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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 3 (part 2) (the spark ignites and feelings revealed)

Lucas's P.O.V

Over the next 2 weeks, not much happened, every second day, we visited weavile's grave, Seena started talking more, I thought it was a good sign that she was recovering from the loss of her mother, it couldn't be easy, living with those horrible memories, so, I did my best to comfort her
when we were at the pokemon centre, I took some time each day to try focusing my mind on Ice crystals, I really wanted to learn how to use that move, I learned, from nurse joy that there were fire and lighning versions of the move, so, alternating days, I would focus on a different one, after the first 4 days, I noticed Seena was trying to impress me, she was sitting by my side, following my moves, I started to think, maybe she was the one, for me, after that point I go embarrassed whenever we had extended contact, Like when she hugged me. at the end of the first week, I heard a news report of a break-out of jail taking place.
I sincerely hoped it wasn't the man who I thought it was, at the end of the second week, Seena asked me for the razor claw and promptly used it to evolve, she had become a Weavile, she got about a foot taller, when she hugged me now, I didn't have to kneel down anymore, but I still would, it became a habit to me, every night of the second week, I saw that image in my dreams again, but each time, the flame got bigger, I still didn't understand...

Seena's P.O.V

Over the next 2 weeks, not much really happened, every second day, we visited mother's grave, but, we stayed for less time each time, Glameow was becoming more and more visibly pregnant, stunky was gathering berries each time we saw him, each night, though, I could feel my lust rising, I didn't want to let Lucas know about this, one night, about 3 days in, I visited the blissey and asked for her advice "well, Seena, I've had the same problem, working in the pokemon centre, I've never had a chance to get out and meet someone special, so, I usually resolve to take care of my urges myself" I blushed heavily when I heard this "h-how?" I blurted out, I could barely stand the urges of my own anymore, so much as looking at Lucas for extended periods of time was riling me up... "well" the blissey started, "if you take your hand and rub your genitalia with it, it can really help quell those urges."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, It sounded so...vulgar, but I knew it may be the only way to supress it, when I got back to the room, I noticed Lucas was still asleep "good, I thought" and I headed Into the bathroom and locked the door behind myself, "there, if he wakes up, he'll just think I'm using shower,I turned and started the shower, a low hum came from the showerhead, I removed my scarf, not wanting to get it wet, and entered the shower. "Now, how am I supposed to do this?" I couldn't believe I was actually going through with this, I took my hand and reached down between my legs, and started rubbing myself. I breathed heavily and gasped, as I soon found, it felt much better than I was expecting.
I fell down onto my backside, emitting a small *thump* when I hit the ground, I was far too focused on my front that I didn't even realize I had fallen, not wasting any time, I continued rub at myself, moaning and panting constantly, I then took my claws and spread the lips of my sex, and, when I felt the hot water hit it, I emitted a sharp gasp, it felt so good, my inner walls were quaking with desire, as I slid one of my claws in, I moaned so loudly, I was worried I would wake Lucas, I decided to take this slowly and only go a couple of inches deep, My mother had told me about a hymen, and I didn't want to pre-emptively break it, almost instinctively, as I was pentrating myself with my claw, my free hand came up to my chest and started rubbing at my nipple, this felt so good,I couldn't help but imagine Lucas doing this for me, I didn't want it to stop, but then, I remembered why I was doing this,
to stop my urges from overwhelming me, suddenly, my pace quickened, and my inner walls started to clench around my claw, I couldn't stop now, soon, from the combination of the temperature of the water, the stimulation to my chest and my sex, I felt my first release, my inner walls clenched down on my claw, and I could feel a spray of fluid erupting from my sex. I was finished... I quickly cleaned myself up, turned off the shower, dried myself off, put my scarf back on around my neck, and headed back to bed, the urges had subsided, temporarily, at least.
every second day, I felt I had to repeat these actions, to stop myself from beng overwhelmed, this continued for 2 weeks, until my heat was over, after it finished I asked Lucas for mother's nail and used it to Evolve into a weavile myself, I noticed, after my urges stopped, the way I felt about Lucas didn't change, I decided, I was in love with him and I would show it soon...

