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Tempestas et Stringere by Bébinn Heffernan


Story Notes:

Sorry for the long absence; I've had a lot of things to do, a massive amount of writer's block recently (The latest Karistaa Usko chapter's presently in Limbo), and a complete overhaul of my mythos, so I decided to do one more in the general Pokemon universe. As the July contest inspired me a bit to write this chapter, it's a contest entry (or, at the very least, Nowhere and Everywhere is since I'm not certain how long this inspiration will hold).As usual: Pikachu, Pokémon, Mother et al. are the property of Nintendo. The characters are mine, as is the plot.


Chapter 15:


*)October 1, 2009 - 14:11 KDT(*

Eoin yawned as he decided to use some of his newfound freedom to explore around the river that came over Mt. Silver. He gently trudged through the woods, to a vista he saw the other day that allowed him to gaze at the waterfall. It was in a clearing in the woods, so he took the time to fashion himself a crude umbrella, as it had been raining the past few days.

He sat at the edge of the cliff overlooking the river seven feet below. It was a sheer cliff, but sturdy. Looking to his right, through the rain he saw the waterfall and heard its mighty roar, seeing Goldeen and Magikarp being sent down it (unwillingly in the case of the Magikarp) and gazed at the white foam at the base. The foam dissipated as the river traveled rapidly through the channel below. Ten feet to his left the river dropped down another cascade. Eoin sighed. This was a very calm spot, and he had to thank Nicolau for showing it to him.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of paws on his back and had no time to look behind him before he fell into the water. All he saw was the cliff. Mercifully for him, the water was about ten feet deep. He swam as best he could towards a nearby rock jutting from the water and shouted out, “SOMEONE! HELP ME!!”

As he yelled this, he feared that nobody could come to his rescue - after all, he wouldn't expect a human to help, for a brief moment forgetting he was in Chu territory. He looked up and was stunned to see a sturdy vine being thrown over the side, landing by him.

“Eoin! Climb up; hurry!” came Mudiwa's voice from the ridge. The roar of the two waterfalls almost drowned it out.

Eoin didn't need being told twice and sighed, grabbing the vine. It started to stretch under his weight, a situation Mudiwa remedied by throwing down more vines. “THANKS!” shouted Eoin, as he climbed up. He felt Mudiwa try to help pull him up, knowing that it was raining and thus the vines would be hard to grip. Nonetheless, both persevered, and in fifteen minutes Eoin was back on the cliff, his heart beating rapidly as he gazed as Mudiwa's frightened face.

“Y.. You saved me, Mudiwa,” said Eoin, a smile on his face.

“I wish I would have caught whomever pushed you off,” he said. “I was out here with a foraging party when I heard your voice; I don't think they'll mind me playing hookey from berries... Eep!”

The “eep” was because Eoin had kissed him. Not on the cheek; directly on the lips. To Eoin, his mind was made up: Humanity can live without him. Mudiwa looked at Eoin, and just returned the kiss, adding his tongue. A few minutes of passionate kissing ended when Mudiwa asked Eoin in Common, “Eoin... Do you love me?”

“Yes, Mudiwa,” said Eoin, turning off his translator. He gulped, his heart in his chest. Adrenaline was pumping through his body, but Eoin did not mind. He just had never thought he'd find his ideal love in a Pikachu!

Mudiwa himself was speechless. For years he had feared that his knowing the human language would be a death-knell to his love life; now it was proving to be an asset. He swallowed nervously, then looked to Eoin. “If you love me...”

Eoin knew what was coming next, but refrained for the moment. “Maybe when we're home, so we won't get wet.”

Mudiwa nodded. “No... not that.” He looked at Eoin's erect penis. “May I... play with it?”

Eoin looked and nodded. “Be gentle, though.”

Mudiwa smiled and scooted towards it. It was a full six inches and beginning to throb, in spite of the cold and wet weather. It was slick with water, but Mudiwa didn't mind, drying it off with a leaf real quick before he straddled it, his back to Eoin's belly, and planted his footpaws on it.

Eoin gasped. “I didn't know you were into feet, Mudiwa!”

Mudiwa smiled and softly placed those feet around his penis, stroking gently. “I'll be even more into it when you take me with that big, fleshy human cock!” he whispered into Eoin's ear. Mudiwa's pawpads were distributed throughout the foot, as appropriate for the plantigrade Chu, and very soft on Eoin. He cooed and spread his legs a little bit, allowing Mudiwa as much room to move his feet as possible. His rod occasionally rubbed up against Mudiwa's testicles and erect rod, itself only 4” in length. Mudiwa's penis was a tad thin and was shaped similar to a carrot.

Eoin groaned. “Oof, Mudiwa...”

