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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


Story Notes:

My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Chapter 25


"Ah..." The Umbreon sighed deeply as he and the Espeon walked through the gilded hallways of the luxurious yet buried palace. His deep red rings were dim, yet pulsating. "I wonder how different the world has become since we were last free to wander it, my dear..."

"It must have changed, Nox," The Espeon answered. "Maybe you and I can go and see everything again... Maybe we can go to Rinia...?"

"'Thank you for reminding me of Ereith's awful work."

"Ugh, it was such a terrible play! I'll never understand why it was called a masterpiece... He should have picked me for the starring role, but no... He went for my sister instead!"

"Why was he called a genius? That makes no sense either... As for why he picked Dia... Ereith's an idiot. He would never understand your beauty, Mia. Ever."

The Espeon laughed softly for a while before turning to him and answering, "Say more things like that!"

"I wish I could, but I AM planning to go to Rinia... Or... What did the Master say it was called...?"


"Thanks. Yes, I'll be going to Neri," Nox answered. "Maybe try to have a word with dear Dia's descendant... Or Freya's, for that matter."

"Why do you ignore me, Nox?" She asked, enviously saddened. "Thousands of years apart from you were as painful as could be... Why do you always choose someone else?"

"Ah, don't be sad," He licked her cheek. "I just need to warm up and limber... After all, I wouldn't want to disappoint you later, hmmm?"

"Well, you've got a point..." She answered, her spirits lifted for a moment before she let out another worried sigh, "Nox, what if we are sealed again?"

"Don't say things like that," Noxrit (Nox, as the pet name for him had become) answered, trying to comfort her. "We will be victorious this time. And even if we're not, the master will return later and we will return with him. According to what Ereith and Nikolai said, he'll always find a way back." He gave her cheek another soft lick. "Don't worry. Those stupid do-gooders will not give us trouble this time. I promise."

"Thanks, Nox..." She answered, nuzzling his side.

"Now, I'm off to Rinia!" The Umbreon answered, hastily rushing off.

She waited until he was one before letting out an annoyed grunt. "How can it be?! Some unknown harlot will be with him tonight, while I stay here cold and alone! It's always the others who get what I want..."


"So, basically..." Sasha told the Absol as they sat down in the sitting room of Anne's house. "I've been getting these feelings for him again, and I just wanted to ask you how okay you're with that, seeing how you feel the same." She had the hardest time saying those words, mainly because she wasn't one to ask others what they thought in a matter like that one. "And, well... Normally, I wouldn't care, but Phoebe's made a point that you really like him too, and I guess we're friends... Sort of. So if you're not okay with it, I'll back off... Please, be okay with it!" She finished, waiting for Estelle's reaction.

"Okay," Estelle answered, yellow eyes focused on the dark blue of Sasha's. "I guess it's fine... You did dare kiss him... Anytime I wanted to someone or something got in the way... You can do it!" She finished with a smile, but immediately looked down, saddened. "I just wish it had been me... Almost since I met him... I wanted nothing but to be with him... I mean, the first time in which it wouldn't be something forced on me like the Mightyena did... I remember anytime I was alone, I'd put those dolls he got for me together and make smooch noises." She sobbed

"Oh..." Sasha looked at the Absol about to cry in front of her, and it made her feel terrible. Come to think of it, she'd never really considered the fact Estelle never had anyone in her life. "Okay... You're NOT okay with it... Alright, look..." She stopped to think for a while before answering, and she couldn't believe she was about to give up a catch like that, "Take him out tonight and... Well, kiss him during the fireworks! And if he freaks out you just glue your mouth to his like an Aggron to a magnet!"

"That's no good," Estelle shook her head. "He doesn't care about me like that."

"So? Make him care!"

"You think I should?" The Absol looked up.

"Take my advice," She answered. "You should always make the first move, because otherwise, there are times in which you'll have to wait a lot."

"Hmm..." Estelle looked down again. "Problem is, I don't know if I want to... I might mess it up. You go." She nodded. "Kitty's happiness is way more important to me."

"If I go you'll cry about it," Sasha answered in a serious tone. "And I DO want to go... Guess we're both screwed, then."

"I guess..."

"Unless..." Sasha continued.

"Unless what?" Estelle looked up again, curious of what Sasha was talking about.

"We both go out with him!" Sasha finished with her usual devilish smile.

"What?!" Estelle shuffled back a little, looking at her. "You mean, like, the two of us and Kitty?!"

"Yeah, why not?" Sasha shamelessly replied. "I don't care what society thinks, and neither should you! And he doesn't have a reason to refuse! I mean, for all I see, two's better than one, right?"

"Well, that's crazy! ...Isn't it?"

"Nah, it's a perfectly normal thing!" Sasha lied, trying to take advantage of the Absol's lacking knowledge of how dates were usually supposed to go.

"Oh... Okay, then!" Estelle innocently nodded.

"Good! But listen, we're gonna have to start planning on everything... Especially who gets what by the end of the night."

"'Who gets what'?" Estelle asked, clearly confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I AM one to bust the bedsprings on my first night out."

"Oh!" Estelle huffed, blushing. "You mean we'd both..."

"We'll already share a date; we might as well share a mate!" She finished before chuckling. "Hey, that rhymed!"

"Aren't you forgetting about him, though?" Estelle added, her usually black cheeks toned a vey deep shade of red at the thought, "I don't think he'd want to..."

"Ah... Estie, Estie, Estie..." Sasha looked down and shook her head in an amused way. "You obviously know nothing about males! The more they're offered, the more likely they're to take it!"


"Oh, yeah!"

At that moment, Anne walked into the room, heading further into the house followed by Tiffany, who was looking up to her grandmother with a curious expression.

"So, he really was a pirate?" Tiffany asked, her eyes aglow with curiosity and fascination.

"Yes, Tiff, your grandfather was a pirate," Anne answered patting her granddaughter on her flopped down right ear, "But you shouldn't talk about it out loud; the guard's still interested in finding out about him."

"Cool!" Tiffany hopped a little.

