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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


Story Notes:

My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

IX's revenge

The spirit realm was as eerie and dark as ever. There, in the vast and unnerving emptiness, were gathered II, VI and VIII.

"This place gives me the creeps..." VIII said nervously, her voice quivering "Why do we have to meet here?"

"Because it is the only place where what we discuss can not make itself known to others" II answered "And you'd better get used to this place. It is where all the resistance members we leave with you for interrogation end up. And it is where you are likely to go when your time comes. You are the one who requested to join us here. You can leave if you please"

"Now, now, II, be nice" VI told the Mismagius "She is not used to this kind of places... And, tell us... Why did you call for a meeting?"

"For this" II said, as the space in front of him began to distort. Soon, they were looking at an image of IX, about to enter the spatial gate.

"That's IX" VIII pointed at the image "Why are we watching IX?"

"Today... IX is to go to the Sinan Forest... It is a place that holds great significance to him" II answered as he stared into the image of IX with interest "It is here that we might get to see IX for who he truly is..."

"Who he truly is?" VI asked, intrigued by II's words "Whatever do you mean?"

"Have you ever seen him when he unmasks his true self?" The Mismagius replied to the Froslass "He is quite different... Beneath his serious and cold gaze hides the most demented of all demons you have ever seen... Last time it happened, we lost two of the LEAs, and III was severely injured... And thanks to the hatred he holds for the Mightyena in the forest... We might just see those events repeat themselves..."

"And why do you wish to see what he will do today?"

"Yeah, what's so important about watching IX go crazy?" VIII asked.

"Ah, you see" II answered at both "We must study him... One must know a beast before it can be slain..."

IX appeared in the forest. The shade of the tall trees made his white fur take a grey coloration. He took a look around, Blood- Red eyes scanning the surroundings, searching for his target. He saw a rawst tree not too far from where he was standing. He walked towards it, jumped, and, with a quick swipe of his claw, he cut off tree berries.

"Well..." He thought "That's three down... And I really don't care how much are left. I'm sure by now III is probably finished, knowing how quick he is... Maybe I'll just take the day off I'm supposed to be having. Give it to some... Personal purposes"

He left the berries lying there and began to walk further down the grassy path, among the trees, deeper into the forest.

Soon, the trees along the path he was walking became taller and taller... In the end, the sky was no longer visible except for a few beams of light that filtered in here and there. There wasn't a single sound in the air. It was almost as if the forest itself knew he was passing by and decided to give him the silence he appreciated so much. He came to a stop when he reached a clearing. It seemed to be the one place where light managed to reach and illuminate the forest without the trees getting in its way. Several stones were placed on the grass in an orderly and respectful fashion.

Keeping his silence, he walked towards the stone on the far right and sat in front of it. And, after taking a deep breath, he spoke at it.

"I'm back" He said, eyes fixed on the stone, once again giving that hint of emotion that was often absent from them "And I'm here to live up to what I said..."

"Well, look who it is!" Came the raspy, harsh voice from behind him.

IX turned around to look at who had said this: A Mightyena. His black and dirty fur looked like it had not been cared for ever. Next to his right eye was a scar. Standing behind him, in formation, were four others.

"I don't have time to waste on you" IX replied calmly "At least, not for now..."

"He's got the 'IX' Band and everything... No doubt about it. It's the Weenie!" The Mightyena with the scar laughed "He's finally decided to come back!"

"Maybe he missed you, huh?" Another one of the Mightyena asked in an amused tone.

"Yeah... Remember? ' For each of us, It'll be three of you' Trying to act all tough... You sure showed him!" Yet another one of the Mightyena added.

"Maybe he's just accepted himself for the little Bitch he is!" All five Mightyena burst into laughter upon saying this.

"I was planning on leaving this for last... But I'll be happy to send you to hell right now..." IX answered, his voice was starting to quiver from the memories.

"And he hasn't changed at all!" The Mightyena with the scarf laughed again "Still trying to act all tough and heroic... Maybe we'll just have to show him what he is again!"

"You are THIS close to signing your death sentences..." IX growled. His tone showed rage, same that was noticeable in his eyes. The Deep Red in them was starting to light with anger.

