dream; it was a dream like the ones he had been having for quite some time now: voices, names, and a sudden flash. After the flash, he'd usually hear a voice talk to him in a cryptic, mystifying way, and then there'd be another flash. The strange thing was the strange way he felt whenever he had these dreams: it was a mixture of anguish and excitement. Like most mornings, he chose to ignore his dreams for the time being and got up from the bed he was lying on.

He stood still in his room for a while, trying to fully wake up. The room was a large, grey extension of equally grey tiles. Come to think of it, it was more like a hall. He kept the small bed he slept with and all of his belongings in the corner that was the closest to the door, as he felt that placing anything on the room's other end only meant having to walk more.

As expected, this was no ordinary Pichu, even if he did look like one: the small, yellow body, which was so clear in color that it was almost white, pointy yellow ears with black tips, pink cheeks, and a black tail. He seemed common in almost every aspect... He was not. This Pichu, as strange as it might sound, was created in a laboratory and born to belong in a group that went by the name of 'Midnight Voices'. He occasionally heard some of the older ones refer to it as 'Thousand- Five,' but he hadn't really paid too much attention to that title. This group was composed of nineteen 'Genetically superior' Pokémon that had all, like him, been made. What was this group's goal? To establish total and absolute control over the world. Because of this, this Pichu had been raised under the belief that the 'normal' inhabitants of the world were nothing, and that he, being superior, had every right to trample them as he pleased.

He never really believed in that.

Being what he was -a product of genetic alteration- He hadn't been given a name. Like most others he worked with, he referred to himself by the number that had been marked on his right forearm, which was nearly invisible unless he focused really hard on seeing it: XV.

Finally waking up fully, he shook his head and realized he was late. He was late for breakfast; he was late for briefing... He was probably late for whatever he had been assigned to do for the day.

He grabbed a blue band with a 'XV' on it, placed it on his left forearm, and ran out of his room.

He ran down the hallways of the gigantic fortress his group used as its main stronghold. He had heard about other places that were used as facilities for training and experimentation, but he had never been picked to go to one as to know if they were all like this one: Dark and unnerving. The fortress' sinister atmosphere was boosted by another fact: it was built in a gap between dimensions that had been made a long time ago when the lords of time and space clashed. Because of the fact that it was not in the normal world (or in any world at all), sun didn't shine on that place. Perpetual darkness. The name 'Midnight world' couldn't be more fitting for a place like that.

As he kept running, he crashed against a Lucario. XV was knocked back and left quite dazed by the impact. The Lucario, who didn't even budge, looked down at him, then stretched out his hand to help him up.

"Thanks, III," XV said as he got up. The only answer he got was a severe and rather cold stare from the Lucario.

"You're late, you're lazy and you're careless," III answered. "Briefing's passed without you. You're supposed to head out to Lizean and kill off some Exploud agitator that's been stirring the resistance."

"Right!" XV gave a determined nod, then kept running.

"It took two days to train him," III muttered as he saw the Pichu vanish down the dark hallways. "I guess that's what I did wrong..."

XV was in a rush now. He was supposed to be somewhere he wasn't, and worst of all, it was the kind of job that usually earned him a lot of scolding and criticism. Why? Because he always asked the same thing: "Why do we kill them?" In time, this ended up earning him two cold replies:

"You are no one to question what is right or wrong. Your job is to fight, not to think," the answer was given to him by Professor D'Wilde. A rather brilliant Alakazam scientist, and the one who funded and commanded the entire group's operations. Their 'leader', so to speak.

The other one: "Because, if you don't kill them when they're in front of you, they'll kill you first. I'd like that, but I don't think you would." This one came from XVI. His 'older sister' Zangoose. They never got along too well, so he always though she said that to tease him.

He kept running. And, once again, carelessly crashed against someone else. XV closed his eyes as he was knocked back once again. He rubbed and shook his head, trying to ease the pain he got from this new crash.

"Ah, goodness... Are you well, XV?" The question came from a Raichu. Unlike most, this one was incredibly thin. A ruffle in the fur on his head gave him a rather peculiar hairdo. He was wearing a pair of glasses and a white lab coat. His fur was, like XV's, incredibly clear, almost white.

"Uh... Yes, sir, Professor Van Burke!" XV answered. The Raichu that he crashed against was Professor Van Burke, another brilliant mind, and the one responsible for the creation of quite a few of the Pokémon he worked with. "I ran into III a while ago. He told me what my job for today was, and I'm just in a rush to get there quick!"

