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Story Notes:

Starts off clean, but later chapters get naughty. :P And no, this is not a Harry Potter crossover!

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Don't know if anyone on this site is still reading this story, but I'll be continuing to update it here regardless.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 21: Black and White

DB 21 - Black and White

Chapter 21

Black and White

A splintering crack rent the early evening air, accompanying the satisfying sensation of the fragile, bone-white walls of the prize he held crumbling beneath his claws. Thick, warm liquid burbled out of the fissure, quickly lapped up by his greedy tongue, filling his mouth with salty flavour. Deimos put his paw to his lips, cleaning the fresh, dark fluid away from his glistening claws, before tipping the large sphere back and draining it of the greater portion of the delicious juice in a long gulp.

Another sharp crack, and the meaty snack encased within the sphere followed down to his belly. Deimos grunted in satisfaction, snuffling within the broken container for any further treats, then tossed the remaining fragments aside when it proved to be empty. That flygon had been an irritatingly persistent fighter, but the reward had been well worth it. A glance over at his mate showed the other zoroark to be consuming her egg with equal relish. Maybe if he was swift enough, he could... no. She had her eye on him already, making sure he didn’t attempt to divest her of the meal.

Shame. If she’d turned her back more, she’d never see me coming.

As if she’d heard the thought, Phobos said, “You’re an idiot, Deimos, and you’re not getting my egg. Don’t forget who it was that snapped that dragon’s neck in the end.” She punctuated the statement by taunting him with a view of the last bits of meat and juices sliding slowly into her maw. Deimos’s lip curled into a snarl.

Bitch. If I hadn’t taken the brunt of its attentions, you never would have had the chance. Aloud, he said, “You can have your stupid dragon. I will be the one to wring the neck of that scrawny human.”

“Maybe, if you get your nose out of your ass and back on the trail,” Phobos retorted, picking at a loose flake of keratin on one of her claws. “We might have found him days ago, if you hadn’t lead us to the other side of that mountain.”

“What, your nose didn’t fail us as well? How was I to know that he could transport himself so far so quickly? Are you questioning the tools the Master gave us, Phobos? The scent led there, and then it vanished. Had you been in the lead, you would have followed the same path.” His claws flexed instinctively. He could almost feel the boy’s soft, human throat between them. How sweet would that meal be?

Phobos didn’t answer right away, instead choosing to brazenly turn her back on him, paying him as much mind as a chattering starly. Deimos’s hackles rose. Master hadn’t said they both need to return once the task was complete, and why should he always need to compete for the favor of the Great One? She was far too confident.

A weakness. An advantage. His muscles tensed to spring, then relaxed. No, not yet. She has time to react if I rush her now.

“He does not seem to be magically springing halfway across the world now, does he?” Phobos said, still not deigning to look at him. She raised her muzzle, sniffing the air. “I can taste his stench towards the sunrise now. There is nothing wrong with what Master gave us. Maybe you couldn’t smell him over your own fear of that big, scary, human wizard, hmm?”

“Hardly. Master implied he was dangerous, for a human, though that’s like being dangerous, for a caterpie.”

“Oh? But, what if he casts a spell on you, makes you his bitch, like that arcanine?” Despite not being able to see her face, he could sense her smirk. “You’re an idiot, Deimos, but a lucky idiot. If Master had seen that last blunder, it would be another night with the Mist-Fears for you. After we catch up with the human and have our fun with him, perhaps I will allow him to cling to life, so I can convince Master to let the mists play with both of you. It would be amusing to hear who screams louder, don’t you think?”

With a wordless growl, Deimos lashed out, warping the air around Phobos into hundreds of writhing vines, each binding her to the earth with a life of their own. An instant later, he was sent reeling as the illusion shattered, thrown back by her counter-casting. Deimos closed his eyes against the false image of a massive, falling boulder filling his vision, and charged forward blind.

It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not-

His shoulder connected with something soft and furred, and then they were wrestling, his claws finding purchase in her shoulder and cheek, even as hers dug into his belly and scrabbled for a grip on his throat. Phobos’ features contorted into a rictus, and as she threw her weight sideways in an attempt to pin him down, he let loose the Dark Pulse he’d been building since he’d first made contact. The blast of midnight energy threw them violently apart, buying him the space to gain a better position. She’d been tossed onto her belly in the dirt, dazed from the unexpected blow, and was only beginning to rise.


Deimos pounced, dropping on top of her with his full weight. Phobos let out a cross between a furious hiss and an oomph, as he seized her by the mane and shoulder, grinding her nose forcibly into the dirt.

“Time to learn some respect, bitch.” Wary of her ability to squirm away, he straightened, and landed a heavy kick on her left ankle, forcing her legs further apart. This was too good a position not to take advantage of. “That’s right, down.” Feeling her muscles tense, he planted a foot on her haunch, holding her in place and yanking firmly on her mane to prove his point. Great Master’s blessing, it felt good to hear her fail to contain a yelp.

“I hate you,” she growled, managing to wriggle around enough to glare up at him. He flashed her a triumphant grin.

“I hate you too. But, you look good like this. The pose suits you.”

“Go jump off a cliff.” 

Only one question to answer at this point. What exactly to take as his reward for victory? It seemed unfair that she should get much enjoyment out of it as well, and her stifled grunts and cries were a pretty good turn on... Plus, it wasn’t like she’d willingly give up that part of herself to him.

Keeping her mane firmly wound in his claw, Deimos clambered awkwardly on top of the other zoroark, substituting his entire body weight for his footpaw to pin her down. She fought, trying to roll and throw him off, but his grip on her mane and his fangs at her throat discouraged the idea. He shivered in anticipation, grinding his hips into her squirming, enjoying the sensation of his stiffening sheath pressed tight to her vulnerable rear. His grin widened as he felt his shaft slide past something slick and wet, the scent in the air subtly beginning to shift.

“I think you like being on the bottom more than you let on.”

“Fuck you.”

Deimos chuckled, continuing to tease her --and himself-- with suggestive thrusts against her warm entrance, tingles of excitement prickling through his body as his shaft swelled. She wasn’t fighting quite so hard now, submitting to the punishment she’d earned. Deimos allowed her to relax slightly, adjusting his hips lower as if he were about to plunge inside. The best illusions were always the ones someone else made for you.

Time for a surprise, bitch.

Wrapping his free forelimb around her chest, he jerked his hips upwards, grunting in satisfaction as his tip pressed neatly into his true target. Phobos jolted, letting loose a delightful squawk. Not allowing her a moment to recover, he seized his advantage, shoving with all his strength, forcing his way past the resisting ring of flesh. It was harder than he’d expected, without the runny, feminine juices to ease his entry, but he could feel her muscular walls beginning to part, granting reluctant access to the superior power of his maleness, allowing him to claim this last sanctum of hers as his own-

One moment, he was experiencing the ecstasy of taking his mate’s anal virginity, the next he was on his back, seeing stars, gasping for breath. A stinging lash fell across his chest, then another across his belly, then a third, and a fourth, barely missing his eye. Deimos yelped, holding his claws up to protect his face, only to have the wind driven from his lungs by a hefty blow.

“That fucking hurt, you conniving little moron!”

He tried to roll away, but a tremendous blow caught his jaw, snapping his head back and making his ears ring. Coughing, he curled up, desperate to shield himself against further abuse. He could taste copper and salt on his tongue, and one of his teeth wiggled as he ran his tongue across it.

“Phobos, I-”

Several more powerful strikes followed, thudding into his ribs with enough force to make them creak beneath the impact. Deimos writhed, stifling his curses for fear of drawing greater retribution. One final, contemptuous kick narrowly missed hitting home between his legs, instead awarding no more than a nasty bruise on his rump, before the blows ceased.

“Roll over.”

Barely managing to keep from whimpering, he did as he was told, cautiously lowering his guard and meeting her furious glare. The sight of her was fearsome enough, with the black nimbus of power now surrounding her. It seemed to suck all the light from the surrounding air, the edges of its roiling darkness arcing and pulsing. With her currently drawing on the full might of the wellspring the Great Master had granted them, he stood as much chance as a blind, mewling cub. Nor would he be able to seize any of that power to defend himself, as she would sense him reaching, and break every bone in his body before he’d managed to wrest even a trickle of it away from her.

“You’re pathetic.” She placed her footpaw on his chest, leaning down until she was almost nose to nose with him. Even her eyes, normally blue like his own, had turned jet black with the swirling energies infusing her. “I would have let you do it, but you had to go and try to raise the stakes, hmm?” Her claw traced his throat, her posture and tone implying she’d be content to tear it out here and now, and no matter what Master might do to her later.

“Phobos, please,” he tried, inwardly wincing at the rising note of panic in his own voice. “I didn’t-”

“You’ve given me an idea, though,” she continued, as if he hadn’t spoken. “It seems that you have a thing for doing it under the tail.” She was straddling him now, dropping her hips in line with his, rocking gently. Despite his fear, despite the aches from the bruises she’d awarded him, he felt a stir in his loins, the tantalizing closeness of her lower lips cueing his arousal. She couldn’t really mean-

“Yes...” she murmured. “I do intend to finish what you started. Won’t that be nice, hmm? Would you like that?”

Had she gone mad? This was far from the first time they’d tested each other, and Phobos had never once shown any mercy. With the Master’s power flowing through her, she could tear him in half without even breathing hard.

I don’t envy you, human, if she gets to you first. He had no intentions of playing games, no matter how amusing it may be. Master had told him to kill, so he would kill.

Apparently, he hadn’t answered fast enough for her liking. Her claws tightened on his throat, even as her grinding turned more insistent. “I said, won’t that be nice?!

“Yes... Phobos,” he choked out, caught between the urge to give in to what his body was telling him it wanted, and the desire to somehow get away and flee at top speed. Not that the latter would do much good. She would be on him in the blink of an eye, and trying it might drive her to the point of killing.

“Good boy.” She patted his cheek, her savage smile showing every one of her pearly fangs. “Once I am done with you, we will run, and no complaints! Master will be growing impatient, as I am. I want to taste human blood tonight.” Dark tendrils slithered free of the black aura, binding tight around all four of his paws, splaying him out helplessly on his back. “Tonight! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Phobos. We will take him tonight.” Despite his current position, the thought made his mouth water.

With one claw, she traced the contours of his muzzle, the other paw beginning to stroke suggestively at a fifth, thicker tendril of blackness that looped over her shoulder. “But, first... You mentioned something about learning respect.”

The free tendril squirmed away, disappearing over her back. At the same time, she raised her hips, aligning her glistening entrance with his twitching member. “It will be my pleasure to teach you.” Ecstasy pulled a gasp from his muzzle as she impaled his length within her clenching depths, the shock of it making him buck to meet her. He was already halfway inside with the single stroke, the inner warmth of his mate wrapping about his sensitive flesh, caressing it within silky folds. He couldn’t believe he was going to get off as lightly as this. Did this even count as punishment? She wasn’t yet in heat, but perhaps she-

Wait. Where had that other tendril gone?

That bi-!

Deimos’s squeal of pain split the evening air in two.


The moment she was safely behind the screen of foliage, Kirin halted, closed her eyes, and let out a long, exasperated huff. How much longer would this go on? It was getting ridiculous. She could barely hold a brief conversation with Shawn without her tongue tying itself in knots, and the stupidest possible things threatening to leap from her brain to her mouth without so much as a ‘please’!

“I’m still not sure how I feel about... things,” she said to the surrounding forest, mocking her own words. “Pah! He must think I’m crazy, traipsing off to be alone like this after what just happened!”

Said the jolteon who’s talking to trees, whispered the little voice in her mind. Kirin bit back a snarl, resuming her directionless walking, and scrambling over a fallen log to get deeper into the woods. It felt like her emotions had run through every possible range in a matter of moments, and on top of it all, ended up right back where she’d started; on-edge, muddled, and horribly embarrassed by both her own desires and lack of decision. She wanted nothing more than to break into a run; to pour out all of her frustrations by working her body to its absolute limit, coaxing every last drop of speed from her muscles.

That was one of the things she most loved about her evolved form. Dashing along with the landscape blurring around her, ducking and weaving, feeling her body respond with perfect accuracy. The wind rushing through her mane, stirring the crackling power that rested there. The ripple and flow of her lithe muscles, propelling her at top speed, always faster, faster... until she lay spent, panting, yet happy in her exertion, and ready for another round once she’d caught her breath. On a good day, she was willing to bet she could even outmatch Cheri’s powerful bounding stride, in speed at least if not in grace.

Yet, she couldn’t outrun her aggravation at the moment. She’d promised she wouldn’t go far, and running in circles would only be more frustrating. Arceus knew she’d done more than enough of that in her head lately, without having to enact it in reality. Ever since she’d evolved, it seemed her mind had been running at top speed, without so much as a pause for breath. When had things become so complicated?

As if I need to ask that.

Hopping nimbly over another log, Kirin found herself in a small clear space, the trees overhead entwining their branches, allowing only a dappled pattern of golden sunlight to trickle through. Kirin paused, affixing the forest with a glare. It didn’t particularly deserve the resentment, but that was part of it as well now, wasn’t it? The lack of a definable target for her annoyance --other than herself-- was even more aggravating.