Lucas's P.O.V

it had been 3 weeks since I first met Seena, she was talking a lot more, which was always a good sign. when I woke up today I looked at Seena, soundly sleeping, Now a Weavile and I noticed, I found her quite attractive, I didn't feel strange about this, I had always treated pokemon as my equals, I even acknowledged the fact that I was falling for her, she had been so kind to me, and I didn't want her to leave me. I decided, then and there, I would soon tell her how I felt.
I just sat there, watching Seena sleep, she soon woke up, and met my gaze, before blushing rather heavily.
"Hey Seena" I said "want to get some breakfast?" she nodded in response, I went to the kitchen, grabbing a couple of plates, before starting to cook some pancakes she enjoyed this new scent, making an audible response "I haven't made these for you before, I think you'll enjoy them, when I turned to look at Seena, she was already up and by my side, "well, someone's eager." I said, smiling at her
"weav-ile!" she responded, returning my smile, soon, they were done, I served them up straight away, I added some syrup and berry juice to them, I always enjoyed the mix of flavours, so I thought Seena would too. we sat down and started eating, Seena was learning how to use cutlery, she was coming along quite well, after we finished, I asked "want to head to the grave again today, I was also interested in seeing how our fiends are doing"
when Seena heard this, she quickly nodded in agreement I gathered some things together and asked "okay then, shall we go?", as we headed out to the outskirts of Snowpoint city, I saw something that confirmed my previous fears,
HE was broken out of jail, and he was there, waiting for us...
"Hey Kid! remember me!?" he shouted, I could already feel a fire burning in my soul "why did he come back!?" I thought to myself, I shouted back "how did you know we would come here today!?"
"Team Galactic has eyes everywhere, Don't ever forget that, not that it really matters, you're gonna die today anyway..."
"reallY!?" I shouted back, dubious of this inane claim "what can you do to me, as I remember, last time we met, you were taken down in one hit" I shouted at him, furious that he would dare to show his face here.
"that may be true" he said "but you caught me off guard last time, this time I have pokemon with me, specially trained by Team Galctic admins, that won't hesitate to kill."
"my god!" I shouted, disgusted "how did you TRAIN them!?"
"how do you think kid!?" he said, smugly smiling "the Team Galactic way, these are the strongest pokemon we have, aside from the personal bodyguards of our glorius leader"
"why would they trust such power to a grunt!?"
"because I was told to make an example of those who'd dare to defy us"
I started shaking, I wasn't scared. I was ENRAGED, I clenched my hands, AND SHOUTED
"I lost count..." the grunt said, smiling.
"what did I tell you before, as long as I live and breathe, you'll never have your way!"
I could barely stand this anger "Seena! Get Back!"
I shouted, still facing the grunt, ready to fight...
"you really want to do this huh?'s your funeral..."
as he said this he released three pokemon at once, A gyarados, an abomasnow and a garchomp, they looked furious.
"well!" I shouted at them "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?"
as I said this, I saw that image in my mind again, this time only an outline of myself remained, it showed the flame, that had started so small, exploding to my size eneveloping my outline like as aura,
I started to feel faint "what's happening to me!?" I shouted, as I fell to my knee, the grunt laughed "what's wrong, afraid? face it! you'll never beat us, you'll never beat Team Galactic!"
"SKUUUN!" as he finished saying this, A skuntank jumped from the bushes behind the grave, I immediately understood, the stunky had evolved, and he was here to help me, looking behind me, I saw a purugly standing in front of Seena, protecting her, I smiled at this, they were here helping me out in MY time of need, as I had helped them, in theirs...
"what!? the grunt said, hesitating at this sight, his old pokemon was staring him square in the eyes, and he wasn't happy.