"I understand," Van Burke answered. "They were quite upset when you didn't show up... By all means, hurry up! And fight well. Show them what you can achieve!"

"Right!" XV said as he got up and kept running. "I've got work to do!"

He left the fortress and continued on the outside until he reached the spatial gate. This was what they used to travel through dimensions into the regular world. Thanks to that, they could be anywhere at any time, not having to worry about the time that was lost while traveling, not to mention that was the only way out of their world. As he walked towards the gate, he saw a Zangoose standing cross- armed next to it. Like most of her species, she was quite muscular, but also somewhat plump (reminding her of that was sure to get whoever did it defenestrated). The usual crimson markings that are present in the body of a Zangoose were not there, leaving her fur a clean, snow white. At the tip of her paws were two sets of menacing- looking claws that, judging by appearances, could have easily slashed through thick steel. That was XVI, as marked by the red band that covered her left forearm.

XV approached her to say hello, but the only thing he got was a rather painful kick from the larger Pokémon.

"Hey!" XV said as he got up from the kick. "What's that for?!"

"For being late and making me miss out on the fun!" XVI answered. "They had me stay and wait here for you! Now, let's hurry it up!" Not giving XV a chance to answer, she grabbed him and tossed him into the gate, then walked into it herself. "To the outskirts of Lizean, you dumb thing! And make it snappy!"


XV closed his eyes as he felt reality around him dissolve. He hated that sensation; it was like falling off a roller coaster after riding it for ten minutes. It always left him dazed and dizzy. When he opened his eyes again they were standing in a vast, snowy field. The cloudy, grey skies prevented sunlight from reaching them as a cold, cruel wind blew. Behind them was a large city, its dark buildings standing out in contrast to the snow's white, which rendered XVI almost invisible because of her fur's color. He was barely recovering from the dizziness when he felt the clawed paws grip his hands and drag him around the snow as he was moved forward by an annoyed Zangoose. He was shivering from the cold of the snow against his body, but XVI couldn't have cared less.

"Come on! The others are there already!" she yelled at the Pichu as she dragged him about. "It's always the same! What's the use of that talent of yours if you're not around to use it?!"

The 'talent' XVI referred to was a special trait XV had that was, much to the envy of some, unique to him. Part of the alterations and changes done to his genes resulted in him developing a rather unique power: He could learn, duplicate and perform every last move, ability or trait of others. All it took for him to do so was to be hit by them or be close when they were done, and he was able to learn and use any attack he pleased. This had grown to turn him into a somewhat important part of the entire 'domination scheme,' as his versatility came in handy for all kinds of work. He hadn't been dragged around for too long when he felt his 'sister' come to a stop in front of what looked like a mountain. He could have sworn it was a mountain if it wasn't for the green piece of cloth with a 'XII' on it that could be seen in it.

"Hey, we're here!" XVI called out to the mountain as she poked it with her claws. "Did we miss out on anything?"

"Huh?" the mountain turned around. That was no mountain; it was an Aggron. He looked down at the two and scratched the back of his head for a while before noticing them. "Hey, It's XVI! Sorry, but you're a little hard to notice in this weather... Why are you here? Weren't you supposed to be waiting for XV?"

"Right here, dumbass!" she said as she raised her paw and pulled the Pichu up, lifting him as high as she could so the Aggron could see him.

"Ah, right... sorry, little guy," XII said as he leaned to get a closer look. "But you're hard to notice too, what with your size and all. I could've sworn you were just a speck of pollen! Though it'd be weird, having Pollen in snow like this..."

"Are you three done talkeeng?" the voice came from behind them. All three turned around to see who it was: green arms with gigantic hands, a band with a 'VII' on one of them, an orange bill, large eyes, a shaggy, yellow poncho, and a green sombrero. A Ludicolo, which was a rather unusual sight in a place as cold as the one they were at.

"Hey, VII! They finally caught up!" XII told the Ludicolo.

"Bien, good..." VII answered. "Now... Our mission: Thees Exploud guy has been goeeng around, steerring up trouble with the Leezean reseestance."

"He talks so weird..." XVI whispered at the Pichu next to her. "It's funny, but a little annoying."

"And, as your supereeor, I am going to take poeent! So let's go! Onwards, amigos! Let's get crayzee!" As he finished saying this, the Ludicolo took off with a step that was somewhere between a dance and a jog.

"Our 'supereeor'?" the Zangoose scoffed. "He just thinks he is, but he's not above me in our ranks... Anyway, let's roll!" She took XV's hand again and sprinted off. Noticing the she was moving slower than VII, she tossed the Pichu away and started running on all fours, which made her remarkably faster.