Kirin flopped down onto the springy surface of moss and thin grasses, mulling the problem over as she stared into the depths of the forest. Hina’s lack of listening wasn’t the source of her current frustration. How could she be angry about it? Her little sister had evolved, and wasn’t so little anymore, even if she had potentially stunted her own growth. Kirin could still remember what that sensation felt like --all that new power flooding into you until it felt like you would explode. On top of that, the unmistakable strength Hina had exhibited was staggering. Once she knew what to do with it, Kirin doubted that she herself would be able to defeat Hina in a battle, which was both exciting and a little scary to think about. But, that wasn’t the cause of her present emotional state either now, was it?

How selfish am I? she wondered, looking down at her forepaws. This is a special day for her, so why is it so difficult to focus on that instead? Perhaps because every time she looked at him, she’d catch that hint of a smile that always seemed to be hiding at the corners of his mouth. Maybe it was the easy way he had of making her laugh and forget her worries. Then there was his calming presence, allowing him to soothe Hina’s fears, and take control of the entire situation in the blink of an eye, guiding it away from disaster. Or perhaps it was because whenever he touched her, she’d start thinking about how great it would be if that touch lingered just a few seconds more, slid further along her body, and-

Stop that!

She went back to glaring at the forest. Why couldn’t it be enough for her to enjoy what she already had? What was wrong with her that she craved so desperately to have more, something that wasn’t hers, and what might ruin what she shared now? If that wasn’t being perfectly, horribly selfish, she didn’t know what was.

It was likely the best thing if she would simply forget about it all, including... no, especially what Cheri had told her, and focus solely on her training. That was the most important thing after all. She knew what was at stake. Her own petty wants didn’t enter into that in the least. What made that concept so difficult to cram between her ears? Why wouldn’t her body understand that, and stop tormenting her with these pesky urges?

What do I want?

Was it too much to ask for someone to explain it to her, plain and simple? A straightforward, “You ought to do this,” and show when, how, why, and who with. Her romantic interests were doubtlessly on the low end of the universe’s priority list, yet was it wrong for her to wish for it anyway?

One little favor, Arceus, that’s all I ask.

Perhaps Arceus was the wrong deity to be requesting it of though. Mew was better known for taking an interest in matters of love, though the odds of catching her attention seemed impossibly slim. Maybe-

Kirin jumped as the foliage rustled, a twig snapping noisily. Scrambling to her feet, she planted herself, automatically tensing and allowing the energy in her mane to spark to a higher intensity as she zeroed in on the spot the noise had come from. It couldn’t be one of the legends. That was impossible, she hadn’t even asked! Was it one of the others, then? Or... was something stalking her?

“Who’s there?” she called, hoping it came out with more confidence than she felt. It was rather unnerving to be watched without her knowledge, even if it did turn out to be harmless. Her nostrils twitched, trying to catch the scent, but the unseen prowler was downwind of her. A shiver ran down her spine. Maybe going off alone hadn’t been such a good idea. Arceus, what if it was Nash? The mental image of that monster stepping out of the forest, emotionless eyes paralyzing her, dark ooze appearing at his command to squeeze the life from her struggling body...

“S-sis? Cheri? H-hello?”

Something small rolled out of the bushes first --a pecha berry, she noted absently-- followed shortly by a rather pudgy raichu pushing his way through the leaves. He gave her a sheepish grin, scooped up the fruit with a paw, and shook his head. “Sorry about that,” he said. “I didn’t mean to startle you. This one was trying to escape.” Shrugging, he popped the berry into his mouth, chewed with cheeks bulging, and gulped it down, a look of pleased satisfaction crossing his features.

Kirin relaxed slightly, the moment of panicked terror slipping away, leaving her knees a bit wobbly. This pokémon didn’t seem the least bit threatening. “That’s... alright. I’m just a little edgy right now. Not your fault. No offense, I hope.”

“Not at all.” He tilted his head to the side, peering at her more closely. “Wait. I’ve never seen you around here before, have I? I’ve only ever seen one jolteon, a long time ago, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t you.”

Kirin fidgeted, feeling a bit self-conscious. “Oh, yes, I suppose we’re not all that common, are we?” She’d only seen one or two other eeveelutions herself while travelling with Shawn, and both of those at the side of another trainer, not in the wild. She lowered her eyes to her paws again. “I hope I’m not invading your territory or anything like that. I can leave if you want me to.”

He waved a dismissive paw. “No, no, no, it’s okay, I don’t mind the company. Just don’t raid my berry bushes. There’s not as many to go around this time of year, and-” he paused, scratching the back of his head, and looking a bit sheepish. “But, of course, if you’re really hungry...”

She glanced up sharply. “Why would I do- oh.” She’d forgotten what it was like to be a wild pokémon for a moment. “No, it’s alright. I promise I won’t touch them. My own dinner is waiting for me back at camp.” A small smile crossed her muzzle. “A special celebration dinner even, for my sister. Master promises it will be amazing.”

“Master?” His features screwed up in a puzzled frown, then shifted just as quickly to wide-eyed realization. “Oh, you’re with a human?” His head swivelled from side to side, as though trying to look in all directions at once for danger. “A...a trainer?”

“Yeah...” Thinking she may have misstepped, Kirin did her best to paint a reassuring smile on her face, choosing her next words with a bit more care. “He won’t be upset if you talk to me, don’t worry. He’s not that kind of trainer. He’s... different.” She looked away, occupying herself with an itch behind her left ear.

“Different? Different how?” Appearing to relax slightly, he came a little closer, though Kirin noticed that he was still primed to bolt at the first sign of human presence, or a trick on her part. “I suppose I don’t know a lot about them, but I usually try to avoid humans.”

Too late, she remembered what Shawn had said about keeping his unique abilities a secret from others. On the other paw, this was a single wild Raichu, even a bit frightened at the idea of a human nearby. Surely there was no harm in talking to him.

“Well, he knows how to talk to us for a start. He really seems to understand, and he treats us like equals, even though he’s our trainer.” A sudden giggle bubbled out of her. “And he hates being called Master, which is part of why we do it. Cheri says it’s good for him, and that it’s the proper thing to do besides. Personally, I like teasing him with it.”

“He knows how to talk to you? You mean he’s polite about giving orders?”

Kirin shook her head. “Not at all. In fact, he rarely tells us to do anything. He usually asks. If he tells us to do something, it’s always important, or part of our training.” She returned the smile. The raichu looked much more natural with that easy grin, giving Kirin the impression that this was a ‘mon with few cares in general. “And he tells us all these great stories. I’m not sure if I believe all of them, but it’s hard to think that he’d lie to us.”

To me, she added silently in her head. Aloud, she hurried to correct herself, “Some of them are just so fantastic though... It’s incredible to think about all the things he’s been through. He never seems to run out either; even when my sister pesters him to repeat one of her favourites.”

“Stories, huh?” He looked a little skeptical, but that was easily forgiven. “He sounds like a nice guy. It’s good to know that not all humans are as bad as I’ve heard.”

“He is.” She thought back to the first day she’d met him, the confusion, pain, and barely held back fear of what had happened to her mother screaming at her to take her sister and run as fast as she could. Yet, all it had taken was a few words, a gentle hand, and seconds later, she was being scooped up and carried to safety by a mysterious saviour. “I can’t help wondering what he would-” She bit off the words, horrified at what had nearly come out of her mouth. Darkrai’s curses, why couldn’t she control her tongue better?! Mind racing, she attempted to cover the slipup. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve been rather rude, haven’t I?” Getting to her feet, she gave a nod to the friendly raichu. “I haven’t properly introduced myself. My name is Kirin. What’s yours?”

He shot her a level look, showing exactly how effective her diversion had been. “Oh, I’m Broggles, but you can call me Brogg. Pleased to meet you, Kirin.”

Kirin smiled, happy to have evaded that particular topic, even if it hadn’t exactly been by her own glibness. “Likewise. Look, Brogg, I know this is a bit sudden, but I could really use some help blowing off some steam right now. What do you say to a quick battle?” Her grin widened as she allowed sparks to course through her mane once more. This would put him off the subject! It really would be a nice way to release some stress too. “I promise I’ll go easy.”

His eyes widened, his cheeks giving off a small crackle of energy. “Umm... do you really mean for fun? Or, because you actually do want my berries?”

She giggled, finding his rather one track mind rather cute. “No, no, not like that. Just for fun. I need the exercise, and I’ve never battled another electric type before. Please?” She gave Hina’s ‘pleading face’ her best shot.

“I...” He paused, looking her up and down appraisingly, then shrugged and stepped forward, coming more into the center of the clearing. “I guess I don’t see why not. A quick one can’t hurt, at least. I could use a bit of exercise myself. I’ll warn you though, I’m one of the strongest in these woods, and I have an electrike friend who I train with sometimes, so I know how to deal with overconfident electric types.”

“Overconfident, huh? I guess we’ll find out.” Kirin took a deep breath, holding it, then letting it out, allowing her muscles to relax briefly before tensing for action. This wasn’t like a normal battle, where she could rely on Shawn’s directions. It was time to test how well she’d learned. Who knew what sort of tricks this pokémon might have, fighting his own way? She had very little experience facing wild pokémon. Most stayed away without bothering them, simply on the merit of the aura her trainer projected when they travelled off the roads, so the majority of her battles were against other trainers.

“So, uh, how does this work, exactly?” Broggles asked, fidgeting as if he were a bit apprehensive despite his statement. “How do you do it? One of us says, “go” or something?”

Kirin grinned. “Not usually, but, that works for me.” Whether the raichu was an accomplished fighter or not, this was still going to be fun. “Go!”

The instant the words left her mouth, she was moving, breaking from a standstill into Quick Attack pattern three. Left, breathe, forward, strike! Through the blur of motion, she caught the look of surprise on his face as she tagged him from the side, making her giggle as she leaped away. Not a full tackle, just something to get his attention. It must’ve worked, because a bolt of lightning zinged past her left ear as she skidded to a halt facing him, her fur crackling in response. It hit the one of the trees with a loud crackle of discharging power.

Oh yeah, here we go!

Back in motion. Never stand still if you can help it. More Quick Attacks, making her a difficult target to track as she closed in, gathering her energy, coming in behind him and...

Empty air.

Looks like he knows that trick too.

Whirling, she was in time to catch a hefty blow to the chest, sending her tumbling backwards. Arceus, he was stronger than he looked! Regaining her feet, she found him standing in a combat crouch in the middle of the clearing, looking abashed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he started to say, but she was already back on the move. She’d need to watch out for whatever that had been. Some kind of basic physical move. Maybe Bullet Punch. Could a raichu learn that? Or perhaps Slam. It didn’t matter. He tried to dodge, but she’d kept a closer eye on him this time, and the tiny electrical needles of her Thunder Wave caught him in their net, momentarily freezing him in place.

“You’d better start meaning to, or you’re going to lose!” she called, dashing towards him. At the last second, she spun, lashing out with her hindpaws, putting everything she had into the Double Kick. Two shots, two grunts from her beleaguered opponent as he toppled backwards, and off running again as he rolled, getting back on his feet with the release from paralysis.

A blast of energy caught her flank, another zinging wide in short succession. He was fast with those, but they didn’t pack as much punch as his physical moves did. She shivered as the delightful tingles of power began running through her system, revitalizing and adding a bit more zip to her step.


Guess he doesn’t know about that part. How unfortunate... for him.

Her heart thumped madly in her chest as she nipped in close, landing another hard Double Kick into his side. He “oofed”, then he too was a blur, matching her speed in lockstep. He feinted left. She ducked, and felt a heavy blow fly overhead. Time to get out of the way. A burst of inner power, a leap, and she was kicking off from his shoulders, leaving the other electric pokémon with the parting gift of her paw to his face. He let out a yelp --probably more from surprise than pain-- but she still had time to nail him with a Shockwave before he could reorient himself.

Breathe. Move. Faster!

He wasn’t staying still for her to pummel him. Pouring on the speed, she flew across the clearing, paws churning as he tried to chase her down. He was starting to catch up. Time for another trick. That tree there... perfect. Now, if she timed this right...

She could hear his heavy breathing behind her as she reached her destination. Without slowing, she leaped, bouncing off her hind legs to change her angle, and allowed her momentum to propel her several steps up the curving trunk of the tree. Tense, aaaand.... Quick Attack!

She landed in time to see him rolling back to his feet from his aborted maneuver, and she crouched, building up the charge for another Shockwave. She loved that move. It was the first purely electric attack Shawn had taught her. Not especially powerful, but there was a certain knack to forming it, and it always gave her a tiny thrill to get it exactly right.

The bolt of electricity from above caught her completely off guard. His cheeks had sparked brighter, yes, but from above her? How had he done that? There was no pain. Power rushed into her like a mighty wind, the raw intensity of the current making her feel as if each individual strand of fur was vibrating. She felt as if the force of it would crush her, yet she’d never felt so alive! She wanted to draw more of it inside, let it fill every part of her until...

No... out!

It was more of a reaction than a conscious thought. Almost as if Master Shawn were standing behind her, calling the instruction. Forcing the incredible blast of sizzling energy away from her felt like tearing away a part of herself, but she held on, channelling it out back to its source. Her vision filled with the blinding light of the discharge, the scent of burning air filling her nose. She thought she heard an inarticulate cry, but trying to stop this would be like trying to stop a river with her paws.