I finally came around, and got back to my feet, I still felt strange, as if something had awakened within me, then, I knew something happened when skuntank yelled back to me "get ready Lucas!" My eyes went wide, I completely understood every word he had just said, but now was not the time to dwell, I subconciously pictured, fire, lightning and ice in my head at the same time without even knowing, and something miraculous happened, my right arm became coverd in the Same light blue aura I had seen before, My left arm, started crackling with lightning, and my legs, erupted into flames,
Something had happened, I felt like, in that moment, I truly could make a difference in this world... Almost like, a hero...
the abomasnow lunged forward at me, He looked like he was moving so slowly, I guess I had truly become powerful, and now, this grunt is going to regret ever having met me, I waited for the right moment, and jumped at the abomasnow, delivering an incredible blaze kick to the side of it's head, I had no idea how this happened, but I had to make the best use of this possible, the abomasnow was dizzied, but not defeated, so I redoubled my efforts, dodging his next backswipe, followed by an attempted blizzard attack, he could never hit me at his pace,
I planted my right foot square in the back of his head, then, the garchomp attempted to hit me with one of it's claws, I pushed off the abomasnows head using my left leg, and punched the garchomp in the stomach with a powerful Ice punch using the momentum I had gained from my bounce, so to speak.
"how is He doing this!?" I heard the grunt shout, looking back to Seena, I noticed, she had never truly seen me fight before, I was afraid I would scare her, but, I couldn't afford to hold back.
The abomasnow had just fainted, the garchomp was knocked down, trying to get to it's feet, then, the gyarados started it's attack roaring at me, it was fast, much faster than the others, it spun around and hit me with the flat side of it's tail, sending me a short distance into a tree behind me... It really hurt, but, it was nowhere near enough to stop me, "LUCAS!" I heard Seena shout, her voice came through, clear as a bell to me, when I looked up, I saw skuntank firing sludge bomb after sludge bomb at the gyarados, it was using it's speed to dodge each one.
This was my chance, I thought of a move, a new move and lunged at the gyarados, planting a mach punch on it's forehead, I knocked the gyarados down, before quickly looking at the garchomp, it was back up, and lumbering it's was over to purugly, I quickly called to skuntank, telling him to fire a sludgebomb at garchomp's back, while charging a thunderpunch of my own, he quickly complied, firing the sludge bomb, It was a direct hit, once again, knocking down the garchomp, I jumped at the gyarados, It was still slightly stunned, when I threw my fist, it dodged at the last second, swiping and cutting my back with it's tailfin.
"urrgh!" I groaned, falling to my knee, that REALLY hurt, I could feel I was bleeding too, I had to try harder, then, I noticed, The gyarados stopped moving, it briefly stared at the purugly, and fell asleep,"she must have used hypnosis" I thought to myself, before shouting out "thank you!" before focusing on something new, I imagined a comet punch, crossed with a thunder punch, and soon enough, both of my fists started crackling with lightning, as I started the attack I felt I had to shout it out "Storm Flurry!" I shouted as I started launching five consecutive thunderpunches to the gyarados, there was no doubt about it, it was either knocked out, or dead now...
then I remembered the other potential threat, and turned around, to see Seena hitting a stunned garchomp in the face with her ice punch, it quickly went down... " nice job guys!" I shouted happily, before turning back to the now speechless grunt
"well" I said "I'm going to give you one more chance, surrender yourself now, or we WILL attack you next" his mouth was hanging open, a shocked expression painted across his face.
"fine" he said, "I'll go back to jail, but don't you EVER mention this to Cyrus, you hear me?"
"Cyrus!?" I said, before quickly remembering the elder told me that she told the legend of Arceus and spear pillar to Cyrus too.
"shit!" I shouted out, "your team was seeking to capture the gods themselves!?"
hearing this, the grunt was shocked, had this kid not known this whole time?
"you mean you didn't know!?" he shouted "then why did you fight me in the first place?"
