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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 28 (the next morning, Gordons' request

my dreams ran through my memories again, showing different points in my life, but this time, they weren't from my perspecive, I could see myself, as a young child, but, trees were somewhat obscuring my path, looking down, there were golden plates on the backs of my hands, blue fingers underneath them, I was seeing different points in my life, from my father's perspective...
but I could feel a certain sadness, almost a longing...there really wasn't a doubt in my mind, he regretted not being there for me, probably more than I did... "lucas..." I heard my father say, over and over, but each time, the voice changed slightly, eventually becoming Seena's voice...
I could hear Seena's voice gradually getting louder, as I faded back into conciousness...
"Lucas...are you alright?" she said, shaking me lightly, I blinked a few times, waking uo to see the dawn had broken
"was I restless?" I asked, sitting up
" were moving around a lot, it looked like you were having a nightmare..." Seena responded, before putting one of her arms around me
"Seena..." I started, putting my right hand on her shoulder "I need you to see something..." I then looked around, seeing who was awake, Gordon was up, and from the looks of it, he was trying to adjust to his new body, Eliza was also awake, when she saw that I had woken up, she made her way over to me, asking
"do you know why Gordon has evolved?"
"he showed great trust in me last night, if you want further details, ask Gordon" I responded, before turning to Seena and saying "what I want you to see, it's a letter from my father..." , Seena's eyes went wide when I said this,
"where is it?" she asked, in a shaken tone
"it's in my bag, Seena" I responded, before getting up and retrieving it, I then proceeded to hand it to Seena, which she then quickly read
"...the battle frontier?" she asked, handing the note back
"yeah..." I started "Gordon told me that a boat regularly takes people there from Snowpoint..."
"I guess...we should go there someday..." Seena said, keeping her eyes fixed on me as I put the note back in my bag and sat back down
"the note isn't all that was left for me Seena..." I said, as I pulled my wallet out
"what do you mean?" she asked, before I pulled some notes out of my wallet
"100,000... Ian left me with this money..."
"doesn't that seem somewhat excessive?" Seena asked
"Gordon thinks it's because Ian knows I'll be looking after all of us..." I said in response, looking over to Gordon, now attempting to walk on his strange foot-wings...
"I guess so...but, why were you and Gordon awake last night?" Seena asked, looking over to Gordon as well
"I woke up from a burning sensation in my chest, and Gordon must've only been half-asleep at the time..." I said, moving my right hand over my chest, thinking back to it..."why DID I feel that?" I thought to myself, looking over, Gordon started making his way to me
"hey, Lucas..." he started "could we talk in private?" , getting up, I responded
"yeah, sure..." as I put my wallet back in my pocket, Gordon then brought himself off the ground, faster than usual from what I saw, I followed him a considerable distance away, down to the water's edge, he then turned back to me and started
"okay, first thing... Garudan isn't exactly happy with me right now..." he said, looking down
"I'm not surprised, you revealed this fact about yourself in your own time, and then suddenly reveal the same of him..."
" haven't told anyone else, have you?..." he asked, becoming somewhat embarassed
"not yet, I thought you would prefer to do it, but, I wouldn't be surprised if Tira already knows..." I said, looking back towards the camp
"what makes you say that?" he asked, becoming surprised
"she appears to know everything..." I said, before laughing lightly and continuing "I'm kidding, but, seriously, if anyone else knows, it'd be her..."
"well, thanks then" he said, smiling
"it's quite alright..." I started, before asking "what's it like now that you've evolved?"
"well, walking is harder, but on the other hand, I can fly faster, and I don't seem to get tired as easily..." he responded, before asking "why do you ask?"
"well, Matt didn't really change much when HE evolved, he only seemed to get bigger, Seena didn't change quite as much as you did, either..."
"this sounds curious..." he said, giving a quizzical look
"I've just been thinking about pokemon evolution lately, that's all..." I responded, folding my arms, before asking "was there anything else you wanted to talk about?"
"well, I only wanted to ask one more thing, and this may be the most important of all... are you still going to be okay with me flying you around?" he asked
"why wouldn't I be?" I responded
"'d be on my back..." he said, becoming mildly embarassed
"oh..." I started "look, nothing has changed between us, Gordon, I'd only be uncomfortable about it, because your form has changed, that's all...but, then again, I never exactly got used to flying around on your back in the first place..."