"I'll go and see how your friend is," The Lopunny said, "You can stay here if you want."

"Okay!" The Buneary did as she was told and sat down next to Sasha and Estelle, who were whispering at each other. "Hey, what are you two talking about?" She asked.

"Nothing," Sasha answered, looking at the Buneary, "We're just discussing some points about dates, love, males in general..."

" Like what?"

"Like..." Sasha stopped to think again. She always knew what to answer to get out of things, but if she was asked to elaborate on it, she was never able to. "Like... How if you ever end up fighting with one in a relationship, all you have to do is put out and he'll pretty much forgive you."

"Really?" Tiffany and Estelle asked at the same time, both focused on the Glaceon.

"Well, what else?" Tiffany asked.

"Well... If you want to get one aroused but embarrassed about being so at the same time, you just need to act all cute and innocent around him... In a naughty way, of course."

"I didn't know that either," Tiffany replied, bizarrely interested in what Sasha was saying.

"Me neither!" Estelle added.

"Ah..." Sasha sighed, smiling as she slowly shook her head once again, "There's so much for me to teach you!"

"Hey, Tiffany!" Anne called, walking into the room once more, "He just woke up."

"He's awake!" Tiffany sprang to her feet and ran into the room, then leapt onto the bed and hugged the Pikachu. "Leon!" She hugged him so strongly he felt like he was going to choke. "Thank goodness you're okay!"

"I'm fine," Leon answered, hugging her back. "At least I learned a lesson: Never judge a book by its cover."

"Hey," Sasha walked in the room, followed by Estelle and approached the bed. "Feeling better?"

"That's one beating you took!" Estelle added. "But we taught him a lesson!"

"You did?" Leon asked. "Well, at least I'm not the only one who took a beating, then." He looked at the room's doorway. "Where's Phoebe?"

"She went to get Richard," Sasha answered. "We thought he was with you, but it's obvious he wasn't."

"We got separated," Leon answered. "And quite frankly, we're not so fond as to go looking for each other... How'd you find me anyways?"

"Well," Sasha answered. "We heard the words 'commotion' and 'Pikachu'... We just deduced 'Leon' from that. You're lucky Tiffany's aunt was in town. She just left."

"You have to stop fighting with him, Leon," Tiffany told him. "You were doing so good!"

"And I still am!" Leon replied. "We didn't fight! We just got separated in the crowd!"

"Well, that's a relief..."

"Hey," Phoebe walked into the room, followed by a more-serious-than-usual Richard. "Guess who I found picking fights with some Luxray on the streets?"

"They started it," Richard lowly answered. "I just played along." He approached the bed but still kept his distance, trying to show no concern. "You okay?" He asked Leon, turning away.

"Yeah," Leon answered in the same serious way. "I just passed out for a bit."

"You shouldn't underestimate others like that," The Luxray said. "You'll only get killed."

"Thanks for the advice, I guess," Leon nodded.

"Here!" Anne walked into the room. "I brought you all some berries in case you want something to eat."

"Thanks, grandma!" Tiffany said, taking one of the berries.

" I figure you kids will be staying for the festival?"

"That's the plan," Sasha answered. "It's the craziest night of the year. No way we're going to miss it!"

"Only downside is Mother will be coming," Phoebe said. "I suppose I could go and spend some time with her, but I don't want to..."

"The festival's real fun!" Estelle commented. "Last year, they brought these dancers from the western marshes over, and it was A-Mazing!"

"They were a good number," Anne agreed, taking a berry. "But my favorite will always be the fireworks." She looked at Tiffany. "You know? Your grandfather proposed to me under the flash of the very first one of the night!"

"That's a favorite for most guys," Sasha added, looking at Richard with a faint smile. "A little cheesy in my opinion, but romantic nonetheless."

"Really?" Leon asked, looking out the window. The sun was setting, and fireworks were the kind of thing that happened at night... "Hmmm..." He got up from the bed. "Well, I'd better go." He said as he took Tiffany's paw. "Come on!"

"What?" The Buneary asked, confused. "Where are we going?"

"I promised you a date at the festival, didn't I?" Leon replied as they both headed for the room's door and out of the house. "Come on!"

"Have fun, then!" Anne called at them as they left towards town. "I'll leave the door open for you, so don't come back late!"

"So..." Sasha started, looking at the Luxray, "Wanna go out for the night?"

"I really don't know," Richard answered, turning around and heading back out into the streets. "I got us a place to stay, so I think we should go there first."

"You can stay here if you want!" Anne told the feline, "I won't charge, and I swear the other rooms are spacier than this one!

"I just wouldn't be comfortable here," Richard replied, trying to act as polite as he was able to (not much) towards the older Lopunny, "I'd be leeching on your hospitality. Besides, I'm not really related in any way. That's just taking advantage."

"Please, I insist," Anne said with a slight bow. "Any friends to the family are welcome here. And since you've been so kind to look after my granddaughter..."

"Well..." Richard said, thinking. He never really looked after Tiffany; he left that to Leon. "I don-"

"We'd love to stay," Sasha cut ahead before the Luxray could answer.

"And if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know," Phoebe added, both Eons making a bow as well.

"Yup!" Estelle smiled, "Anything!"

"Oh, on the contrary," Anne replied, "I'll be happy to do anything I can for you," she then looked out the window. "But first, you said you did want to go to the festival."

"Sure, we'll be out there in a while!" Sasha answered. Once Anne left, she approached Phoebe again. "Hey, Phoebe?"

"What?" The Espeon answered, looking at Sasha.

"You think Richard would like to take me out for the night?"

"I honestly don't know," Phoebe said with a worried expression, "Please listen to me, Sasha: You're getting into something very complicated."

"Well I don't care how complicated it might get!" Sasha huffed, "I love him!"

"That's not love," Phoebe corrected her again, "Love isn't born so quickly; that's passion. You just want to feel him all around you, to kiss you some more, and to... I can't believe it," She said, slightly offended. "I understand why you'd feel like that about him, but to throw Estelle into the whole thing? That's just bad."

