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The Life of a Pokemon Breeder by Jaki-Kun


Story Notes:

This story will include elements of both Transformation and Transgender. If you aren't in good standing to read such stories, please don't. I don't want to offend anyone, nor do I support underage viewing of adult material. You've been warned.If you're a bit unsure of how the story is going to go from here (besides just the adult elements, of course) I HIGHLY recommend you read the author's notes at the end of the chapter. I don't want to spoil anything by posting more here, but I think it does a good job explaining the writing in this chapter, and how I intend to continue with it.And as always, thoughts, comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome! :] Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it! -Jaki-Kun

***Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Pokemon, Nintendo, Game Freak, or any of its affiliates, and do not claim to do so. All characters and items mentioned in this story are copyright their rightful owners.***

Chapter 2- First Day on the Job

Looking into the bowl of rippling water was more like seeing into a crystal ball than a reflection. Nothing matched up to the life Aaron had only moments before- not the body, the gender, nor the freedom. Thinking of even the smallest things that were no longer possible, like being able to walk on two feet or embracing Sophie in a passionate hug were enough to cause her heartaches. Her. As if it weren't enough that her human form was taken away from her. She could only pray that whatever her two captors had in store for her wasn't gender-specific. And even if all else were fine, she would still be locked in a pet-sized cage with Pokemon food and a water dish in front of her.

In a few moments, the whole world had been flipped upside down. Her life as the male human Aaron had abruptly come to a stop- maybe even for good. And Erin- this Poochyena staring back from inside the water- had taken over. Why? Why her? What did they plan on doing with her? Dozens more similar questions drifted through her head, but dwelling on them was useless until she was in a position to get some answers. Not that it really mattered. Nothing she could ask would change her back. The only thing that mattered was enduring this nightmare long enough to figure out how to get their old lives back. Because if it's possible for them to be transformed into Pokemon, it has to be possible for them to be changed back... She hopes.

That's right. Them. She wasn't the only one in this bizarre situation. Sophie had been changed into an Eevee right in front of her eyes. It saddened her to think that she had been changed because Aaron couldn't do anything to save her, but at least they were still together.

"How am I going to explain it to her, though?" Erin whispers softly, stepping away from the bowl of water. "How am I going to tell her I wasn't able to protect her? Is she... Going to hate me?" Erin shakes her head, snapping out of the depression. "I can't think like that. If we're going to get through this, I've got to think positive. I'm not going to let them break me. We're going to get out of here. We're getting our lives back." Erin's ears twitch, hearing moaning from the cage next to hers. "And once we do, I'm going to tell Sophie how I feel about her."

"Uh... My head..." Sophie says, her consciousness evident by the shuffling from the cage right next to Erin's. "Where... Am I?"

"Sophie! Are you okay?," Erin replies, trying to imitate what she sounded like as Aaron.

"Aaron?" Sophie responds, the doubt clear in her tone. "I'm fine, just a little numb... But... Is that you? What's wrong with your voice?"

Erin cringes. She had hoped it wouldn't be that noticable. "Th... that's not important right now. Sophie, I want you to stay still and close your eyes. Can you do that for me?"

"Aaron, you're scaring me. What's going on?" Sophie asks, her voice shaking.

"It'll be all right, Sophie. I promise. But for now, will you please do what I asked you to?" Erin shudders, still not knowing how to tell her what had happened to her.

"O... Okay. I trust you, Aaron." Sophie says, pausing for an explanation from him.

"Sophie..." Erin says softly, taking a moment to think before continuing. "A long time ago, when we first met, I remember you sitting in the corner crying into your Eevee. It was a while before I mustered up the courage to talk to you, but I really wanted to make you feel better... So I asked you what your favorite thing was. Do you remember what you said back to me?"

"Of course I do! I said 'Pokemon.' But... Why are you bringing this up now?" Sophie answers anxiously.

Erin bites her lip softly, ignoring the last part of Sophie's response. "The reason you want to become a Pokemon Breeder is to understand Pokemon better, isn't it?"

Sophie raises her voice. "Yes, it is, but why are you asking me all this now, Aaron?"

"How far would you go to understand them?" Erin asks, creating a dead silence in the room. "Would you put yourself in one's... paws?"

"Aaron... The numbness is going away..." Sophie says, fear enveloping her voice.

"Sophie... You're the most dedicated person I know. I wish I could have stopped this from happening- and believe me, I tried. But I promise that once we make it through this, you'll understand Pokemon like you never could have before." Erin says, her eyes beginning to well up. "Promise me that you won't give up, no matter what happens."

Sophie hesitates, taking a long time to think in silence. And after what felt like an eternity, Erin finally got an answer to her question. "I promise," Sophie says, clearly choking back tears.

Erin turns around sadly, looking into the mirror at the back of her cage. She knew hers was identical to Sophie's. "Whenever you're ready... Open your eyes, and turn around." Erin shuts her eyes, waiting for the inevitable, and...

"Aaron... Am I really?..." Sophie asks in disbelief.

"... An Eevee?" Erin finishes the sentence for her. "Yeah. And I'm a Poochyena."

Sophie doesn't say anything back for a while, probably taking a good look in the mirror. "But... How?"

