AGNPH Oekaki
  •  minun |  hi |  2011-04-20 02:13:48|  31m 38s
      Date:2011-04-20 02:13:48
      It's the same Minun as anywhere else. :V

      The last time I oekaki'd was probably around 2 years ago. The applet also hates OSX, which is annoying.

      Anyway, these are two characters from my newest story, Naki (on your left) and Zeke. This isn't a scene or anything, just something random.
      Date:2011-04-20 17:01:47
      Oh nice. :3
      I need to finish reading the rest of that.
      Date:2011-04-20 20:15:26
      Only the first chapter is out atm, the second is coming soon. :3