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Tempestas et Stringere by Bébinn Heffernan


Story Notes:

Sorry for the long absence; I've had a lot of things to do, a massive amount of writer's block recently (The latest Karistaa Usko chapter's presently in Limbo), and a complete overhaul of my mythos, so I decided to do one more in the general Pokemon universe. As the July contest inspired me a bit to write this chapter, it's a contest entry (or, at the very least, Nowhere and Everywhere is since I'm not certain how long this inspiration will hold).As usual: Pikachu, Pokémon, Mother et al. are the property of Nintendo. The characters are mine, as is the plot.

Nowhere and Everywhere

Tempestas et Stringere

Chapter 1:
Nowhere and Everywhere

*)Viridian Forest(*

Deep within the Viridian Forest, in a copse rarely glimpsed by human eyes and even more rarely breached, existed a large storm, or group, of Chu. These Chu were exactly the same as the Chu that could be found anywhere else in the world, right down to the structure of the storm (a Raichu for every fifteen or so Pikachu and twenty-five or so Pichu) and their occasional mating rites setting off local thunderstorms (in one instance blowing Viridian City's power grid due to favorable weather conditions).

What was unusual about this storm was the fact that, of all the years it had existed, it had never suffered major losses to the humans, due primarily to their out-of-the-way locale. And, because of this, they had no real contingency for if a human ever breached their group.

Not that they would ever have ever needed one, since the last time they were threatened by humans, the humans used Apricorns and only Apricorns to catch Pokémon, and their aim was horrendous. It was the birth of modern Pokémon training, and the unfortunates who got that far back in the woods and attempted to capture them wound up electrocuted in self-defense.

However, their sanctity was due to be shattered on a hot June day in 2009...

*)13:21, June 13, 2009(*

Lori Tanner and Eoin Smith both hacked down a Bluk bush using their walking sticks, walking carefully over the brambles as they approached the trees. They were college students, both out here to confirm whether or not the legendary Viridian storm existed, and if so, to study it.

Lori was 21 years old, not very svelte due to a Kit-Kat-per-day habit. She had straight black hair, grey eyes, and a somewhat pale complexion, having originated from northern Sinnoh. Her knapsack reflected her preferred method of backpacking - a couple stakes, a couple poles, and a large blanket made for a quickly-made lean-to, and beneath that was a couple days' worth of raisins and a couple Kit-Kats. Her clothes were very dirty, as she had not considered packing any other clothes for the trip deep into Viridian Forest, aside from a well-made Raichu costume. Hidden in various pockets of her knapsack were berries (mainly Wacan berries) and several bottles of cover scent and Pikachu scent. She had been accepted to Saffron University two years ago, and was working on her master's degree in Pokémon biology. She was presently wearing a short-sleeve shirt, rolled-up jeans, and a visor to keep the June sun out.

Eoin was two years Lori's elder, and had a blonde "Jew-fro" style of hair, with blue-grey eyes and a somewhat more Caucasian complexion, coming from Saffron City itself. His knapsack contained several different medicines to help counter some of the zoonotic diseases wild Chu were known to carry, as well as a case with twenty epipens in it to deal with his allergy to tree nuts (an allergy which meant his Raichu costume had to be insulated, as Wacan berries, being a type of pecan, would trigger it). His clothes were clean, a result of having packed three sets of clothes. Sitrus and Cheri berries made up the bulk of the berries in his backpack, with some Kebia and Coba berries for food. A short-wave radio transmitter/receiver, keyed to a phone in the Pokémon studies department of Saffron University, was concealed in his knapsack, for the purposes of making status reports. He was on his third year in Pokémon behavioral sciences. He was wearing a (more-practical) short kilt and a light summer shirt, with a baseball cap bearing the image of a marijuana leaf on it.

"I hate these damn things," Lori growled as she beat down another sticker-bush. "At least the Sinnoh cultivars aren't gonna give you cuts." Her voice had a bit of a Russian lilt to it.