"HEY!" Sasha hissed, "How did you... When did you-"

"When your emotions spark like that, your mind's an open book," Phoebe answered, "You practically shoot your thoughts out into the world for anyone with my abilities to look at. And if that's what you really think of me, I'm hurt."

"Oh..." Sasha looked down, "I don't think that about you!... All the time..."

"So, I'm a 'dull, boring prude'?" Phoebe replied with a cold and serious expression.

"No, you're not!" Sasha hastily answered, "It's just, from what I've seen... what are you doing, looking at my thoughts, anyways?! That's private stuff!"

"Then learn to control yourself," Phoebe said, so fatally serious she could have made the Glaceon in front of her freeze over. "Maybe the next time you have a psychic for a friend you won't mess it up." She got up and was preparing to leave when Sasha caught up to her.

"Okay," Sasha told her. "I messed up. I thought something about you that I shouldn't have, I made a snap judgment of you, yadda yadda yadda... But you're my friend and I care about you! That's why I didn't tell you!"

"That's called hypocrisy," Phoebe answered, not stopping.

"Please listen! Okay, maybe I think that of you but I still like you! We all have quirks about others we really don't like, but we never tell them! I bet if I could read your thoughts, I'd probably catch you thinking something like 'shameless, hyper, scrappy slut'! But I wouldn't be mad!"

"I would never think that of you."

"Oh, you would! Just... Please, I'm sorry! I might think bad stuff about you, but you're like an older sister to me! I like you in spite of what my impression of you might be!"

"Well... Promise you won't ever think it again then," Phoebe stopped and looked at the Glaceon, "sis."

"Oh, thanks," Sasha sighed in relief, "I promise. But you have to promise me that you will never peep in there again."

"Okay," Phoebe smiled as she got on her way again, heading for the beach. "Well, I'm off to see Mother and Selene... Oh, and by the way," She turned to look at Sasha again, her expression becoming a naughty, devilish smile no different from Sasha's, "I have done crazy things. Like a little love sandwich between your brother, me, and that Luxray you're so interested in." She turned around, leaving a surprised Sasha in the room with Richard and Estelle. "I hope that changes your opinion of me."

"Well, what do you know?" Sasha said, mostly to herself as she saw the Espeon leave the room. "I never would have imagined that." She stood there for a moment before heading back to Richard and Estelle. "Hey, you!" She greeted affectionately, nuzzling the Luxray's neck. "So? Where are you taking me and Estelle tonight?"

"Huh?" Richard looked awkwardly at her. "You and Estelle? I thought I could maybe take you out, but..."

"Come on!" Estelle nuzzled his neck from the other side as well. "Let's go have fun, Kitty!"

"Well, I-" He looked at both of them, not sure of what to answer. "I... I suppose I... Well..."

"Let's just go to the beach and enjoy ourselves!" Sasha told him, making a slightly bolder move as she brushed against his chest in an upward motion that ended in nuzzling his cheek.

"You said you hated beaches," Richard told her.

"Well, beaches suck... During the day. Sun's hot and all that hot sand just gets lodged places... But at night it's actually quite nice and cold!"

"And those fireworks are awesome!" Estelle commented, mimicking Sasha's moves and ending up on the Luxray's other cheek. "Let's go!"
"I... Guess..."

"Oh, we'll have so much fun!" The Absol cheered.


**Remember those handy little things called 'words'? This is when you use them. Just a yes will do!**

'I don't know...'

**Will you let it go already? It's been five years, Richard; I think it's okay for you to try and find someone else.**

'Okay... I guess,' ... "Yeah, let's go."


"What an amazing view!" Estelle said, looking at the full moon's reflection on the water. The large, glowing marvel covered practically the whole beach with its pale light. The Absol was laying on her back on the sand, with Richard sitting to her right and Sasha to his right, all three waiting for the fireworks to begin, which wouldn't take long to happen. The beach was still near empty, as most of the crowd that came to watch would arrive almost before it started. That's why those who got there earlier got better places.

"It is," Sasha added, her fur glowing oddly as it, too, reflected some of the light. "It somehow makes me forget about all the annoying sand I'm sitting on."

"It's only gonna bother you as long as you think about it," Richard told her, "Don't give a damn about the sand, and the sand won't give a damn about you."

"That's some mighty wise advice there, roast paw!" The gruff voice came from behind them. Richard turned around ready to make whoever called him that when he found himself looking at a Purugly. His large, bulky body managed to impose in a somewhat comical way, with the purple stripes across some of his white fur giving him the appearance of an overweight tiger. He was smiling smugly, something that one could tell just by looking, was his natural expression. Immediately, Richard's look changed from a snarl to a very faint smile.

"Well, if it isn't the fattest cat in the whole damn town," The Luxray answered, looking at the Purugly's large build. "What happened, Birman? Got bored of the ladies and went looking for love in food?"

"Ya wish, sparky!" The Purugly replied, "I've never been in better friggin' shape!"

"Yeah," Richard answered, bringing a giggle from Estelle and Sasha behind him, "You're in good shape. You're a hundred percent round."

"Well, I... I..." Birman stopped, unable to think of an answer. "Well..."

"At least he doesn't have to agree when someone tells him he's toast," A Manectric stepped next to the Purugly. "You should put some paint to cover that burn, man. Looks sick," He said, staring at Richard's right foreleg.

"And the brains behind the brawn," Richard looked at the Manectric. His overall build was far more athletic and speed-oriented that the Luxray's, meant more for nimble movement for strength. "How's it going, Alan? Crested any waves of late?"

"So you did meet Phoebe. There are no waves in this beach, though," The Manectric answered, "Did she tell you?"

"Yeah. What are you doing here anyways?"

"We're the queen's escorts, baby!" Birman answered in a loud, excited way. "She and Doome came here all the way from Selenia, and we came with 'em!"

"Yeah, I think Phoebe just went to talk to her," Alan added. "Poor Pheebs, I hope she'll be okay."

"So, ready to go on a Blackfang hunt?" Birman asked.

"Once we get to Selenia. I'd go back with you suckers but I get the feeling Phoebe wouldn't like traveling with her mother in the least bit."