"We'll put you down" The Mightyena with the scar took a step forward "Then... I'll drag your sorry ass all the way to where your two little whore friends are... And I'll take them... While I make you watch..."

"Don't say I didn't warn you" IX got into a fighting stance, growling, exposing a set of fine, strong fangs. Not huge like those others would have, but still menacing.

"Take him out" The Mightyena gave a commanding bark to the four behind him, who began to walk towards IX "I'm going to enjoy this. And I'm going to enjoy what comes later even more... I wonder which of the two will get lucky first... Maybe the older one?"

"THAT'S IT!" IX roared in rage, his voice changed into a harsh, furious one. He jumped at one of the Mightyena and, in one quick swipe, slashed his throat. The crimson arc from the slashed canine's throat flew through the air, glistening with the light from above. IX landed behind the other three attackers. Claws stained red, He looked up at them. The calm in his eyes was replaced by a maniacal glow, Redder than the blood of the one he had just killed, and his serious expression, too, was replaced by a wide, cruel, gleeful grin. Walking towards another one of his enemies, he spoke out in his harsh, demented tone "Come on! Weren't you going to take me out?! Or is something too difficult to do when one of us actually fights back?!"

Another Mightyena jumped at him. IX answered with the exact action. He, too, jumped at the dog. And, in spite of how physically weaker his thin, fine body seemed to be, IX easily overpowered his attacker, landing on the ground on top of him, and starting to slash at his downed opponent's chest in a hatred- fueled frenzy. After hacking at him so much that he was sure the Mightyena had passed out from the pain, IX dug his fangs into the Mightyena's throat, pressing it hard in his jaws. Once he was finished, he got up and directed an even crazier smile to the remaining two attackers, fangs stained a dark crimson. He spat out some of the blood, then spoke one more time "What's the matter?! Can't deal with an adult without striking from behind?! Or is it that I'm too strong for you?!"

The two remaining Mightyena began to step back with terrified looks on their faces. IX didn't bother going after them, in fact, he didn't even move. The wind began to stir around him, blowing hard, carrying dust and dead leaves in it. "There were many like me in this forest once..." IX growled "Thanks to your idiocy, they're almost all gone... There were innocent...Patient... Merciful... You killed them... But I am still here: Lethe" The wind blew even harder as he said this, and his body even raised a few feet from the ground "I am Lethe of Oblivion, which I both give and desire!" Upon finishing, the wind blew with huge strength against the Mightyena, slashing them numerous times, the crimson drops of their blood fell into the grass below, followed by their bodies.

Lethe landed back on the grass, giving the two victims of his Razor Wind attack a disgusted look before turning around to face the last one, with the scar, who had just been watching everything, not joining the fight.

"Well, I have to admit" The Last Mightyena growled in a mixture of amazement and amusement "If what you were hoping to do was impress me, you did it. However..." He got ready to fight "If what you wanted to do was scare us away from the forest... You really failed"

"I don't want to impress you" Lethe took a step towards the Mightyena "I don't want to scare you off the forest... I hate you so much... All I want is to see you all dead... Like I promised the others... three of you for each one of us..." Saying no more, he jumped at his last opponent, who managed to jump away. Lethe landed, drifting in the grass, making a 180� turn, facing the Mightyena once again.

"You've still got ways to go" The Mightyena chuckled.

"You think?!" Lethe opened his mouth, and, all of a sudden, he launched a ball of fire at the Mightyena, who, not expecting the attack, was hit fully by it. Lethe wasted no more time. He jumped on top of his downed enemy and began to slash at him like he did with one of the others. Blood kept flying out with every slash he took at him. "It's not the same, is it?! It's not so easy now that I can fight back! Now that I can defend myself! You brought this upon yourself! Now, reap what you've sown! Reap it! Never again will they suffer from what you do to them! This is for them! For Astra and Estelle! This! Is! For! Everyone!"