A heartbeat later, it was over, the glorious light vanished as if it had never existed, leaving a sparkling afterimage in its wake. Kirin blinked, her entire body trembling, that same wild, light-headed glee from before returning with a vengeance. It was an effort to remain standing, her knees weak. Not to mention it felt like every pleasure center in her body had been stimulated at once.

Wow... I have got to learn that move.

Where one of the trees had been, there was now little more than a jagged, smoking stump, the remaining bit of the top half looking rather crispy. Broggles was slowly picking himself up off the ground in front of it, looking more than a little stunned. Kirin eyed him curiously, swaying a bit herself and attempting to regain a combat stance. Was he about to attack? Or...

His eyes widened, a squeak of alarm escaping him that she found rather charming. “No! Stop!” He frantically waved his paws at her. “You win, you win!”

Kirin paused, momentarily perplexed. Had she looked that threatening? Belatedly, she became aware of the sizzling and popping noises emanating from her fur.

Oh, of course. Her mane. She gave a firm shake, dissipating the pent up energy in a shower of harmless sparks. Sheepishly, she grinned at the other ‘mon. “Sorry, I forget that it does that after a battle.”

He was still holding his paws up in a defensive gesture, but her lack of any further aggression seemed to reassure him. “So, ah... we’re done then?”

Kirin nodded, sitting back on her haunches and collecting herself. Okay, maybe she’d been a bit selfish again. That likely hadn’t been as fun for him as it had for her, and she felt a little guilty about dragging the friendly raichu into a battle. At the same time, that wonderful, invigorating joy! It felt as if all of the stress she’d been holding inside her had blown away with that incredible blast of power. She awarded him a friendly smile.

“Yes, we’re done. Thanks, Brogg. That was amazing. I needed that.”

Slowly, he lowered his paws, chuckling nervously and shaking himself free of battle dust. “Well, wow.” He swayed on his feet, blinked, then seemed to regain his center. “That was certainly... new. It was like my Thunder didn’t even phase you, and that’s my strongest attack!” He looked behind him to the smoking stump, running his paws over the top of his head. “I’m sure glad you didn’t hit me with that. I don’t think I would have been standing now if it did. Feels like you singed a bit of fur off though.”

He’d ducked? That was a bit of a surprise now. Still, she found herself in agreement. After all, she had no intention of hurting anyone, and an attack like that certainly could. “I am too.” She scuffed at the ground, a seed of guilt worming its way through her post-battle high. “Sorry... I kinda let that one get a bit out of control for a fun battle.”

He waved a paw, as if to shoo away her self-accusation. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just really glad that wasn’t for my food stash, and don’t worry about the tree either. It wasn’t anyone’s home, but the stump will be within a week.”

Kirin smiled, his easy-going manner chasing away the small cloud of apprehension. “I’m glad for that as well, then. Still, I do need to remember to be more careful. I accidentally zapped my trainer earlier today too.” If that wasn’t enough of a cautionary lesson in itself, this experience certainly would be. “He was showing me how to do... well, I guess what I just did.” She looked over at the remains of the tree, shaking her head, a bit awed at the raw power exhibited there.

Guess Master was right about this giving me an edge.

The raichu tilted his head to the side, the skepticism returning full force. “He was... teaching you? I didn’t think humans could do the stuff we do.”

“This one can.” Deciding she’d already told him the biggest secret --even if it was partly by accident-- it surely couldn’t do any harm to tell him more. “He taught me how to use my power of absorbing electricity in another way.” Giving a sheepish grin, she nodded at the splintered stump. “And, uh, well. It works. He said some things about ‘superconductors,’ and ‘ultracapacitors,’ that I didn’t really understand.She thought back to some of her earlier training sessions, a little chuckle escaping her. “He kinda does that a lot, actually, but, it’s still fun. I like listening to him, even if I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she mentally kicked herself. There I go again. I must sound like a complete, blabbering idiot.

Broggles stared at her, his lips soundlessly forming the words, ‘absorb electricity.’ He shook his head, chuckling softly and fixing her with a wry smirk. “Well, I’ve never heard of those things, but I think someone is a fan of their trainer.”

Kirin felt her ears growing hot. Arceus, if she was so obvious to someone she’d just met, how apparent must it be to the rest of her team? To Master?

If he knows, then what does it mean that he hasn’t said anything? Is he waiting for me to make up my mind? Or, does he not...

She broke off before letting herself finish that thought, unwilling to sample the stab of piercing cold that ran through her whenever she considered that possibility. There didn’t seem to be any sense in trying to hide her feelings at this point. Perhaps complete honesty was the way to go. “I... I suppose you could say... that.” Arceus, why was this so hard? Confessing to this raichu, who would be completely impartial, should be relatively easy, so why did her tongue still try to tie itself into knots? “He’s kinda... special. To me. I-I don’t even know how to explain it.” She considered, fumbling for the words. “He makes me feel safe, and like I really matter, in a way that I never have before.” She scuffed at the ground, unable to meet the other pokemon’s eyes. “Does that... make sense?”

“I do.” She glanced up, catching his smile, which was even brighter than before. “It sounds like you’re a really big fan, and with good reason. He must be a nice person. Too bad there isn’t more like him in the world.”

“You think so? Even from no more than hearing me talk about him?”

He chortled, ears flicking. “Kirin, I’ve seen that look you just had before, on my friend Simba, when he talks about a shinx he really likes. You wouldn’t feel that way if he were the bad sort. You’re lucky, you know that?”

“Am I?”

“Sure. Not everyone gets to find someone special like that.” A cloud passed over his features, but it vanished in a heartbeat. “I know a lot that haven’t. I also doubt most humans would take it well if their pokémon were to...” he trailed off, fidgeting, his cheeks giving off tiny sparks.

“Ask to groom them?” Kirin said, keeping her voice studiously neutral, ignoring how hot her ears felt. She couldn’t help but giggling at his flabbergasted expression though, shattering her pretended ignorance. “Joking. That’s something that Cheri, one of my teammates, likes to do a lot.”

“To your trainer?”

“Pretty sure she doesn’t ask in his case.”

“Wow. And he lets her?”

Kirin smiled, nodding vigorously. “She’s an arcanine. He doesn’t have much choice when she sits on him. I don’t think he minds though.”

“I... see.” His tone said quite the opposite, but he continued regardless. “Is that your plan, then?”

“What? Ask to groom him?”

He looked her up and down, a mixture of disbelief and amusement dancing in his eyes. “No offense, but you’re not exactly an arcanine. Even if he doesn’t mind, it doesn’t seem like it would work quite so well. I meant the other thing.”

“Oh...” She was almost past feeling the embarrassment now, but how did one answer such a question? ‘Yes, I’d like him to take me and mate me until neither of us can stand’? Cheri might --correction, would-- state it so boldly, but she felt like her jaws would clamp shut after the first word. Yet, having things placed in such simple terms was oddly... refreshing. This was the question she’d been struggling with, wasn’t it? Did she have the courage to answer it?

“Yes. No! I... Don’t know.” There. How much clearer could she be? Kirin felt like snarling in frustration.

“I see.” Broggles sighed, shaking his head regretfully. “I guess you’re right. He’s not a pokémon. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not that.” Definitely not. If anything, that made her want him more. Because he was so different, perhaps? Or because of who he was, and the connection they already shared? Or because of how he would treat her, compared to how a male pokémon likely would?

“Okay, but he probably wouldn’t understand. He only likes humans.”

“No, not that either. He’s already mated to Cheri.” She giggled, imagining the look on his face if he knew what she was telling this other pokémon now. “She’s rather... plainly spoken about how thoroughly.”

“Aha! So, he’s already taken then.” Broggs nodded, crossing his paws over his chest. “I see the problem.”

“No...” Well, yes, but, it wasn’t even so simple as that. “Cheri told me she would let me approach him.” She still had trouble believing it completely, but Cheri had said so. “She all but told me I should. Apparently that’s normal for arcanines.”

“Could be. I do know some other species that work that way.” Broggs grinned, uncrossing his paws. “What’s to stop you then? It sounds like you’re very lucky. Unless there’s someone else? No? Then why not take the chance while you have it? Those kind of opportunities don’t come along every day, you know.”

“I know, it’s just...” just what?! Why couldn’t it be that simple for her? Was she the only one to complicate matters so horribly? Or, was it that her problems didn’t seem so large and intimidating from the outside? Before she could stop herself, the question was tumbling free.

“What if he says no?”

“Then you tried at least, and now you know, and can stop stressing about it.” His smile was gentle, if a little sad. “From the sounds of it, he’s about as likely to say no to you as a snorlax would to eating all of my berries.” He shrugged. “At least, in my opinion. Wasting your chance doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

“I-” Kirin felt as if the tree she’d zapped had fallen on top of her. Arceus, was it that easy? No, it couldn’t be.

Could it?

I like you, Kirin, and Master deserves to have more than one mate. If you want to, you are welcome to him.” Cheri, laying down her ever blunt perspective. At the time, it had caught her completely off guard. Now? It was an invitation she could no longer resist.

“Don’t forget that I’m here for you, Kirin.” True, it was not a statement of love from him. Yet, something in the way he’d spoken the words --on more than one occasion-- made her feel that there was more to them than an offer of a listening ear. How far would he be willing to go? She doubted he shared Cheri’s views, but would he even see her as more than a friend and trainee?

She got to her feet, a surge of determination flooding her. “No, no. You’re absolutely right. I need to ask him. I’ll never know if I don’t try.” She stretched, imagining that the motion was not only in her body, but in her spirits as well, limbering up and letting any kinks free. Somewhere in the course of the past few moments, an invisible weight had dropped from her shoulders. “Thanks, Brogg, really. For everything. I hope you won’t think I’m rude, but, I need to go back now.”

His smile was bright, even in the dimness of the forest. “No, of course. I should be getting home too. Happy to help. Nice meeting you too.”

“Likewise.” She turned to go, barely restraining herself from capering. Wait, when had it gotten so dark? She would need to hurry back. A thought struck her, causing her to freeze midstep. Before she left, it needed to be said. Glancing over her shoulder, she called out to the already retreating raichu.

“Brogg! You’ll find someone too. I know you will.”

His ears pricked, and he half turned. Their eyes met, his dark green gaze searching hers. Whatever he’d been looking for, he must have found it, as he gave a nod and a hesitant smile. In silent agreement, they turned back without any further exchange. None was needed. Kirin’s step didn’t pause, or even hesitate this time, and she doubted his would either. Perhaps they’d both gotten what they wished for.

I probably shouldn’t have stayed this long though.

She left the clearing at a run, cutting through the woods in what she hoped was the straightest line possible. A thick copse of bushes attempted to slow her down, but she twisted aside at the last second, dodging the branches that tried to trip her up and cling to her fur. Moments later, she broke free of the covering trees, slowing her pace as not to burst in on the campsite like a mad-’mon. The last thing she needed to do was call extra attention to her presence right now.

All still here, good. I’m not late.

Crackling firelight illuminated the cheery scene, chasing away the fingers of night that were beginning to close in. Shawn stood next to the modest blaze, apparently in the midst of telling a story to his attentive audience, while stirring something in a pan that wafted a heavenly fragrance. Her belly rumbled, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten since before she’d begun her one-on-one training with Shawn today.

“-and there are people whose job it is to call you on the phone --always at dinnertime-- and try to sell you those kinds of things. They’re called telemarketers, and are usually about as welcome at dinner as your average muk.”

“I don’t know, I once met a very nice muk,” Cheri said, rumbling a laugh. “He might have smelled terrible, but he had a great sense of humor. He’d even made up a song about himself, and the smell. Maybe we can go visit him someday, and see which of you is the better singer, and if what he said about humans reacting in funny ways is true..”

Shawn grimaced. “I doubt it would be much of a contest. There’s a reason I’ve never sung you any love songs, dear.”

Hina, sitting beside him, interrupted, rubbing against his leg, pleading with both her eyes and her tone. “Aren’t they ready yet, Master Shawn? Please? Sis is back now, so can’t we have them?”

“Almost, Hina, they-” Shawn, along with Cheri and Marty, sitting opposite him, all looked up at the mention of Kirin, three pairs of eyes meeting hers at once. Jasmine remained hovering in place to the open side of the fire, back far enough as to almost be completely cloaked in shadows, her eyes half-closed, though Kirin could feel the ghost’s penetrating gaze.

So much for not attracting attention.

“Err, yes, I’m back.” She attempted to look chagrined. “Sorry, I took a little longer than I thought.”

“You’re just in time, dear,” Cheri said. “Shawn and I were about to come looking for you.”

“Are you alright, Kirin? Did something happen?” Shawn’s eyes travelled over her, narrowing as he took in the disheveled and dusty fur, her heaving chest as she caught her breath back, and her general fidgeting.

Arceus. I probably look like I just ran all the way to the other end of the forest and back, with Darkrai himself on my tail. Well, no sense avoiding the issue. As if she could directly lie to him, even if she’d wanted to. One brief, scrutinizing look, and she’d fall to pieces as surely as if he’d shouted, demanding the truth.

“I got into a bit of a battle. Nothing serious, it was just for fun.”

“For fun, eh? You sure? Did you get hurt? Were you attacked by something?” There was an increasing chord of steel in his questions, his eyes leaving her to scan the forest, one hand moving to his side, where he kept his sword. 

