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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 31 (the final delay, saying goodbye)

I decided that, before we go, however, I should talk to Jonah, and tell him what's going to happen in regards to Ravan staying here...
"Seena..." I started, while hoisting my bag over my shoulder "I'm gonna' talk to Jonah, do you want to come, maybe say goodbye?"
"I was planning on doing that anyway, should we go now?" Seena responded
"we'll be leaving soon, so this is probably our only chance..." I said, putting my arms through the straps, I then announced to the group "if there's any last-minute preparation you need to do, now's the time, Seena and I are going to talk to Jonah..."
I then turned and walked over to Jonah's house, being followed closely by Seena, I knocked on the door, as it opened soon after...
"Jonah..." I started, "we're going to leave very soon, I just wanted to let you know, Ravan is going to stay here until you're ready to see him..."
"oh..." he started in response, "it might be a little whie yet..."
"I understand, Jonah" I responded, looking over to the campsite before continuing, "look, if you wanted to go to Sati's grave, he'd likely escort you there..."
"dad..." Seena started, as I turned my attention to her, moving out of the way, allowing easier contact... "I've only just met you, but, I'm going to miss you..." she then moved forward, hugging him, he returned her embrace, before responding
"I feel the same way, Seena..." he then pulled back, breaking away from the hug, before continuing "you remind me so much of your mother..."
"I suppose I would..." she said, blushing
"no, it's the way you ACT, not how you look, Seena..." he started "Sati was quite different to the others of the Hunt, that's why she even paid attention to me, I suppose..." he continued, before sighing and saying "I'm really gonna' miss her..."
"we all will..." I responded, looking down, before looking towards the sea, thinking to myself "where has she been lately, though?...maybe she can only move a certain distance from her grave..."
I then turned back and asked "did you maybe want to talk to Seena in private?"
"actually, I was hoping to speak to you..." Jonah responded
"well, alright, then..." I said, before turning to Seena and asking, "could you go and talk to the Zubat? I need to know if it's alright with me catching it..."
"sure thing, Lucas..." she responded, before heading over to the campsite...
...after she was out of earshot, I turned back to Jonah and asked "so, what's on your mind?"
"well, it's a few things...first of all, I was wondering if you had a set path that you were going to travel" he said, giving a questioning look
"I was hoping to head west through Pastoria, and up to Hearthome, then through to Oreburgh" I responded, scratching the back of my head
"second...what's with the new scarf?" he asked, becoming more curious
"it's a special scarf, one that would help Seena to stay cool, I had it made last night, it has pieces of a special ice inlaid into the fabric..."
"that definitely sounds interesting..." he started, before asking
"third, when are you going to get rid of the bandages on Seena?"
"well, the nurse said a few days, so, I'm going to check her condition tomorrow..." I responded, looking over to the campsite
"lastly..." he started, uneasily, " you really think Ravan has changed?..."
"well, I didn't exactly know him beforehand, but, he is acting differently now...the fact that he didn't retaliate after I told him I disbanded the hunt was a sign I suppose..." I responded, with my focus still on the campsite
"how did you manage to best him?" Jonah asked
"it was strange, he continually used faint attack, the first time, I couldn't see him, but, after he struck me, suddenly, whenever he disappeared, I could see his silhouette, it allowed me to dodge or counter his attempts..." I responded, folding my arms.
" can see what others normally can't?" he asked
"I...guess so" I responded, scratching the back of my head, before thinking to myself "I need to find out why I couldn't activate a fire punch earlier today..."
I then turned back to Jonah and said "I actually need to go and talk to Ravan, do you want to talk to Seena?"
"yeah...I think that would be best..." Jonah said, rubbing the side of his head,
"I'll send her over, then" I said, as I started walking over to the group...
...when I was close enough, I said "Seena, your dad wants to talk to you" she turned to face me before responding,
"alright, then" she then turned back to the Zubat and said "we'll keep talking later" she then turned back to me and said "I found out for you, turns out it's a 'she' actually, and she's okay with being caught..."
"thanks, Seena" I said, as she started over to Jonah's house, I then walked past the others and over to Ravan, he was sitting alone on a rock nearby, I called out to him, saying "Ravan, I have one last question before we split up..." I then set my bag down
"what is it?" he asked, as I started rummaging through my bag
grabbing his ball, I pulled it out, before responding "it's this..." I then held the ball out to him, he took it from me before asking
"what about it?"