Mudiwa smiled. “You want me, don't you?”

Eoin looked down, and for a moment Mudiwa thought he saw disappointment on his face, before it got buried underneath a smile. “I do.”

Mudiwa removed his feet from Eoin's rod and got on all fours. He shifted his weight a bit, making sure his legs were spread, and flagged his tail to show Eoin his tailhole. “Then please... make me your mate.”

Eoin approached gingerly, then just as cautiously mounted Mudiwa as his tip played around his hole. Mudiwa cooed as Eoin moved into the natural mating position, and Eoin kept his body - and his rubber suit - over Mudiwa as he found the sweet spot and began to push in. Mudiwa loudly gasped in pain, and tightened his already-very tight tailhole; Eoin pushed in as much as he could, noting that Mudiwa was only eighteen inches tall. He managed to get all of himself within Mudiwa, and smiled as he began to rock his hips back and forth, mating the Pikachu. He was rewarded with a loud moan and a compliment on his size from Mudiwa.

“No, it's just that you're so small,” he replied. Nonetheless, he kept his speed low, and thrust rather shallowly into Mudiwa, hearing him moan and feeling him squirm and move about under him. Inside the tightness of Mudiwa's hind end, Eoin felt warmth emanating from him, and felt the smoothness of his insides gently rubbing along his length. Eoin couldn't stifle a moan, and he hugged Mudiwa tightly. Mudiwa responded by leaning his front end down and tilting his back end up, letting Eoin get deep into his body, which he did, his hips and testes softly smacking Mudiwa's ass. Mudiwa moaned louder, his erection dying off as his prostrate was stimulated, since he (like most males) couldn't maintain an erection while penetrated.

For three minutes, Eoin and Mudiwa performed their forbidden dance, with Eoin softly taking Mudiwa to worlds of pleasure he had never even thought of at all, his thickness making aiming for his prostate unrealistic as it would get rubbed anyways from normal thrusting. Eoin heard Mudiwa's moans get a bit higher in pitch, and hugged Mudiwa tight as he began to thrust a bit faster, near his own climax.

“Ahhhn, ohhh, mmmnn... Eoin!” moaned out Mudiwa. His tailhole tightened in a rhythmic pattern, one clench for each bolt of semen leaking from his barely-visible penis. Eoin gasped out Mudiwa's name as well, his own penis filling Mudiwa and then some, potent human seed almost shooting from Mudiwa's ass with every climactic shot.

Once expended, the two relaxed, panting softly in the rain. Both felt each other's love, with Eoin softly stroking the Pikachu's ears. It took some time for Eoin to get flaccid enough to leave Mudiwa, and Mudiwa whined in protest when he did so. He then stood up. “Mudiwa Smith... kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?”

Mudiwa slowly got to his feet, smirking. “Hold it. The Kabaka'll need to talk to us before he okays you living here.”

“I don't foresee any issues. He knows full well this storm is pretty much all I have,” Eoin noted. “Come on, we've got a bad experience to wipe from our minds.”

*)Kabaka's Glade-16:25 KDT(*

“You sure you know where he is?” asked Lori irritatedly. Eoin had not shown up to give her notes that day, which was becoming more and more common and starting to annoy her to no end. “If I find he's not there, I'm going to assume you're hiding him somewhere where you can rape him.”

“Yes, Lori,” retorted Nicolau angrily, scrawling on Ime's newest map. “You mistake me for being a mastermind.”

As Lori turned to leave and fetch Eoin, Eoin entered the glade, holding Mudiwa in his hands. “Ah, Eoin, there you are. I was wo--”

She cut herself off the moment she saw that Eoin wasn't wearing his hood, and thus wasn't using his translator or masking the look of disgust on his face aimed at her. “Wonder no more, Lori. Would you please excuse me? The Kabaka and I have issues to discuss.”

“Issues? What issues?” demanded Lori, approaching. Mudiwa growled and sparked at her, a threat which made Lori almost jump. “Mudiwa, what the hell is wrong with you?!”

Eoin put his hood on. “Nicolau, I have a request.” At these words, Nicolau looked up from his map and turned around. “I wish to live here. Permanently.”

Lori's face went from bewildered to belligerent. “Eoin, what the fuck are you--”

And,” continued Eoin, trying to shout down Lori, “I wish to officially become Mudiwa's husband.”

Lori and Nicolau were both speechless for a moment. Nicolau seemed to have a saddened, yet understanding look on his face, whereas Lori looked more aghast. Nicolau broke the silence. “Mudiwa, is this okay with you?”

“I wouldn't have talked him into doing it if the feeling wasn't mutual,” said Mudiwa.

Lori interrupted the Kabaka before he could speak again. “Eoin. You. Me. We need to talk.” She sounded livid.