"I'm in the same boat as you," replied Eoin, in his American accent, as he beat down another sprawling Bluk bush. "I've heard of overgrowth, but overgrowth that actively tries to kill you?"

As they walked, they did not notice the lone Chu keeping close watch on them from atop the vaguely-humanoid metallic wreck thirty yards away, a relic of Giegue's first botched attack on Earth and poor UFO navigation systems that put them somewhere else. The Pikachu, having never seen a human before, quickly dismissed them as an odd-looking Gardevoir, but, even so, Gardevoir actually *walking*? It sensed something afoot, but did not act yet, except to adjust his stance to prepare to bolt if spotted.

Spotted it, unfortunately, was, by Eoin. "Hey!" came the shout. The Pikachu quickly turned around and flashed the bottom of its handpaws as it jumped off of the obliterated morph-steel, darting into the dense undergrowth. Eoin gestured to Lori and they ran up closer, ignoring the stinging cuts from the sticker-bushes and running alongside the undergrowth, attempting to keep track of the darting mouse. The chase lasted ninety seconds before it ended abruptly with Lori and Eoin smacking hard into the trunk of a large tree, giving the Pikachu ample time to retreat into the herd.

*)Viridian storm(*


Nicolau sighed and turned around, expecting another earful from this young pest standing before him. Every day, all she did was wander about the forest, get frightened of her own shadow, and then flee back into the storm like Darkrai possessed. He tsk'ed, expecting to hear what she was going to say being generally useless or garbage.

Nicolau was the oldest Raichu in the storm, pushing forty years old, and with his fur visibly graying around his ears, paws, and belly due to age. This gave him the (rather unwarranted, in his opinion) title of Kabaka, or ruler. He was in charge of everything in the storm, from foraging to defense to education, and the small huts made from dead wood were testament to that. He, however, preferred the open air to the huts, the better to let his presence be known.

"What is it now, Tish?" he said wearily. "Don't tell me you need me to exorcise another tree stump."

Tsholofelo, or "Tish" as she was commonly known, was well known in the storm for being skittish and afraid of most everything but herself. Nevertheless, she fancied herself a "sentry" and commonly left the safety of the copse to watch over the (almost-always) quiet field before it. This normally meant that at the first sign of unusual movement, be it a grasshopper hopping onto another stalk of grass or the wind blowing a leafy branch into her tail, she'd dart back and report her useless information to Nicolau, believing it to be a threat.

"Two strange Gardevoir were chasing me into here!" she blurted.

Nicolau did not believe her whatsoever. "Did you eat a fermented Oran again?"

"I'm serious! Two smallish Gardevoir, wearing odd clothes and with less-pale looks, chased me into here!"

Nicolau's suspicions were aroused. Tish almost never gave specifics. "Where are they?" he said.

*)Viridian Forest(*


Eoin sat up and rubbed the side of his face, then helped Lori back up to her feet, before looking about. They'd smacked the edge of a wall of trees, with the wall receding back a little further before terminating at the edge of a pathway lined by large Bluk bushes. Beyond that, they could hear the Pikachu crying to someone.

"Lori, I think we just hit the jackpot," Eoin muttered. He set his knapsack down and pulled out his Raichu costume. The costumes were deliberately bulky to match the body shape of a Raichu, and contained electrical diodes in the cheek pouches to allow the Chu to identify them. The head contained impulse registers to allow them to maneuver the tail naturally (so that excess electricity from the diodes could leave via a route down the tail) and register natural facial expressions, and the cover scent and Raichu smell would mask their human scent and confuse the Chu into believing they were one of them.

Lori quickly put hers on. The costumes were made from so-called "fish fur" with a plastic underskin to prevent them from disintegrating from excess rain, and were designed to minimize as much of the human anatomy as possible - Their fingers were hidden in the nowhere-near-as-dexterous gloves, while Lori's breasts were forcibly squashed against her body and Eoin's jew-fro likewise compressed against his head. A voice modulator in the throat translated human speech to the Chu's language and vice-versa.

As soon as they put them on and sprayed the cover and Raichu scents, a large, graying Raichu stepped out. Eoin carefully hid the knapsacks as Lori spoke, the modulator doing its job. "Um... we got kinda lost...."

