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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 35 (checking back home...)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

after we made our way to the house, I knocked on the door, unsure of what to expect, the door soon opened, and Terese was standing there, her eyes went wide before she asked
"Lucas!? you're back so soon?"
"yeah..." I started in response, bringing a hand to my chin, "we were just in Oreburgh, and I got Matt's stone identified, so I'm bringing it back"
"why don't you stay the night? I'm sure Matt would like it, and...I think he needs to talk to you anyway" she said in response, looking back over her shoulder
"why? what's wrong?" I asked
"he evolved almost right after you left..." Terese Started "and we're unsure why..."
"Roark told me this might happen..." I responded "he said it was because Matt was in such close proximity to an Everstone for so long, that a withdrawl effect may happen..." I then pulled the Everstone out of my bag before continuing, "Matt will probably want this back..."
"well, come in..." Terese said, before giving way for us, I walked inside to see Matt sitting on one of the beds, now a Machamp, his size hadn't changed much, but he had now grown an additional set of arms
"Hey, Lucas..." he said, looking up at me
"Hello again, Matt" I responded, before sitting on the bed opposite him, handing him the stone while saying "it's an everstone, that's why you evolved..."
"that doesn't make much sense..." he responded, while taking back his stone, Seena came and sat on the bed beside me as he finished saying this...
"Roark, the Gymleader of Oreburgh explained it to me, he said that Everstones halt the evolutionary process by absorbing evolution energy, and you had that with you for a number of months, as a withdrawl effect to the sudden lack of one, these energies built up, causing you to evolve..." I said, resting my arms on my legs
"I guess that explains it, then..." he said, before sighing lightly
"what's wrong Matt? I thought you would've liked being stronger..." I said, tilting my head slightly,
"well, it is nice, but...I only just got used to being a Machoke, y'know?" he said, frowning, before continuing " feels almost like I've grown up too fast..."
"Look, Matt..." I started, while folding my arms "if I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn't have taken the stone with me, I thought you were too young to be evolving again, anyway..."
"...My father was five when he became a Machamp..." Matt said, looking away slightly
"then why is this so strange to you?" I asked
"It just doesn't FEEL right...I don't know, maybe it's because I spent two years with you, and we both know how slowly YOU grow..." he said, before chuckling slightly and continuing "well, I think things'll get better now that you guys are here..." he said, before turning to Seena and nodding...
I turned to face Terese and asked "where's Adrian?"
"he said something about spending some time at the pokemon centre, I think he may be a bit nervous about living with us..." she said, folding her arms
"oh, that's right, sometimes I forget that not everyone grew up with pokemon like I did..." I responded, scratching the back of my head before turning back to Matt and asking "so, have you been getting used to having four arms?"
" wasn't easy for the first two days, but then it just felt natural" he responded, giving a light smile
"well, that's good to hear, I don't think I could ever get used to having four arms..." I said, smiling back...
...the rest of the day passed somewhat quickly, as we all conversed about what had happened recently, I purposefully kept the information about wendy back, I don't think Matt would want to hear of it... Terese then informed me that the town elder now knew that I was aware that she was my grandmother, and I informed Matt and Terese of the destruction of Cinnabar island...
...everything went well, except I could tell there was still some tension between Terese and Seena, over what had happened last time...Matt handled the cooking that night, as I watched him, amazed at the dexterity he possessed...
...when the time came to sleep, I offered to sleep on the floor, as I had given up my bed to Adrian when I rented the house out to him...Seena insisted on sleeping beside me though,
"but, Seena, I wouldn't make you do something like that..." I said, before being cut off by her response
"this is what I WANT to do, Lucas"
"well, okay then..." I said, propping myself up against the wall, soon after, Seena followed suit, sitting beside me, she leaned on me slightly, as Matt turned the lights off before laying himself on the couch, Terese took Matt's bed, as she looked across at the two of us, saying
"goodnight, you two..."
"goodnight, Terese..." I responded, as I felt myself drifting off to sleep...

...what felt like a couple of hours later, I was awoken, looking up, Terese was standing over me, offering her hand to help me get up, I took her hand, picking myself up before whispering, "what's going on, Terese?"