After he tired himself out, Lethe got up from his opponent and gave him the kind of look one would give something he stepped on while walking through the street. He raised a single, blood- stained claw and held it up, shaking from anger, ready to strike at the Mightyena's neck. He was about to slash him and end his life when he changed his mind. He put his paw back on the floor, and said in a disgusted tone "No... It'd be too kind to let you die like this... One quick slash and your pain is gone... " He paced in front of the weakened canine, who gave him a terrified look "No... I want you to feel the panic... To experience that last moment of despair when you know nothing you do will stop you from dying... I know what to do..." His maniacal grin was wider than before "Goodbye, you bastard..." He took a few steps back, then stopped and got ready to charge at the Mightyena. His body was surrounded by an aura the mixture of orange and a light blue. He waited until the Mightyena weakly got up, then charged against him at full power. The result was a loud crack, probably the canine's bones breaking as he was sent flying away, howling in panic.

Lethe was left alone there, surrounded by the bodies of the other four. He was panting heavily, and his body was shaking. This was the one part of letting himself go that always gave him trouble: Regaining his composure. He started to slow his breathing down. After a while, he took a last deep breath, and finally calmed down. He was about to head deeper into the woods, when he heard an all- too familiar voice behind him.

"You're back... Lethe"

He turned around to see another Absol. Her fur was uncared for. In fact, it didn't look too different from the one of he Mightyena Lethe had just sent flying away; The once pure white was now a dirty and depressive grey. The one feature that stood out, however, were her eyes. Unlike most Absol, whose eyes are red, hers were a clear blue.

"It's you" Lethe answered in a somewhat nostalgic tone "Astra... What are you doing here?"

"I come here whenever I can" Astra answered, walking towards him "I like to pay my respects to the lost... Sometimes the Mightyena waited for me here... I guess they won't anymore"

"I took care of them" Lethe answered, walking towards her as well "And these ones here... They were just the beginning. I plan to live up to what I said: For each one of us... It'll be three of them" They both stopped once they were face to face, only a few inches away from each other.

"You still plan to get revenge..." She sighed "Lethe... You're just poisoning your soul"

"I'm willing to give that and more up" Lethe answered. He looked down for a moment before looking back up at her "I'm sorry... I left you here to endure everything these bastards have done to you... But I'm here now. It took me six years, but I've come back for you. Like I promised I would. I'm here to free you"

"Oh, Lethe..." She shook her head "That's not the part of your promise I've been waiting for... It's not just about your vengeance, but about what you promised you'd do afterwards..."

"Yes, that too..." Lethe replied.

"Come on, then" Astra told him as she began to walk into the woods "Let's go home"

Lethe followed after her into the more heavily wooded part of the forest. Once again, the trees grew so tall and thick that they blocked the sky, leaving them to walk in the darkness. However, there was a different feeling to this darkness. It was almost soothing. Silence was among the things Lethe liked the most, and, in company of Astra, it seemed to feel even better. They came to a stop in front of a large tree.

"Remember this?" Astra asked as she approached the tree

"I can't forget it" Lethe answered, examining the tree's trunk. On it was a crudely carved drawing of three Absol riding on a Rhyperior's shoulders. "When Estelle carved this... I remember we laughed a lot. It was probably the first time I laughed about anything that day... Speaking of Estelle, where is she?"

"She's somewhere in the forest" Astra answered "She doesn't really tell me where she goes anymore"

"But that's dangerous... With the Mightyena about..."

"You'd think it'd be, with Big not here to protect her, but , as much as she misses him, she's got a new friend"

"Really? What's his name?"

"I have no idea" Astra looked at Lethe "She just calls him 'kitty'. You should hear her 'Kitty this, kitty that'. It seems he does the same thing Big did. The Mightyena don't even dare look at Estelle now"

Lethe let out a short snicker at the thought the Mightyena would be frightened of Estelle.

"Well... Let's get moving" Astra said as she turned away from the tree and began to walk.

"Wait" Lethe called her, eyes focused on the tree trunk. He raised his paw, and, with a few agile swipes from his claws, he carved two other Absol higher in the trunk. He took another moment to visualize what he wanted, and, in a few other swipes, he carved a heart between them. "That's us" He said with a satisfied look "Once I'm done with them... Like I promised, this will be us."