"Matt and Noel injected us with those samples they got from Shadow and Esper with that strange fluid. Noel put you to sleep with something before you changed, but I got to stay awake during the whole process since I tried to fight back," Erin says, the bitterness in her voice all too apparent.

"Aaron... I'm so sorry..." Sophie says sympathetically. "... Why did they do this to us?"

Erin takes a deep breath, trying not to let her imagination run wild. "I don't know. As soon as we finished our changes, they snapped these collars on us and carried us to these cages," she says, staring at the glowing red light on her bright pink collar.

"Okay... But one more thing-" Sophie calls back. "Aaron... What's wrong with your voice, then?"

Erin had hoped she wouldn't ask. Admitting she was a Pokemon was easier than admitting that. But she knew she couldn't hide it forever. Sophie would eventually find out, so lying to her any longer would be pointless.

"I really wish I could say I just have a dry throat or something... But we both know that's not true. The thing is... When they changed me into a Pokemon... I-"

"Knock knock!" a familiar voice yells disruptively, the sound of a door slamming against the wall echoing through the room. Erin flinches, her newfound sense of hearing working against her, imagining the same had happened to Sophie. After the ringing from her ears quited down, Erin hears a chair rolling towards the two cages, and looking out from her cage sees the cause of the it all.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?" Matt asks sarcastically, wheeling a chair towards the two of them while bearing that all-too-familiar grin of twisted pleasure.

"As a matter of fact you did, you jerk," Erin replies disgustedly, padding towards the front of her cage.

"You should be glad you two are close enough to BE interrupted," Matt snaps, gazing at Erin's cage in distaste. "Our sponsors are hoping you'll be more... 'agreeable' that way."

Sophie scoffs. "And what makes you think we want to be agreeable after what you've done to us?"

Matt smiles wickedly at her cage. "Because we can do FAR worse things than turn you two into Pokemon."

Erin shudders. Something told her he wasn't lying about that. While she hated to just blindly submit to him, it was obvious that they had to stay on his good side- the consequences otherwise were too great. Still, it was just as important to know what was happening to them.

"All right, we'll do it," Erin states defeatedly.

"Aaron!..." Sophie replies, clearly shocked at her answer.

"He's right, Sophie. This could be much worse," Erin answers, met immediately by a victorious smirk from Matt.

"Smart decision, runt. I knew you were the submissive type!" Matt laughs.

Erin bites her lip, trying her best not to get on his bad side. "Sorry, but I'm not submissive enough to not expect some answers," she says.

Matt slowly stops laughing, looking back to Erin's cage and crossing his legs cockily. "Why do you think I would want to answer your questions?"

Erin pauses in thought. "Well... How else do you plan to instill hopelessness into us?"

Matt chuckles, shaking his head in disbelief. "You know me too well already." He leans down towards Erin's cage. "Shoot."

"What do you want from us?" Sophie asks loudly, bringing Matt's attention to her cage first.

"And here I thought you'd be the one to figure it out," Matt retorts disappointedly. "You're two Pokemon in a Pokemon Breeding Center. What else would we use you for?"

Erin gasps. It was her worst fear imagined. It was enough having her humanity, gender, and freedom stripped from her- but the culmination of it all is that they're going to be this Breeding Center's Pokemon whores? It was all like a vivid nightmare she prayed to wake up from. She wished they could be anywhere in any situation but here. And she wished she could have more time to moarn their losses, but a response from an impatient Matt snapped her out of her trance.

"Is that all the hopelessness I get? I guess if you don't want to know any more, then, I'll just leave," he says, getting up from his chair.

"W... wait!" Erin calls, succeeding in placing Matt back into his chair, smiling. "Why us? Why not a couple random tourists?"

Matt sighs. "As dense as ever, aren't we? After you two asked if you could stay here, we ran background checks on the both of you- no living relations, uninvolved in community activitites, and out of touch with the outside world... The two perfect test subjects fell right into our laps."

"But why bother with changing us into Pokemon?" Sophie asks. "Neither of us are particularly rare, and you could catch plenty of other Pokemon to use for your breeding."

"I don't make the orders, I just follow them," Matt responds. "The Lake Verity Breeding Center gets a lot of its funding from private sponsors- many of which supported the program we're testing on you right now. And why would we refuse? We just got two free breeding Pokemon and money to use as we please. What's the downside?"

"It's inhumane. That's the downside," Erin replies. "If officials ever found out you were doing this, you and your sponsor friends would be shut away for good."

Matt giggles. "And you'll be the ones to tell them, won't you? Do yourselves a favor and trust me. You're never going to leave this place. You're going to spend the rest of your lives here as our two egg laying bitches. And who knows? Maybe you'll even grow to like it. You'd be surprised at what kinky things Pokemon like to do."

"You're wrong!" Sophie yells. "I... I might be one of your females to breed with, but Aaron's not! You can't force him to do anything!"

Matt gapes in silence, looking back and forth from Erin to Sophie. "You mean she doesn't?... You haven't?..." He begins to cackle maniacally. "Oh, I can't wait to show your girlfriend this," Matt says, pulling what looks like a remote control from his back pocket.

"What is that?" Erin asks nervously. "What are y- AH!"

The light on Erin's collar begins to flash red, and she feels pain shoot through her body. Something was happening to her. The collar was doing something.