Kirin hastened to reassure him. “No, no, nothing like that. I was the one who talked him into battling. I’m fine, really.”

Shawn’s visible tension drained away, leaving relief in its wake --which Kirin found mirrored in her own emotions-- though there was definite reproval in his tone now. “Alright, but in the future, please don’t get involved in fights on your own. If you got hurt...”

Kirin bowed her head, chagrined. “I understand. Sorry, Master. I won’t do it again.” Despite what a rush they had been, she could only imagine how her actions must appear to Shawn and the rest. What if she had gotten herself injured, off on her own and effectively helpless?

Foolish. What will he think of you now?

“Did you win?” rumbled Cheri, rising to her paws and turning to regard her.

Marty perked up, seconding the query with an enthusiastic, “Yeah! How’d you do?”

A small smile tugged at of Kirin’s muzzle. “Yeah... I won. I got to use what I learned today to do it too. It was... amazing.”

“That’s my girl!” Cheri’s tail beat the air, her fangs baring in a fierce grin. “So, no harm done.”

This last was mostly directed at Shawn, who was now removing the sizzling pan from the fire, much to Hina’s delight. He paused, looking first at Cheri, then at Kirin with a thoughtful expression, before nodding slowly, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards. “I suppose not. Now, we’ve waited long enough. Who’s hungry?”

“Meeeeeeeee!” cried Hina, rearing up on her hind legs and peering into the pan as it was set down on a convenient rock. “If it’s better than bacon, can I have three?

As Shawn began to portion out the food, appeasing the excited umbreon first, Kirin sidled up to Cheri, catching the arcanine’s attention with a nudge and a whisper.

“Sorry, but do you think I could talk to you? Alone?”

Cheri tilted her head to the side, her ears perking. “In private? Of course, dear, but why don’t we get some food first.” She grinned. “Before Hina eats it all.”

Kirin nodded, following Cheri to receive her meal. Her nose filled with the mouth-watering scent as she picked up the two plump sausages Shawn scooped up for her, resisting the urge to wolf them down instantly. He met her eyes, smiling, and reached down to ruffle her ears gently.

“I’m not mad at you, Kirin. I was only a bit worried. If anything had happened to you, I’d...” He trailed off, shaking his head. “I’m just glad everything turned out okay.”

Her heart skipped a beat, her full maw allowing her to only nod in response. Turning away, she beat a hasty retreat before her mouth acted on its own and tried to say something dumb. There was plenty of time for that yet; no need to start early.

Cheri awaited her beside Shawn’s tent, back far enough from the fire as to be nearly engulfed in darkness. She was already cleaning her chops as Kirin joined her, the four sausages she’d taken apparently being extremely short-lived.

“He was right, those are better than bacon. More spice.” The fire type nodded at Kirin’s meal with a grin. “Best eat those quick, dear, before they become too tempting.”

Despite herself, Kirin giggled. No matter how delicious they were, Cheri wouldn’t do that. Setting them down, she took a generous bite. Sweet, spicy juice coated her tongue, a hearty blend of smoky flavors that seemed to dance in her mouth and-

Okay, maybe she would.

Moments later, the temptation was no more than a fond memory, and Kirin was licking the last remnants from her lips, and considering going back for more. She didn’t want to take more than her fair share, but-

“What’s on your mind, dear?”

Cheri’s question snapped her out of the sausage induced fantasy. It was time to follow through on what she had begun. Time to drum up her courage, and ever so delicately approach the subject. 

No turning back. No hesitation. I need to know. 

She met the arcanine’s eyes straight on, attempting to mirror the fire type’s confidence. “It’s a bit hard to say. You won’t be mad, will you?”

Cheri let out a small chuff of amusement. “I can’t tell if I don’t know what it is, but it would be difficult for me to be angry at you, dear. Tell me.”

This was the tricky part. How did she even lead up to the question? Cheri had that knowing look in her eyes again, which did little for her self-assurance. Was she that transparent?

“Umm, do you remember what we talked about awhile ago? Back when I was... you know.”

“You mean when you were in heat, and ready to pounce on the first likely male who gave you a passing sniff?” Cheri chuckled. “Kirin, you were more jittery than a meowth with a coin stash. Of course I remember.”

So much for delicate.

“Yeah... that.”

Kirin glanced back over her shoulder to see if anyone else was listening, fighting the sudden urge to turn around and bolt from this conversation. Shawn was seated with Marty, Jasmine and Hina now, laughing as he valiantly fended off the umbreon’s attempts to wheedle him out of his dinner. There wouldn’t be any saving interruptions from that quarter. She was well and truly committed now.

She looked back to Cheri, doing her best to meet that steady emerald gaze, but only managing to stare at the ground between the arcanine’s forepaws. “Uhh, I was just wondering, maybe…” She scuffed the grass, wincing as Cheri’s claws flexed eagerly, dirt crumbling away before the wickedly curved points. “If… if I were to ask… To tell him what I… How would I…” Mentally, she screamed in frustration, language deserting her. How could she just up and ask this majestic, intimidating female how best to approach her mate?

“Yes? Go on, dear, spit it out,” Cheri rumbled, her tail twitching lazily, one heavy forepaw crossing neatly over the other. Her entire body seemed to quiver, as if she already knew exactly what Kirin was going to ask, and was waiting expectantly to pounce on her for her insolence.

Steeling herself and trying to ignore the burning in her ears, Kirin reluctantly brought her gaze into the line of green fire, the gleaming orbs seeming to yank words from her throat. “I want to ask him to mate with me!” she said in a rush, each syllable tripping over the one after it, the whole thing falling in a heap between them and staring at her accusingly.

There. She’d said it. She gritted her teeth, bracing herself for an explosion of fury, even with the reassurances Cheri had given her. Or, what if it was some sort of cruel joke? Not likely for Cheri, but surely she couldn’t really be so accepting, so nonchalant, so-

All thoughts flew from her mind as those pearly fangs glittered like a forest of jewels, the fearsome sight making her heart skip a beat, her stance widening defensively, preparing to spring away or defend herself…

No, wait… Cheri was smiling! Kirin’s breath caught, her maw hanging open foolishly. Graciously, the fire type chose not to comment, merely rising to her paws and stretching languidly.

“Finally,” she said, her tail now beating the air with far more vigour than Kirin had believed was even physically possible. “I thought you were never going to make up your mind. Arceus, girl, what took so long? Made me wonder if his uptightness had infected you, with how nervous you were acting. Were you waiting for him to say something about it? Because trust me when I say you would’ve been waiting for a long time.” Her grin turned lopsided, wry, her ears perking as she crossed the short distance between them and stood above Kirin, looking down.

“I-I…” Kirin stammered, feeling impossibly foolish. All that worry, all that stress, and Cheri had been dead serious about her offer. Well, that’s ONE worry down. There’s still… Master. A shiver rolled down her spine, and she couldn’t be sure if it was relief, anticipation, or merely a ghostly manifestation of her tangled feelings for him. Maybe it was all three.

“Hush,” Cheri said, placing a huge paw on her rump and pushing her to sit. “I already told you, it’s fine. And I’m proud of you, finally deciding to stop playing around and go get him! I would have asked you about it before now, but he would never agree if he thought you were doing it for me.” She paused, considering. “Well, unless I sat on him until he stopped being silly. You shouldn’t have any trouble making him see sense though.” Motherly pride burned in her voice, resonating with the blaze in Kirin’s ears and face. Did she have to be so… blunt about it?


“Now,” Cheri continued, settling beside her “You probably have a lot of questions about what to do with a male once you have him where you want him, don’t you?” Kirin tried to ignore and hide her embarrassment from the arcanine, giving a slight nod, but she could tell from Cheri’s knowing expression that it was painfully obvious. “What do you want to know first?”


Hina’s belly gave an approving gurgle as she lounged beside her trainer, at last sated with three of those yummy sausages! Her eye wandered over the pan --now empty-- and she let out a wistful sigh. If only there was just one more... They weren’t better than bacon, but, she didn’t think anything could be. These were a close second, and-

Wait, what was Master Shawn saying? Her ears perked, her attention swivelling back to the present.

“-so, now that you’re a Dark type, we should see what moves you’ll be able to learn,” Shawn said, tapping his pokédex. “That is, if this thing decides to give out that information at the moment.”

Hina tilted her head to the side, watching as he pointed the machine at her and flipped it open. It said such funny things sometimes! Waiting expectantly, she stared at the little blinking light.

“Thaaaaaat’s an umbreon!” the pokédex said, “Did you know that its rings glow at night?”

Master Shawn groaned. “Oh god... Price is Right guy voice? Really?” He tapped a button.

“Umbreon! It rhymes with... well, not much really!”

“How helpful,” Shawn muttered, turning a dial and shutting off any further assertions from the machine. “At least it pulled up your tree of moves. Let’s see here...”

Hina huffed, disappointed. If he was going to use it for her training, he should keep the voice on! Sprawling out on her belly beside him, she examined her forepaws, still surprised by how huge they looked now, along with her tail, and everything else. She was still smaller than sis, and Cheri of course, but the bad guys had better watch out now!

Idly, she let a small piece of the dark gather in one paw, forming a wobbly looking blob. She didn’t have a lot of control over what form it took yet, but Master was right, it did listen now. The blob felt cool and slippery --almost like Marty’s skin when he came back from a swim-- as she rolled it from one paw to the other. It tickled too!

“-we can work on Pursuit to start, and see what we can do about Faint Attack later,” Shawn was saying. “I’d also like to see if we can figure out Curse-”

Concentrating, Hina tried making the blob a little bigger. It was the same size as her paw now, and she thought that if she could get it to stick together, it might be possible to turn it into something else. She tried squishing it with her paw, stifling a squeal as the energy fizzed across her pad. That wasn’t fair! Her own power shouldn’t tickle her when she was trying to do stuff! She rolled it over to her other paw, but it promptly burst apart, turning into a tiny cloud of dark motes. Hina pouted. Master Shawn said he would teach her later, but she wanted to play with it now!

Her ears twitched, catching a few stray words from what Cheri was telling Kirin. Was it her imagination, or could she hear better now, as well as see better in the dark? Her sister had a funny look on her face, which Hina couldn’t figure out. That sounded like fun! Turning back to Master Shawn --he was talking about boring stuff again, something to do with “source energies”. She got his attention by pawing at his leg.

“Master Shawn, if sis gets to eat sausage for training, do I get some too?”

He blinked, staring at her with a look almost as funny as Kirin’s, that made her want to giggle. “Uhh, come again? Sausage?”

“Yeah! Cheri said she could. She said she should...” Hina tried to remember what the exact words had been. “Practice by sucking on a sausage?” Yes, that was it! “Can’t I have some when she does?”

This time, she couldn’t help giggle. Master Shawn’s face looked the way Marty’s had when he’d bitten into one of Cheri’s poffins by mistake. He glanced over at where Kirin and Cheri where talking, muttering under his breath. Hina thought she heard the words, “Girl talk...” Now, what did he mean by that? Didn’t everyone like sausages? She didn’t see what being a boy or a girl had to do with it.

Master Shawn cleared his throat pointedly. “I think we’ll stick to things you’re ready for, Hina.”

“Does that mean I get sausage?!” Hina cocked her head to the side, wondering why he was putting his head in his hands and sighing like that. “Master Shawn?”

“No, Hina,” he replied, his voice muffled. She wasn’t certain, but there seemed to be an edge of a laugh in his tone, despite his body language. “I mean, maybe. I’ll see about buying more at the next town. But, let’s talk about your new powers a bit, okay?”

“Okay!” As long as there would be more sausage to come, she was happy.

“Does the dark feel any different to you now than it did earlier?”

“Dunno.” She tried to think about how that huge, swirling cloud that lay just out of sight behind her eyes had first appeared, right after the bright light and the tingling all over. “Everything feels different.”

He nodded. “Yes, it will take you a few days to fully adjust, and not only to your new body. Your latent energy matrix has-” he paused, biting his lower lip and tapping the pokédex idly. “That is, the Normal power you used to have has been overwritten --changed-- in favour of the different Dark that you have now. Tell me... are you able to touch the inside-dark easily? Or is it still hard to do?”

In answer, Hina proudly held up a paw, stretched out to that roiling cloud of invisible power, and batted a tiny blob of gooey blackness at her trainer. He let out a small yelp, jolting back as it splattered against his chest, making her giggle. She’d got him good!

“At least that wasn’t a water or fire move,” Shawn said, grimacing as he gingerly brushed at his chest with his free hand, dissolving a lingering clump of energy into dark flecks. “If this ‘dex had to put up with smoke or water damage, it might have to be committed to the hall of the electronically cuckoo. In the future, Hina, please wait until we’re in training or in a battle before flinging that around. For now, until you know how to use it better, let’s keep it away from other people in general. Deal?”

Her ears drooped. She hadn’t meant to do anything wrong. “Okay...”

“Hey,” his hand fell to her head, awarding her a scratch between the ears that immediately sent them springing upright again. “I’m not upset with you.” The smile was back on his face, which made her feel even better. “You just need to remember that you’re a lot stronger than you used to be. You don’t want to accidentally hurt someone now, do you?”

Hina shook her head, shivering slightly. She still remembered what the bad dark had done. Her dark wasn’t like that, and she wasn’t afraid of it anymore, but she didn’t want to do anything that was even close to the bad dark.