"And who are those two hotties behind you?" Birman asked with a grin that some years ago would have said 'charming', but right now went more among the lines of 'pervert'. "Absol are pretty rare nowadays, let alone such a nice one! Oh, and the Glaceon, she's so fi-"

"-Watch your mouth, Birman;" Richard interrupted, "That's Misha's sister."

"-Whoa!" The Purugly immediately shut up but kept looking at Sasha and Estelle, who began smiling and gesturing for him to come closer just to tease him. "Wait... You're dating Misha's sister, AND another girl? Ya greedy bastard! You should be sharin'!"

"And you should be up there guarding the Queen," The strong, commanding voice carried the superior orders towards the Purugly and Manectric, who, at once, made their way back to where their Queen was, each uttering their goodbyes to the Luxray along with an enthusiastic 'See ya, ladies!' from Birman, which Estelle happily returned. The one who gave the command was the living image of a warrior: The Houndoom had scars and slash marks all over his body, including a very noticeable one by his right eye. His horns were chipped and the skull in his collar was cracked, as were the bone cuffs he wore on his forepaws... Every last scar and wound was the product of a battle he had survived to tell about. He was a veteran fighter from the earlier Selenian conquest who had managed to go up the ranks until he was at the very top: General Doome. With a strict expression, the canine walked up to Richard and stood looking at him straight in the eye. "You've been absent from duty for a long time, Raymonds. Then all of a sudden, I get the news you bring some outlaw in... Where have you been?"

"I've been minding my own business, SIR," Richard growled, "My suggestion is you do the same."

"Watch your mouth, son."

"I'll take that under advisement, SIR." That was one problem that had existed between Richard and the General since the days of the war. The two never got along at all, and, although each recognized the other as a superb fighter and excellent soldier, they were not exactly what could be called 'friends'. Richard's rebellious though efficient ways during the war were often subject for the two to argue, and, more often than not, the (back then) Luxio would end up solving matters the (again, back then) Major was never able to, which only stung the Houndoom's pride some more.

While those caught up with each other, Phoebe slowly made her way through the ample amount of guards stationed around a high spot on the beach, trying to get to her mother. Once she made it past the last bit, she arrived at a sumptuous balcony that had been set to overlook the beach. And there, sitting in a velvet pillow, looking up at the moon, was an Umbreon. She was by no means an ordinary one, however. She looked somewhat aged, but not too much, and was wearing a small silver tiara and two small bracelets on her forepaws. Her rings themselves stood out, being a more purple tone that the usual color most Umbreon had.

"Hello... Mother," Phoebe murmured, looking at the Umbreon, who looked at her and smiled.

"Ah, Phoebe! What are you doing standing there, dear? Come closer!" She gestured with her dark, velvety paw at the Espeon, who did as she was told. Phoebe obediently walked up to her mother and sat down next to her. "Oh, dear... You look so... Plain," The Queen commented on her daughter's appearance. "Where are your jewels and... Well, at least the scarf does suit you."

"I don't like to wear them when I travel, Mother," Phoebe lowly answered, looking down. "If they found out who I am, they'd probably try to kidnap me."

"Then why didn't you allow the guard to take you home? They came back saying you threatened them. Apparently, they were afraid you would tell me they took advantage of you."

"I'm just heading back home at a slow pace with my friends," Phoebe muttered, "We'll get going tomorrow. We had to stop here to buy supplies because of the tracks getting blocked."

" I wonder where I went wrong with you..." The Queen shook her head, looking at her daughter. "But I mustn't think about that... What's different in you?" She asked, focusing on Phoebe's face.

"Um... Nothing, Mother. I'm the same."

"Right... I suppose that's what it is, then... But... Look at yourself, dear. You're in the prime of life, yet you go around, walking in the mud and getting yourself dirty... You're covered in dirt and dust!"

"Mother, I groom my fur thrice a day."

"And with no mate or children yet... I can understand that in Selene, seeing how she has to focus on more important things than traveling around and playing the adventurer, but you, dear... You are around males so often one would think you would have already given me at least one grandson."

"Mother, I-"

"It's all your father's fault, making things so complicated on you an-"

"-Phoebe's okay, Mother," Another Umbreon that was curled up in another pillow by the balcony's corner told the Queen. That was Selene, Phoebe's older sister. "She just likes to live her life in a different way. Besides, you know how hurt she is after that noble she liked so much died."

"Right..." The Queen hissed. "That Soldier boy... When I put you in the war as punishment I was hoping you would regret your actions, if only a little, but he made you like being reckless even more."

"Oh, Mother..." Phoebe shook her head and sighed sadly, feeling like she was about to cry. Everytime she met with her mother it was the same thing: Comments about her appearance and criticism about her lifestyle that somehow always managed to end in the same words, even if they were never actually said:

We don't want you.


"So... What are your moves on a date, handsome?" Sasha asked the Luxray as she leant on him.

"Yeah, let's hear 'em!" Estelle added, leaning on his other side.

"I don't know," Richard answered. "I guess I just try to be myself..."

"Charming answer," Sasha replied. "You're not much of a talker about these kinds of things, are you?"


**Oh, I feel like I might die a second time... Just repeat after me... I just like to let things go slowly...**

"I just like to let things go slowly," Richard said.

**Until I feel like that really important time comes,**

"Until I feel like that really important time comes,"

**Then I get as passionate as I can,**

"Then I get as... As passionate as I can,"

**And take the girl, or girls in this case home and spend the night getting to know them..."

'What?! I'm not saying that!'

**Just do it!**

"And... Take the girl, or girls in this case, home and s-spend the night g-getting to know them."

"That's really nice!" Estelle said, brushing her cheek on the Luxray's side.

"I actually liked that," Sasha added, doing the same. "And that last bit..." She said naughtily, "I know what we could do once we get home..."

Richard just let out an awkward, nervous chuckle as the two females kept showing their affection at him, completely spazzed out and not sure of what to do anymore. One part of him wanted him to run away, but another was actually enjoying this a lot.

