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    BRN Six
    Date:Jul 17, 2013 8:45 AM Title:Competition
    Welp, the fics section isn't seeing much love right now. No, don't get me wrong, it's seeing new stories and the returns of archived stories, but I've been here a few weeks and nothing's changed on the front page.


    I'd love to hear some competition ideas from you guys. What sort of limits, themes and rules do you want in play? Is it going to be a contest about parody (like 'Bad Fanfiction') or a straight up skill-based contest?

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    Retroactively Continuitous
    Date:Jul 17, 2013 4:06 PM Title:Re: Competition
    Is it going to be a contest about parody (like 'Bad Fanfiction')
    I've participated in one of those once, and once is plenty.  I do not know if it is a good choice for revitalization, however, as “any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.”  Skill-based obviously favors more-experienced writers, which is not attractive to the middle and entry-level tiers.  A "best new author" mention along with "best overall" (when they differ) might help increase both participation and ensure that neophytes are not overshadowed.

    Beyond that, what may be more productive is to have something more like a "fic (or author) of the week" sort of thing, like you would find in a reading group.  Something that would stimulate 1) reading fics on the site 2) reviewing fics on the site 3) discussing fics on the site.