"It shouldn't be much longer now..." Matt says, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Stop it! Stop, please! Aaron, are you okay?!" Sophie cries worriedly.

"I'm not hurting your ex, you idiot. I'm just making it so the pup won't be able to move for a little while," Matt responds annoyedly.

That was it. The collar was letting some sort of chemical into her. She struggles for a brief moment to try and futily get the collar off, but it isn't long before Erin hits the ground, unable to move at all. The lock to her cage snaps open as Matt pushes a button, and he reaches in to pick her up.

"Don't worry, mutt. It'll wear off before your first assignment," Matt says, taking her out of her cage. He carries her limp body over to Sophie's cage, turning her so her tail end is in front. "I SO hate to be the one to break this to you," Matt begins sarcastically. "I know you two had planned to spend the REST of your lives together, and even now, you're thinking how wonderful it would be to bear his children." Matt stops, laughing hysterically before continuing. "The only problem is that... Well..."

Erin feels her tail being pushed aside, revealing a harsh truth to Sophie. "'He' isn't a he any more, is she?"

Erin hears Sophie gasp in disbelief, as Matt begins to cackle uncontrollably. "Aaron... No..."

"At least you can call her by her new name now... Not that it sounds any different!" Matt manages between laughs, turning Erin around so Sophie could see her name tag.

So the first time Sophie was able to see Erin as a Poochyena was through her tear filled eyes. Erin tried to open her mouth- to tell Sophie that it would be okay, and that she would go through this with her together. That as long as she got to be with her, she was fine with being this damned breeding tool. That no matter what happened, she would always be there to cheer her up. But she couldn't. All she could do was sit and listen as Sophie sobbed her name over and over, apologizing for ever bringing her to this place. But at least it didn't last long.

"All right, Matt, I've prepped the other two, and- what the hell are you doing?!" Noel yells from the entrance, running over to him.

"Who, me?" Matt asks innocently. "I was just taking them through a crash course on our new female's gender," Matt says matter-of-factly.

"Upsetting them doesn't make anyone's job easier, Matt. Get your kicks out of something else later. You know you weren't supposed to take them out of their cages before I got here," Noel states angrily.

"Well, look at all the harm that's been done. Thank goodness you got here in time," Matt scoffs.

"This isn't about you or me, Matt. We're under strict orders. You know what the penalty for disobedience is as well as I do."

Matt starts to say something back, but stops, taking out the remote again. "Whatever. Just grab the Eevee and let's go. We don't want to be late," he says, Sophie's cage door swinging open. Noel quickly steps over to the cage entrance, holding her arms out invitingly.

"Come on, Sophie. I know this isn't easy, but you have to go. I don't want Matt to use your collar, too," Noel says softly. Sophie hesitates at first, but realizes she has to go one of two ways. She slowly pads into Noel's arms, lying her head down defeatedly as Noel stands up.

"All right, Matt. Follow me," Noel says, walking through the door. Matt follows suit, grumbling something angrily under his breath.

The Breeding Center's interior was just like a maze. There were twists and turns everywhere, and the hallways all looked the same. After being carried for well over a minute, Erin feels the numbness finally wearing off, and tries to open her mouth to speak.

"O... One more thing..." Erin manages, weakly lifting her head towards Matt. "Our... Our Pokemon... Where... Are they?"

Matt chuckles as they stop at a door. "Let's just say they're... About to have a little fun..."

Noel opens the door, motioning with her head for Matt to go into the pitch-black room first. He nods, taking a few steps in before laying Erin down on the floor, leaning down to whisper to her.

"... and we'd hate for you to feel left out," Matt finishes, stepping back out the door.

Noel does the same as Matt, stepping in after him to put Sophie next to Erin. "Just... Don't resist it," she whispers to the both of them. "It'll only make things worse." Noel backs through the doorway, shutting the door behind her to leave Erin and Sophie in complete darkness.

"E-Erin... Where are we?" Sophie asks, clearly scared.

"I... Don't know," Erin responds, hearing shuffling at the other side of the room. Wherever they were, they obviously weren't alone. Erin struggles to her paws, slowly backing away as she tries to make use of her new sense of smell.

There were three distinct smells in the room with them, not including themselves. The first two were obviously two different Pokemon- with two disturbingly familiar smells. And the third smell, shared by both other Pokemon, was a powerful musky odor she finds hard to keep her mind off of.

"He... Couldn't have meant-" Erin starts, cut off by the banging of lights being turned on. She squints her eyes momentarily before shaking it off, finally able to examine her surroundings.

They were in a fairly tiny carpeted room- it was no more than fifteen feet long on all sides. To their left was a giant mirror on the wall, undoubtedly a two-way mirror for others to watch them unnoticed. There were cameras and speakers in every corner of the room on the ceiling- not exactly the most encouraging thing to notice. And at the other side of the room, lying on the floor, bound to the wall by electronic leashes...

"Esper!" Sophie calls worriedly, wobbling to her paws and starting to approach him.

"Wait!" Erin shouts, already realizing what they were in the room together for. She wanted to make sure Shadow was all right, too, but that was the least of their problems.

"Aw, what a touching reunion!" blare the speakers in Matt's all-too familiar sarcastic voice.

"What have you done to them?!" cries Sophie, her eyes welling with tears.