“Good.” Leaning down, he gave her a tight hug, which she leaned into gleefully, enjoying the warmth and the closeness. Master Shawn’s aura felt... nice. Was that why sis liked him so much? The way Kirin stared after him sometimes, looking as if she were imagining a big plate of bacon, made her want to laugh. Sis wasn’t very good at keeping things secret. But, Cheri must not have minded, which meant Sis would probably be joining them in the tent at night, and they’d be playing all those funny games together. That one time she’d played with sis had been kinda fun, but weird too, and it would be more weird with anyone else involved. A good reason to keep sleeping in her ball, even though the outside dark wasn’t scary now. It was cozy in there, and the light was purple!

“-don’t think we’ll be doing much more tonight,” Master Shawn was saying, as he sat upright once again. “Tomorrow is a travel day, so we’ll want an early start, but next time we stop, we’ll get you started on how to use these new tricks of yours. Okay?”

“Yeah!” Hina smiled up at him, ears twitching. No matter what, this was going to be fun! 



The brilliant white light of the return beam faded from Shawn’s vision, putting the third of his five stalwart companions --Marty-- to bed for the night. Mentally bracing himself for whatever bombshell was about to drop, he pivoted towards his tent, just in time to see Cheri’s fluffy rear disappearing inside. The words, “He’s all yours, dear,” came from within the structure, slightly muffled by the fabric.

Kirin stood alone in front of the tent, dark eyes fixed on him like a cat watching a plump mouse. Or perhaps he was the cat. She seemed unsure which it was, alternating between pinning him in place with her stare and fidgeting away. Time to find out what all that whispering between the two females had been about. He quirked a brow at her.

“Something tells me you’re not ready to hop into your ball for the night, Kirin. What’s up?”

“I...” her mouth hung open for a moment, and she looked behind her as if now realizing that her backup had left. Her stance stiffened slightly, and suddenly she was back to facing him down like a gunslinger at high noon. “Master Shawn, can you come with me? I’d like to talk to you, um...” she glanced back at the tent again. “In private.”

Some of the most dangerous words a woman can say. A bit behind, “I’m not mad,” though it doesn’t hold a candle to, “What do you think I meant?” or, worse, “Does this make me look fat?An intangible benefit to having a feral species as a lover; never needing to encounter that particular lose-lose question. The one time Nina had sprung it on him had been... memorable.

“Afraid I’m fresh out of talking for the night.” Maybe it was a bit unfair to play a joke when she was this wound up, but the fish out of water expression on her face made it feel worth the small concession to his darker side. “Kidding, kidding. Of course you can. Lead the way.”

It served to prick the tension balloon around small electric type slightly, her muzzle snapping shut. “Oh! O-okay. It’s this way then.” Spinning around, Kirin made for the trees like someone had offered free sausages to the first ten customers, leaving him scrambling to keep up. Sausages... what had she and Cheri been discussing, exactly? Aside from the painfully obvious, phallic implications of course.

Ducking under a branch to stick with her as they entered the forest, scenarios began to tumble through his mind. He was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. This might actually turn out to be something unrelated, like a question about her battle technique. He refused to believe it was as simple as her wanting to see what a human male looked like with no pants on. If that were the case, why ask to be away from Cheri? Given half the chance, the arcanine would probably rip off his pants then and there to save time.

Heck, that’s not all she’d show her. The thought made his face burn. Sometimes, Cheri’s form of possessive, aggressive, and overwhelmingly passionate affection was far more exhibitionist than he was comfortable with. He knew that his squirming amused her to no end. He didn’t begrudge it of her. Not exactly. It was extremely flattering in its own right, but there were limits to how much... exposure... he could put up with. Worse, Mew seemed to have a double --or maybe a triple-- dose of that streak, which did not bode well for when she collected on her debt.

May need to have some modesty spells on standby...

Speaking of spells, visibility was a rapidly shrinking commodity as the leafy canopy thickened. Just as he formed the Speech phrase to activate his wizard lamp, Kirin’s mane fizzed with sparks, providing a bluish light that was more than adequate, if a touch erratic.

She glanced back over her shoulder, and he gave an approving nod, which won him a grin and a perking of her ears, before she resumed her role of leading him through the forest. When had she learned that little trick? It wasn’t anything he’d taught her. At the rate she was learning, she would soon be ready to increase her arsenal of more advanced moves. 

He couldn’t deny the swell of pride rising up inside him. There was something vastly rewarding about teaching others to realize their potential. He had performed combat training before, back at DBW headquarters, but this was... different. Perhaps it was the pure, earnest intent with which his team applied themselves. Or, maybe it was the inherent innocence in what they did. Despite abilities which, in other contexts, would be mighty weapons of violence, and despite the very real consequences which faced this world should he fail, there remained a certain placidity in his current role of a pokémon trainer.

Entropy seemed a distant thing in this world, like a memory of a memory. Pain and death were present, yes, but their teeth seemed blunted by the simple order of life here. Thanks to the somewhat baffling mystery of auras --the very existence of which flew in the face of everything he knew about the give and take of power and entropy-- this did not become a world ravaged by instability and constant conflict. Part of that was due to its roots, of course, yet even given the often bizarre rules governing these spin-off dimensions, this one was refreshingly benign. His promise to Cheri and the rest, and his later assertion to Marek, had been complete truth. He would love to stay here, if at all possible. Beyond the already compelling reasons of the friends --and more-- he had found here, for the first time in his life, he had discovered a place where he could live without itchy feet, without constantly looking over his shoulder, and without new global crises on a weekly basis.

I'll do what I must. But, if there is a role here to fill, would it be so selfish to take it? If this world is as important as the council believes, surely this won’t be the last play the Lone One makes for it, even if it is the most deadly.

Yet, would that need hold water when held up against his other duties back on Earth? Was it enough that watch would need to be kept? There was no way to tell, and he was getting ahead of himself besides. Belatedly, he realized that, for the first time, he had thought of Earth not as "home", but as, "there". Ruthlessly, he squashed the seed of hopeful curiosity that kept trying to sprout. Assuming victory was a good way to get himself, and a lot of others, killed. These were questions for a later time. Now was the most important.

He nearly tripped over Kirin as she halted suddenly, the skittering blue light provided by her mane showing that the dense trees had opened into a neatly rounded clearing. A break in the branches above allowed a shaft of moonlight through, giving an effect that reminded him of the oculus he had once seen in the ruins of the ancient Roman pantheon.

“We’re here, I gather,” he said, stepping past Kirin to stand in the middle, looking up at the night sky. “Nice spot. Bet it’s popular with the local lovebirds.” He nearly bit his tongue as the words passed his lips, glancing her way with a touch of apprehension. Given the context of this... whatever it was, the last thing he wanted to do was lead her in a direction that implied he was after more than she was offering. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like she’d picked up on the comment, though she was beginning to fidget again. He hastened to smooth over the slip.

“You know, the ‘dex claims that on nights like this, wild clefairy like to come out to dance and sing with each-other until sunrise.” He flashed her a grin. “Kinda like an all-night pokémon rave, but without the LSD and who knows what else. I guess it probably has a special meaning for them, but no-one seems to know exactly what it is that attracts them to the full moon. Have you ever seen that before?”

Little by little, Kirin was beginning to uncoil, the almost vibrating tension in her body language giving way to the easygoing smile he was more used to seeing on her. “No, I never have. It sounds beautiful. I kinda want to see that now.”

He nodded. “I would too. Kanto is a long way from here, but maybe, once we’ve done what we need to, we could go there.”

“I’d like that, Master.” She smiled, at the same time, the sparks in her mane dying down, giving way to the light of the moon alone. Shawn waited, expecting her to speak now that the proverbial ice had been broken. It was tempting to make a light of his own, in order to attempt to gauge from her expression and body language what might be going on behind those dark eyes, but, he discarded the idea as soon as it formed. If she felt more comfortable this way, it would be unfair of him to take that away from her. However, now it felt like he was standing in a spotlight, with the jolteon as his sole audience.

Maybe I should pull a rabbit out of thin air. Or, simply exit stage left.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, he chose the latter, trying to remain casual as he moved back to the edge of the clearing and sat down with his back to a tree, facing Kirin. Had Cheri been giving her lessons on how to stare in a way that made you feel like you were being taken apart and weighed? Or was it an ability that all females possessed to some degree? Nina had displayed it from time to time as well, come to think of it, to say nothing of some of the Powers and other long-lived entities he had encountered.

Hope this isn’t her method of preparing to drop a huge bombshell. Maybe she met a nice ‘mon on that little jaunt of hers, or she’s decided she wants to be a wizard, or... Uh-oh, she hasn’t managed to get herself pregnant, has she? I suppose good for her if she has, but...

His stock of patience was beginning to fray. Adopting a lazy pose with one foot over his knee and keeping his voice neutral, he met her gaze and said, “You didn’t take me out here to talk about clefairy, Kirin. Should I be playing twenty questions to find out what it is? Or shall we just enjoy the moonlight awhile longer?” He gestured beside him, offering a place to sit.

She jumped at the sound of her name, as if waking from a daydream. Her ears flattened slightly, but then she trotted closer, pausing and looking at him as if unsure whether he would be offended or not, then sat on her haunches a pace away. He thought he heard her mutter under her breath, something like, “Stick to the plan.” Her mouth opened, closed, and at last she seemed to make up her mind, the words sounding as if they had been pried out of her.

“Cheri... told me what you did. A few days ago.” She paused, giving him a significant look. His face must have been suitably blank, as her eyes widened, and the final bit of clarification came out in a rush. “What you did for Jasmine, I mean.”

Well, damn. His face was growing warm again, making him glad for the low light. This was going to be an... interesting conversation. Choosing his words with care, he replied, “She did, did she? I wasn’t aware it was public knowledge now. What else did she tell you?”

“She told me about how you met Mew, and the deal she made with you.”

Oh god... It seemed he would need to have another talk with Cheri about things like rights of disclosure, and- Did Kirin have to giggle like a schoolgirl about it? Maybe he wasn’t doing such a great job of maintaining a loose expression, but really. Well, perhaps he’d had his period of grace, and now it was time to face the music.

“I’d planned to tell you all about that,” he said, adding, “No, not those bits!” as she opened her mouth to speak, a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. “It wasn’t going to be a secret, exactly. Not the important part, at least! Mew is the one who sent us the way we’re headed now, so everyone should know. The proper opportunity hasn't presented itself yet though, and it was only three days ago! I figured Cheri might be able to keep it quiet until I had the chance to figure out the best way to tell you, but, noooo.” He shook his head, burying his face in his hands. He was babbling, and they both knew it. The chief always told him you had to roll with the punches, even the surprise ones, but really!

Kirin was still laughing, any trace of her earlier discomfort now well and truly gone. “Cheri did say that it slipped out by accident, that she wasn’t supposed to tell me. But, once she had mentioned the first part, I guess the rest came with it.” She paused, sounding thoughtful. “Is she really that... aggressive? I’ve never met a legendary before, but I always kinda imagined them to be more serious. It sounds to me like she gets into more trouble than Hina.”

Powers that Be don’t get into trouble. Not like that, at least. Their specialty is getting others into trouble, and some more so than others.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

Shawn winced. “Not much I can do. One doesn’t break a bargain with a Power. Not unless they enjoy waking up to find a smoking crater where their house used to be. Or the whole planet. Not that I think she’d do that, but even blatant sexual harassment is preferable to whatever other form of payment she might cook up.”

“I’m sure you can handle it, no matter what, though I’m not sure I’d like to take your place. I would like to at least meet her. She sounds... exciting.”

“Not the adjective I’d use,” Shawn muttered. He wasn’t sulking. He wasn’t! A sexual tryst with a hyperactive Power was far from the worst thing he’d ever been required to do, but, it was well beyond borderline molesting! Sighing, he gestured for Kirin to continue. “Well, the secret is out now. I trust you at least won’t tell everyone else about the more sordid aspects of the whole deal? I am intending to let them know what’s up, just not... that.”

She giggled in a way he found far too knowing for his liking. “Don’t worry, Master. I’ll keep your secret, though I can’t speak for Cheri. Even though it started as a slip of her tongue, she really seemed to enjoy telling me about it after.”

“Yes, she would,” Shawn muttered, shooting a pointed look roughly in the direction of their camp. “But enough about that, was that what you wanted to talk about? Mew?”

“No...” suddenly, the laughter evaporated from Kirin’s voice, the hesitance creeping back. “Not all of it. It was more the first bit, actually.” Funny, if he didn’t know better, he would swear that her fur was hiding a blush. What need did she have to be embarrassed? At this rate, everyone and their dog would know about his bedroom activities, and in all likelihood, be asking him for all the sordid details.

“Cheri and I are fine, if that’s what you’re wondering,” he said, hoping that would be the end of it. “What happened between Jasmine and I wasn’t like that.”

“I know. She told me about what you did after too.”

“God dammit!” Kirin’s ears shot up at his outburst, but there was definitely a soft snicker immediately after. He threw up his hands, resigned. “Yes, she’s still my mate, and yes, I still love her. It’s going to take a long time before I get used to how pokémon deal with sex, though.”

This time, there was no doubt, Kirin’s tiny wince giving the clue to her feelings. “Not all of us are that blunt. Cheri is... well, Cheri.