I calmed down to say my last words to him "you see that weavile, standing behind me, you killed her mother, THAT alone is enough reason for me to stop you"
"I didn't kill her, THEY did, before pointing at his old pokemon"
"you coward" I shouted "you dare to hide behind pokemon, even at a time like this" I could feel my anger building, "I KNOW what you did, in my eyes, you are the one who did this, YOU ALONE, are the murderer"
He started to tremble and tried to flee, but I wouldn't allow that, I dashed after him and hit him in the back of the head with a mach punch, knocking him out, I , once again, grabbed the pokeballs off his waist, These pokemon, however, were dangerous.
I returned them to their respective balls before attaching them to my belt. "these pokemon are going to the pokemon centre for rehabilitation" I said, turning to look at my three friends.
Seena responded, saying "that's probably for the best" I still couldn't believe what I was hearing, suddenly, I really started feeling the cut on my back, falling to my knee again, "aargh!" I shouted, in pain, looking down, I noticed, there was a large amount of blood in the snow...
"guys", I said "I need to go to the centre myself, before getting up and slowly walking back to Snowpoint city, adrenaline was all that was keeping me from collapsing, I was being followed closely by Seena, a look of concern of her face, whenever I turned back to look at her, I soon arrived in the centre, greeted by a worried nurse joy,"oh my, what happened?"
"team galactic happened, send some police to the pecha tree on the outskirts of Snowpoint" I said, before reaching for the pokeballs on my waist "these pokemon may be mentally unstable, I need you to rehabilitate them, and, I think I need" I managed to say before slumping over the counter.
"lucas!" I faintly heard Seena yell as I blacked out...

12 hours later

I awoke, to find myself back in my room, my shirt was removed and a large roll of guaze had been applied to my torso, looking around, I saw Seena, skuntank and Purugly, it was late, the clock said it was about 11 p.m.
"hey..." I said, causing them all to look up, Seena was sitting by my side.
"Lucas!, I was so worried..." Seena said to me, hugging me tightly. the skuntank turned to me, saying,
"that was a bold move, fighting the way you did"
I responded by saying, "if you guys didn't come when you did, I probably wouldn't be here now"
Purugly turned to me and said "the way you fought, was truly amazing, almost as if, you WERE a pokemon yourself"
I then heard two smaller voices asking if I was okay.
"huh? who's there?" I asked, the purugly said "it's okay, you can jump up now"
two small glameows jumped up on the bed greeting me
"hello there" I simply said
" mister, mom told us you fought for her and dad, was that true?"
before I responded, the purugly said "there's no need to ask a question like that..."
"it's okay," I responded before turning to the infant glameows and saying "yes, that is true"
it was then they all caught on, their eyes widening "you, you KNOW what we're saying!?" the skuntank said to me.
"well, yes" I turned to the skuntank before continuing "I don't know why, but, suddenly I can understand what you're all saying"
"that's amazing, Purugly said, before turning to Seena "can I see you outside?"
" okay..." Seena said, before moving outside...
"mister, are you all right?" one of the small glameows said to me
"I, don't know, I'll try getting up" I said, as I moved to get up, a shooting pain hit me "argh" I said, softly, trying not to scare the children...
"I'm suprised you can move at all" the skuntank said to me "you took 2 powerful blows"
" I had been training physically, for 2 years, before coming up to Snowpoint, I'm used to it"
"well" the skuntank said, "come see us again after you've fully recovered"
"I will, I promise"
the purugly walked back in with Seena, looking around the room, saying "it's time for us to go, it's getting late..."
"but mom... I'm not sleepy" one of the small glameows protested "and I had more questions for Lucas..."
"now!" purugly said
"come on kids, let's go" the skuntank said to the small glameows, still sitting on my bed
"okay dad" they said, getting up and following their father, Seena opened the door for them, after she closed it, she ran up to me, hugging me tightly
" I was so scared, seeing you like that" Seena said, tears welling up in her eyes.