Nicolau scoffed. "So you did. Tell me, what are your names?"

Eoin answered. "Our late Trainer called us Lori and Eoin."

Nicolau grimaced. "You were tamed?!"

"Unwillingly. We managed to escape from him a few days ago after we electrocuted him. He tried to make us cross a rapid-flowing river," said Lori, continuing the impromptu cover story.

"Well, if he won't come after you, you're welcome here. Please, come in." With that, he grabbed a nearby stick and made a hole wide enough for the two of them to enter, which they gratefully did.

*)Viridian Storm(*

Lori and Eoin kept their visible amazement down as they walked through the village, but they were stunned at the sights.

No less than 300 Pikachu were inside the copse, and, for better or worse, seemed to have developed crude shelters to hide in when it rained. In the middle of the crowd were 15 Raichu, attempting to keep the peace as fights threatened to break out over food, and countless little Pichu picking up dropped scraps from the Pikachu mouths. Eoin stopped to look, but Nicolau rapped him on the foot and pointed him to a secluded glen far in the back.

"Go there, now," said Nicolau, the friendliness from his voice gone. "Both of you."

Lori and Eoin both winced... and then they saw the Pikachu they had chased. Eoin mouthed "that little bastard" as Nicolau pushed them into his private place. Exploring the glade would have to wait.

*)Nicolau's Glade(*

Nicolau covered up the entrance with ivy before turning on his heel and glaring at Eoin and Lori. "Take off the clothing, now."

"Wh-whatever do you mean?" stammered Eoin, hoping that they wouldn't be killed.

"I find it very suspicious that both of you would simply show up on our doorstep shortly after one of our younger ones spots two humans in the woods. Now, take them off."

Lori sighed. "We can't... at least, not if we want to keep talking. But, yes, we are human. We mean you no harm, however..."

"Quiet," growled Nicolau. "Fine, leave them on, but why are you here, and how did you find this place?!"

"We are here to study you..." started Eoin. Lori interrupted him.

"We're students from Saffron University," acknowledged Lori, "and we were assigned to a field study. Specifically, we were told to find out if you actually existed, and to live amongst you for a year."

"But why us? Why can't you find another storm?" hissed Nicolau.

"The other storms are too heavily influenced by human activity," said Eoin. "We needed a storm that wasn't so affected."

"Are there any Apricorns in your bags?" demanded the kabaka.

Lori and Eoin looked at each other and resisted laughing. "No, no Apricorns or any other capture device. We weren't even allowed to carry Pokémon for protection, just the walking sticks we were using to knock down the Bluk bushes."

"Now, how did you find this place?" said Nicolau. He had a strong feeling Tish was to blame.

"We followed a Pikachu up until we ran into the trees at the edge of the copse," said Lori.

Nicolau held a profanity under his breath, then paced about, thinking, and making cheek-to-cheek contact with the diodes on the suits. "Humans seem to have advanced rather rapidly from the last time anyone in this storm has seen one."

Both of them remained quiet, until Nicolau once more stood before them. "Very well. Here's what will happen. I will let the omulosi know that you are here to study us, and that they are not to give any indication that humans have found us again."

"This isn't the first time?" asked Eoin, curious. "This storm is legendary for having no human contact."

"And indeed none it has had, since humans used Apricorns," said Nicolau. "That was, what, a hundred years past? You're the first to have found us since then."

Lori and Eoin felt honored, but did not communicate these feelings to the Kabaka. They had no idea how he would react, and in any case Eoin was nervously looking at the Chesto tree above them.

"In exchange, I would request the following. First off, try to undo the damage to the Bluk bushes first thing tomorrow. I do not want a trail leading to here."

"Yessir," said Eoin. He couldn't help but notice Nicolau was eyeing him.

"Second, try to act like me and the omulosi, including eating the same food, using the same latrines..."

"Um, sir," said Eoin, "I have a terrible allergy to nuts."

