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Challenge Art (For Artists and Users To Challenge (Other) Artists)

    Date:Dec 22, 2019 3:28 AM Title:Challenge Art (For Artists and Users To Challenge (Other) Artists)

    I wanted to make a thread for users/artists to come and challenge artists for drawing ideas, but to make sure the art was done via a challenge from this thread please put "Challenge" or "Challenge_Thread" in your tags please, it'll help users easily find all the challenge art without having to go through every single picture to find it, the challenges must be creative and not your basic "please draw plain pikachu", please do not beg for your challenge to be done because artists do not HAVE to do your challenge if they do not want to (that includes saying stuff like "please" or "I want"), please be clear and direct so artists can get a good idea of what you want your challenge so they get a good idea of it, last but not least please be respectful of other's ideas as no idea is a bad idea. Also, please pm me if you have any questions, do not reply to this thread if it isnt a challenge. To start with the challenges, lets start with this: Make a good drawing (colored and appealing to the eye, something like rmk/mleonheart or similar artists) of a sexy Haxorus and Palkia pressing against each other.