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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 36 (questions answered, a hero of the past?)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

when I woke up the next morning, I saw that everyone else was already awake "why didn't anyone wake me?" I asked, while getting up
"well...we were going to wake you when breakfast was ready" Terese said, as Matt walked by, into the kitchen while saying
"shouldn't be long now..." I rubbed my eyes, before turning to Seena and asking
"was there anything you wanted to do here?"
"why do you ask?" she responded
"I was planning on going and speaking to the town elder...and I thought Terese would have some things to say to her, too..." I said, while turning my head to face Terese before continuing "you're welcome to come with us if you want, though..."
"it's alright, I can just stay here while you two are gone..." Seena responded, before turning to the kitchen and asking "is that alright with you, Matt?" he poked his head out from around the corner and responded
"yeah, yeah, it's fine...A friend of Lucas is a friend of mine" Seena smiled and responded "then I guess that means you have a lot of friends..."
"well, enough about that..." Matt started, while moving out of view "breakfat is ready"...

...while we ate breakfast, I told Terese and Matt a bit more, about the note, and Seena's father
"so you met up with him, then?" Terese asked, pausing from her food
"yes, we did" Seena responded, turning to face her before continuing "he can talk to us, as well, it's quite odd"
Terese then turned to me and asked "is this true?"
"yeah" I started, folding my arms "he said he always could though...maybe it runs in his family..."
"well, anyway" Matt started, while turning his attention to me "what about this letter?"
"Ian left it for me a couple of nights ago..." I started in response "it said that I'd find my answers at the battle frontier..."
"the battle frontier? why do you think that is?" Matt asked
"well...if my dreams tell the mother's the head architect for the frontier..." I responded, giving a stern expression
"yo-your dreams?" Matt said, confused
"'s been happening for a while...I think Uxie did this to me..." I responded, before continuing my breakfast...
...after we finished, Terese and I slowly made our way to the elder's house, on the way, we spoke with each other... I felt a slight burning sensation in my chest during the trip, it was strange, and familiar...
"Terese?" I asked
"what is it, Lucas?" she asked in response
"I met Wendy in Hearthome city..." I said
"she didn't...TRY anything, did she?" she asked, becoming slightly nervous
"what makes you think she WOULD?" I asked in response
"she was never the kind to just be with one person...she actually used to hit on every guy who entered amity square..." she said, before sighing lightly and continuing "if she wasn't currently with Derek, I'm sure she would have made advances on you, too..." she said
"well...first of all, she WAS still with Derek...whoever HE is...but she recognized me as Lucas West after I asked about you, so, no...she didn't..." I responded, to her relief
"that's good..." she said, sighing again
"she did leave me feeling uncomfortable, though..." I said, looking away
"yeah...even though they couldn't understand what she was saying, she left the other guys feeling the same way..." Terese responded
"when DID she meet Derek?..." I asked, turning my head back to face her
"well, I'm fuzzy on the date, but I think it was about two years after I got there" she responded
"and she was...hitting on guys before that?" I asked, becoming slightly embarassed
" was strange...she only ever took interest in humans, too..." she responded, blushing lightly
"she said something about...everyone else being able to see what she was doing..." I said
"..." Terese started blushing heavier, before looking away and saying "yeah...they could...I think she enjoyed that, though..."
"I just never expected someone like her to be so...perverted..." I said, before sighing lightly
"she had that effect on everyone else in amity square too..." Terese responded, as we arrived at the elder's hut
"well, here we you want me to interpret for you?" I asked her
"yeah...I've had some things I needed to say to her, anyway..." she said in response, before I opened the door, as the door opened, I saw her talking to a man and...Ian? they turned back to face me, and I saw that the man there was the same man I saw the day I left Snowpoint "I guess he was right, we WOULD see each other again..." I thought to myself before saying
"Dad? is that you?" as I felt the burning sensation grow a little stronger, it wasn't something I couldn't handle though...
"Lucas..." he started, as he walked forward, "did you get the note?"
"it was kind of hard to miss..." I started in response "why are you here?"