"I want to know, what do you want done with it?" I started "I could destroy it here, give it to you, to do whatever you see fit with it, or, I could give it to Jonah..."
he handed the ball back, before saying "destroy it..."
"very well" I responded, before pulling the ball open beyond it's capabilities, snapping it in half
"so..." he started, turning his head to face me "I am free, then..."
"yes..." I responded, looking at the two pieces of the ball, he then did something that gave me pause, he took one of the halves of the ball, before saying
"I'll keep this, as a symbol of what I've learned..."
I stayed silent, as he looked up at me, before continuing "I may not have wanted to admit it, Lucas, but I really respect you..."
"...Thanks for saying that..." I responded, before saying "Ravan...I have something I wish to ask of you..."
"what is it?" he asked in response
"it's Jonah, he's going to travel to Sati's grave eventually, and I was wondering if you could help him get there?..." I asked, looking back to Jonah's house
"if he knows the way there...then it shouldn't be a problem..." Ravan responded, following my gaze to Jonah's house
I turned back to Ravan before saying "...they didn't work this time..." Ravan looked back at me before responding
"what didn't?"
"my abilities, I couldn't use a fire punch when I encountered that grunt..." I responded, shaking my head slowly
"well, there has to be a reason for this, was anything different between this and other fights?" he responded, showing a strange amount of concern
"not that I can think of at the moment..." I responded, folding my arms, before continuing "I'll have to think more about this, hopefully, it won't affect me when we fight again, though..."
"I hope not..." Ravan responded, before leaning back on the rock and saying "well, I guess this is goodbye, then..."
"for now, Ravan" I responded, nodding, before asking "is there anything I can do for you, before we leave?"
"no..." he responded, shaking his head, before continuing "however, if you run into anyone from the old hunt, can you tell them that I'm sorry?"
I nodded, before responding, "of course, Ravan, and here's hoping we do meet again..." I said, presenting my empty hand, he grasped my hand, shaking it slowly as he responded
"yeah, but things'll be different next time..." as he gave a slight smirk, I chuckled lightly before responding
"don't go and think you'll be the only one who's gotten stronger..." I then released the handshake, before continuing "anyway, we'll be out of here shortly..." as I turned back to face the others, asking, "is everyone ready?"...
...after the others were ready, I responded "right, we just need to wait on Seena, now"...

(Seena's P.O.V.)
"could you go and talk to the Zubat? I need to know if it's alright with me catching it..." Lucas asked, turning from Jonah to face me
"sure thing, Lucas..." I responded, as I turned and made my way back to the group, upon reaching the Zubat, I said "hi there, I've been asked to talk to you by Lucas..."
the Zubat turned to face me and responded "oh, yes, the Human boy, correct?"
"y-yeah..." I responded, finding the small bat quite strange, I then continued "I suppose if we're to be travelling together, we should learn a little about each other"
"I guess so..." the bat responded, before asking "was there anything you need to know of me?"
"well, I guess just the basics, like name, gender, age...things like that..." I responded, giving a curious look
"well, that the thing, I don't actually have a name...but, I'm female, and about four years old..." the Zubat responded, I felt I had to respond
"Lucas would happily name you if you wish..."
"I think he already mentioned something about that..." the bat responded, lowering her altitude
"wait..." I started "if you're around four, why haven't you evolved?" I asked, becoming curious about this strange information
"I don't really know...but, I know I was inside a pokeball alot back at the Galactic HQ, just waiting to get assigned to some unlucky grunt..." her face then shifted to one of sadness
"that isn't right..." I started, sitting down, before continuing, "but, you don't have to go back to that life ever again"
"so...I don't have to fight anymore?..." the Zubat asked in response
"no, Lucas won't make you fight..." I responded, smiling
"...I can't believe I attacked someone so nice..." she said, frowning
"it's alright...Lucas has this effect on others..." I responded, before thinking to myself, "pokemon have innate abilities...maybe he does, too..."
"and you? he's special to you, isn't he?" she asked, landing in front of me
"if it wasn't already clear, then, yes..." I responded, blushing lightly, before continuing, "but, I have something I need to know..."
"what is it?" she asked, tilting her head slightly
"Lucas said he needs to know if you're alright with him catching you, but, before you go thinking he's going to just leave you in the ball, hear this, Lucas has caught all of us, he only uses it for convenience, and so you won't get caught by anyone else..." I said, leaning forward slightly
"convenience?" the Zubat simply asked in response
"if he needs to fly somewhere, it's so we can all travel together..." I responded, before asking "so, are you okay with this?"