XV got up and managed to roll away while yelling "look out!" with his tiny voice just in time to avoid XII's foot crushing him.

"Sorry, runt!" the Aggron called back at the smaller one as he ran off, the ground trembling with every step he took. "Like I said, you're so tiny! Maybe if you actually tried evolving!"

The Pichu simply wiped some snow off himself and took off after them, trying his best to catch up. The fact that he was still a Pichu at the age of two was something that was always picked as a laughing matter by the rest of his colleagues. They'd make fun of the fact that he hadn't evolved, even if all it took for him to evolve into a Pikachu was happiness. He couldn't understand why he wasn't able to; he simply couldn't.

They dashed through the white, snowy field, each of them moving as fast as they could as the white flakes that fell from the grey, depressing sky slowly covered what trail they left on the ground. There was something unusual about this day, yet no one except XV seemed to notice. He felt anxious and uneasy, even more than he usually did whenever he was asked to carry out orders involving ending the lives of others. He never minded couriering or scouting around, in fact, he liked to feel like he was useful in spite of how much weaker he was, but killing was the one thing he never enjoyed, even when he noticed some of the others did. After a while of running they stopped at a ledge that overlooked a lower portion of the fields. VII crouched at the top, followed by XVI. Both of them looked down at the group that was gathered below them. There were no Pokémon that looked like an actual threat, except for the one large, menacing and very angry- looking Exploud. He was pacing back and forth around the others, which were sitting in a circle.

"Hey, runt!" XVI called XV. "Come over here, will ya? You stay there, XII. You're too easy to notice."

""So, that's thee guee..." VII said. His sombrero cast a shadow that hid his eyes and gave him a strangely cunning look. "Well, niño," he grabbed XV's hand. "Off you go!" He threw the Pichu down to where the Exploud and the others were. The mouse flew through the air and landed a few feet away from them.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" the Exploud yelled.

"Ah, this can't be good..." a Glaceon with a red kerchief tied around his neck said lowly as he walked away. "See you later, Ar... And, um... Vive la resistance, huh?"

"WAIT! DAISA!" The Exploud gigantic voice could have been heard a mile away, yet the Glaceon didn't turn back ; all the opposite, he dashed away even faster, until the snow naturally hid him from sight. "AH, DAMN! WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?!"

XV got up and, once again, cleaned some snow off himself. Unfortunately, he was noticed by his enemies.

"Boss, it's the Midnight Voices!" a Piloswine told the Exploud. "They've found us!"


"And that's where we come in!" XVI said with a smile as she leapt off the ledge and landed on the Piloswine, killing him in a single, quick slash.

"Ha, si!" VII yelled as he jumped off, spinning in dancing motion. "Let's dance, baybee! XII, staee here!"

"Whatever you say..."

Each led their own fights, and XV was forced to deal with none other than the Exploud, who was walking towards him with a furious glare. Once he was in front of the small Pichu, he swung his massive fist at him, which XV could dodge by a tiny frame, but was unable to avoid the second. XV was sent flying away, crying in pain.

"Ah, they got him again..." XVI held her paw to her face and shook her head. She was standing on top of a dead Mamoswine.

"Aye guess we're made of tougher stuff than he ees!" VII said.

XV got up and shook his head. He was seeing double from the blow he had just taken. Unfortunately, that was the point in which what XVI told him proved to be true: Unless he fought back and defeated his adversary, he'd be the one to get killed. He ran at the Exploud and hit him with a Mega Punch, which made the Exploud stagger. He tensed his arms, and his small hands changed and were replaced by sets of black claws, akin to a Zangoose's.

"And then he tries to imitate my claws..." XVI said as she and VII spectated the fight atop a pile of bodies. "I wish I had a power like that..."

"Meh, you're not meesseeng out on anytheeng speceeal," the Ludicolo told her.

XV leapt at the Exploud and slashed him twice on the face. The Exploud stepped back, covering his face and grunting in rage. Even though it couldn't be noticed because he was covering it, his face was a deep red from anger. Getting up, he shook his head furiously, unable to contain his fury. He stepped back until he was against the rocky wall of the ledge XII was standing on.

"STUPID KID!" he roared. "HOW CAN YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! YOU FREAK! BUT YOU'RE ABOUT TO FEEL SOME REAL HURT!" He took in as much air as he could, then let out a roar far louder than any he had made before. XV was blown back, while XVI covered her ears. The Ludicolo next to her didn't even flinch. The ground itself was shaking from the intensity.

