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IMPORTANT - Major Site Update Incoming

    Date:Nov 27, 2015 2:26 AM Title:IMPORTANT - Major Site Update Incoming

    Alright! So, some fairly big news ahead.

    First of all, we're aware we've been a tad quiet about things. But nothing to fear, we have been quite busy behind the scenes!

    We're happy to announce a large, side-wide software update! This has necessitated a lot of work behind the scenes, including developing the software in-house and extensive bugtesting. The final product is, what we believe to be, the first fully-PHP based booru software in actual commission. This will make maintenance, adding features, and fixing bugs far easier than with our current patchwork system. We hope you'll all be as excited about this as we are!

    Overhauls of all major sections have been performed, as well as unification of all site accounts. No longer will you need to have multiple logins for each section!

    Unfortunately, due to compatibility problems with modern browsers, the Oekaki section is being put on temporary hold while we explore our options. This means new drawings and comments will not be able to be submitted (the current system is barely working anyway). Old images and posts have all been preserved however, and the Oekaki will be re-opened at a later date when it's good and ready.

    We're opening the public beta of the new site now; you can visit it All accounts and content registered/posted before November 26, 2015 (as of time of this post) have already been ported over and will be available. While we hope to not find any major issues with the new site, please keep in mind that if we need to reset the new site's data, it will erase anything new you have posted on it. Further submission of data to the old Forums, Gallery and Fics are not guaranteed to make it into the new site.

    We are aware this is a surprise for a lot of people visiting, but we firmly believe that this will make it far easier to maintain and make more attractive the site. If you have any suggestions for features, or spot anything wrong with the new software, please let us know on the new forums!

    In addition, we are planning an extensive advertising campaign to freshen up the community with new faces. There's no point in putting all this effort in for the site and community if nobody knows we exist, afterall!

    Any queries over anything not covered here can be handled on the IRC chat ( #agnph, or click IRC on the top navbar!). The staff are generally responsive when awake, and happy to answer any questions.

    - Flygon, Wilon, and the rest of AGNPH staff

    Flygon did it...
    Date:Dec 8, 2015 4:33 AM Title:RE: IMPORTANT - Major Site Update Incoming

    We're exploring new options for the Oekaki, but at the moment it doesn't look good. It is detrimental to both functionality and security by reusing any Java-based Oekaki system.
    Not to mention that Java, much like Flash, is not usable on iDevices (iPhones/iPads) and most Android devices.

    The only practical option is an HTML5 powered Oekaki system, although this is proving extremely difficult to find beyond a few startup projects that are nowhere near complete.