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leiger's art attempts (on Surface Pro)

    Date:Aug 19, 2013 3:02 PM Title:leiger's art attempts (on Surface Pro)
    I've been using my Surface Pro for artwork recently. I'm not really an artist, so for the most part I'm working with existing images and attempting to re-create them.

    So far, I've actually been surprised at how close I've managed to get some of them.

    Pikachu (below) is the first one that I went full-colour with, and actually completed. The rest I settled with a quick sketch (did a Yoshi, and one of HatchlingByHeart's characters - Lizola).

    My own attempt:

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    Flygon did it...
    Date:Aug 19, 2013 3:06 PM Title:Re: leiger's art attempts (on Surface Pro)
    No offense, but looks less like a real Pikachu and more like a Ditto's "almost perfect" attempt at imitating that Pikachu.

    Also, looks like something's trying to escape from his butt. :P

    Nevertheless, not a bad effort at all.