"so, you're saying, it's more uncomfortable for you getting used to hanging onto a new shape?" he asked
"yeah, look, I didn't expect you to be...well, how you are...but, it really doesn't affect me, I'm fine, Gordon" I responded, shaking my head slightly
"so, you'll be fine?" he asked
"we'll talk more about this when we're next going to Snowpoint, okay?" I responded, trying to end the questions
"...when ARE we going back there?" he then asked
"it's been three days since we were last there, so, in four days, Gordon" I responded, as I turned back to face the camp, before continuing " should tell Garudan that no-one else apart from me knows, by the way..."
"I guess he might feel better about it, then..." Gordon responded, before starting back to the camp, while continuing, "thanks, Lucas"
"anytime, Gordon..." I responded, following him back, on the way back, I felt the familiar vibration of the pokedex I kept in my back pocket, pulling it out, it showed a new message
"professor Oak is back from Unova, he said he had to choose each area to have a gym, anyway, he'll be back in Sinnoh in a few months... (Bill)"
"huh...well, it seems that I'll be able to go to Unova, too...but I wouldn't be surprised if these abilities were already showing in people when I got there, it seems Oak visited every area..." I thought to myself, as I continued back to camp, still holding my pokedex, I decided, I would check the time, and scan Gordon, I had never seen what he was before
"hey, Gordon, can you wait a second?" I asked, getting him to turn around and respond
"what is it?" he then saw the pokedex and asked "what's that Lucas?"
"it's a pokedex..." I started "it should show us some information on what you are" I then hit the SCAN button shown on the screen, this version IV seemed to run on a touch-screen, anyway, after pressing the button, or at least, the part of the screen saying SCAN, a light fanned out over a short distance, I moved the pokedex so the light would touch Gordon, it then proceeded to make an up and down sweep of Gordon's form, while the screen showed 'SCANNING'
soon after, it was done, and the information showed up, "alright, it's done" I said, smiling
"what does it say?" Gordon asked
"...Crobat...I guess that's the name of the evolution of a Golbat, also says some stuff about the transformation of legs into wings..." I responded
"Crobat...sounds interesting..." he responded, as I turned my attention to the CLOCK function, it said the time was 7:18 a.m.
"alright..." I started, putting the pokedex away, "let's go back, then"
"sure thing..." Gordon said, turning and making his way back to the camp, I followed after him, when the others were in sight, it looked as though Terry and Jacob were up now, too.
When I reached the camp, I decided I would take Eliza, Jacob and Terry to find some berries "maybe I'll get Terry to talk to me..." I thought to myself, I sat down with Seena and said "I'm going to take Eliza, and Tira's kids to find some food..."
"well, you DO have enough money to just buy some food, you know" she responded
"I know, but, I was hoping to get Terry talking, besides, I do have food with me, it's a backup..."
"well, alright then..." Seena started, looking to my bag, before turning back to me and asking, "why did Gordon want ot talk to you anyway?"
"oh, we were just talking about his evolution, turns out, he's what's called a Crobat..." I responded, purposefully holding back the truth
"oh, well, that sounds interesting..." Seena responded, looking over to Gordon, who was on the ground, talking to Eliza.
I got up and said "well, I'll try to be back by eight, then" before going to my bag, and pulling a plastic bag out, to hold the berries, I rolled the bag up and put it in my pocket, before making my way to Jacob and asking,
"you want to come with me to find some berries?"
"I would..." he started, "but I don't want to leave Terry here on her own..."
"that's fine" I said, smiling "I want her to come, too, I'm also going to get Eliza to come with us..."
"well, that should be okay, then..." he said, before turning to his sister and saying "come on, Terry..." she nodded in response, before following us as we made our way over to Gordon and Eliza
"hey, Eliza" I started "would you like to come with Jacob, Terry and I? we're going to find some berries"
"well" she started "I am feeling kinda' hungry...but, what if we don't find enough?"
"don't worry about that, I've got food here, too..." I responded, looking back to my bag.
