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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 29 (a friends concern, an old threat)

(Seena's P.O.V.)
shortly after Lucas left, I saw Tira wake up, she stretched slightly, before looking around, and turning to me, asking "where are the others?..."
"Lucas took them with him to find some berries, or something" I responded, looking towards the City
"you sound distracted..." she responded, before asking, "is anything wrong?"
"it's just..." I started, before looking around at everyone else, before continuing, "maybe we should speak in private..."
"yeah..." Tira responded, looking at the others, now, too...
I got up, waving her after me as we made our way to the waters edge, when I stopped, I sat in the sand and continued "last night was nice, but I can't help but think we only did it for the sake of doing it..."
"oh..." Tira responded, before continuing "well, maybe casual encounters aren't for you, then..."
"but I want to keep going, too..." I responded, blushing slightly
"then, why is this a problem for you?" Tira asked, confused
"I still don't feel as though Lucas and I are on fair terms..." I responded, looking down slightly
"what do you mean by that?" Tira asked
"well..." I started, blushing "I was hoping you could tell me of...OTHER ways..."
"oh..." Tira started, somewhat surprised, "but, why?"
"the first time Lucas and I were 'together' he did something beyond the norm...
"well..." Tira started, smiling "the first thing you can do is..."
we spoke for the next few minutes, before heading back to the group, I could barely believe Tira would suggest things so vulgar...

(Lucas's P.O.V.)
I turned to face Patoria City, waving the other three to follow behind me as I started heading back to the campsite, I decided it would be too early to check with the tailor to see if the new scarf was ready, so I would just stick to the path, looking back, I saw Jacob eyeing his sister in a strange way, seeing that no-one else was around, I asked
"what's wrong?"
"oh" Jacob started, somewhat surprised "it's just...I still don't understand Terry's reasoning for not wanting to speak to you..." when Jacob said this, I really started to notice, his tone was changing, he was acting more mature "is this possibly because he has a younger sibling now?" I thought to myself, as I responded
"she said it's because of my scent... my father's, perhaps?" as I asked this, I turned my attention to her, trying to catch any changes in her expression
"why do you say that?" Jacob asked, inadvertantly drawing my attention away from Terry,
"because he's a FIGHTING-type, perhaps?" I responded, through a somewhat confused look, before turning to Eliza and asking "what do you think?"
she became surprised by her sudden inclusion in the conversation, before responding "I...I don't really know...I mean, yes, you DO have a different scent, Lucas, but, it's not like it's been a problem before..."
"I guess not, maybe Terry has a sensitive nose, then?" I asked, looking back to Jacob
"I...Guess that could be the case..." he responded, as I turned back and continued through the gate, leading out to route 213, when I arrived back at the camp, I saw that Ravan, Tira, Julian and Garudan all appeared to be awake now as well, as I got closer, I pulled the two Lum berries from the bag, putting them in my pocket, and said,
"okay, everyone's awake, good. Now, I got some berries this morning with the help of Eliza, Jacob and Terry, take whatever you want, I have more in my bag..." as I set the small bag down, revealing the contents, I then walked over to Garudan and quietly said "we need to talk, in private...follow me" he got a concerned look on his face before responding
"...okay..." as he started following me, I led him away from the others, down to the watersde, when I turned back to him, he suddenly blurted out "I didn't choose this, Lucas"
"what are you talking about?" I responded
"you KNOW what I'm talking about..." he responded, suddenly becoming frustrated
"I brought you here..." I started, crossing my arms, "to say I haven't told anyone..."
"...oh" he started, stepping back a bit "...I'm sorry, I'm just frustrated that you found out so soon..." he continued, before taking on an apologetic expression
"look, Garudan, I don't care about your orientation, I'll tell you what I told Gordon last night, I'm not some disapproving father, I'm your friend..." I responded, through a stern expression
"I know, Lucas, believe me, I know..." Garudan said, before sighing lightly
"I was wanting to know something though..." I said, raising an eyebrow
"oh, what is it?" Garudan responded, becoming mildly panicked
"how long have you two been together?" I asked, thinking back to how long they had shared a room
"well..." Garudan started "let's just say...there's more than one reason Gordon and I turned down Lapis..."