"You're not the only one," said Nicolau. "Two of the omulosi have it as well. In any case, do as we do, and don't arouse suspicion. Lastly, if you must use something to record things on, do so only in here or in one of the omulosi's places."

"Very well," said Lori. Eoin was speechless as he saw that Nicolau was eyeing him specifically... romantically, perhaps?

"Are we clear on the terms of staying here?" Nicolau asked. Both nodded. "Very well. Am I to assume you told me your actual names?"

"Minus the last names, but yes," said Eoin. He looked down to see that Nicolau was erect, five inches of penis looking at him. "Um..."

"Fine. Lori, you may go." Lori made a face under her costume and left. "As for you, Eoin..."

"Um, sir... Are you falling in love with me? Another male?"

"And if I am?" said Nicolau. "We're adults; we can love."

Eoin almost gasped. Nicolau approached him. "In fact, I want to see how good you are in bed." He traced along the suit's chest. "It's an honor, being mated by the storm's Kabaka."

Eoin backed up a bit, shaking beneath his costume. "B-but, sir..." His protest was interrupted by a kiss from Nicolau, who gently pushed him further into the glade.

*)Nicolau's Breeding Glade(*

Once in the back, Eoin stumbled and looked at Nicolau, frightened. "S-sir, I don't really mean to insult you, but..."

"You'd prefer a human?" asked Nicolau.

"No, not that... it's just that I'm still a virgin, and I don't want to lose it to a Raichu."

Nicolau approached closer. "Tough. Now, if you would, lay on your side."

Eoin saw the pointlessness in arguing, and laid down on the bed, sending an impulse to raise his tail as one of the few holes in his suit, intended for him to defecate normally, revealed itself and Eoin's pucker beyond.

"Please, Kabaka... be gentle with me..." Eoin said, not expecting to be heard.

"I will, Eoin."

Nicolau laid down behind him, his erect pole dancing around the hole in the suit for a little bit as Eoin braced for the worst. A sudden thrust in by Nicolau caused him to draw a sharp breath as Nicolau's hands gripped around Eoin's "belly" (in truth his hips) and the Kabaka began to thrust into the human. Eoin held his breath, trying to endure the pain from his first session.

Nicolau bit down on the costume gently, though not enough to damage it as his tail tip waggled and his thrusts went deeper. The sudden feeling of Nicolau's testicles beating against the costume surprised Eoin into a couple whimpers, but he kept his tongue bit, even as the pain waxed with the intensity of Nicolau's breeding speed. Eoin's movement was too restricted by the costume to fight back, but he had a few questions he'd ask the Kabaka once he finished.

"Oof..." groaned Nicolau. "I never imagined a human would be so..."

The word "tight" formed in Eoin's mind, but he was afraid to open his mouth, hoping that if he stayed shut up Nicolau wouldn't seek anything more from him. As it was, his observations were irreparably tainted due to this, regardless of whether or not he was enjoying it (which, minus the rape, he was so-so on). All he wished was that it was over soon, and that this would be the only time he wanted sex from him.

"Ohh... ohhhh!" Nicolau slammed himself into Eoin with one final thrust and Eoin couldn't hold back a squeak as the semen shot into his backside, and the sudden warmth surprised him. Nicolau's handpaws gently rubbed the suit's belly, and he pulled out of Eoin, whom was still rather stiff in silence.

"I'm done now, you can stop acting like a rock."

Eoin quickly closed his legs and sat up, sitting straight up to keep Nicolau away from his backside. "D-do you always do that to new members?"

"Not unless I like what I see," he said with a smirk, grabbing a leaf and giving it to Eoin. "Clean yourself up."

Eoin took it, but did not move from his position. "Are you gay?" asked Eoin.

"Define 'gay'," said Nicolau. "Last I heard, 'gay' meant happy."

"You know, you like having sex with others of the same gender," said Eoin, still fighting the urge to grunt in pain as he shifted position.

He nodded. "Only time I approach a female is during the estrus," he said. "Otherwise, I prefer other males."