"Lucky bastard..." The Houndoom with the 'XIV' carved in his collar said as he watched the three on the beach from some nearby bushes. "What does that overgrown cat have that I don't? Why is it that she won't even look at me? I could give her everything she wanted... Wintry Demoness..."

"You desire her, don't you...?" The red-ringed Umbreon whispered at XIV's ear.

"Oh, yeah..." XIV answered, not noticing the other dark-type and thinking it was all just in his mind.

"Yet she won't give herself to you..."

"That's the problem."

"You do know... She does not have to be giving for you to take her..."

"I know that. It's just that stupid Luxray stopped me the one time I was going to."

"Then be more careful... Wait until he's not around... And indulge yourself... She is well worth it..."

"You're right!" XIV barked. "Next time, she's giving me some love, whether she wants to or not!"

"Good..." Nox finished, fading away. At that moment a loud bang was heard, and the frightened screams of the masses came.

"What the hell?!" XIV turned around, looking at the town, "Did XI just pick another pub fight?! And without me!" And saying this, he sprinted off towards the center of town.

"The hell was that?!" Richard turned his attention towards the source of the noise, Sasha and Estelle doing the same.

"It didn't sound good..." Estelle whispered.

"Probably a pub fight," Sasha answered, shaking some sand off her forepaws and hind paws.

"Raymonds!" The commanding bark from the General came as the canine sprinted down the sandy hill towards Richard's position, followed by a Scyther. "There's trouble in town!"

"So?" Richard indifferently (and rhetorically) asked, turning his attention back to Sasha and Estelle, "It's not my problem."

"They'll probably head here!"


"Would you like to see the Princess get hurt because you refused to help contain this problem?!" These last words from the Houndoom seemed to stir Richard a little, yet he remained looking at the beach.

"She's tough."

"You're really gonna let that trouble spread?" Sasha asked, looking in disappointment at the Luxray. "I thought you were a fearless, strong guy... I can't believe it."

"Yeah, go help already!" Estelle added, nudging Richard's side.

Richard growled lowly before turning back to the veteran Houndoom and saying, "I'll go."

"Good!" Doome nodded before turning to the Scyther, "Go secure the center of town! We'll take care of the mess here!"

"Yes, sir!" The Scyther saluted with one of his scythes before turning around and dashing away up the sandy hill towards town.

"Tell Birman and Alan to stay by the Queen! And get me a psychic! I need to make a call!" The General commanded before looking at Richard and nodding again. "You're back in duty, Lieutenant!"

"Right," Richard grunted with a nod of his own as he and the Houndoom headed into town as well. As he ran, he called back to Sasha and Estelle, "Stay there! I don't want you getting in trouble!"

*Do you require my services, General?* The voice of a Xatu echoed in Richard and Doome's heads.

'Yeah!' The General thought, and his voice was heard in Richard's mind as well. 'Get us some backup! Call the soldiers out in the forest!'

*We can't come, sir!* Another voice was heard, *We've got a situation over here! Something's gone crazy! It's attacking some of us, taking some others away... Sorry, but you're on your own, sir!*

'Ah, great...'

"Well, well!" Richard smiled, knowing how much the General would feel his next words: "It looks like the only backup are our teeth and claws, eh, General?"

"I knew telling you that would come back and bite me in the ass someday!" The Houndoom snarled. "Get moving!"

Finally, they arrived into town to find some Carnivine chasing behind the frightened crowd, along with some Nuzleaf in black capes further ahead doing the same.

"I've got these ones!" The Houndoom barked as he leapt towards some of the Carnivine, "You get those runners over there!"

Doing as he was told (because he wanted to, not because the General said so), Richard leapt in the direction the Nuzleaf were and stood in front of one, pouncing him and finished him off with one quick bite from Fire Fang. As he got back up, however, he was jumped on by two others. The Luxray grunted in anger as he felt the weight of his two opponents on him. One of the grabbed hold of his mane, using it as reins to keep hold. Richard shook violently until one of them fell off into the white stone floor of the streets, then stood on his hind legs and bucked the other one off as well, quickly jumping and repeating his fiery procedure on them. Finally, the last one ran away, and Richard took off after him.

He kept dashing after the last Nuzleaf and was only seconds away from catching up when the pursued one turned around a corner and into an alley, with Richard following behind; yet when he stepped into the alley, Richard was surprised, but not too much, to see that the Nuzleaf had vanished. Carefully, he ventured further into the dark alley, using the vision he was gifted with to scan his surroundings in case his enemy was in hiding, but he saw nothing. That's when the voice came.

"We meet again, Axel!" The soft voice came from a rooftop above, followed by a rain of black rose petals gliding down into the alley.

"Axel?!" Richard grunted, looking up at once with an angry expression, "How did you..." That's when he caught sight of the one the words came from: A Roserade. Not a common one, however: The roses on the bouquets in his hands and the large one on top of his head were as black as the night sky above.

"I waited so long for this moment..." The Roserade said as he leapt from the rooftop and landed in front of Richard, "At last... Axel, you fool! Your suffering is my joy and your death my masterpiece! Now I, Ereith of Caellis will put an end to your miserable life!"

"Try it, pretty boy," Richard growled as he got ready to fight.

"HAH! You stand no chance, Peon!"

Richard leapt at Ereith only to be batted away into a wall by a strong swing from one of the Roserade's whips. Immediately, the flower ran at the still-dazed Luxray and grabbed him with another whip, only to hurl him upwards and jump, kicking him back into the floor. Richard crashed with a pained grunt and slowly got up only to be grabbed by the Roserade and flung away towards the wall again. Somehow, Richard knew he'd be feeling that in the morning. Finally, the Luxray was granted one chance to strike back as Ereith moved in close again, yet this time, Richard bit on the vine as it wrapped around him. Ereith shuffled back in pain and was tackled by Richard, who pinned him down and prepared to bite him with small tongues of flame forming at his fangs. Ereith was no fool, however. Quickly reacting, the Roserade hit Richard square on the stomach with a strong swing of his whip. Richard cursed at the feeling as the Roserade slipped out from beneath him and grabbed him away, this time lifting him high in the air with whips from both hands and squeezing harder and harder.