“True,” he conceded, “and that’s part of my feelings for her, even when she does things that threaten to drive me batty. That’s part of how I feel about all of you really. Every one of you is unique and special, and I’m glad to have you with me.”

Kirin’s sharp intake of breath almost made her reply impossible to translate, coming out somewhere between a squeak and a mumble. “Even... me?”

Grinning, and putting his previous mortification aside, he ruffled her headfur. “Especially you, Spiky. Who else would I go to when I need my hair frizzed?”

That bought him a tentative smile. “Thanks, Master. See, that’s what I really wanted to talk to you about. You... I really like... I wanted to tell you that you’re very special. To me. I mean... and, I was wondering if-” She cut off, looking away. “Arceus, I’m so bad at this...”

The pinball course of this conversation was beginning to make him feel like he was sixteen again, shyly approaching the girl he’d admired from afar. What exactly was going on here was plain now, but he still needed to be sure before he acted on it. Choosing his words carefully, he asked, “Kirin, forgive me if I’m misinterpreting your meaning, but are you after what-” Now it was his turn to pause, feeling as if he were echoing the jolteon’s own obvious embarrassment. “Did Cheri give you the same offer she gave Jasmine?”

Kirin nodded, mute, looking away from him with her ears flat. He would need to handle this with utmost delicacy.

“And you’re wondering if I would fulfill that offer?”

Another nod, this one almost imperceptible in the darkness.

“For your first time?”


“And you’re sure Cheri didn’t put you up to this?” He hated needing to ask these sorts of questions of her, but if he went ahead and found out later that this was at Cheri’s prodding, and not Kirin’s own idea, he risked irreparably damaging his relationship with the jolteon.


Her head snapped upright, her tone sounding well and truly scandalized. “What? No! I...” Almost as soon as it had manifested, the spark of temper died, and her ears wilted. “But, I-I understand if you wouldn’t want-”

Question answered then.

“Kirin.” Her muzzle closed with an almost audible click, her gaze lifting marginally. “Come here.” Reclining, he held out his arms, beckoning. At least for once, his decision was an easy one, even without the promise Cheri had pried out of him regarding Kirin.

She wavered, but then came all but tumbling into his embrace, a soft grunt escaping her as he folded his arms around her shoulders, putting his lips close to one of her long ears. The warmth of her body pressed close to his chest felt right, somehow, his hands absently beginning to knead through the thick fur of her mane.

A simple decision indeed, though not a light one. The two of them had forged a close-knit bond in the time they’d spent together. This wasn’t like the brief --embarrassingly brief, in fact-- romp he’d had with Jasmine. Nor was it anything like the deal... check that, extortion... he was obligated to fulfill with Mew. Yes, Cheri may have forced his hand in this, slightly, and perhaps influenced Kirin to a degree --or five. But he had to admit it was difficult to fault her in this case. He did like Kirin, more than a little, and if the feelings were returned? If she wanted to be a little bit more than friends? Well, if Cheri was alright with their relationship being an open one, then, perhaps he could be also.

At least, in this case. Within reason.

“I would be honoured to be your first Kirin. If that‘s really what you want.”

She nodded slowly, appearing a bit unsure of herself, but with a firm resolve in her dark eyes as she met his. “Y-Yes. I want to… to experience this… I want to experience it with you.”

He hugged her tight, drawing a content sigh from her as she snuggled against his chest. He had to admit to being a little surprised at being suddenly approached by his jolteon in such as way, even though he’d had fair warning, both earlier, from Cheri, and from the pair’s mysterious conversation over dinner. He had assumed it wasn’t going to happen, seeing as she hadn’t come to him while suffering from her heat, but, if this was really what she wanted, he was not going to deny it to her.

I said I would do it, and… she deserves it. She deserves to have whatever she wants. She’s more than worth it.

“I suppose this is what you and Cheri were being all secretive about, hmm?” he murmured, his hands stroking along her back, appreciating the feel of thick fur running through his fingers. There was something about that sensation that was... satisfying. Not only for him, apparently, given how Cheri tended to purr when he did that, and the way Kirin was closing her eyes and wearing a wide grin.

“Most of it. She said I should knock you over and rip your clothes off to let you know what I wanted, but...” she chuckled, shaking her head. “I convinced her that talking about it first might be a more appropriate way to do it.”

He put his hand over his eyes, unable to avoid echoing Kirin’s amusement, even as he shook his head resignedly. That was his Cheri, alright. “Your method is just fine, Kirin.”

She nuzzled into his chest, ears twitching, murmuring something he couldn’t quite make out. It didn’t seem to matter, as she appeared content with her current position, her forepaws beginning to describe tiny circles on his chest. His hands moved lower down her side, seeking what he knew to be hiding just about... ah! He grinned as she quivered, trying desperately to suppress the urge to kick her back leg.

Works every time.

He still wasn’t fully certain of his exact feelings towards Kirin --barring that she was an insightful, caring, dependable person, who had been there for him when he needed her, reading him and connecting with him even when he found it difficult to sort out his own mind. It wasn’t the roaring inferno that flared within him for Cheri, nor was it the rock steady assurance he had once felt with Nina. But, he would be a liar if he tried to deny the jolteon her place in his heart. The fact that she had come to him of free will, and not merely overactive hormones, served to solidify the claim she had managed to stake on him during their time together. She was something extremely special, and right now he doubted he could have refused her anything, even if she had asked him for the moon itself.

Slowly, he cupped her head in his hands, bringing his lips to meet hers as he gazed into her eyes. Her ears shot up, eyes widening, her insecurity showing through as he parted his lips to deepen the kiss. Hesitantly, she allowed him access, and he did his best to lead the way, guiding her into her first full kiss, turning the somewhat awkward meeting of muzzle and lips into a perfectly workable fit.

It was mostly a solo effort of tongue-work at first, but she slowly started to return the gesture, and soon they were wrestling fiercely in pleasurable oral combat, him attempting to pin her down, only to have her slip past to claim victory on top. His breathing was surprisingly heavy as he pulled back from the gesture, given it was her first attempt. Lower down, his pants were beginning to grow a bit too tight for comfort. He hadn’t been quite prepared for such... raw enthusiasm.

Kirin smacked her lips thoughtfully, oddly reminiscent of how Cheri had reacted when he had first kissed her. “That really is pleasant.”

He smiled, whole-heartedly agreeing. Even with her lack of experience, that sensation of… delightful electricity --that was the only way to describe it-- would never get old. “It certainly is. You canines really have a knack for it too. Care for another?”


She initiated the contact this time, stretching her head forward to press her muzzle against his mouth, her tongue drawing across his lips. He met her in the middle, gladly swapping saliva, before she became a bit more aggressive.

He didn’t resist, allowing her to experience the other end of the spectrum and explore his mouth as he caressed her tongue lightly with his. It was a lot smaller than Cheri’s, smaller even than his perhaps. Not quite as wide, but a bit longer. It was a perfect fit, and she shuddered happily as they performed the oral dance, eyes closing as she dexterously examined every surface she could reach.

An endless moment later, she disengaged, panting slightly, quivering in his firm embrace as he idly scratched her sides with his fingertips. “I think I’ve found something else that’s better than bacon. Is... is that anything like how…it… feels?”

That uncertain naivety of hers was back, and he couldn’t prevent a small grin. “No, it’s…different. But kissing is a great precursor to mating. It’s a unique pleasure all on its own, an intimate gesture that both parties can share and enjoy. It’s another way to share with each-other, to appreciate and enjoy your partner’s body and your own.” He brushed his lips against her nose, smile widening at her small shiver. “Did you know you’re really cute when you’re nervous?”

Am I?” She looked suspicious, but with a hint of amusement. “You wouldn’t be saying that just to flatter me, would you? I’ve heard males like to do that.” 

Nah. I’m a wizard, remember? We may sweet-talk, but we only bend facts, we don’t break them.” He gave her a wink, switching over to the Speech. “I think you’re cute, and I’m attracted. What do you say?”

Her ears quivered like tuning forks, as if they were attempting to be even more upright than they already were, but she gave a slow nod, looking a little unsteady. “I-I think I’m…ready now.”

He drew her into another kiss, gently entwining his tongue with hers to swap flavours, noting how she closed her eyes and leaned eagerly into the gesture. There was little left of the feeling of a gawky teenager on their first date, desperately trying to divine the secrets of the enigmatic opposite sex to discover if they were doing well. Kirin was a quick study in all things, it seemed, and Shawn found her relaxing mood reflecting onto himself.

He loosened his hold on her as they broke apart, allowing her to slide off his chest, her spiky fur a bit more dishevelled than normal from his stroking. She stepped to the side, and as he seized the hem of his shirt, he caught the expression of big-eyed fascination on her face from the corner of his vision, her gaze glued to his body.

Huh. Guess that doesn’t only happen to guys seeing their first woman. Kinda nice to be on the receiving end.

Smiling, he pulled the shirt over his head.


Her pulse raced as his skin was bared to her, section by section. Time seemed to slow, an eternity passing before that final article of clothing came off, sliding down his legs inch by tortuous inch.

Finally, he was completely exposed, as he leaned back against the tree once more, giving her an unobstructed view. Her breath caught as she took in the sight. He wasn’t huge or muscular, nobody would ever call him impressive or intimidating, but he had an athletic litheness to him that was…pleasing…to look at. She thought that was better in a lot of ways. She didn’t think she’d like the appearance of a completely muscle-bound male quite so much.

She hid a wince as she caught sight of the scar marring the skin of his belly, the wound he had taken while defending her and the others seeming to glare at her, like an accusation of her failure to protect both him and her sister. It didn’t matter that he had said it wasn’t her fault, that she couldn’t have done anything about it. She knew that, but it still hurt to remember that utterly powerless feeling, and she couldn’t even imagine how painful his wound must have been.

She pushed away her still lingering guilt, swallowing hard as her eyes took the inevitable trip down, to the object she had once stolen a secret peek at, what felt like years ago. She inhaled sharply, eyes widening a bit. Cheri’s voice rang out in the back of her mind. “He might be a little bit big for you, dear, especially since you’re not in heat right now. You’ll need to relax and take it slow at first.”

Way to understate it, Cheri. Arceus! Where will it all go? 

Even without an overwhelming physical form, there was no denying that he was quite male. When she had first glimpsed his manhood, half-hidden behind a shower door, she had been further away, and it had been somewhat limp. This was much more up close and personal, and he was almost fully aroused, the pillar of flesh sticking up from his groin, the twin orbs beneath it looking heavy, ready to fill her with his-

She glanced up, seeing an amused grin on his face as she openly ogled him. Her shaky breath made her notice how dry her mouth had suddenly become, and she ran her tongue across her lips in a vain attempt to regain some moisture. She figured that in human terms, or those of some pokémon, he was probably not all that impressive. But to her, not even half his size, it was a bit... intimidating.

I hope he’s gentle about it, or I’m going to be having trouble sitting down in the next few days.

The thought startled her. She was well and truly committed, if seeing that didn’t make her back down. She knew he would be careful with her though. His caring touch was testament to that. She wanted this, she knew that for sure now. No matter what, even if it might hurt a little, she wanted this. If it didn’t feel good, no one would do it, right? As if in a trance, she slowly stepped forwards, wordless, trying not to stare so openly at his groin as he once more welcomed her into his embrace.

She felt a thrill pass through her as he snuggled her against his chest once more, her heart skipping a beat as his shaft brushed against her rear briefly. She could feel the subdued power in his muscles as he hugged her; not an overwhelming force, but a firm solidness and strength. A quiet ripple of potential that seemed to quiver beneath his smooth skin. It just felt… safe… being in his arms like this, like he would take care of her every need.

“It’s alright Kirin, I’ll take care of you. Just relax, I promise I’ll make this as good for you as I know how to. Trust me.” The words were a soft murmur, his lips nearly kissing the tips of her long ears, his reassurance sending a flare of warmth through her.

She couldn’t seem to find any words at the moment, melting into his embrace as she nodded in response, her mind a complete emotional snarl. She wanted this so much! But… she had no idea what to expect, and it was a bit frightening. He would help her though. She would get her answer at last. She didn’t want to be in the dark about what it was like to be with a male. What it was like to be with… Master.

What does that even mean? Does it mean I am in love with him?

His scent filled her nostrils: clean, masculine, not overpowering. A hint of sweat, an undertone of whatever it was he used to clean his skin, all the subtle things that she couldn’t really describe, that just blended into the smell that was uniquely his. Then of course, beneath it all… That intriguing, intoxicating scent that could only be coming from his arousal, the implication of it making her feel a bit light-headed.

He’s really going to do it. He really wants to. With me. It was a staggering thought, what they were about to do together, what they were about to share. Cheri had described it as a mutual giving, and now, standing on the brink of the act, she could see why. This wasn’t the sort of thing that could be appreciated with a random stranger. At least, not to the same degree. There was more involved than enjoying each-others bodies. The raw feeling, the anticipation, the connection that she shared with Shawn seemed to vibrate between them, making her quiver with barely repressed excitement. It was not hers alone. They both wanted this, and that returned desire felt... invigorating.

To her surprise, he didn’t take her just yet, instead merely hugging her close and drawing her into another deep kiss. She let out a soft sigh of happiness into his mouth, eagerly accepting his tongue, lapping up his unique and exotic flavour. Now I know why Cheri likes this so much. Although, she never mentioned kissing specifically, but… having this never stop would be perfectly alright.

