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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 15 (a new face, renewed ambition)

as we reached the outskirts of the city, I saw Jacob running out to meet us "come on, hurry..." he said, in a strangely serious tone, I noticed this before "this is just like when he found out Jackie wanted to stay here..." I thought to myself as I started running after Seena and Jacob
As we continued running Seena said "I would've told you sooner, but Tira didn't want me leaving..."
"I understand" I started "I'm sure Tira considers you her best friend by now... she probably needed your support."
"yeah..." she responded, we soon reached them, Tira was asleep, she must have been exhausted from the events prior,I turned, looking to Julian, and he said
"I don't know how long Tira's going to be out of it like this..." Julian said, suddenly sounding worried
"it's okay" I said "she waited for me, so, it's only fair that I return the favour" I said, as I sat down in the snow,
I then saw the child, it looked like an average Glameow, but, there was something different... it's tail looked a lot shorter, it only curled once, ending in a puff-ball shortly after, it was sleeping on top of it's mother, Tira, turning to Julian, I asked
"...have you thought of a name for this child?"
"Terry..." he said, looking to the child, before continuing "it's a girl, by the way..."
"alright then" I said, turning to the child "Terry..." I said softly, I then turned to Seena and said "professor Oak visited shortly after you left..."
"aw, man, I wanted to meet him too" Seena said, giving a jokingly sad look, before she asked "how was he?"
"he was nice, but he seemed to know ALOT about what I had though, he actually found my family history" I said
"so" she started " do you know your parents names now?"
"yeah" I responded "Joanna and Ian West, and it turns out that the village elder of Celestic town IS my grandmother" I continued, getting a surprised response
"wow, he works fast, didn't he only find out about you like, 3 days ago?" Seena asked
"...yeah..." I responded "he also gave me this..." I pulled the ticket out as I said this
"a...ticket?" Seena asked
"apparently, this'll allow me to get to the other regions" I responded, suddenly wondering where I was meant to get on the boat anyway
"we aren't going soon...are we?" Seena asked, a sudden look of concern on her face
"no, no" I started "I told Oak I was going to travel Sinnoh first" I said, getting Seena to smile
"thanks Lucas" Seena said, before asking "did you give a reason why?"
"I said I wanted to find out more about my home, and, I had some promises to uphold" I told her, before turning to Jacob, who was sitting beside me in the snow and saying "yours is one of them..." he turned to me and said
"thanks, Lucas" still in a very serious tone, this was, unsettling to me, it was so different to the way he normally acted, I turned to Julian and asked
"would it be okay if I assigned pokeballs to you guys today?"
"why's that Lucas?" Julian asked
"I've been thinking about it lately, and I don't want you getting caught by someone else"
"it hasn't been a problem so far" Julian said
"I think you've just been Lucky" I responded, before saying "I don't want you getting separated from your children" as I said this, I turned to Jackie, who had been strangely quiet, even for her and asked "if you want, I can assign one to you too..."
"...that would be best..." Jackie said, before saying "I decided on where I'd like to stay, by the way..."
"okay" I started "where?"
"the pokemon centre" Jackie said, before continuing "I'll live in the pokemon centre, if the Abomasnow and Blissey would have me, I'll gladly live with them..."
"it's going to be a little while longer before we leave, if you change your mind, I'll understand" I said, before remembering "their names are Albus and Beatrice, by the way..." I then thought to myself "they may have a child of their own soon..."
"anyways" I started, turning back to the others "I befriended a Golbat two days ago, he's willing to Fly me around..." as I said this, Jacob blinked a few times, turned to me and smiled
"does that mean we can visit Jackie whenever we want?" he said, he had completely lost his serious demeanour, this was confusing me "it's almost as if, there's another being in there with him..." I thought to myself, giving a confused look to Julian
"what is it Lucas?" he asked
"'s nothing." I responded, suddenly wondering if anyone else noticed it, suddenly, I noticed that Terry had woken up, I turned my attention to Julian, pointing to Terry, he quickly caught on, as he walked over to Tira, and picked Terry up with his mouth, putting her down in front of me, Terry slowly walked forward and started sniffing at me, I slowly brought out my hand to pet her, Terry reeled back a bit, before relaxing into my touch, I got a soft purr in response, I looked down,
"hello Terry" I said softly, as she sat down in front of me, before yawning, I turned my attention to Julian, and said "she's lovely..."
getting a response of " you have some pokeballs with you?"