"Oh, nothing much. Just a little something to spicen up this would-be borefest," Matt laughs.

"You're sick," Erin growls.

"Call me what you like. You know what we want," Matt replies, the electronic leashes binding their former Pokemon making a buzzing noise, releasing them both. "So make it easy on yourselves and try not to make things complicated, will ya?"

"Sh... Shadow?" Erin asks, not moving from where she stands. Her Pokemon companion's eyes slowly open, and he gradually gets on all fours, turning a blank, glazed stare to Erin. Her blood runs cold.

"Esper! It's me, Sophie! Are you okay?..." Sophie asks, running over to him and standing over where he lies on the ground.

"No, Sophie, stop! They aren't themselves!" Erin yells.

"What do you..." Sophie begins to ask, stopping as Esper's eyes flutter open. He turns his head to her, beaming at her with his empty, grey eyes. Before she can react, his eyes glow a bright purple color as he envelops her in a Psychic aura, throwing her against the wall beside him. "Ah!"

"Sophie!!" Erin screams, darting towards the other side of the room. Shadow dashes in front of her before she can reach Sophie, though, growling and walking towards her.

"Ah... Esper... Please..." Sophie whimpers, only able to watch as her companion flips her onto her back. He grins at her menacingly, giving her a lick on the cheek as he sends her mind elsewhere, marveling at the motionless female front of him.

"S-Shadow... I'm your friend... Aaron..." Erin can only whisper, backing away from him and looking him in the eyes. Shadow stops dead in his tracks, stares at her for a short moment, then closes his eyes as if in thought. "Do you... Recognize me?" Erin responds, taking a step forward, not taking her eyes off his current expression- and immediately wishes she had. Shadow's eyes flash open as he uses his Scary Face attack on her, immobilizing Erin completely.

(What... What happened?) Erin asks herself, unable to speak the question aloud. (He... Used an attack on me?)

Matt's overused laugh fill the speakers once again. "Ahahaha! That frozen look of surprise is priceless! Didn't you know? Since you're a Pokemon now, attacks like that are fair game!"

(No... This can't be happening...) Erin thinks, seeing Shadow smile and turn to the side, giving her a good view of his growing erection. (This is bad! I... Have to do something!) As Erin struggles to move, he steps to her side, the smell of his overpowering musk filling her nostrils, her body becoming involuntarily... Aroused. (This... Feeling?) Erin questions the sensations, knowing all too well what was going on as Shadow reaches her hind end. (N-no... You can't-!) He brushes her tail aside to reveal her moist pink entrance, and he leans forward, breathing hot air on it before giving it a long, sensual lick. (Aaaah! No! Please! I-) Shadow gives her another lick, this one more wet and forceful. (Nnaaaah... Shadow...) And with his third lick, Shadow presses into her opening, pushing his tongue inside her.

Erin blushes, not able to say or do anything to make him stop. Shadow continues to delve into her entrance with his tongue, lapping up some of the juices that were beginning to coat her walls. Feeling the effects of her paralysis wearing off, Erin feels her neck loosen up, giving her back control of her head. And her first thought was of that to check on...

"Sophie!" Erin calls, turning her head to where she saw her last. "Sophie! Are... You..." Erin slows to a stop, her ears drooping as she takes in the sight in front of her. Sophie was being held on her back against the floor by Esper's psychic powers. She obviously wasn't conscious, as she wasn't moving or making any noise at all. And Esper- her Pokemon friend since childhood- had mounted her. Esper was mating Sophie.

Erin is quickly brought back to the reality of her situation, however, by Shadow's snout being pressed inside her. "A-Ah!" she winces out of surprise, trying to run away from her impending fate- to no avail. She hadn't regained control of the rest of her body yet, and it was clear he wasn't going to listen to reasoning. Continuing with his intentions, Shadow pushes in even deeper with his muzzle, breathing hot air inside her and lustfully licking the furthest depths of her vagina. "Hah!... Hah!..." Erin gasps with each breath, completely overwhelmed by the alien sensations coursing through her. (This is... So wrong...) Erin thinks to herself. (I'm... I'm a guy... A straight, human guy... So...) Shadow gives her another long internal lick. (Why does this have to feel so...) Shadow removes his snout, pausing a couple moments before leaning forward to nibble on Erin's clit. (... GOOD?!)

Erin puts her head between her forelegs, finally getting a view of Shadow and what he was doing to her. He was now licking her clit, sending pulsations of arousal through her with every movement. She was turned on. REALLY turned on. So much, in fact, that her entrance was openly dripping her lubrication onto the carpet. Noticing this, Shadow stops, bending down beneath her entrance, looking Erin right in the eyes. She doesn't even try to hide the heavy, red blush showing through the fur on her face. Shadow grins, licking the dampened fur around his lips teasingly, rising back to his paws and stepping over her. That's when she can't help but notice it.

Maybe it was because she never found him a female as a human. Maybe it was their difference in size. Maybe that was his natural length. Or maybe it was a combination of all three. But Shadow's erect member was larger than she ever could have imagined.

"Sha... Shadow..." Erin breathes, lifting her head and turning it behind her. "It's... Too big... It won't fit..."

"Oh, give me a break," Matt says through the intercom. "You don't know anything about Pokemon breeding, do you?"

Erin looks towards the two-way mirror in confusion. "What are you saying?"