Richard wiggled and grunted in the Rose's grasp as he felt the air leave his lungs and was unable to get more. Worse than that was the fact that the thorns on the whips were digging into him; he'd be lucky if he didn't get poisoned.

"The end of Axel?!" Ereith laughed gleefully, "Be still, my beating heart!" As he said these words his expression became far more serious and his voice turned drier, "Oh, that's right... You broke it."

Right when Richard's vision was starting to turn dark, two things happened that pulled him back to the world. The first: Small, sharp shards of ice whizzed right through the vines, cutting one off. The second: Estelle leapt at the second whip and chopped it with a swing of her claws, dropping Richard on the ground with a thud. Ereith stared in awe at his cut- off appendages, paralyzed at the sight before he was knocked away by a combined tackle from Sasha and Estelle.

"Leave my Kitty alone!" Estelle barked angrily at the Roserade.

"Go shove those vines in the one spot you have for them!" Sasha added, just as upset.

"Meddling harpies!" Ereith squealed furiously at them before his attention became focused on Estelle, "But you are the one... Still, my beautiful whips are not in condition right now... Perhaps later... How fortunate you are, Axel!" He called at the recovering Luxray, "You might have been saved by your friends this time, but I will get my revenge!" Saying this, a dark fog enveloped him, and he vanished.

"Are you okay?" Sasha approached Richard once Ereith was gone, "What was that all about?"

"I don't know..." Richard muttered as he slowly got up and took a deep breath to recover some of the air he lost. "Some freak who attacked me."

"But he's gone now!" Estelle hummed, "As are the rest of those guys! Let's just head back to the beach! The fireworks must be about to start now!" She nuzzled the Luxray's side, "And thanks for deciding to help!"

"Yeah, now let's go get you some rest, champ." Sasha said as she began walking back to the beach, with Richard and Estelle following behind her.

"Yeah..." Richard chuckled, "Somehow, I knew you wouldn't sit still when I told you not to come..."


The festival was coming to and end as the fireworks from the closure kept shooting up into the sky, reflected in the surface of the sea. Phoebe was sitting along with her mother and sister on the balcony, clearly uncomfortable while Richard, Sasha and Estelle were at the very front of the crowd, the closest to the beach. Sasha was leaning on the Luxray's left side, while Estelle did the same to his right. Both females seemed to be enjoying themselves, but Richard himself was at a loss of what to feel anymore. He felt strangely awkward that he was in a date with both his protégé and his best friend's sister at the same time, and that, worst of all, he was actually starting to like it.

Another rocket blew in the sky, bringing an excited roar from the crowd that pushed forward, almost knocking the three into the water ahead of them.

"It's getting too crowded around here!" Estelle said out loud so she could be heard over the crowd.

"Yeah! I didn't think it would get this full!" Sasha yelled as well.

**You know what you could do right now?**


**Our spot!**

'It's OUR spot for a reason.'

**Fine, have fun getting a saltwater bath.**

'Alright, fine!`... "Hey," he said, turning to look at the girl on each side, "If it's getting too crowded here, I know the perfect spot. Come on." He pushed his way around some of the crowd with Sasha and Estelle following him. The three made their way around the bay, going over some rocks and crossing a small stream, then climbing a little until they arrived at a high, secluded area that granted a perfect view of the beach, and that (much to Sasha's delight) had no sand on it, being instead covered by a coat of thin, green grass.

"And here we are," He said.

"Wow!" Estelle stared, bedazzled at the fireworks that were now going off below them, yellow eyes glowing in amazement as she got a perfectly clear view of the whole beach, complete with the fireworks' light's reflection on the water. "It's so beautiful!"

"Amazing view!" Sasha sat next to the Absol, looking at the fireworks as well. What Richard didn't notice, however, is that they were whispering things at one another.

"So, now?"
"Now or never!"
"When the biggest one goes off!"
"But what then?"
"We go the rest of the way!"
"Come on! You go first..."

"Kitty...?" Estelle shyly called the Luxray, who moved closer to her.

"What is it?" Richard asked.


And, in perfect synchrony with the explosion of the pyrotechnics below, Estelle pressed her muzzle against the Luxray's, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation. Richard was caught by surprise and wanted to pull away, at least for the first few seconds before finally giving him to his more comfortable half and kissing her back. They stayed with their lips locked for a long while before pulling away from each other. Estelle opened her eyes and just stared at the feline in front of her, awaiting his reaction. They were less than an inch or two away from each other.

"Um... Wow," Richard muttered, looking at her.

"And now..." Sasha said as she stepped forward and did the same, giving the Luxray another, far less innocent kiss, once again pushing her tongue into his mouth and wrestling it with his. She had every intent of turning him on, because she and Estelle had already agreed on what they'd be doing next...

"Well?" She asked seductively as she pulled away from him, their mouths still connected by that fine, tendril of saliva. "How did you like that?"

"I really don't..."

"You've got a lot of stress piled up in you," Sasha continued as she and Estelle leant on his xchest more and more, trying to force him down with their combined weights. "Why don't you let us give you a paw with that?" And saying this, both females pushed harder against him, making him fall on his back.

"What are you..." He was about to ask but stopped when he realized what Sasha was about to do was quite obvious.

"Let's see that weapon, soldier," The Glaceon said teasingly as she placed her paw on the Luxray's chest and slowly trailed down all the way to his crotch.

"Don't do this," He told her, yet he did nothing to get her off him.

Estelle just blushed strongly as she watched Sasha start softly caressing the Luxray's sheath, trying to coax his meat out, and she seemed to be doing a good job, as the pink tip of his member was already starting to show. Now that the tip was out, Sasha moved her paw away, closed her eyes, and slowly brought her mouth down on him, giving him a quick, sample lick. Richard shivered at the feeling. It had been a very long while since he had last had any contact like this, and he had almost forgotten how it felt. Amused by his reaction, Sasha gave his rod another lick, causing more of his length to come out.

