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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 41 (some time later, news of Floarama)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

I awoke in my bed in the Snowpoint Pokemon centre, looking over, I saw that the time was about 9 a.m. Looking towards Seena, I saw that she was sleeping soundly, I slowly got out of the bed so I didn't wake her, rubbing my eyes slowly, I headed for the bathroom, while I was in there, I inspected myself in the mirror, seeing that I now had a few more scars on my face, along with a (chin-spike) goatee...
"Matt can never hold back, can he?..." I asked the empty room, while looking at my once most prominent scar, a vertical cut on my left cheek, and more recently, a horizontal cut meeting it, so now it looked like I had a '7' on my cheek...
...after I left the bathroom, I saw that Seena had just woken up
"good morning Seena" I said, smiling warmly, she yawned, before turning back to me and responding
"oh? you're already up?"
"yeah, but only for a couple of minutes so far..." I responded, scratching the back of my head and sitting on the foot of the bed.
"well, I guess I'll go have a shower, and after that, I'll take care of breakfast" she said, getting out of the bed.
"you don't have to do that, you know..." I said, as she made her way past me, she then turned back, giving a small smile, before responding
"I told you this last night, Lucas, I don't do things because I have to..." she then brought herself closer, before continuing "I do things because I want to..." she then brought a hand to my face, before bringing me into a kiss...
...after we released, she said "well, I'll be back in a few minutes, then" before going to the bathroom, I watched her walk off, before turning my attention to the TV, switching it on, I saw an advert saying that the poketch had recently finished its development, and they were now readily avaliable for purchase, I then started switching through channels, looking for a news program, until I saw a report already in progress,
"-believed to be members of Team Galactic, were seen fleeing the Floarama Windworks yesterday, eyewitnesses say that some of them were seen heading up to Eterna city..."
"Team Galactic again? they haven't shown up for a while..." I said to myself while looking down at the floor, I then turned back up to the TV, seeing some other recent events...
...a few minutes later, Seena came back out of the bathroom, grabbing her red scarf before heading into the kitchen, I then shut the tv off, before saying "well, I guess I'll go have a shower too..."
"well, breakfast should be ready when you get back, then..." Seena responded, as I heard the fridge opening...

...after I had my shower and Seena and I had breakfast, I asked
"so, Seena...what did you want to do today?"
"well, I hadn't really given it much thought..." she responded, before smiling slightly and continuing "but I'd be happy to just spend the day with you." I smiled back before responding
"it has been a while since we've just stayed in, hasn't it?" her smile widened as she brought herself forward, resting her arms on my shoulders as she asked
"maybe we could continue what we had going last night?" as she said this, she began trailing a finger down my front, causing me to shudder slightly
"don't you think it's a little early for that?" I asked, while lightly gripping her arm
"it's okay if you don't want to, I was only suggesting..." Seena started in response
"I know, Seena, I just meant that ten in the morning is a little early for us to, well, get into things..." I responded, while blushing lightly
"so, you mean, we can do this later?" she asked, bringing her hand back
"yeah, that's what I mean, anyway, I wanted to tell you, I saw a report mentioning Team Galactic while you were showering..." I said, becoming gradually more uneasy
"...I had almost thought they had disappeared entirely..." Seena said, a look of concern rising on her face...