Matt's laugh blares through the intercom again. "You think size is a factor when it comes to Pokemon breeding? Let me put this into perspective for you- a Wailord and a Skitty can mate."

Erin looks at Shadow with eyes of fear and anticipation. She needed to be satisfied by something- but his tool had to be at least twice as big as her entrance. It was one of two extremes- assuming, of course, she could reason with Shadow.

"Shadow... I know this body is different, but... I'm still Aaron... You don't have to do thi-" Erin stops. Shadow was playing with her erect nipples, running his paws up and down her stomach. "Ha-a... Shadow..." He pulls her body towards his penis, holding it right against her entrance. She arches her back instinctively, pushing back a little herself- she had regained control of her body without even realizing it. With Shadow's paws gripping her in front of her hind legs, it was useless to try to run. He wasn't going to listen to reason. She was out of options. Nothing could stop him now. Her eyes welling up in defeat, Erin spreads her back legs, hoping for the best.

Shadow rams deep and hard into Erin, spreading her opening to what she had previously thought to be impossible proportions. "Aaaaaaaah!" she screams in half pain, half relief as Shadow begins his thrusting. Their vast differences in size cause Shadow to rock her violently with every thrust, his firm member having no trouble picking her hind legs off the floor. Not knowing much else she can do, Erin uses her front paws to to stabilize herself from the strengthful pushes behind her, at times to simply keep something of hers on the ground. "Oooooooh... Shadow..." she moans, blushing even more intensely as she notices many of the cameras in the room point to her. But it wasn't the fact that she was being watched, and likely recorded that was causing her to blush so hard- it was the fact that she didn't care.

"D-deeper... Harder..." Erin says in a soft moan, hardly able to believe what she just requested. However, instead of doing what she asked, Shadow suddenly stops his thrusts, leaning his head down and turning an ear to her. Erin can't help but let out a loud gasp, the relief she was feeling before reverting into unsatisfying arousal.

"Sh-Shadow! D-don't-" she begins to plea, her voice catching in her throat. Shadow was squeezing and tugging her nipples, two at a time down her three rows. Unable to even gasp in arousal, Erin wiggles her hips and tries to push them back in vain, Shadow being as deep as possible without his help. "W-why?" Erin mumbles, shivering in anticipation. With a twitch of his ear in front of her, Erin finally realizes what he's doing. He wants her to beg for it.

"P-please..." Erin starts, not quite sure how to ask for something like this. "I... I want to feel good... And I've... Got to feel more..." she pleads, thinking to herself how pathetic she must sound. To her surprise, Shadow shakes his head, beginning to retract his member from inside her, as if to imply that wasn't good enough.

Fifteen minutes ago, that would have been a dream come true to her- an end to at least part of this nightmare. She never would have thought twice about questioning it. She would have won, if only temporarily. But this is now, and she knows her physical desires- by this point, needs- were too great to go uncared for.

"N-no!" Erin begs, pushing backwards to keep him from retracting fully. "I need this! I need you-! I need you inside me!" she gasps, pulling her legs together to tighten her "grip" on his penis. "So please-!" she shouts desperately. "Please don't stop!"

Smirking triumphantly, Shadow slams back into her with full force, Erin feeling something rather large and wide entering her at the same time- not that she cared. "Hhhhaaaaaa!" Erin moans in satisfaction as he picks his thrusts back up, rubbing roughly over her erect nipples and breasts. She didn't care how wrong this was, as long as it could feel this good.

"Wha... What is this... Pressure?" Erin asks, feeling something begin to build up in her not-so-private regions. "Could this be-?... Am I about to-?" she asks herself, moaning uncontrollably. Every thrust begins to feel better than the last, even as a numbing sensation starts to come over her. "This is-!" Her heart feels like it's going to beat out of her chest, her muscles seeming to tense up drastically. "I'M-!"

Erin lets out a heavy gasp right before she experiences her first female orgasm. "Aaaaaaaah!" she screams in satisfaction, feeling her liquid pleasure forced onto Shadow's penis and her inner walls. She'd never felt like this, even when she was a human male. It was just- an explosion of pure pleasure. Despite his mate's climax, Shadow only continues his acts as normal, enough to push her over the edge and force her to cum even more.

As Erin finally begins to calm down, panting tiredly from her countless climaxes, she takes a look between her forelegs, expecting the carpet underneath them to be completely drenched because of her. Surprisingly enough for her, however, the carpet is completely dry, except for the few drops of her lubrication from before Shadow mounted her. "Wh-what? But... I..."

"How much dumber could you be?" asks Matt coldly over the intercom. "You don't know the first thing about Pokemon anatomy, do you?"

"Sh-shut up!" Erin yells, confused. "I... I know-" she winces, feeling Shadow squeeze her nipples a little bit. "... I know what I felt... But..."

"I know you're enjoying it SO MUCH," Matt chuckles over the intercom, "but why don't you pull your partner out of you? You know, just take a few steps forward," he says, clearly trying to stop laughing.

About to protest and say she can't, Erin realizes Shadow hasn't had his paws in front of her hind legs for some time. Of course, she'd had enough from their act together, assuming Shadow would let her go, but what Matt was asking her is to cut it so short... Well, it would defeat the purpose of their forced act together. Not feeling any resistance from Shadow's paws on her stomach, Erin tries to take a step forward, suddenly feeling the inside of her entrance seemingly snag on something. She winces in pain, having never expected anything like that, immediately taking her step back.