"I need to talk to you outside, Lucas..." she whispered back, before making her way to the door...I turned back to look at Seena, checking to see if she had woken up, which she hadn't, I then turned to the door, making my way outside, when I stepped out, Terese was sitting in the grass "sit down" she said, patting the spot in front of herself
I sat down in front of her before asking "what is this about Terese?"
"it's me and Matt, I would like to be with him, but..." she then looked away, frowning
"but what, Terese?" I asked, as she looked back at me with tears in her eyes
"I can't stop thinking about you, Lucas...I loved you, but you hurt me, and I just want to move on..." she said, as the first tears started rolling down her cheeks
"Terese...I'm sorry things turned out this way for you, truly I am...but I wish you could have told me this before you left..." I said, before she cut me off
"but I did! three times..." she said, almost angrily, before looking down as she continued "but, I should've left...earlier in fact..."
"why are you saying this?" I asked, sadly
"I nearly forced myself on you..." she said, becoming even more distressed, my eyes went wide at this, as I would have been eleven at the latest at that time... but I knew what was important right now was keeping Terese calm...
"but you didn't, Terese, and that's what really matters..." I responded, before bringing her into a hug.
she hesitantly responded, wrapping her large arms around my back, before saying "thank you..." as I felt her tears flowing from her face...
I held her in the embrace for a few minutes, reassuring her that everything would turn out fine, after we broke the hug, she said
"Lucas...I'm sorry...for everything"
"no...Terese, you didn't do anything to hurt me...I should be the one apologizing" I said, before asking "what do I have to do to close the book between us?"
"why are you asking this?" Terese asked in response
"I want you to move on, Terese...I'm sorry we went our seperate ways, but I'm not sorry that I met Seena...I love her, and nothing can change that..." I responded, before asking again "how can I help you move on?"
"well..." she started, bringing herself into a thoughtful stance... "there was ONE thing I regretted more than anything else...something I wished I could have done before I had to leave..." I became worried at this, while I did want her to be able to move on, I also didn't want Seena finding out about this...but...I decided that Terese's wellbeing was the most important thing right now
"what are you asking of me, Terese?" I asked, trying to hide my concern
"just...just one kiss, Lucas...that's all I want..." she said, before looking down and continuing, "I wanted to do it before I left...but everyone was watching, and I've regretted it ever since..."
I thought on this for a moment, before responding "alright...I'll do it..." she looked back up at me, giving a small smile, before responding
"thank you..."
"how do you want this done?" I asked, in a cautious tone
"please...just let me..." she said, before placing her hands on my shoulders and leaning in, I was nervous, but I knew I had to persist if I wanted Terese to be happy...
she pressed her lips against mine softly, as she moved one of her arms down to my back, while bringing her free hand to the back of my head, holding me into her kiss, I looked at her eyes, and saw she had shut them, and tears were rolling down her cheeks... "she NEEDS this..." I thought to myself, as I pushed back into the kiss, I could then feel her tongue poking at my lips, which I then parted, allowing her access, I felt her exploring my mouth, "this is wrong..." I thought to myself as I felt her tongue almost grabbing at mine, "she was my best friend..." I thought, as she moaned quietly into the kiss, "why didn't I understand how she felt?" I thought to myself as she pulled herself back slowly, before opening her eyes
"Lucas...I..." she started, before pulling me into an embrace and continuing "...thank you..." I brought one of my hands, now quivering to her back, stroking it lightly
"I'm sorry, Terese..." I said, while continuing to weakly stroke her back, before continuing "...Seena can never know about this..."
"I know, Lucas..." she responded, still holding me...a few minutes later, she released me, saying "at least I can face the present without regret, now..."
"I'm glad, Terese..." I responded, before standing up and continuing "I'm going to go back to bed, but please, don't try to let on that anything happened between us..."
"alright, Lucas..." she said, smiling softly, I then made my way back inside the house, I looked at how Seena was positioned, and slowly positioned myself beside her, as I watched Terese make her way back inside, quietly getting back into the bed, through the darkness, I could see she was looking at me, so I quietly said "good night, Terese..."
"goodnight, and thank you, Lucas..." she responded quietly, as I started falling asleep...
Chapter End Notes:okay, there we go...another chapter done, this one was pretty short, but important nonetheless...up next, Celestic town Revisited..
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