“Lori, I don't have time to hear your nannying bullshit,” growled Eoin, translator off. Nicolau didn't need to understand this argument.

“You're acting like an idiot, Eoin! You're in the middle of a fucking four-year course, for Chrissake! You don't need to be in the daycare pen yourself!” hissed Lori, making exaggerated motions with her arms. “Especially with someone not even a third your size!”

“Hey, Lori, ever thought that I had a say in the matter, too?” angrily growled Mudiwa in Common. “I wouldn't have even let him close enough to me to mate with me if I wasn't comfortable!”

“M-MATE with him?!” Lori's voice was now at a low roar. “Eoin, have you completely lost your fucking mind?

Eoin growled and replied with a blistering, “Listen here, you self-centered cunt...” Lori's face blanched under the suit, and even Mudiwa paled at the use of the c-word. “ assume that just because you have someone who fucks you and someone who came from someone fucking you that I do as well?! I have no family, and you'd've known that if you paid any attention to the scuttlebutt in the damn omulosi's hall!”

Lori was shaking with rage, and shook a fist at Eoin. “D-don't you ever...”

“Oh, it's just a word, Lori. 'Cunt, cunt, cunt.' Much like 'research', 'study', and all that other bullshit to sanitize what they'd rather us do. I am not going to participate in your fucking precious 'study' anymore. In fact, I'm scratching my head as to why they even assigned us here in the first place.”

“They sent us here to study the social interactions of--”

“No, Lori, that's the excuse they gave us. I've seen more in the past month than I care to. Hell, part of why I want to stay is to keep myself from being assassinated for knowing too much.” He pulled out the small scrap of fabric from his pocket. “Or tell me you haven't noticed that the Chu, Johto, and Kanto treat the path towards Mt. Silver as an anomaly to be locked away?”

Nicolau visibly paled when Eoin produced the fabric. “...Lori, you're not going to win this argument. Eoin has a point.”

“Well, what's there to hide?” demanded Lori of Eoin and Nicolau. “That looks like simple dacron to me!”

Nicolau answered. “I will tell you later. Not with a Ceremony-taker in the room.” He gestured at Mudiwa. “Just accept what he says at face value.”

Eoin turned to Lori. “I suggest you seriously think about where your loyalties lie, Lori. The answer to that question could get us all killed if you choose wrong.”

Nicolau cleared his throat. “Eoin... Omulosi Eoin... request granted.”

Lori looked flabbergasted. Eoin looked down at Mudiwa and nodded, smiling. Mudiwa softly smiled back, and the two left the glade before Lori could stop them. Lori turned to Nicolau. “Alright, Nicolau, what the fuck is going on here?!”

“I'll explain as best I can. I doubt you will believe me, though...” said Nicolau wearily.

*)Mudiwa's hut - 18:42 KDT(*

Tatenda paced about as Sithembile waited for his son to return. The foraging had gone well, but Mudiwa was MIA. Rather then send out a search party, they decided that Mudiwa might be home on his own, and had probably fallen asleep.

Their patience was rewarded when, at 6:42 PM, Mudiwa came home, in the arms of Eoin, whom Mudiwa's hind end smelled of.

“Mudiwa! Where have you been!?” demanded Sithembile.

Mudiwa didn't answer, except with thus: “Mom, Dad... meet my husband, Eoin Smith.”

Both of them looked at Eoin, panicked a bit, afraid that Eoin would harm him. Eoin knelt down and entered the house, turning his translator on. “Don't worry, Mum, Dad, I didn't hurt him.”

It took a few moments for Eoin's words to sink in. Tatenda was first to respond. “...Mom and Dad?”

“Yep. Mudiwa and I talked it over with the Kabaka.” Eoin sat down, removing his suit most of the way except for the head. “Effective today, I'm a permanent member of the storm.”

“What about Lori?” asked Sithembile. “She is your partner.”

“Lori and I had an argument a bit ago,” replied Eoin. “I'd sooner not talk about it.”

“Don't you have fa-” started Tatenda.

Mudiwa shook his head. “He made it clear you two and me are his family.”

Silence reigned in the room for a few moments. Mudiwa then spoke, in English. “Mom, Dad... I love Eoin. And he has my virginity.”

Tatenda and Sithembile could only go by tone-of-voice, and heard the infatuation in their child's voice. The former sighed. “Very well. Eoin... no, son... welcome to the family.”

Sithembile blurted out, “Please don't hurt him when you mate!”

Eoin resisted the urge to facepalm. “I've already had him. Don't worry, I'll be gentle with him.”

With that, he removed his suit completely, and his and Mudiwa's lips met in a deep kiss.
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