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Tempestas et Stringere by Bébinn Heffernan


Story Notes:

Sorry for the long absence; I've had a lot of things to do, a massive amount of writer's block recently (The latest Karistaa Usko chapter's presently in Limbo), and a complete overhaul of my mythos, so I decided to do one more in the general Pokemon universe. As the July contest inspired me a bit to write this chapter, it's a contest entry (or, at the very least, Nowhere and Everywhere is since I'm not certain how long this inspiration will hold).As usual: Pikachu, Pokémon, Mother et al. are the property of Nintendo. The characters are mine, as is the plot.

Moonlight Meet

Chapter 5:
The Moonlight Meet

*)July 4, 2009(*

The political structure of the herd is that of an oligarchy. Every two weeks, on a Friday, the Raichu of the storm, referred to as the olumosi, gather together in a private glade, whereupon they deliver a straight up-or-down vote on whatever suggestions the head Raichu, or kabaka, makes. While there are no logs, the olumosi I am most familiar with tells me that, unless a law makes perfect sense to defend the storm, it has a small likelihood of passing. This past week, the kabaka introduced three laws that would allow us to resume our studies minus interference from the other Chu, sparked by an incident where a particularly aggressive and paranoid Pikachu accosted my colleague, Eoin. Two of them - laws making us, in effect, olumosi until we leave and that start treating harassment as an offense - were passed. The third one was not. I was not there and therefore did not hear the law, but Chausiku indicated that it was, in her words, "yet another attempt at" an equal-rights measure, intended to protect homosexual Pikachu. (Omulosi and the kabaka are somewhat above the law due to there being so few of them, and are free to flaunt their sexuality openly, as the Kabaka, a homosexual male, does.)

As I have Chu duty today (i.e. I have to make sure the Pikachu don't spark a riot), I cannot stay on the transmitter for much longer.

Lori hung the transmitter up and hid it back in her knapsack. She was transmitting from the latrines due to the lack of interference. Taking up her knapsack (and finishing off the Kit-Kat bar she grabbed), she stepped out and handed the sack to Chausiku. "Thanks."

"No problem," she said. "So you speak into that thing and someone inside listens?"

Lori thought to explain, but stopped herself when she recognized the nature of Chausiku's question. It was one a four-year-old human would ask, one that showed a lack of understanding. "Yeah," she said. "And that someone writes down everything I say so that when I return to civilization my professors can read what I've said. But we're getting beside the point. Stash the knapsack somewhere, and meet me in the middle of the Yellow Sea."

Chausiku couldn't help but laugh at Lori's description of a crush of Pikachu. "I'll make sure to bring a strong vine in case you start drowning."

It was Lori's turn to laugh. "Please do," she said, stifling a snigger.

*)July 7, 2009 - 20:30 - Hidden Clearing(*

Eoin approached the ramshackle door, made from what appeared to a large sheet of bark mixed with an odd sort of metal. He gulped, poked his penis through a slit in his costume, and knocked on the door gently.

He was answered by an omulosi, whom looked down at Eoin's rod. "Ahm, I wonder whom told you of the Moonlight Meet?" came the whispered reply.

"Chausiku told me," came the reply. "Eoin Smith."

"Put it away," said the omulosi. "No need to broadcast a human penis."

As Eoin slipped his penis back into his costume, the door opened and the omulosi pulled him in and shut the door again. "Is that everyone, Kabaka?"

Eoin looked about and saw Nicolau conversing with three Pikachu. Quickly scanning the area, he took a quick headcount. Four omulosi were here, including Ime, as were about thirty Pikachu, some of which were already having sex, but the most of which were talking. Nine Pichu were in a corner scrawling things with charcoal on a rock.

"I'm counting thirty-two Pikachu here and nine Pichu. Still waiting on five Pikas and eight Pees," he replied.


Eoin looked over at the kabaka, then walked over to him. "Ka-"

"Use my name here; we're amongst friends," said Nicolau.

"Nicolau... What is this place about? Chausiku gave me the basic rundown..."

"Chausiku's known about the Moonlight Meets for a while," said Nicolau, as he stepped away from the Pikachu. "Her son's been participating in them for a couple years."

"Her son?" asked Eoin. Nicolau pointed to a Pikachu on the far end chatting with another Pikachu. One would have never figured the two out except for the fact that Chausiku's son had apparently mutilated his tail to add a notch to it, similar to female Sinnoh specimens. "Oh... Does she know her son's a sub?"