"well..." he started, looking back to the other man "maybe you should tell him..." the other man stepped forward and said
"I have explained everything to your grandmother here, so nothing should be new to her, we're here because I saw that you had some trouble with your abilities earlier" he said, nodding lighty
"how could you possibly know that?" I asked, utterly confused
"you aren't the only one with a connection to Uxie..." he said, pointing to the door, as he made his way to it, I followed after him as we stepped outside, Terese and Ian staying inside
"well, in that case...who are you?" I asked, after we were standing outside
"I know who I am, the question is, who do YOU think I am?" he responded, giving me a strange look...
"...I have no idea..." I responded, raising an eyebrow
"well, I am many things..." he started "I am the source professor Oak told you about, I'm a fighter, much like you, I can use the primal spark...but most importantly...I was a knight of the Nidan order, born in 1411..." my eyes went wide at this
"it can't be...William Hargrave!?" I asked, almost shouting (Author's note: for the full story, read 'The Nidan Order' coming soon...)
"yes...I'm also the reason Uxie's mental link with the others gets broken roughly every eighty years..." he said, becoming slightly angry
"how can someone live so long?" I asked, still incredibly surprised
"I didn't, Lucas, I've died before...several times...but Arceus keeps bringing me back!" he said, shouting at the end
"you don't sound happy about this..." I said, noticing his angered tone of voice...
"I'm not...I've outlived countless members of my family, watching silently from the shadows..." he started, before taking on a sad tone "and the only woman I've ever loved...she's still up there, waiting for me to come back..."
"Nira?" I asked
"yes...and I only get to see her for one night each time my life ends...before I just come back again, Arceus keeps telling me that I have work left for me on earth..." he said, looking down
"maybe..." I started, while bringing a hand to my chin "your 'work' concludes with me...maybe your work was keeping the primal spark alive..."
"I originally thought that, too...but no-one else showed up with the least, not until you...but we've gotten off-track, I'm here to tell you how to overcome the barrier you've hit..." William said, shaking his head slightly
"yes...but why didn't it work?" I asked
"because you thought you were only doing it for yourself...the primal spark is not a selfish ability" William said in response
" do I overcome this?" I asked
"you need to think about your situation differently, treat each battle like it could be your last...because, if you just might be" he said, frowning slightly
"...that sounds pretty grim..." I responded
"life can BE pretty grim, sometimes, I wouldn't want to have to tell Seena that you won't be coming home because some punk decided they didn't just want to take your honor...what I'm saying is, if you want to use these abilities at any time, you have to think about what would happen should you fail..." he said, leaning back on the wall, beside the door...
"oh...I've never really thought how quickly life can end, before..." I said in response
"well, I wish you luck in your future fights, but for now, I have to keep moving..." he said, before slowly making his way to the east side of town, I followed after him asking
"what about the Aura sphere? do you know anything that might help me with that?"
"'re going to speak to someone with much more experience in the matter...I can't really offer anything you don't already know..." he responded, as he kept walking
"but...I thought you'd know, you would fight the same way as me, right?" I asked, he paused, before turning back to me and saying
"I...I don't fight I have never even tried using an Aura sphere...or any of the moves you know..."
"why?" I asked
"I retain memories of my first life...I'm very experienced in handling a sword...why should I use anything else?" he said, before turning back and leaving
"a sword..." I said to myself, before turning back to the elder's hut, seeing Ian and Terese stepping out, I walked back over to them, before asking
"so, what are you two talking about?"
Ian turned to me and responded "the past, and the future..."
I then turned to Terese and asked "why are you guys out here?"
"well..." Terese started, while bringing a hand to her chin "I was going to introduce Ian to Matt, and Seena..."
"well, alright, then" I responded, as we then made our way to my house, on the way, Ian asked me
"do you really think of me as your Father?"
"I...don't know, I thought it was just a title..." I responded, in an unsure tone
"it's much more than that, Lucas, it's the symbol of a bond between a parent and child...without that doesn't feel right to be called your father..." he responded
" ARE my father..." I said
"maybe you'd understand better if you had a child of your own..." he said, before turning back to face the path in front of himself...
we soon arrived back at my house, Terese turned to Ian and asked "are you ready to meet the others?"
"yes...I'm through with delays, I want to meet them..." he said, as Terese opened the door...
Chapter End Notes:okay, the other story I mentioned, the Nidan Order, I'll be working on that,'ll be significantly shorter than this, though, but I won't be really doing that much of it until after this story is finished..
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