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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 38 (back in Snowpoint, a moment alone)

(Lucas's P.O.V)

as we were arriving back in Snowpoint, I looked back at the city and asked Seena, "should we keep going, then?" while bringing one of my hands to the bar, while still holding her with the other,
she looked up at me and responded, "I want to stay like this...for just a moment longer..." before bringing her head back to my chest
"alright, Seena..." I responded, before returning my other arm to her back, she responded by sighing contently, after we completely came to a stop, the sailor asked
"are you two okay?" I turned my attention to him, before responding
"yeah, we're fine..." through a soft smile
"that's good..." he started, as he made his way past us, opening the gate to allow us back onto dry land, he then turned back to us and asked
"so...your father's an Infernape...why aren't know, different?"
I looked down at myself, before looking back at him and asking in response "what do you mean by different?"
"I don't know...more, well...simian..." he said, a little nervously
"I wondered about this myself, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm visually a normal human, you probably wouldn't believe me..." I said, before trailing off
"wouldn't believe you about what? look, I've seen you talking to pokemon, which was something I used to think was impossible...just tell me, you might be surprised..." he responded, stepping off the boat
"well, in that case, humans were the same as pokemon once, maybe we still are...and since my mother was human...well, you know how in pokemon breeding the female determines the species of the offspring? that's why" I responded, as Seena let go of me and said
"you don't need to tell him this, Lucas"
"it's fine, Seena" I started, turning my attention back to her before continuing "it's not like this information can be used against us"
the sailor gave a confused look before asking, "us?"
I turned my attention back to him and said, "yeah, Seena here is much the same as I am, in that we both have a human parent..."
"so...her father..." he started before I cut him off
"is human, yes..." he then looked at Seena and asked
"and you two are together?"
"if that wasn't already clear" I responded, looking down at Seena, who was now blushing slightly
"Lucas...are you sure it's a good idea to tell him all of this?" she asked, through a concerned expression
"'ll be okay, besides, the more people that understand this, the better" I responded, before bringing her back into a hug
"well, I suppose that's all I needed to know..." the sailor said, looking back at Snowpoint
"alright, then..." I said, after letting go of Seena, before continuing "let's go see the others, Seena"
"alright, then Lucas..." she said, following after me as we headed back into Snowpoint,
"anyway..." I started, looking back at Seena "we'll talk to the nurse, first, she has something for us AND she probably knows where the others would be...not to mention Albus and Beatrice are probably there, too..."
"alright, then...should we see Candice, today?" Seena asked in response
"I guess it depends if she's here...besides, I think we'll be here for a couple of days, anyway" I responded, as we reached the pokemon centre, stepping inside, I saw that the Nurse was still standing at the desk
"we're back" I said, somewhat loudly, getting her attention, she looked up at me and responded
"well, that was quick." as I walked up to the desk, reaching it, I asked
"so, now that we're back, tell has the past week been for you?"
"it's been good, Lucas, Katie already seems to be talking more...not that I know what she's saying yet, but still..." she said, bringing a hand to her chin, before continuing "that Glameow...Jackie, she's been in and out each day, I think she's spending the day at the pokemart, I heard someone say that there was a second cat there..."
"are any of the others I brought with me in their room, now?" I asked
"no, in fact, I saw them split off into two groups..."
"well, I guess that makes sense, I guess Tira, Julian, Jacob and Terry would be going to see Jackie, while Garudan, Gordon and Zoey would be looking at the temple...but who would Eliza go with?" I thought to myself, before turning to Seena and asking
"what do you think we should do? stay here for a while?"
"well, maybe we could see Candice..." Seena responded, rubbing the back of her head
"alright, then" I said, before turning back to the nurse and asking "is Candice in town right now?"
"funny you should ask that, because she WOULD have been here, but she pushed her monthly visit to Veilstone forward after she received a phone call from Maylene...she said she'd be back in a few days, though..." she responded, I then looked back down to Seena and asked
"do you WANT to go to our room, or should we find something else to do?"
