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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 32 (the trip to Hearthome, a new viewpoint)

(Lucas's P.O.V)
we started off through Pastoria, finding no further delays, we continued through to route 212, it was a pretty quiet walk, everyone else seemed to be having their own conversations.
I was thinking to myself "female names...starts with a Z...maybe something short..."
as we stopped before entering the marshy area West of Pastoria, I turned back to the Zubat and asked "you DO want a name, right?"
"of course..." she responded, flying slightly closer
"well..." I started, folding my arms as I looked at the marsh "I've got a name in mind"
"what is it?" she asked, as I started walking around the edge of the darker ground
"Zoey..." I responded, not breaking focus on the path ahead of me, when I stopped to look back at the others, they were following in a line, avoiding the marsh.
"Zoey? that sounds...nice" the bat responded, flying up beside me
"so, do you want this as your name?" I asked, continuing through the grass
"'ll be nice to not be called 'Zubat' anymore..." she said, flapping slightly faster, while smiling
"I'm glad that you approve..." I said, returning her smile as we continued onward...
...a few minutes later, we were out of the marshy area, and turning to our right, as we now headed north, the others formed back into a cluster behind me, as they continued having their own conversations, I then remembered something Terese had mentioned, something about a Mr. Backlot living around here... we continued walking, I saw a colossal mansion, turning back to the others, I said "this must be where Mr. Backlot lives, then..."
"looks that way..." Seena responded as we continued by the mansion...
...about ten minutes later, we reached Hearthome, I watched the sky during our trip, seeing clouds rolling in, the sky had become pretty overcast, so I decided that maybe it would be best to spend the night here, there was little objection, as this new place looked pretty nice, like a big City, but, it had a more rustic feel to it...
...turning back to the others, I said "alright, first thing we'll do is find a place to stay, then we'll spend the afternoon seeing what there is to do here"
I soon found the local pokemon center, entering, the Nurse saw me and asked "my, that's a lot of pokemon following you... did you need them healed?"
"no" I started, looking back to them and smiling, before continuing "they aren't battlers, they're friends..."
"well..." she started, with a puzzled look on her face "why did you bring them here, then?"
"I was actually looking for a place to spend the night, do you have any rooms avaliable?" I asked, folding my arms
"there's just one avaliable at the moment, we're currently looking after some contestants..." she responded, looking to her right
"contestants?" I asked, tilting my head slightly
"oh, you must be new here, then...we hold pokemon contests here in Hearthome City...they're contests of things like beauty and intellect, maybe you'd be interested, because pokemon don't need to fight each other..." she said, smiling slightly
"I don't think parading them around is much better, but thanks, anyway..." I started, while turning back to them once more and continuing "what matters most to me is what THEY want to do..." I then turned back to the nurse and asked "may I have the key to the spare room, please?"
she pulled the key out from under the counter, before saying "here, but I don't think all of your friends will fit in there..."
I took the key before responding "I have got pokeballs for them, so if it becomes a problem, I can handle it..."
"well..." she started "the rooms not too large, and there are two beds..."
Looking back to the others, I said "I'll probably have the smallest of them on one of the beds, and the medium on the other, two of them don't need a bed, and I can sleep anywhere..."
"seems like you have everything already sorted then..." she responded, smiling
"yeah...anyway, we'll come back later this afternoon or tonight" I said, before leading the others outside...
...the afternoon passed quickly as there was no shortage of things to do in this City, I checked out Amity square, but, to my disdain, I could only go in with Eliza...the trip was short, as I only sought to know the place Terese spent a lot of her time away from home at... after that, we all went to the contest hall, sitting through two seperate contests, one of beauty, won by a Gardevoir, and one of Toughness, won by a Blaziken...clearly, the co-ordinators, as they were called were highly skilled, as it was the same person working with both of the contest winners...
... after we left the contest hall, it was starting to get late, turning back to the others, I said "alright, we'll head back to the pokemon centre now, I want to get sleeping arrangements down, and I haven't seen the news in a while..."
...when we got back to the room, I turned the Tv to the 24-hour news channel, as the others followed me in, turning back, I said "okay, I know I said that we should all be able to fit here..." I then looked around the room, before continuing "but if you would prefer to sleep in a pokeball, I won't object"
"Lucas?" Garudan started "are you asking us to...?" I cut him off there
"look, this goes for all of you, I won't make you do anything you don't want to do, I'm just throwing it out there as an option, that's all..." I said, before sitting at the foot of one of the beds, before continuing "alright, Gordon and Zoey, it'll be easiest for you two, as you can sleep on the ceiling, Jacob, Eliza, Terry, you can sleep on this bed behind me... Julian, Tira, Seena, you can take the other bed, and that leaves me and Garudan, sleeping on the floor..."
Seena sat down beside me and said "you don't have to do this, you know..." I turned to face her and said
"don't worry Seena, I'm sure Garudan and I won't have any problems, besides-" I was then cut off by a news broadcast
"this is an emergency broadcast, Cinnabar Island has been destroyed by volcanic eruption... we'll have a live feed up momentarily, young viewers, be advised, these images may be disturbing..." after this message ended, footage came up on the screen, showing the small Island being engulfed in lava... I watched in silence, wide-eyed at this scene of destruction... towards the corner of the screen, I could see a man escaping on what appeared to be a lapras, looking at the water around the town, I could see others who had made it out in time, I found myself only hoping there weren't any casualties...
the broadcast then said "if you're just joining us, Cinnabar Island has been engulfed in lava from the long-dormant volcano the settlement was built upon. Our prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy and we sincerly hope they all got out in time..."
"this is terrible..." I said, breaking the silence, while looking back to the others
"I don't understand..." Gordon started, looking at the TV, "how could something like this happen?"
turning the TV off, I said "I don't know..." before sighing and repeating "I don't know..."...
...the rest of the evening was a quiet one, after what we had seen, there was a lot I had to think about...
...when it was time for us to sleep, I settled myself against the wall, using my bedroll as a back support, I sat quietly until the youngest members of the group had fallen asleep, Garudan settled against the wall opposite me and asked "are you really okay with this?"
"of course I am..." I started "you know I'd do anything for you guys..." I then paused, before shaking my head slightly and quietly saying "not...THAT, though..." as I brought my hands behind my head, and leaned back on the wall, looking over to Garudan, he was blushing lightly as he responded
"why would I ask that of you?" I then looked and confirmed that the three youngest ones were asleep, I then turned back to Garudan and said
"isn't there something you should be telling the others?" Gordon then unhooked himself from the ceiling, before bringing himself to ground level before saying
"yeah, I think now would be the best time..." he then turned back to Garudan and asked "what do YOU think?"
"I was waiting for a good time, and, until we split up from Ravan..." he then turned to the bed Julian, Tira and Seena were sitting on and said "I wasn't comfortable discussing this with anyone, but...I'm gay..." he then looked at the others, trying to get a reaction from them, Tira actually looked a little surprised by this, she then responded
"I knew there was something different about you, but I didn't expect this..." Julian didn't say anything, he just nodded, Seena turned to me and asked
"did you know about this?"
"I did..." I responded, nodding, before turning to Garudan and asking "was there anything you wanted to add to that?"
"I'm not alone..." he said, as Gordon slowly made his way over to him, before sitting beside him.
" too?" Tira asked, Gordon nodded in response before saying
"we've been together for a while, soon after we met, in fact..."...
...we spent the next hour discussing this, before I decided it was time for me to get some sleep...