"She doesn't care either way. Chausiku's the type of person who believes that anything less than absolute truth is unacceptable. Now, had he claimed he was gay and started whaling on a nimbus, she would disown him," said Nicolau.

Silence for a bit. Then, "Thanks for passing the anti-harassment law. I hope to God above I don't see the Mothopendo's face for a while."

"You're welcome, Eoin." Looking about, he noticed that during the conversation, all the remaining Pichu had entered, as had two of the Pikachu. "To be honest, I don't know much about Farai."

"What do you mean?" asked Eoin.

"Maybe later; I see a couple new faces in the crowd," he said, breaking away from Eoin and leaving him be.

Eoin looked about and had to resist getting stiff. It was a sausage fest here, filled with doms, subs, and switches, many of whom seemed less interested in buggery and more interested in the relationship. Eoin reminded himself HUMAN males only with a mental note, and wandered about.

The clearing was very large and, even if they were caught by surprise, was easily defendable because the dense wood made it difficult to get attacks through, especially at this time of night. The moon had just risen, and while it bathed everything in an eerie pale-blue light, the light did not penetrate the canopies of the trees.

As he pondered this, his eyes fell upon a lone Pikachu, whom appeared to be masturbating. Curious at this, Eoin slowly approached, again reminding himself not to get involved in a buggery war with a Raichu or Pikachu. (He was already dismissing Pichu as an option, regarding it as pedophilia.)


As his paw worked over the small Pikachu shaft, Mudiwa twitched his tail and kept his head down, entertaining himself to his favorite daydream - becoming an omulosi and having sex with a powerful Raichu, his tail lifted and mouth expelling motes of romance.

"Why, hello there."

Mudiwa squeaked and flipped around, looking at the ankles of the large Chu before him. He was slightly larger than a Pikachu (standing 1'7" bipedal) but this Raichu was so large as to strain credulity. "Yike!" he said suddenly.

The Raichu gently rubbed across the side of his throat. "Pi pika pikatsuu?!"

"I'm not going to hurt you," said the Raichu in flawless Common. He sat down. "I just want to talk." The bottoms of the Raichu's feet were dirty, but his pawpads were in funny places - a small one by the heel, a large one about halfway up the foot, and then, just beyond that, five small pads, like toes.

"You speak the human language?" asked Mudiwa. Like Farai, his voice had a thick African accent.

"I'm one of the two humans," said the Raichu. He offered his cheek.

Mudiwa rubbed his cheek against the large Raichu's, and, while the return shock was not immediately familiar, he started to believe the Raichu's story. "Erm... Could you leave and allow me to get back to masturbating?"

"I was about to say, you seemed lonely," said the Humanchu. There seemed to be some hesitation in his voice.

"No, I'm just... waiting for my mate to show up," came the reply from Mudiwa. This was a lie, as Mudiwa was unmated. His bilingual trait made him unattractive as a mate.

This seemed to relieve the Humanchu, whom nodded and apologized. "I'm sorry for disturbing you, then." With that, he stood back up, rubbed the side of his throat the other way, and walked off.


Nice going, Eoin! Are you crazy?! You almost offered to stick yourself into a Pikachu's ass!

Eoin berated himself mentally as he walked back towards the center of the clearing. By now a large carpet of vines had been draped in front of the door, making it impossible to peek into the clearing from the storm's side.

Nicolau returned to him. "You seem distracted, Eoin."

Eoin looked at Nicolau. "I think I'm going mad."

"Why?" asked the Kabaka.

"I just about offered to fuck a Pikachu!" he hissed under his breath.

"Tsk, tsk. What part of 'no pushing...'"

"I'm serious! If I have sex with any one of you while I'm here, my observations are meaningless! And if I get mated to any one of you, I'm not going to be able to explain the situation to anyone back in human civilization!"


"I mean no offense to you, Kabaka, but I'm not trying to push my morals on anyone here. I'm trying to make sure that, when I get back, I don't get thrown in jail for bestiality!"

Silence between the two. The only sounds came from mating Chu and from the pockets of conversation. Then, Nicolau said, "You'd be thrown in jail?"

"Yes. Humans having sex with Pokemon is illegal in our society and will lead to me being imprisoned if they find out. And that will also end my career as a Pokemon behaviorist before it begins."

Nicolau's eyes lit with understanding, and he tightly hugged Eoin. "Crap, Eoin, I'm sorry..."

"I don't intend to reveal that you've raped me. My study's not about you specifically, but rather your storm. However, a consensual relationship will effectively damn me, regardless of whom I date."

