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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 3 (part 1)

Seena's P.O.V.
I watched Lucas fall asleep from the other bed, I couldn't believe how much had happened today, I lost my Mother, but gained a friend.
I can't let myself forget my mother's final words
12 hours ago...
"I understand that you're going into heat Seena, that's why I brought you here, away from the pack, you have to understand, your options aren't limited to one of our pack, another pack,another species, or even another pokemon at all, humans are...different to us, Seena, they can be your best friends, perhaps more, if you let them..."
I was shocked, why was mother telling me this, then it hit me "mother, was father, a...Human?"
"well, yes, Seena...your father was a Man by the name of Jonah Michaels, but, he has disappeared, if I knew where he was, I would tell you."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I never knew my father, something within me told me to find this man.
suddenly, I heard someone coming, Mother and I went to hide in the bushes by Acuity lakefront. when Mother saw who was outside, a grimace appeared across her face. "Seena, stay here, Don't come out for any reason and please, look away..."
"but, why!?" I asked in a panicked tone.
"the man out there, Uxie told me of them, they are here to capture her and take her away."
"uxie?" I asked, not knowing what an Uxie was...
"the pack has a special duty to protect Uxie, it spreads beyond us, to the other pokemon around the lake, but no-one else is around, I must go, please look away"
not wanting to disobey mother, I averted my gaze, but I could still hear everything

this is quick-fire dialoue, TG stands for team galactic, W stands for Weavile, G stands for glameow and ST stands for stunky.

W:"stop right there!"
TG:"what the- where did you come from!?"
W:"stay away from the lake!"
TG:"I don't care what you think you're doing, but getting in my way was a mistake, Glameow, Stunky get out here"
*two pokeballs opening*
ST:"hmm? what's this? a Weavile?"
G:"she doesn't look too tough"
W:"2 against 1? that not fair at all, however, I won't give in to your demands!"
TG:"get that weavile, knock it out, show it the power of Team Galactic!"
team galactic? I thought to myself, I've never heard of them before, they sound like bad news...
ST:"we'll try to make this quick, we're sorry about our trainer."
*sound of fury swipes and a sludge bomb*
W:"this isn't right, you...can't take...Uxie"
*Weavile Faints*
TG:"good, now finish the job!"
ST:"what!? you can't expect us to do that!"
TG:"talking back huh? well, I have a way of getting you to do what I want"
*TG pulls out a knife*
ST:"what are you going to do, Kill me?"
*TG grabs Glameow, holds knife to throat*
ST: "Glameow!"
TG:" I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to kill her! and I KNOW, she's carrying your children"
ST:"what!? Glameow, Is this true!?"
G:"Yes, it is..."
TG:"Now, I'm giving you one more chance, end it now, or glameow's blood will paint the snow...
ST:"you're a monster!"
*stunky slowly turns to the fainted weavile before readying another sludgebomb*
TG:"that's right, I'm in control here, not you, NOW ATTACK"
ST:" Arceus help me, Please...Forgive me."
*launching of a sludgebomb, followed shortly by a death wail*
TG:"Good, now Get back in your ball, I'll deal With you later."
* the pokemon forcibly being returned to their balls*
TG:" Let this be an example to the world! Those that would oppose team galactic will perish!"
*Galctic grunts laughing maniacally before moving to the lakefront*
Mother? MOTHER!? I couldn't believe what had just happened, Mother was striken down, By a Human no less, Shortly after telling me they weren't so bad, how Cruel and Ironic this fate is, I couldn't move, all I could do was slump over my mothers lifeless body, catatonic...

