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The Dimensional Balance Saga by Arcane_Reno


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Starts off clean, but later chapters get naughty. :P And no, this is not a Harry Potter crossover!

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Chapter 19: Sharing

Chapter 19



It wasn't a normal teleport. At least, not the kind he was used to. There was no sense of the great silence, the entire universe leaning in to listen and folding itself around them like a cloak. There was no heaviness in the air, no sense of being wrenched away from blurring surroundings with a loud thunderclap. He didn't even have a chance to get a last look at the mighty trees around them.

Everything seemed to be sucked into a white hole, and then" there was nothing. Simply an all consuming brightness, whitewashed uniformity surrounding him. He couldn't see any of the others either, though he could still feel Cheri's warm presence beside him.

It only lasted for the briefest of seconds, yet in that time, he felt as if he had all the time he needed. As if time no longer existed in any quantifiable way.

Then, in a dizzying rush, all five of his senses were simultaneously assaulted by the return of a tangible existence, in excruciating detail. Solid ground underfoot, the individual hairs of his arms and legs prickling against the fabric of his clothes' Cheri's breathing and the swishing of her tail, along with his own heartbeat" Earthy scents adding an outdoorsy hint to the clean air" Colours that seemed far more vivid than their usual state" He could almost taste the crisp oxygen filling his lungs. He staggered, nearly overwhelmed by the sensation, abstractly noting that Cheri looked a little cross-eyed.

"I-is, is it always like that for you?" he asked, gripping Cheri's shoulder to steady himself as the overload seeped away, leaving him feeling like he…d just taken one of Cheri's full force tackles. Moving from location to location without bothering with intervening space was all well and good, but he preferred his own brand. Mew's came with a whopper of a side effect.

Mew chuckled, lashing her tail, not appearing the least bit affected. "Yup! You get used to it though."

Cheri's knees buckled, but she managed to catch herself before she took a nosedive onto the grass, shaking her head and sneezing to get rid of the sensory assault. If it had been bad for him, it must've been twice so for her. He stroked her shoulders soothingly. "Are you alright dear?"

She heaved a breath, a small spark flaring from her maw, her tail twitching as she took a few steps, turning a circle as if to get her bearings. "I'm fine now. That was' powerful." She shot a mildly reproachful look at Mew. "You could have at least warned ME."

Mew shrugged. "Sorry, I kinda forget what that's like if you've never done it before." Her grin turned roguish. "I can make it up to you. How do you want him?"

Cheri giggled, directing a sultry look at Shawn, her tail wagging. "Mmm, so many possibilities…"

Shawn waved his arms, precluding any advance. "Whoah, hang on a second" right now?"

Cheri crouched, wiggling her rear in the air as she lined herself up with him, a gleam in her eye. "I don't see why not. Hold still!"

Shawn gave her a wry grin. "That doesn't get old, does it? Can we just take a minute to find out where we are?"

She growled, eagerness written all over her muzzle as she gazed at him hungrily. "Mmm, alright Master, but you're going to make that minute up to me…"

He shivered in anticipation, feeling his own arousal begin to make itself apparent. He was in for a workout, especially with Mew involved. He was having trouble keeping his own libido in check. He owed Cheri big time for making her wait. "God, she's beautiful" But business first, then pleasure."

Mew beamed at him, bobbing lazily in the air, her tail swishing. "You sure are lucky to have such a loving mate! And that you're able to understand her! Pokémon-human relationships would happen a lot more often if you humans would pay more attention!"

He returned the smile, giving Cheri a wink. "Yes, I am lucky to have landed with such a prize." Cheri let out a happy bark at the compliment, her tail going into overdrive. "Being a wizard isn't ALL bad." He frowned, the second part of Mew's statement striking a chord of curiosity inside him. "Why is it that humans here don't ALL understand pokémon? Pokémon can understand most English well enough."

Mew gave Cheri a secretive look, the psychic's ears twitching like pink antennae as some kind of communication passed between them. Cheri barked a laugh. "Yes' he is. It's one of his cutest qualities. Along with his…" She left this unfinished except for a throaty rumble, her emerald eyes affixing him with a gaze that absolutely radiated desire. "Time's wasting…"

He let out a long breath, unsure if the burning in his face was from embarrassment or her sizzling scrutiny. Things would soon be getting steamy"

Mew chortled, rubbing her paws together as if anticipating a prank. He managed to refrain from looking up for a bucket of water dropping on his head. "Don't worry, hot stuff, I'll fill you in. Ya see, Arceus always intended for pokémon and humans to work together, so he made sure the pokés could understand humans." She giggled. "Had to leave you guys "as is' unfortunately, but at least those that try hard enough eventually figure things out."

"Interesting," he thought, mulling over the explanation. "Pokétongue is almost like The Speech itself, more so than other variants." It was possible for non-wizards to learn The Speech, though they couldn't enact any spells with it.

Mew winked at him, idly playing a tail-tip across her groin, affording him a lovely view as she floated on her side, legs spread invitingly. "If you have anything else to ask, better flap your lips, before we put them to other uses…"

He dragged his eyes away, flushing at the knowing look in Mew's gaze, glancing at their surroundings. "Okay, and where exactly have you dropped us?" As far as he could tell, they were at the crossroads of nowhere and backwoods. Wild berry and blossom trees formed a semi-circle around them, their blaze of living colour breaking into the darker earth tones of the imposing cliff that rose behind them. The gentle scent of their fruit perfumed the air, a stray, vivid blue flower petal drifting past him on a playful breeze.

The plush carpet of grass rolled up in a steep slope, completing the other wall of their natural gully, the cheery brilliance of the afternoon sunlight tickling across the top of the hill's shoulders, bathing the three of them in skin-prickling warmth.

Mew snorted a laugh. "Oh yeah, I kinda messed up your little electronic buddy, didn't I? This won't be on that map though. You're taking the scenic route!"

Shawn groaned. "Scenic route?! Couldn't you have put us a little closer?" It would take long enough to get to Snowpoint as it was.

Mew smiled mysteriously. "Trust me. You're where you need to be. We're a little ways off route 230. It's the alternate way to Snowpoint, connected directly to Celestic. They don't bother putting it in the "dex cuz trainers usually only care about getting to the gym the fast way, over the mountain pass."

She chuckled, lowering her voice as if she were imparting a great secret, though the illusion was spoiled as she turned upside-down in the air comically. "Personally, I think they send you guys that way to build character. This is the route all the supplies go up, and you'll go through a charming little port town on your way too."

She waved a paw absently toward the hilltop. "Just head that way and you'll trip right over the road!" Her lips curved into a cheeky leer, the expression unmistakable even coming from an inverted perspective. "Even you can't miss it! If you want though, I could drop you on the snowy side. I might even let you have your clothes back after, if you ask REALLY nicely!"

He chuckled ruefully. "The scenic route sounds just fine, thanks." Inwardly, he kicked himself. He should know better than to expect everything to be as it was portrayed in his world. "Of course there would be other major roads. Not everyone can just take a little jaunt under a mountain." If he was lucky, he…d be able to hitch a ride too, assuming he saw any passing vehicles.

"Speaking of clothes…" Cheri rumbled, rising to her feet before he could speak further.

Mew clapped her paws happily, giving him a devilish grin as she oriented herself upright again. "Ooh, looks like twenty questions time is up, sexy!"

"You really want to get into my pants that badly eh?"

Mew smirked, her eyes twinkling like brilliant gems. "I already am."

He started, his eyes widening as a light, feathery touch tickled across his manhood. It teased along his sensitive flesh like a butterfly kiss, rolling his orbs playfully, then drew a shivery line up his length, enticing his arousal with the skill of an experienced temptress. He barely managed to keep his voice steady. "You know, most places, it's generally considered good manners to ask first."

He shuddered, drawing in a sharp breath as the incorporeal fingertips squeezed around him, expertly tempting his pole to stand at attention, making the tent in his pants painfully tight. "Wow" Gotta give her credit: she knows her way around down there."

Mew giggled softly, contracting the pressure in a way that felt absolutely magical, making him buck involuntarily, as if she had him on a string. "I did ask, and Cheri said it was fine!" She gestured towards the Arcanine, who nodded enthusiastically, watching him with an extremely interested and hungry gaze, her eyes half closed as her tail did its best to beat the air senseless.

"And thanks for the compliment…" Mew's grin widened as she floated closer, her paws outstretched. Her tail played freely across her folds, juices wetting the tip of the bulb as she ground it against her clit, a delighted quiver shuddering through her.

"What, I don't get a" a say?" Mew's ministrations became more insistent, his breathing picking up as her psychic stimulation poured liquid bliss into his nerves. She seemed to know exactly what would get a reaction, and she plied that skill with wicked enthusiasm.

"Hehe, like you would've said no? Now, off with those pants, cutie, before I send them to the top of Spear Pillar!"

Cheri prowled towards him, her muscles rolling gracefully with her predatory gait, fur flowing like a sea of vivid orange. "Yes…" she purred sensuously. "That, or I'll introduce them to my claws."

He didn't need to be told twice, although they seemed to think he did. He reached down to take care of the obstruction, grinning at the two horny pokémon as he took a step back, keeping Cheri at least from enacting her part of the threat. "No need for that! And okay, I admit it. I wouldn't have said no either."

Mew leaned forward, watching eagerly and suckling on her tail-tip with a thoughtful expression as he undid his belt and popped his zipper. The bulge in his boxers instantly made a bid for freedom, a bead of coaxed forth masculine fluids staining the front. …Good boy. This will be-" she cut off, her eyes widening and ears twitching. Her tail dropped from her mouth as it fell open in shock, a startled cry escaping her. "What?! NOW?!"

Shawn paused, his shaft throbbing at the sudden lack of attention as the psychic fingers melted away, his legs feeling a little unsteady. "What's wrong?" Cheri had also halted her amorous advance, turning to stare at Mew in surprise. This was clearly not part of the plan.

Mew's paws clenched into tiny fists, her face forming that strangely adorable fuming mask once again as she muttered under her breath. Shawn's eyebrows shot up as he caught several particularly nasty alien curses. That one would have singed the ears of even the saltiest tongued Efffinnfrit cargo hauler.

Mew growled in response to something only she could hear, shaking her head in annoyance before answering. "Arceus has decided we need to talk, and it needs to be NOW," she said sourly. "After all this time too! Just when I'm about to have some fun!" Her lips formed a petulant pout, her ears flattening. She reminded him of a child whose favourite toy had just been taken away.

"Aww, so we can't even do the…?" Cheri left the statement unfinished, her tail drooping a bit.

Mew shook her head mournfully. "Not this time."

Shawn raised a curious eyebrow. "Should I be disappointed? Or relieved?" The rest of the statement hit home. "This time? Uh-oh" " Mew was enough trouble when she WASN…T sexually frustrated.

Mew brightened, giving Cheri a wink. "Ha! At least he's way too horny to back out of showing YOU a good time!" She rotated herself lower, making a show of whispering in the Arcanine's ear. Shawn felt a flush rise to his cheeks as Cheri let out a rumbling, lust filled growl, shooting him a smouldering look. NOW what were they conspiring to do to him?

Mew giggled as she pulled back, adding aloud, "And don't forget to give those other things a try too!"

Cheri smacked her lips. "I will certainly keep them in mind…"

Mew smirked, then waved her paw, vanishing with a loud pop. Immediately, she reappeared, her nose practically touching his, making him jump with a startled yelp, his pants flapping open.

She chuckled at his surprise, her sapphire orbs sparkling as she gazed into his eyes. "Miss me?" Before he could answer, she seized him by the ears' and kissed him solidly on the lips.

The most delicate flavour of strawberries caressed his taste buds as she wrestled with his tongue, the legendary pokémon's breath mingling with his in a quiet, happy sigh. She was surprisingly passionate, her death grip on his ears seeming insignificant against the intimate oral embrace, her soft lips pressing hard against his to bring them as close as possible, her tail coiling lightly around his waist.

She drew back after a long moment, their quickened breathing stirring the air between them, the sweet taste of summer berries lingering on his tongue like a subtle ambrosia. The slightest hint of genuine worry lay submerged deep in her azure pools, her paws drawing circles on his chest.

"You keep yourself safe," she murmured. The look in her eyes didn't match the sudden, unabashed groping of her tail over his crotch, which drew a grunt from his lips. "Your mate promised me a turn at THIS, and I intend to have it!" The playful smile returned as she floated back, giving his member one last, jolting flick.

He returned the grin, shaking his head. "Not letting me off easy, eh? What have I ever done to deserve this…"

Mew snickered gleefully. "Oh, you just dig yourself deeper, don't you? I might have to punish you for that when I collect."

"I'll look forward to it. I keep my promises' even the ones that are made FOR me." He shot an eye-rolling look at Cheri, who stuck her tongue out at him comically, in fair imitation of Mew's gesture. He found he actually was looking forward to it. One night stand it may be, but certainly a memorable one!

Mew's ears flicked again, like they were feeling the effects of a strong wind blowing across another level of reality, her eyes taking on a distant look for a second, before once more focusing on him. "You…d better! I can't risk doing anything painful to you, but that means I can get" creative." The threat sounded absentminded, as her other, telepathic conversation apparently grew more intense. "I have to go now though, Arceus is getting impatient! Well, not him really…" She frowned, irritation sparking in her eyes as she bobbed in the air, a shimmer building up in her paw. The strawberry taste in his mouth suddenly grew a little stronger, as if she were giving him one last parting gift to remember her by.

To Shawn's surprise, she didn't vanish right away. "Oh! I almost forgot!" she exclaimed, the shimmer hazing the air around her paw as she held the spell on the brink of release.

"Yes?" he asked warily, eying the static power. That kind of thing had a nasty tendency to go boom"

She pointed over his shoulder. "If ya walk about twenty feet that way, you'll see a Qualot tree with tangled roots. You'll find something cool there. Go check it out!"

He glanced in the indicated direction, Mew's paw pointing between two bushes leading into the trees. "Alright, if you say so…" Out of the corner of his eye, he swore he saw Mew and Cheri exchange a sly look, but when he turned back, both were the embodiment of innocence.

"Yup! I do! Til next time now!" Mew said in a sing-song voice. She winked at Cheri. "I leave him in your able paws…" Sparkles glittered, and in a noisy puff of collapsing air that carried a whiff of strawberries, she was gone. For a brief second, a lingering giggle hung in the air -- a promise of her eventual return to cash in on his debt to her.

Shawn blew out a long breath. "Well…"

He felt like he…d just been through a hurricane. A small, pink, mischievous, sexually aggressive hurricane. He was intimately aware of the fabric of his boxers rubbing against his arousal, his pants threatening to drop around his ankles at any second. Why wait for that? He grabbed the waist of his jeans, looking at Cheri with his best Cheshire grin.

"I think we have some unfinished business to attend to, beautiful."

Cheri gave a rumbling murr, eying his bulging shorts lustfully, a little quiver passing through her. "Oh yes, we DEFINITELY do. But I think you should go see what Mew wanted you to find."

A seed of suspicion sprouted inside him. She had been ready to tear his pants off a moment ago, and now she was the patient one? She was hiding something devious in that fluffy mane of hers'

"I'm sure it's something that can wait."

She gave him a toothy grin. "I want you too, Master. But by the time I'm through with you, you won't be able to move. Go get it. I can wait for another minute. It might be something important."

It could be at that. It was always a good idea to heed the advice of the Powers, even ones that apparently enjoyed pranks. Mew wouldn't lie. If she said there was something there, then there was.

He shrugged, doing up the button of his jeans to keep things at least somewhat in place. Might as well go see. "Won't even be a minute, dear."

She sat on her haunches, her tail wearing a bare patch on the grass. "You…d better not be…"

He turned and headed for the trees before his resolve broke and he simply jumped her. "She would probably like that though…"

Forest debris crunched underfoot, the untamed undergrowth of shrubs and bushes filling in the space between the trees like soldiers on watch. Rich green pines mingled with their blossoming brethren in little pockets of more uniform colouration, giving the impression that someone long ago had simply dumped packets of random seeds all over the ground, letting the forest spring up without rhyme or reason.