"well, I actually wanted to go there in the first place, I just thought it would be better to get some other things out of the way first..." Seena responded, folding her arms, I then turned back to the nurse and said
"well, I guess we'll just go to our room, then..."
"...that reminds me" the nurse started in response, before reaching under the desk and pulling odd looking ball? "here, this is what I got for you, it's my gift to you" she said, putting it in my hand, upon closer inspection, it was a pokeball, but with an odd colour scheme, a red band instead of a white one, a metallic navy-blue instead of the normal red-and-white, and set just above the activator...topaz?
"you didn't have to get me anything..." I said, before she cut me off
"that's not all I got you, either...when you enter your room, there should be a note on the bed, read it" she said, nodding slightly
"uh...okay, then" I started, before turning to Seena and saying "well, let's go" before turning and making my way to the room, placing the strange ball in my pocket and retrieving the door key, after unlocking the door and stepping in, I placed my bag on the ground, I saw Sweena make her way to the bed, before looking at the note and saying
"it says it's only for you..."
"is that so?" I said, sitting on the bed, while removing my shoes
"yeah...I guess it has something it doesn't want me to know, then..." Seena said, pouting slightly
"it alright, Seena..." I started in response, bringing my feet onto the mattress, having removed my shoes "it might just be something about the tests" I said, while picking up and unsealing the envelope, looking over the note, I began reading it in my head
"Lucas, if you're reading this right now, it means you're in the room, I mentioned I got you something else, well, look around...I'm giving you ownership of this room, you don't need to worry about leaving your key with us, and I'm going to be handing my copy over to Seena, just know, you'll always be welcome here, anyway, I'm sure you're curious about that ball, well, I originally had it comissioned to be a special ball for Seena, but after hearing about the ring, I called the maker and asked for some 'creative changes' it will still function as a pokeball, but not until you have taken what's inside it, out, anyway, good luck, and I wish you (and Seena) the best"
Looking up, Seena asked "what's wrong?" not wanting to reveal the true purpose of this special ball, I said
"the room...Nurse joy has given us this room..." I said, before getting up and putting the note in my bag, along with the ball, I then turned back to Seena and said "the nurse is going to give you her key to this room."
"so...the room belongs to us, now? would that include everything already inside the room?" Seena asked, looking at the various appliances
"it was vague in the letter, but since there's nothing to make me think otherwise, yes, I'd say so..." I responded, sitting back on the bed, Seena then made her way beside me, wrapping an arm around my back, and leaning on my shoulder, I responded by bringing my hand around her back, resting it on her other shoulder
"Lucas?..." Seena asked
"what is it, Seena?" I asked in response
"I was meaning to ask...about what you said earlier today, how you would never abandon a child" she said
"I stand by that, Seena, I would never do anything like that..." I responded
"do you think, maybe...WE'RE ready?" she asked, this made me pause
"I...I don't know if we're ready for that kind of responsibility yet, Seena..." I responded
"you seem to be goodwith children, Lucas..." she said, bringing her other arm around my front, pulling me into a hug
"I don't know about THAT, Seena, I couldn't really say I'm good with kids unless I looked after them for extended periods of time..." I responded, hugging Seena with my left hand while rubbing her back with my right
"...I think you'd make a great father" she said, bringing her head level with mine
" doesn't matter if I'm ready or not, what really matters is if YOU'RE'd be you who would be carrying the child...until it was born, at least..." I responded, while bringing her head to rest on my shoulder
"I guess...maybe, we should wait a while, then..." Seena said, bringing her hand up under my shirt, before rubbing my back lightly
"I'm not sure it'd be a good idea right now...what with Team Galactic out there..." I said, bringing my hand to the back of Seena's head, stroking it lightly
"so...we will someday?" Seena asked, I brought her head off my shouldr, gazing into her eyes, I responded
"Seena...when you decide that you're ready, I WILL be there for you...I promise" she smiled, before bringing me into a kiss, she soon pulled back and said,
"thank you Lucas, I'm sure you will" she said, before bringing herself closer and saying "that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves for now..." my eyes went wide at this
"Seena...are you suggesting we...I mean, right now?" I responded, blushing heavily
"Lucas..." she started, while bringing herself even closer "you don't have to worry about it, if you don't want to..."