"yeah, tell him I'll be okay with it, when the time comes" she responded, nodding slowly
"that's good to hear, but, for now..." I started, folding my arms "I'd like to hear about your experience with Team Galactic..."
"why are you so interested in this?" the Zubat responded
"you'd be surprised at how many members of the group are ex-Team Galactic themselves..." I started "Lucas has helped them all, and he'll be able to help you, too..."
"there are others?" she asked in response
"yes, there are..." I started, turning my head to face the others, before continuing "Tira, Julian and Garudan...and they're just the ones that are travelling with us at the moment, there's also an Abomasnow named Albus, and A Gyarados named Grimgar, or Garth for short..."
"how did you meet them?" the Zubat asked
"...I think that story should be told at another time..." I responded, looking away
"oh, I think I understand..." she responded, I then turned back to her and said
"I'm sure you'd like the Snowpoint temple, but, if not, don't be afraid to tell Lucas of this, okay?"
"why's that?" she asked in response
"I don't think Lucas would mind keeping you around..." I said, smiling slightly
"but...what if he holds resentment-" I cut her off, responding
"Look, I don't think he'd blame you for following orders...besides, he's befriended others that have done far worse..."
I then heard Lucas say "Seena, your dad wants to talk to you" I turned back to face him before responding with
"alright, then" I then turned back to the Zubat and continued "we'll keep talking later" I then turned back to Lucas and responded "I found out for you, turns out it's a 'she' actually, and she's okay with being caught..."
"thanks, Seena" he said, as I stood up, and started making my way to Jonah's house...
...when I arrived, Jonah said "I was wanting to know some things from you before you left..."
"what did you want to know?" I responded, in a curious tone
"does Lucas seem...strange to you?..." he asked, furrowing his brow
"what do you mean?" I responded, becoming slightly uneasy
"he seems TOO nice, almost like he's hiding something..." he said, looking back over his shoulder, to see Lucas talking to Ravan "..what do you think he's doing now?..." he muttered to himself
"Jonah-dad..." I started, shaking myself slightly, "he's always acted this way, I don't think he's hiding anything..."
"but, it just seems suspicious that he acts this way, not expecting anything in return..." he said
"dad...I think this may have something to do with the fact that he's never had a family of his own...he considers those around him, to be his family..." I responded, looking over to him
"so, he's never known a true family before?" he asked, his expression changing, before continuing, "I thought you said he didn't know his parents..."
"that's still true, but, Lucas doesn't have any brothers or sisters, and, only recently, he found out who his grandmother was, and, earlier today, he met his cousin..." I said, before thinking to myself "but WE may have a family of our own later..."
"oh? and who might this 'cousin' be?" he asked, bringing his hand to his chin
"A girl named Cynthia..." I responded
"Cynthia? the new Champion Cynthia?" he asked, as his eyes went wide
"well, she DID mention that, so I guess she is..." I responded, shrugging slightly
"I guess they DO look kind of similar..." he said, rubbing his chin
"...was there anything else you wanted to know? or can I go join up with everyone else, now?"
"well, I did want to know, how bad is the grazing on your back?" he asked
"I can't even feel it anymore, it really isn't a problem, besides, I don't want to complain, not when Lucas has endured so much worse..." I responded, wrapping my arms around my lower torso
"so, Lucas said he was going to check it tomorrow, do you think it's healed by now?" Jonah asked, folding his arms
"I hope so..." I responded
"I have one last thing to's Ravan, do YOU think he's changed?" he then asked, looking back towards the others, seeing that Ravan was now on his own, and the others were gathering together...
"I'm sure he still holds some resentment towards Lucas, no-one had beaten him before, but, he is trying his best to act differently, but I would still advise against making him mad..." I responded
"I see...well, the others look like they're waiting for you, Seena, I guess you're going to be gone for a while, huh?" Jonah said
"yeah...unlike the other areas, we don't have any commitments here, but, I will ask Lucas to come back here within a month..." I responded, looking back to the group
"well, once again, thank you for coming to visit, and I hope to see you again soon..." he said, before bringing me into a hug
"I hope so too, dad..." I responded, bringing my arms around him...
...after we broke the hug, I waved to him as I made my way back to the group, Lucas asked "so, are you ready to go?"
"of course..."
Chapter End Notes:okay, next chapter should be
montage, arriving at Oreburgh, and maybe more montage..
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