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It's time to clear up some confusion.

    Flygon did it...
    Date:Mar 30, 2016 1:57 PM Title:It's time to clear up some confusion.

    Hello all.

    Posting to clear up some confusion about a couple of things about AGNPH.

    First of all, there seems to be a widespread notion both inside and outside the site, that I am the owner or founder of AGNPH, and as such, I seem to get the majority of the backlash and abuse from disgruntled users over decisions they did not like, almost always decisions that didn't even involve me.

    I want to make it clear that I have at no point ever, been in charge of the direction AGNPH goes in, this has always been Flygon's, and formerly Wilon's, court. I have only ever been a technical consult and lead server administrator, and was hired by Flygon in 2011 to help with coding.

    I can understand how people have misunderstood my role here. For a while I was the only one working on the website design or posting any news, and my account has a user ID of 1 (I was the one who set up the software previously), but that said, that's as far as my duties went. I, along with Cyn, are here to do the behind the scenes geek stuff, so I urge everyone to raise all issues that do not relate to the technical working of the website, to a more senior staff member, such as Flygon, and to contact Cyn or myself only regarding technical issues, please. If there are any doubts, please refer to the staff page.


    With that out of the way, there is one more thing regarding takedowns in the gallery. Lately we have had many misunderstandings about when you can and can't expect a takedown request to be successful.

    Please keep in mind that we only accept takedown requests from artists, trademark (actual registered trademarks) holders, or any other person with a legally binding reason to request such a takedown. Requesting a takedown simply because you don't like how it portrays a character, even if the character is yours, will not usually be successful. Unless a legally binding reason for the image's removal is provided, requests from anybody but the artist will most likely be denied. This is the risk you take when you commission or request drawings from another artist, in most countries, the artist has full usage rights to any work produced by themselves that doesn't feature content with registered trademarks.


    Hope this has cleared some things up. Please be excellent to each other.

    ~ Hatch

    Date:Mar 30, 2016 2:15 PM Title:RE: It's time to clear up some confusion.

    To note further, regarding character ownership. This is going to miff certain people, but do remember that having a Pokémon based character, effectively, renders the character as a generic Pokémon, from our viewpoint. As such, we will not consider takedown requests, simply because you 'own' a Pokémon-based character.


    Policy regarding non-Pokémon characters owned by certain people is still under internal discussion, but simply has never risen up to become a problem.


    Regardless, as the policy stands currently, it is the artist or artists involved with the image that remain as the sole people that can request a takedown on an image.