A pair of Starlys squawked at him from their perch up one of the berry trees, their beaks running with juice, as they told him on no uncertain terms the terrors that would befall him if he tried filching any of their horde.

He ignored them, slipping between a pair of bushes and underneath a tree with long, spreading branches, growing out of a small rise in the ground. Yes, this must be the one. Pink and orange berries dangled high above his head from its outstretched limbs, a subtle, sugary scent pervading its vicinity. Its roots reminded him of a writhing mass of tentacles, knobbly, wrinkled appendages that arched and twisted before plunging deep into the soil.

"So, I have to find the mystery item in Cthulhu's beard. Wonderful."

Tapping his Light element, he focussed a bead of energy over his hand, a glowing ball the size of one of the berries hovering over his palm. The shadows of the root system sharpened and shrank from the light. "Right. Let's see what you're holding."

Crouching down next to the twisted mass, he poked his hand tentatively inside, peering in through a large gap. The dull glint of metal showed itself, a small, silver cube resting neatly atop a cleft between two roots. "A TM?"

He grabbed it, extinguishing the light as he drew it out. It was scratched and battered, as if a particularly hungry pokémon had tried to make it a meal. He rubbed some dirt off the top, peering at the barely legible label. TM - Sleep Talk, it proclaimed proudly.

Shawn stared at the object, a little perplexed. Of all the TMs, why this one? It didn't seem like a particularly useful skill. Why would Mew send him traipsing off through the forest to find this? He shrugged, turning it over in his hand. "Oh well, free stuff is free stuff. " He…d teach it to one of his team anyhow. Maybe it would come in handy.

Turning his back on the massive gnarled roots that had hidden the dubious prize, he headed back towards the clearing, pushing his way through low hanging branches and thick growth. At least he didn't have to hack a path. He preferred not to prune the vegetation. It would get cranky.

He dug his "dex out of his pocket again, checking to see if it had recovered yet. No such luck. Now, it was displaying a green smiley face with its tongue sticking out, over a pink background with the words: Internal chipset undergoing hard reset process - Completion: -180%+2. Motherboard reports an amusement factor of 0%. It then repeated the words in what appeared to be Russian, Spanish, the common form of Sk~vrr!tt, and several other languages he couldn't identify.

Shawn snorted a laugh, shaking his head. Technology or household pets that spent a lot of time around wizards tended to get a little loopy, but it appeared being close to Mew had made his pokédex fall into complete insanity. It looked like it was on its way to recovery though.

He shoved aside a sweeping bough, the sharp scent of pine filling his nose as its fronds brushed through his hair. Cheri would probably be hopping around anxiously, waiting for him to return. The little jaunt had killed his built up arousal, but the thought of what awaited him brought a renewed stirring in his loins and quickened his step.

He extricated himself from the foliage, blinking as he stepped into the brighter light of the little gully. He halted, turning to look around, eyebrows rising in surprise. Empty. Not the slightest glimpse of orange fur, nor the faintest sound from anywhere in the surrounding forest, save for a few bird calls in the distance. He took another step into the clearing, idly rolling the scratched up and dented TM in his hand. Where had she-

He froze, realization dawning, even as his ears picked up a rustle and a rush of air. "Oh no…"

She hit him squarely between the shoulder blades with a bark of triumph, her momentum and superior weight crashing into him like a wrecking ball, bringing him down like a felled tree.

"Good thing I'm wearing protection," he thought wryly, as the ground rushed up to meet him. The shield did its job, guarding him against the impact as Cheri's heavy paws pinned him to the earth, his arms thrown out over his head, face turned sideways as he tried to look up at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Hello again my de-ooof!" The last came out in a wheezing huff, as, danger past and now detecting his mate as something he wanted to touch, his shield seemed to dissipate. It was still there, ready to protect him against any other attack, but now Cheri's weight hit him, squeezing the breath from his lungs and crushing him into the grass as she enthusiastically nuzzled the back of his head. He blinked as he caught sight of the TM, the device tumbling away across the grass to rest against a tree, seeming to stare at him mockingly. Had this been the reason?

Cheri giggled girlishly as she eased up, giving him the chance to renew his acquaintance with oxygen. "Ha! Mew said you…d fall for it! She was right!" she said, confirming his suspicions. He felt her tongue flicking lazily at his ear, before the restraining paws released him completely, allowing him to roll over and face her. Her grin stretched from ear to ear, her nose inches away from his, her warm exhalations tickling across his skin

"Oh, she DID did she? Hmm, I'm beginning to think she has it in for me." He chuckled ruefully, shaking his head. "Help" coupled with Mew's sense of humour could very well prove hazardous to his health.

"Mmm, not really. Not as much as she wants to have YOU in HER." Her fangs flashed in a wicked grin, displaying her approval of the concept.

He snorted a laugh, reaching up to scritch behind her ears, taking his time to examine each silky strand of vivid orange and creamy fluff, the skin of his hand prickling with heat as he stroked along her neck. "So it seems. And thanks SO much for sticking up for me back there."

She snickered, leaning into the stroking, her belly fur covering him in a blanket of tender warmth as she crouched lower. "You're a big boy. You can put up with a little teasing."

"You didn't seem too concerned when she slapped me."

She winked at him. "I might have been. But you probably deserved it. Besides, she was already talking to me, and I knew she wasn't going to hurt you. Now, are you going to take those pants off? Or do I need to do it for you?" He could feel a warm, wet spot growing on his leg as she ground her rear against him, her eyes alight with a passionate emerald fire.

"First things first." He grabbed ahold of her cheek ruffs, pulling her lips down to meet his in a firm kiss. She let out a bass rumble, the vibration adding to the sensuous delight of her long, heated tongue wrestling with his, her superior organ quickly winning the brief battle. Her rumble deepened as she took control, leaning into him and washing his mouth with her spicy, steamy savour, one massive paw kneading his chest in a gentle, but firm pin, her eyes half closed over her smouldering gaze.

He was already groping with his pants by the time they came up for air, Cheri pulling back with her tongue lolling out, a shimmering line of wetness connecting their lips briefly before it was slurped up by the eager Arcanine. "I think, it's later now," she panted, giving her rear a sexy wriggle, her tail raised high. "Saving the world can wait for awhile."

He returned her grin. "If you insist."




Cheri barked happily as her mate kicked out of his pants and boxers together, his shoes already removed at some point during their long kiss. His delicate, indescribable flavour still lingered on her tongue, which she gladly savoured as she pulled back enough to let him remove his shirt" and to take a look at her prize.

Her eyes roved over his body, memorizing once again each of the curves and textures, the sharply defined muscles of his chest and arms, not hidden away by fur or scales. His bare skin always fascinated her. Such a delicate covering, easily pierced by claw or fang. Humans were so fragile. Except for her strong, handsome mate of course!

She let out a deep rumble of appreciation as her examination took her lower, her loins throbbing in anticipation at the sight of his maleness standing stiff and straight from his crotch, the orbs dangling below looking pleasantly full. "Not for long…"

He tossed his shirt carelessly behind him, grinning cheekily up at her as she admired his reclining form. "Well, my lovely queen, I have done as you ordered. Now what?"

Her desire lowered her voice to a throaty growl as she forcefully pushed his chest down with a paw, marvelling at how easy it was when he didn't fight back. His body was small in comparison to hers, but he carried more power than a pokémon five times his size. Mew wanted to mate with him! That thought lit a golden glow of pride inside of her. Her mate, and sharing him with one of the most powerful legendaries in the world! Not to mention how fun it would be to watch"

"You." She punctuated the word with a quick kiss, flicking her tongue against his lips teasingly. "Are not going anywhere." Another kiss, this time a little longer, her breath catching as she rolled her tongue around his softer, thicker one, drawing deeply on his flavour. "Until both of us." This time, she ground against him, her arousal spiking as she felt his stiff length rubbing across her belly. "Are hot, sweaty, and sticky in all the right places."

The desire in his eyes made her heart beat faster, the raging inferno in her chest flaring higher, fuelled by her own passion. "I'll never forget that look. He truly wants me. He loves me!" If only she could give him pups!

"That sounds like a wonderful suggestion, but…" he gestured at her paw helplessly, raising an eyebrow at her.

She rubbed his chest gently, appreciating the feeling of his skin under her pad, softer and smoother than the grass beneath her other paws. He unsuccessfully attempted to hide a shiver as she ran her paw across his nipple, and she thoughtfully repeated the action, enjoying the half smile, half curious look on his face as she took her time responding. She chuckled softly, thrilled to be the one keeping him on edge for once, rather than the other way around. "You must have misheard me. I said, you aren't moving. At least, not until I want you to." She emphasized the point by adding a little more pressure to her restraining paw, giving him a toothy grin.

He grunted as the weight on his chest increased, though she was careful to make it just enough to be firm, not painful. "Mmm, feeling a little dominant, are we?" The question was clearly rhetorical. His smile widened as she became more forceful, silently giving her permission to do whatever she wished. Arceus, she loved him!

Her folds practically burned, a quiver shuddering through her at the phantom sensation of his shaft filling her. Her foreleg flexed involuntarily, her sharp claw tips pricking lightly against his skin, which she immediately retracted. It wasn't like their battles. She needed to be gentle with him. He was trusting her to top him, to touch his body without protection, and if she hurt him by accident, she would never forgive herself.

She inhaled deeply, his clean, hardy scent filling her nostrils in sharp definition against the surrounding aromas. The tang of his musky arousal coloured his usual fragrance; that unmistakable, rich, masculine scent, a promise of things to come. "Mew had some" interesting ideas." Some strange ones too. Putting it in under her tail? Did that really feel good? Well, maybe she WOULD have to give it a try" "But right now, I think I'm in the mood for something else."

Not giving him time to respond with more than a questioning expression, she stretched out, placing a second paw on his chest to keep him in place as she settled down on his legs, her nose bumping up against his stiff tool. She growled lustfully at the heady aroma seeping from his maleness, the powerful pull of his mating scent drifting over her mind like a fog. Her mate's smell. Even in a cloud of similar scents, she would always pick his.

Her taste buds exploded with the strong, uniquely masculine flavour as she ran her tongue across his member, her long muscle drawing a wet line from his sac to his tip, her ears perking in delight at the pleased groan it drew from his lips.

She wasted no time on teasing him, eager to taste the delicacy of his sticky, salty, delicious, seed. It was just" his flavour! She embraced his length with her agile tongue, the turgid flesh twitching and bouncing under her rapid assault, her mate's hips doing the same as he bucked futilely against her weight.

"I don't" ah" even get to return the favour?" His hands stroked her paws, gripping suddenly as she gave him a particularly firm lap.

She swirled her tongue around his engorged tip, applying all the skills she had learned to grant him as much pleasure as she could, happily cleaning away the bead of pre she had already managed to coax forth, a sign of her success. "No dear, not yet." She tapped his stomach with her paw to stress the point, giving him a sultry look as she nuzzled his male pride. This' this was a distinctive pleasure all on its own, and when she eventually did let him touch her slick, needy folds, it would feel all the sweeter. At least, so Mew had said, and Cheri hoped she was right! "She has been about everything else so far."

"Just relax, my handsome alpha, this one is all for you." Her nimble appendage slurped across his sac, rolling his orbs, stirring their creamy bounty.

"Ohh" Whatever you s-say, my love!" he grunted, a shudder passing through him as she encompassed his sensitive tip with her tongue. She knew that for him, this was just like an Arcanine's knot, and how much he would squirm when she worked it just" like" that!

Unwilling to risk losing any of the tasty fluids bubbling forth from his maleness, she opened her maw wide, mindful of her teeth, and welcomed him into her mouth. She murred happily as she undulated her tongue against the bottom of his length, closing firmly around it and warming it with her heated maw.

It was just shy of being too large, her throat muscles recoiling reflexively as the turgid head of the intruder kissed lightly against them. She swallowed around it, and the mildly choking sensation cleared, a groan escaping her captive mate at the action. She grinned around his quivering meat and repeated the gulping motion, purring as she managed to suckle out a little more of his sticky pre.

The sensation of the firm length in her mouth made her nether lips pulse with anticipation, the tip of his shaft just bumping against her throat as she buried her nose in the curious, prickly fur of his crotch. She inhaled deeply, the tang of human sweat twining with his musk like a pair of copulating Ekans. The delightful aromas wafting through her sensitive nose were like a delicious meal, the individual scents laden with hundreds of subtleties, each their own joy to discover.

"Uhh" you're really" getting good at that!" His fingers dug furrows into the fur of her paws, clenching and releasing randomly. She didn't waste breath on a reply, merely focusing on proving his statement.

He gasped as she suckled happily on his meat, his hips ineffectually attempting to buck into the embrace of her tongue and maw, the powerful taste of his pre filling her mouth as a renewing bounty trickled down her palate.

"Come on dear, give me the good stuff!" she tried to say with her eyes, loathe to release her prize enough to speak. She fastened her lips around the base of his shaft, applying as much pressure around him as she could without scraping him with her fangs. It was a little tricky, but his continued mutterings of enjoyment spoke of her success.

Her tongue would have lolled out, panting with her arousal, had it not been otherwise occupied. Her nostrils flared with heavy breaths as she began to bob up and down, her lips sliding around his rock hard manhood as she gleefully stepped up her efforts. With every motion, her unattended folds cried out for relief, her crotch fur feeling decidedly damp. She ignored the urge. For now, his pleasure was all that mattered.

"Uhh" Oh god" Cheri, I'm almost…" he arched against her restraint, trailing off into a groan. She already knew. She could feel his blood-flow speeding up, the fiery heat of life rushing through his meat, his thick, rigid pole twitching and pulsing in time as he hovered on the brink.

She let out a long, deep rumble around her mouthful, looking up at him with a loving gaze as she added the vibrations to her assault on his pleasure senses, sparks of delight floating through her at the intense expression of enjoyment on his face. His chest rose and fell in rapid breaths as his peak neared, his orbs tightening to his body, the stream of fluids leaking from his tip ebbing in preparation of the real thing. Any second now, he would fill her mouth with his-

She almost mistimed her swallow, her eyes widening in surprise at the force of the first spurt. He WAS pent up! Probably from the teasing earlier. She quickly recovered, hurriedly gulping down the fountaining treat before she lost it out the sides of her muzzle.

Warm, thick, sticky gobs slid down her throat, her tongue abuzz in delight at the matchless flavour of her erotic reward. She imagined she could feel them, sloshing down inside her belly, joining her breakfast like a carnal dessert.

She held him in deep as the forceful spurts painted the back of her throat, her cheek ruffs rippling as she swallowed the bulk of the load, only pulling back as the jets turned to irregular pulses, then to a trickle. She kept her lips closed around his still leaking tip, swirling the last load around to steep her tongue in its essence, prolonging the experience before sending it down to her belly.

He let out a long, satisfied exhalation as she released his softening member, his fingertips dislodging themselves from her paws as he sunk into relaxation, petting her forelegs gently. "Mmm, wow" thank you, my love, that was fantastic! I thought you were going to drain me dry there."

She gave him a smoky look. "I still intend to. Don't think we're done yet! I have something back HERE that needs attention." She wiggled her rump just the way he liked it, raising her tail as high as it would go, cool air swishing across her sodden lips.

His fingers walked up her chest, fondling her cheek ruffs. "I…d be happy to take care of it for you." He tried to sit up, and she moved her paws away to allow it, meeting his lips in a sizzling kiss. She jealously embraced his tongue as it worked into her mouth, almost laughing at the curious look on his face as he tasted his own seed. He raised an eyebrow at her, then grabbed the back of her head, fiercely pulling her deeper, a flame in his eyes as his lips mashed against her fangs.

She panted happily as he finally let go, nuzzling against his cheek. "Don't care for your own flavour?"