"You know we're-"

"I know. I know you are all brilliant minds and would be celebrities as humans, that Pikachu over there especially." Eoin pointed towards the lone Chu in the corner, whom was lying down and sleeping. "So does Lori. However, other humans don't see it that way. They only see the outside, and not the mind going to waste on the inside taking orders from fat slobs who think Pokemon are the answer to the abolition of slavery."

More silence, this time total. The other Chu were gathering around Eoin, whom realized he'd attracted a larger crowd than he intended. Nonetheless, he kept talking.

"Lori and I took this assignment primarily because it would keep us away from human civilization for a year. A year without looking in the paper and reading about a businessman being gunned down in an alley, a year without seeing graffiti from local punks on trees in the park, a year without hearing about god-damned-fucking-bullshit-Kanto-politics!" he growled. "I envy you Chu - you get little-to-no wanton and senseless murder, you don't actively damage your own environment, and your politics aren't double-talk and 'God damn these fucking constituents'!"

Some conversation amongst the Pikachu and the omulosi. Chausiku's son piped up. "So debate where you come from is more about religion?"

"What debate? It's simply calling out senators because they worship a different desert god than they do!" retorted Eoin. "That, and refusing to acknowledge other people even fucking exist!"

More talking. Nicolau spoke next. "You've had your peace. I understand your frustrations a bit better now, but do you honestly believe complaining to a bunch of shoga will help your cause?"

"If you think my cause is to get the law changed in Kanto, you're missing the whole point of what I said. My cause is to enjoy as much time as I can outside the hellhole that is Kantonese politics and life," said Eoin.

The voices ceased. Everyone stayed silent.

"Look, I will admit that Nicolau here fucked - no, raped - me. Since then, I've been the victim of a rather meritless rumor that I'd sleep with him willingly if given a chance. That rumor is crap."

Nicolau glumly nodded. "The first day, before I told the omulosi of his presence, I did indeed bed him against his will."

"I came to the Moonlight Meet hoping to get some assistance and support from you guys. That's what I need at this point, since right now I'm approaching the break-down point due to all this shit."

More silence. Then, a Pikachu opened his mouth. "What would you want us to do? Most everything we talk about in here doesn't leave the glade."

"I want you to start a counter-rumor," said Eoin.

Nicolau's ears perked. "What sort of counter-rumor?"

"That Nicolau's looking at..." he looked about and his eyes settled on another omulosi. "...that omulosi as a mate."

Nicolau seemed a bit offended. "I prefer nonChu, thank you."

"Well, play the part. Hopefully the counter-rumor kills the first rumor."

The Pikachu seemed to agree with this strategy. Nicolau sighed. "Alright, Eoin. We'll go with your plan. I wouldn't normally agree with something like this, but you seem very stressed."

"Thank you, Kabaka," said Eoin.


As the moon rose higher, the debate and conversation continued. Eoin had by now found a lonely spot, where he could sit and clear his mind.

"This seat taken?" came a voice from his left.

Eoin turned around to see Chausiku's son approaching him. He shook his head and scooted over, allowing him to sit down.

"You seem too tense for your own good," he observed.

"I'm not too tense; I'm only trying to avoid imagining tapping that hot Ch-dammit..."

The Pikachu sniggered. "Stop thinking about hot Chu ass and focus back on what you have back in human society."

"Really? What pickup line should I use? 'Hi, my name's Eoin Smith, and I lost my virginity to a horny Raichu!'" said Eoin sarcastically. "Even if I get out of here, if word gets out my first session was being raped by a Raichu, I'll never escape the taunts without Ol' Number Seven and a pistol."

"Maybe, then... you shouldn't go back to society," he observed.

"Can't," retorted Eoin. "I have to go back with Lori at the end of the year. This area's part of a no-trespass zone for the military for some reason."

"But you don't really want to go back there, do you?" said the Pikachu, his tail twitching.

"The moment I get back there all I'll hear is Stupid Senator this, murder-suicide that, and anything else is waterskiing Chatot," acknowledged Eoin.

"Then why not fake your death?"

"Lori would never go for it. She's the one in charge of this little breaching experiment, not I."

"You've got a good enough reason for not going back."

"I've also got a better reason to go back."

As the night continued on, more and more Chu grew tired, and the sounds of sexual contact started to grow ever-louder as Chu looked for beds to sleep with their mates in. Eoin simply tuned them out and went to sleep alone.
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