"I like the idea" Astra answered "But I'd like it more if you put the first one away... What's the use of vengeance? Killing the Mightyena won't bring anyone back to life... I wish you'd understand... But I don't think you would... Let's move"


"Owww... Even IX has someone!" VI said in an endeared tone.

"I don't get it" VIII said, puzzled "Why does he hate the Mightyena so much?"

"Ah, this story..." II answered "I find it hard to believe that you never heard of it, seeing how you were already with us when it happened... Allow me to explain...

The entire area around Desina suffers from constant natural disasters. Earthquakes, mostly, but also the occasional flood. The Sinan forest had, for a long time, been home to mostly two species: The Absol and the Mightyena. The Absol used their talent for predicting disasters for good. They warned the Pokemon at Desina about them so they could prepare themselves. However... There was one time in which the Earthquake didn't occur in the town, but, instead, in the forest. Particularly in the area where the mountains and the forest meet. The area where the Mightyena lived... This resulted in a horrible rock slide that killed almost half of the Mightyena population. The Mightyena blamed it on the Absol, and decided to take revenge. The day they did... Was IX's very first day on the job, actually doing something for us. Since it was his first time out of training, we gave him something simple: He was to scout the forest. Just that. He was so excited about it... He was even more excited when he met that other Absol he is with right now. He always thought he was the only one of his kind. Imagine how marveled he was when he found an entire settlement of others like him! Imagine, too, how shocked and enraged he was when, that very same day, he saw almost all of them die... Only three Absol survived that attack. One is IX, the other is the one that is with him, and the third one is her sister. They survived because of a very brave Rhyperior who protected them. That Rhyperior is the one we now know as XVIII. He was so badly damaged it took us three years to heal him. Once he was healed, however, he joined us. That's why, in spite of how different they are, IX and XVIII get along so well."

"Whoa... That's tough, tough stuff" VIII said "I guess I never bothered trying to find out why he was like that..."

"Indeed. That event made him change. He went from a life- loving, cheerful pup, to a concealed maniac with a grudge for his attackers... That day, he made a promise to that Absol that is with him right now: 'For each one of us... It'll be three of them... And, once that's done... You and I... We'll bring our kind back. I don't care how long it takes... I'll come back for you!'... He gave himself the name Lethe, and from the looks of it..." II looked back into the image "He plans to live up to everything he said..."


"Here we are" Astra told Lethe as they arrived at the top of a hill that rose high above the forest. The clear, blue sky was now clearly visible. Its color almost identical to Astra's eyes. "Remember? This is where we met. My... 'house' was right here" She gestured towards an alcove in the face of a rock, the entrance was covered with bushes "You walked in out of nowhere, saying you were 'scouting'... We had a blast"

"Right..." Lethe was feeling somewhat anxious. The thought just entered his mind: What would he do once the day was over? He had to go back... Otherwise they'd come looking for him... He loved Astra. But, right now, his revenge was more important "Listen, I have to-

"You have to go and kill the Mightyena..." She sighed "Lethe... Why?"

"Why?!" Lethe answered "Look at what they did to our kind! Remember what they did to us! To you! To Estelle! Don't tell me, after all they've done to you, you don't ever feel like you want to see them suffer?! Twitch?! Writhe?!"

"At first I did..." Astra looked up to the sky as she said this "At first I was so angry at them... But, as Estelle and I lived on, time taught me a valuable lesson..." Her comment was met by an interested 'hmmm?' from Lethe. "What I learned" she continued "From watching everything... How the Mightyena attacked us that day... How Big protected us... The feelings of rage you have towards the Mightyena... Is that Hatred, Evil, Lust for Vengeance... They're just words we use to mask our sorrow and pain... The Mightyena attacked us because they thought we were responsible for the deaths of their loved ones. That was not vengeance... They were in pain because they lost others they held dear... They just didn't know how to express that pain... And, you, Lethe" She looked at the other Absol, her blue eyes focused on the red of his "You want revenge on them for what they did to us... But, deep down... You're just in pain... You need to forget that, Lethe. You need to let this go..."