about an hour passed, I hadn't even moved, just sitting, staring in disbelief at what had happened, but suddenly I heard an enraged voice, for a moment, I thought it was that galactic bastard coming to get me, but when I turned I saw a tall man, with wild blonde hair and brown eyes, his expression one of pure rage, As he said "WHO. DID. THIS"
I could only look at him, barely able to contain my tears, and pointed to lake Acuity, as soon as I did, he ran off straight in that direction, He was fast, for a human.
Instinctively, I got up and followed him albeit from a distance, maybe this came from a desire to see the Team Galactic bastard get Beaten.
when I arrived at the lake I saw the grunt pull out the glameow and stunky, but, something seemed...different, they were slumped on the ground, tears rolling down their cheeks, when I saw this, I knew I couldn't blame them for this.
"what did you do to them?" I heard the blonde man say.
"I made them fight the Weavile, and when I gave the order to kill it, they questioned my authority over them, so, I had to threaten them to make them listen to me" the galactic grunt responded.
"unforgivable!" I heard him shout, he was truly enraged.
"I don't care" the grunt responded, this man WAS a monster as the Stunky had earlier suggested
"Well, you seem to be the only one" I heard the blonde man respond, pointing out the fact that glameow and stunky were not willing to fight
"what!? stunky, glameow, You WILL attack this kid, NOW!" the grunt shouted.
"please, not again..." the stunky responded, looking back at the grunt.
"that's it!" he shouted, he went to kick the glameow, the stunky, upon seeing this jumped in front of his foot.
This action set the blonde man off, he shot straight at the grunt, firmly clenching his throat by one hand, seeing this, made me smile slightly.
"who...are you!?" the grunt shouted at the blonde man tightly gripping his throat.
"I'm the man who's going to make a difference" this sentence cut straight to my core, I truly believed him.
"stunky,...Glameow, help me!" the grunt shouted, I thought to myself "why would they want to help YOU, after all you've done?"
the blonde man turned to them, simply saying "please,stand back, I have no quarrel with you"
they were suprised by this action, as was I, the man, who, not even two hours ago, stood over my mother, could do nothing in the face of this man, a normal human for all I knew...
he suddenly took his free hand and clenched it into a fist, saying "as long as I live and breathe, You won't get your way" and then he launched his fist at an almost inhuman speed across the grunts mouth.
"gah!" the grunt shouted before being knocked to the ground. he was knocked out, the blonde man stood over him, before reaching into his bag, and pulling out a couple of small ropes, binding the grunts arms and legs, whilst saying "the police will deal with him..."
the glameow and stunky were staring at him the entire time, an awe-struck expression on both their faces, silently thanking him for his actions, then, he reached for their pokeballs before turning to them and saying "It's okay, I'm setting you free"
this man was showing true compassion for pokemon he had never met before, before placing the pokeballs beneath his foot, crushing them into pieces.
"it is done" he said, the stunky and glameow only looked at him, tears welling up in their eyes, they were begging the stranger for forgiveness, then, he started to look around, spotting me.
"could you bring me back to the body of the weavile, I'm going to bury it..." he said to me in a clearly sad tone, he turned to the other pokemon and said "If you truly regret your actions, come with me."
they moved closer to the man ready to follow him, in turn following me, I wasted no time in leading them to my mother's body, the man knelt down beside the weavile, and started digging, bare handed, through the snow, the stunky moved beside him and helped out, I decided it would be best if I helped out too, so I started digging on the other side of this man,
soon, we had a sizeable hole, the man the proceeded to pick up my mother's body and slowly place it in the grave, I jumped in after this and took one of my mothers nails, I would need this if I was to evolve later.
we then filled in the grave with snow, the man took a seed out of his pocket and planted it at the head of the grave, before standing back, we all stood there for a few minutes before he started by saying "Weavile, though I never knew you in life, I shall remember you in death eternal."
looking at him, he seemed as though he was praying.
the stunky and glameow continued by saying " words cannot describe how sorry we are that things came to this, we could never ask forgiveness for what we did, but, let us atone for this somehow..." they said, hanging their heads in shame, turning around, they felt they didn't deserve to remain here...
the man turned to them and said "if you want to atone for this, stay here, and protect this grave, so that Weavile shall be remembered."
this statement gave them new hope, perhaps they could make up for this...
they headed around to a small bushy area behind the grave, saying "we will, kind stranger, we will"
I started to sniffle, it was my turn to speak "mother, I will never forget your words to me, they have guided me in the past, and will continue to do so..."
when I was done, the man knelt down beside me, saying "this is no sign of strength, to constrict one's emotions, if you feel like crying, you should..."
hearing this, I started bawling, I couldn't help it, I had been holding these tears in since I saw my mothers lifeless body.
the man turned to me, offering me his hand saying "It's okay, you never have to be alone again",
I responded the only way I could, I hugged him tightly, the gratitude I felt towards this man could no longer be measured, and I only met him about an hour ago...
hugging me back, he said "shh, shh... It'll be alright, I'll protect you, always..." I couldn't explain it, but, this man made me
we stayed at the grave for two hours, until I had finished shedding my tears, as we headed away, he introduced himself to me, "I'm Lucas, Lucas West, do you have a name?"
I responded the only way I could, by using on of my claws to write my name in the snow, S-E-E-N-A...
"Seena huh? well, it's a beautiful name"....