"Oh, this is priceless!" cackles Matt. "That's what you'd call Shadow's 'knot.' It's prominent in Canine Pokemon, and it's pretty useful for doing things like... Oh... Keeping fluids from escaping," he finishes, putting emphasis on the last four words, Erin immediately knowing what he's implying. It was meant to keep her from escaping before he's done, that much was obvious- but the other purpose it served...

"You can't mean-! All of Shadow's-!" Erin cries, looking back at Shadow fearfully. Responding with a mischevious grin, Shadow swings his left hind leg over her back, twisting his knot inside her and reaching places she never knew existed. Not showing a moment's hesitation, he resumes his thrusts in a different, much more forceful way than before, causing Erin to wince surprisedly. "No! I don't want this!" she says, trying hard not to act on how good she feels. "Shadow... Please, stop..." Erin pants, now resisting her body's instinctual urges to say and do otherwise.

To her male human mind's dismay, Shadow only does the opposite, picking up his thrusts as he starts audibly grunting through his teeth. "Sh-Shadow? Are you-" Erin cuts off, interrupted as Shadow howls loudly. As he gives a particularly deep thrust, Erin can suddenly feel his hot, sticky fluid begin to enter her. "Aaaah- AAAAAAH!" she screams, indescribable, alien sensations coursing through her body, her insides being pumped full of Shadow's seed. It isn't long before Erin somehow realizes that her inner areas are, quite literally, filled- but it isn't enough to stop Shadow. "Sha-Shadow! I-I'm full! I can't h-hold any m-more..." Erin struggles to say, partially because of the strange way she feels, partially because she can't believe the words leaving her mouth.

"God DAMN it! What does it take to get these things through your thick skull?" asks Matt annoyedly, Erin responding by turning her head towards the two-way mirror pathetically. "What do you think happens when a Wailord and a Skitty do it? Huh? The Skitty just fucking BLOWS UP? Don't worry, your girly Pokemon organs have a way of dealing with it," Matt states matter-of-factly.

Before she can ask what he means, Erin gets the response to her own question. She didn't think it was possible- but she can feel her female organs expand inside her to accommodate Shadow's extra cum. Not able to believe what she's feeling, Erin puts her head between her forelegs, turning her attention to her lower stomach. "But this is... Impossible..." she gapes, watching as she sees her lower areas start to bulge noticably. Erin brings her head back forward, squinting her eyes shut as she tries to imagine herself anywhere but here, with this happening to her.

After what seems like an eternity, and in reality was probably no more than a minute or two, Erin gasps as she feels Shadow pull out of her, not expecting him to be so sudden about it. "Ah!" she winces, her legs wobbling from fatigue and surprise, causing her to fall on her side. Erin pants tiredly and lies motionless on the carpet, needing a moment to gather her thoughts. "It's... Over... Isn't it?" she whispers before rolling to the side, looking down at her abused entrance and her Pokemon companion. "Shadow..." she starts, looking at her bulging lower stomach. "Do you think I'm... Going to be?..." she continues, tilting her head up to see him still staring at her in those cold, emotionless eyes. He still wasn't back to normal yet. As if to prove the fact, Shadow bends forward, licking her opening and its surrounding areas clean from the fluids that escaped when he pulled out. "A-ah..."


Sophie jolts forward, gasping for breath. Confused, she puts a hand to her head, feeling how hot her forehead is. "What... What happened?" she asks herself, still taking deep breaths as she looks around the room.

Everything was exactly the way it should be. Her room is clean and orderly like always, various Pokemon items lined neatly on her dresser. The morning sun shines radiantly through the window onto a sleeping Esper. Perhaps the only thing out of place is her open closet door, giving her a clear view of her wardrobe.

"How did I... End up here?" Sophie asks aloud, causing Esper's ear to twitch as he wakes up, stretching on the carpet. "The last thing I remember... Aaron and I were at the Breeding Center..." She shakes her head in disbelief. "We were... Pokemon?... Both of us were... And you-" she cuts off, turning to Esper who cocks his head confusedly. "Was it... All a nightmare?"

Sophie groggily gets out of bed, putting both hands around her head. "But everything was so... Vivid. I can even remember... How it all felt..." She trails off, shaking her head back and forth violently, trying to come back to her senses. "It had to be a dream. All of it. After all-" she says, stepping to her open closet and taking a familiar uniform off the rack. "I already got the job, didn't I?"

Sophie throws on the lab coat, slipping on some sandals and grabbing a few things off her dresser she thought might be important for work. "Ready to go, Esper?" she asks, exiting the room herself with Esper following beside her. "You know, I had my doubts about this job," Sophie says as they walk down the stairs. "I mean, I do love Pokemon more than almost everything... I just wasn't sure if Pokemon Breeding was the best way to care for them, you know?" Reaching the bottom of the stairs, the two begin walking towards the front door. "Once I got older, I started worrying that being a good Breeder meant you just forced two Pokemon to mate. I didn't want that- I wanted to make them happy." Gripping the doorknob, she smiles happily at Esper. "I'm glad it didn't turn out the way I was afraid of."