He shrugged, hanging comfortably onto her neck and gazing into her eyes with blue-grey contentment. "Not as much as you obviously do!" He chuckled softly, and her breathing quickened as he leaned closer, his voice rolling sensuously in her ear. "And not as much as I enjoy YOUR flavour…"

She yipped like an excited pup, unable to wait any longer, eager for him to replace the tingling anticipation between her legs with sweaty satisfaction. In a fluent motion, she reared, wrapping her paws around his shoulders and rolling, landing on her side and coming up with him resting safely in the protection her paws. She let out a loud, throaty rumble, proclaiming her desire to him, to whoever out there might be watching or listening, announcing that she was about to have her mate!

She let him move, her pawpads sliding over the ridged scars on his back as he wriggled lower, her nipples perking at the sensation of his touch, a naughty hand pinching and rolling one as he passed. Her back arched as she felt his partially erect length slide across her folds, grinding against him wantonly. She. NEEDED. Him! It felt like she was in heat again. Except, this need could not be satisfied by any male but her wonderful, caring master. Her mate"

She stared down with lust clouded eyes, her back legs splayed as wide as they could go, her tail flicking through the grass as he looked down at her most intimate parts --his exclusive property, with a hungry look.

"Go on, take what's yours, you strong alpha male!" she urged, fighting to keep her leg from kicking. Once he got started, it would be-

She bucked against the sudden pressure on her folds, the wide pad of his thumb running up her slit and furiously rubbing her clit, shunting her thoughts away from anything but the sudden bolt of sizzling pleasure.

"Hmm, why don't we see how much I can make you squirm?" He shot her a wicked grin that she barely noticed, the stimulation of her sensitive nub already doing a good job of achieving his goal.

Her tongue hung loose as she panted out heavy exhalations of delight, little growls rumbling from deep in her chest as he slipped two dextrous fingers inside her at once. Her heated passage clamped down on the penetration like a starving Gulpin, the magical fingertips somehow managing to touch all the right places, then stretch and reach to find more.

She could smell her own arousal now, carrying a whiff of char and subtle spice, so much like her own scent, yet so much more erotic. It added to the lust-laced atmosphere, joining the squelches and squishes that pricked her ears as he worked her folds in his masterful way, spreading out her puffy lips and pinching her engorged clit with his other hand.

"Oh, Arceus! Mew WAS right!" Denying herself any stimulation had made her folds even more sensitive, and each touch" She groaned happily, anticipating what it would be like when he put MORE than his fingers in.

She thrashed, yelping wordlessly as he curled his fingers, a sudden firestorm of new pleasure erupting as he found that secret place towards her belly. Her sodden walls rippled wildly around the point of contact, bathing his appendages with a fresh wave of torrid fluid. Tingles shot up and down her spine as the sensations intensified, her back legs kicking futily as she did her best to hump and arch into the wonderful ministrations.

He had her completely at his mercy, and she loved every second of it. She was completely captivated, her body out of her control as he massaged pure ecstasy into her with fingers of sweltering passion. She could almost hear the grass crisping beneath her as her temperature rose, her arousal already steaming towards its incredible peak.

"Ahh, M-master, please…" she couldn't even finish, her words trailing into a moaning vocalization as her powers of speech failed her. "So close! Already so close!"

He chuckled softly, driving his fingers in to their hilt. "What was that? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over all the noises coming from this horny Arcanine somewhere around here."

She gasped as he pinched her clit, at the same time rubbing her belly and playing with a nipple, making her arch into his skilled hands for more. "P-please, Master…" she gasped. "More…"

Through her pleasure hazed eyes, she saw his features forming a mischievous grin, the motions inside her halting abruptly. "Please what?"

The break in stimulation gave her pause, her mind struggling to process the question. "P-please, finish me!"

She whined plaintively as the hard intrusion into her folds receded with a wet slurp, her passage clenching hard to hold onto her source of pleasure. What was he doing?!

He smiled at her infuriatingly, taking his time to suck the juice off his fingers. "I don't know" do you really think I should?"

"Yes!" she barked immediately, her folds burning with unfullfilment.

"Hmm, you were a naughty girl earlier…" She felt like she would explode with impatience as he examined his hand like it were a completely foreign object. "I'm not sure if I shouldn't punish you…"

Her maw hung open as she caught on to his game. She should have known teasing him would have its consequences. Well, fine. She didn't care if he made her beg. She needed release, and she needed it NOW!

She gave him her very best pleading look, hunching her hips ineffectively. "Please Master, don't leave me like this! I'll be good, I promise!" If she hadn't been so aroused, she might have laughed at the needy whine in her own voice. "Good" was also subject to interpretation, but no need to bring THAT up.

He considered her for a moment, and her heart leapt at the sight of his manhood bobbing between his legs. Despite his façade, he was ready for more"

"You promise you'll be a good girl and do what I say?"

"Yes!" Just a touch would probably be enough! She barely managed to restrain herself from pinning him again and simply taking it.

"Alright then" Swiftly, he bent down, and she bucked as he awarded her folds with a kiss. "You know what I want?" He added another kiss, her slit quivering and pulsing with the contact. "I want you…" He trailed off and looked up at her from between her hind legs, a wide smile on his face, his free hand teasing across her rump. "I want you to cum for me," he murmured softly, her ears straining to catch the words.

She almost cried with relief as he attacked her sodden pussy with sudden fervour, latching his lips onto her heated nether ones and lapping furiously at her clit. The renewed crackling of her inferno of bliss ripped a howl from her lungs, her love tunnel spasming like she…d been hit with a mighty Thunder attack.

"Oh, SHAWN!" Her hips gyrated rapidly, desperately humping against that fantastic tongue, so, so, CLOSE!

With a vibrating hum on his lips, he plunged his tongue into her, at the same time pinching her clit firmly. The waiting was over. A powerful shockwave blasted through as her climax exploded into full bloom. She writhed a bare patch on the grass as she shuddered and twitched, her paws pedalling madly, her folds clenching and rippling. Her howl of bliss felt like it would never end, the mighty sensations racking her with leaping, golden flames of ecstasy. "Arceus, YES!"

He was coughing, she realized as the intensity slowly oozed away, her outward senses returning. She panted heavily as she gazed down at him, the evidence of her pleasure coating his face.

She chuckled weakly as he regained his breath, her limbs ceasing their motion as she gradually relaxed. "S-swallow the wrong way, dear?"

He flashed her a grin, licking his lips clean of all that he could reach. "I swallowed ENOUGH of it the right way" Delicious!"

She murred appreciatively, strength ebbing back into her as the powerful high gradually faded into an ember of glowing warmth. "Mmm, I'm sure it was. I need to be a naughty girl more often!" Somehow, his "punishment" had only made it better!

He chuckled gently, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around her belly, pressing himself against her lower half in a tight hug. "I love you naughty OR nice."

She exhaled a soft sigh, running her paws over his back as she melted into the embrace, both physical and verbal. "Awww, you're so sweet! I love you too, my mate…" Her eyes half closed as she leaned down, drawing her tongue through his headfur to groom it into some semblance of order. It was starting to get a little shaggy. Curiously, his small patch of fur never seemed to stop growing. She giggled, parting the dark brown strands as he tickled her ribs. "You know, you've got a naughty streak of your own!"

He modeled his features into a picture of complete innocence. "Now, what would make you say a crazy thing like that?"

She tightened her grip on him, growling in mock anger. "Devious male! You were going to leave me all worked up! Maybe I should do that to YOU next time!"

He wasn't fooled, and she didn't really want him to be. He grinned smugly at her, brazenly reaching up to lay a finger smelling of her juices on her nose. "As if you didn't love it."

She put on her best disarming expression, debating exactly how to enact her revenge on her mischievous mate. "Maybe I did…"

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

His stiff tool made its presence known, rubbing through her bellyfur. She couldn't decide if it was on purpose or not, but" Revenge was overrated anyway.

The world spun as she rolled them over and over, tumbling across the grass, keeping her eyes locked with his, and inwardly prancing with glee at the surprised look on his face. He was right. It didn't get old.

Something other than grass, with ridges and bumps, scraped against her spine, and then she was on top of him once again, giving him a toothy smile of triumph. "How about this?" Wait, why did he look so distressed all of a sudden?

He wheezed something about breathing, and she belatedly disentangled herself from him and hefted up to her paws, chagrined that she had once again forgotten her considerably greater weight.

"Air" it's a rather nice invention…" he panted, though his lopsided grin indicated he wasn't angry, and was unharmed.

She rumbled in amusement, at the same time working her haunches into position, eager to rectify her forgetfulness' and take care of the resurging arousal between both their legs. "I think you can go a little longer without it." An amorous flame burned fiercely within her as she leaned down for a kiss, shivering as his stiff tool prodded around for her folds.

He was all too happy to comply, one hand roaming and searching for hidden itches as their tongues embraced, the other gripping at the pile of his clothes, which their tumble had landed them beside.

Their breath mingled and embraced, his flavour dancing across her palate as she caressed every inch of his tongue with her longer, stronger muscle, seeking to discover all the little details of his mouth. Her breath caught, a sigh of pleasure escaping her as his shaft parted her folds at last, the wonderful, firm tip making her shudder as it rubbed delightfully against her clit. There was nothing quite like that feeling.

He grunted as their tongues parted regretfully, though it turned to a groan of pleasure as she sank down on him without warning, her desire spurring her on. Her tongue lolled as she panted heatedly, revelling in the sensation of her inner walls being shoved apart inch by glorious inch, emptiness replaced by firm, warm flesh.

"Ooh, you still have a load or two for me in there? she panted out, twitching delightedly as his orbs squished against her folds. He just felt so" satisfying!

He bared his teeth in a feral smile, squeezing a moan from her as he bucked his hips rhythmically, driving two quick thrusts into her depths. His thick meat tantalized her sensitive walls with flares of ecstasy, hinting at the joy to come. "I think I can find something," he growled into her ear, desire lowering his voice to a huskier pitch. The sound of it made her wriggle and clench around him in anticipation.

His free hand dug beneath him as they kissed again, yanking his belt from underneath his back. Their motions must have carried them atop the uncomfortable object. She needed him comfortable.

"Come on you handsome trainer, show your bad little pokémon who the master is!" she cried, grabbing ahold of him and rolling, bringing him on top to ride her at his leisure. He had slipped out as they whirled, but it didn't matter. She wanted to him to take her! Her ears pricked. What had that little clicking sound been, and had there been a flash of light behind his shoulder?

He quickly yanked her attention from the oddity. "You are MY mate, beautiful," he said, his voice holding a lustful timbre as he propped himself up on her belly, grinding into her folds. "And I intend to teach you a lesson!"

A soft, wispy chuckle came from somewhere behind his shoulder, just out of her sight, like the sound of dry leaves crunching under paw. "You choose an" unusual" time to release me" Master."

Cheri's muzzle parted in a huge grin. Oh, now THIS was an interesting opportunity! Maybe there would be a slight change in plans'



Jasmine took in the sight before her with great interest, her eyes roving freely. Shawn had stiffened at the sound of her voice, his hips freezing in mid-thrust as he spread Cheri's entrance around his masculinity. Curious. To her knowledge, humans considered this kind of thing to be private. He wished her to witness this?

Surprisingly, Cheri didn't look annoyed about the interruption. Jasmine's steady examination locked with the Arcanine's gaze of brilliant green, a toothy grin on Cheri's muzzle that made her look like she had more on her mind than just the pleasure of her mate.

"Err, hello, Jasmine," Shawn said, breaking the awkward silence and turning slowly to look at her, an expression of dismay on his face, complemented by a rising blush. Strange, he had summoned her, so why should he act surprised by her appearance? Did he not desire her presence?

She hovered closer, carefully keeping her features neutral, until she possessed knowledge of the facts at hand. "What task so urgently requires my attention, Master? It strikes me that your mate's pleasure should be foremost for you at this present moment." She remembered well the passion she had felt in her earlier voyeuristic exploit, straddling the plains to experience Another. Did he perhaps wish her participation? Was she to share openly in their passion?

"Mmm, it certainly should be!" Cheri said with a giggle, reclining on the grass as casually as if she were not bound in intimate union. "You know, Master, you should listen to her, she gives good advice!" Jasmine felt tendrils of not-quite-physical heat rushing through her cheeks. Peculiar. It still surprised her how her new body reacted to her emotions. She recalled with exquisite detail that brilliant firestorm of pleasure assaulting her senses, the blazing desire for the male atop her building to crackling heights in her loins... How could Cheri appear so unaffected?

"Um, yes, I suppose she does," Shawn said, sounding anxious. Jasmine empathized. She remembered exactly what he would be feeling right now too. That aching need between his legs' Physical and mental craving, the primal urge to claim his mate. He turned to look at Cheri again, quivering as if he desired nothing more than to resume his coital actions, but held himself still, resting inside his mate. "Very good advice." He lapsed again into a silence that begged for further speech.

Her gemlight flickered and swirled, deepened in hue, emulating the curious threads of emotion humming inside of her. How odd. Why should she feel embarrassed as well? She was no ungainly adolescent, still attempting to understand the changes in her body. Nor was she a finicky human -- weighed down by ridiculous taboos about mating. Did some part of her fear discovery of her earlier observance? No, that couldn't be it. Perhaps her time with Shawn was changing her more than she had thought.

She tilted her head, considering the pair, and the unobstructed view she had of their joining. The sight sparked a" longing, inside her, a desire to once more experience that joyful meeting of flesh" She had never encountered any other feelings quite so powerful. But no, that was impossible now.

Cheri rumbled impatiently, poking her mate in the ribs with a massive paw and breaking the silence. "Well? You aren't just going to leave it at that, are you? As comfortable as this is right now, you…d be following her advice better if you were a little more" active."

Jasmine cackled at this, amused at the opportunity to prod her master's occasionally delicate sensibilities. "If you wish more of my advice, Master, I believe one usually withdraws and re-enters in your position. But, please, do not let me interrupt. If you would merely speak what you wish me to do, I shall be about it. I certainly will not complain about the" educational experience" you are offering." Perhaps he had not intended to summon her?

"Yes' About that," Shawn said, looking back to Jasmine with a chagrined expression, his cheeks aflame. "I'm sorry, Jasmine, I didn't mean to-" He jolted with a grunt, hips bucking suddenly, a snickering growl from Cheri giving some indication as to what had distracted him. Jasmine's smile widened. The Arcanine did have powerful muscles down there"

"D-didn't mean to disturb your rest," Shawn finished lamely, his normally soft and calm voice a bit tight as he confirmed her suspicions. "I didn't actually mean to summon you."

"Don't be silly, dear," Cheri said brightly, her tail brushing the grass into disarray. "Why send her back? This is a great chance to" get to know her a little better." A sly glint crept into her gaze. "Besides, your favourite saying is something about there being no accidents, if I remember correctly."

"What? Cheri…" Shawn shot Jasmine an apologetic look, then turned back to the Arcanine, pointed subtext floating beneath his trailed off speech. "If you mean-" Once again he cut off, letting his body language bear his intent. No, her release had not been planned.

"Well, why not?" Cheri said, excitement creeping into her tone. "She's already here. Are you just going to leave her there to watch by herself? I don't mind of course, if that's what she wants, but remember what I told you last time?" She grinned at Jasmine over Shawn's shoulder, shooting her a wink. "We could" expand her educational experience a bit."

Jasmine's lips curved upwards, masking her surprise as she temporarily left behind the oddly fascinating sight of their union, floating around to join the conversation properly. The Arcanine was certainly impetuous. Cheri had indeed gone out of her way to be friendly these past few days, but she would not have expected the fiery canine to offer her an opportunity to mate with their master.

"But, Cheri!" Shawn said, now sounding a bit exasperated, his gaze shifting between the two females as he tussled with his own tongue, for once at a loss for words. "I" You…What about-" He gestured helplessly, flushed with mortification.

