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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 16 (family history, keeping a promise...)

in my dreams, I saw my silhouette again, surrounded by hundreds of others, some of the silhouettes very similar to mine, an aura surrounding them, glowing brightly, and they appeared to be affecting the others around them, passing on their own powers... almost like a virus... this image confusd me, was this meant to be happening now? was this a premonition? or, was it the past?
I heard the words in my head "soon... everyone else..."
I started to fade back into conciousness, slowly opening my eyes, I turned to look at the clock, it was about midnight, looking down to Seena, I noticed she had rolled off of me in her sleep, I got out of the bed, moving slowly to not wake her, I left the room, going out to the main counter of the pokemon centre.
I was greeted by Beatrice and Albus, standing behind the counter, "hello again Lucas" Beatrice said, turning her attention to me,
"hey Beatrice, Albus..." I said, nodding to them
"were you heading out again?" Albus asked
"no, no...I'm here to ask you two something important..." I said, yawning, "damn" I thought, "should've waited a while first..."
"shouldn't you be heading back to bed?" Beatrice asked, a slight look of concern on her face
"I'm okay" I said, before continuing "anyway, this is important, and I need to ask, you know of the others, apart from Seena, that waited for me, when I was recovering?"
"oh...yes, I remember them, it was a while ago though..." Beatrice said, before turning to albus and saying "this happened when Lucas brought you and your friends in..."
"oh..." Albus said, a small frown growing on his face
"anyway..." I cut in, "this is about one of the two Glameows that were there" I said, before continuing "she wants to stay in Snowpoint while I'm travelling with her family..."
"oh!" Beatrice started "but she must still be a child..."
"I'm aware of that, but, she's strangely mature for her age, anyway..." I paused, before continuing "she specifically wants to stay here, in the pokemon centre, with you, if possible..."
"but...why?" Albus asked
"'s Michael, I'm pretty sure" I said, getting a slight blush from Beatrice
"I understand..." she said, before, turning to Albus and asking "what do you think?"
"uhhh..." Albus started, looking up and scratching his chin "well, I really don't mind, but, what about the little one?" as he said this, I looked at Beatrice's pouch, the egg was still there, I guessed he was referring to the future...
" it soon?" I asked Beatrice
"is what soon?" Beatrice responded
"...the 'arrival'..." I said, pointing at the egg.
"I predict it'll hatch within the next three days" Beatrice said, rubbing the egg softly
"have you thought of a name?" I asked
"...Katie..." Albus said, looking to Beatrice (Author's note : Katie Greene, Dead rising 2 reference, sorry, I couldn't resist...)
"it sounds nice..." I said, smiling
"I hope she thinks so too..." Albus said, turning to face me (Author's note: Albus was made aware of the female-only species by Beatrice shortly after he arrived at the pokemon centre...)
"what's that around your neck?" Beatrice asked, pointing at the silver ring I was wearing (Author's note: around his neck, for those of you who didn't read the last chapter...somehow...)
"this?" I asked, moving my hand to cradle the ring, before continuing "this used to belong to Seena's mother, it was passed on to Seena, who presented it to me"
"is it...significant?" Beatrice asked, blushing
"Seena said, that her mother wanted her to give it to the one she wished to spend her life with..." I said, looking down to the ring and smiling
"I knew you were together" Beatrice started, blushing heavily now "but I didn't expect you were this far along already..."
"yeah..." I started, turning my head up to face her "I guess we are" I said, smiling
"anyway, about the Glameow..." I said, trying to change the topic
"oh, yes, she can stay with us..." Beatrice responded
"well, we're going to be visiting on a weekly basis, so, you'll see us again soon after we leave..." I said, getting a mixed response
"it's going to be strange without you here Lucas..." Beatrice said, a small frown forming on her face
"why's that?" I asked
"because, you can understand us, where no-one else can..." Beatrice answered
"...I guess that means she didn't tell you then..." I continued
"told me about what?" Beatrice asked
"something about me is triggering the release of similar abilities in others, I know that Maylene, Candice AND nurse Joy have been affected so far" as I said this, Beatrice's expression changed to one of happiness
"does that mean, she'll understand us too?" she asked
"soon, hopefully" I said, meeting Beatrice's smile with one of my own, before continuing "I'll tell Jackie of your decision soon" after I said this, I turned to head back to the room
" I remeber who it was..." I heard Albus say as I walked back to the room, upon reaching the room, I stepped inside, locking the door behind myself, I saw the family tree sheet, deciding I should use this opportunity to look further into my history, I picked it up, walking to the kitchen, I turned on the light, so as to not disturb Seena with the main light, and sat down at the table, looking closely at the area professor Oak found so important
"William's father : Tyson Hargrave, his father : Nathaniel Hargrave, species, wait, species?" I thought to myself, before continuing
"Nathaniel Hargrave, Species : Nidoking..." Looking back down to William "species :Human, known spouse : Nira Hargrave, Species : Nidoqueen, wait, professor Oak said he died by poison, didn't he?" I thought, before turning my attention downward "children : Nathan, Nicholas and Anita Hargrave" from the looks of it, Nathan married into the West family, the rest of the names led down until they reached Caroline West, the blank space between her and Cynthia and her Sister was still perplexing to me, I wondered why no Surname was shown beside the two girls "I guess their parents married into a different family..." I thought to myself. (Author's note: William is the main character of another story in my head...)
as I continued reading, I didn't notice Seena stirring, she soon awoke, turning to see me at the table.
"hmm...come back to bed, Lucas" she said, sleepily, I became startled at this, I didn't know how long she was awake...
"okay, Seena" I said ,putting down the paper, turning off the kitchen light, slowly turning and removing my pants, before sliding into bed with her, she moved herself so she was lying on top of me.
"I talked to the others about Jackie-" I started, before being cut off by Seena saying "shhhh" and putting a finger to my lips, before she pulled me into a kiss, I wrapped my arms around her as I returned her gesture, mingling my tongue with hers...
after we had held our position for a few minutes, we broke our kiss, I noticed Seena still seemed pretty tired, I started to rub her back lightly, while looking at the ceiling saying "it's okay Seena, and, I'm sorry if I woke you"
I turned back to look at Seena and saw that she had already fallen asleep, looking back at the time, I thought to myself "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to sleep some more..." as this thought was going through my head, I felt a warm liquid on my legs "oh, Seena..." I thought to myself, while slowly rubbing her back.
I tried to keep the thought out of my head as I slowly felt myself falling asleep "I guess I'll talk about it tomorrow..." I thought to myself, as I closed my eyes, letting myself fall asleep...
Chapter End Notes:okay, I'm gonna go to bed...
Edit: I wanted to add more information, but, I was le tired, next chapter..
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