She opens the door, immediately feeling a gust of wind blow past her. Dark storm clouds were completely covering the sky. "Oh, we better take the shortcut. I don't want to show up to work all wet!" Sophie laughs, shutting the door behind them and stepping around the house. To the right of the house is a beaten path through the woods that happens to lead directly to the Breeding Center. "We should really use this way more often. We can get there in less than half an hour this way, can't we?" Sophie asks, recalling the full day she and Aaron spent making their way to the Breeding Center for the first time. "Man, we were idiots! Why didn't we just take this way?" Not lingering on the question for long, she begins walking down the beaten path through the woods, Esper close behind her.

It only takes them about twenty minutes to get to Lake Verity, her workplace where it always is by the lakeside. "Wow, we made great time! We even made it before it started raining!" Sophie proclaims, feeling droplets of water begin to pat against her cheeks as if on cue. "Aw, I had to say it! Come on, Esper!" she shouts urgently, running down the already muddy hill towards the Center. By the time she reaches the front entrance, she looks down to notice her tennis shoes completely covered in mud. "I'm glad I remembered to wear these today," she says, kicking them off and leaving them outside, giggling as Esper washes his muddy paws off in a nearby puddle. "Sorry! I'll see if I can't make you some little shoes for next time, okay?" she apologizes as he steps through the door, completely serious about the offer. She hated seeing Esper unhappy like that. "At least we're on time!"

"Welcome back, Sophie! It's good to see you didn't get caught in the storm," says Noel, approaching her from the counter with a lab coat. "You should probably put this on before the boss sees you- even though you're early, you know how strict he is," she whispers, handing the uniform to Sophie.

"What do you mean? I already have my-" Sophie replies, looking down to realize she had, in fact, forgotten her lab coat. "Oh my gosh! I can't believe I forgot! Thanks so much, Noel," she says embarassedly, putting on the one she gave her.

"You can get back to work whenever you're ready. I think you know where to go," Noel smiles, motioning to the door behind the counter.

"Of course! Thanks again for the lab coat," she says, making her way to the door. While reaching for the handle, she suddenly draws her hand back, hesitating to open it just yet. "Why do I feel so nervous all of a sudden?... I know this is my job, but I feel like I don't even know what's behind this door." She looks down to Esper as if to ask for advice, who's waiting to follow her through the door.

"Just don't second guess yourself. This is what you always wanted, isn't it?" Esper says, his words somehow making her feel better.

"You're... You're right, Esper. Thanks." Sophie grabs the handle, swinging the door open with newfound confidence. A bright light shines through as soon as the door is opened, blinding Sophie momentarily before dying down, finally revealing the room to her.

"... What?" Sophie asks confusedly, wondering why the familiar room should be startling to her. "But-! But this never happened! This isn't real!" She stands in the middle of the room she and Aaron had been taken to- the one that had Shadow and Esper had been in. Except in this room, something had obviously already happened. She looks to the Mightyena and the Poochyena, seeing Shadow licking the other clean... Down there- a sign they had just finished mating. Sophie's breathing suddenly increases, and she grabs her chest as she feels her heartbeat shoot through the roof. "If-! If that's who I think it is, then-!" She darts her attention to the other figures in the room, recognizing them as an Espeon and... An Eevee, lying motionless on the floor. Sophie slowly turns her gaze down to the Eevee's lower fur regions, horrified to see it had already been licked clean. "No! NO!! This isn't happening! This- this was all just a dream!" She collapses to the floor, feeling sensations begin to pick up in strange ways all through her body. The Esper next to the Eevee suddenly looks over at her, licking his paw nonchalantly.

"Actually... You're wrong. You're just waking up."


Erin's ears instinctively perk up as she hears Sophie take a long gasp for air. Rolling to her side urgently, Erin immediately looks to where she's lying on her back concernedly. "Sophie? Sophie! Are you all right?"

"Aaron... Please tell me I'm... Still dreaming..." Sophie whimpers softly, in a voice Erin never would have heard as a human.

"Sophie..." Erin whispers, her ears drooping sadly. "I... Don't know what to say..."

Shaking her head back and forth, Sophie clearly tries to snap out of it. "Okay... So this isn't a dream," she mutters, gazing in disbelief at her violated parts. "How long as it been, Aaron? Since they... Finished?" Sophie asks, blushing.

Looking at Sophie's regions, Erin blushes herself, trying her best not to stare. "I'm... Not sure about Esper, but Shadow was... 'Done' about ten minutes ago... Wh-why?"

Sophie stares at Erin blankly for a moment before rolling onto all fours, urgently turning her attention to the speakers in the room. "Hey! What are you waiting for?! We don't have much time! We need to be taken to prep rooms no-" Sophie trails off, a look of panic washing over her as she starts shivering.

"Prep rooms? I hate to burst your bubble, but our sponsors didn't set aside the money to give you two that luxury," Matt replies all too smugly.

"Sophie?! Are you okay?! What's going on?!" Erin asks, trying to roll onto all fours herself before feeling a sharp twinging in her lower stomach, the sensation spreading slowly. "Ah- m-me, too?"

"Why don't you explain to your pup girlfriend? I'm getting tired of explaining," Matt scoffs.