"hey...hey... it'll be alright" I said, returning her embrace "I told you I would always protect you, didn't I? nothing's going to stop me from keeping that promise to you..."
"I was scared, because, I can't imagine living without you, you mean so much to me."
"well" I said, still holding her, "you mean a lot to me too,"
"yes, Seena?"
"I...I love you..."
hearing this, I felt so happy, it felt very relieving to know she felt the same way, I knew then I had to tell her...
"Seena, I love you too..."
after I said this, she pulled her head away from my shoulder staring me in the eyes for a minute, before closing her eyes, she pressed her lips to mine, as our lips met, I felt her tongue pushing against my lips, I graciously welcomed it, mingling her tongue with mine...
we stayed like this, locked in a union of passion, for what felt like hours, before we broke our kiss to breathe.
"that...was amazing, I said to her, still holding her tightly, when I turned to look at her, she had fallen asleep...
"I guess I was out longer than I thought..." I said, before drifting off into slumber...

Seena's P.O.V

"Lucas!" I called out, after seeing him collapse on the pokemon center bench.
"quickly! get the stretcher!" I heard nurse Joy shout ou to the nearby blissey
"right away Nurse!" the blissey responded before heading by me, when she came back, I stopped her for a moment, saying "please, take care of him..." with tears starting to roll down my face
"I'll do the best I can, if you know anyone else who would like to see him, bring them here, he's, going to be under the knife for a while yet"
I was worried, but I knew who I had to get.
I quickly ran over to mother's grave before shouting out "skuntank, Purugly, Where are you!?"
the skuntank quickly came out of the bushes,
"is he going to be all right?" he asked
"I don't know, all we can do, is wait, and see." I said, in a worried tone
" I'll get purugly and the kids to follow me, you just get back to the centre as soon as possible"
when I heard this I asked "kids?"
"don't tell me you forgot, when we met, she was pregnant, she evolved shortly after giving birth..."
"oh, okay, well, I'll see you there..." I said, starting back to the pokemon centre
when I arrived, no-one was in the lobby, so I decided it would be best to wait there, soon, the others had arrived, this was the first time I saw the kids, to small glameows, one appeared to have a white stripe trailing down the centre of it's back.
" so, are we waiting here?" the purugly said.
"yeah, all we can do is hope for the best" I responded tearfully.
we all waited in the lobby for 6 tense hours, an occaisional trainer stopping by, looking at us, before following our gazes to the 'surgery in progress' sign, lit up...
"ohh... it must be their trainer" one of them said, turning to a nearby onlooker
"we'd do best not to disturb them" an elderly man said.
"did you hear? a Team Galactic grunt was found and arrested, knocked out just outside the city!" a passerby said
this made me smile, "at least HE didn't get away" I thought to myself
an hour later, Blissey emerged from the surgery floor, walking over to me, saying "he's going to be alright, he's sustained a blunt impact to his back, causing bruising, and a large cut to his back and side, we stiched that up, he'll be back on his feet in 3 days, until then , he just needs plenty of rest, 2 weeks from then, the stitches will come out..."
hearing this made me smile, Lucas was going to be fine! "thank you so much" I replied to the Blissey.
"that's okay, I'm just doing my job" she responded. I saw the 'surgery in progress' light flick off before seeing a stretcher, held by a chansey and nurse joy, carrying Lucas come out, they headed to our room, and, moments later, they re-emerged from the room, the stretcher now empty...
the Blissey turned to us and said "if you wish to wait in the room, you're more than welcome to" before heading back to the surgery floor.
"I'm going to wait for Lucas in our room, do you want to come too?" I said, to the others.
In unison, they nodded and followed me...
we sat in the room for 5 additional hours, I was sitting in a chair, right beside Lucas, before I heard a small "hey..."