"How can you not hear that?!" XVI told VII after the loud scream was over.

"Are you keeddeeng?" VII answered. "Aye leesten to miuseec louder than thees all da taime!"

XV got up again, feeling dazed by the loud noise. He quickly recovered and walked back to where he was standing. "Oh yeah? Try this!" He did the exact same thing the Exploud did, taking in as much air as he could, then letting out a loud yell. Once again, XVI covered her ears and VII simply sat there. The ground shook again, but the Exploud, like VII, was unaffected by the Hyper Voice attack.

"IDIOT!" the Exploud yelled. "THAT HAS NO EFFECT ON ME!"

"But this does!" XII said as he stomped the ground as strongly as he could, causing several rocks that were loosened by both the Exploud and XV's Hyper Voice to fall on top of the Exploud, crushing him.

"And that's that!" XVI said as she got up and began to walk away. "Time to head back to the fortress and report. Let's roll!"

"Yaha!" VII said with enthusiasm. "Thees has been the easiest job of the week!"

"Alright, see ya there!" XII called them as he turned around. "I'm going to Lizean for a while to see if anything needs to be taken care of."

"I'll go to Lizean too..." XV said lowly. "I... I just need to think something over..."

"Alright, little guy... Can you make it back on your own?" XVI asked him. "Suits me better if you got lost, but I don't think the boss would like that, huh?"

"It's okay," XV answered. "I'll get XII to take me back later..."

"Okay, see you later, then... Wimp!" She kicked XV, knocking him down to the snowy ground again.

"Sure... See you..." XV got up and walked south after XII, towards the city of Lizean...


'What's the matter with me?' XV thought as he stared off into the snow-covered fields in the distance. He was sitting at the top of a snowy hill that overlooked a vast portion of the fields ahead. Around the hill were several grey and depressing buildings. Steam was coming out of some vents on their sides, causing the snow around them to melt. That was the city of Lizean. The northernmost city of the world, the one closest to where the entrance to the Midnight World was, and thus, the first city the Midnight Voices took over. That happened 3 months ago, and ever since, they had been having trouble putting down rebels and resistance fighters that rose against them.

'Why? Why do I get this weird feeling? I feel like I'm... Empty...'

**Perhaps you are.**

XV felt strange about how his mind had just answered his own question. Then he remembered how familiar that voice was: It was the same one that talked to him in his dreams. 'Don't you get enough of bothering me in my dreams?'

**Are you really satisfied with what you do? If you were satisfied and happy, why couldn't you evolve?**

'I have no reason to not be happy... I have a huge home, I have power, I have friends...'

**How many of them are really your friends?**

The Voice made a good point with that. Most of the others would use him as laughing stock or look down on him... Okay, maybe he wasn't happy, maybe he didn't like what he did. But what could he possibly do about it?

"Hiya!" The cheerful greeting came from a Plusle that approached XV from behind and covered his eyes. "Guess who?"

"You're Carmine," XV answered.

"Good guess," came another, calmer voice.

"And you're Lapis," XV said. "What have you two been up to?"

"Ah, nothing big," Carmine replied as he took his paws off XV's eyes. "Just hanging around town... We brought you something, though!" He pulled out a blue band and tied it around XV's head. "See? What do you think?"

"I don't know," XV answered. "I can't see it."

"I told you he wouldn't like it..." Lapis said sadly.

"It's okay, you two," the Pichu told the other two. "I'm sure it looks good if you picked it for me."

Those were Carmine and Lapis, a rather upbeat Plusle and a usually sad Minun that worked for XV. He didn't see them as underlings or anything of that sort however. Among all the Pokémon that worked for the Midnight Voices, those two were the only ones XV always thought he could call friends.

The three were now sitting on top of the hill, staring into the distance.

"What's on your mind?" Lapis asked XV. "You look down. That's usually my thing..."

"Ever get this feeling what we do is wrong?" XV answered her question with one of his own.

"Well... Yeah," Carmine answered. "It's not like there's much of a choice. It's what we do for a living, and if we don't like it, it's not like we can quit or anything..."

"Quit?" XV looked at the Plusle. The word seemed to have awakened something on his mind. Perhaps the dislike for killing, perhaps the way he questioned what he was told... Perhaps he didn't really belong with them. The nerves and anxiety whenever he had to end the lives of others... And it all added into the solution Carmine had unwillingly offered him: Quit. If, at the age he was, he still hadn't managed to evolve, and all it took for him to achieve that was to be happy, then maybe he wasn't happy doing what he did... The idea planted itself in his head: What if he quit? Would they go after him? That was a risk, sure, but it didn't mean he couldn't try... "Carmine," He said as he got up. "You're a genius."