"A-Aaron... Pokemon experience massive gestational acceleration after copulation... The fertilization process-"

"Speak ENGLISH for the poor girl," Matt demands, not sounding the least bit sorry for interrupting her.

Sophie twists her face disgustedly, bending her forelegs down and looking Erin straight in the eyes. "Pokemon make eggs faster."

"Wh-what?! H-how much faster?!" Erin asks fearfully, watching in uncertainty before noticing Sophie's stomach start to balloon outwards. "N-NOW?!" she shouts, turning her head back around to her own stomach, watching it do the same. "This can't be happening! Not this fast!" She had come to terms with the likelihood of her getting pregnant, but this- this is insane.

"I- I know it's not going- going to be easy, but- you have to push! You have to-" Before she can say anything else, her stomach's expansion comes to an abrupt halt, and Sophie squints her eyes shut. "Oh... Oh..." she whispers, biting down on her lip as the contractions start. Not knowing how else to handle it, Sophie tries to clear her mind as she begins pushing, her eyes going wide as she feels something even stranger happening. Sophie slowly turns her head around, seeing Esper standing at her rear end, his eyes glowing. She doesn't even have time to ask him what he's doing, feeling the egg being psychically forced through her.

Erin can only watch in horror as Sophie weathers the same ordeal she's about to go through, cursing herself once again for not being able to keep her from this. "I have to p-push?" she winces, feeling the egg inside her finish developing, immediately taking her to the next step. "A-ah!" Erin cries, the feelings of her own contractions startling her. "Okay... Okay," she starts, closing her eyes like Sophie had done. "I just need to-"

Erin immediately stops as something warm, rough, wet and familiar traces over her opening. She loses all concentration for a moment, flashing her eyes open to realize Shadow's still placed in front of her entrance, and he hasn't stopped "cleaning" her. "Shadow- s-stop, I can't..." she trails off as he delves his tongue into her yet again. "Oooooh!" she moans, instinctively pushing as she feels herself being spread open like that. Erin tries to calm down a bit, beginning to take deep breaths and pushing after every breath in, finding her pushes to be much more effective that way. For Erin, it seems like the deeper Shadow presses his tongue in, the closer the egg is to leaving her. Thanks to their combined efforts, it isn't long before Shadow's tongue laps over the tip of the egg, and he withdraws his tongue, licking his lips one last time in satisfaction.

Knowing how close she is, Erin pushes as hard as she can, trying to press against the other end with her forepaws. "Come on, come on!" she cries, letting out a long, surprised gasp as the egg reaches her entrance, forcing it to portions she would have thought impossible, and finishing with a long, relieved gasp as the egg comes to rest on the carpet. "It's... It's over..." she pants tiredly, looking over to Sophie.

Sophie and Esper had clearly just finished, her egg still floating towards the ground by Esper's psychic abilities. The first thing Sophie does is turn to Erin, smiling as she, too, realizes they're done.

"Congratulations," Matt mumbles, clapping sarcastically over the intercom. "I'm SO proud of you."

"Whatever gives you your kicks," replies Erin, looking at the two-way mirror in disgust.

"Oh, I DID enjoy it... Though not as much as you, though, I'm sure," Matt responds smartly. "Do I need to elaborate for your girlfriend?"

Erin blushes intensely, remembering Sophie was out when she and Shadow had mated. Erin glances at Sophie, seeing her puzzled expression regarding what Matt mentioned. Sophie didn't know what happened between her and Shadow, and she wants it to stay that way.

"Wh-why don't you just get on with it?" Erin asks, getting very serious. "What else do you have planned for us?"

"It's no fun if I ruin the surprise," Matt chuckles. "Of course, we have plans for those eggs of yours, and you two are done for now... Although... I will say we're going to have to do something about your current Egg Groups."

"Egg groups? What are-" Erin begins to ask, interrupted by a pinching on her neck as the light on her collar glows. "Ah! What- what was that?"

"You, too?" Sophie asks, the light on her collar doing the same.

"What, you didn't think those collars were just for show, did you?" Matt laughs. "Let's just say there's room for some interesting chemicals in those things, and all it takes is the push of a button."

Erin's vision begins to blur fast, the room spinning around her. "You... You bastard..."

The same happens to Sophie, and she struggles to stay on her feet. "Another... Sleeping drug?" she manages before losing consciousness, falling to the floor with a thud.

"Hope you enjoyed your first day on the job," Matt says, his voice echoing and becoming distorted to Erin. "'Cause you've got a lot more where this one came from."

Erin's consciousness finally drifts away as she passes out, unsure of where tomorrow's going to take them.


Matt flicks the intercom switch off, staring at Erin and Sophie for a while through the two-way glass.

"Matt..." Noel says softly in the chair beside his.

He responds by slamming a fist against the control board, baring his teeth angrily. "Is this really worth it, Noel? We already got what we wanted."

Noel turns her gaze downward, looking at the ground sadly. "Matt... You know what they'll do to us if we don't follow orders..."

"Yeah? Well who's to say they're even going to keep their end of the bargain?" Matt points through the two-way mirror in front of them. "We're working with the people who want us to do THIS to people."

"I don't know if they will or not, Matt. But what I do know is that if we keep taking chances, those two's sacrifices will have been for nothing," says Noel. "We have to try. If not for our sakes, then for theirs."

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