in my dreams, I was put in my father's perspective again, this time, I was standing next to Joanna, looking at a large tower being built, suddenly, a worker walked up to us and said "Joanna, we should have the next floor done this afternoon, should we just finish up then?"
I then heard her say "please, call me Jo, I never liked my full name, anyway, this would make floor twenty, correct?"
"y-yeah..." the worker responded
"well, I think that may actually be all we need for now, could you tell Palmer to come check it out? I need to make sure he's okay with this..."
"yes, right away Jo" the worker said, before turning to me and nodding, "Ian" he said, as he walked by
"I wonder how they'll react when I tell them this was only the first of five buildings..." she said, as she turned to face me, chuckling lightly.
I pointed over to the left, towards a boat, while making a concerened expression
"yeah, you can go, just, come back soon, okay?" she said, before bringing me into a kiss...a flash of images, and I was in a forest near Celestic town, making my way to the town, I saw an Ursaring sitting between the trees on the outskirts of town, as I got closer, I saw that it was having a 'private moment'... I then tried to make my way around it, without it seeing me, clearly, this failed as the bear soon turned it's head towards me, becoming suddenly embarassed and asking "you're interrupting something private! who are you!?" while trying to cover itself, the voice convinced me it was female, but, not wanting to be rude, I introduced myself.
"My name is Ian, and I'm here to check on my son..."
"oh..." the Ursaring responded, looking back to the town before asking, "well, where is he?"
I pointed towards the house at the south-west of the town, before saying "there..." she became somewhat surpised,
"is your son, a Human? named Lucas?" she asked, surprising me
"how do you know him?" I asked, then becoming somewhat worried by what the Ursaring was doing beforehand...
"I lived with him when he was younger, for Four years, in fact..." she responded, then it hit me, she was the Teddiursa I had seen so long ago...
"Terese? but...why are you here now?" I asked
"well..." she started, blushing, "I feel I have some 'unfinished business' with your son..." this confirmed some of my fears, she was here for him, but had she already done something with him?"
"Terese...I'm not sure if he'd see you the same way...he treated you like a sister, didn't he?" I said, looking down
"but I wanted to be more than that..." she started "I love him, Ian..."
"then why are you waiting?" I asked in response "he's home now, why don't you go and see him?"
"I can't just face him now, I'm too nervous, what if he doesn't remember me? what if he's already found someone?" she said, becoming finicky
"stop it!" I said, in a stern tone, snapping her back to me, "look, there's no point in being nervous about this, you're just wasting time..."
as I finished saying this the lights turned off, and a Machoke left the house, heading up to the western exit of Celestic town"
"who was that?" I asked
"I think that's Matt, the Machop that was training with your son..." she said, before saying "I guess I am just wasting time here... I'll go talk to Lucas later today" she then sighed and continued "I hope I don't regret this..."
"things should turn out okay, Terese..." I started "look, I'm gonna go..." I said, before heading off down to Solaceon town through the trees...

I then woke up, in a cold sweat, before breathing deeply and saying to myself "I thought I was done with these visions..."
Chapter End Notes:alright, next chapter may take a while, you know, new pokemon game and everything..
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