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    Date:Jul 30, 2013 11:50 AM Title:Runrig
    If anyone knows this band then lucky you!

    Oh well, scottish rock is quite cool and it never goes wrong with your old man. (If you like me, have gone on a roadtrip with him)

    This band might not have my favourite song, but it definitely have my favourite album, ill list it up here for you.

    Year of the flood:

    1. Intro
    2. Year of the flood (Recommended)
    3. Pride of the summer (Recommended)
    4. Roadtrip
    5. Proterra
    6. The ocean road
    7. Sona (Only track that i dont really like, still an ok song.)
    8. The engine room (Recommended)
    9. Every river
    10. In scandinavia
    11. Clash of the ash
    12. Hearts of olden glory
    13. Something's got to give
    14. Protect and survive (Recommended)

    You can find the full album on spotify easily, however on youtube theres tons of different versions of each song, cause they have a shit ton of people singing for their band, spotify recommended to find it if you have spotify.