Jasmine's mischievous streak seemed to burn with the desire to continue prodding him, but she laid it aside in favour of offering him a way out. If he did not desire this, why would he not simply say so? Humans could be so odd. "You would grant me the experience firsthand? Truly, this is a generous and tempting offer, but I have no wish to come between your pleasure. Please, do not feel you must indulge me at your own expense." She met the other female's eyes, sharing a knowing look. "And I believe it would be best to allow Master a say in the matter."

Cheri huffed, tail beating rapidly as she stroked Shawn's back with an idle paw. "Mmm, I appreciate your consideration, but I'm serious about this." Shawn grimaced, a soft groan falling from his lips as his lover once again showed her expertise in distracting him. "He'll still have enough left for one more with me, won't you dear?"

"Y-yes, but dear…" Shawn said pointedly as his voice steadied once more, drawing a pleased grumble from the large canine as he bucked his hips, apparently deciding that turn about was fair play. "I am not a toy to be passed around!"

"Of course not!" Cheri cried, sounding a little annoyed now as well. "We've been over this! You're my handsome alpha, and I love you!" She punctuated this by pulling him close, drawing her long tongue across his lips in the gesture Jasmine recognized as a "kiss". …You…d be doing it for me too," Cheri murmured, the words almost too soft for Jasmine to hear. "To see you take her…" she shuddered, the action nearly echoing in Jasmine's own form. How odd. The experience, though enlightening, would not be nearly so intense for her, yet her physical body reacted nonetheless. This would require further contemplation.

"It seems my physical body concurs that agreement from Master would indeed be desirable." She would not push, however. It was not her place.

Shawn stared down at Cheri for a moment, one hand ruffling her mane as he rested atop her, clearly mulling the suggestion over. "You, my love, have a voyeuristic streak a mile wide!" A grin crept its way onto his face, proving that he wasn't particularly upset about the observation. "But I-"

His penetrating blue gaze flickered warily back to Jasmine, somehow seeming to peel back her defences and pull out her thoughts on the matter, even as he struggled with his own. "I don't know about this…" It might have been unnerving, if she were not already accustomed to having her emotions examined so starkly.

Carefully, she schooled her features, giving him no more than an enigmatic smile. At least she knew how to make it difficult for him to divine her emotions. "Do as you wish, Master. I would be happy to join with you, but not if the notion disturbs you so." Why should this be such a difficult choice for him? A joining was significant, yes, but hardly the level of importance he seemed to ascribe to it.

"See? She wants to do it too!" Cheri exclaimed, prodding the human. "You big, strong, sexy male you! Go on, show her a good time!" Her intimidating fangs glittered, a fierce display of passion. "I want to see how much you can make HER squirm!" Her emerald orbs rested back on Jasmine, winking, though there was a hint of challenge in her expression. "Think you can keep that calm face?"

Jasmine cackled, amused by the suddenly recalled image of the Arcanine bucking and moaning beneath their mutual master, fluids dribbling down her legs as they were forced out to make way for his masculinity, the emotional trails of lust, joy, love and mutual passion filling the air. Of course, she couldn't expect the fire type to understand that it was different for her. Regardless, it would be" enjoyable. "Doubtful, but I suppose we shall see, no?"

"Hang on, I haven't agreed yet!" Shawn protested, though Jasmine noted he did not say it in the wizardly tongue. "Perhaps he is not quite so sure of that statement." He shifted position, a soft, barely audible sucking noise accompanying the movement, along with a quiet moan from Cheri.

"Mmm, as much as I…d love you to keep doing that, this is something I've wanted for awhile now. I want to see you in action, Master." Leaning forwards, she drew her tongue across his neck and up over the weakening male's ear, a glistening line of seduction. "You deserve it, and so does she. Show her what it feels like to be taken by an alpha!"

Shawn didn't respond right away, the two of them doing a remarkable job of arguing without words. There was no anger in Shawn's expression, merely a mild bemusement, coupled with a stubbornness that was all too familiar. She kept her distance, impassively allowing them to sort it out between each-other.

Curious too, how relentlessly Cheri pursued this sexual experimentation. How would this benefit her? …Merely an extended gesture of friendship? Or would she truly obtain such great pleasure from observing? She cannot experience Another. Perhaps voyeurism produces stronger feelings in physicals?" This was another point of interest to ponder. Their master" He certainly carried strongly ingrained resistance to the idea. What was he-

"It's YOU I want, Cheri, just you," he burst out suddenly, interrupting her thoughts. Jasmine picked up a very strong impression that "just you" was a polite replacement for, "not her". …You're more than enough for me. I'm not like your old mate, using you until I get bored, then finding someone else to satisfy me. Don't you see? You've got my heart all wrapped up in that mane of yours."

He glanced briefly at Jasmine, looking a bit apologetic, then locked eyes with the Arcanine once more, expression intense. "My stunningly beautiful." This was punctuated by a finger caressing Cheri's cheek ruff. "Ardent." His hand explored lower, cupping her chin. "Scorching-hot sexy mate." This last was followed by a smouldering kiss, his lips sealing hers against whatever she had been about to say.

Jasmine blinked, once more struck by quivering tendrils of embarrassment, as she was treated to an intimate display of affection. It was quickly doused by a rising amusement however, the urge to laugh out loud nearly overcoming her reserve. z88;So that was it! z88;He had kept his objections to himself, for fear of offending her! z88;Such restraint was completely unnecessary of course. z88;

She shook her head, smiling to herself as the heady sounds of soft sighs and quickened breathing rose through the air of the glade. She would never fully understand humans. She eyed the pair, idly wondering how long they could keep at this. z88;Without breaking contact, Cheri had managed to roll them over, putting herself on top, returning the kiss with blazing fervour. z88;By the plains, these two were surely raising the temperature! z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

At last, they pulled apart, both panting, Cheri's tongue lolling out, her eyes half closed as she gazed dreamily down at her mate. "
Wow, Master" Remind me to try talking you into things more often." z88;Her tail relentlessly beat down the grass, soft grumbles of contentment colouring her words. z88;…And don't worry, I know. z88;Arceus, if I didn't, THAT would have shown me! z88;I'm not afraid of losing your heart, dear, or I wouldn't even suggest this. Like I already told you: the only way you could betray me is by mating with a female that doesn't deserve you." z88;

She huffed a soft laugh, grinning at Jasmine. z88;The expression was clear, and not one Jasmine intended to argue with. z88;…You may have a turn, but he's still mine." z88;Jasmine nodded in silent agreement. z88;Coming between them was the last thing on her mind. z88;…Do not fear, Master, my kind does not place the import on" mating" that yours does. z88;I have no designs of monopolizing your attentions, nor am I insulted if you do not desire me as you do your mate." z88;She chuckled softly. z88;…It is obvious that you do not, nor would I expect you too. z88;Nothing you say will cause me affront. z88;If you would satisfy my curiosity, I would be grateful, but do as you will. z88;Be it with me, to me, or without me." z88;z88;z88;

"Please?" Cheri murmured, a slightly wheedling tone in her voice. z88;…If not for her" for me? z88;This isn't about being bored, this is about having fun! Can't you just relax a little? z88;Enjoy yourself without worrying about any of your self-imposed restrictions? z88;How is this any different than what we agreed to? z88;Even if it seems like a silly custom to you, it really would mean a lot to me." She murred softly, licking her lips. "And I…d really enjoy it..."

"Agreed to?" Jasmine wondered, bemused. z88;She chose not to voice the question. z88;He would explain if he felt it was relevant.

Shawn gazed up at her with a mixture of affection, wonderment and mild resignation, chest rising in deep breaths, still recovering from their passionate embrace. He traced the lines of Cheri's muzzle, as if trying to etch them into his memory.
z88;…You really are something, you know that?" He grinned, sighing softly and shaking his head in disbelief. "What am I to do with you, hmm? z88;I just want to make you happy." Delicately, he pressed his finger to her lips, shushing a response. "You want it that badly? z88;Are you sure?"

Cheri nodded enthusiastically, victory in her eyes as she
pulled back and allowed her pinned trainer to move. z88;…Yes, absolutely!" A distinctly canine rumble escaped her as they separated, a bit of reluctance in her expression, but tempered by an eager grin. z88;…Go on, satisfy her curiosity. z88;AND mine.

Shawn let out a deep breath, turning to Jasmine with a wry smile, stretching a bit. z88;…
You too? z88;You're okay with this? z88;Hmm, it seems all the females in my life are out to get me lately." z88;She noted with a mild interest that despite his protests, he was still quite ready to go, his mating tool standing stiff and proud, still slick with mixed fluids. z88;Though, that could also have been Cheri's doing.

She chuckled softly, floating towards him, glancing briefly at Cheri. z88;The Arcanine had lain on her side nearby, tail waving frantically, licking her lips in anticipation of what was about to happen. z88;…
No, not quite out to get you, Master," Jasmine said. z88;…You simply... attract attention and curiosity, I believe. z88;You are hardly the usual kind of human.

He leaned back on his hands, allowing her to approach, smirking as she inspected him. z88;He appeared to have gotten over his embarrassment. z88;She came to a halt overtop his thighs, hovering down until the dangling, wispy tips of her fringe
almost brushed them. z88;A curious shiver crawled up her back, as an emotion passed through her that she could only identify as... excitement? z88;Yes, she was looking forward to this!

Shawn eyed her, reaching a hesitant hand and laying it on her waist, not breaking their eye-contact. z88;She drew in a sharp breath.
His hands... they were so warm. z88;Why did they seem warmer this time? Before, he had brushed her hidden regions, but it had been purely accidental, nothing like this. z88;Was it the manner in which he now touched her? Layered with intimate implication? z88;

"Hardly the usual kind... Yes, I suppose that's true," he said, his finger tracing the gently rippling surface of her fringe. z88;The action sent another shiver through her, as if his touch left frost in its wake. z88;Why did this affect her so? z88;…If I ever was the usual kind, I certainly am not now." z88;He smiled at her, a knowing look in his eyes proclaiming that he had noticed her reaction, as much as she had tried to hide it. z88;

So," he murmured. z88;…How do we even do this? z88;I was under the impression your kind didn't do it like this." z88;Gently, he reached up and pulled her lower, closer, the sensation of warmth spreading like sunlight from his hands on her shoulder and waist. z88;The pink trailing ends of her fringe slowly bunched up against his thighs, until the tattered looking edge of her lower body brushed against his skin. "It seems some of my curiosity will be satisfied too, eh?" He grinned, even as he wrapped a forearm around her waist, drawing her in to rest against his chest.

Her breathing quickened, eyes widening as he lightly embraced her. She could not possibly be drawing in his emotions, yet, why did she suddenly feel so" self-conscious? So light-headed?

Her concentration wavered, her mouth working soundlessly for a response. "I-… His skin, touching hers so sensuously, tiny hairs prickling against her" "I-it is not quite the same..." Firm muscles surrounding her, protecting her, pressing her body to his' …W-we" Our bodies are-"

Her sense of smell in the corporeal plain was weak, leaving more impressions than true scents, but still an overwhelming haze of" male" seemed to surround her, clouding her mind as if he were casting a spell upon her, her eyes losing focus as she gazed over his shoulder at the small forest. z88;…W-we are" somewhat amorphous," she stammered. z88;

She was suddenly very aware of his manhood, the warm, pulsing flesh pressed between her front and his stomach, ready to join with her. z88;Forcefully, she fought down the bubbling yearning, the bizarre urge to simply leap into the act. z88;Mayhap she was experiencing some emotional spill-over. z88;

"Somewhat amorphous? z88;What exactly do you mean?" he questioned, one hand rubbing her back as he took his time exploring her body, fingertips drawing shivery lines across her sides, trailing sensuously around to massage and examine her chest. z88;…You can change your body?"

Flustered, Jasmine struggled to focus her mind on his words, the gentle squeezing of her lightly padded chest making an excellent distraction. z88;It wasn't quite pleasure. z88;Nothing so stark and obvious. z88;But it provided a warm... satisfaction. z88;His touch was so tender... "After a fashion. z88;Our forms are more solid once we cross to the corporeal plain, but I maintain a modicum of... control, over that form." z88;

There are differences, but I believe you shall find me equipped in a familiar enough manner." It was rare that she submitted entirely to the pull of gravity like this. z88;It was' pleasant, to sink into his arms, to surrender to the safety of his embrace. z88;Almost" freeing.

He chuckled softly, sounding as if he were about to make a joke, when suddenly his questing hand fell still on her chest. "You don't have a heartbeat!" he exclaimed, sounding surprised. The fingers of his other hand brushed across one of her gems, and she started as she felt a tiny shock crackle between them. He didn't seem to notice. A reaction between her power and his? Her latent strength lay dormant in her gems.

No heartbeat, but you breathe," he murmured into her ear. "Is this tied to you not needing to eat?" His surprise did not last long, as once again his hands began moving, exploring, teasing, finding their way inexorably lower.

I do not require a heartbeat, for I do not have blood or bone as you do. z88;Air I need, and mental stimulation. z88;But I..." she paused, considering her words. z88;This revelation could disturb him. z88;No, he had proven himself trustworthy. z88;He would be able to accept this truth. z88;…Though I am bound to this plain now, I am not alive in the same fashion that you are." z88;Her words caught in her throat, a sudden wave of self-consciousness breaking over her, as a curious fingertip fondled the corner of her fringe. z88;

Interesting. z88;I had wondered about that." z88;Slowly, he began to lean her back, pushing her into a sitting position on his lap, his lips curving in a smile. z88;…You're just full of surprises, aren't you? z88;What kind of surprises are you hiding under here, I wonder?" z88;With an air of grand revelation, he grasped the edge of her fringe and flipped it up onto her belly. z88;

Cool air swirled around her lower body, a marked difference to the heat that rose to her face. z88;…
My form emulates his own reaction to embarrassment now?" z88;She could no longer deny the facts. z88;She had tied herself to him, and those ties would not be simple to break. z88;Yet, strangely, the lack of freedom did not bother her as it once might have. z88;She forced herself to breathe evenly and lie still, looking up at him as he inspected what she had to offer. z88;z88;z88;

Hmm, a little different, but I think I know how to work this," he said, smiling reassuringly at her. z88;…What do you say to some physical stimulation to go with the mental?

Her eyes widened, a reply dying on her lips as a heated palm cupped over her intimate regions. z88;His thumb dragged across her flesh, tantalizing her entrance with visceral suggestion, spreading her untouched walls ever so slightly to the air. z88;…
I-I believe I would like that," she replied, a bit shakily. z88;It still wasn't quite pleasure. z88;At least, not a sort that these beings would recognize, but a muted, tingling goodness -- like someone humming a beautiful tune, far in the distance. z88;By the plains, she wanted him to continue!

His breathing quickened, his gentle expression reassuring her as he drew slow circles around her exposed nethers. z88;Each pass, a seemingly accidental finger would find its way into her folds, the languid notes of sensation chiming crisply with each touch, another sounding before the previous one had quite faded. z88;She gasped as her passage twitched suddenly, involuntarily, reacting to his touch like an itch that demanded scratching. z88;z88;z88;

Have you done this before? z88;With any of your own kind, I mean?" he asked, sounding a little concerned. z88;Why was... Oh yes, physical females experienced pain during their first mating. z88;

She returned a smile, once again impressed by his care for her well-being. z88;…Do not fear discomfort for me, Master. z88;I have not joined before, but my kind does not bother with the inconveniences of blood and tears that yours does." z88;She chuckled, the sound rising in pitch as a roving fingertip delved slightly deeper than before. z88;It was such a curious feeling, this half-pleasure. z88;A kind of muted gratification, the delight of sensual contact with a living being. z88;…Why do physicals even grow such things? z88;It seems highly unnecessary, no? z88;An organ that causes only pain to its owner at first, then serves no further purpose?

He snorted a laugh, even as a mischievous finger suddenly slipped in to the knuckle, making her twitch
. "They don't exactly have a choice, Jas. z88;It's there from birth." z88;She shifted her weight, instinctively gripping the invader as it danced across her hidden flesh -- a mysterious, veiled part of her, whose secrets not even she knew. "But, they have something else, something that's just for pleasure. z88;That balances it out I suppose, and that one stays for life." z88;His brow furrowed in confusion. z88;…You don't seem to have one though."

