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Hello! ~ Just some stuff you should know!

    Flygon did it...
    Date:Dec 8, 2015 5:16 AM Title:Hello! ~ Just some stuff you should know!

    Hey there, it's me! Your favorite Dragonite!

    What's that? I'm not your favorite? Oh... okay T_T

    Anyways, you might not have seen me around much recently. A busy schedule and health problems mean I spend less time on the internet then I used to, but I digress...

    I would like to thank everyone on AGNPH for their kind support getting me through some difficult times, and especially Cyn for filling my shoes while I was gone. He has done a fantastic job at this new site, which I should mention is 100% hand-coded and not reliant on any pre-written software whatsoever, and I dare say it's far beyond what was expected of him. Don't forget to thank Cyn for going above and beyond for AGNPH.

    Now then, you may be noticing the skins are looking a bit bland and bare. Don't worry, it won't stay that way for long. As compensation for my absence during the new site project, I have taken on the task of updating the existing skins, as well as designing new ones. The default agnph skin will be standard blue color scheme as it is now, but with some style updates to make it look less bland. All other skins will feature different color schemes as well as pokemon based on the theme of the skin (for example, Charizard for Fire Red and Venusaur for Leaf Green). There's no set release date for these skins as I will be doing them in my free time, but keep your eyes peeled anyway.

    Feel free to make any suggestions for skins! What Pokemon Theme would you like to see in a skin?


    We sincerely hope you enjoy the new site and look forward to the upcoming updates!

    AGNPH's Favorite Dragonite
    ~ HatchlingByHeart

    Date:Mar 10, 2016 9:39 PM Title:RE: Hello! ~ Just some stuff you should know!

    sun and moon and black and white