present time

while I was reminiscing, it seems a lot of time passed, a nearby clock said 11:30 p.m.
I felt so tired, but I couldn't fall asleep, so much was traveling through my mind, not to mention my heat was starting, then I remembered one phrase in particular from my mother "humans are...different to us, Seena, they can be your best friends, perhaps more, if you let them..."
maybe I wouldn't have to look for a mate, maybe, I had already found him.
I could feel my self getting drowzy so I pulled the covers over myself, looking at Lucas, before thinking to myself "I understand now, mother" before falling asleep...
That night, my dreams replayed the events of the day prior over and over again, almost as if to say, you're not dreaming... she's gone...
I awoke early in the morning in a cold sweat. I turned to look at Lucas, who had turned to face the opposite direction, he was sleeping soundly, unaware of how I felt at the moment.
Maybe it was for the best, the true reason I didn't want to evolve yet, as my mother had told me, was because... evolution during the heat cycle is a bad idea, it causes, from her description, an almost insane lust...
my cycle should last around 2 weeks... I hope I don't act on urges during that time, I've only just met this man, I don't want to hurt him...
I thought to myself, if he is the one for me, I shall wait patiently through my cycle and see if I feel the same about him after that.
The clock said 4:37 a.m. I was still quite tired, so I attempted to fall asleep again.

Lucas's P.O.V

last night, I saw that image again... the flame inside my chest expanding, but, this time, it seemed bigger...
when I awoke the time was 6:22 a.m. I turned to Seena, seeing that she was asleep, I started to write a note.

Seena, if you're reading this, I'm not here, I'm out looking around Snowpoint city, I'll be back shortly.

