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Two trainer's Pokemon are left alone for an afternoon. One of them sneaks off for a bought of self-satisfaction, unaware that the object of his desires is watching and manipulating events ever so subtlely...

August 2010 Contest Submission: Going Solo - 1st Place

Original Finished Date - Aug 31 2010
Featured Story - 09/07/10

Story Notes:

A story done for the "August - Going Solo" contest theme at AGNPH, in which the sex scene of a story must involve some sort of solo play. I decided to get creative with this one, and weave some sexy psychic play about fantasies (yes I did see Inception, why do you ask?) into a quaint little romance story involving two of the cutest of the Eons. I also decided to have it first-person, though not noir-style like my last one. I think it came out great!

  1. Our Fantasy (4294 words)

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