Lethe looked away and lost himself in the scenery he was looking at: The view was amazing. The sight of the trees spreading as far as he could see, some of them were even touching the sky. He was fighting in the inside: One part of him wished to annihilate those dirty bastards. To wipe their memory from the world and satisfy his thirst for vengeance... No. That was not thirst. It was lust. The other part of him had listened to Astra: Maybe, all this time, that impulse... That desire to get his vengeance... That cold and indifferent way he treated others... Maybe it was all just pain, sadness. He looked at her, then took a deep breath, finally making his choice "You win. I'll leave them alone... But their leader... And anyone who tries to protect him... Will still die"

"Well, that's something, I guess" Astra answered, licking his cheek "Just be careful. I know he's the only one you can't forgive, but... If you, by any chance, can..."

"I can't" Lethe replied, licking her back "I'm sorry, but he's the only one I'll never forgive. It's time to go and avenge Big... He says 'hello', by the way" He finished, turning around and walking back into the forest "I'll be back in a few hours... If I'm even more blood- stained than this" He looked at his fur, which was covered in a red as deep as his eyes "You'll know I won"

Lethe was walking amongst the trees, making his way further into the woods. He was back in the darkness provided by the tall, thick trees. The squawking of a Murkrow could be heard in the distance. The path was becoming more and more narrow, until he had to start squeezing between the trees to keep moving on. After a long while of walking, he came to a spot where the trees began to spread again, allowing him to make his way regularly once again.

"Hi, Lethe!" came the greeting of a childish voice.

Lethe looked up to see who had called him. It was yet another Absol, this one, however, seemed to be younger than Astra. Not by a lot, though. Her fur was as white as Lethe's would have been before he got it covered in blood. Much like the case was with Astra, the color of her eyes was what made her stand out the most: A bright yellow that seemed to be shining with an optimistic joy.

"Hello, Estelle" Lethe greeted back.

"So, you came back!" Estelle jumped from the tree she was standing on and landed in front of Lethe, then licked his cheek "How have you been? Were you the one who beat up the Mightyena by that clearing? You must be pretty strong now! Have you been working out? Have you been to see my sister yet? How's Big? Is he okay now? Did you bring him? You promised you'd bring him! Where is he?"

Lethe was dazed by having all those questions thrown at him so quickly. Once he thought through everything Estelle had just asked him, he finally answered "I'm fine, Yes, I beat them, I am pretty strong, yes, I've been working out, I've been to see Astra. In fact, I'm just coming from the top of the hill where you live. Big's fine, he's all well now. No, I couldn't bring him, and I know I promised, but he's not here. How about you, Estelle?"

"Ah, I'm hanging in there" Estelle answered. Her voice was little and sweet- sounding, like that of a pup, even though she didn't seem to be that much younger than Lethe or Astra "I was pretty sad when Big left. Those Mightyena did things to me... But I'm okay now!"

Lethe kept walking on, Estelle walking alongside him. Further down the road, two Mightyena jumped out from the bushes.

"Hey, It's Estelle!" One of the Mightyena growled.

"And the big lug's not around... Looks like we got lucky!" The other one answered.

"Stay back, Estelle!" Lethe stood in front of the smaller Absol I a protective fashion "I'll take care of these guys if they try anything"

"Oh, Don't worry, Lethe!" Estelle walked past him, towards the Mightyena "These guys are afraid of me! Watch!" She walked further at the Mightyena, stopped at a small distance from them, then called them "Hey! Well, come get some Estelle, suckers! Isn't that what you wanted?" She finished, sticking her tongue out at them.

"That little bitch!" One of the Mightyena snarled in anger before jumping at Estelle, pinning her down.

"Eek! Kitty!" Estelle cried out from the top of her lungs. Just a few seconds later, a roar was heard in the distance.

"Ah, shit!" The Mightyena yelled in a mixture of fear and frustration when he heard this "He's coming!"

"Nice move!" The other one told him "You got her to drop the Kitty on us! Let's get the hell outta here!"

"I ain't stopping!" The Mightyena on top of Estelle answered "To hell with the Kitty! It's time someone shows this little whore what her place is!"

"Fine!" The other one shouted back as he ran away "I'm outta here! Enjoy getting your ass kicked!"

"Fine, run away!" He yelled back, leaning closer to Estelle "More for me..."