"Lucas!, I was so worried..." I said, hugging him,
the skuntank turned to Lucas and said "that was a bold move, fighting the way you did"
Lucas reponded by saying "if you guys didn't come when you did, I probably wouldn't be here now"
purugly then turned to Lucas and said "the way you fought, was truly amazing, almost as if, you WERE a pokemon yourself"
this statement hit me too, I noticed, he was fighting in a very similar way to how we did.
the two small glameows were at the foot of the bed, both of them asking "are you okay mister?"
Lucas looked around, wondering were the small voices had come from.
the purugly turned to her kids, saying "it's okay, you can jump up now"
the children happily jumped up onto Lucas's bed, being greeted by Lucas saying "hello there"
"mister" one of them started "mom told us you fought for her and dad, was that true?"
Lucas turned to respond, before being cut off by purugly saying "there's no need to ask a question like that..."
Lucas looked at Purugly, before saying "it's okay" and turning to the little pokemon sitting on his bed and said "yes, that is true"
I couldn't believe it, Lucas was talking to us all as though he understood every word we were saying, then, it hit me, something strange DID happen to him during the fight, maybe that was the explanation for the way he fought, as well.
Skuntank turned to Lucas, eyes widening as he asked "you, you KNOW what we're saying!?"
Lucas the turned to skuntank and said "well, yes, I don't know why, but, suddenly I can understand what you're all saying"
purugly then turned to him saying "that's amazing" before she turned to me asking to see me outside,
I said "okay..." and followed her outside the room, shutting the door behind me.
Purugly turned around, looking at me, saying "this is perfect, now you can speak to him freely"
I turned to her and said "I understand that"
Purugly quickly said back "are you SURE you truly understand what this means, isn't there something IMPORTANT you wanted to tell him?"
"ohh..." I said, suddenly finding myself blushing heavily "do you think I should tell him tonight?"
"well" the purugly said "if you don't tell him tonight, maybe I'll tell him for you..."
I was shocked by this "no!" I shouted, "I'll tell him..." before looking at her and noticing she was smiling... "you, were planning this, weren't you?"
I asked accusingly, she responded by smiling even wider, saying "I'm not telling you anything..."
"well" I said, "it's getting late, maybe you and your family should head home..."
"you're not wasting any time are you?" purugly said, teasing me.
I blushed heavily and said "look, you convinced me to tell him tonight, but soon, there won't be any tonight left"
"fine, fine" she said, as I opened the door "it's time for us to go, it's getting late..."
one of the glameows turned to purugly and said "but mom... I'm not sleepy, and I had more questions for Lucas..."
purugly turned to her child and simply said "now!
"come on kids, let's go" skuntank said to the glameows sitting on Lucas's bed
"okay dad" they said in unison, as they got off the bed and followed skuntank out of the room as I held the door open for them, after I saw them off I closed the door and locked it.
I ran up to Lucas, wrapping my arms around him, now that we were alone I could tell him
"I was so scared, seeing you like that" I said, tears starting to form in my eyes.
he returned my embrace saying "'ll be alright, I told you I would always protect you, didn't I? nothing's going to stop me from keeping that promise to you..."
I rested my head on his shoulder, saying "I was scared, because, I can't imagine living without you, you mean so much to me."
he responded to this by saying "well, you mean a lot to me too"
I couldn't stand it anymore, the words were basically FORCING themselves out of my mouth
"yes, Seena?"
"I...I love you..."
when I said it, I felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders
Lucas suddenly responded "Seena, I love you too..."
I pulled my head off his shoulder, I then closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his it felt indescribable, like a hole in my heart had been filled, I wanted to deepen the kiss, so I started to press my tongue against his lips, which he happily parted, mingling his tongue with my own, it felt so good, I didn't want this loving sensation to end,
I felt like I had held myself against him for hours, until we broke the kiss to breathe, in that moment, I felt the incredible exhaustion of waiting for him for both 12 hours, and 3 weeks, pile on top of me, I started falling asleep, but, I wouldn't let him go, as I drifted off, I heard him say "that...was amazing" in that moment, I knew, I would never let him go...
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