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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 33 (evolution discussion, an old friend of a friend...)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)
looking over to the others, Eliza seemed to be the only one awake, when she saw me, she jumped off the bed, quietly saying
"good morning Lucas..."
"Hey, Eliza..." I responded, standing up, I pulled my gen-IV prototype out, checking the time... "6:17..." I said, before pulling a small piece of paper and a pen out of my bag
"what are you doing?..." Eliza asked, looking on with interest
"I'm writing a note for the others, to explain why we aren't here..." I responded
"we?..." Eliza asked, in a decidedly concerned tone
"yeah, I just figured we'd go to Amity square, that's all" I responded, as her expression changed to a slight smile,
"I do like that place...even if we only spent a short while there..." she said, as she made her way to the door, I put the paper down, before writing
"guys, if you're reading this, Eliza and I are at Amity square, don't worry about us, we'll be back shortly... -Lucas" I then placed the note at the foot of the bed, before turning to Eliza and asking
"well, shall we go?"...
...on the way there, we remained silent, as some other people were around, and I didn't really feel like discussing this again...
when we reached Amity square, we passed through the checkpoint, then made our way over to the far end of the park, on the way, I felt I had to ask "have you thought about evolution, Eliza?"
"sometimes...but I also think that I would be growing up too fast..." she responded, as I sat down near the fountain, she sat besides me, before continuing "but, it is something I want to do someday..."
"it must be tough..." I said, before leaning back, turning my attention to the fountain, before continuing "you have seven choices, and it's a permanent change..."
"that's why I don't want to rush into it..." she said, turning her head to face me, I saw this out of the corner of my eye, as I turned to face her, before saying
"have you considered just NOT evolving, there's nothing wrong with just staying the way you are..."
"I don't know Lucas, it kinda feels inevitable to me..." she responded, with a small frown
"maybe there's something that can be done..." I said, looking back to the fountain, before continuing "I have heard of a stone that actually PREVENTS evolution... maybe I'll be able to get one in Oreburgh..."
"why would you do something like that?" Eliza asked
"well, I guess it's symbolic, I don't think you, or anyone, really needs to change, besides, I like you just the way you are" as I said this, Eliza moved to my lap, and when I finished, she climbed up on her hind legs, placing her front legs on my chest and licked my cheek, this sent a small shiver down my spine
"thanks for saying that..." she said, smiling
"Eliza, I thought you knew how Seena is, I'm sure she wouldn't be happy about this..." I said, bringing a hand up to my cheek
"oh!" she said, slightly surprised "sorry..."
"it's okay, I won't tell her..." I said, before petting Eliza on the head, just then, I heard a snap, looking around, I saw a long, pink ear sticking out from behind one of the trees, "hello?" I said, in a quizzical tone, the ear pricked up as I said this, before sliding in behind the tree, I put Eliza beside me, as I stood up, before slowly approaching said tree and saying "it's alright, I'm not here to hurt or catch you..." before falling silent, I then heard a slow shuffle of feet, as the pink figure came around, revealing itself to be a Wigglytuff...
"...hello..." it said, in a very feminine voice "I'm Wendy..."
"well then" I started, kneeling down "I'm Lucas, what are you doing out here, Wendy?"
" understand me?..." she asked, in a nervous tone
"yes, I do" I started, smiling "but that isn't important now, tell me, how long have you been here?" I then asked, wondering if this Wigglytuff knew anything about Terese
"I've been here for around twenty years...I was actually born here..." she responded
"have you met a teddiursa named Terese?" I asked
"oh's you isn't it?...that boy she was always talking about..." she said, closing her eyes
" knew her, then?" I asked
"I didn't just KNOW her, I practically RAISED her...while she was here, at least...I assume you were taking care of her before then..." she said, folding her stubby arms
"well, I started living with her when I was about seven, and she left when I was eleven, so, yeah, I did take care of her up until she left," I started, while looking around at the other trees, there were other pokemon around, like a Skitty, a couple of Pachirisus, and a...Torchic? turning back to the Wigglytuff, I said, "look, Terese came back...but I wasn't there, and I found someone while I was gone..."
"this is certainly a problem then, she really had her sights set on you..." Wendy said, tapping her foot, before continuing "and I taught her so much..."
"what are you talking about?" I asked "what did you 'teach' her?"
"well, not that it matters now..." Wendy started, before shooting a decidedly seductive smile at me before continuing "but, she could've DONE things for you..." my eyes went wide at this statement
"what are you talking about?" I asked, hoping she didn't mean what I thought she did
"I know a thing or two about what men like, let's just say that..." she said, smiling again
"Terese told me that she was saving herself for me, though..." I responded, through a confused expression
"Don't tell Derek this, but...others can see what we do...and Terese was one of them" she said, through an odd tone
"who's Derek?" I asked
"Derek Mills, I suppose you could say he's my...well, my mate..." she said, blushing slightly
"alright, then, I won't tell him..." I said, while wondering why this Wigglytuff seemed to be so vulgar...
turning back to Eliza, I asked "why haven't you said anything?" she blushed lightly, before responding
"oh...well..." she started, I then cut her off
"it's okay, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to..." I responded, Eliza sighed and said
"thank you..." I then turned back to Wendy and said
"well, I think Eliza and I have been here long enough" I said, as I turned and picked Eliza up
"are you two...together?" Wendy asked, Eliza looked at her with a strained expression
"no, not us..." I started "I AM, however, with a Weavile named Seena..."
"really?" Wendy asked "but you treat Eliza fondly, too?"
"I guess you could say I treat everyone like this, but Eliza likes being carried..." I responded, before petting Eliza's head
"so, is it just you, Seena and Eliza, then?" she asked, before bringing a hand to the side of her head and asking "where IS Terese, anyway?"
"well, to answer your first question..." I started "I'm travelling in a large group, there's ten of us altogether, and Terese...well, she's living at my house, with a Machoke named Matt"
"so...are you saying, she's found someone after all?" she then asked
"well, when I arrived back at my house, Terese wasn't exactly happy with the fact that I had already found someone else, but, I tried to set her up with Matt, I'm not sure how it's going, though..." I said, looking back towards the city
"I hope it goes well, for both of your sakes..." she said, looking down
"why's that?" I asked
"she would always get rather angry when I suggested that she just move on..." Wendy started "but maybe, you convinced her..."
"I need to say, just quickly" I started, through a stern expression "I never saw Terese in the way she wanted me to, she was like a sister to me..."
"so it was doomed from the start..." Wendy said, sighing lightly before continuing "well, maybe Matt will find out all about my teachings, then..." this sent another shiver down my spine, I almost felt disgusted just talking to this Wigglytuff now...
"look..." I started, looking back to the city "Eliza and I are gonna go, I bet the others'll be up now anyway..."
"well, alright then" Wendy started, nodding slightly, before continuing "if you see Terese again, tell her I said hi, okay?"
"sure thing" I responded, smiling, before saying "maybe I'll see you again sometime..." as I turned towards the city, and made my way back, after we were out of earshot, Eliza said
"she made me feel quite uncomfortable..."
"I know how you feel..." I started in response, "she was...pretty vulgar..." I said, as I carried her though the checkpoint back into the city...
...when we reached the pokemon centre, the others had woken up, and Seena was holding the note, I put Eliza down, before asking
"well, when do you guys want to leave?"...
Chapter End Notes:short chapter...the next one WILL cover all of Oreburgh, though, I mean it this time..
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