This was true? z88;Interesting, she had not known this. z88;Her chest rose and fell rapidly in response to his increasingly insistent ministrations, though she did not feel short of air. z88;…
Another emulated reaction?" z88;Her eyelids fluttered against the sunlight, her body acting of its own accord to dance to his tune. z88;Tiny, invisible sparks seemed to float upwards through her body, flowing freely from every inner surface he touched.

The moment was shattered by an impatient bark from Cheri. z88;…What are you waiting for? z88;Give her the real thing!

Shawn looked up, rolling his eyes at the fire type. z88;…Just because you're all hot and bothered, doesn't mean she's ready.
z88;Foreplay is an art, my love. z88;If the way your leg kicks when I do this to you is any indication, I think you agree. z88;Besides, didn't you tell me slow is better sometimes?" z88;A second finger played across the top of her entrance, paying special attention to the bridge of her folds. z88;Did he assume this place increased her sensation? z88;Perhaps such was the case with physical females. z88;

And sometimes it's better to just get on with it! z88;Mmm, you know, you should show her that thing you did when you had me on my belly last time." z88;A rumble of approval joined Cheri's speech. z88;…That was gooood."

Shawn sighed, though he didn't seem particularly aggrieved by the shameless suggestion. z88;…It appears our cheering section is growing restless.
z88;What do you say, Jas, are you ready?" z88;He leaned over her, gaze steady as he rested his adventurous appendages. z88;
I am prepared to begin whenever you wish." z88;A sudden thought struck her. z88;…May I link with you? z88;It would allow me to better respond to what pleases you." z88;

He raised an eyebrow at her. z88;…Alright, go ahead.
z88;No peeking at my childhood though! z88;Baby pictures are bad enough, without a full re-enactment."

She wasn't terribly sure what that meant, but nodded in agreement, chuckling softly. z88;…
Do not fear, your thoughts shall remain closed to me. z88;Emotions only." z88;Narrowing her eyes in concentration, she stretched out an ethereal grip, the skill now feeling almost second nature. z88;He didn't resist, and with almost no sense of transition, tendrils of emotion and feeling wisped into her, twisting and congealing in a tight mass, distinct from her own. z88;Letting out a breath, she spoke into his mind. z88;…Ready."

He replied with action rather than words. z88;His fingers receded from her passage, leaving behind a strange sense of anticipation -- as if her body knew that more was to follow. z88;A heady rush, the nearly overwhelming masculine haze, swept over her, clouding her thoughts with its seductive fog. z88;She barely refrained from crying out as he pulled her to his chest once more, suddenly caught up in the grip of a powerful desire. z88;…
Pheremones..." a distant part of her mumbled. "Stronger, for my ties to the ether." z88;His intent leaked into her like water into arid ground, catching her up in a vortex of sexual anticipation. z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

His voice snapped her out of the spell, soft, speaking from her shoulder as he rested his chin there, holding her poised above his loins, both hands supporting her waist and holding her fringe clear. z88;…
I promise I'll do my best, Jasmine. z88;I" I'm glad you understand that my feelings are with Cheri, but that doesn't mean I won't try as hard for you. You deserve to unwind a bit. I want you to be able to enjoy this too." z88;

She quivered in his grip as a looming warmth and presence, just out of reach, beckoned to her folds. z88;…I... Thank you, Master, but do not concern yourself. z88;Simply do as you see fit.

She sensed his smile, tendrils of golden amusement flashing through his emotional bundle. z88;…
Fine. z88;And I see fit to show you a good time." z88;Without warning, he lowered her the remaining distance, a hair-thin ripple of crimson pleasure colouring his feelings, as the firm, wet, prodding tip of his length met the softness of her lower lips. z88;Her breathing grew quick and short, her admittedly negligible weight resting upon him, her folds beginning to part, inviting him inside, a breath's worth of pressure from sinking down... z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;
You should try licking across his chest or under his arms!" z88;Cheri broke in, a chuffing laugh in her voice. z88;…And when he pulls out, give him a good squeeze. z88;It drives him wild, trust me!" z88;A lustful growl purred across the words. z88;…You'll REALLY like the results." z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;
Shawn flushed, glancing over at the Arcanine and momentarily halting his explorations. z88;…Careful, babe, I might just have so much fun with Jasmine, that I'll be too tired for you. z88;Then what? z88;I'll just have to leave you be to find some other way to finish yourself off." Jasmine stifled a girlish giggle. z88;Even though she couldn't see his face, it was easy to tell the indignation in his voice was false.

You wouldn't dare," Cheri retaliated, smugly. z88;…Besides, if you can't manage another round, I'm sure you'll figure out some other, creative way to help your cute little mate out." z88;This, Jasmine saw from the corner of her eye, was followed by a provocative wiggle of the Arcanine's hips, displaying her sodden folds for their master's eye. z88;Judging by the way his shaft twitched against her, he appreciated the sight.

"Maybe, or maybe I'll just tell her all YOUR weaknesses!" z88;Shawn shot back, holding Jasmine in place for the moment. His hands trembled on her waist, as if he were restraining himself from plunging her down all at once.

"Go ahead. z88;Then you can try them out on her too, and while you're at it, see if you can discover new things I might like!" z88;She fell into another bout of huffing laughter, one paw idly hitching up to scratch her ear, before ducking her head lower, inspecting her own womanhood. z88;…And if she wears you out, maybe she can use that to help me out a bit.

Shawn shook his head, heaving a theatrical sigh. z88;…You're impossible."

That's nice, dear. z88;Give her a good ride now!"

Jasmine stifled another giggle as he rolled his eyes, then took a deep breath, as she felt her lips slowly begin to give way to his presence. z88;His grip firmed around her, a shudder racking his body as he leaned back, reclining on the hillside and looking up at her with a sheepish grin. z88;…Okay, I suppose we should give her what she wants, before she gets in her head to come over here and "help…."

Jasmine nodded in agreement, blinking as her inner sanctum relaxed and loosened, the squirming sensation of preparing her body to receive a male being a completely new and somewhat disconcerting experience. "Then we should remove the need for such assistance, no? z88;Come, Master, I am prepared."

He seemed to debate with himself for one final moment, holding her on the brink. z88;Then, coming to terms with his own taboos and pushing them aside, he rose up to meet her.


There was a moment of brief resistance, then, nothing. z88;In a sudden rush, propelled by his hands on her hips, or lack of, Jasmine slid down to the hilt. z88;z88;Her eyes widened as her lower lips ground against him, her entrance now fastened around the base of his shaft like it had been there all along. z88;He blinked, brow furrowing in confusion. z88;This was... unexpected. z88;

He wasn't quite sure what to make of her... well, he couldn't think of any other word than crotch, though it didn't seem to apply to a being with no legs, and only one entrance to speak of. z88;She was hardly the most bizarre entity he had ever encountered, but none of those had ever tried to sleep with him. z88;…Well, that one T…k't…na might have been, but she also could have been trying to sell me a cheap watch." z88;It was sometimes difficult to tell, when communication revolved primarily around antennae contact. z88;

Um, what exactly is going on down there, Jas?" z88;He raised an eyebrow at her, shifting his hips curiously. z88;Still nothing. z88;There was a light pressure around the base, like a teasing touch of velvet, but the rest of him may as well have been hanging loose. z88;…Are you sure this works the way you think it does?" z88;It was like trying to hump a balloon. z88;There was a vague sense of a warm body -- far cooler than Cheri's raging inferno, and a little less than even his own -- but hardly a hint of friction.

She cocked her head at him, blinking as if she had just broken out of a trance, a strange twist to her lips. z88;…Oh! z88;Certainly. z88;My apologies. z88;I am still unused to controlling that region of myself so directly. z88;I shall adjust.

Another oddity: there was still not even the barest hint of moisture. z88;How did she manage it? z88;True to his word, he had employed most of the tricks he knew to please her with his fingers, yet she remained stubbornly dry as a duck coated in Vaseline, and had given him about as much reaction as if he were simply giving her a nice footrub. z88;…Adjust?
z88;You can do tha- HOLY...!"

His jaw dropped, one hand flailing and body jerking reflexively, as white hot sparks burst into existence behind his eyes. z88;A strangled noise escaped his throat in place of words, any coherent thought vacating his mind and scuttling away from the explosion of pressure around his tender areas. z88;Gone was the "empty-balloon" sensation, replaced by a velvet vice crushing his shaft with a grip that made steel seem like paper. z88;

Is this more to your approval?" she asked, her voice seeming to come from the other side of the galaxy, question in her crimson eyes and a look on her face that seemed to say, "Is that it?" z88;Impossibly, the squeezing grew even more intense, his eyes crossing of their own accord as she did her best to squeeze his tool flat. z88;…I understand that a snug fit is a desirable quality." z88;

What had been pleasure for the briefest moment quickly turned to pain, red spots flickering in his vision, a throbbing beat in the back of his head that screamed an alarm at him. z88;Somehow, there was still almost no friction, even without a hint of lubrication. z88;Her passage was more like the softest possible cloth than flesh, and he might have been able to enjoy it... if she hadn't been trying to crush his manhood into oblivion.

"Jas..." he squeaked, flailing a hand for her fringe in a desperate plea for her to understand what she was doing.
z88;The pressure continued to rise, like a hermetic seal around him, harder, tighter...

She gasped suddenly, alarm flooding her face. "Oh!" As quickly as it had come, the apocalyptic squeezing let up, the pounding beat in his skull receding, her folds releasing him as if burned. z88;Slowly, his vision focused again, his chest heaving as if he had just run a marathon. z88;

He blinked away the dancing spots, a hint of moisture blurring his vision. z88;She looked sheepish, lips forming a displeased frown. z88;…
I apologize, Master, I was too distracted by my feelings to notice yours at first." z88;She sighed softly, adjusting herself as a wry smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. z88;…A bit too much I presume?

He nodded vigorously, swiping a hand across his eyes to clear them. z88;…
Just a bit. z88;I…d like it still attached, thank you." z88;His hand was shaking, his member still tingling with the phantom sensation of being pulverized. z88;There didn't seem to be any damage to his valuables, thankfully, but he shuddered to think of what might've happened had they not been linked. z88;

Are you... prepared to continue?" Jasmine asked softly, sounding concerned. z88;Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Cheri watching with an interested gleam in her eye, furiously lapping at her own folds. z88;…I'll have to have a word with her about her "great" ideas. z88;Why do I always get involved with females that are hazardous to my health?" z88;Then again, it was probably for the better for her to remain oblivious to what had just occurred. z88;This may have been her idea, but she would likely go ballistic if she learned that Jasmine had almost harmed him.

Hesitantly, he nodded, letting out a long breath, and patting her side reassuringly. z88;…
It's fine. z88;Just... be gentle, I…d rather not swallow my tongue again." z88;He could feel her bizarrely velveteen walls once more, lightly kissing the skin of his length, as if afraid to truly touch. z88;…I think you took Cheri's suggestion to, "squeeze hard," a little too literally." z88;He bucked lightly, giving her a look that he hoped indicated he was game for another try. z88;
She cackled, her nearly weightless body almost floating away from his thrust, her walls giving a quick squeeze to hold herself in place. z88;…Duly noted. z88;I shall be sure to pay closer attention." z88;Her gaze grew distant, her brow furrowed thoughtfully. z88;…Yes.. yes, it was more like that, was it not?" she muttered, as if speaking to herself. z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

Jas?" he asked, suddenly wary, holding her in place and gently thrusting, attempting to pick up a more familiar rhythm. z88;…More like what?" z88;The strange, practically frictionless surface of her inner walls was a little frustrating. z88;After such poor treatment, his abused pole was crying out for attention, arousal rushing back to replace what had been wrung out of him. z88;z88;

She nodded, as if that answered his question, barely seeming to notice his efforts. z88;Not exactly an ego booster. "That won't be necessary." z88;z88;z88;

What won't be-" his words died in his throat, turning into a long, drawn out moan. z88;Her passage rippled around him like a tide, rolling, delightful squeezes working their way from base to tip, as if she intended to suckle him directly into her innermost sanctum. z88;It froze his ineffectual motions as surely as she had before, but this time with fireworks of pleasure instead of pain, his lips moving soundlessly in profession of her new found talent. z88;z88;

"An improvement, but it seems I could... ah," Jasmine said thoughtfully, sounding more like she were discussing a math problem than sex. z88;…Please tell me, is this more to your satisfaction?" z88;

His spine arched, hips thrusting in erratic, futile efforts, bouncing the Mismagius as she rode him impassively, clinging to him with nothing but her incredible inner muscles. z88;It completely nullified his attempts, but it didn't matter. z88;A thousand tiny hands, each squeezing and massaging his member in ways that lit his already hyper-sensitive nerves ablaze, danced up and down his turgid shaft, coaxing a bead of pre into her awaiting walls. z88;

The moisture was whisked away by the undulating silk, liquid bliss pouring into him as the frantic suckling continued, as if she intended to milk him dry as quickly as possible. z88;Vaguely, he thought she wore a self-satisfied expression, though it vanished almost as soon as it appeared. z88;…
Yes, I can see that it is," she murmured.

"Ahh... Oh god, Jasmine..." he groaned, heartbeat pounding in his ears as she worked him with a supernatural skill any woman would envy.
z88;He was distantly aware that he was tensing and relaxing in desperate attempts to thrust into her, but it merely moved her along with him, as if he were some coin operated mechanical horse, and she were simply going through the motions. z88;There was still no true friction, only that incessant, fantastic squeezing, marching him inexorably towards a swift and powerful climax. z88;

Cheri called something he didn't quite make out, likely more of her unabashed suggestions. z88;Jasmine cackled in response, and he cried out as a ring of smooth warmth fastened around the head of his shaft, latching in place like eager lips. z88;

There was a brief moment of respite, the Mismagius drawing a deep breath, then the assault began anew. z88;A thick stream of pre drooled from his tip, his hands reflexively fastening on tufts of grass as the encircling band tightened --just enough to be pleasantly firm this time-- and Jasmine's mercurial depths began suckling with all the eagerness Cheri herself had earlier. z88;

"Ahh... Jasmine... Geez girl, what-"
z88;He was babbling, and he couldn't help it. z88;There was no room in his mind for anything but a tsunami of sensation, delight frothing up in an uncontrollable surge. z88;The ring of eager flesh around his tip applied suction with reckless abandon, all the while the crazy undulations pulsing and dancing freely around his captive shaft. z88;Impossibly, her lower lips... stretched, the eye-crossing sensation of a dry tongue lapping at his sac joining the fray. z88;He could barely breathe, barely register what was happening, his climax already far nearer than it should have been. z88;

No, he couldn't already be about to blow! z88;But he wasn't given an option. z88;Even as he felt the tension stretch towards its breaking point, she showed no hint of slowing, and still worked him over with that infuriatingly calm expression, like her involvement were purely coincidental. z88;…
Unh... Needs to learn... To go slower..." z88;He gasped again, thrusting as if he intended to reach the stars themselves, reaching for his looming release...


Cheri panted wildly, her hips rolling to meet her own tongue as it lashed furiously at her own folds, slurping noisily across the fluids leaking from her depths. z88;Oh Arceus! z88;This was as good as she had expected. z88;She could see every detail, even with her body shuddering delightfully as she bathed her clit.

She grunted in pleasure as her tongue tip hit a particularly sensitive spot, her eyes focused on the place where her mate penetrated the ghost. z88;A burning coal of ecstasy smouldered in her loins, the phantom sensation of her wonderful alpha filling her in ways her tongue was only proxy for, even as she was treated the glorious sight of him performing that very act. z88;Odd that he didn't seem to be thrusting much, aside from a rhythm-less bucking that bounced the Mismagius on his lap.
Of course, it was Jasmine's first time. z88;He was probably holding back so she wouldn't be overwhelmed by it. z88;That had to be why. z88;Cheri couldn't see the Mismagius' face, but judging by all the moaning, the other female was enjoying her time with their master. z88;She briefly wondered if Jasmine would be embarrassed by this, except she knew exactly how good it would feel. z88;That would make up for anything. A mischievous urge tickled at her. If Jasmine was embarrassed by her mating vocalizations, that just offered something to tease her about!

