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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 39 (sandgem town, the last lake visited)

(Lucas's P.O.V)

upon touching down in Sandgem, I got off Gordon's back, saying "once again, thank you for all your help"
"it's really not a problem, Lucas..." Gordon said, blushing slightly
"I know Gordon, but you've helped me so much, tell me, is there something I can do for you?" I asked, folding my arms
"well, there IS something..." Gordon said, still blushing, while looking away
"what is it?" I asked, moving closer
"...I need some time alone...with Garudan, if you catch my drift..." he said, turning to the north, in the direction of Snowpoint,
"I'll see what I can do...I'll probably say that you and Garudan were going to see Albus and Garth, while taking the others elsewhere...tell me, how long do you think you'd need?" I asked, putting my hand on Gordon's back
"as long as you can manage, I guess...but anything helps, Lucas, thank you..." he said, smiling
"well, now that that's out of the way, tell me, would you like to stay out of the ball?" I asked, while unclipping the other three balls
"yeah...I wanted to take a look around here, anyway..." he said, as I released the others
"alright, then" I started, after the others had formed "I'm going to talk to professor Rowan, then I'm going to see the being of lake Verity
"can we come with you?" Eliza asked
"when I see professor Rowan, you can, but I think the beings of the lakes would prefer that I visit them alone..." I said, looking towards the west entrance of the town
"huh...well, don't take too long when you do, then..." Seena responded, folding her arms
"anyway" I started, looking towards the largest building in town "I think that's the lab, so lets get going..."...
...we then made our way to the lab, as I stepped inside, there was a young girl there, in her teens, she turned back to me and said
"oh, hello..." she looked a little nervous as she said this, though
"hey, there" I started in response, through a slight smile, before continuing "I'm looking for professor Rowan, do you know where he is?"
"oh, you want to meet the professor? well, I guess you came to the right person, I'm his assitant in the field" she said, before holding out her hand and continuing "I'm Dawn"
"hello, Dawn..." I started, while shaking her hand "I'm Lucas, Lucas West"
"Lucas?..." she asked, raising an eyebrow
"what is it?" I asked in response, after letting go of her hand
"n-not you, it's just, a boy came through here with his father not to long ago, mentioning someone named Lucas..."
"huh...I don't think I would've met anyone like that, tell me, what did this booy look like?" I asked
"a bit taller than me, curly blonde hair, red and white shirt, green scarf, I think he was named least, that's what his father called him..." she said, bringing a hand to her chin while giving a thoughtful expression
"well, I haven't met him, he must be talking about another Lucas, then..." I said in response to this
"that sounds a bit confusing, don't you think?" she asked
"not least, it doesn't seem that confusing to me" I responded, just then, I saw him, professor Rowan was walking towards us, from a corner in the lab
"what's all the commotion?" he asked, holding a book open in his hand, the girl turned to him and said
"it's nothing, really, a man has come here, just wanting to talk to you, he said his name is Lucas West"
"that's right, sir" I said, affirming the girl's statement
"Lucas West, then?" he asked, looking me over, he then turned to Dawn and asked "could you step outside for a short while, I have matters to discuss with this man"
"of course, professor" she said, before walking by us, stepping outside, after she left, Rowan turned to me and said
"'re the one the Snowpoint nurse and Oak told me about..."
"yes, I am..." I responded, while looking around the lab
"I've looked at these results...I don't care if you're some kind of are NOT the link between humans and pokemon..." he said, while frowning, I was surprised at his willingness to just disregard what I knew in my heart to be true.
"Rowan..." I started, while trying to remain composed "how can you suggest that? the evidence is there..."
"I know the evidence is there...but, I've seen nothing else to back it up..." he responded
"so you're just going to ignore it?" I asked, giving a strained expression
"I won't just ignore it, I just haven't been given a reason to believe it, yet..." he responded, folding his arms, after closing the book
"professor Rowan..." I started, looking disappointed "you're a man of science...shouldn't this be something, not spectacular, not even great...but SOMETHING, to you?"
"I...I don't want to discuss this anymore..." he said, looking away, I then realized what it was...
"this goes against what you believe...doesn't it?" I asked, giving a curious look
"I said I DON'T want to discuss this anymore..." he responded, raising his voice
"...very well, not that it really matters, this'll affect you too, soon enough" I said, before walking away
"what do you mean by that?" he asked, as the doors slid open
"you'll see soon enough" I responded, before leaving, when I stepped outside, Dawn was waiting out the front of the pokemart, seeing that I had left, she returned to the lab, passing by me and the others, we headed off through the west entrance of the town, after being a considerable distance from the town, I turned back to the others and said "that didn't go as well as I had hoped..."
"yeah...he seemed pretty angry at the end, there..." Zoey said, turning back towards the town
"something tells me...he just doesn't want to believe it, even if he KNOWS it's true." I responded, before turning back in the direction of the last lake, I then continued waking towards it...
...on the way, I said "Hey, Seena?"
"what is it, Lucas?" she responded, in a curious tone
"I've been thinking...after I talk to the being of the lake, and we get back to about we just, you know...take a break? not worry about traveling Sinnoh for a while..."