The roar came again, this time much closer. A few seconds later, the Mightyena was knocked away, tackled at full force by a large figure.

"You should have listened to your friend "The large silhouette growled before biting down on the Mightyena's neck. Sparks emerged from the point where his fangs met the canine's throat. In a moment, The Mightyena groaned in pain and passed out.

Light shone down on Estelle's savior, revealing his identity: A large, black mane... red, piercing eyes that, although threatening, had a glimpse of sadness to them... Blue oval ears... A blue body with black fur covering a large portion of it, three sets of yellow rings on each of his front legs,one of which was blackened with burn marks, and a black tail with a yellow star- shaped tip. He was a Luxray.

"Kitty!" Estelle bellowed, happily as she got up and ran towards the Luxray, rubbing her cheek against his in a feline- esque way "Kitty... You always save me from the bad guys..."

"It's nothing, Estelle" The Luxray gave Estelle an awkward look "And my name's not Kitty, It's Richard"

Estelle gave him an innocent look, blinking for a while before rubbing against him once again "Nah... You're just Kitty. Come on!" She walked towards Lethe "Here, Kitty. There's someone I want you to meet" She waited until both Lethe and Richard were there to introduce them "Kitty, this is Lethe. Lethe, this is Kitty"

"Hey. Name's Richard" The Luxray greeted.

"And I'm Lethe" Lethe answered "So, you're the one that's been looking after Estelle? You have my thanks. You may have noticed this by now, but... She's a little... Loose- mouthed."

"It's been nothing, really" Richard replied.

"So, now that you know each other" Estelle gestured for Richard to follow her "Let's go out to play, Kitty!" She walked away, followed by the Luxray. Soon, they had vanished into the darkness of the forest's depths.

"Ah, Estelle" Lethe chuckled, talking to himself "It's been six years, yet she still behaves like a pup... Why can't she be a little more mature?"

Lethe headed further into the woods. The one place he was looking for was close. Soon, he would meet the enemy he was looking for... The one he blamed for everything... He would get his vengeance. But he would listen to Astra. He would only harm those who attacked him.

He came to a stop in a last clearing. This was the end of the forest. The trees formed a circle at the center of which filtered a thin ripple of light. At the other end of the clearing was the face of a mountain, making this a one entrance, one exit arena. Standing at the end, staring into the rocky face of the mountain, was a single, large, and incredibly bulky Mightyena. He had a gross musculature that stood out from his silver- black fur.

"I'm here..." Lethe growled "After six years, It'll be just you and me... Turn around and fight, coward!"

The Mightyena simply turned around and snickered, amused at the sight of the thin, white, and smaller creature that challenged him. He walked into the spot the light fell into and said in an amused tone "Fine... You're the only male who survived... It's fitting you'd challenge me for your freedom... Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're so skinny... But, first, I'd like to know what you call yourself. It'd be rude to leave a nameless grave to the last male Absol..."

"My name is Lethe" Lethe answered, his voice was, once again, trembling "Lethe of Oblivion... Which I am here to bring you!"

"Funny..." The Mightyena answered, then let out an authoritarian bark. Several Mightyena and Poochyena emerged from between the trees, gathering in a circle to watch. "Listen, you all!" He barked out to the crowd "Like he promised, this little guy came back to get payback on me! And kick us out of here! Now, we're gonna fight! If I lose... If I die... You will all get the hell out of this forest and into the mountains!" A disagreeing chatter could be heard from amongst the crowd "Shut up!" He barked again, and silence followed. "You'll do as I say! Or else this guy is free to slay you all if he wishes to! Enough talking! Let's do this!"

Lethe stood quietly. He wanted to hold himself back. He needed to be thinking straight for this... If he let himself go, he would fail to what he told Astra he'd do... He'd probably kill them all. But his target was there. Right in front of him. The wind was stirring, carrying dust and dry leaves on it. But that was not all it carried: It seemed to be charged with hatred... His hatred for the one that he was about to fight right now.

