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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 18 (Seena's reaction, the travelling route)

I stayed out the front of the temple for a while... I don't know how long I was there, but soon, Seena arrived saying
"I read your note Lucas...why are you out here though?"
"I had some troubling dreams...I need to tell you something, sit down..."
Seena gave me a concerned expression and sat down, I noticed how cold my feet were, looking around, no-one was outside, so I decided it would be okay to prepare a blaze kick, igniting my legs in a warm glow...
"what is it Lucas?..." Seena asked, reeling back a bit in surprise as my legs suddenly combusted, before leaning into it, enjoying the emanating warmth
"I told you I used to live with pokemon, yes?" I asked, with a stern expression
"yes, you did..." Seena responded, suddenly becoming worried
" turns out I forgot one of them, and I lived with them for four years..." I said, giving a pained expression
"ohh..." Seena started " remember them now?"
"yes, I think Uxie triggered these memories while I slept last night" as I said this, I looked in the direction of the Acuity lakefront
"so...who was it?" Seena asked
"A Teddiursa, it turns out she was the first pokemon I lived with, too..."
"she? you didn't..." Seena started, before I cut her off
"I met her when I was seven, no, nothing happened between us, but she did hug me on a regular basis though..." as I said this, my mind drifted back to the images I had seen prior, I was beginning to question which ones actually happened, and, I wondered if the infernape shown was Indeed my father...
"okay, but, why did you stop living with her?"
"it wasn't my day, the elder made her leave, but I understand why now..."
"why?" Seena asked
"she was in heat, I didn't know at the time, and the elder only wanted to keep me safe from her urges..."
"oh...that doesn't seem fair though..." Seena said, frowning
"I know Seena, she was my friend, my BEST friend, and the elder sent her away..."
" you miss her?"
"yeah..." I started, becoming nervous as I continued "...I think she may have been in love with me..." I shut my eyes, prepared for a bad reaction
"oh..." Seena said, wondering if she was angry, I opened my eyes and turned to face her, I then saw that tears had started rolling down her cheeks "and she hasn't seen you for seven years?" I dispersed the flame around my legs and pulled Seena into an embrace, and said
"I'm sorry if this information hurts..." before I pulled back and wiped the tears from her eyes, and continued "but, I won't leave matter what" before pulling her back into my embrace.
"I know's just..." Seena started before breaking my embrace "I can't help but feel sorry for her, you know?"
"I know Seena, I need to find her..." I responded, sighing lightly, before continuing "come on, let's go back to the room, I want to think about where we're going to go first..." I said, letting go of Seena, and getting to my feet, Seena slowly got up after me, saying
"okay Lucas" as she started to follow me back to our room at the centre
...when we arrived back at our room, I looked at the time "8:13" I thought to myself, sitting on the ground next to my bag, I pulled out my map of Sinnoh, beckoning Seena to sit beside me, I began tracing my finger down route 217, saying "if we were going to walk through Sinnoh, this would be where we start..."
I turned to Seena and asked "do you think we should walk?" Seena turned her attention from the map to me and responded
"well, it would feel more natural, but, we have a large group coming with us, it may be better to fly between here and our first destination"
"you realise..." I started, closing my eyes "if I'm going to fly around, I'm going to have to put everyone back in their pokeballs, if only for a short while..."
"I'm fine with it" Seena responded "I doubt the others would mind, either..."
I put one of my arms around Seena's shoulder, pulling her closer to me and asked "do you think they'd mind if I put them back in their balls...when we need OUR privacy?" when I asked this, Seena started to blush and said
"I don't think they'd mind...maybe you shouldn't tell them why though..." after she said this she lightly kissed my cheek and asked
"which routes did you say my father could be living on?"
I smiled softly before placing the map on the floor, tracing my finger along route 222 and down to route 213 "right through here" I said, getting a response from Seena
"if that's the case, we'd be best starting from here...Sunyshore City" as she said this, she place her finger to the map on top of the marker for the city
"I was thinking..." I started bringing my finger to Celestic town "...maybe we should come here first, I wanted to speak to Matt again anyway"
"do you think maybe...your friend will be there too?..." Seena asked in response
"I hope so, I'd prefer to talk to her sooner, rather than later" I responded, then it hit me, a thought that scared me...what if she was waiting for me to turn 18? is she going to be expecting something of me?
"Seena" I started, shocked by this new thought "she may...TRY something if we see her" Seena quickly caught on
"but, why would she wait until now?"
"I only turned 18 this year, that's the legal age for humans know..." I said, more worried than embarassed at this point
"...when IS your birthday, by the way?" Seena asked
"...I don't know, I know I was born in June, but nothing more than that, and I left Celestic this July..."
"I hope she'll understand..." Seena said, before continuing "if she DOES try something, though..." Seena said, lighlty shaking her fist
"I know Seena, I'll let you know if she persists" I said, before thinking "it doesn't seem exactly fair to Terese though, what if she HAD been waiting for me these past seven years?" I looked back down at the map before continuing "the Oreburgh gym... I should go there... okay, we'll head to Celestic first, then Fly down to Sunyshore, and head through route 222, down route 213, through Pastoria, up to Hearthome and across to Oreburgh" as I said this, I traced my finger across the map, making sure Seena saw it.
"alright, so, we're leaving in how many days?" Seena asked
"well..." I started "given we have no more delays, it should be six days" Seena smiled lightly and said "how long do you think it'll take for us to find him?"
"after we've left..." I started, looking to the door, then back to Seena wearing a serious smile "I'd say a couple of days"
"really?" Seena asked, surprised
"yeah, I KNOW he's on one of the two routes, it should take us a day to get to Sunyshore, we'll fly to Celestic first, then, after that, we'll travel through the two routes, talking to the people in each house, then, when we find Jonah, we'll plan from there..."
"why do you say that?" Seena asked
"because, you may want to stay with your father for a while, I really don't mind...besides, I'm sure he'd want to get to know you..." I said, smiling, then my thoughts drifted to Sati's letter, I then wondered "how much will this letter explain? Sati clearly knew Uxie before she passed..."
"I will talk to him, but, it may feel uncomfortable, I've never met him before..."
"you'll be okay Seena, besides, you only met me a few months ago..."
"yeah, well...I don't think he'll be fighting team galactic for someone he'd never met..." Seena said, blushing slightly and smiling
"Seena" I started "are you suggesting that you knew something would happen between us?"
"after that, it was hard to imagine something WOULDN'T happen... I loved you from the night I had met you..." Seena contined, blushing hevily
I was surprised by this statement, I knew Seena loved me, but I wouldn't have guessed it was the day we met when she decided on this...
"Seena..." I said, smiling as I brought her face to mine, bringing her into a kiss, she happily returned my gesture, resting her arms on my shoulders and deepening our kiss, we held our position for a couple of minutes, before breaking.
"Lucas..." Seena started "I'm grateful I met you" she then wrapped her arms around my waist, embracing me,
"I'm grateful we met too Seena" I said, tightening my arms around her "I wouldn't have it any other way"
"but, Lucas..." Seena said, in a worried tone "...did YOU have feelings for Terese?"
"not beyond friendship...she was like family to me Seena" I responded, sighing lightly, I soon let go of Seena, looking at the time, it was about 11:30 a.m.
"hey Seena..." I started "what do you say?... let's get some lunch..."
Chapter End Notes:okay, the next chapter might not be up for a couple of days yet, I WILL continue it though, don't worry..
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