"Please stop..." He said, with his breathing starting to become heavier as Sasha managed to bring more of him out. Richard was feeling quite embarrassed about this. He was starting to feel aroused, even if he didn't want to. The feeling of the soft, cold tongue against his more sensitive areas was just too much to ignore.

Sasha kept licking and licking until she got the very last of Richard's member out, and she and Estelle found themselves staring at eight inches of Luxray meat, hard and (much to the male's embarrassment), dripping a small bead of pre.

"Come join the fun, Estelle!" Sasha told the Absol, who was still staring at Richard's penis, seemingly paralyzed.

"He's... Big," Estelle said nervously, "I never thought he would be so..."

"Don't tell me you're scared now!" Sasha told her, "We got this far, let's get something good out of it!"

"Um... Okay..." The Absol slowly and nervously walked up to Richard and both she and Sasha lowered their heads again, each licking at one side of the Luxray's meat.

Richard shivered at the feeling of two tongues running up and down his length: One very cold, and the other rather warm. He shut his eyes and gritted his teeth as his member gave a visible twitch and some more of his pre bubbled out only to be eagerly lapped up by Sasha.

Estelle got more creative on her own as she licked further and further down until she was caressing the male's sac with her tongue, taking some in her mouth and massaging it softly.

Sasha kept at what she was doing to begin with, licking his member all the way from the base to the tip and lapping off some of the strong-flavored pre that came out whenever she did so, which, in turn, would cause more pre to come out.
She took the tip in her mouth and began to suckle on it as she slowly brought the rest of her mouth down on him, using her tongue to massage his length while Estelle gave his sac a thorough licking.

Again, both Glaceon and Absol went back to their starting positions, each licking one side of Richard's rod, causing it to twitch and spurt some more fluids out.

"Stop it... I'm..." Richard groaned as he felt both females please him. Not once had he felt something like that. Not once had he been serviced by two girls at the same time. Finally, he decided to keep quiet and give in to the pleasure. He just leaned his head back against the grass and allowed them to keep on what they were doing.

Finally, both focused on one spot, licking at the tip, their tongues meeting and sharing the taste of the male's pre with each other. Richard's panting was becoming heavier with every passing second and Sasha and Estelle began licking furiously fast at the tip until they finally drove him over the edge. The Luxray just jerked and shook, his body stiffening for a moment as he let out a roar and came, jets of his seed shooting from his member. Sasha managed to catch some of it in her mouth, which she swallowed, while some more fell on Estelle's face, covering the black of her skin in white. More and more jets shot out, matting the grass and some of Sasha's face as well.

"Wow..." Estelle became a little cross-eyed as she tried to see the stain of Luxray seed on her own face. "Are these... Kitty's children... In my face?"

"I just blew a guy that helped me get rid of a closet monster once!" Sasha giggled, looking at the Luxray. "You came a lot, by the way. How long since you last did this?"

"Don't want to talk about it," He answered, panting, "I honestly wasn't thinking this is how we'd end up spending the night."

"And we're not done," Sasha said, placing her paw on his softening member, "You'd better reload, soldier. You've got a long night ahead of you."

Richard just chuckled nervously, looking at her.

"Let's clean that off, now!" Sasha told Estelle as she walked up to the Absol and began licking her face clean of Richard's cum, much to her surprise.

"Lexy... What?" Estelle was thrown aback by her actions, yet that ticklish sensation Sasha's tongue gave her was oddly good as well. She just closed her eyes and allowed the Glaceon to continue, giggling softly at the ticklish feel.
Sasha ran her tongue along the Absol's face, licking her clean of every last stain of Luxray seed.

"All done, now," She said, looking at Estelle, "Mind doing me?"

Estelle just nodded and began doing the same to her, licking the Glaceon's face all over, including her cap's endings, which made Sasha laugh softly as she was particularly sensitive there. Richard just watched them lick each other clean, and, unwillingly, began to feel aroused again.

"He fell for it," Sasha whispered at Estelle once she was done. They both looked at each other before Sasha gestured towards Richard. "You go first."

Estelle seemed hesitant for a moment before walking up to Richard, lying on her back in front of him and spreading her hind legs, exposing her slit at him. The feline just stared for a while in hesitancy before getting up and walking towards her, beginning to get hard again. He was about to enter her when he noticed the look on her face. She wasn't sure of what he was about to do, and he could understand that.

Years of her life being raped by the Mightyena in the forest were bound to have made her fear the act itself, and the last thing he wanted to do was to scare or hurt her, so he would show her it wasn't always a bad thing first. He brought his maw against hers and began playing with her tongue with his own, trying to instill confidence. Slowly, he pulled away from her and trailed down her body, licking her as softly as he could with his raspy tongue. He lingered on her nipples for a bit, flicking them with his tongue and bringing out a very low moan from her before going further down and licking at her pussy.

Estelle wiggled uncomfortably at first, linking the idea with the bad events from her past, but as he kept going, the bad sensation began to go away and be replaced by a pleasurable one. He began by giving gentle licks at her outer lips, with the feeling of his sandpapery tongue running along her intimate flesh making her moan in an almost cute way and causing some of her juices to drip down her inner thighs, becoming almost invisible in her fur and ending on the grass beneath her.

Judging by the way in which she reacted, she was willing but nervous, and just as embarrassed as he had been a while ago. He licked up a little and began massaging her clit with his tongue, teasing the small, fleshy button with his taste muscle. Estelle just looked away and closed her eyes, panting as she felt more and more pleasure every second. Richard pulled away before pushing his muzzle against her entrance and taking a deep sniff of her, if only to know if she was ready... Just a bit more. Once again, he ran his tongue along the surface of her swelling lips before sticking into her and massaging her inner lips, making circle after circle along the much softer flesh. Finally, Estelle let out a louder moan as some more of her juices squirted out of her. She shivered for a while before opening one of her eyes, looking at Richard, and nodding.

