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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 19 (the days before travel)

Before we left, I suddenly remembered my promise to Lapis "could you give me a minute Seena? I need to talk to Garth and Garudan..."
I said, as we left the room
"that's fine Lucas, but, why?" Seena asked, I knew I couldn't explain the entire situation, so I simply said
"it's about here, I want to know if they intend to stay..."
"with Albus?" Seena asked
"...yeah" I responded, looking towards the main counter
"alright, should I stay here?" she asked, looking around
"just wait at the main counter, I won't be long..." I said, before walking in the direction of the other room, as I arrived, I knocked on the door, being greeted by Garudan
"hey, Lucas" he said, his tone had changed, it no longer held fear in it, this was good to me, it showed he was letting go of the past
"hey Garudan, do you mind if I come in and talk to you guys just quickly?"
"sure thing" he said, before standing aside and waving me in
"close the door please" I said after entering, to which he quickly complied, after the door had shut, I turned my attention to Garth, and Gordon, who was siting on one of the beds, Ravan wasn't there
"hey..." I started "where's Ravan gone?"
"he said something about a 'Sati' and left" Gordon said, turning to the door
"oh, that's okay then" I said, clearly, he was visiting the grave on a regular basis then... "anyway" I continued "Gordon, you know of Lapis right?" I asked, turning to face the Golbat
"that was the Onix you fought, wasn't it?" Gordon responded
"yeah" I started, the thoughts still lingered on my mind "it turns out...she thought I was being friendly for a different reason..."
Gordon became slightly startled by this "you mean...she thought?..."
"yes..." I responded "she thought I was interested in that..."
"oh..." Gordon responded "nothing happened, right?"
"thankfully, yes" I responded "she...offered herself to me, but, I believe she's just acting on urges now, she's in heat..." I said, turning around to look at the others
"so, why are you telling us this?" Garth asked
"I'm telling you guys this because, she needs a man in her life, I guess" I said, before continuing "I couldn't tell she was in heat from scent alone, I guess that means, the other males in the cave couldn't either, I don't think she's ever had a partner..." I said, looking down
"why didn't you just tell one of us this?" Garudan asked
"I'd be more likely to succeed this way...besides, I already offered her a spot with us while we're travelling, and I'm not going to take her with us if she's still acting like this in six days..."
Garudan turned to Garth and said "...I think YOU should do it..."
Garth moved back a little in shock and said "what? why?"
Gordon just looked at Garth, nodding in agreement with Garudan's statement
I figured out why quickly, his body shape was the most similar, it would be easiest for him... I turned to Garth and said
"I'm not asking you to do this if you don't want to... but think of it this way, she NEEDS this..." I continued, with a stern expression "and I'm not doing it, I made a promise to Seena, and I intend to keep it..." as I said this, I watched Garth's expression change from one of uncertainty, to one of mild worry
"I understand, but... what if I'M not ready?" he asked, being met with my response
"I'm giving you six days, you don't have to become 'physical' immediately, besides, you haven't even met her yet, you may like her, I'd suggest you meet and just talk to her"
"alright, well, I guess I'll head over later today..." Garth said, turning to face the other two
"by the way..." I started "you two... do you want to tavel with me?" I said, facing Garth and Garudan, the Garchomp turned to me and said
"I'd enjoy travelling, but, I think you should wait a while, after we've figured the Lapis situation out, ask again..."
"alright, well, Gordon and Ravan have already confirmed spots with me, just so you know" I said, starting to head to the door
when I reached the door, I turned to face Garth and said "tell them I sent you, okay?"
"them?" he responded
"you'll know when you see them..." I said, opening the door and closig it behind me as I left, I walked out to the main counter, being greeted by Nurse Joy
"hello Lucas!" she said, sounding happier than usual
"hey nurse Joy" I responded, smiling "you sound happy" I then turned to Seena and said "I'm done talking to the others, by the way..."
Seena nodded in response while smiling, Nurse Joy then said
"it's Beatrice, the egg could hatch anytime now!"
"I look forward to seeing little Katie soon..." I said, putting my hand on Seena's shoulder
"Katie?" Seena asked, turning to me, I looked down to her and responded
"it's the name that Beatrice and Albus decided on" I responded, slowly turning back to the nurse and asking "you knew this right?"
"yeah, Beatrice tells me things by writing notes for me, it's...effective to say the least, but I'd still prefer to just TALK to her"
"well" I started "shouldn't be long now until you can..." I smiled as I said this, I then turned to Seena and said "well, shall we go?"