upon writing this, I headed out the room door and was greeted by a blissey on the night shift
"bliss!" the blissey said, smiling at me.
"hi there, I'm just going out for a short while..."
the blissey responded to this by nodding to me.
I knew what I was going to do, I had my wallet with me, I was going to buy a small gift for Seena, along with some food supplies
when I left the pokemon centre, I looked around, it was still dark, there were 2 girls out, standing by the large temple towards the north end of town, as I passed by, I recognized who they were.
They were Maylene of the Veilstone gym and Candice of the local gym.
They turned to me and said "are you interested in getting our badges? Sorry, but you'll have to wait until noon"
I explained to them, I didn't have any pokemon to fight for me, They very surprised by this, asking "is that really a good idea?"
then I followed up by explaining my dream to them, Maylene seemed to like this concept, but, I expected no less of another who trains beside their pokemon...
"so, what are you two doing out here anyway?" I asked them, curious to the nature of their meeting.
"well we were-" Candice started before being cut off by Maylene "we're going to investigate rumors of a legendary pokemon in Snowpoint temple"
Candice turned to maylene and said "why'd you have to go and tell him THAT? now he's going to be interested in it too"
"sorry Candice" Maylene started "I got so excited I just coouldn't help it"
Candice turned to me and said "well, I guess it can't be helped, do you want to come with us?"
I quickly responded "no, thanks, I have something I need to do, I guess I'll see you later"
Candice quickly responded "yeah well, if you want to get my gym badge, I know I'll see you later..."
before I left, I said to Candice "if you do find anything out, you can tell me, I won't tell anyone else about this..."
"that would be best..." Candice said before shooting a mad look at Maylene
"What!? I said I was sorry!" Maylene shot back, before moving inside the temple.
"bye" I simply said to them before walking off towards the pokemon mart
When I arrived I was suprised to see a Meowth sitting on a counter next to a sign that said "this is Michael, he knows the price of all the items here. when you have your items, take them to Michael, he will write down the total price of the items for you.
"hello Michael" I said, before patting the Meowth on his head,
I then headed to the gift section, seeing all sorts of items designed for pokemon, there were scarves, bells, feathers, berries, and other assorted items designed to be held by pokemon,
then I saw a red scarf that I thought would look great with Seena's natural colours, I picked it up and headed over to the training supplies section, grabbing 3 more pokeballs and some bottles of lemonade.
I headed over to the foods section and grabbed some assorted meats and vegetables, when I headed back to the counter the meowth had pre-emptively started writing numbers down, adding them together, he came to a total of 4370 , I opened my wallet, pulling out a 5000 note, handing it to the meowth, being handed back a 500, 3 10's and 2 100's
"hey, Michael" I asked, "do you only work the night shift here?"
the meowth look up at me and nodded before looking down again.
"okay" I said, "I'll see you later then" before heading out the door holding some new items...
looking around, I saw the boat that was heading to the battle frontier was getting ready to take off, A man, slightly taller than me, wearing a green trenchcoat-type jacket was standing on the deck.
"wonder who that is..." I said to myself before heading back to the pokemon centre
when I got back the Blissey was still there, but nurse joy was coming around the corner.
"so, switching shifts I see..."
"oh, hello again young man, did you need anything?" the nurse asked me
"nope, got everything I need" I responded before heading back to the room I was staying in.
when I opened the door I saw that Seena had woken up, she was reading my note at the time, so, I figured, she must have just awoken.
"did you sleep well?" I asked
when she heard this, she nodded and got off the bed, walked over to me and hugged at my leg, seeing this, I knelt down to her, so she could reach my torso.
I returned her embrace, before picking her up and setting her down on one of the beds, turning to the bag of items, I told her," I got you a little something"
before reaching for the scarf I had picked out for her, curiosity took her expression as I went through the bag, and when I retrieved the scarf, her eyes lit up...
"so, do you like it?" I asked, seeing her expression, I took it as a yes, "do you want to put it on now?" I asked, handing her the scarf.
she happily wrapped it around her neck before hugging me again, I was sitting beside her on the bed this time, so I didn't have to kneel down to meet her.
I got up to place my items in the fridge."I think we're going to be here for a while yet" I said to Seena, the reason being, I wanted to give her time to adjust to the loss of her mother, whenever she wanted, I would take her to the grave, for closure...
I think she understood my reasoning, she responded by silently nodding.
"I was wondering, do you want to go to your mother's grave again today? I haven't got any plans..."
she nodded again, silently before wondering "how did he know the weavile was my mother?"
"okay, let's get going" I said to her, grabbing some food for us, and, for the other two...
leaving the room, Seena was greeted by the passing blissey, I waited for her, as she appeared to be having a conversation with the blissey.
when she finished, I asked "shall we go then?"
she looked to me, nodding before following me to the outskirts of Snowpoint.
when we arrived, I called out for the stunky and glameow, hoping they were still here.
I was soon greeted by two small pokemon coming from the bushes behind the grave (which had sprouted a pecha plant at the head)
"it's good to see you're still here" I said, the stunky then looked at me with an offended gaze, as if to say "you expected differently?"
"heh... sorry about that, how've you been holding up?"
the glameow started talking to Seena and I was talking to the stunky, not really expecting to be able to understand him, he was suprisingly talkative though...