She quivered, her own folds clenching down, releasing a heavy dose of spicy perfume into the air, adding to the charged atmosphere of the little haven. z88;This was good for him. z88;It would help him get over the unreasonable limits he placed on himself. z88;Now, with another female claimed as his own, his status as alpha could never fall into question. z88;Though, to hear him say what he had, claiming her, wanting her alone... Her heart leaped at the memory, joy bursting like sunlight in her chest. z88;She was his, and his only. z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

Mmm, and maybe he'll be willing to accept Kirin now too." z88;The Jolteon deserved it. z88;If she would just admit to herself that a perfect mate lay right before her eyes! z88;Kirin wasn't the selfish type, unwilling to approach him because she wanted him all to herself or not at all. If she…d just ask him! z88;But, it was her first too, so she supposed a little hesitance was natural. z88;Silly of Kirin to deprive herself during her heat though. z88;If Schrade hadn't claimed her during her first heat, she would have gone insane! z88;Her passage rippled wildly, the image of the Jolteon suddenly replacing Jasmine, Shawn on top of the little electric type, spreading her folds... z88;

Cheri's grumble of bliss rose to join the panting moans coming from the other two, flames of ecstasy racing up and down her spine as scalding fluids dripped down her rump. z88;Strange, that almost sounded like Shawn doing the moaning. z88;No, it had to be Jasmine. z88;He was always far more articulate and in control of himself, and there was no way the ghost could be remaining silent during that. z88;She could barely hear the words murmured between them, the wet slurps from her own passage muting their voices unless they spoke up. z88;

Her hind legs scrabbled the air, her tongue flicking rapidly to push her the rest of the way, wantonly attacking that sensitive nub nestled between her folds. z88;She could almost feel his hands, caressing her chest and belly... Loving words murmured in her ear... His firm maleness, filling her so perfectly as his powerful scent warmed in her nostrils... Just a little more!

Oh geez, Jasmine!" z88;

Shawn's cry was followed by a long groan, her mate tensing and seizing the ghost's waist, his fitful thrusts ceasing. z88;She swore she could see his orbs twitching, the raised fringe of his partner displaying the enticing details, her flesh pressed tightly to his groin as he emptied his potent load into unfamiliar depths. z88;

Yipping ecstatically, Cheri's own earth-shattering climax swept her along, joining her mate's expression of satisfaction as the evidence of her pleasure soaked her fur. z88;Her gaze remained locked on the other two as she hastily collected the leaking fluids, the sharpness of the warm femme nectar nearly making her sneeze as it dripped from her muzzle. z88;Her body twitched reflexively, a thousand tiny sparks of nirvana rioting through every muscle from rump to nose, spreading a glow of delightful warmth through her entire form. z88;z88;z88;

Everything seemed to fall still, the heady scents of lust and mating slowly dissipating like a fog, Shawn collapsing wearily to the grass, still engulfed completely by the surely equally exhausted ghost. z88;…
She won't forget THIS anytime soon," Cheri thought with a smug grin. z88;…I wonder if she found any new tricks to use on him." z88;

Sighing contentedly, she pulled back from her gently buzzing womanhood, the afterglow setting off a strong desire to merely wrap herself around her mate and cuddle. z88;There was one more thing to take care of though... once he recovered. z88;She was NOT letting him get away with filling the ghost and not her! z88;This wouldn't be the first time they…d done three, and after tiring his current partner out, he had no excuse! z88;She rolled to her paws, stretching languidly and padding towards them. z88;

Jasmine pulled away, a soft sucking sound pricking Cheri's ears as she approached, the concealing fringe dropping back into place as the Mismagius hovered slowly into the air, rising just enough to allow his spent manhood to escape. z88;Cheri's eyes widened in mild surprise, as she caught a glimpse of the ghost's nethers before they were hidden from view. z88;No mess? z88;He must have sealed her tightly, to allow nothing at all to escape! z88;She shivered with joy, the indescribable sensation of his seed in her womb dominating her thoughts, her tail even now raising in anticipation...

Jasmine turned to regard her, those unsettling crimson eyes half closed, her mouth curved in a satisfied smile. z88;Cheri returned the gesture, fangs glittering. z88;That was the look of a contented female alright! z88;She probably looked very much the same right now. z88;

"Thank you. z88;It was exceedingly generous of you to allow me to experience your mate first-hand," Jasmine said, her voice carrying the airy, crackling quality that Cheri had loathed at first, but now found rather pleasant. z88;…It was... most informative.

Cheri giggled, myriad ways to interpret that statement spinning through her mind, all of them naughty. z88;…
I imagine it was." z88;Her grin turned wicked, wondering if the ghost would turn as red as Shawn did. z88;…So, how many times did he set you off? z88;Did you try the squeezing thing I recommended?" z88;

She blinked, her gems pulsing faintly, head tilting to the side. z88;…
Set me off? z88;I do not... Oh!" z88;Jasmine's cheeks registered a darker purple for a fleeting second, the meaning apparently taking hold. z88;…The... sensations were... unique. z88;It was a very consistent reaction. z88;z88;I... am inexperienced, surely, but the impression of fullness is certainly quite strong, firsthand." z88;She glanced at Shawn, looking a little amused. z88;…You were indeed correct. z88;He was most appreciative of that action.

Cheri rumbled in agreement, pride swelling in her chest as she turned towards her mate. z88;A consistent reaction, she said? z88;She certainly had a talent for understatement! z88;She-

Her jaw fell open as she registered her mate's expression. z88;He still hadn't sat up and joined the conversation, laying on his back with his arms spread as if for an embrace, staring upwards as if the two females weren't even there. z88;…
Shawn?" she asked curiously, a flash of concern slipping into her mood. z88;His chest still rose and fell rapidly, perspiration drying on his brow as he silently recuperated. z88;He twitched reflexively, like he were having a lively dream, his arousal retreating with a heavy aroma of masculine musk. z88;

Arceus, what did you do to him?" z88;Cheri asked, bounding to his side and prodding him with a paw. z88;He grunted in response, blinking, but didn't turn to look at her. z88;She snuffled his headfur, eyes flicking rapidly over the alluring lines of his body. z88;Everything appeared fine...

This is not a normal reaction?" z88;Jasmine asked, also hovering closer to examine the unresponsive human. z88;

No, not like this! z88;He's usually tired and needs a break for awhile, but... " she stared at the ghost, eyes narrowing slightly. z88;…What happened?

I merely continued to perform the actions that were most pleasing to him. z88;He released his progeny within me, and enjoyment was prevalent amongst his sensations. z88;Does this not mean the act was completed successfully?" z88;She looked as confused as Cheri felt. z88;Cheri relaxed, letting out a breath. z88;No, she hadn't done anything intentional. z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

He looks like he's been run over by a herd of Tauros," she commented, prodding him with a paw again, then deciding to get serious by leaning down and lapping at his cheek. z88;That never failed. z88;

He seems to be well. z88;Merely overwhelmed perhaps?" z88;She shot a sheepish look at Cheri, her fringe swaying as she adjusted herself in the air. z88;…I did not mean to affect him so strongly. z88;I do hope he recovers sufficiently to tend to you once more.

He'll be fine. z88;He's tough." z88;She winked at the ghost, attempting to copy the gesture Mew had used. z88;…I think-" z88;z88;

He stirred, groaning softly, his eyes at last focusing on hers. z88;A hand reached up, his forefinger tracing the lines of her muzzle, his breathing beginning to steady. z88;…
Next time dear," he murmured, "warn me of what to expect before you set me up on a blind date.

She giggled, elated that his eyes had fallen on her first, not the one he had just mated with. z88;Abandoning her grooming of his cheek, she planted her lips against his and kissed him thoroughly, rumbling delightedly as she shared more of her flavour with him. z88;She didn't find her own taste as entrancing as his, but he seemed to enjoy it. z88;He was a little slow to respond at first, but she was happy to take it slow, capturing his tongue with hers, then reaching to explore every surface she could find, uniting her breath with his, expressing her passion with every stroke. z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;
Gradually, his responses weakened, her explorations drawing his own tongue still as he relaxed beneath her. z88;She pulled away, her heart thundering against her chest from the delectable contact, sparks seeming to shimmer across her lips as she cleaned the residues of his flavour from them.

So, was it a good idea? z88;Did you have fun?" z88;She nuzzled him lovingly, stepping overtop him to envelope him with her warmth, laying her cheek next to his. z88;…Don't worry, I'll give you some time to rest, but you…d better not think we're done!" z88;She lowered her rump, sliding along his chest until she felt the warm, softened flesh of his maleness, pressing her sodden lips teasingly upon it, enticing him. z88;It twitched feebly against her once, then merely flopped limply against her outer folds, squishing away from her. z88;

He mumbled something incoherent into her ear, a hand brushing her side briefly. z88;Puzzled, she raised her head to meet his eyes, halting her persistent grinding with a whine of surprise. z88;His eyelids fluttered as if in a gentle breeze, the careless hand resting and falling still at her side, his chest rising in falling in deep, even breaths. z88;…
Shawn?" She sniffed at his forehead and cheeks, scenting her own saliva mingling with his clean aroma, adding to it with a questioning lick across his lips. z88;…Hey there sweetie, I said REST, not sleep! z88;You have work to do!"

He remained resolutely silent, a peaceful half grin on his face as he slept blissfully on, completely oblivious to her efforts. z88;…
Unbelievable. z88;He NEVER conks out on me!" z88;She growled in annoyance, her loins quivering with need, his tool resting just in the right place to work her up, but nowhere near being where she wanted it. z88;Maybe she…d be able to... no, it was no good. z88;She couldn't hold him steady, and if he wasn't going to rise to the occasion... z88;z88;

She rolled to her side, wrapping protective limbs around her slumbering mate and pulling his smaller body to her belly, grumbling in disappointment. z88;It appeared she would have to wait, but he was going to make up for this as soon as he came around! z88;

She glanced up at Jasmine, who watched silently as she cradled Shawn and bit back a reproachful remark. z88;She couldn't really blame the ghost for this, and the Mismagius had proven her trustworthiness. z88;This was no hypnosis or anything of the sort, to take revenge for her earlier mistrust by depriving her of her mate. z88;It wasn't easy though. z88;What had she done to wear him out so quickly? z88;A devilish notion tugged at her. z88;This could be helpful at some point. z88;Could she learn the trick? z88;z88;z88;

"Well," she said instead, sighing, "it looks like he's going to be out of action for awhile, so we'll have to keep each-other company until he snaps out of it." z88;She rubbed his chest thoughtfully, deciding that merely cuddling with him would be enough for now. z88;…You must have really worked him over. z88;I can tell HE liked it, but what did you think of your first time? z88;And do you suppose you can teach me what you did?

Jasmine frowned, pursing her lips in contemplation, her fringe shifting in a passing breeze. z88;Cheri thought she looked unsure of herself, but surely it couldn't be that difficult a question? z88;…
My body and yours bear significant differences. z88;To my knowledge, your form is fixed. z88;I could present you the action if you would allow me to link with you, but it is unlikely you would be able to imitate it." z88;

Cheri huffed in disappointment, swallowing a vain retort. z88;To the credit of the Mismagius: she always stated things as she saw to be true. z88;…
As to your preceding query..." Jasmine trailed off, seeming to search for words. z88;…It was pleasing, yes, though far less intense this time." z88;She looked regretful, shaking her head. z88;…My kind is different from yours. z88;I may have much of the same appearance, but I lack the nervous structure to fully re-create the experience. z88;A pity.

One part of the statement stood out to Cheri like it glowed in the air, her ears perking at the words. z88;…
Wait, this time? z88;I thought this was your first. z88;You've mated before?

Jasmine's rosy gems pulsed, the darker shade of violet once more staining her cheeks, her crimson gaze sliding away from Cheri's intent jade. z88;…
I..." this was the first time she…d ever seen the ghost truly at a loss for words, her mouth working soundlessly. z88;Cheri held her captive with her eyes, silently prodding her to explain herself. z88;

I..." the flustered pokémon continued finally. z88;…When I was following your mate's journey from the ethereal plain, I... I observed one of the times he mated with you." z88;She smiled sheepishly, meeting Cheri's eyes once more. z88;…I took the liberty of experiencing Another through each of you. z88;The sensations from you in particular were... powerful." z88;She shivered as if recalling, gemlight flickering with a deeper glow for a split second.

Cheri blinked, staring at her for a moment as the words sunk in. z88;…
You... You mean you actually..." She wasn't entirely sure what "experiencing another" was, but the context was clear enough. z88;…You felt what I felt? z88;All of it?

Jasmine nodded slowly, her cheeks remaining dark. z88;…
Yes. z88;For he too. z88;I was free to cross between male and female then.

Cheri tried to picture it and failed. z88;This stoic female, spying on them while they mated? z88;Going so far as to use whatever abilities she had to grab a piece of the action? z88;A bubbling sensation built up in her chest, rising higher and higher, the corners of her mouth tugging upwards until she could no longer contain it. z88;Laughter boiled freely out of her, her grip tightening on her mate as she shook with chuffs of mirth, her back leg kicking in the air. z88;

You actually... You felt all of that? z88;Ha! z88;I thought I was bad, you just outdid me by a long shot! z88;Hehe, you naughty girl!" z88;She struggled to control herself, jabbing a paw at the chagrined Mismagius, grinning wildly as gleeful exclamations continued to steal her breath. z88;Shawn stirred in her grip, mumbling something and pressing against her, snuggling into her warmth.

You are not angered by this, I hope," Jasmine said, refusing to meet her eyes. z88;

Angry?" Cheri chuckled, her giggles finally dying down enough for her to talk freely once again. z88;Arceus, how had she ever thought Jasmine might be a threat? z88;…Dear, I think it's hilarious!" z88;Her lips bared her fangs in a wicked smile, giddiness at this revelation wiping away the disappointment of having to wait for Shawn to wake up. z88;…You HAVE to tell me what it was like from his side. z88;No buts!" z88;She paused, realizing the other part of what she had said. z88;…Wait... so you didn't really get the full experience this time then?" z88;She glanced down at the peacefully slumbering human. z88;…It was just him making all that noise?

I was linked to him, so I was able to respond to what pleased him most," Jasmine replied, looking a bit perplexed. z88;…It was pleasant, as I said. z88;Particularly when he deposited such warmth into my chamber." She glanced down at herself, a hesitant smile on her face like she wished to rub her belly. z88;…But my physical body provides me with comparatively little sensation.
An idea began to sprout in Cheri's mind, nearly summoning the fit of giggles once again. z88;…
I see. z88;Can you still do that linking thing with me? z88;Feel what I feel?

Jasmine cocked her head to the side, surprise in her eyes. z88;…
Certainly, if you allow me to do so. z88;At least, to an extent. z88;The purest form of experiencing Another may only be accomplished in the ethereal plain.

Cheri's muzzle felt like it would burst from her grin. z88;…
I have another offer for you then. z88;After all, what's the fun if you don't get off at least once?" z88;She reached down, her paw sliding across her mate's chest and belly, fondling his shaft with a loving touch. He twitched against her, mumbling unintelligibly in his sleep. z88;…I'll let you link with me when he wakes up, and then I'll show YOU a few tricks!

Jasmine's eyes widened, then, slowly, she began to smile.