They just stood there, staring at each other. Probably trying to anticipate what the other would do... This was the first case Lethe had seen of a Mightyena, let alone one as muscle- bound as this one, doing this. The Tension was building up in his mind... Once again, insanity was trying to overtake him... It told him to leap at his opponent and finish him off at once... That was what IX would have done... But he was not IX right now... He was Lethe. The Lethe that promised not to avenge his fallen kind, but to spend his life with the only one he loved... If the price for that was just a few seconds... He'd pay it. He was waiting for his adversary to make a move... To act.

Finally, the moment to act came: This was it. They both leapt at each other, and it was over in an instant. Lethe landed perfectly on the other side, while the Mightyena fell, rolling into the grass. The blood pouring from his slashed throat and dying the emerald- colored grass under him a deep red. No one was sure of what had just happened. Lethe himself didn't have it quite clear. He looked at his horn from the corner of his eye to see it covered in a bloody crimson. That's when he realized it: He had won.

True to their leader's word, the Mightyena and their offspring began to slowly step back, then, suddenly, ran away.

"Woohoo!" Estelle jumped out from one of the trees, followed by Richard "Lethe kicked the Mightyena out! Quick, Kitty! Let's go tell Puppy! We're free!" They ran back into the forest, vanishing from sight once again.

"Yeah... They're gone..." Lethe took another deep breath. Trying to hold himself sane, if only for such a short time, had been too much for him. The wind was still blowing, carrying al that hatred in it. "It's done now...At last, I can put this all behind... And head for the only thing that matters...

A few hours later: The top of the hill

"I'm back" Lethe told Astra, who was lying on the grass, looking up at the night sky, the star's glow made her eyes shine in an unnatural way.

"You did... Did you do it?"

"Only their leader" Lethe answered, feeling somewhat proud of saying this "No others. They all left."

"I didn't think you'd be able to..." Astra got up and looked at him, feeling glad and proud that Lethe had managed to do this "But you did... You understood that it was all, in the end, just pain..."

"And now I'm here" He said "To fulfill the one part of my promise you care about..."

"Good... I kept mine, too... Or I would have been able to, if the Mightyena hadn't been around..."

"It's okay. It only counts if you wanted to"

"Well, then... Come here" They walked one towards the other, getting closer and closer until their muzzles met. He kissed her passionately, their tongues wrestling as they enjoyed the moment. After what felt like hours to both, Astra pulled away, walked a few steps away through the bushes and into the alcove where she slept and turned around, presenting her rear to Lethe. "So? What are you waiting for?"

Lethe slowly walked towards her, thinking of the moment they were about to enjoy together. A moment they had both been waiting for for six long years. He mounted her, slowly sliding his member into her, careful not to hurt her. Once he was fully inside, he waited, letting her walls adjust to him. A nod from Astra let him know he could continue. He started at a slow rhythm, slowly pulling out of her, then going back in. A moan from his lover let him know he was doing good. He started to speed up, slowly increasing the strength with which he slammed back in, bringing more moans from her. This was paradise for him... And the fact he was making her enjoy it made it all feel even better. He could feel his knot starting to form at the base of his member. A few thrusts later it was already pressing against her entrance, seeking to tie them together and to fill her with his seed. He kept thrusting harder and harder, bringing out more of her sweet, soft song. Finally, his knot pushed through, tying them together. The sudden feeling of being tied drove Astra over the edge. She let out one last, loud moan as she reached her orgasm, her walls tightening, clenching Lethe's cock. This was enough for him to reach his own climax, pumping his seed into her before they both collapsed, panting heavily into the grass below. They were still tied together, Lethe was lying on top of Astra, paws crossed over her as he kept watch, proteting her from anyone who would come.

"That was... amazing" Astra said, still panting "I loved this... You said you were leaving tomorrow? You've got that job of yours and all"

"Screw the job" He leaned forward and licked her cheek "If it means I'll spend more time with you, I'll take a vacation. It's not like they can say no if I'm not there... You've taught me something once again... You taught me that, indeed, innocents have no fault, and that one murder does not solve another... Deep down, all I felt was just pain for how we were parted from the rest of us... And I didn't think that when I did this, I was leaving others without their families as well... I'll take my vacation. And, when I go back... I've got a few questions to put up to the professor..."
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