Now that he had her approval, Richard slowly positioned himself at her pussy and began to slowly enter her. Estelle whimpered softly as she felt the Luxray's member spread her walls. He tried to be gentle at first, and things were made far easier by both her juices and his some of the fluids and saliva from what they had been doing before providing a natural lube for them. He gave her a moment to adjust to his length before beginning at a slow pace, getting more and more of himself into her, but being careful not to hurt her. Estelle let out a soft whimper when he finally hilted in her.

Richard slowly pulled out of the Absol until just a bit of his length was still in her, then gently pushed back in. Estelle closed her eyes once more and just began to focus on feeling him in her. It was far different from what she had ever felt before, as it really didn't hurt her, but felt rather good instead.

The Luxray began to speed his thrusts a little, eliciting a soft moan from her, with more of his pre and her juices making things even smoother for both, and he was surprised by how tight his current mate actually was. After a while longer, he began to pump even faster, both of them breathing heavily again as each felt their pleasure increase even more. As he kept going, his thrusts became harder and more erratic, causing Estelle to cry loudly as she felt the very first climax of her life approaching. She wrapped her forelegs around her lover's back, with her claws unintentionally digging into him and leaving marks. Finally, Richard bent his tail forward in a way that it pressed against her tailhole and began sending soft vibrations through it, which, combined with his own actions, gave Estelle that final push.

Estelle's eyes and mouth shot open, and she let out a loud, pleased cry as she finally came, her body trembling as her juices flowed out and her walls tightening around Richard's member, trying to milk the invader for his worth. The warmth and tightness of her passage were enough for the male to finish as well. Richard just groaned and gave his final thrusts, bucking and humping against her as jet after jet of his seed covered her walls, both of them panting as he pulled out of her and gently kissed her, then turned to look at Sasha, who had been watching them the whole time.

The Glaceon just stared at them, feeling her lower regions moisten. She wanted to feel the same, and she wouldn't wait anymore either.

"Well, you look like you know what you're doing, huh?" She told Richard, then turned around and bent forward with a playful smile, raising her rear at him. "No foreplay for me, big guy. I'm ready for you."

Richard stopped to look at what she was offering him... He could take her, sure, but once again was hesitant. She wasn't just his friend, she wasn't just someone who wanted him: She was his best friend's sister. But Phoebe was right in one thing about him: He'd always get too caught up in the moment to care about what he was doing even if he'd regret it later, and this had just become a situation like that.

He mounted her, careful once again not to hurt her. She was much smaller than he was, and felt far different than Estelle. For one, her body, as he had felt before, was incredibly cold, and her fur felt hard but soft at the same time. Sasha jittered in anticipation as she felt the tip of the Luxray's member poking at her entrance. She wouldn't wait while he went gently.

Richard was surprised when he felt the female push back against his meat, taking his full length into her in a single motion. Her walls were soft and tight, but felt even colder than her fur. She began pushing her hips back and forth against his, practically doing things herself at a speed that he believed would hurt her... So she wanted him to be rough... She'd get what she wanted, then.

He pulled out of her, then slammed back in at full force, making her yelp and grip the floor with her small claws to avoid falling over from the force of his thrusts.

"So, you can take a hint!" She told him and let out a soft moan as he continued to mate her. Richard couldn't complain. Her flesh felt silky and the cold added a nice twist to the usual feeling. He lowered himself on her, practically pinning her to the ground but keeping her rear raised to have and easier time penetrating her. His thrusts grew faster again as he sent some slight shocks into her through his manhood, increasing the pleasure once again. Sasha closed her eyes, feeling the male on top of her mate her, her mouth open and her tongue hanging out from the feeling.

Richard began to exit, then hilt her so fast he seemed to be entranced in his actions. His thrusts becoming wilder and stronger, causing the Glaceon beneath him to blush feverishly as he managed to heat her body up in a way she didn't think possible. Sasha herself was lost in the pleasure as well, the difference in temperature causing her breath to become visible in a slight haze. In a display of flexibility, he managed to arc himself enough to be able to bypass her scarf and collar and bite softly on the scruff of her neck, using it as leverage for his thrusts. Sasha moaned loudly, pressing her hips back against his once again and moving them in a circular motion. Finally, one last thrust and shock from her lover brought her orgasm forth. Sasha let out a loud, delighted moan as her juices squirted out and covered the male on her, some falling to the short grass below. Her walls clenched his meat but he kept thrusting as strongly as she could, not granting her a moment to rest. He roared in pleasure as he gave his final push against her, more of his cum shooting into her and flowing into her womb, filling her up. He pulled out of her again and collapsed next to both his mates, all three trapped in the afterglow of their respective climaxes.

They would have gotten up and back to Anne's, but all three were tired out. They fell asleep right there on the grass, Estelle snuggling against Richard's back like she usually did while Sasha curled up on his front.

It had been a long day, and for the first time, the Luxray would be sleeping for the whole night...


"La dee la~" The Leafeon hummed as she lied down next to some berries in the middle of the dark forest and began eating. " You came with the tide, you held me close, it all seemed so marvelous~"

"You've got a great voice," A bandage-covered Murkrow told her.

"Thanks, Mister Nocturne!" Midori answered, "Would you like some berries?"

"Nah, I'm good," Nocturne answered, looking at himself. He was practically a mummy, covered in bandages from neck to tail. "Some damn thrashing I took... That'll teach me not to fight Requiem when I'm not ready..." He knew what he needed to do: He would get a Dusk Stone, and with that newfound power he would challenge his enemy again.

"You're lucky I found you when I did," The Leafeon answered, "You were about to die..."

"Why did you help me?" The Murkrow asked, intrigued.

"One should never leave injured others to themselves."

"You're right. Thank you, Miss Midori." Nocturne looked down and sighed, "Ah, I wonder how that egg's doing..."

"I bet it's fine," Midori reassured, "From what you told me, you left it with some very nice Pokémon."

"Yeah... I guess... Good night, Miss Midori, and thanks again."

"It's nothing, and good night to you too, Mister Nocturne," The grass-type answered before closing her eyes and lulling herself to sleep as well, "Yet when the tide left, it took you away, now your return I await~... I'm a marsh flower, waiting for you~... Where are you, prince of storms~?"

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