"it's not that, Seena" I responded, brnging my arms back around her "it's just...well, what if the others try to come in while we're in the midle of things?" Seena then looked back at the door and responded
"that won't be a problem...not now, anyway..." she responded, before turning back to me and asking "do YOU want to, though?"
"I do, Seena..." I responded, before bringing her into a kiss, I could feel her shudder slightly, as she moaned into our embrace, after we broke our kiss, Seena said
"I'm going to need a moment"
"I know, Seena" I responded, smiling slightly, before releasing her from my grip, she then got off the bed, making her way to the bag, pulling out the box of pills, she then made her way to the kitchen area, and a few moments later, she came back, and made her way back onto the bed, she then brought herself back into an embrace with me, saying
"Lucas...tell me we'll always be together like this..." I found this strange
" something wrong?" I asked, becoming concerned at this statement
"it's just...I don't want to lose you, for any reason,'re the best thing to come into my life..." she said, before pulling me in tighter
"Seena..." I started, bringing her head to rest on my shoulder "I promise...I won't let anything drive us apart..."
"thank you, Lucas..." she responded, before bringing her head level with mine, before softly bringing her lips to mine, as her sands drifted south, bringing my shirt up, I shuddered lightly at the sudden temperature change, as I broke our kiss to allow my shirt to be lifted off, I then looked down to Seena's neck, seeing that her new scarf was still on, I asked
"should I?..." while placing my hands on the scarf
"go ahead..." she said, smiling softly, before I slowly removed her scarf, placing it beside us, she then pressed her chest to mine, giving me that nice, warm feeling, as her hands made their way down my back, down to my waist, she then lightly-but firmly gripped my pants, pulling them down, as she moved herself back, to allwo easier access, then, she did something I found surprising, she turned her back to me, before getting on her hands and knees, her backside facing me, "I want to try it like this, Lucas..." she said, as she looked back at me, I could already feel myself becoming quite aroused by this site, as I removed my underpants, and got on my knees behind her
"of course, Seena..." I started in response, as I slowly started to rub her backside softly, before continuing "just remember, we're both still pretty new to this..."
"Tira said it would feel better, for both of us..." Seena responded, blushing slightly before asking "well, what are you waiting for?" as she shook her rump slowly, I then brought myself closer, while lining my length up with her...
"okay" I started, while bringing my hands back onto her backside "I'm going to start, now"
"you don't need to say anything..." she responded, through a slight smile, I then pushed myself inside, being met with a moan of pleasure in response, after I had pushed myself in as far as possible, I started a steady rhythm, it was slightly awkward at first, as this was new to both of us, but we soon found a good pace, as Seena rocked back against my thrusts, but soon, she let herself fall, so that her backside was in the air, but her upper half was laying against the bed, I could see her reaching through, just under me, looking down while continuing my movements, I could see that she was rubbing a small nub of flesh, I was slightly distracted by this until she said
"Lucas...Please...go faster" through breathy moaning, I did as she asked, picking up my pace, as she continued to rub at herself...A few short moments later, I could hear her breathing become more rapid, and I could feel her inner walls convulsing, she was really close, now, so I moved my hands down to the sides of her rump, tightening my grip on her, as I sped up again, looking down at her face, I could see her tongue hanging from her mouth, her eyes half-lidded, and her moaning was becoming louder, she seemed to be trying to keep it quiet though, a good thing, too, because, I didn't want people passing through hearing us...
soon after, she let out a final moan, followed by a contented sigh, as I felt a small gush of fluids erupt from her, this sent me over the edge, as I could feel myself reaching my release, as well, as I took my final thrusts, I could feel my seed, shooting into her womb, with her panting all the while...