Finally, he pulled back, the need for air forcing their delightful contact to end. He shifted slightly, positioning himself, and she once more felt her heart leap, her body stiffening as the tip of his rock hard maleness brushed against her. It sent another little prickle of apprehension through her, like a small dose of her own voltage.

Oh Arceus… Here it comes!


Shawn halted abruptly as he felt her tense up, her muscles stiff and unyielding under his hands. He could feel her heart thudding against his own chest, beating like a trip hammer.

Kirin... Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this? It’s not too late to stop. I won’t be upset, I want you to be positive.” A terrible thought struck him. “You’re not doing this… because of me, are you? Because I’m your ‘Master’? Because you think you have to please me?”

Her eyes were wide as they met his, her face just inches away, her nostrils quivering as she inhaled his scent.

“N-no, it’s not like…that. I’m sorry. I’m just…really nervous.”

“Kirin…” he said softly, “this is your first time. That’s something you can only have once. No do-overs, no try-agains. It’s something unique that you will remember for the rest of your life. I don’t want you to have any regrets about it. I want it to be as special for you as it possibly can. Maybe… Maybe this isn’t the right way to do it. It might be better to wait awhile longer for you to decide.”

Her ears wilted a bit as she looked away briefly, before once more locking gazes, an emotional tempest seeming to rage in her expressive eyes, a touch of ferocity marking her response. “No! Really, I do want this. I-I do. I want this with you. You’re the only one I could ever trust enough to even think about doing this with. Because I know you won’t hurt me, because I know you won’t be doing it just for your own pleasure.” She paused, breathing deep, as if bracing herself, before dropping the bombshell. “M-master… do you love me?”

The point blank question felt like a slap across the face. Cheri isn’t the only one with a knack for being blunt. This sort of self-doubt went beyond nerves, and seemed so uncharacteristic of Kirin. He hated seeing her in this state, clearly wanting it, but at the same time so confused and unsure about what her own emotions were telling her.

She was staring into his eyes, almost seeming to peer into his soul, her expression now completely unreadable. He let out a long breath, trying to figure out the best way to answer the question, while at the same time dealing with his own emotional wire crossings. How was he supposed to get onto the same page with her, if he wasn’t even certain they were reading the same book?

“I do love you, Kirin. I’ve said it before, and I meant it.”

She seemed a little taken aback, her confusion now painfully evident on her face. “But…don’t you love Cheri?”

“Yes! Absolutely! Truly, madly, deeply. But, Love, isn‘t a simple thing. It’s not two-dimensional and easily explained I do love you, Kirin, and I also love Cheri. If Nina were alive today, I would still love her too. It’s…different, though. Everyone is unique, and your feelings for them are never going to be exactly the same. Love is a big thing though, it can encompass more than just two people. I love you as a partner, as someone I want to protect, and as a very close and valued friend.”

He paused, taking a breath as she listened silently. He didn’t know where he found the words, but everything was clicking into place. “Maybe…maybe, there is some of the more passionate kind of love in there too. I honestly don’t know. I would be lying if I said I felt the exact same way about you that I do about Cheri. But I do care very strongly for you, intimately, and I want to give you everything you desire.

She seemed almost on the brink of tears, and he felt a stab of fear that he had hurt her feelings. He hugged her tight as she spoke, trying to convey his meaning through the gesture.

T-thank you, Master. Truly, thank you. It‘s like you’ve just…read my mind, pulled out all my emotions and examined them, then explained them to me. I feel that maybe, I might be in love with you too. I just… don’t really know. I can’t seem to sort out my own feelings. But I know I want to be with you. I want to… share myself with you. I want to see if… if being with a male is something that I want.”

She let out a growl at this last. “Arceus! I just can‘t get this out right! I just sound so… selfish!”

He shook his head fervently, denying her statement. “No, Kirin, you aren‘t selfish. Far from it! There‘s nothing wrong with wanting to have fun, to experience all the good things that your body is capable of. Your first time though… That‘s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It should be one of the best experiences of your life. Are you sure that‘s something you want to give to me? Instead of waiting to share it with someone you want to be mated with for life?”

She stared at him for a moment, before lunging forward for another kiss, making him gasp for air in shock as she pressed fiercely against him, all but demanding --and receiving-- access between his lips. When she pulled back, a small string of saliva connecting their lips briefly before flying off into the night, an air of satisfaction surrounding the jolteon as she eyed him with a hint of amusement.

You’d think you’d be ready for shocks from me by now, Master.” Sobering, she went on, “I don’t know if I want to find another. I feel like you might be the only one I’d ever need. I do care for you too, very strongly, even if... if neither of us knows if what we feel is the love of life-mates or not. I don’t want to wait to see if I find another, and miss out on what I could’ve had with you. At the very least, I want to know what it’s like. Even if it’s just this once, Master, if it’s with you, I have no worries. I really want to have this time with you. You’ve put all my fears to rest Master Shawn, and I don’t think I could ever repay you for that.”

He nodded in understanding. She doesn’t want to risk being hurt by someone who doesn’t care for her, and she doesn’t want to lose what the two of us already have. Yet, the sense that there could be more between them was a mutually recognized possibility, and one that twisted his emotions into knots. She was giving him a precious gift, and he wanted nothing more than to respond in kind.

His fingers idly played across her back and shoulders, massaging and caressing, mussing her fur as he gazed thoughtfully into the night. Close friends, with benefits perhaps? No definition seemed to really fit. He was in fully love with Cheri, but then here was Kirin too, almost equally attractive. Cheri knew about it already, and had basically set them up. She wanted them to have their moment together, and… Maybe she had somehow known that he would feel more for the jolteon than he had originally thought?

Could he love her too? In that way? Surely there was enough room in his heart for Kirin, as well as Cheri. This didn’t feel like a quick one night stand to him anymore. It felt like that first time with Cheri had… and with Nina. Perhaps the pokémon way of looking at it, as being ‘mates’, was truly the most appropriate term. It inferred much, particularly in the Speech form, without constraining. It was a large word, much like love. To a wizard, definitions were vital, but inevitably, there were times when the scope of a thing could not be easily described. At those times, one could only accept things as they were.

And perhaps recognize how lucky you are, when the universe decides you deserve a break, he thought wryly. Stumbling across not one, but two females who wanted to be with him, and were okay with sharing, was almost more luck than one person should have any right to.

“You don’t have to repay me for anything,” he said finally, at last snapping the stretched silence. “Just being with me is more repayment than you could ever know, far more than I deserve. Having you by my side has been a wonderful experience, one I don‘t ever want to give up.”

“Likewise. And, Master?”


“You do deserve it. I don’t care what you might have done or think you’ve done in the past. You’re a good person! You deserve to have good things too. If you think having me with you is one of those good things, then that makes me happier than any kind of physical enjoyment we might be about to have.”

He felt a surge of elation run through him, confirming his feelings. No, sharing this with her… it felt right. “Kirin, you are something special indeed.”


Kirin gazed up at him, her heart racing once more as she relaxed against his chest. His hands continued stroking her softly, exploring and familiarizing with her body, massaging her muscles in a soothing, delightful manner. Her pulse raced in her ears as he leaned forward, gently pressing his lips to hers. Without hesitation, she granted him entrance, their tongues performing that intimate waltz that she had instantly learned to love.

Their lips still locked tightly together, she forced herself to remain calm as she felt his hands working steadily lower, brushing through the prickly ruffs of thick fur on her haunches. She panted as they finally broke the kiss, a shudder of anticipation passing through her as he gently caressed her rear, his nimble fingers sliding over her rump, kneading the softer flesh there. His fingertips ruffled the short, vibrant fur around her nether lips, making her sex seem to quiver with need as his touch came steadily closer.

Come on… Just a little further.

It seemed like an age, but finally, she felt the contact she’d been craving, a soft gasp escaping involuntarily as he fondled her vulva, spreading the soft lips slightly. She closed her eyes, mouth hanging open as he began to stroke --teasingly at first, just sliding his finger between her folds-- then a bit more firmly, the tip poking against her entrance.

She could feel herself reacting to the treatment, an involuntary twitch shooting through her, her loins instinctually begging her to thrust back against him and drive his finger inside. Yet, she quelled the urge, allowing him to guide their union as he would, her breath quickening in expectation.

He supported her on his chest, avoiding contacting her with his breeding tool just yet, preparing her with this delightful teasing sensation. This was once again totally different from her past experiences. Different from licking herself, and different from when Hina had licked her. Cheri had mentioned how inventive humans were when it came to mating, how Shawn had introduced her to things the arcanine had never even considered. Sitting here, submitting to his control over her body, the full implications of that statement sparked through her along with her growing excitement. Not that his capabilities had anything to do with the decision she had made, but, was it wrong to be a bit proud of herself for making it?

Her tongue lolled out as she gasped reflexively, an arc of pure ecstasy spiking within her as he finally penetrated her folds, chasing away thought. His dextrous digit rubbed firmly against that little pleasure nub, making her back arch, now unable to stop herself from reflexively humping down on it. She didn’t care, that touch had been... heavenly, and she needed more. The action drew it further inside, the hard appendage curling and examining her inner walls, making her squeeze in response.

“Ohhh, that’s…” she couldn’t finish the sentence, she just didn’t have the words. He was pumping the finger a bit now, stimulating her passage in a way she would have never imagined was possible with such a small penetration. She moaned as he added a second, both digits questing around inside her, rubbing her clit on the out strokes, then plunging back in to pleasure her inner walls.

She was completely helpless in his arms, front paws kneading his chest, eyes staring dopily at the tree behind him as he pleasured her. Little half gasps escaped every time he found a new place to stroke, his expert fingertips sending tingling, electrifying sensation directly into her previously untouched inner walls.

The quiet squelching noises announced that her juices beginning to flow in earnest, occasionally dribbling free into her fur, and easing his motion as he treated her to a new kind of carnal delight. Her arousal rose higher, his dancing fingertips brushing her clit more frequently as her nethers engorged with the heat of the moment. He was showing her things about her body that she never knew were possible. How could it feel better than this? The rising, crackling buzz, the rush of warmth flowing from her rump to her shoulders, the total surrender to his care for her body, and his complete attention to pleasing her...

“Ahh… don’t s-stop, please, Master, I-” She let out a short little cry as he massaged and tweaked the exposed nub directly, sending bolts of ecstasy shooting up from her groin, her paws clutching at his shoulders. How did he do it? How did he know exactly where to touch her, stroke her, prod her?

He sunk his fingers back in, three of them now, almost all the way to the knuckles, making her clench around the intruder, wanting more. She could feel herself loosening, stretching around the greater penetration, preparing her body for what was to come. That thought made her shiver even more than the delightful feelings he was treating her to. Suddenly, she felt them stop, bumping against some kind of obstruction. He pushed more firmly, causing a strange sensation to cut through the others, then pulled back. What exactly is that? she wondered, although through her pleasure haze, she couldn’t form the focus to actually ask the question.

The stimulation was rapidly raising her to an incredible place, one she had only barely experienced, but could recognize the approach of. “Oh…Master…” she breathed, his murmured reply lost in the cloud of bliss. A massive tempest was building up in her loins, swirling closer and closer to that blessed release, her hips grinding back against him of their own accord.

If I had known it felt this good, I wouldn’t have waited so long…

Of course, this was Shawn, her master, her trainer, her friend. She couldn’t have jumped into this kind of thing hastily with him.

But…it was alright! He said yes! All that worrying for nothing. Yet, it had been a small price to pay, for so great a reward.

The flower of ecstasy blooming inside her unfurled further, the nimble digits doing their erotic duty, taking her soft folds by storm, pushing her over that looming cliff of delight. She tried to focus her wandering thoughts, Shawn’s ministrations making the action extremely difficult, especially as he kissed her again.

But, I still don’t know if… if a pokémon male would ever be what I want. They wouldn’t be able to do this, that was for certain! Beyond that, would she even find one who would treat her like she mattered? That her needs and pleasure were important? 

But maybe… maybe I don’t even have to. Being with Master... sharing him... maybe that will be enough for me. Maybe I really do love... 

She still didn’t know if this… unidentified tangle of emotion… was love or not, but for now, she would just enjoy the delight he was giving her and be grateful. Maybe it doesn’t have to end here. Maybe he’d be willing to-

Kirin’s thoughts flew away like startled Starlys, as he abruptly plunged his fingers back in, curling the tips down and fiercely rubbing…something…within her. Her eyes widened, and she threw her head back as nirvana absolutely exploded inside her brain. Through the fog of ecstasy, she could feel her walls rippling around the penetration, her liquids thoroughly soaking his pumping fingers. She heard a long, drawn out, wordless cry, which she realized with shock was coming from herself, her spine arching involuntarily as she tried to cram herself further down on the intruding digits.

It felt like every synaptic connection in her body was being jolted with pure pleasure, the volts running gleefully through her veins; akin to the sensation of manipulating lightning, but far more delightful. She could feel her power stirring, and even through the mind-shattering orgasm, she realized she needed to stay in control. She didn’t want to accidentally zap her benefactor!

Ever so slowly, her senses returned to her, like light gradually pouring over the horizon. She felt his fingers pull out with a wet, squelching sound, her folds suddenly feeling far too empty. Blinking and looking up, she watched with distant curiosity as he brought his hand to his mouth, popping the digits in and sucking on them with a thoughtful expression. She giggled unsteadily as he sampled her nectar.