"so you're saying... you two were together shortly after you met?" I responded, folding my arms.
"I guess that a problem?" he responded, almost mimicking my actions
"no, it's not, but I'm just wondering why you didn't tell any of us sooner..." I said, looking down slightly
"I didn't want anyone else to know, at least, not until..." Garudan then paused, before looking down and continuing "...It doesn't matter..."
"of course it matters, Garudan..." I responded, putting my hand on his shoulder, before continuing "now, what did you want to say?"
"I didn't want to tell anyone until we had split off from Ravan..." he said
"why's that?" I asked, suddenly becoming incredibly curious as to the nature of this pre-requisite
"...I think he's homophobic...and the last thing I need is an Ice-type on my case..." Garudan responded, bringing his head back up to face me as he said this
"...Really!?" I asked, somewhat shocked by this
"'s a real worry for me..." he responded, looking back to the camp
"look, if he starts anything, you can tell me, okay?" I responded, before taking my hand off his shoulder
"thanks, but, that won't be necessary, word has it that Ravan is staying here" he responded, crossing his arms
"well, I was wondering if he was serious about that or not, I guess I should talk to him about this later..." I responded, turning my head to the campsite
"how much later?" Garudan asked
"later today, I was planning on leaving this area this afternoon..." I responded, turning back to face Garudan
"I want to know something, Lucas..." Garudan said, sighing lightly
"what is it?" asked, being met with his response
"if Gordon and I wanted to leave the group-" I then cut him off, saying
"I thought I told you, if you want to leave the group, for any reason, I won't stop you..."
"I just, thought that maybe different rules applied for gordon, he's the flyer, after all..." Garudan responded, shrugging slightly
"I won't claim to own any of, I won't stop any of you from doing what you want to do" I said, reaffirming my position on the matter
"...thanks, Lucas..." he responded, smiling, I then turned to face the camp, taking a couple of steps before saying
"I won't tell anyone, okay?" he caught on quickly, saying
"alright, I trust you..." he then followed me back to the campsite...
...I spent the next few hours talking with the other members of the group, after we ate breakfast, of course, anyway, I found out that Ravan would indeed be staying here until Jonah was ready to see him, I occasionally checked the time, and when it hit eleven, I was ready to go...
"Seena..." I started "I'm going to see if that 'thing' is ready yet..."
"what thing?" Seena responded
"you'll see..." I said, smiling, as I started towards Pastoria, upon entering, I saw a galactic grunt passing through, she didn't appear to be bothering anyone, except by asking them to join them...she seemed...different, she had what appeared to be the standard uniform, but her hair wasn't as described, it was red, for one...
"hey, lady..." I said, calling out to her, she turned around before responding
"what is it? I'm very busy here..."
I rolled my eyes slightly before continuing "why are you working for Team Galactic?" I decided I would act differently, after all, she didn't appear hostile,
"because...we're working for world peace?" she responded
"I'm guessing you're so far down the grunt ladder that they haven't told you their true intentions..." I responded, sighing
"what do you mean?" she asked, clearly, she either had no idea or was just there to stall me, I decided to act as though the former was the case
"Look" I started, folding my arms, as a small crowd started to gather, "Team Galactic is not something you should be involved in...they want to capture the legendary pokemon of this use their power..."
"why would they do something like that?" she asked
"I think they intend to...CREATE their own world..." I started "if you don't leave the team at will, I may have to force you to..."
"but, what could you hope to do to me..." she responded, before smiling slightly
" don't want to fight say the least" I responded, shaking my head
"from the looks of it..." she started, unclipping a pokeball from her waist, "you don't have any pokemon..."
I frowned slightly, before saying "are you seriously going to stand up for Team Galactic?"
"what does it look like I'm doing?" she responded, readying the ball
"...fine..." I said, before taking up a battle stance and saying "you'll regret this"...
Chapter End Notes:that's commander Mars, by the way, so it's a pretty safe guess as to which pokemon she'll use...that's right, the Galactic admins started as grunts too..
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