I then felt myself fall, but SSeean did something strange, she spun herself onto her back, catching me, after I had come to rest on top of her, she brought me in closer, pulling me into a kiss, before saying "I love you, Lucas"
"and I love you, too, Seena" I responded, as she rolled us onto our sides, before continuing our kiss...

...about half an hour later, we had cleaned ourselves up, and we headed out to catch up with the others...the most important thing I found out was that neither Lapis, nor Garth would be accompanying us on our travels, as Uxie had requested that they stay, Garth even said that Uxie would call him "the fierce spear of lake Acuity"
Jackie had been doing well, apparently her presence in the shop had actually boosted sales, she informed us that she was planning on taking thing slowly with Michael, and that he had agreed to it, Michael, himself, he found a new coin to replace the old one, however, instead of a traditonal ryo, he was using one that had a symbol on it, I didn't know what it was though, he told me it represented "wealth through Labour" and was a lucky charm of sorts...
Zoey decided that she would continue to travel with us, which I actually found relieving, because, if Gordon decided to leave, I may be left stranded somewhere...
Katie has been doing well, she was already bigger, and more fluent when it came to speaking,
Beatrice and Albus had been holding up well, Beatrice said that she had recently treated some wild pokemon who had already heard about me, and Albus told me that, while he was glad he was no longer under the control of team Galactic, he did miss certain aspects of it, namely, some old friends, I also asked Albus why he could have a child with Beatrice, as their egg-groups were different, he responded by telling me that his father was actually a Roserade, and that maybe, he had picked up some traits of that egg-group...
we visited Sati's grave again, to see that the pecha tree had other, smaller trees sprouting up around it. after this, we returned back to our room, and after dinner, we watched some tv and went to bed...
...the next morning, I had my plan set out, to go down to sandgem town, speak to professor Rowan, and then go to see the being of lake verity, after we had breakfast, we met up with the others, telling them of the plan
"oh...but we just got here" Terry said, looking slightly disappointed
"I'm only planning on being there for half the day" I responded, before looking to Gordon and continuing "I only need you to come with me, everyone else can stay if they wish"
"even me?" Seena asked, looking slightly confused
"if you wish, but I thought you would prefer to come with me..." I responded
"no, I want to come, it's just, it's nice to know I have the choice" she responded
"Seena..." I started, turning to her "I'm not going to force you to come with me anywhere, but I would prefer it if you did come with me
"I will, Lucas, I'll always be by your side" she said, I then turned to the others and said
"alright, who wants to come along?"
only Zoey and Eliza stepped forward "makes sense" I thought to myself "they're the only ones without ties to this place"
"okay, then, I'll just retrieve your pokeballs and we'll get going, then" I said, before going into the pokemon centre...
...a couple of minuted later, I returned, with the three extra pokeballs in hand, I then returned Seena, Eliza and Zoey to their balls, clipping theirs and Gordons balls onto my waist, I then turned to the large bat and said
"alright then, let's go to Sandgem town..."
...after we were up in the air, gordon asked "so, did you find out anything interesting?"
"well..." I started, reflecting on what I now knew "nurse joy gave me and Seena the room we're staying in..."
"to own?" Gordon asked
"yeah..." I started in response, before continuing "it seems Albus had some friends back when he was with Team Galactic, too..."
"really? well, does he plan to do anything about it?" Gordon asked in response
"not that I know of, also, Garth and Lapis won't be joining us..." I said
"I heard that from Lapis, herself when I was showing Zoey the temple...didn't know what to make of it, though" he said in response
"were you friends with Lapis?" I asked
"not me, personally, but we all knew each other in there" he responded
"that's pretty interesting..." I said...the rest of the flight was pretty quiet, but we soon touched down in Sandgem...
Chapter End Notes:okay, well, I'll see you next time..
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