"yeah" I responded "I always carry some with me..." as I said this, I pulled some pokeballs out of my pocket, placing them on the ground, Julian looked at them, then back to me saying
"do it..."
"are you sure? I won't force this on you..." I responded, with a concerned look on my face.
"I'm sure, make it quick, but, do it to me first, I need Terry to see this and understand what it means..." as he said this, he started walking towards me, Terry was looking up at him, Jackie turned to me and said
"wait until mother is awake before doing so to her..."
"I know Jackie, I know..." I said, looking at Tira, who was starting to turn slightly in her sleep, I turned back to Julian and said "okay, I'll be quick" as I said this, I lightly tossed the ball at Julian, catching him, Terry was watching me, becoming scared, wondering where her father had just gone, after the ball emitted a low *click* I quickly released him again, much to Terry's relief, she ran over to her father and nuzzled at his leg
"it's alright Terry" he started "none of us are going anywhere..."
as he said this, I turned to Jacob and said "okay, you and Jackie are up next"
I lightly tossed a pokeball at Jacob, before turning and tossing one at Jackie, once again, after I heard the clicks, I released them, Julian then turned to Terry and said
"he's going to do this to you now" getting a scared response "don't worry, he's a good person, and it won't hurt, I promise..." after he said this, he slowly nudged Terry forward, I looked at her and said
"you'll be okay, trust me" then I tried my hardest to merely tap her with the pokeball, luckily, it worked, and I soon released Terry again, as she ran back to Julian
"see" he started "that wasn't so bad..." he then turned to me and said "thank you Lucas"
"it's quite alright" I responded "I needed to do that for a while anyway"
"does this mean we can fight for you now?" Jacob asked, happily
"well, yes" I started "but, I don't want you guys getting hurt" I said, turning back to see Tira turning again
"no, you can't..." she started mumbling
"she must be having a nightmare" I said "maybe one of you should wake her" as I said this, Terry started walking over to Tira, before nuzzling her head
"wha...huh?" I heard Tira say, waking up and turning to look at Terry "Terry?" She said, then turned to face me "Lucas, it's good to see you again..." she continued, sleepily
"I would've come with Seena initially, but, I had to wait for professor Oak, I didn't know if he was coming today, but, he predicted he would be here, and he was..." I said, looking apologetic
"it's okay Lucas, I understand" Tira said, geting up and making a weak smile
"look, Tira, you're tired" I started "but, Julian asked me to assign pokeballs to you all, I already have for everyone, except you" I said, pointing to the pokeballs lying in front of me, I was cut off by a simple
"okay" then Tira looked at me and said "you know what to do"
"alright then, do you guys want to stay here afterwards?" I asked, they nodded and I said "alright" as I lightly tossed a pokeball at Tira, after the ball clicked, I released Tira and said "alright, that's all of you, now you won't need to worry about separation" after I said this, I turned to Jacob and Jackie and asked
"how often do you guys think we should visit?"
Jackie stayed silent and Jacob blurted out "as many times as possble, clearly" he turned to me and smiled, then Jackie said "I think once a week should be enough"
then I thought to myself "I'll only be able to visit Jackie while I'm in sinnoh, if I'm moving on to another region, it might be best to leave the family here, at the local pokemon centre..."
"alright then" I said, turning to Jacob and asking "is once a week alright with you?"
"I...guess so" he said, frowning slightly, I then said
"we'll stay here for another week, I'm giving you all time to wrap things up, I don't want to leave any loose ends..." I then turned to Jackie and said "I'll talk to Albus and Beatrice about you staying with them tonight"
looking at my gen IV prototype, I noticed, it had a clock function "well, at least THAT'S convenient" I thought to myself, looking at the time, I saw it was about 3:30 P.M. turning to the others, I asked "was there anything else you wanted to talk about? Seena?" I said, turning to face Seena
"it's okay" she started "Tira talked to me first..."
"well then" I started "I guess that's everything, I suppose we'll see you later" I said, standing up
"all right, goodbye then" Tira said, before turning to Terry and saying "oh, aren't you adorable?" and smiling
I turned to Seena and said "come on, let's go back to our room then" Seena stood up and started following me back to Snowpoint...
as we headed back to Snowpoint, I felt I had to ask "Seena?"
"yeah?" Seena responded
"did Jacob seem strange to you?"
"yeah, I was wondering about that too, his eyes turned grey for a while there..."