“Enjoying the taste?”

He grinned, cleaning the last of the juice from his hand. “Not bad. It’s got a bit of a zip to it.”

“I’m not a big fan of it myself, but if you like it…”

“Well, I don’t find it unpleasant. It’s a bit of a turn-on for me.”

She felt giddy, little crackles of euphoria still going off inside of her like far-off lightning. Involuntarily, she slid down a bit, his erect shaft suddenly bumping against her rear, making its presence known once more. “Uhhh that was... Wow. I think, now, I’m ready for the real thing.”

He scratched behind her ears tenderly with a soft chuckle. “Woah there tiger. So soon? At this rate, you’ll be done in before the night is half over.” A twinkle in his eye belied the severity of his tone. “I don’t see why not. Alright then…”

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, drawing her back up into position. Even though her first high hadn’t completely faded, she was ready for more, ready to be truly mated. She quivered in anticipation as she felt his manhood sliding down her rear, lining up its target with agonizing slowness. At last, she felt the firm tip lodge itself in her lips, parting the entrance to her mound.

She met his eyes, unable to speak, but willing him to take that final step, to claim her as his own. He met her gaze unblinkingly, searching her eyes to confirm her acceptance. The scent of his arousal was stronger now, the potent aroma seeming to call to her, raise some primal urge deep within her. He was just as ready as she was, yet still he held himself back, making sure this really was what she wanted. A sparkling thrill shot down her spine.


Even without words, he seemed to understand, and with a smooth motion, slid the first bit inside, her petals stretching easily around this larger intruder.

She let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding, feeling his tip occupy her folds, the hard protrusion pleasuring her extra sensitive clit as it pushed in, adding to the sensory blitz. So… different. She could almost see it in her mind, her delicate folds painting an erotic picture for her, a twitch spasming through her passage as it adjusted to this new development. He wasn’t in very far though, and she had felt him hit something again…

“Why did you stop?”

He looked concerned. “This is it, Kirin. This is your last chance to turn back. After this… you’ll no longer be a virgin. And I’m not going to lie, it will hurt at first.”

She nodded in understanding. “I-I know. I’m okay with that. Please… take me.”

He didn’t break their eye-contact, seeking out and affirming the truth of her statement. She felt her emotions surge at his care for her well-being, at his absolute commitment to what she wanted, rather than his own pleasure. She trusted him completely.

With a final nod, he switched his grip to her hips and… took her.

A white-hot bolt of agony lanced through her as her maidenhood was rent asunder, pulling a halting cry from her lips. She fancied she could hear the thing inside her passage tear, like lightning shredding its way through the air. It felt like a smouldering claw had been jabbed into her most tender region, the stinging pain jerking tears from her eyes as she squeezed them shut, as if lack of sight would ward off the hurt.

Arceus! Oh sweet Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-Oh, Lugia...

After a long, torturous moment, the storm of pain subsided, bringing her back to reality. He wasn’t moving, just resting inside her, hugging her tight and massaging her back as he murmured comfortingly in her ear. She realized with a start that he was all the way inside her, his member buried to the hilt in her newly deflowered femininity.

“Shh… It’s alright, Kirin, it’s over now. I promise. It won’t hurt anymore. It’s alright.” The calming reassurances were punctuated by his soothing massage, fingers dancing skilfully along her back as he attempted to salve the pain with his touch. She mumbled something --she thought they were words-- still a little too overwhelmed by the new sensations to truly speak. Somehow, he understood. He didn’t pressure her to continue, his fingers working a magic as powerful as any he created with his wizardry, drawing out a soft, satisfied sigh as tension drained from her muscles.

She could feel her lower lips pressing against his testicles and groin, the short, prickly hairs there tickling her engorged entrance. It made her want to squirm, to start bucking her hips wildly, but his tight grip kept her from moving. She wasn’t ready yet anyway, she wanted to savour… this.

Experimentally, she squeezed down on it, examining the firm shape of the fleshy invader with her sensitive passage, hearing him grunt in response.

Wow… I really took the whole thing? All at once? Maybe Cheri had been right after all. After he’d gotten her off and relaxed her enough the first time, her virgin passage had somehow managed to accommodate his powerful thrust. Still, that part of the experience was one she was glad she would never need to repeat.

Now that the pain had disappeared, a new, completely overwhelming sensation took its place. She was so full! It was amazing! Her inner walls were being shoved aside by his maleness, claiming her most private place as his, and taking no argument. They couldn’t possibly be any closer than this, his shaft buried so deep inside of her as to make them one in a single body. A body that felt… she couldn’t even define how wonderful it was --the exhilarating giddiness that rose up from this incredible fullness… no, satisfaction… trying to chase away her conscious thought.

She knew that her womb was... somewhere down there, and he had to be close to it. Soon enough, he would be bidding his seed farewell inside of her, charging her with his life-making progeny. The thought sent a strange thrill through her, even though she didn’t really harbour any thoughts of eggs at the moment. What would that feel like? His... egg seeds, inside her? Cheri had tried to describe it, but it seemed to Kirin that it needed to be experienced firsthand to truly know.

She couldn’t wait to find out.

Practically shaking with expectation, Kirin nuzzled his chest, bidding him to continue.


Shawn slowly pulled back out of Kirin’s folds, feeling the tight, velvety walls grip him as he withdrew. Feeling the coolness of the night air embrace all but the tip, he thrust back in smoothly, marvelling at the unbelievable sensation her snug insides brought with that single motion. She sucked in a breath through her teeth, rapture evident on her features as he reoccupied her passage.

“Ohh… that alright?”

“Mmm, y-yes. P-please… keep going.”

She seemed charged with energy once again, the sensation seeming to flow out of her into their union, her walls pulsing around him as he began a gentle thrusting. She felt… different… than Cheri did. More like ruffled silk gently warmed with body heat than molten velvet. Nor did she bear the ridiculous tightness and frenzied, out of control suction of Jasmine’s womanhood. A bit tighter, yes, but with different muscle movements, different textures. Not better or worse than Cheri, but... different. 

She was unique, the delightful ridges and valleys of her tunnel fastening and releasing around him, the unbelievable softness of her unused insides seeming to invite him in. He happily took the offer.

Easy now, not too eager. She was surely still adjusting to his comparatively large girth moving about inside her. He held her sides, soothing her with a gentle stroking and scratching along her ribs. Beneath his fingertips, the steady thumps of a racing heart resonated as he slowly bounced her in his lap, and he took almost as much pleasure from the blissful expression on her face as from the incredible sensations in his groin.

He grunted as she slid steadily down his pole once again, her glorious passage welcoming him eagerly. Each of her internal muscles took a turn at fondling his manhood, taking him for a thrill ride as surely as he was taking her. Her mouth worked soundlessly as her ears quivered with the tension in her muscles, her forepaws stretching out to knead his shoulders as he ground his hips against her on a hilting drive.

“Kirin… oh god, you feel amazing.”

She panted out a breathy, incoherent sound, arching against his plunging member as her lips attempted to form words. “T-take me… please…M-master. More, please, more.”

He increased the pace a bit, beginning to take her in earnest, as she had requested. She let out a soft cry of bliss, hunching back against him as he withdrew in a smooth motion, then hilted himself once more, her lips stretching around his shaft. Her small body was just barely able to accommodate his entire length, his shaft stimulating the never-touched depths of her virgin sanctum, his straining head surely a hairs-breadth from kissing the fringes of her womb.

He let out an involuntary groan of his own as she clamped down, slowing his next upward thrust with the tightness of her girlhood. Tiny firecrackers of pleasure created a fantastic light show in his brain, stemming from the building tension in his loins.

Wow. Round two may need to wait for awhile after this.

Cheri’s words from weeks earlier echoed in his mind. “All I ask, is that you would treat her as well as you would me.” He didn’t need the admonition. He fully intended to make this the unforgettable experience he had promised.

At this rate though, it was all going to come to a crashing end far too soon. Her tight little rear felt like such a perfect fit, a velvet wrapping around his cock that massaged the entire surface of it with a magical touch. Almost against his will, he humped harder, unable to prevent himself from putting more power in his thrusts, increasing the friction and rocking her with the impact.

She didn’t protest, her jaw agape, releasing breathy, wordless sounds with each motion as he showed her the true meaning of sex, doing his best to hold himself back, to not pound her roughly as he might with Cheri, to stave off his orgasm a few minutes more. Even still, his balls squashed against her mound as he gave her all he had to give, aiming to bring her to at least one more delightful climax tonight.

So far, it appeared to be working, her eyes squeezing closed for a moment, as if to focus all her attention on the feelings coursing through her body. She was too far gone to do anything but enjoy the experience, occasionally grinding back against him, but letting him do most of the work. Each thrust forced a cooing moan from her lips, her wordless exhortations both spurring him on and marking his tempo.

He loved the way his hands fit perfectly around her rump, feeling the little bursts of static running through her fur, her toned muscles working as she rode him, her brilliant yellow coat seeming to vibrate and glow in the moonlight. His hands never fell still, caressing, fondling and massaging, using all the tools at his disposal to please his lover as best he could.

As their rhythm swelled, the waves of his own orgasmic tension spurred him, building higher and higher, stretching up to their eventual peak. Somewhat distantly, his mind registered the myriad sparks dancing merrily in her mane, as they had when she had cum earlier, the little pinpricks of electricity flowing into him and raising his sensitivity.

“Ohh, Master Shawn…” she gasped breathily, looking absolutely helpless against the assault of pleasure on her senses. Her eyes were unfocused, tongue hanging out as she panted, doing her instinctual best to meet his thrusts and hasten their impending climax.

He merely grunted in reply, lost in a world of delight of his own, continuing to fill and vacate her wonderful passage at a steady tempo, plunging himself completely into her depths. Every little texture of her insides was made evident in exquisite detail, the ridges and dips setting the firm, straining flesh of his manhood alight with a mega-watt of ecstasy.

Everything around them seemed to fade away. From the rough bark of the tree scraping occasionally against his scarred back, to the distant noises of nocturnal pokémon, to the bright glow of the moon, casting a spotlight on their act. Nothing else in the world mattered except the jolteon in his arms. Each push into her delicate, damp, undulating folds was a new heaven of carnal pleasure, the inevitable high about to bring itself down on him with incredible force.

Little arcs of tingling delight leapt down his shaft, all the way from the hypersensitive head to his turgid balls, the bliss-charged bolts clambering their way through his crotch and burrowing into his brain. He could feel his orbs drawing tight, preparing to send their potent load shooting into the little yellow pokémon.

“Kirin, I can’t hang on, I’m about to-”

He didn’t get a chance to finish, little flashes of light going off behind his eyes as the arcing pleasure surged with a sudden rippling clench of Kirin’s folds. His shaft tensed, and he swore he could feel his load gathering itself, then fired its first creamy salvo. A groan rolled from his lips, as his seed positively blasted out of him like an artillery barrage, the sticky spurts jetting out into her precious depths, disappearing deep into her untouched womb.

Her eyes flew open wide, a wordless cry echoing from her throat, spine arching as she threw her head back, her whole body shuddering in climax. Her walls clamped down hard on his buried meat, her orgasmic juices soaking his crotch, squirting free even as her love tunnel did its best to hold him in deep, clamping and releasing crazily around his spasming member.

Suddenly, the crackling voltage in her fur spiked in intensity. Without pause for thought, he reacted, grabbing his invisible sword hilt and sending a surge of his own power through it, grounding the sparks and focusing the energy away from him as she involuntarily discharged.

Good thing I was ready for that, or “things” might have gotten a little... crispy. Wouldn’t that have been an end to the night? Cheri would never have let him live that down.

Having to use his power interrupted his orgasmic high somewhat, but he had to chuckle at Kirin’s expression of chagrin, cutting through her blissful rapture as her walls continued to milk him dry, even as his spurts tapered off.

“S-sorry ‘bout that. That’s twice now.”

“It’s alright, Kirin. I was ready, so it was only the ground got a nice, shocking wake up call. I take it you liked that?” He stroked her cheek gently, letting her know it was okay, a bead of sweat summoned forth by their sensual act dribbling down his brow.

She nodded fervently, eyes half closed, seeming barely conscious. “Y-yes. Oh Arceus, yes. It’s so... warm.”

“I enjoyed it too, in case you didn’t notice.” He wrapped his arms tightly around her, drawing her chest against his, thick fur dragging delightfully against bare skin. “You’re quite the live-wire, especially for a first time.” He shot her a wink.

She didn’t reply with words, merely smiling and snuggling against him, adding a firm squeeze that made him grunt. As they settled into the afterglow, the sparks, both real and figurative, began to dissipate, zipping away into the night. His skin still tingled, the tiny crackles of voltage cavorting through her coat providing a gentle buzz with her embrace. He remained embedded deeply within her, the two of them simply enjoying being as close as it was possible to be without sharing the same body, gradually coming down from the intensity of their energy-charged union.

“Thank you, Master Shawn. That was… wonderful. Simply amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better first.”

“You’re welcome, Kirin. Thank you, for choosing to share it with me. It’s not a gift I’ll ever forget.”

She met his gaze dreamily, leaning in for a slow, tender kiss. “I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks as always to Guri for proofing. ^.^

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