Shifting, scrambled winds scoured the lofty pinnacle of Spear Pillar, twisting its way blindly between ancient, crumbling pillars. z88;Fine grains of stone dust whisked up into the wandering gusts, the aloof currents whistling across cracked marble paving stones lain in place so long ago, even the great-grandchildren of their masons had long since been forgotten by time's relentless march. z88;z88;z88;

The towering pillars silently stood guard over the mystical site, like brilliantly mailed sentinels protecting the halls of their lord. z88;Their grooved sides bore many scars, beaten by time and elements alike, yet still they held firm in their stoic vigil, guiding any who would trespass down the wide corridor they flanked. z88;

Between these weathered spires, the grumble of stone on stone contested with the wind's moaning. z88;A lone, grand stone, etched with ancient writings and a single, arcane symbol on its table-like top, shuddered in its resting place. z88;As if from a great depth, a silvery glow flickered and danced beneath the skin of the stone, tracing the curves and lines of the archaic symbol. z88;

The stone shivered once more, reacting to the presence it could sense so very close, the light flaring for a brief moment of its full glory, before an incorporeal voice cut through the wind. z88;…
No. z88;Sleep still. z88;It is not yet time." z88;Instantly, the waking altar stilled, light falling dark once more, resuming its slumber. z88;

Not far from the paved and painstakingly wrought dais, over a smaller plateau formed only of the natural bare rock, another breath of air puffed out across Spear Pillar. z88;A muffled pop! quickly bore away on the greater cousins of this disturbance, followed by a whiff of strawberries. z88;The source of the displacement glanced around, bobbing effortlessly in the air, pink tail twitching. z88;Brilliant sapphire eyes fell upon three figures, standing near the edge of the great tower, peering down over the lands below. z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

The smaller two turned first, one with gaze of clear blue skies, lighting up with the gentle smile on her face, even as the vivid green eyes of her companion affixed the newcomer with a stare that seemed to sizzle in the air. z88;Both remained where they were, calm and irritated expressions fixed as they awaited her approach, the antler-like appendages of the four footed pokémon ruffling in a transient breeze. z88;The third, the stately giant, did not yet greet her, impassively continuing his watch. z88;z88;z88;

"How considerate of you to answer the summons, progenitor," Shaymin said tartly, as she floated over to join them. z88;…We had nearly abandoned hope of your arrival." z88;Celebi glanced at him, a disapproving frown marring the graceful curve of her lips, but said nothing. z88;She, at least, was not such an obstinate killjoy as to consider such a tiny little detour a significant delay!

Nice to see you again too, Shaymin," Mew replied, rolling her eyes at him. z88;The extra stop had been necessary, and Arceus clearly didn't mind. z88;…You didn't have to yell ya know, I may be several million years old, but there's nothing wrong with my ears!" z88;She flicked the offended appendages pointedly, earning a scowl. z88;Honestly, he…d become far too serious this last century or so! z88;He needed to get out more. …Hmm, maybe I should find a nice girl to set him up with... She…d have to be pretty determined though."

Celebi floated forward, taking Mew's paws in hers and smiling warmly, leaning in for an embrace, her small, iridescent wings humming softly. z88;…It is good to see you are well, cousin.
z88;Your presence in His shadow has been missed." z88;Her voice murmured like a playful brook, rich and layered as the dark loam of Eterna itself. z88;…Shaymin overstates matters, you were not summoned for chastisement." z88;She broke away, though she kept ahold of Mew's paws, her large eyes almost appearing child-like, if it weren't for the wisdom and cares of ages submerged deep below the surface. z88;z88;z88;

Shaymin growled, shaking his head, though his expression softened marginally. z88;…Perhaps not, but she is still required to attend immediately when summoned!" he stamped his foot, petulantly.

When he summons me, not you," Mew reminded him, dropping one of Celebi's paws to gesture at the regal figure of Arceus, who had turned to face them at some point during the exchange, and looked on with the long-suffering gaze of a father watching his children squabble. z88;…I know you were speaking in proxy, but that was enough to tell me I didn't need to be here yesterday. z88;I had another matter to take care of after ya interrupted my playtime."

Granted, but-…

Peace, Shaymin," Arceus intoned, taking a stride towards them, away from the cliff edge. z88;…We have no quarrel amongst us. z88;The progenitor has not acted against my purposes."

Shaymin grumbled something, but bowed his head, looking chastised. z88;He neglected to apologize, but Mew merely shrugged it off. z88;His heart was in the right place, he just tended to get a little over-zealous. z88;Calling her away
when he had still irked her though. z88;Shooting a grin at Celebi and giving the slightly taller pokémon a final, one-armed hug around the shoulders, she zipped forward to greet their leader.

The ancient weight of his presence washed over her like an ocean -- peaceful as a quiet, clear day, with waves calmed glass smooth, but with all the subdued, latent sense of rolling power that the great depths presented, capable of instantly summoning a crashing tempest. z88;His soft green eyes bore an amused twinkle as she floated up to meet him face to face, her grin stretching wider of its own accord. z88;…Hiya Arcy!
z88;We really gotta stop meeting like this ya know, all dark and gloomy and serious. z88;We need to hang out just for fun more often!" z88;She placed a paw on his great forehead, then decided that there was no reason to be so restrained, and threw her arms around his neck instead, planting a kiss on his cheek. z88;…I missed ya, big guy!" z88;z88;

Likewise, noble progenitor," he said gravely, though a chuckle lingered under the words. z88;…Your wanderings have borne you far from my side for many years. z88;Know that your efforts in my service have not gone unregarded, and I regret the requirement of interrupting your courtship."

Aww, you're such a sweetie!" Mew giggled, squeezing tight to the mighty pokémon's neck, basking in his warmth and nearly overwhelming sense of power. z88;He was keeping a tight lid on his aura too, to allow her this close. z88;…I don't mind, really. z88;I know you've gotta have good reasons for it, and besides, I squeezed a promise outta him!" z88;

Arceus' voice remained mild, but a thread of warning entered his tone, a gentle reprimand to an errant child. z88;…Indeed, and you shall know those reasons in due time.
z88;Mind that you do not overstep your bounds in your dealings with my servant. z88;Disharmony cannot be afforded, and would deviate from my purpose. z88;Had you continued on the path you began, you would have planted its seed between he and his mate, even if it did not sprout right away. Exercise restraint, so you do not upset the balance of his life."

Mew floated back a pace, eyes widening, feeling like she…d been slapped. z88;It was hardly a scolding, but the closest Arceus had come to doing so in eons. z88;…Really, Arcy?
z88;You think it-" she cut off, shaking her head and huffing a sigh of frustration, as the ripples Arceus' indicated suddenly pulsed behind her eyes, pointing out her oversight. z88;What did that mean then? z88;Would she get her fun? z88;Was there a way to make this work out? z88;

"Wait, what am I saying? z88;Of course you sorted the possible branches." z88;She paused, breathing deeply and swallowing the disappointment. z88;…I'm sorry, Elumintiath," she said, adopting one of the moderately formal names a people from a far off world used for the ancient One. z88;…I guess I got carried away. z88;I didn't check the ripples far enough ahead to see that. z88;That would've spoiled the fun for everybody."

The corners of his eyes crinkled in a reassuring smile, a wave of peace washing over her skin. z88;…Fear not, you did not offend.
z88;You may complete the contract you entered, provided exercise greater caution. z88;Examine the ripples, and know for certain that the time is right before you act."

Mew's ears perked, her mood rapidly swinging back around. z88;He…d let her do it after all? z88;That meant she just had to keep a close eye on things. z88;The last thing she wanted was for her fun to end up hurting the kid! z88;…Serious?
z88;Nah, of course you are." z88;The urge to laugh boiled up in her chest, threatening to burst out of her in a torrent. z88;Grinning, she swooped lower, perching lightly on Arceus' shoulder. z88;

This is gonna be so cool! z88;It's been a couple centuries at least! z88;Sampling randomly from a few lucky guys of our own kind is nice and all, but it's pretty rare to find a cute lil" bit of human that's open to sharing the fun! z88;Well, at least, that I can actually go down and talk to and stuff." z88;Her tail tapped absently against his flank as she reclined on her comfy throne of divinity, feeling more energized than she had in... well, a long time at least! z88;She was not going to let the chance to kick back and relax, the opportunity to forget all the great problems of the world fade into the background for a short while, slip through her paws. z88;z88;z88;z88;

Indeed. z88;It sorrows me, how their kind has shifted in their thinking." z88;Pain etched his words, the grief of one who has seen their work spat upon and trampled before their eyes. z88;…The shadowed one has crept into the hearts and minds of many. z88;Pokémon and man... they do not work and mingle as freely as they did once, and the belief proliferates that pokémon should serve the whims of man at their own expense. z88;I grow weary."

Mew felt a chill race up her spine, her gaze involuntarily hazing into the fog of clairvoyance. z88;Hair-thin lines trembled in the air, invisible to the common eye. z88;The simple statement from the great being unleashed a thousand nightmarish ripples into the ether of the timestream, visions of pain, darkness and death dancing and writhing within shattered pieces of the possible futures. z88;Quickly, she blinked away the sight, shuddering. z88;…Arcy, please tell me it isn't time for
that yet."

"No," he replied, a long sigh escaping the expansive lungs. "We have time yet, and more work must be done, if we are to ease the pain of these shades. z88;The shadowed one has acted once more, acts even now as we counsel." z88;Arceus halted in front of Celebi and Shaymin, peering down at the lower plateau, where the humans had built their shrine in his honour. z88;…That is the other reason you have been summoned." z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;z88;

Mew's paw clenched in a tight fist, her tiny fingers digging furrows into the skin of her palms. z88;She bounced lightly from Arceus' shoulder, hovering back down beside the other two, a simmering anger lashing out from her, expressing itself through her tail. z88;…He just doesn't know when to quit, does he?"

Arceus' gaze took on a far-away look, one she recognized all too well. What he saw was always a mystery, one that, if he chose to reveal it to them, would come in the form of riddles. He could be frustrating that way.

"No" The Redemption has been offered and accepted, yet many of his selves shall retain their need for the Redemption shall persist until this world has spun its final days, and He that has been Redeemed has been freed from the shackles of time to embrace Us as kin once more. Entropy, suffering, death" All will continue to devour, until Time itself shatters to become whole." He fell silent, a great weight seeming to settle upon his shoulders that Mew couldn't even imagine bearing. She knew what he said was true, but after spending so long amongst mortals, it was sometimes difficult to slip back into Arceus' way of seeing time.

Tell me, progenitor," Shaymin snapped, leaping into the silence left by Arceus' words. "Why exactly should he quit inside this stream of time, when you insist on offering him such opportunities?!"

Mew's cheeks puffed out in irritation, but she quickly bit down the first response that came to mind, in favour of more effective means. z88;It was almost too easy to get under Shaymin's skin. z88;She adopted a hurt expression, but shared an esoteric look with Celebi over the quadruped's shoulder. "Now, what would make ya go and say a mean thing like that, Shaymin? z88;Ya think I've switched sides or something?"

He shook his head vigorously, his numerous flower petal-like extremities swaying spasmodically. z88;…No, please do not misunderstand my intent.
z88;I am not so foolish as to believe you capable of such a thing. z88;I am merely disappointed in your lack of discretion, responsibility and decorum!" z88;He pawed the ground, eyes hot with disapproval. z88;…Your childish forms of amusement could have been disastrous if we had not recalled you!" z88;z88;

Mew bounced in the air, flipping herself upside-down and coming up behind Shaymin, peering at his tail. She cocked her head sideways, adopting an innocently curious expression as he turned his head around to affix her with a withering look. "What prank do you intend this time?" he queried, looking as if he were restraining himself from turning his head to meet her gaze levelly.

She shrugged, pointing at his rump. "Nothing. Just wondering who managed to cram a Qwilfish up your butt today, and how you're hiding it so well."

Celebi's paws flew to her mouth, a quiet giggle escaping the other hovering pokémon, before she stifled it and resumed a carefully neutral expression. The corners of her mouth tugged upwards though, and she avoided looking directly at Shaymin.

Clearly offended, he spun, eyes narrowing and shoulders stiffening in his best, "I-am-the-One's-Champion" look. z88;…You take this matter far too lightly, progenitor."

Mew stuck her tongue out at him, delight bubbling up at the impish, human gesture. z88;They could be so amusing! z88;…Have you ever considered that you don't take it lightly enough?
z88;You're just jealous that I've got a hot date coming up!"

This. Is NOT. A game!" Shaymin ground out, his stabilizing wings quivering in annoyance as did an excellent job of imitating an angry Tauros. z88;Celebi looked distressed by his outburst, though the patient mistress of the ages chose not to interrupt. z88;Likewise, Arceus remained lost in his own thoughts, though he of course would know everything they discussed. z88;A habit of his that also sometimes irked her.

Mew waved a paw dismissively, suppressing her own irritation as she hovered a little closer to the grass type. z88;He was so uptight! z88;Did he really think she was THAT frivolous? z88;…If there's rules, than it's a game.
z88;If it's a game, then ya can have fun playing it." Of course, she did do her best to make herself look frivolous. z88;After all, what was the harm in having a little fun? z88;Especially since, when people thought you nothing more than a sexually fixated meddler, they didn't often figure out what your true plans were until it was too late.

I'm a player too, Shaymin, and I just rolled the dice." z88;If she didn't have any fun, the weight of her responsibilities' z88;She sobered at the thought, recalling the daunting ripples she had seen laid out in the time-stream. z88;Dangerous, but worth the risk if it were to succeed. "…Course, I dunno how many sides those dice have, or even if they'll hit the table." z88;

That is exactly my point," he shot back. z88;…You gamble with the trickster himself! z88;He has used your actions as excuse to move again, and mark me well: there WILL be consequences!"

I know," she said softly, floating lower and laying a paw on his forehead. z88;He looked startled, but slowly, he relaxed, the fire in his gaze banking at her touch. z88;…You may think I didn't consider that, but you'll just have to trust me on this one. z88;It's a fifty-fifty shot. z88;Old slab-sides was his usual self when I payed him a visit, but if our wonder boy can spin his charm the right way..."

I must confess, cousin," z88;Celebi murmured. z88;…While your notion is sound, even I do not hold great hope for its success. z88;You know as well as I the bitterness that One holds. z88;He clings to it like a mother to child." z88;Worry creased her smooth brow, etched lines built over millennia of watching and tending and caring. z88;

Mew patted Shaymin's shoulder, earning a "harrumph…, though he at least had calmed down somewhat. z88;…Yup, it won't be easy for our friend down there.
z88;But even with whatever nasties our wayward cousin cooks up, he'll be able to handle it. z88;Even you can see that I was careful about that, Shaymin."

And what of the fact that you lied to him?"

Mew's frown returned in full force, levelling a reproachful look at her old,
stubborn friend. z88;No matter what, they would never truly come to fighting amongst each-other, but Shaymin certainly tried her patience! z88;…I did not lie."

His gaze never wavered, and for a moment, she actually felt a little guilty. z88;…Well, okay, I admit I omitted a few things, but you know as well as I do that I can't just hand him that information! z88;It would defy the point, if we just start doing their jobs for them." z88;

That seemed to satisfy him. z88;He nodded slowly, the tiny crackle of tension between them dissolving like sand and fleeing to the ever-present winds. z88;…Indeed.
z88;I would thank you, though, to refrain from making my job more difficult."

Why, that almost sounded like a joke, flower power!" she couldn't resist snickering at her own joke. z88;He hated that nickname. z88;

Surprisingly, he didn't retort, instead looking up at Arceus with a long-suffering expression. z88;…Great One, please say that you have another task for our esteemed cousin?
z88;I fear much longer in her presence may drive me to exhaustion."

Arceus looked down, meeting each of their eyes in turn, a warm smile breaking through his solemn countenance. z88;Mew felt a blaze of delight bubble through her, just as she always did when those bottomless pools of green looked so pleased. z88;…Your suffering must endure for a time, Shaymin.
z88;I require her to remain for now." z88;

He turned, looking over his shoulder, seeming to stare right through the cliff at the clouds that Mew knew raced a few meters below the edge, piercing straight down to the land far below. z88;…We must maintain the balance, so we shall permit the shadowed one his current acts --though the destruction he seeks to weave will indeed cause strife-- He too must be given his time.
z88;The choices lie in the hands of those of this world now. z88;For We who stand outside of time, we must allow these events to see themselves through." z88;He looked pointedly at Mew, his stare transfixing her with a complete knowledge of every cell and thought. z88;…That means we do not interfere further in this current exchange, progenitor. z88;When the time comes, then you may resume your travels, but He who dwells in the shadows must first have his chance."