"Well, okay then..." Eliza said, getting up, as she joined the small group following behind me, turning back to Gordon, I said "if you need to talk to anyone privately, this'd probably be the best time"
Gordon looked back at me before responding "no, I don't think it'll be a problem..."
"well, alright then" I said, before turning back to the small group and continuing "let's go, then"
we went west of our campsite, heading through Pastoria city, as we left the City, I turned back to the others and said "now, according to Terese's story, there should be marshland through here" I then looke ahead of us, spotting some darker ground... "mud?" I stepped forward and tested the ground, pulling my foot back, I had confirmed my thoughts, I turned back to the others and said "okay, these darker areas are mud, it may be enough to sink into, you three are probably too light for it to be a problem, but you should avoid it none the less..."
"sure thing" Eliza said, looking around, while sniffing the air.
"I'll do my best to be careful" Jacob said, turning his head to Terry, who then nodded at me, "Terry..." he started, making a pained expression "Lucas is a friend, you don't need to be afraid of him..."
"is that why she won't talk to me?" I asked, turning my head to Terry as well
"...yeah..." Jacob said, looking back to me
"is it my scars?" I asked
"I think so..." he said, turning back to her, I kneeled down, before saying
"Terry, I thought you knew me well enough to know I'm not a bad guy..." she hesitated for a moment, before nodding again "alright, if you don't want to talk to me, that's fine, I'll give you as long as you need..." I said, before standing back up and continuing "but, for now...let's just focus on finding some berries, alright?", she nodded in response once more, I turned to Eliza and asked, "so...what are you smelling?"
"you should be able to smell it too, Lucas, at least, if what Bill told me was accurate..." she responded
"I'm sure I CAN smell it, Eliza, but, I can't exactly identify it..." I said, folding my arms
"well, it smells like a Lum berry, Bill told me they can be ground up into a powerful medicine once, when he showed me one..." Eliza said, returning to sniffing the air
"...maybe, if we find it, or...them, we should replant the seeds in a more accessible area..." I suggested, looking around
"it should be a small green circular and hard berry, the smell seems to be coming from over there" Eliza said, before pointing to the north, between some trees...
we made our way through the trees, following Eliza, I found some Chesto and Leppa berries before Eliza spotted them
"there! there they are!" she said, before running over to a small plant, following her, I crouched down beside the plant, looking for any berries, in total, I found two,
"if the yield is so small, how does this species of plant survive?" I asked, looking around the plant
"surprisingly well, actually..." Eliza started "you'll see why if you open one up"
"well, I suppose we should move these berries, you know, spread them to somewhere more accessible..." I said, plucking the two berries off the tiny branches
"should we look for any other berries?" I asked afterwards
"no, that's it..." Eliza responded
"what do you mean?..." I asked
"I mean, apart from the Chestos, Leppas and Lums, no other berries can grow in this type of terrain..." she said, shaking her head
"oh..." I started "that's not good..."
"it WOULD have been a problem if you didn't have backup food back at the camp..." Eliza responded, chuckling lightly
"I guess, but anyway...I guess we should head back then" I said, standing up and putting the Lum berries in the plastic bag I brought with me, now holding a somewhat large amount of Leppas and a smaller amount of Chestos, I then turned back, before walking past Jacob and Terry, before turning back to them and saying "well then, let's go"...
...on the way back, before re reached the City, I heard a new voice, I turned around to realize it was Terry, and she was actually talking to me
"'s your scent..." she said, quietly
"what? is that why you were scared of me?" I asked, crouching down, she looked away in embarassment, before saying
"I guess so..."
"well" I started, smiling "I'm no threat to you, I'm quite the opposite, in fact...if the time comes, I'll be there to protect you, and your family..."
"...I'm sorry I acted the way I did Lucas..." she said, hanging her head
"it's okay, Terry, you're still young..." I started, bring my hand down to her chin, tilting her head up so she was facing me, before continuing "I would never hurt you, or anyone, on purpose..."
Jacob then cut in, saying "unless they gave you a reason..." I let go of Terry's chin, and pointed at Jacob, saying
"that's right" I then stood back up and said "let's keep going then..."
Chapter End Notes:alright, another chapter down, I think I may have Lucas reach Oreburgh in chapter 30, but for now, I gotta go..
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