"really? well, if it's what you want to do, Lucas, I'd be more than happy to just stay in Snowpoint for a long do you think we'd be there?" she asked in response
"I don't know...about a month or so?" I responded, looking back at the others while we walked
"that sounds fine...wonderful, even, Lucas, but...aren't you worried about running into Ravan again?" she asked
"it won't be a problem, we've agreed to terms, and if we run into him again in such a short period of time, he probably won't be ready to fight me again, anyway..." I responded, reassuring her, after that was said, we reached a parting in the trees, looking through, I saw the lake, and the cave standing on a platform in the middle, turning back to the others, I said "well, looks like this is where we split up for a while"
"just...don't take too long, okay?" Eliza said, before sitting in the grass
"I'll try to be less than ten minutes, but I ask you...please don't follow me in there, for any reason" I said, through a serious tone
"alright, Lucas..." Gordon said, sounding concerned, I then turned back to the group and said
"I'll be fine, I promise...the others understood, so why shouldn't she?" before walking off to the waters edge, when I reached the edge though, I could feel something strange, familiar, but still strange, then, all I saw for a split-second was darkness, when that faded, I was already in the cave, the being of the lake was floating in front of me
"welcome, Lucas..." she said, in a strange tone, she sounded serious...but less so than Uxie and Mesprit
"hello, Mesprit..." I started in response "your sister, Uxie, sent me to talk to you..."
"I knew you wanted to talk to me, I could read that in your emotions while you were still in Sandgem" she said, floating a little lower
"but...why would you just bring me to you? wouldn't you be concerned I would try to capture you or something?" I responded
"...there's a lot that can be revealed through emotion, like your 'friend' Seena, I'm sensing a lot of love between you two" she said, blushing lightly
"yeah..." I started in response, smiling lightly, before continuing "that's not really any of your concern though..."
"I suppose it isn't...but still, I could also sense some frustration from the one called Rowan earlier, I'd have to assume that was you?" she said, floating away, turning her attention to the walls of the cave
"yeah...he didn't want to listen to what I had to say..." I responded
"he has been pretty frustrated the past month..." Mesprit said, before giggling lightly and continuing "I know WHY, too..."
"oh, and why would that be?" I asked, with a curious tone
"it's me..." she said, before giggling again
"what? why would he be frustrated by you?" I asked
"he's been trying to see me for a while now...but I won't let him...maybe I'll show myself to him soon, maybe not...but I do admire his persistence" she said, before floating back in front of me and continuing "but that's besides the point, tell me Lucas, what brings you here?"
"well..." I started, while scratching the back of my head, finding it hard to be serious in front of someone so surprisingy carefree "it's Uxie, she asked me to come and see you and her brother, to tell you that she wishes to re-establish your mental link..."
"oh...well, in that case..." she started, before floating away slightly "I WOULD just believe you outright, but rules are rules...intentions aside, I'm going to need the password"
"Ingenuity" I said, nodding slightly
"ah, it's so good to see that you're on the same, you said that you've already seen my brother Azelf?" she asked, bringing a small hand to her shin
"yes, I have" I said, before nodding
"in that case, we're going to need to change the password for next time..." she said, closing her eyes, as she started spinning slowly
"I'm not so sure there'll be a next time, Mesprit?" I responded
"what can make you so sure of that? it's been happening for almost..." I cut her off at this point
"600 years?"
"y-yes...I guess Azelf must've told you that..." she said, becoming slightly concerned
"I know why it's happening, too..." I said, I saw her almost leap back in surprise
"well, for goodness sake, tell me!" she said, floating closer
"it's this man, he appears to be...well, my ancestor, Arceus keeps bringing him back, under the pre-tense that he still has work to do on earth...I think I may have been that work Arceus spoke of..." I said, becoming serious
"huh...I never expected it to be just one guy..." Mesprit responded, before asking "do the others know of this?"
"Azelf didn't, but Uxie MIGHT have known, this man claimed to have links with her, too..." I said, taking on a thoughtful position
"I'll have to speak to her, at once..." she said, before floating towards the roof of the cave
"before you go..." I started, getting her attention "could you warp me out of the cave, back to the others?"
"that reminds me..." she said, before floating back down to me and continuing "don't worry if others think what you and Seena are doing is strange, what I feel between the two of's more than I've felt from most human or pokemon couples in a long time..."
"th-thank you, Mesprit" I said, blushing slightly
"well, I've had my fun with you, I guess this is goodbye, then" she said before floating back to the roof of the cave
"ah! I almost forgot!" I said, startling her
"what is it?" she asked, slightly surprised
"Uxie said, when team Galactic comes...she said not to resist..." I responded, before looking down slightly
"so...she really said that, huh? well, all the more reason for me to speak to her, then" she said, before leaving the cave through a small hole in the roof
I then felt myself warp again, this time, I reappeared right in front of the others, I then turned back to see a red trail in the sky, heading in the direction of Snowpoint
"Lucas! what happened to you?" Seena asked, obviously concerned about what had happened, I turned back to her and responded
"I was's no problem, really"
" saw them? the being of the lake?" Zoey asked, picking herself off the ground
"'s all done" I said, before turning to Seena and continuing "well, looks like it's time for us all to take a break..."
Chapter End Notes:okay, the next chapter will mostly be a montage over six months, so...for those of you keeping track, the events of D/P/PT will be starting at the end of that..
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