That answered Eoin's question and made him rather nervous, especially given how quickly Nicolau turned onto him. "Erm... could we not do this again?" he asked meekly.

"But I'd like to do that again," replied the Raichu. "Human ass feels much better than Raichu ass, to be honest."

Eoin gulped. This was going to be a very long year.

*)Viridian Storm(*

As Lori stepped out, she looked about for another Raichu, hoping to get some help from that chu as to how to act. Her head swiveled around quickly, but it settled first not on a Raichu, but on the Pikachu they'd chased. "Hey!" she shouted.

Tish looked up, and resumed her normal nervous demeanor. She wasn't fooled by the costume, given that the average Raichu was just over two and a half feet tall, and that this one was easily twice that height, if not more. "G, go away!"

"We didn't mean to frighten you, girl," said Lori, rubbing behind Tish's ear. "Now, what's your name?"

"T-Tsholofelo," she replied. "But everyone calls me 'Tish' for short."

"Tish," asked Lori, "would you happen to know where I can find a Raichu to help me?"

"Not if..." started Tish.

"Nicolau's going to talk to them about us. He already knows that we're not going to put you at risk of being captured."

Tish wondered for a bit, and then pointed out a Raichu female gently nudging a Pichu to tire it out. "She can help you."

"Thanks, Tish," said Lori. She started to move, but was stopped by a question from Tish.

"W-what's your name, ma'am?"

"Lori," she replied before stepping over to the Raichu, whom was still knocking the Pichu gently about. "Erm..."

The Raichu looked up. Unlike Nicolau, she was fooled by the disguise and scent, and just regarded her as an abnormally-large Raichu. "Yes, how may I help you?"

"Uh, I just came here from the outside and need someone to help me out for a few days. Tsholofelo told me you could help me the most," said Lori.

"Pshaw, that coward? She's right, but personally, I wouldn't let her wild stories of monsters in the woods get to you." The Pichu beneath her fell asleep, and she grabbed it in her teeth and bade Lori to follow her to her home, which was a rickety, but tall thanks to the deadwood used to create it, hut. She set the Pichu on a bed of leaves and turned to look at Lori. "Now, what did you need to know?"

"Some of it I can't really explain until Nicolau..."

"Refer to him by his title, the Kabaka," said the Raichu.

"Fine, the Kabaka talks to the rest of you later. But for right now, what's the rules here?"

"Given how long we've been around," said the Raichu, "it's a wonder there's any such construct as law. Still, killing another Chu will result in an exile out into the more human-populated areas. It's enough of a punishment that there's very little willing murder here."

The word murder chilled Lori a bit. "Erm, any particular areas I should avoid as a Raichu?"

"All the Raichu here are omulosi, though I'd imagine you two would need to be vetted by the Kabaka first," said the Raichu. "Just be careful if you're male... the rumors the Pikachu spread that the Kabaka's a tailraiser are true."

Lori's face paled inside the costume, and she could only imagine Eoin's discomfort at having to pleasure that rat. "Uh..."

"You seem nervous," said the Raichu.

"It's nothing," said Lori.

Chapter End Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, and is applicable for all consecutive chapters that follow.

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    Reviewer: lollipuny
    Date:May 29 2014 Chapter:Nowhere and Everywhere
    Actually, I can't agree with the prior review.

    I opened this story expecting a sex-driven plot bunch of massive orgies and was instead given the opposite. The world is incredibly intriguing; set in Africa of all places! Perhaps it's just because I'm not used to the setting, but it really makes the situation that your characters are in feel a lot more dire than they anticipated when going in for this assignment (probably exactly what you wanted anyhow!).

    Each chapter has a tense air with a mystery assailant looming around the storm, deadlines being pushed and new things being discovered within the environment. The sex can wait, as far as I'm concerned. I want to know what happens next!

    Ramble further! Please Ramble further!
    Author's Response:
    The story's actually set in Kanto, on the Kanto side of Mt. Silver's slopes. The Chu using African terms and names is more a result of headcanonisation on my part, but it fits here since I wanted to give the impression that the Chu had a unique society all their own and were sapient.