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Please read this on my website (link inside story). It uses special formatting towards the midsection which I had to cut on this version.The story begs for continuation (you'll see) and is five really short chapterettes in one chapter. I will continue this series. If you like my other story here (A Sister, a Brother, and an Alien, a.k.a Rain & Mist) you will be pleased to hear that this story takes place in Keviks's home world, which I have unimaginatively dubbed 'The Weald.' The two stories are unrelated, though I'm thinking of maybe integrating them. Hmm...


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Flare & Ember

1 - Abduction

A beautiful, clear sky expanded above. The heavy scent of grasswafted through the air. Among the clover patch, two small foxes played.They were Vulpixes; Ember, and her twin brother, Flare. Their firstbirthday was tommorrow, and as they frolicked and wrestled, theirparents were off duty having some "private time."

They were truly quite alone, and that, of course was the problem.

Flare felt a chill run down to his tails. He felt like... Hepaused suddenly, stiffening, sniffing the air. When his sister pouncedon him, she was startled at how thick and stiff his shoulder muscles hadbecome. "What's wrong?"

Before he could reply, he felt a moist cotton flower pressed upagainst his muzzle. He took a deep breath, readying his flame sac,inadvertantly inhaling a full dose of the chloroform within. Hismuscles, once as tough as dried jownfruit, loosened, limpened and thenfinally numbed completely. His vision black, he felt himself fallhelpless to the ground, poor little Ember at this unseen monster'smercy.

"Poor little Ember," however, wasn't going down so easy.She was actually the tougher of the two, and she could run faster, notas though she could now, though, to leave her numbed brother to beeaten, or whatever. She was going to kill this Raichu, and then some!She was going to - The Rai made a sudden spring, caught heroff-gaurd, and before she knew it, she was blinded, numb, and almostsensless as well. She felt her comparatively tiny body being lifted andslung over the Rai's shoulder, and something about her size on top ofher fell. It was Flare. It had to be. Whatever happened to them,happened together. That's the way it always was, is, andwill be.Hopefully.

Slowly, Flare's vision began to clear. He couldn'tremember much, but he could remember being carried a far way fromwhere the assault took place. He used what strength he could muster tolook around his immediate proximity. He could tell he was incaves, andthat it was well lit with fire, for although inky chloroform cloudsswirled in his eyes, glimmers of orangey-lit objects were flickering inand out of his ken. He remembered, too, with a pang in his heart thatactually hurt physically, that unless today was his birthday, he hadspent it unconcious. And his parents...

"Awake yet, birthday boy?" said a nasty, deep voice, witha snicker.

He could only mumble an unintelligible slur of curses in response.He was terrified, but he wouldn't let this beast know, whatever it was.He could only pray that Ember was safe, and with him. He took a deepbreath, and was actually able to manage understandable speech."What... do you... want?"

"A game. That's all. If you and your sister manage toentertain me sufficiently, I will take you both back home. Otherwise,'else', if y'know what I mean...?

He waited for a response, then immediately cut him off. "I'll let youwake up a bit, then I'll reintroduce this sister of yours to you. See yasoon."

It was tough, but Flare dragged himself to his feet, and noticed thechain on his right ankle. Also, now, he finally divined the species oftheir captor himself. A Raichu. He hoped to god this game didn't involveeating.

As Ember opened her eyes, she saw that the beautiful meadow hadclouded over with black fog. Then it hit her. She remembered the Raichu,and the cotton flower with the weird smelling poison, and the peculiaronly-half-asleep march here, wherever here turned out to be. With alittle effort, she brought herself to her feet, failing to notice aclinking from her ankle. An oily-black silouette came before her."And... now the female awakens," said that familiarevil triumphantly, as if it was by his hard work that this happy thinghappened.

Ember made no reply. At least, no verbal reply. She sprang,lunged, so suddenly and violently, that this Indiaink Raichu actuallyjumped a set vertically. Unfortunately for this Vulpix, it was not herday, even if it was her first anniversary of life. The chainyanked her leg back, straining it, the anklet it was attached to dug indeeply, drawing blood, and she fell chin first onto the polished rockfloor.

She began to cry silently, a snarl on her face failing miserably toconceal her hopeless sorrow. The evil behemoth drew closer. She pressedher eyes closed tight, maintaining the plastic snarl. She was miserable,in agony of body and of spirit. She was simply waiting for this Rai tokill her; as soon as she could leave this world, she would be happy. Shealso hoped that her brother was already...

"Poor thing. Hold... Ahm... Hold still." Raichusaid, unlocking the bracer and inspecting the wound.

It was the genuine concern in his voice that dealt the final blow toEmber's heart. She broke, and began to weep freely, the snarlsubsided, giving way to a mirror of Sadness. She was still afraid, andshe was still angry, and she was still worried about her brother, butshe was relieved. Right now she didn't-couldn't, take any action against this mother-fucking Raichu. Shehad to cry first.

2 - Lei
~3 days earlier~

Lei the Raichu was having one of his 'bad' mornings.That's putting it lightly. He lost almost every coin to his namein a gambling bout the night before, and the rent, some collossal 600Poké, was due two days from now. His cave was in shambles, theafter effects of a horribly botched party. It didn't get violentor anything, just drunken. Very, very, drunken. Some jerk hadbrought some honest-to-God cubpornography, and, though it was abig hit, it only worsened his depraved craving for something smaller.And definitely younger. He had been fighting an urge to snatch that Pikahe saw every now and then for a long time now. But now, he didn't know.He needed this bad. If it meant he would be publicly gored once he wascaught, so be it.

During his breakfast, consisting of bran cereal with milk and a hairof brandy, black coffee, and two different pain herbs wilted on toast,he was simultaneously trying to think of a kidnap plan, and tryingnot to think of one. He would have preferred, of course, a worldwhere the accepted punishment for this crime wasn't publicremoval and forced vore of one's own genitals, followed by death,but, as he philosophically realized, one cannot have everything: youcan't have your cub molestation and not eat it, too.

By lunchtime, he had thought out a plan complete in every detail.Best part of all, he would give himself until rent day to think it over."Looks like 'Ye Olde RentCollector' won'tget my money, after all," he said to himself, well pleased.Undue stinginess? Yup. But that's how he always liked it. A Pokésaved is a Poké earned. And, unlike most everyone else, hebelieved that you did take it with you.

Rent day. He had made up his mind. HellzYes.

According to plan, he was miles from home, sneaking through bushesnear his forest's edge. He wasn't looking for any cub,species, or even gender in particular, he just needed somethingeasy. He heard little ones giggling in a nearby clearing. Once hereached the forest cut-off, his eyes were dazzled by the suddensunshine. They were dazzled, too, by the cutest little Vulpix kits hehad ever seen. He just hid and watched for what seemed like an eternity,listening in to the 'enemy chatter.' His heart pounded untilhe thought it would stick in his throat. He started registering theirconversation:

"y do u think the wantd to be away from us so bdly ?"
10HP damage strike: No supervision.

"idk. Just 'alone time.' its all I culd get thm to say."
damage strike +5HP bonus: No sex education.
special [No Supervision++ :: -10 to chance of parental interference]: Their parents were off fucking, hopefully each other.

"You rmmbr about our bday 2morrow, rite?"
"No~. I forgot~
Chapter End Notes:I hope you enjoyed. If you read it here, and not on my website, that's fine, but it's really written with presentation in mind ~.-

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