All three nodded soberly. z88;Mew groaned inwardly, but couldn't truly bring herself to complain. z88;It wasn't like this was surprising, or particularly grievous. z88;…I hear ya loud and clear, Arcy.
z88;I'll just have to keep myself amused until I get my chance at the cutie then." z88;Winking at the towering legend, she nodded towards the cliff edge. z88;…Can I go take a look at what he's up to at least? z88;I get the feeling he's not exactly having a normal time of things." z88;From far away, the emotional ripples of her object of interest were vibrating wildly, too distant to truly define, but in a pattern she recognized from years of experience.

Arceus' lips curved in what looked suspiciously like a smirk. z88;No, it couldn't be. z88;Not from HIM. z88;…Indeed, you may withdraw to satisfy your curiosity."
z88;The twinkling look of knowledge in his eyes was far too close to a comment on what she was thinking about for her comfort. z88;Heat rushed to her face, though she did her best to hide it with a grin -- admittedly a bit sheepish. z88;He always was the only one who could make her blush! z88;

Her tail curled up around her belly as she floated away from the other three, stopping over the edge and peering down, focussing on that now familiar tendril of emotion. Distance became nothing, the land rushing by in less than a flutter of an eyelid, bringing the scene far below into focus. Almost unconsciously, the bulb of her tail drifted lower, teasing and caressing with practised skill.
z88;She wasn't sure which was better. z88;What she saw... or how much her "appreciation… of it would annoy Shaymin!




Inky, dank air embraced the water droplet, a vague musty aroma and hint of rot fighting viciously to infect the shimmering bead with its poison. Hours worth of toil, of torturous plains and harsh valleys, of age-scored lengths of smooth rock lay behind it. Soundlessly passing time trudged past, untold moments spent sliding with oily precision down the stalactite's striated face.

It had followed the eons-old, tear stained trails left by generations of its ancestors, thousands of faceless, watery pioneers clawing their way across the unforgiving rock. Inexorably downwards they had been dragged, borne ever lower by the crushing burdens of time and gravity, like tortured souls drawn screaming into the lowest pits of Hades. Here, they found solace at last, perching on the brink of oblivion.

Finally now, it too took its rest at the inverted pinnacle of the majestic taper, gradually growing pregnant with the accumulation of its liquid brethren. An obese, wobbling orb, teetering on the brink.


Ripples marred the surface of the pool, the falling droplet shredding to nothingness a view of far away places, the flickering colours reflecting wetly upon the shining mirror. Darkrai bit back a curse, vorpal claws rasping together as he glared at the ancient stone edifice. The skeletal finger pierced the ceiling defiantly, pointing an accusation of dark doings at the centre of the small cave spring.

"A pointless expression of anger, perhaps. But it does bring something akin to satisfaction."

He waved a claw casually, paying no more attention to the pool. He had already seen all he needed. A grating crack like the horrible crunch of snapping bone rent the air. More suppressed grumbles --the death knells of the stalactite-- drifted through the fetid atmosphere of his sanctuary, fissures and wounds appearing rapidly across the surface of the fluted taper.

The groans of the disintegrating stone stirred a primal, almost warm sensation within him. Chunks of the offending structure toppled from their place of centuries, ripples now dancing crazily with small plumes of water as the rain of mineral fragments showered the pool. Darkrai allowed himself to express the tiny seed of pleasure with the facial movement known as a smile. Mere habit. The muscle position did not feel the least bit natural on this face.

He regarded the modification thoughtfully, the ceiling above his seeing pool now wonderfully bare and smooth. Orderly. As all should be. Life begat chaos. He ended chaos.

Or, had tried to.

His facial muscles slipped of their own accord. He supposed human beings might quail in terror of his new expression. This body reacted to emotions less than others, but still insisted on betraying his thoughts far more than he would like.

"That thrice becursed meddler" As if Arceus did not sow enough chaos!" Damn Them all. His claws bit into one another, the muted clicks and sawing noises bouncing ominously off the walls of his cavern. It was not enough that They rejected his gift, his solution to the problem Arceus had created. No, They banded together, not to consider the option like civilized beings, but to cast him out! Now, They attempted to thwart his doings at every turn!

His eyes narrowed, the boulder his stare bore into quailing in fear. The Progenitor" she overstepped her bounds. Align herself openly with that odious wizard interloper, would she? Defile her own immortal flesh, by stooping so low as to physically touch his rotting skin? Make pact with him?!

The rock shattered to dust, unable to bear the agony of his vitriol laced gaze any longer.

"The chaos must be cleansed."

He could not claim complete objectivity. Success here" it would be a burning brand in Arceus' eye. How" delicious. He would have his revenge! Every soul that accepted his gift, every race, every new Choice that swung in his favour" It was a mortal blow against the foul, undeserving tyrant.

The ancient jealousy gnawed at him maliciously. Had he but a fraction of Arceus' power in his claws' the worlds would tremble!

Slowly, he turned his back on the pool. Even now, while Arceus' human "champion" partook in carnal pleasure, his own mortal thrall dutifully started to place the last pieces of his plan. Soon, soon"

He dispassionately regarded the pair of beings writhing in tortured spasms on the floor, black-furred limbs thrashing frantically in unnatural positions. A shadowed, undulating fog boiled around them, clutching and snapping at their exposed flesh, ripping silenced screams and whimpers of agony from their throats.

At times, a small amount of chaos was necessary to end a larger. The tumult and destruction releasing his minions would cause was a paltry sum for what they would achieve.

Perhaps they pled for mercy. Even had he been able to hear, he would have paid no heed. These creatures belonged to him completely. Their pain was of no consequence, for it served his ends. He himself may not be permitted to touch the diseased human boy, but these"

A shame the boy was so incorruptible, so un-promiscuous. His human lusts' they were few, he knew from experience. These two, however" they would find a way. He would grant them the secrets. The boy would fall. A knife in the mortar, crumbling away his support, until-

Darkrai's claws snapped together as an icy, fetid breeze belched forth from the depths of the cave, ruffling past his trailing crest and howling for the freedom of the snowy slopes outside. He waved a claw idly, ordering the Mist-Fears back to their dungeon before they destroyed his servants. The process was complete.

The ravenous fog roiled like a billowing sea, darkened, half-alive shapes chittering defiance as he dismissed them from his presence, enraged they were not allowed to continue tormenting their victims. He ignored them, save to gesture more firmly, emphasizing the command.

The fog released a tortured shriek as it condensed, bulging and swirling grotesquely, half-seen forms glistening dully, before sinking with a fading, self-pitying dirge into a tiny vortex, locking it away once more until he should call upon it again. Darkrai snorted derisively. That was a foul creation, even by his standards.

Quiet groans twined with stray wisps of smoke, rising like a grim miasma from the two bipedal forms, their limbs drawn up into a fetal wallow, as if that should protect them against his touch. He permitted himself the indulgence of another smile. No deformities. Both had survived the process.


His command elicited a twitch from the left one" the female. One gray-furred arm feebly clutched at black stone, crimson claws digging up chips of rock as she struggled to comply. Long, almost luxuriant strands of blood-red hair streamed down their backs, splashed with shades of midnight and gathered with a frayed cord near the ends, bundling into an orderly tail.

"Master…" the other, the male creature, croaked, the word still heavy with reverence, even in the pokémon's current state. The edges of the two seemed to melt into the darkness around them, like a cloak that deceived the eye. He was forced to look through the effect to examine them properly. Slightly irritating, but paltry in the face of his success.

He waited, infinitely patient, observing his vassals as they mastered their new bodies, corded muscle straining and flexing, their breath coming in gasping heaves, exhalations visible in the frigid air. Strength trickled into them with excruciating slowness at first, then in a heady rush, twin growls bouncing from fang-studded maws and echoing against the curved walls. As one, they struggled upright, lurching unsteadily, then gaining the precarious balance of a creature learning to walk on two legs rather than four.

"How may we serve, Master?" the female asked, a note of worship in her voice as she regarded her newly formed arm with wonder. Both kept their pointed muzzles down, respectfully, arctic hued gazes avoiding his as if it were death itself to lock eyes with him.

They were correct.

"Kill your mate."

There was no hesitation. Both muzzles twisted into feral rictuses, loose spurts of crimson fur flying as claws and fangs flashed, darkness pulsing around them with the weight of their as yet untamed powers. Animalistic rage howled against the cavern walls, the wordless cries not forming insults or taunts, but pure combative expression.

He observed with cool fascination, his impassive gaze taking in brutal technique and unrestrained violence. The struggling pair locked together in a deadly embrace, blood-lust rimming malevolent eyes as they crashed heavily to the icy stone, vicious snarls broken only by the muffled sounds of fangs closing on thick, protective fur. Elemental energy flashed in eerie pulses, the close combat leaving no room for defined attacks, only desperate fury to destroy the other as they tumbled and gouged and bit.


Softly spoken as his order had been, it brought instant peace to the tumultuous battle. Several tufts of black and red fur drifted lazily, settling around the now motionless combatants like the gory leavings that would have stained his floor had he not spoken. The female straddled her opponent, her claws fastened around the male's throat, forelimbs slowly relaxing. At the same time, the male's weapons remained poised in the process of tearing at his mate's ribs, both pokémon wearing frozen, savage masks of battle-lust.


He awarded them a curt nod, adding a smile that they would not see, for fear of meeting his eyes. This was a moment for some indulgences. He hovered closer to the pair, gesturing imperiously for them to stand once more. They obeyed, ignoring each other as surely as if their struggle had merely been over a bit of meat, not a lethal duel.

"Phobos…" He whispered the word, hissing out the last syllable as he traced the fur-covered lines of her cheek, drawing a trail across her neck with a razor claw-tip, feeling the rapid beat of her mortal heart beneath his touch. Such a simple thing to snuff out...

No. Some indulgences. They had yet to fulfill their usefulness. He left her to shiver in joy where she stood, clearly still experiencing the glory of his hand upon her, even as he moved on.

Her mate's breath blew foul as hers, bearing the stench of overturned gravestones. His muscles quivered as he too revelled in the touch of his master. His weasel-like maw worked soundlessly, apology or professions of loyalty surely stirring his vocal cords.

Darkrai did not wish to hear either, and placed a hair's worth of pressure on the pokémon's throat, eyes narrowing as his claws pricked through fragile skin with ease. Whatever the pokémon had been about to say cut off with a gurgle, a tremor that may have been fear quaking through his flesh. They had torn at each other, for this one's protection to be depleted. The female was the stronger then.

"Deimos…" Darkrai pulled his claw away from the pokémon's skin, unable to bear physically touching the vile creature any longer. Deimos leaned forward with a rapturous look in his eyes, maw hanging loosely, before he realized the error his actions and froze, standing rigid before his lord and master. Darkrai chose not to punish him.

He floated back a pace, regarding his property with a twist of distaste, tempered by a mild appreciation of their successful transformation. Their loyalty remained strong as ever. It repulsed him to keep mere mortality in his presence, even servile mortality, but they had their uses.

Uses that would deal a blow to his enemies.

He clenched his claws into a rasping fist, a tendril of loose, frosty satisfaction swirling within him. The smile did its best to crawl back onto his face. Arceus' cohorts chose to bend the rules. Now, they would suffer the result of their folly. His gift" his gift would consume all.

"You have served me well." Both quivered, basking in the words of praise. It was disturbing how simple mortal beings were. Flawed, chaotic creations. They would fall under his order... Or face the consequences.

He stretched a claw towards the pair, slowly as if he moved through water rather than air, his physical form shuddering and straining under the force of his building power. Detestable corporeal flesh! "You have experienced the pain of my touch, and you endured. Now, experience the pleasure."

Waves of midnight energy coursed through him, the crushing force of deep space and murky ocean depths, the sheer kinetic rush of dying stars and trembling earth. Knowledge, ability, power. His blessing.

The cave shook like a leaf in a hurricane, pebbles shifting and skittering along the stone floor. Incorporeal wind, audible only to his senses, screamed past, ruffling the tail of Phobos' shock of crimson fur as it moaned its way down into the far reaches of the cave, clawing desperately at the unforgiving walls for a means of escape to ravage the world outside.

Phobos and Deimos convulsed as the wave struck them, limbs flailing the air as if drowning, glacial irises contracting in the glare of a dusky light that did not exist, glassy stares searching the unseen skies. Gasps of breathy rapture squeezed from their heaving lungs, canine tongues lolling to taste the fetid air, thighs shaking with the strain of standing as every corpuscle grovelled before his dark reward.

The moment passed in a whisper of dusky breath, his claws scything through the blackness to sever the connection, releasing his servants from the exquisite ecstasy before it destroyed them. They staggered, tottering perilously close to losing the battle with gravity, but managed to remain upright as their rolling gazes steadied, their bodies twitching with the sensory remnants.

Darkrai shook his head in disgust. Carnal fluids dripped down the loins of the contemptible beasts, soiling the floor of his sanctuary. Phobos moaned softly, flushed and shaking with climax, her thighs now bearing a darker shade of wet fur. Deimos bucked instinctively at the air, still bubbling with the creamy evidence of his pleasure, pink, exposed male-flesh spasming revoltingly. Far too easy to affect such beings, to control them through their weak-willed minds and vulnerable bodies. He hated the need to use them, but this world did not allow him to act directly.

"M-master…" Phobos groaned, her downcast eyes shining with gratitude as she studied the floor beneath him. To his eyes alone, fresh, dark veins spider-webbed over both their bodies, pulsing and throbbing with an arcane flow much more potent than mere life-blood. He observed with mild interest, as the networks of inky vitality wriggled like a thousand tiny serpents, adjusting to the forms of their hosts.

Phobos jerked, maw working soundlessly as a pitch-black arterial line bulged, then wormed its bloated length in through her temple. Her limbs and body twitched occasionally as the writhing vein bored and nested, at last bursting grotesquely from her opposite cheek to slither into contact with another trailing end, closing the squirming web.

She shuddered as her new strength settled into place, one claw drifting towards her engorged nethers as though she intended to play off the raw ecstasy still shunting through her being. Wisely, she resisted the urge, the claw stilling on her belly. A gurgling groan from her mate floated up on the frigid air, testifying to his similar experience.

"Embrace the knowledge, embrace my gift," Darkrai said flatly, bile rising to his throat at the thought of enduring their presence any longer. Commanding them from afar was preferable. The stench of their petty desires would not cross the distance. "Ponder the boy I have shown you. He is the enemy."

"Enemy…" hissed Deimos, voice crackling with feral menace, his claws clenching for the throat of an invisible human.

"Will we kill?" Phobos rasped, her tongue flicking across her lips, as if she could already taste the blood of her adversary. Hatred burned in their eyes, blazing with a fuel echoed in Darkrai's own heart. Hatred" yes, that was good. A shame he could not bring them straight to the boy. Even he could only stretch the rules so much. Open war would ruin his plan.

"You will find him," his own voice felt thick in his throat, pregnant with the weight of his loathing, despite his efforts to remain dispassionate. The boy" the boy was a familiar foe. Here at last" he would die! "You will seduce him. You will break him. Shatter all he holds dear, then destroy the pieces. Use my gifts." He paused, his claws shaking, eyes narrowing to slits as he slowly, deliberately, hissed out the last command. "You will rape his very SOUL! Go!"

Twin sets of fangs formed bestial grins, glittering wetly in the darkness, intent eyes ablaze with a fire colder than the grave. Fur ruffled in a fell wind as they sprang towards the cave mouth like a single, two-headed monstrosity, death hounding their tread with rotting footsteps.


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