Seena's P.O.V

I woke up, looking over to the other bed, I noticed Lucas was no longer there, I got up, slightly panicked, before noticing a note on the back of the door, I pulled it off the door and sat back on the bed, and read it. Seena, if you're reading this, I'm not here, I'm out looking around Snowpoint city, I'll be back shortly.
no sooner had I finished reading the note, had Lucas come back, I had only spent about two minutes without him around, but I still missed him terribly...
I got up and hugged him, he knelt down to meet my embrace, as he did this, he picked me up and put me on the bed, sitting beside me he went to pull something out of the bag saying "I got you a little something" he brought back with him, it was a beautiful red scarf.
"so, do you like it?" he asked me. "I love it" I thought to myself, he handed it to me, asking if I wanted to put it on now, I happily held out my hands and wrapped the scarf arond my neck, it was pleasantly warm I turned to Lucas and hugged him again, thanking him for the gift.
Lucas headed off to the kitchen with the bag, "I think we're going to be here for a while yet" Lucas said, while putting some of the items in the fridge, he turned to me and asked "I was wondering, do you want to go to your mother's grave again today? I haven't got any plans..."
I thought to myself, "wait, how did he know that?" I nodded anyway
"okay, let's get going" he said to me, grabbing enough food...for four, I suddenly realized what he had in mind.
I followed him out the door, and to the main area of the pokemon centre, a passing Blissey turned to me and said, "you seem to be in heat... have you thought about finding a mate?"
I blushed lightly at this, before responding, "yes, but, I may have already found one" I said, before looking at Lucas
"ohh..." the blissey said, looking away, mildly embarrassed, herself, before telling me, "well, I work the night shift here at the pokemon centre, let me know if you have any questions"
"thank you" I said, turning again to Lucas, he turned to me and asked "shall we go then? I nodded in agreement and followed him to the outskirts of town, when we arrived at the grave, I immediately noticed, that the seed Lucas had planted the day before, had already started growing.
"stunky? Glameow? are you still here?" lucas called out.
"yes, we're here" the other two pokemon responded, emerging from the bushes, it was good to see they were keeping their promise.
"it's good to see you're still here" lucas said, as he was soon met with an offended gaze from the stunky...
"heh... sorry about that, how've you been holding up?" Lucas asked the stunky,
"we've been good, no trouble as of yet" the stunky responded, as he said this, the glameow made her way, over to me and asked
"you know your heat has started right" I had to respond
"yes, I'm well aware"
the glameow shot a glare at me and said "you'd better not try to steal my man."
upon hearing this, the stunky turned to look at us, wondering if he had done somethig wrong
"never, I wouldn't dream of it" I responded, offended that glameow thought I would even consider doing something that despicable.
"it's okay, I'm only joking, I know you wouldn't do that, but still, have you thought about finding a mate?"
the glameow said, looking around
"I might already have found him" I said, before turning my head to Lucas, who was busy talking to stunky
"well, who is it? she said, following my gaze before seeing Lucas.
"ohh, him huh? well I won't stand in your way, he's a good man, no doubt about it, I just know he would do anything to make you happy" glameow said to me, when I heard this I started blushing heavily...
"what makes you say that?" I asked
"well, for starters he saved us from team galactic when he had no reasoning to do so, second, he conducted a funeral for your mother, without knowing her, and third, it looks like he got you a scarf this morning"
I was taken aback at this, He really did care, but, would he be interested in me like THAT?
"I don't know, I don't want to let my physical urges make my choices for me" I said, still blushing heavily
"well, you may want to make your move soon, a guy like that, I'm suprised he's still on his own..."
this statement worried me, was there someone else already!? he hasn't mentioned anyone, in fact, he hasn't mentioned ANYONE else at all, I wish I could ask him about this, it's times like this I curse this forsaken language barrier.