"wait, what? I didn't notice that, aren't his eyes normailly blue?" I asked
"yeah..." Seena responded
when we reached the outskirts of town, I looked at the pokemart and said "just a minute, I need to grab something..." before turning to go there, Seena followed behind me and asked "what are you getting?"
"just some food supplies..." I said, but in my head I thought "I wonder if they have any chains or strings I could affix to the ring, it's too big for a human finger, but, this way, I'll be able to keep it with me at all times..." "could you wait outside Seena? I won't be long..." I asked, she nodded her head in response and leaned up against the wall next to the door
heading in, I was greeted by the Cashier, "hey, it's you again!"
"hey" I said simply, before asking "do you have any chains appropriate for a pendant or otherwise?"
"I'm...not sure, if you check the accessories aisle, I'm sure you'll find out"
"okay, thanks" I said, heading to the accessories aisle, like was suggested.
in the aisle itself, I had no such luck, looking around, I did see pendants that were already premade, picking one up with a tear-drop shaped light-blue stone on the end, I headed into the food section, in the aisle itself, I grabbed some dried pasta and rice, assorted meats and vegetables, and some eggs, heading back to the counter, I opened my wallet, pulling out some money pre-emptively
"okay, all of this, including the mystic water, will cost you 5230"
"Mystic water?" I thought to myself before concluding that it must have been the pendant,
I handed the cashier a 5000 note and a 500 coin, getting two 100 coins, a 50 coin and 2 10 coins in change
"thank you" he said, before asking "are you going to be here much longer?"
"not really" I started "I'm hopefully in the last week of my visit here"
"hopefully?" the cashier said, starting to frown
"it's not like that" I started "it's just, I never really planned on spending more than a week here originally..."
"oh, okay then, well, I hope you visit again soon" he said, getting my response
"I'll be coming back here on a weekly basis, I've got friends to visit..."
"have you thought about money?" he asked, pointing to my dwindling monetary supplies
"I'll be fine" I said, before continuing "if it comes to it, I'm probably going to take the Gym challenge anyway..."
"oh, alright then" he said, before saying "you have a good day now"
"you too" I said, taking my items in a bag, but slipping the pendant into my pocket as I left, turning to Seena, I said "alright, let's go"

when we got back to the pokemon center, Nurse Joy informed me that the man named Bill called, apparently, he wanted to know where to find me, "can you tell him I'm going to be here for exactly one more week? after that, I'm going to start travelling" I said
"I'll be sure to pass it on" the Nurse said
"thanks" I responded, turning to Seena I said "well, let's head back to our room then" I was met with the response "didn't you want to ask Albus and Beatrice about Jackie?"
"I will Seena, but only when Beatrice is working the night shift, I don't want to go over one of their heads, this has to be a joint decision..." I said, as I started walking back to our room
"well, okay then..." Seena said, following after me.
when we reached our room, I locked the door behind us, then I put the food in the fridge, took my shoes off and just crashed face first onto the bed
"Lucas!?" Seena shouted, clearly worried
"it's okay Seena, I'm just exhausted, it's been a long day..." I said, rolloing onto my back, shifting myself up the bed, so I could reach the bedside table, where Sati's, or should I say My ring rested, grabbing it, I turned to Seena and said
"I...may not be able to wear this as a normal ring Seena...but, I thought of a way that I could keep it with me always..."
"really?" Seena said, starting to blush, as she remembered what this ring symbolised to her
"at the pokemart, I got this..." I said, pulling the pendant out of my pocket, before unclipping the ends and sliding the stone off and placing it into my pocket I then took the ring and slid it onto the chain in the stone's place, I then placed the chain around my neck and clipped the ends back together "there we are" I started," now, I'll always have the ring with me..." after I said this, Seena started to make her way onto the bed, she crawled up to me and pulled me into a kiss, I happily returned her gesture, wrapping my arms around her, and deepened our kiss, we held our position for a few minutes, after Seena broke the kiss, she said
"thank you Lucas, I was afraid you forgot about it..." as she said this, a tear rolled down her cheek,
"hey...hey..." I started, wiping the tear away "I'd never forget the promise we made to each other that night" as I said this, Seena pulled me into another kiss, moaning into it this time, after we broke our second kiss, Seena buried her head into my chest and said "I love you so much, Lucas"
"and I love you too, Seena" I responded, stroking her back, "I love you too..." as I said this, I could feel myself falling asleep, Seena poked her head up and saw this, so she softly said
"sleep well, Lucas..." before she wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my chest...
Chapter End Notes:alright, time for a lil' break... and by lil', I suppose I mean 8 hours..
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