"Huh? Well, thanks, but... Why?"

"That's the solution!" XV answered. "If we don't like what we do, if we're not happy with being a part of this, then all we have to do is quit!"

"What?!" the Minun and Plusle asked in surprise at the same time.

"You can't be serious, lord XV!" Carmine told him.

"You'll get nothing but trouble if you even try to," Lapis added.

"Well, I want to evolve and be strong!" XV replied. "And I'm sick of making others unhappy! This is it... Tonight, I quit. Keep it quiet, please?" Saying this, he ran out of the other two's sight, heading into the streets, looking for XII.

"Nice going, moron," Lapis said in her sad tone, staring into the distance. "You just bought our best friend a ticket to suffering."

"He can't be serious," Carmine answered. "I don't think he'd dare quit."

"You didn't think I'd dare punch you, and yet I did," Lapis replied.

"Ugh, you're right," the Plusle felt a lump in his throat at the thought his words had gotten his leader and best friend in trouble. "Well, let's just think positive and hope that doesn't happen."

"Yeah, let's..."

"Stop!" Two Hitmonlee ran past the hill, chasing after a Glaceon and Jolteon. Both had red kerchiefs tied around their necks, but the Jolteon's looked far darker than the Glaceon's. "Return the TM! It's our property!"

"Oh, you want it?" the Jolteon answered as they both turned around to face their pursuers. "You can have it..." He placed his paw on the CD-like machine, which let out a bright glow before fading to a dim color. "Here!" He flung the used TM, which hit one of the Hitmonlee in the face. "There you go!"

"Nice one, Hagen!" the Glaceon told him.

"Learned from the best!" the Jolteon replied. "Now, let's go back and see how Pops and Tanya are doing."

"You're forgetting someone," the Glaceon answered.

"Hey, she's your girl, worrying about her ain't my thing," Hagen replied.

"You're right," The Glaceon said. "I've got me a lady to protect from these guys!"

"Do you protect her? Or does she protect you? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure she's tougher than you are."

"Whatever man, let's go!" They both took off walking past the Hitmonlee that was still standing, not paying attention to him.

"You think we should help?" Carmine asked Lapis as they watched the scene that was taking place below them.

"Nah, I don't want to get to get in trouble," Lapis answered. "The Jolteon and Glaceon would beat us up..."

"Always so negative..."


Hours had passed since XV returned to his world. He had spent almost all time since then mulling over whether or not to quit. The thought was now buried in his mind; it was all he could think of. Some kind of strange impulse told him it was the right thing to do, yet he wasn't so sure... It was as if a part of him wanted to stay and help the domination progress, but a much stronger part of him wanted to leave and find a place where he was happy; one where he really did belong...

The latter finally won.

He got up, and, almost in no control of his actions, walked out of his room. He wandered through the dark hallways, reaching the exit and stepping into the Spatial Gate.

"I want happiness," he said these words without realizing it, and soon, the world dissolved around him again. He was gone with a flash, not aware of the someone that had been watching his every move...

"He left... And, from what I've been hearing, he quit..." the one who watched him said. "I wonder if he bothered leaving a letter of resignation?"

XV was hanging on as strongly as he could. Even if he couldn't see what he was hanging on to, he was dong his best to not let go as he traveled through dimensions at an incredible speed. He was, literally, feeling himself coming out of himself. The dizziness was still there, and he was losing consciousness... He tried his best to stay in reality, but it was in vain. He let go, slipping away from the world as he lost consciousness.

"And so, it starts... My revenge... Mine and my friends'. I just need him to realize who he is..."

Hours later...

"He quit?" an Alakazam in a .lab coat said in disbelief. He was standing in a sinister-looking throne room, with windows overlooking the shadowy cliffs the fortress was built on, lit by a dim blue light. Bowing in front of him, was a Mewtwo that had a 'I' branded on its right forearm.

"That is what II reports," the Mewtwo answered. "Apparently, the thought had been present on XV's head for a long time. In fact, II even mentioned something about 'dreams'."

"Dreams?" D'Wilde asked. "...I might know... Leave, number I."

"Yes," the Mewtwo said as he vanished in a shadowy flame.

"So, here you are again..." the Alakazam spoke into nothing. "And you took advantage of the misled sense of justice he had. Very well, if you would take away my most valuable pawn, don't expect I'd give him up without a challenge... You fell against me once. It is not a problem for me to destroy you... For good..."
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