Lucas's P.O.V

I looked over to Seena, she appeared to be blushing quite heavily, what were they talking about over there?
I felt I should call to them
"Seena, Glameow, could you come over here please?"
they looked at me, and quickly complied, I moved to sit down, and pulled the food out of my bag, I turned to stunky and glameow and asked "have you two eaten anything?, I brought extra for you too" they shook their heads, so I pulled out two extra plates...
as I placed two plates in front of them, with berries of many types on each they looked happily at me before eating the berries, stunky seemed to have no specific taste, but the glameow went for the dry berries first
"huh... that's interesting, I said, pulling out a watmel and biting into it "ahh...delicious, as always..." I said, it was sweet-bitter, I always enjoyed that mix of flavours, I turned to Seena and saw her eating the mainly sweet berries first, unknown to them, I was learning a lot, just watching them do something simple, like eating...
stunky finished first because he wasn't picky about his food, he just ate it all, the other's however, were carefully picking their order in preference...
after we had finished, we said our silent prayers for weavile before separating again.
It was now afternoon, about 2, we always spent a while there. when we headed back to the pokemon centre, I saw Candice again,"hey Candice" I said, looking down to Seena, she looked worried, "it's okay Seena, she's the gym leader here..." this didn't really help her mood "oh, it's you again, hi"
Candice turned to me and said, I wanted to ask her "so, how did 'that thing' go?"
"not bad, we saw some writing on the walls alluding to it, but we didn't get all the way down"
"what happened?" I asked
"the pokemon in there were really strong, we couldn't continue..." she said, looking disappointed
"well, I didn't know you would have trouble with it" I said, wondering how a Gym Leader-actually, TWO Gym leaders could have trouble with something like that.
"yeah, well, you COULD have helped..." she said, jokingly shooting a look of contempt at me
"I told you, I had plans, where's Maylene, by the way?"
"oh! She's in the gym at the moment" she said, suddenly realizing that's where SHE should be.
"yeah, well, next time you plan on going into the temple, let me know" I said, getting a hopeful expression from her
"thanks, anyway, I'll talk to you later" she said, running off to the gym
"see ya" I said, turning back to Seena, she still looked pretty upset,
"come on Seena, we'll talk back at the room" she snapped back to me, and started following me back to the room, when we got to the room, she jumped up on one of the beds and stared at me, she seemed mad.
"what's wrong Seena?" I asked, I was starting to get worried, did I do something wrong?
she didn't respond, then I realized she only started acting like that when I was talking to Candice
"Candice?" I asked getting a small nod in response
"I met her this morning when I went out to get some stuff... there's nothing going on between us" I said, it seems these words calmed her down as she breathed a sigh of relief and hugged me.
"well, it's good to see you're not upset with me any more" I said, lightly chuckling, patting her on the head.
I went to turn on the TV and sat down to watch...

Seena's P.O.V

when I started following Lucas back to the pokemon centre, I saw a girl standing nearby, then, Lucas called out to her, in that moment, I couldn't believe it, was I getting jealous? I couldn't help but think about the Glameow's words to me... "you may want to make your move soon, a guy like that, I'm suprised he's still on his own..."
the words echoed through my mind, could he be interested in her?
I couldn't even hear what they were saying,
then I heard Lucas say "come on Seena, we'll talk back at the room", I suddenly realized, I hadn't been listening to a word either of them had said...
I followed Lucas back to the room at the pokemon centre, when we got in, I went and sat on one of the beds, scared of the thought of Lucas being with someone else.
"what's wrong Seena?" he asked, I didn't respond, he then thought to himself for a second "Candice?"
he asked, I slowly nodded.
"I met her this morning when I went out to get some stuff... there's nothing going on between us" this statement brought a huge wave of relief to me as I suddenly hugged him.
"well, it's good to see you're not upset with me any more" he said, laughing lightly as he patted me on the head, he then got up to turn on the TV and sat down next to me and we watched....
Chapter End Notes:so, long, typed, over 24 hours, must, pace, self...

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