over the days, I started preparing for the trip, gathering supplies together, getting more berries and dried foods. On the first day, Nurse Joy taught me how to use TM's and HM's, I then promptly taught Golbat the FLY move...On the second day, the egg hatched, giving way to a Happiny, on the fourth day, I met her as she happily ran through the pokemon centre, bumping into my leg,
crouching down to help her back to her feet, I said "hello Katie" as I saw Albus making his way down the hallway, after his excitable daughter
Katie smiled at me before running to her father
"hey Albus" I said, getting back to my feet
"hey there Lucas, how've you been?" Albus asked, picking up his daughter and cradling her in his arms
"I've been good" I started "I've been gathering supplies for my travels, not much else has happened though"
"oh, well, you may like to know I saw Garth coming back last night, he looked like he was up to something, did YOU have anything to do with this?" He asked, slowly rocking the Happiny in his arms
"oh, that?" I started, smiling "you recall the Onix I brought in a while ago?"
"yes..." Albus responded
"he's been going to see her..." I said, turning my head towards the door
"oh, really? well, good for him" Albus said, smiling slightly
"I'll say this, if he doesn't do... what I hope he'll do...I don't think I'll be able to bring the Onix with me..."
"oh? and why would that be?" Albus asked
"...she seemed to show some interest in me..." I said, hoping he would catch on
"...oh..." he said, blushing slightly
"...yeah..." I responded, looking down
"...well..." he started, trying to break the silence "Katie's been a real handful, but I wouldn't have it any other way" as he said this, he turned his attention down to Katie, who innocently smiled in response
"yeah, well, I'll see you guys later" I started "tell Beatrice I said Hello" I then made my way back to my room

the next day, I met up with Garudan and Garth, asking about the travelling, Garth told me he wanted to stay with Lapis, I informed him that Lapis may want to travel with me, Garth then turned to me and asked
"you're going to come back in a week, yeah?"
"yeah..." I responded
"we should be ready to come with you then, I haven't gotten far enough yet..."
"I understand Garth, so, next week, I'll take you and Lapis with me then..."
"I like her, but, I'm trying to take it slow" he said
"I get it Garth, I'll talk to you next week, anyway" I said, turning to Garudan "what about you?"
"yeah, I'm set" he said, smiling slightly
"alright, but, just so you know, including you... there's going to be nine of us, that includes me too..."
"the number doesn't matter to me, but I must ask, isn't the max amount of pokemon you can bring six?"
"maybe" I started "but, I'm not using you guys to battle, you know, unless you WANT to" I said, giving a slight smile
"well, I'm willing to fight for you, after all you've done for us..." Garudan responded, with a stern look on his face
"if the time comes, I'll let you know" I responded, before turning to Gordon and Ravan and saying
"I may need to leave you guys in pokeballs for up to a day, Seena and I have some personal affairs to attend to..."
Ravan blushed slightly and said "you mean?..."
"no, not like THAT" I said, before continuing "it's my home, we need to talk to some people there, then, we're going to see Seena's father..."
"you KNOW where he is!?" Ravan shouted in surprise
"yeah..." I started "I know where he lives, it's on one of two routes, 222 and 213"
"...I need to make my peace with Seena by then..." Ravan said, looking towards the door
"you're going to visit Sati's grave tomorrow right?" I asked
"yeah, I've been going each day" he responded
"take Seena with you and talk to her then..." I suggested, before saying "we're leaving the day after that, you won't have many chances then..."
"okay Lucas, I will" he responded, before turning to me and asking "are you sure about this?"
"why do you ask?" I responded, giving a quizzical look
"well, I don't want Seena to take this the wrong way..." Ravan said, before continuing "something like what happened with Lapis..."
"don't worry about it Ravan, if you need me to, I'll explain it to Seena before tomorrow" I responded, before turning to Garth and asking "did you guys HAVE to tell him?" before hearing their responses, I turned back to Ravan and asked "...don't tell Seena about that, okay?"
"yeah...I figured" Ravan said as I turned to leave
"two more days guys..." I said, before leaving the room

the next day, I informed Seena that Ravan would bring her to her mother's grave, and talk to her about the past
"okay, but, what are you going to do while I'm gone?" Seena asked
"I'm going to finalize my supplies, I'm also going to ask around for some information about different towns and cities"
"oh...well, I'll see you when I get back, then"
"don't worry Seena..." I started, smiling "I haven't forgotten about you"
"what do you mean?" Seena asked, slightly blushing
"well, this IS the last day we'll have private..."
"oh..." Seena responded, blushing heavier "well, how about tonight, then?"
"yeah" I started "whenever you want, Seena" I said, smiling
Ravan arrived shortly after, saying "alright, Seena, are you ready to go?"
Seena grabbed her scarf, wrapping it around her neck, she turned back to Ravan and said "yeah, I'm ready"
before they left, I said "I'll see you two later then..."
Seena turned back and said "tonight, Lucas, don't forget, okay?"
"I wouldn't think of it" I responded, watching them walk out of the room...
Chapter End Notes:okay, well, next chapter will involve...another 'encounter' so to speak..
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