...we sat in silence for a couple of minutes before someone started knocking on our door
"do you think it might be Zoey?" I asked, while slowly making my way to the door
"maybe...why HAS she been spending so much time at the temple anyway? I thought she didn't like that place..." Seena asked in response, I stopped at the door, turning back to her before responding
"maybe she just wants to spend some time around other bats? I think she may be going into heat..." I said, before turning back to the door, opening it to see not a Crobat, but an Infernape.
"oh, Dad!?" I asked, suprised
"hello, Lucas, the nurse said this was your room, anyway, I wanted to talk to you two" Ian started, before calmly asking "may I come inside?"
"of course, of course..." I said, looking slightly embarassed, while waving him in
"hello again, Ian" Seena said, turning to him
"yes, hello Seena" he said, nodding to her, as he made his way to the table in the kitchen area, before turning back to me and asking, "is it alright if I sit here?"
"yeah, go ahead" I said, closing the door and making my way to the table, before sitting opposite him
"should I come sit at the table, too?" Seena asked, I turned to her and responded,
"it shouldn't be a problem, just do what you feel fits..."
"Well, alright, then" she said, before moving to a sitting position facing us from the bed
"anyway..." Ian started, getting our attention "I wanted to talk to you about the situation with Team Galactic, they've shown up again recently, but, the strange thing is...Will caught up with me and told me that there's a young man who's single-handedly repelling them, stranger yet, he has my niece, and your cousin, Cheris, with him, and strangest of all...his name is Lucas, too..."
I was shocked, this was a lot of information to take in...but I felt I had to ask
"my cousin Cheris?" Ian's expression changed to one of slight disappointment
"I guess Rowan either didn't tell you, or he didn't know you were my son..." he said, before looking down slightly
"what didn't he tell me?" I asked, turning to Seena and shrugging
"my family has always been living with Rowan, everyone who got Chimchar as a starter has a member of my family with them...I'm actually kind of surprised he let Cheris go...he very rarely gives away females, they're usually required for the next generation..." he said, folding his arms, putting them on the table.
"well, I guess that makes sense..." I said, shaking my head slowly, before saying "I wanted to ask you something, it's kind of personal, though..."
"just ask, I don't mind" he said, reassuringly
"well, alright then..." I started, before sighing lightly and asking "how long were you and Mom together before anything happened between you?"
"well, she started her journey when she was twelve, and I was her starter, she was 19 before she recognized how I felt about her, and this was 2 years after she had started dating..." he said, before looking down slightly, with a somewhat pained expression.
" long did you feel that way towards her?" I asked, wondering just how patient my father was...
"...since she was abou 14...but you have to understand, I came to maturity much faster than her..." he said, shaking his hands slightly
"I know, Dad, Seena is about 5 in human years, not to mention I grew up with pokemon, I know about maturity rates." I responded, nodding
"that's a relief, I didn't want to cause any misconceptions..." he said in response, sighing
"anyway, I also wanted to ask...what do YOU think about pokemon-human relationships?" I asked, folding my arms
"well, clearly I'm FOR them, but I can't help but be suprised that it's this uncommon...when two beings, no matter the species, spend that much time together, these feelings are kind of unavoidable..." he said, blushing slightly while rubbing the back of his head,
"yeah...yeah..." I responded, suddenly feeling quite guilty about my oblivious nature towards Terese, I then said "so...there's another Lucas running around, then...I wonder if Cynthia knows about this."
"well, anyway, that's all I really needed to say" Ian said, before standing and moving away from the table, before turning back to me and asking "did you have any other questions?" Seena then stood up and asked
"do you know anything about this other Lucas, and are you okay that your niece is with him?"
"I don't really know anything about this other Lucas, but Will said he seems to be a good kid, and I can't really do anything about Cheris travelling with him, has always been like that..." Ian responded, after turning to face Seena, he then turned back to me and said
"anyway, I think it's time for me to go, I'll talk to you two later perhaps" he then made his way to the door, opening it, before he left, he turned back to Seena and said
"oh, and by the way, congratulations." before turning back and quickly leaving, Seena smiled and turned back to me, saying
"so, he knows then." I sat beside her on the bed and responded
"it seems that way, yeah" she then leaned on me and said
"I can still remember that day so vividly" while bringing an arm around me, I turned to her, and with a small smile I responded
"yeah, well I'm still aching from it"
"oh, come on, I KNOW you enjoyed it..." she said, chuckling lightly before closing her eyes, while continuing to lean on my shoulder
"Seena, I think we should go see Matt and Terese tomorrow, down in Pastoria, we can go check up on Jonah, too" I said, slowly moving her so she was lying on the bed, before getting up and locking the door
"Sounds good, but for now..." shesaid, trailing off into a seductive tone, looking back, I saw that she was trailing a finger along her front, while leaning on her shoulder
"heh, I guess it's time, then." I said, bringing myself back to the bed, and lying beside her, she brought her free arm around, pulling herself closer to me, before replying
"that's right, it's that time again" she responded, before bringing me into a passionate embrace...
Chapter End Notes:don't expect the next chapter to detail what they're doing, I've absolutely had it with writing sex scenes, there may be one more in the story, so if that's all you're reading the story for, you sadden me, and you're probably ignoring the story itself, that said, I don't intend to alienate my readers, I'm simply tired of writing what happens between the characters in THIS story..
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